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Monday, April 26, 1999, Ep. #3032

Rick and Stephanie are in the guesthouse at Casa Forrester having a cup of coffee. Rick questions why Stephanie has always stuck up for his wife Amber. Stephanie confesses that at first she didn't like or trust Amber, but she finds her to be a gutsy little girl, especially since Amber saved her life. Rick says that when Amber gave him her kidney, it showed him what type of person she was. Rick tells Stephanie that Kimberly admitted that Amber was willing to die for their baby, as Amber told that to Kimberly when they were in the hospital. Stephanie describes Amber as a passionate, devoted and loyal person. Rick knows that his son is so lucky because his mother loves him so much. Rick knows that Amber will love their son with everything that she has got.

Rick and Stephanie agree that Amber is impulsive, but her heart is in the right place, and Rick wishes that his mom would understand Amber the way Stephanie does. Stephanie asks how he is feeling about the baby now. Rick confides at first that he was scared about being a father, but now he is all excited and he can't wait. Stephanie jokes that with 2 am feedings, he probably can wait!

There is one candle burning in the trailer as we see Tawny taking care of her daughter Amber. She tries to keep her warm with some blankets and wants to take away the stillborn baby. Amber is holding the baby son that she has lost and tells him that he is beautiful and perfect, and that he looks like his daddy. Sara asks what Rick could do if he was there, and Amber, still in tears, says he would hold the baby and kiss it. Amber then gets out of bed and acts as if it is Rick talking to the baby. She tells the baby that he is proud of him. Tawny and the midwife Sara watch with tears in their eyes.

Amber tells the dead baby, "You wanted to see us, didn't you? You wanted to know who could love you so much." Tawny holds Amber and tells her it will all be all right. It just wasn't meant to be. She tells her daughter that she was strong and brave. Little Eric is in heaven now with all the angels, and he is going to keep an eye on her and he knows that she loves him. "Honey, I need you to give him to me. It is just a shell, that is all. You can let go of him, because Eric is always going to be with you," Tawny tells her. Amber hands her mom the baby and Eric is wrapped up in a gray towel. Tawny turns to Sara and hands her the baby. The midwife takes him and Amber crawls into bed and sits in the fetal position to comfort herself. Sara then tells Tawny that she has to leave; it seems that Amber's cousin Becky is also in labor at that moment. Sara promises to come back later, but before she leaves, she talks about an autopsy and implores Tawny to keep telling Amber that this is not her fault. Amber is in a daze and hears the conversation, but it seems like she does not comprehend what they are saying. Sara leaves.

Alone with her mom, a tearful Amber comes to the conclusion that this has all happened because she did not deserve Eric III. She didn't even know who his real father was, and she keeps repeating over and over that she did not deserve him." why did he have to die?" she cries. Tawny wants to call Rick on the telephone; she thinks that he has a right to know, and this way he can see his son and say goodbye also. Amber says no; she is afraid Rick will blame her, as this is all her fault. Tawny tells Amber that Rick loves her and he wont blame her for this tragedy. They can have more babies one day, she reminds Amber. Amber doesn't want more babies, she tells her mother; she wants Eric and he is dead. She starts to cry...

Tuesday, April 27, 1999, Ep. #3033

Back in L.A., Brooke is preparing to leave the house and go see Rick before school, when Stephanie shows up on her doorstep. Steph tells Brooke that she has to stop interfering in Rick's marriage. Brooke immediately gets upset at Stephanie; just because Rick lives on the grounds of her home does not mean Stephanie is in charge of his life, Brooke points out! Stephanie says she doesn't buy Brooke's theory that the baby could be Raymond's and chides that Brooke shouldn't be broadcasting her suspicions to the rest of the family. Brooke replies that she is concerned about HER son and discussed it with HIS father. Amber is up to something, she maintains, and she will not let Amber get away with this deception!

CJ is up early and is standing on Rick's doorstep, wondering if Amber has called him. He figures that the baby has to be born by now and if it's Rick's she'll have already called him. He rings the bell and Rick is surprised to see him. CJ covers by saying that he didn't understand their calculus homework and asks to look at Rick's. He asks if he's spoken to Amber and Rick says, "No," because she's probably sleeping in. As he tells CJ about meeting Amber's family and how great they were, CJ is thinking more about Amber and what is going on with the baby.

Amber continues to grieve for her child and Tawny is doing her best to console her. Amber blames herself for not going to a hospital, in spite of Tawny reminding her that Sara had said it wasn't Amber's fault and that it probably wouldn't have changed anything. Tawny wants Amber to call Rick and tell him what has happened, but Amber cannot face him yet. She fears he will blame her and that her marriage will be over with no child to hold them together. Tawny reminds Amber that men like Rick don't come along often, so she pleads with Amber not to give up on such a good thing and to open up to Rick. He will not blame her, Tawny states.

CJ says he should call "because chicks love that romantic stuff." Rick laughs and says he didn't know CJ was such a romantic, but picks up the phone and calls anyway. When the phone rings in, Tawny assumes someone is calling from work and lets the machine get it. She wants to answer when she realizes that it's Rick, but Amber tearfully stops her. They listen as Rick says that he knows he may have missed Amber, since she should be on her way home by now; but if by some chance, she gets the message, he wants her to know how much he loves her. He hangs up the phone. Tawny finally convinces Amber to lie down and rest because she hasn't slept any through this whole ordeal.

Once Tawny has Amber tucked in bed, she closes the door and dials Sara at Becky's house. She tells her that she has to get back there as soon as possible and take Amber's baby to the coroner. Sara says she needs to take Becky's baby to Social Services first because she won't even feed it, let alone take a couple of days to decide if she really wants to give it up. The camera shows that Becky is sitting in bed in the background, leafing through a magazine. Tawny insists that Sara stop by the trailer on her way and pick up the baby, because she doesn't want the baby's body there when Amber wakes up. Sara finally agrees and says she will be there soon.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she and Amber are the ones causing problems in the marriage, but Stephanie says Brooke's accusations are ridiculous and the source of the problem. Stephanie tells Brooke to stop fighting a battle she can't win, but Brooke proclaims that she will find out what is going on.

When Sara arrives, she has Becky's baby in a carrier and Tawny protests, saying that she shouldn't bring the baby in where Amber might see it. Sara says that she can't just leave him in the car, and that she won't be long, and the baby is sleeping anyway. Tawny picks up Amber's baby, which has been wrapped in a white blanket, and hands the body to Sara. She leaves to take it to the car and Tawny sits down on the couch beside Becky's son.

CJ asks what Rick would do if this was not his baby, and Rick admits there would be no marriage without the baby. However, it is a moot point he does not want to discuss now, since it is his baby and he is committed to his mew family. CJ then wonders to himself what Rick would do with an out, and he can't help but wonder what Amber is up to now.

Tawny begins talking to the baby and thinking how unfair it is that this sweet child has no one who loves him or wants him, and that Amber's son, who would have had such a wonderful future and a family ,is dead. That's when an idea suddenly strikes her and she says, "That's it!"

Wednesday, April 28, 1999, Ep. #3034

Amber tosses and turns in bed, sweat all over her forehead. She cries out, "MY baby is gone!" and then lays down again. She dreams that she has returned to L.A. to find Rick, Stephanie, and Brooke waiting together for her in Steph's living room. They ask how she is and if she needs to go to the hospital yet, not noticing that she is no longer pregnant. She says that she already had the baby, but he's not with her. She tearfully explains that he was stillborn and says she's sorry, as Rick breaks down. Brooke asks why she went to the desert and jeopardized the baby and Steph tells her to stop it, but Rick wants the question answered. Amber confesses (in her dream) that she was afraid that the baby might be someone else's as she cries and begs for Rick's forgiveness. She awakens with a start and dissolves into tears thinking about the situation.

Kimberly pages Rick and he runs right over to her house. He tells her that Amber will be back today and any day this week he will be a father, and he mentions the problem that his mother is dreaming up, that he may not be the father of Amber's baby. Rick thinks that it is absurd as he tells Kimberly the whole story, including the suspicion that Amber's friend Raymond is the dad. Kimberly wants to know how Brooke came to that conclusion, so Rick tells her about his interrupted encounter with Raymond. Kimberly is overjoyed to learn that there is even a slight possibility that the baby isn't Rick's; this may be the miracle she has prayed for and can give them a second chance to be together.

Stephanie and Brooke continue their discussion about Amber and Rick. Stephanie advises Brooke to back off and give Amber some space or risk alienating them. Brooke remains adamant that something is going on. Amber may be impulsive, Stephanie maintains, and it is a little strange how she ran off, but she has a good heart, so she cannot believe that Brooke has this crazy theory.

In the living room, Sara is ready to take the baby to social services; Becky just told her to take the baby away, she states, and wants nothing to do with it. Tawny stops her and says that the baby isn't going anywhere. Sarah doesn't know what she is talking about. "Who is going to raise it then, you?" Sara asks. No, Tawny, answers -- her daughter will! Tawny explains her plan. She reminds Sarah what she vowed the day she quit working for Social Services; she promised that no baby of hers would ever be subjected to the system. Well, Tawny doesn't want this baby subjected to the system either. She asks what will happen to the baby if it is put into the system, suggesting that it will be institutionalized, and Sarah admits that probably nothing good will happen to it. But that doesn't have to happen, Tawny explains, if Amber and her husband are given the child to raise!

Sara states that Tawny has no right to make this decision, but Tawny pleads with her to go along with this. Think of the changes in Amber, she states, since being pregnant, and Rick is a good man as well. By having them raise the baby, it will be given every advantage that money can buy, the best education and every chance to succeed. But does Rick want this? Sara asks. He will never know, Tawny says, and she pleads with Sara to help her.

Stephanie says that she has both the children's best interests at heart. She tells Brooke that if she doesn't back off, she will make it her business to side with Rick and Amber against Brooke. She admits Brooke has reason to keep her guard up, but at the same time, Amber asked Stephanie for a chance, and she gave it to her. All she asks is that Brooke keep an open mind. She suggests that Brooke give Amber's mother a call right now; she will probably see that Amber is already on her way home and undelivered. Brooke looks up the number and calls.

Tawny and Sarah's discussion is interrupted by the phone call. They ignore the call and listen as Brooke gets the answering machine. Brooke says, "Amber, I know you're there! Call me." Sara is looking at Tawny. "Please, please, Sara, you were going to give the baby to social services. Give us the baby, please." Amber comes out of the bedroom, weak and exhausted. She spots the baby and cries, "How could you bring a baby here?" She is crying, and she leans up against the wall and slumps to the floor. 

Thursday, April 29, 1999, Ep. #3035

Kimberly and Rick are talking about Amber, and Kimberly is thrilled that maybe the baby isn't Rick's. Rick says it is not possible, but Kimberly begs him to consider that his mom is right. She reminds him of how he told her about the strange conversation with Raymond, but he questions if she really wants to go down this road. Kimberly says that she HAS to know it there is any truth to this.

Amber gets upset when she sees Cousin Becky's baby there in the living room; she doesn't want the baby around and asks Sara, "How could you bring a baby here, when I just lost mine?" Tawny explains how Becky did not want her baby, but Amber remains in tears and will not even eat when Tawny offers to make her something. Amber just wants to die after losing her child! She admits that her mother was right earlier and she wants to tell Rick everything, but Tawny stops her. Rick will never find out, Tawny says. Amber walks over and watches the tiny baby and continues to cry as she falls into an embrace in her mom's arms.

Kimberly knows this is a long shot, but Rick says it is not even that. The baby is HIS, Rick's says, and he wants Kimberly to stop getting her hopes up. She, however, refuses to let go of this one shred of hope and asks him to consider his mom's theory, so they can finally be together.

Tawny tries to calm Amber down. Amber sees the baby and cannot believe that Becky would give it up. Tawny suggests that she pick the baby up in the hope that it will make Amber feel better. Amber reaches down and picks the baby up, cradling it in her arms. Still crying, she has a small smile on her face, and Tawny thinks that maybe this will help Amber forget what has happening. Amber gets furious at the implication that she could forget her child, and she wants the baby out of there! Tawny suggests that maybe they can help the baby and stop Amber's pain at the same time.

Rick gets upset with himself; he can't believe he is even considering what Kimberly is saying. "I am married and I am going to be a father, it is my responsibility," he says. "We have to stop this!" Things that look too good to be true usually are, Rick says his father taught him. Kimberly says that this is not too good to be true, and she will not give up hope. She will always be there for him whenever he needs her, she says. They hug each other and he leaves.

Tawny says that Amber has so much to live for, but Amber will not believe it. She starts blaming herself again for what happened to her child. She puts the baby down and says that she wants it out of here by the time she wakes up. Tawny follows Amber into the bedroom, telling her again stop feeling guilty about losing the baby. She can't help it, Amber explains. They talk again about how Rick married her. "He loves you," Tawny says. Amber responds, "He married me because I was pregnant and he felt responsible for my getting pregnant. I shouldn't have come here. I lost the baby... if only I stayed." "It wasn't your fault, so stop blaming yourself," Tawny advises. Amber says, "It doesn't matter now. I have no baby and I won't have a marriage. I know his mother will be happy." Tawny says it doesn't have to be that way. "What do you mean?" Amber asks. "You can have a baby," Tawny tells her.

"What?" a stunned Amber asks. Sara comes to the door and reminds Tawny that she hasn't agreed to this yet. "Please, Sara, just let me talk to her for a few more minutes," Tawny pleads. Tawny tells Amber the plan, that she does have a baby, Cousin Becky's little baby boy. She also has a marriage, and the baby is her answer to holding onto that. Amber protests that her marriage is already over thanks to her own actions, but Tawny asks Amber to consider what would happen if she returned to LA with a baby. Besides, nothing happened with Raymond, so why dwell on that? At first Amber balks at the idea and asks, "How can you say that?" Tawny reminds her that Becky is her blood cousin, so this baby is family. Moreover, Becky doesn't want anything to do with the baby; she wants to give up her child. God works in mysterious ways, Tawny states, and perhaps she is meant to do this. Amber tries not to hear this. "This baby can be yours," Tawny says. "Nobody loses and nobody gets hurt this way. Take a look, Amber; this is Eric Forrester the Third."

Friday, April 30, 1999, Ep. #3036

Brooke tries calling Rick and Amber, but no one is home; she says to herself how obviously, Amber still has not come back, and she wonders where she is. Just then, Ridge comes into Brooke's office and asks her if she got his message about Jack Abbott's calls. She says that she has, but she has not called him back yet. She knows she should, and she has heard that Ashley Abbott is looking for her as well, she admits. However, she has had other things on her mind. Besides, she would rather talk to Victor when he comes back. Ridge isn't sure that that is good business. Brooke says that she thinks that they are trying to cancel the fragrance deal but she has legal on it to see what their options are. Right now, she is too concerned about Rick to deal with Jack Abbott anyway. As she tells Ridge that she thinks that Rick may not be the father of Amber's child, Ridge is shocked that she would think something like that.

Amber absolutely refuses to consider taking Becky's baby as her own. Sarah stands in the background watching. Finally, Tawny interrupts her pleading to tell Amber that there is some place that they have to go. Looking at her mother in confusion, Tawny gently tells her that they have to say good bye to her little baby.

They go to an abandoned cemetery in the desert where someone has already dug a grave. In a tiny wooden box with a simple cross on it, Amber carries her dead child to the grave. She stands there with her baby for a long time, weeping, and she asks Tawny if she can have a few minutes alone with her baby. Tawny of course agrees and backs away, leaving Amber her arms around the casket, crying her heart out to the little body inside. "Why did this have to happen to you?" she cries out. But now he is with the angels, she continues. She then places the daffodils that Rick brought for Tawny on the grace. Still crying, she tells him how much she and her dad loved him both before and after he was born. She tells him of the plans that they had for him when he grew up to be a man. She takes out a picture of Rick and tells him that this is a picture of his daddy and she wants him to have it for all eternity. "Maybe someday, we will be together again!" she tells her child, and she says she will never forget him. She repeats, "I will never forget you," and her sad, low voice trails into the song "Amazing Grace." The tears can be felt as she cries while singing. She leans over the casket in tears as Tawny watches from a distance.

"You had better have proof," Ridge warns Brooke. Brooke says that she does. She goes on to say that the reason Amber went to the desert was to have the baby. She couldn't afford for the family to be there when the baby is born. She has a feeling that Amber has already had the baby, in fact. She then explains her theory that Raymond is the father, and Ridge is surprised to learn that Amber knew the singer years ago. Ridge warns that she is going to hurt a lot of people as well as herself if she goes forward with her accusations. Brooke remains convinced of her theory that Amber left to have the baby away from them. "And if she didn't?" Ridge asks. If she didn't, then Amber will still be pregnant when she returns, Brooke says... and when she sees that happen, only then will she apologize to Amber!

Returning home, Rick finds only Stephanie there. He says that he is getting concerned about Amber, and Stephanie tells him to have a little faith in his wife. He admits that he was with Kimberly and that he told her of his mother's suspicions. Stephanie warns him about giving Kimberly false hope.

Tawny and Amber return to Tawny's trailer, where a reluctant Sara still waits. Tawny is still trying to talk Amber into taking Becky's baby and passing it off as Rick's. She asks Amber to help her fill out the birth certificate, but Amber cannot do it. She just lost her baby, she exclaims, so she cannot take her cousin's baby and pass it off as her own... she **WON'T**!!

Tawny says that Amber and the baby need each other, but Amber still finds it hard to do this. Tawny reminds Amber that her mother-in-law is back in L.A., just waiting for something like this to happen, and Amber says that maybe it is for the best. Tawny says it is fine if Amber really doesn't want Rick... but she knows Amber does not want that, and neither does Rick. "You deserve Rick Forrester!" Amber contends. Amber, however, is not sure that Rick wants her, however!

Alone, Rick decides to give Amber one more call at her mother's. Tawny answers and hands the phone to Amber. With heavy heart and slow hand, a drained Amber takes the phone and says hello to her husband. Right away Rick knows that something is wrong. Slowly and haltingly Amber tells him that she would be on her way to L.A., but something happened. What? Was it the baby? Amber says that she suddenly went into labor and she has had the baby. Rick asks if she is okay; she doesn't sound good to him. She says that everything is okay with her. She tells him that it was bad but now it is over. She mentions that he hasn't asked about the baby. He says that he was just so worried about her. He couldn't bear it if something had happened to her.

Rick then tells his wife how he is worried about her and wants her to be okay. He says that he misses her and that he loves her. "Do you?" she asks. "Yes," he answers, "I do love you." He then asks about the baby. Taking her time, Amber looks over to the bed where the baby is laying. Finally she tells him that the baby is beautiful. "He's beautiful," she repeats into the phone. Rick bets that she is right and tells her to get her mother to drive her back home; he will be waiting. Amber hangs up the phone and looks back at the baby, lying on the bed, and tears are still in her eyes as she wonders what she will do.

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