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Monday, April 12, 1999, Ep. #3022

Thorne comes into Brooke's office dressed to kill and Brooke wonders if he is going out with someone special. He tells her that when she called down for a male model, all of them had already left the building, so he did Henry a favor and tried the latest men's line design on for her. She asks what he is doing tomorrow; if he looks so good in this, tomorrow she will ask to see the swimsuits. He answers that he'll be sure to have the models stay late. Thorne asks about her date with Pierce as a friend but Brooke doesn't want to answer. He guesses from her reaction that things must have gone well. Brooke admits it and said she will see him again. Then what is she doing here when she could be having fun right now, he asks? Right now, she is waiting for a call from Rick.

Amber finds a picture of Raymond in a magazine and shows it to her mother. Tawny remembers him but says he looks different with his head shaved. She tells Amber to look on the bright side; Raymond has a lot of money and can make life good for her. Amber angrily says that she isn't married to Rick because of the money; she really loves him. Sure Raymond could give her a good life, but she doesn't love him. There is a knock at the door and both Amber and Tawny think that it is their aunt who could never take no for an answer. But when she opens the door, Amber is shocked and delighted to see Rick. On the outside, she hugs him and asks what he is doing there.

Raymond insists that he has a right to know where Amber is and Sally agrees with him. She insists that her son give Raymond the address right now! CJ writes the address down and gives it to Raymond. Raymond hopes he is being straight with him, and CJ says he is. He even admits that they should have talked about this before Amber left, but Amber just moves so fast sometimes. Raymond says that he knows that all too well, and he reminds CJ that he too is Amber's friend and would never want to hurt her. He thanks Sally for her help and leaves. "Amber is not going to like this," CJ says as the door closes.

Brooke explains to Thorne how Amber has suddenly left town to see her mother, and she finds that strange because Amber was never close to her mother. Is she being paranoid, she asks? Thorne asks why she is waiting for a call then, and she explains how she advised Rick to go to Furnace Creek to see for himself. She fears Amber is up to something and she hopes Rick will find that, so this marriage will be over!

Rick explains to Amber that he was worried about her. Reluctantly, Amber agrees to invite him in. She asks him to wait outside so she can get things ready; when she tells Tawny that it is Rick outside, Tawny fixes her hair quickly. Amber then opens the door, invites Rick in. and introduces him to her mother. Rick gives her a bouquet of daffodils and Tawny is impressed; how did he know she liked daffodils. He says that he figured she would because they are Amber's favorite.

Rick commends Tawny on how young she looks. Tawny is eating it up, saying how when Amber was younger, everyone thought she was Amber's older sister. Amber says, "Mother, that is what you told people." "Oh Amber, go put the flowers in a vase before they wilt," she says. She asks Rick, "Do you know that when I go to Vegas, they even card me? Have you ever been to Vegas?" Rick answers, "Yeah, my dad took me and my sister when we were younger." "Oh, I bet we must have seen each other," she says. She asks Amber, "Didn't you tell Rick what I do for a living?" Mother works in the tollbooth, Amber says. "Yes, between Vegas and here, and my line is the longest. I have the regulars comes through all the time, and I have a bowl of candy waiting for them. I bet I must have given your daddy a piece of candy," Tawny guesses.

Rick bursts her bubble a bit and says that they flew. "Oh, I hate to fly," she says. Amber says that Tawny has never flown before. "Yes, I know, and you know why? I can't stand to be cramped into those tiny seats," Tawny laughs. She prefers romance and the open road, she says. Amber is making these queer little faces and gets a twinge as Rick and her mom keep talking.

Raymond is on the road heading for Furnace Creek; he can't believe how Amber would come back to her mother. Who knows what Amber is up to now, but he is going to find out. She had to be very desperate to come back here and to her mother, he says, which is why he has to get there fast.

Thorne tells her to be careful; what if she is wrong? He would hate to see her react out of anger like his mother does. She isn't pleased to be compared to Stephanie but Thorne says that in her quest to get rid of Brooke, Stephanie turned into someone else, someone who stood against the rest of the family. It consumed her, and he does not want to see that happen to Brooke. If Amber is a bad egg, he advises, it will come out in time, so in the meantime, Brooke should concentrate on romance and fun. Brooke is skeptical that she will have that in her life, but Thorne assures her it will happen.

Sally assures CJ that Amber will land on her feet. Even if turns out to be Raymond's child, Raymond will be there for her. CJ says that his mother does not understand Amber. It is not an issue of money, since both Rick and Raymond have money. But it is a matter of love; if this is Raymond's baby, or even if Rick finds out it might be, Amber will lose the only love she has ever had, and that will kill her.

Brooke is alone in her office, trying to do some work, but she cannot concentrate on it. She looks at the wedding picture of Amber and Rick and thinks that she just knows that Amber is up to something. "What is your secret?" she asks.

Tawny and Rick are getting along famously when Raymond arrives. He is about to knock at the door when he glances in the window and sees Rick. Instead of knocking at the door, he watches through the window as the baby kicks. Rick helps Amber to a chair and comforts her, seeing how much he missed her and the baby. Tawny says how sweet they look together; she is just sorry she did not see their wedding for herself. Rick apologizes for her not being there, but Tawny assures her that she and Amber are working things out, and all that is important is Amber's happiness. She welcomes Rick to the family with a hug. Amber is looking on with a big smile on her face... a smile that turns to shock as she spots Raymond at the window!

Tuesday, April 13, 1999, Ep. #3023

When Amber sees Raymond peeking in the window she at first panics then she tells Rick and Tawny that she is hot and needs some air. But when Rick offers to go with her, she tells him to stay and get more acquainted with Tawny. Outside she confronts Raymond and asks what he is doing here. Raymond says she knows full well why he is here. He insists that if this is his son, he isn't going to ignore his responsibility to it.

Meanwhile, Tawny and Rick have a serious conversation about fatherhood and families. She tells him that she can tell from talking to him that he will be a good husband and father. Rick thanks her for the compliment but asks her about Amber's father. Tawny reluctantly admits that Amber didn't have the life that a child should have. Amber's father was a trucker who disappeared when he learned she was pregnant. She was better off without him, although Amber was not, and she knows that, despite putting up a brave front, Amber was bothered by it. Rick promises that things will not be that way for his child; he assures her that he is going to do his best for this child. He then shows her the baby's first picture, the sonogram picture. Tawny is delighted as he points out the head and arms. She picks out its feet and surmises that he is already in love with this baby.

CJ pays Kimberly a visit while Macy is off to dinner with Myles; Kimberly did not join them since she wanted Macy and their dad to have some time alone after 25 years. She tells CJ that she admired the way that he stood up for his mother after learning the truth. CJ says that was not hard, since he does not trust Myles... and neither should Kimberly, he adds! She reminds him that Myles did what he had to in order to protect both his families, and she can accept that; while she does not like lying, keeping a secret to protect someone is not the same. CJ says he knows all about that... and when Kimberly picks up on the cryptic comment.

CJ ducks the issue, returning to the subject of her father. He still finds it hard to believe that they are a family. Kimberly says it is strange, although she felt a connection to Macy when they first met. She bets that family gatherings will be pretty interesting in the future. She again insists that her father was only protecting her but she also says that secrets have a way of coming out. But no matter what she thinks of lies or secrets, there is one thing she knows. She sees that CJ has not lied to her and she likes what she sees in him more and more. CJ is glad to hear that and says he has something to tell her. She asks what and suddenly, CJ surprises Kimberly by kissing her, an action that shocks her.

Brooke stops by to see Taylor, as she needs someone to talk to about Amber. She confides that she is worried about Amber hiding something, especially with her going off to see a mother that she is not close to all of a sudden. Taylor tells her that it is natural to have to build trust between her and Amber, based on the whole situation with the baby. Still, Brooke can't shake the feeling that Amber is up to something. Taylor asks if she told Rick about her feelings. Yes she did, Brooke admits, and he has done off to Death Valley to find Amber. But she has to wonder; are her suspicions real or is it, as Taylor suggests, just wishful thinking that is all in her head? Taylor admits she does not know Amber well enough to judge. "But you do know me," Brooke states. She asks Taylor to be totally honest with her. Taylor tells Brooke to trust her instincts; the fact that Brooke is even questioning herself is a good sign, since it indicates she knows she may be wrong. Taylor then tells Brooke that she has some advice on how she should handle this.

Amber reminds Raymond that if this isn't his son, he could mess up its life before it is born by saying anything. She promises that she will let him know the minute the baby is born if it is his and they will make plans then. But until that happens, he has to do this her way! Just then, she hears a sound and she rushes Raymond out of sight. As he asks what is going on, Rick comes outside, looking for Amber.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999, Ep. #3024

Amber argues with Raymond as Rick steps outside and looks around. She accuses Raymond of trying to break up her marriage. She tells him to leave before Rick sees him. Rick goes back inside. Amber then points out that Rick would leave her regardless of who the father is if he found out about her night with Raymond. Raymond doesn't care; he just wants to take care of his kid. She tells him that she is too close to having it all to have him blow it. She will call him if the baby is his, but he has to go away now. He makes her promise to call him once she knows, and she swears on her mother that she will. He then tells her that he has learned a lesson and hopes she has as well. He wishes her good luck and leaves.

Brooke asks Taylor what she thinks about Amber, as she just wants to get to the truth. Taylor says as a psychiatrist, and based on what Brooke has been telling her, Amber may be hiding something. And if she is hiding something, there is one other person who knows about it. Brooke wonders who it could be, and Taylor asks about Kimberly. Brooke considers it, but she is more concerned with keeping Amber's claws out of Rick. Taylor assures her, "TRUST ME. Your instincts have always been right. There is another side of Amber, so beware of it." Brooke says, "They are close, acting like a couple of newlyweds, and she sticks to him like glue. She waits for him to come home from school... and then suddenly, she leaves without any warning. She's nine months pregnant and leaves Rick a note. You're a psychiatrist; doesn't that sound like an inconsistent behavior?" Amber's departure is odd, Taylor admits. Brooke wants to go and find out, but Taylor tells her that isn't a good idea. "You don't want to alienate your son," Taylor reminds her. "You're right," Brooke says as she thanks Taylor. She is going to talk to Kimberly to see if she knows something... and if she doesn't know anything, she won't stop until she finds out.

Kimberly is an emotional wreck after the kiss. She backs away, saying that she is not ready, and they shouldn't have done that. It's not him, she explains; she is not ready for this with anyone just yet. CJ feels like a jerk. Kimberly says that she is OK and he says he cares for her a lot. He doesn't want her to get upset about this; she will be ready for this eventually and he does not want to push her. She mentions how she never expected to fall for a hero; but Rick cannot be her hero, as he is married to Amber. CJ wishes he did not have to see her this way; he feels like he is caught in the middle between Amber and Rick and is feeling torn. "Why are you feeling disloyal? Is there something you're not telling me?" she asks. He says something about how one event can change everything. She tells him how she feels about Rick, how she thought he wouldn't go through with the marriage, but he is married to Amber. Still, she can't forget him. She is proud of him, as he didn't walk away from his responsibilities as some others would have done. She prays every night to God to give her a miracle, that Amber isn't carrying his child. If she could change it, she would. "Wouldn't you, CJ?" she asks. He is nervous, like he has ants in his pants. He says that he has to go and he leaves.

Back in Furnace Creek, Rick tells Tawny that it is time for him and Amber to hit the road; she worries when he says that he wants to get back to L.A. as soon as possible. She says it will be weeks before Amber goes into labor, so there is no harm in her staying, but Rick is reluctant to take chances. Amber comes back into the house. Rick wants her to come home NOW. She can't, she says, and he wants to know why. She wants to stay with her mom for a while, so he offers to bring Tawny to LA with them. Amber refuses, and Rick is puzzled. He wonders if his mom was right that she is hiding something. She tells him, "It was your mother's idea for you to come out here. Your mother talked you into this." He admits, "I didn't buy into the suspicions, but you're acting like I shouldn't have come here." She says, "You're right, Rick. Please let's not do this to each other." He is sorry, as is she as she hugs him. "LET'S GO HOME, AMBER, NOW!" he says. She looks over her shoulder at her mother and her eyes are as big as saucers.

There is a knock in the background as you can hear Amber whispering, "Rick, listen to me, give me a few extra days." NO, he says, she is coming home with him. At the door are friends and family coming to visit. We have Aunt Tillie, Uncle Joe, Cousin Becky, her little brother Dale and a friend named Eb. Tawny introduces them to Rick. "You from the city?" asks Uncle Joe, and Becky says, "This man is from Beverly Hills." Uncle Joe says, "Get out!" Rick pats Amber's stomach and says, "And this is little Eric Forrester the Third. But Amber and I have to go." Tawny says to stay for a while and talk with the family. They want to know about LA and ask if he knows any movie stars. Rick is on the couch surrounded by the family as Tawny is smiling and saying how Rick is enjoying himself. He is a real special young man. "FOR HOW LONG, MOM? FOR HOW LONG?" Amber asks.

Brooke is at Kimberly's house knocking. She says to herself, "Maybe you have the answer, Kimberly... and if you don't, maybe you know who does. WHATEVER IT TAKES, AMBER, I AM GOING TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH, WHATEVER YOU'RE HIDING." Kimberly opens the door and is surprised to see Mrs. Forrester.

Thursday, April 15, 1999, Ep. #3025

In Furnace Creek, Rick is informing his new relatives that many celebrities live down the block from him and he has seen many others. Amber tells her cousin Becky that it is all too good to be true. Rick says that speaking of Beverly Hills, they should hit the road before it gets too late. Tawny and Amber glance at each other worried. Tawny claims that she ordered some dinner, and can't the happy couple stay to eat first? Rick agrees to have pizza and chicken in a bucket before heading back home.

Brooke has come to chat with Kimberly about her thoughts on Amber, since Kimberly is a "perceptive young girl." She reminds Kimberly of how close she and Amber were when Amber was hospitalized, but Kimberly says that is not friendship. It was just a desperate girl worried for her child and reaching out for help, Kimberly explains. Brooke wants to know if there is something that maybe Amber is hiding, like a secret.

Raymond is at Spectra Fashions chatting with CJ and Sally, telling them about his encounter with Amber in Furnace Creek. He says that the cards are face up on the table, and whether the baby is his or if it is Rick's, then they will leave well enough alone. They will just wait until the baby is born for him to say (or not say) anything about the child's paternity. Sally can't help wondering what the Forrester Family would think if they could see this personal drama unfold in front of their faces and under their noses, so that Amber can catch the brass ring on the carousel even though she doesn't deserve it. She makes a stink that both Raymond and CJ are propagating this lie, as this is not a good life lesson for her son to learn about cheating and lying.

The pizza and bucket of chicken have arrived for the feast in the trailer. Tawny and Amber can't believe that Rick fits right in with the family. Amber tells her mom that she feels so lucky and so blessed. Tawny questions her daughter about what she is going to do since Rick seems intent on taking her home tonight.

Amber goes outside for some air and is followed by her pregnant cousin Becky. Becky tells Amber that she is lucky. Becky doesn't know where the father of her child is, as she hasn't seen him since she found out that she was pregnant. She tells Amber, "You hit the jackpot... a cute little rich boy with a mansion in Beverly Hills. I would say you have done quite well for yourself, Ambrosia." Amber tries to downplay this, but Becky says, "Come on, you are married to a millionaire's son; there is nothing you can't buy your way out of now." Amber asks her cousin what she is going to do with her baby and if she has thought about adoption. Becky responds that this has been the worst nine months of her life and she isn't ready for a kid. She also doesn't like that her cousin Amber is giving her free sympathetic advice. "Don't forget where you came from," Becky tells Amber.

Amber tells her cousin that she is a different person now, not that young teenager who used to steal cigarettes and drink. Becky says that deep down Amber is still "desert dirt" like her. The girls get called back inside the trailer by Becky's mom to come and eat dinner.

Brooke wants to know if Kimberly is aware that Amber left town the other day. Kimberly did not know that. There are many things that Kimberly doesn't know about Amber and they don't make any sense, Brooke tells her. Brooke is sure that Amber had her own agenda for leaving town and she didn't want Rick to know about it. She is sure that Amber is hiding something and is hoping that Kimberly will help her figure out what that is. Kimberly tells Brooke that she cant alllow herself to hope when it comes to Rick - he is married now. Kimberly does however bring up Sally Spectra at the wedding causing a big scene. She questions if Brooke ever found out what she was going to say. Brooke comes to the conclusion that maybe Sally really did have something to say. Brooke thanks Kim and leaves, promising to fill her in if she learns anything.

Sally questions why they are all standing there protecting Amber. CJ says that they are protecting Amber's SON, and his right to have a family. CJ begs his mother not to ruin this for Amber and Rick, who he knows will be good parents, and asks Sally not to say anything to anyone. Sally admits that she will not cover for Amber and promises she will not volunteer any information unless she is asked... but if she is asked, then... Just then, Brooke knocks on the door.

Rick brings the last piece of fried chicken to Amber and tells her to feed their son. Everyone then wants Amber to sing a song, including Rick. Amber sings to Rick with her uncle playing the guitar. The song is about them being one and Rick thinks it is beautiful; but when it is over, he tells her to get her things together so they can go home. Amber holds her stomach and tells her mother that she is not having this baby in LA, she is having it there, and soon. She just had her first contraction, she states, and she pleads with her mother to get Rick out of there now.

Brooke apologizes for interrupting, but she really needs to talk to Sally. She says hello to CJ, who introduces his "friend" Raymond. Brooke thinks Raymond looks familiar, but Raymond downplays it. Sally asks Raymond and CJ to leave. Once they are gone, Brooke wants to know what Sally knows about Amber and what Amber may be keeping from her and Rick...

Friday, April 16, 1999, Ep. #3026

Brooke wastes no time in demanding that Sally tell her everything she knows about Amber. Sally plays dumb but Brooke will have none of it. She begs Sally to open up to her, and when Sally refuses, she suspects that Sally is a part of it! She is not leaving until Sally tells her, and she cannot believe that Sally, as a mother, cannot empathize with her! Sally reminds her that Amber is her daughter in law... but daughter in law or not, Brooke will not allow Amber to lie!

Outside the office, CJ and Raymond are pacing and worrying about what is going on in the office. They try to think of a distraction as inside, Sally tells Brooke to go home and wait. "Don't make me lose my temper!" Brooke warns. Suddenly, they hear a noise from outside. Sally comes out and sees CJ and Raymond by an overturned water cooler. She tells the boys to clean it up. When Raymond goes for the mops, Brooke turns on CJ and guesses that they turned the cooler over deliberately to distract her. She demands that he tell her what Amber is hiding and accuses both Sally and CJ of hiding something... and she thinks she knows that it is.

Amber worries that she is about to go into labor. "Not now, not while Rick is here!" she pleads to her unborn child. With a pained look on her face, she tries to hold on, but she is not sure how long she can. Meanwhile, Tawny and Rick say goodbye to the family. Tawny bets he thinks they are strange, but Rick says that he thought the family was so cool! They made him feel like he fit right in, like part of the family, he says. Tawny says that is natural, since he IS part of the family, being married to Amber. Rick says they all showed that, except for... bets he is talking about Becky and says that the girl is a little weird, but can be friendly, too.

Rick then says that the most important thing he got out of this visit is really getting to know Amber. He is proud to have Ms. Moore as part of his family he says, and she says to call him Tawny. She is really impressed with her son in law and tells him so as he goes to take Amber's bags to the car. While he is gone, a very in-labor Amber comes into the living room. She tells her mother that she can't have her baby in LA. Tawny doesn't know what to do. The two hug and Amber is crying. Rick returns and wants to know what is wrong. Tawny tries to do the talking as Amber holds back the pain. She says they were just bonding. Rick admits that Amber's pregnancy has changed everything; he never expected to become a father at 18, but he will stand by his beliefs and accept it. He sits down and holds Amber's hand as he states that he will not make excuses; he and Amber will build their life and make the most of this. Tawny says that Rick is mature, despite his age, and is happy with his attitude. Rick tells Tawny that it is time to go and hugs her goodbye. As he turns to Amber, she yelps in pain.

CJ tells Brooke that he doesn't know if Amber is hiding anything. As she states that he must be lying, Sally tells Brooke that will be enough. Brooke wants to know why Sally is protecting CJ. What can she be hiding... unless the baby Amber is carrying is CJ's? CJ tells her that if it were his baby, he wouldn't let his friend think that it was his. Sally then demands that Brooke leave before she throws her out, minus a few teeth, Brooke leaves, but as she gets into the elevator, she turns to face Sally and CJ. She says that she knows that the secret has to do with the baby, and she will find out what it is. "Amber may be able to run, but she can't hide from me!" Brooke declares as the elevator closes. Sally, CJ and Raymond share a look of concern.

Seeing Amber's reaction, Rick thinks it is the baby and wants to call the hospital but Amber finally gets his attention and says that she isn't in labor; she has indigestion. She sends her mother for some medicine. She asks Rick if he can leave her for one more night. She explains that just now, she and her mom had a breakthrough, so they need a little more time together. She promises that her mother will take her home tomorrow. Rick can't see where one more night will hurt, but he cautions Tawny to take care of his wife. Tawny promises that nothing will happen to her daughter or the baby if she can help it. As soon as Rick leaves, Amber tells her mother to call the midwife, quickly. She is having this baby now. "It's your baby, Rick," she tells herself as she breathes heavily.

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