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Monday, April 19, 1999, Ep. #3027

Over at Spectra Fashions, Sally comes back into her office and announces to CJ and Raymond that Brooke Forrester is very hot on Amber's tail. Sally feels that it is only a matter of time before Brooke uncovers what Amber is hiding as her secret. "We have to warn her!" CJ states.

Tawny gives her daughter some ice chips while she is in labor to help make sure that she does not become dehydrated. She tells her daughter not to be worried and that everything will be just fine. She tries once again to get in touch with her friend Sara who is the midwife. Amber is upset that she had to send Rick away and wishes he could be there with her. Amber gets a phone call from CJ to tell her about Brooke. Amber tells him that it is happening right now: she is in labor. He hears her scream out in pain over the telephone as Sally and Raymond overhear. Sally reminds her son that Amber is only in the beginning stages of labor and it could take hours for the baby to be born.

Brooke is back at her office, confiding in Ridge that Amber is hiding something MAJOR. Ridge questions if Brooke knows what the secret is. Brooke replies that she knows exactly what it is.

Rick is driving home at night to LA by himself. He believes that Amber is trying so hard to make a family for herself, and now he knows why she went to the desert. He thinks that if Amber spends another night with her mom to talk things out, when the baby is born there will be another grandma for his son. "Our baby. I still can't believe that I am going to be a dad soon," says Rick to himself. He picks up the cell phone in the car and calls Kimberly. When she answers, he says that maybe this was a mistake, but she asks him to stay on the line. She tells him to come over so they can talk in person instead via the phone and advises him to use her back bedroom door when he arrives.

CJ tells Amber on the phone that this is all perfect, as she is going to be able to have the baby away from Rick and his folks. "Are you in the hospital?" he asks. He is surprised to find out that she is having the baby delivered by a midwife and not going to the hospital, but then tells her to try and relax. He hangs up and turns to his mother and Raymond. "Somebody is going to be a father tonight, and it is going to be Rick, or it is going to be you, Raymond." CJ says aloud in his mom's office.

Ridge wants to know what the big secret is. Brooke tells him that it is something about the baby and she has already discussed it with Taylor, Kimberly and Sally Spectra. The last part especially has Ridge worried, but she says she is serious. She is still searching for answers, and it breaks her heart to watch events unfold, because Rick does not love Amber the way he loves Kimberly. She does not want to see her son go through life being married to somebody and being in love with somebody else, as she knows what that is like all too well. She just wishes that there was some way out of this for Rick.

Tawny is talking to Amber about what a great guy Rick is and how he comes from the good side of the tracks. "What if this baby turns out to be Raymond's?" Tawny asks. It is RICK'S, Amber insists! "I can't believe what a mess you have gotten yourself into," says Tawny. Amber knows how much is at stake, and not just for her. The baby's future is at stake here also, she tells her mother. But Tawny reminds her daughter that this whole thing can and might just blow up in her face, all because of a little one night stand she had with Raymond. It was a huge mistake to throw away her bright future with Rick, Tawny says.

CJ tells Raymond that he can't imagine what he is going through right now and questions what he will do if the baby is his. Raymond says that he won't turn his back on his child, even though he is engaged now and he doesn't have anyone but himself to blame. Sally chimes in that what he did was irresponsible by having a one night stand and not using protection. If the baby turns out to be his, she cautions, "when it comes to trouble, you ain't seen nothing yet." CJ comments that if the baby is Raymond's, then Rick and Kimberly can start back where they left off and he is off the hook. Raymond wants to be there with Amber if it is his kid that is coming into the world tonight, so he leaves. CJ runs after him, telling him to wait.

Ridge tells Logan that Rick and Amber just might make a future together. Kimberly is not out of the picture, according to Brooke. She tells Ridge that is because when you care about somebody that deeply they are always a part of you. Ridge says that Rick made a mistake and he is taking responsibility for it. Brooke replies that when she sees Rick, she sees herself, and nobody knows better than she does of what it is like to love somebody that you can't have.

Rick shows up at Kimberly's bedroom door and questions what he is doing there. He goes to leave, but Kim opens the door. Standing there, she looks like an angel, wearing white satin pajamas and her blond hair flowing. She wants him to come in anyway and takes his hand to lead him inside to her bedroom. They sit down on a window bench and she tells him that she still can't believe that he and Amber are having a baby together. Rick leans over to hug Kimberly.

Amber is sitting crying that the labor hurts. They finally hear from the midwife Sara, who was detained by a windstorm. Amber is in labor, Tawny says, pointing out Amber's screams. Sara says that she is on her way. Amber is in early labor, it is only a matter of time...

Tuesday, April 20, 1999, Ep. #3028

Ridge and Brooke are still at the office, and Brooke continues to say how she will not let up on finding out what Amber is up to. Ridge tells her to stop chasing theories and just accept that Amber and Rick are married, but she refuses. Amber is hiding something, Brooke proclaims, and she will not rest until she finds out what.

At Insomnia, Raymond is with CJ. Raymond regrets not leaving and says he should be in Furnace Creek right now, but CJ reassures him that he is doing the right thing. Amber is in labor right now, giving birth without having anyone around. Once the baby is born, Amber will find out who the father is, and she will either return if it is Rick's or just disappear if it is Raymond. "Do you really think the Forresters will let that happen?" Raymond asks. Probably not, CJ says. He admits that his plan is not perfect, but it is the only way Amber can have the baby in peace.

Rick confides in Kimberly that he has seen Amber, which should make him feel better... but it has not. Things were fine... in fact, they were great... when he met her family, but while driving back from Furnace Creek, he had this shaky feeling. It is now dawning on him more than ever that he will be a father soon, maybe even in a few days, and it is scary. The worst part is that he had no one to talk to, which is why he is there.

CJ tries to get Raymond to relax, and Raymond says that's easy for him to say: CJ has no stake in this. CJ says he certainly does; after all, if the baby is Raymond's, he will stand to lose a lot. Not only will he lose his friend Amber, who will likely be run out of town and will never be seen again, but he will also lose his best friend Rick. Raymond wonders why CJ all of a sudden wants Rick with Amber; after all, CJ was the one who brought him to town by telling him that he might be the father. CJ says that things have changed and Raymond wonders why. He then asks about Kimberly. CJ says that Kimberly has met someone new, so she will be moving on without Rick, he guesses. Suddenly, a light bulb goes on in Raymond's head: he guesses that CJ wants Kimberly for himself, so he wants Rick out of the picture with Amber!

Kimberly tells Rick there is no reason to be scared and she assures him of his ability. She thinks if he can see himself as she sees him, as a caring and sacrificing person she believes in, he will be all right. He thanks her for being there for him and for believing in him, since it helps give him the strength to hold on through all this.

Amber panics when Sara the midwife does not arrive. Tawny says that she has paged Sara again and tries to be reassuring. After a short period, Sara arrives and Tawny informs her that the contractions are 7 minutes apart. Sara says Amber is in early labor and will likely have the baby by morning. She says she will go out to the car and get her equipment, and then Amber will be going into transition. Amber is in pain and asks Tawny if this is what it was like when she was born. Tawny admits Amber was quite a handful, and she felt alone and scared. Amber however has something to focus on that she did not: Rick. "Don't worry honey, we won't let anything happen to you," Tawny assures her.

Ridge tells Brooke that it is a done deal as Rick and Amber are married now. Brooke says she can't stand to see what is happening to her son. Ridge says this has to be tough for Amber being only 18... and besides, she won't resolve anything tonight anyway. Brooke says he is right and tells Ridge to get home to Taylor, as she must be waiting for him. Ridge says that he can't leave her this upset; she says she is fine and she was going to leave in a few minutes. "Where are you going?" he asks. She is going to see Rick. He doesn't think that is a good idea. She says Rick should be back by now with Amber and she is going to ask Amber some questions, and she won't stop until she gets some answers!

CJ denies Raymond's accusation, but Raymond is not buying it. He wants to know why CJ does not want Rick with Kimberly. CJ tells him that Rick isn't good enough for Kimberly. Why? Raymond inquires. OK, CJ says, he will give him a reason. Rick was engaged to Amber and he asked out Kimberly and he never told her about Amber or the baby, CJ explains. Rick made mistakes and he isn't good enough for Kimberly. CJ will protect Kimberly from Rick, he says, no matter what it takes.

Rick wants to leave, as he doesn't want Kimberly's father to come in and get the wrong idea. She wants him to stay for a little while longer. He can't, but tells her that he will never forget her and she has tears in her eyes. She says, "Rick, I will never forget you." He starts to head out the front door and she says, "No, that way, Rick... my father is there, so go out the back here." He looks at her she looks at him, as the star crossed not lovers yet, say again their farewells. He leaves and Kimberly leans her head against the door and says, "I WILL NEVER FORGET."

In between her panting exercises, Amber says, "You know, I was so sure this baby was Rick's, but now I don't know. What if the baby is Raymond's? What am I going to do? I have nowhere to go, no money. Mom, this baby has to be Rick's." Tawny says Amber has to believe the baby is Rick's and she is here for her as she hugs her daughter to her bosom.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999, Ep. #3029

We open at the Forrester guesthouse, as Rick stares at his wedding photo. Seeing him and Amber standing side by side, he thinks how he and Amber will only be apart one more night... as promised, she will be coming back tomorrow, and soon, they will have their new family.

Sara examines Amber and tells her all is well, but she should relax, as she is in the active phase of contractions. She asks Tawny to help Amber as the moment of truth draws near. Amber wishes that Rick was there and wants to call him. Tawny and Sara ask her to wait until after the baby is born... now is not the time. Amber however fears she may not be able to do it then, since she may never see Rick again depending on the result of her giving birth. In tears, she pleads to be able to call him, so Tawny reluctantly brings her the phone and tells her to be quick.

Amber is soon on the phone with Rick. He asks how she is and, fighting to hold back her pain, she says she is fine. She is merely feeling emotional, she explains, and she promises to return tomorrow, saying that she misses him so much. As she asks him if he still loves her, he says yes. Just then, Brooke comes to the door, and Rick does not see her witnessing this scene. Amber abruptly tells Rick she has to go and hangs up as she is wracked in pain.

An impatient Raymond wants to know what is going on as CJ tries to calm him down.

Macy stops in to see Kimberly and finds her in tears. Joining her half-sister, she thinks the crying is because of Kim's new family, but Kimberly says it is not; it is because of Rick, who was there tonight. Macy is stunned that Rick was there as Kimberly pleads with Macy not to tell their father that Rick was there. She explains that Rick is just scared, especially with Amber out of town, so she is glad to be there for him. Macy fears that Kimberly is hurting herself by clinging to Rick and begs Kim to let go. Kimberly explains she loves Rick and will not give up on him; she feels bad about how Amber just left and, no matter what Macy says, she will stand by him.

Brooke is surprised when Rick explains that Amber is still with her mom; she didn't expect Amber to really be there. Rick confirms that not only was she there, but he also got to meet her family, who he thinks are a great bunch of people. Brooke still finds it hard to believe Amber's story and tells Rick she is sure Amber is up to something.

As Sara tells Amber she is doing fine, the phone rings again. Tawny answers and finds it is CJ. She tells Amber that her friend is on the phone and Amber asks to talk to him. When CJ asks how things are on Raymond's behalf, Amber angrily says she will let them know when the baby is born and hangs up. Once CJ tells him of Amber's state of mind and her reaction, Raymond worries that he should be there.

Sara worries how the call upset Amber, so Tawny tells her that it was a good friend of Amber's, and he is with the other possible father. Sara says they will know about the baby's father once a DNA test can be done, but Tawny says that will not be necessary. When Sara asks why not, Tawny shows her Raymond's picture in a magazine as an explanation.

Kimberly wonders what if the baby is not Rick's, and Macy tells her to not even go there, since it sounds like wishful thinking and Kimberly is getting too caught up in this. Kimberly says she will not interfere in Rick's marriage... but if circumstance intervened for her, she would not fight it. Rick doesn't love Amber like a wife, she states, and she cannot help but feel like she and Rick were robbed of their chance at happiness.

Rick tells his mother how he and his wife are getting along really well now. Brooke brings up the incident at the church, how Sally wanted to say something and Stephanie stopped her. "I went to see her and she didn't say anything. She made excuses for her actions, but I think there is something going on with Amber and CJ." Rick says, "CJ?! He is my best friend." Brooke says but they were always together. Rick can't believe that, but then he remembers something. We have a flashback in time, remembering Raymond approaching him at Insomnia. He wanted to tell Rick something very important that he should know about, but he got interrupted by Raymond's fiancee Latisha, and then Amber came in also. Raymond said to Rick before he left that they will talk another time. Rick is now suspicious of Raymond.

Back at Furnace Creek, Tawny shows both pictures to the midwife. Based on that, it should not be too hard to determine the father, she states. Raymond would take good care of the kid, she thinks, but they are hoping that the baby is Rick's. The pains are now coming closer and the baby is almost there. Stay focused, Sara reminds Amber. Amber is concentrating and praying the baby MUST be Rick's...

Thursday, April 22, 1999, Ep. #3030

Rick recollects seeing Raymond with Amber, but Brooke reminds him that perhaps, since Raymond and Amber are old friends, she was confiding in him. No, Rick thinks; he recalls how he and Amber got into a fight and how she ran off for a while. Shortly after, she returned and they made up, and that was when they went up to the cabin and made love. But during the period, Rick wonders, could she have been with Raymond?

Raymond gets restless waiting for news about Amber and the baby. He still has reservations about Amber being far away in Furnace Creek at a time like this. CJ reminds him that at least this way, there are no Forresters there for the birth. Soon, it will be over and one of two things will happen, CJ states: either the baby will be Raymond's and he will be heading up to Death Valley to see it, or it will be Rick's, in which case Raymond can leave an return to his own life. Either way, it will be over soon.

Amber screams in agony and calls out for Rick as a storm rages outside and she comes closer to giving birth.

Macy tries to tell Kimberly that she has to move on. Kimberly says that will not be so easy. Even though she has shown support for Rick, because she is proud of his taking responsibility, she admits to her sister that her feelings for Rick just will not go away. Even though she knows it is impossible, she can't help but consider that there is a chance for her and Rick if the baby is not his.

Rick feels confused by Brooke and is upset by the conversation and he reminds her that he has to trust his wife, who he does not believe is up to something. Brooke says that honesty and trust is what this is all about. She has been honest with Rick, she states, and she asks him to do the same with her. Rick agrees and tells his mother not to jump to conclusions, but he will tell her something. He explains how Amber failed to show up for a dinner with him back when Raymond was in town last... and even though he didn't think about it at the time, he has to wonder about Raymond. However, he cannot bring himself to believe that Amber would do something like this to him, and he tells his mother to forget the whole idea.

Staring at his cell phone, Raymond wonders if he will be a father by the end of the day. CJ reminds him, that there is a 50-50 chance he is off the hook, but he is not happy with these odds. He can't help but worrying as there is so much at stake, and it has all happened because of his own stupidity. He made a big mistake the night he slept with Amber, and now he has to deal with the consequences.

Amber keeps telling Tawny that this is Rick's baby... it HAS to be!!! ... as Sara tells her to get into position and start pushing. Amber says that she cannot do this, but Sara reassures her that everything will be all right soon. Tawny advises Amber to focus on Rick and their baby, and she will get through this.

Kimberly tells Macy she does not understand how she feels, but Macy says she does. Yes, Rick's feelings are real, Macy agrees, but Rick is also going to be a father, and Kimberly knew that. And because she knew that, she has to move on, as hard as it is, if she wants a resolution. Macy tells Kimberly how she held on when her and Thorne were having problems, but she had to accept that it was over... and even though she and Thorne are friends now, it is because she learned from the breakup and moved on with her life. Kimberly is in tears, and Macy hugs her to comfort her.

Rick refuses to believe that anything happened with Amber and Raymond, but Brooke tries to get him to accept that this child may not be his. She asks him to think about how strange things look. Rick says Brooke has no evidence and needs proof, so she suggests he call Amber himself to find out and even dials the number for him.

In Furnace Creek, the phone rings, and Amber fears it is CJ again, but Sara tells her to ignore it and push. Suddenly, the lights go out. Sara tells Amber to keep pushing... and then she says she can see the baby's head, and Amber asks if it is Rick's!

Friday, April 23, 1999, Ep. #3031

The storm continues to rage at Furnace Creek as Sara tells Amber to push some more. The baby is coming, Sara tells her, as Amber cries out in pain! She pushes some more and the baby comes out. Tawny tells her daughter, "Just wait until you see him!" Amber asks to hold him, and as Sara cuts the cord and places the baby in Amber's arms, Tawny and Amber are ecstatic that the baby is Rick's. Crying tears of joy, Amber talks with her mother about the wonderful life she and Rick will have with their baby. "I love you so much," Tawny states as she and Amber share a hug. "Rick will be so proud!" Amber proclaims... but just then, they realize that the baby isn't crying. Sara rushes over and takes the baby as Amber goes into panic mode. "He's not breathing!" Sara states. Sara does everything possible to revive the baby to no avail. Sara looks up at a very distraught Amber, who is standing up, crying and yelling. She pleads with Sara not to stop.

Hearing a knock at the door, Rick hopes that it is not his mom coming back to hammer him about Amber some more. Opening the door, she finds Stephanie there, and he explains how his mother has been on Amber's case since she left for her mom's. She says that Brooke told Eric and her about that, and he tells her how his mom was all wrong: Amber was at her mom's. He then tells her about Brooke's bringing up the subject of Raymond, and Stephanie says she knows him already; he was even at the house the night before the wedding and at the wedding reception. Rick then shares his mother's theory with Stephanie, that she thinks Raymond is the father of the baby, and he even admits that it's strange how Raymond keeps popping up. He never even knew Raymond was at the reception, he states, and he finds it odd.

Taylor and Ridge are at home, lying in bed, and Taylor is thinking about her early days with Thomas. Ridge points out that she never really talks about that, and she explains that she can't help but remember what she went through. Now that she is pregnant again, she is wondering if she can bring her little baby to term. After what happened the last time, she is so afraid she will lose this baby. Ridge is giving her comfort about how she was under so much stress the last time, but this is so different. "You don't understand, Ridge, how it is for a woman who carries their baby. And then maybe something goes wrong and we feel that our body did something and it was the woman's fault." "It won't happen to you, Doc, not this time," Ridge assures her. She is crying and she says, "Yes, I know, but how devastating is it to a woman to know that she lost her little baby?"

Stephanie admits that Raymond's appearances are strange, but she asks Rick, "You don't believe your mother, do you?" Stephanie says that Amber would never lie about that to Rick, as she wanted that marriage and the baby. "You're saying that Amber could have lied to you all these months and had you marrying her, knowing full well that it could have been someone else's baby? No, Rick, don't fall for this, it isn't true." Stephanie accuses Brooke of interfering, despite Rick's protests that she is not, but Stephanie tells him that he has to put a stop to this right now! He says he that yes, he has questions, but his mother only meant well and wants the best for him. Still, he will not give up his responsibility for the baby and Amber. He will not desert Amber, and when she comes home and she has their baby, they will make their marriage work. Stephanie says that Brooke has to hear that herself, but Rick says that will not be needed: Brooke will come around once the baby is born, he predicts. Stephanie hopes so, and Rick assures her that he **KNOWS** this is the way it will be.

Meanwhile at Brooke's house, she tells Eric her theory about what she thinks is going on with Amber, that Rick may not be the father. He cannot believe this. Eric says, "I hope you didn't tell our son that." Yes, she did. "How could you, Brooke?" Brooke tells him how she came to the fact that Amber is hiding something. She tells him about the wedding and how Sally stood up and wanted to tell them something. "I went to her to confront her and I know she is hiding something, and CJ is in on it, too." "CJ?" Eric asks. "For a second, I thought CJ was the father," Brooke admits. Eric says no, not CJ. Brooke then says, "I realized that, but CJ **IS** hiding something also. He didn't want his mother to say anything. They know something, Eric. And then there is Raymond." As Brooke explains further, Eric asks what she is implying: that Amber left town to have a paternity test without them knowing? "No, Eric, that won't be necessary, because Raymond is black," Brooke says. That is why Amber did not want to be around them when the baby is born. Eric cannot believe this, but Brooke thinks she is right... and if she is, then the marriage ends as soon as the baby is born!

A hysterical Amber is in denial, pleading with her baby to respond. She grabs the baby, screaming, "Come on, baby, breathe... breathe! Come on little Eric, breathe!" Tawny is crying and trying to get through to her hysterical daughter. Finally Amber stops and, tears running down her face, she realizes that her baby, that she has concealed all of this time, is dead. She sits down and cradles her infant son in her arms as she cries out, "No! Not my baby!!!"

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