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Monday, May 03, 1999, Ep. #3037

Rick is on the phone with CJ and tells him that Amber is coming home. "What is the deal?" CJ asks. Rick informs him that he is a father now, as CJ on the other line says, "You were right, Amber." Rick says, "What did you say?" Nothing, CJ says. Rick tells him how CJ has been one hell of a friend to him. CJ says, "Yeah, I can't wait to meet your kid."

Up at Brooke's, we have Ridge, Taylor and Eric there, and she tells them that she thinks Amber has a secret. She is going to get the proof, she explains, as there is a chance that the baby might not be Rick's. As Ridge and Eric caution Brooke about the severity of her accusations, the telephone rings. Brooke answers and it's Rick, who tells Brooke that he has heard from Amber and he has some news: he is now a father and that Amber is on her way home with the baby.

Back in Furnace Creek, Amber is still worried that she cannot pass off Becky's baby as her own. Tawny reminds her that the child needs her and Amber needs the child to save her marriage. She tells Amber that there is a higher force at work here, and it is fate that Amber and the baby should be brought together to fulfill their mutual needs. For all intents and purposes, Tawny says, this **IS** Eric Forrester III. Amber however says this is **NOT** Rick's son and this is all a lie! Tawny says it is not a lie, but an answer as to how Amber can help her marriage while giving this baby the love he needs.

Rick tells Brooke to forget her weird suspicions and accept that this is his son. Brooke is silent for a moment as Rick waits for a response. When she doesn't say anything, he says he is headed for Stephanie's to meet Amber. Brooke says she will be right there, and she hangs up the phone. She then tells the assembled group about the baby, and Eric hugs her as she asks, "Why did this have to happen to our son?"

Raymond is at Sally's factory, pacing and asking where CJ is. "He will be here, so stop wearing a hole in my rug," Sally advises him. CJ comes in and tells Raymond how lucky he is, as he isn't the father, "That is great," Raymond says and he is so relieved. Sally says how lucky Amber is, since everything is going her way.

Amber still can't believe she is doing this, but Tawny again does her best to reassure her daughter. "You will be one happy family, Rick, Amber and Eric," Tawny tells her. Amber is in tears, appearing to feel at least a little gulity for a brief moment about what she is doing. Shortly after, she and her mother are in the car, as Amber is saying how she doesn't know if she can do this. "Yes, you can, Amber. Close your eyes and rest," Tawny advises.

Rick comes into Stephanie's house and informs her that he is a father. How wonderful, she says, and she is so happy for him. There is a knock at the door; Stephanie goes to open it and finds that the rest of the family has arrived. Eric, Taylor and Ridge congratulate the new daddy, talking about how amazing it is. Brooke, however, stands off to the side. Rick comes over and asks his mother if she has anything to say. There is a brief moment of silence, and Brooke then hugs her son to congratulate him.

Brooke is off in a corner. She says, "I wanted so much for my son; now he is the father of Amber's baby." She picks up a picture of Amber and says, "So help me, Amber, if you're trying to pull something over my son, I will know about it. You won't get away with it." Brooke stares at Rick and Rick stares at her as the rest of the family is toasting the arrival into the world of the new Forrester baby.

Tuesday, May 04, 1999, Ep. #3038

At the Forrester mansion, Rick has just told the assembled group (Stephanie, Eric, Brooke, Ridge and Taylor) that Amber is on her way home with their son. Eric worries that Amber is traveling home so soon after having the baby, but Rick assures her that he spoke to her and he thinks she will be OK with her mother. In fact, Rick thinks, maybe he should go check his voice mail to see if Amber has left a message. He goes outside and calls the voice mail up, but there is no message.

Ridge comes out and sees Rick in thought. He tells Rick that he knows how he feels, remembering his own excitement when he learned that Thomas is his son. There's just nothing like it, Ridge says. Rick tells Ridge that it has been hard for him to get ready for this baby, as his thoughts have been elsewhere... with Kimberly. He tells Ridge how he went to Kimberly's earlier, and Ridge wonders why he did that, but Rick remains silent about it. Ridge assures his half-brother that he will be there to support him if he needs him and goes back inside.

Stephanie sees how upset Brooke is about Amber's returns and tells her to put her suspicions aside, lest she alienate Rick. Brooke, however, continues to believe that something is going on with Amber, and she is determined to find out what it is.

Amber is in the car with her mother, still unable to accept that she can pull off this baby switch. Tawny tries to tell her she has to do this, but Amber gets sick to her stomach thinking about it. Tawny pulls over to the side of the road and Amber gets out. Tawny gets out and reminds her why she is doing this; the baby is depending on her and Rick is waiting, she reminds Amber, so she has to go through with it.

Myles comes home and find Kimberly out of sorts, and he guesses that it is about Rick... but he cannot understand why, as Rick is married now, so Kimberly should be moving on without him. Kimberly tells her father that it is not so simple; she has reason to have hope, as the baby may not be Rick's. Myles cannot believe that Rick would lead Kimberly on this way, but she says he did not... it was Brooke who told her that Rick may not be the father. Myles is furious that these people would do this and tells Kimberly that it does not matter; Rick is still married, no matter who the father is, and Kimberly must move on! He leaves, with his daughter still in tears.

Standing outside the mansion, Rick decides that he has to call Kimberly; she deserves to hear this from him. He dials the number and, when she answers, he tells her that Amber is on her way back... with **HIS** son. In tears, Kimberly congratulates Rick, and he says that he doesn't think there is anything else to say and hangs up.

At the mansion, Stephanie instructs Ridge, Taylor and Eric to be supportive; this is Rick's baby and they all have to make sure he knows they are here for him. The one she is really worried about, however, is "grandma" Brooke with her accusations about Raymond. Eric tells Stephanie that he does not think that will be an issue. Ridge agrees, pointing out that Amber would not return if the baby was not Rick's, so Brooke will likely give up her accusations. Stephanie hopes Ridge is right and wonders where Brooke is... and she is outside talking to Rick.

Brooke sees Rick holding the phone and asks if he heard from Amber, but he explains that he spoke to Kimberly, which she guesses was hard for him. Brooke asks how Rick is feeling, and he says that he is partially excited, but he is also scared, and Brooke assures him that she will be there for him.

Tawny and Amber arrive; they are walking towards the door when Amber sees Eric's car and realizes that the whole family is here. She doesn't know if she can do this, she says again. Tawny says, "You can; if you can get it over with just this once, you won't have to explain it again." She then stops her daughter before going in and says she will only say this one time. "You had a still born child and you did a baby switch... it never happened! Do you understand?"

Wednesday, May 05, 1999, Ep. #3039

Thanks to Di for today's update from the Bold-L list:

CJ and Kimberly are talking. CJ is saying that he is sorry, but Kim tells him that there is nothing for him to be sorry about - the baby is healthy. She was ready to accept it and move on, but then Brooke brought up this whole thing with Raymond. CJ asks if Brooke told her about Raymond. She says that Brooke told her a little bit, but then Rick filled in the rest. She knew it was a long shot, but until the phone call came, she was hoping that Brooke was right.

The Forresters are gathered and awaiting Amber. Brooke wants them to stay with her tonight, but Rick jumps in and says that the baby should stay in his own home tonight. Steph agrees and will be there if they need anything. She hugs Rick, while Brooke burns. Brooke is thinking that something is still not right, and she is going to find out what is wrong.

Amber wants to rest, but Tawny wants to roll. Amber points out that if she brings the baby inside, it will never be finished. She will have to live with this lie for the rest of her life. Tawny points out that if she doesn't bring the baby in she will lose everything. Amber came to Tawny for help, Tawny reminds her - and she is going to do just that. Amber has worked too long and too hard to throw her life with Rick away, Tawny states. She tells Amber to take her son, dry her eyes and knock on the door. Amber takes the baby and Tawny knocks on the door.

The door knocking interrupts the gathered Forresters. Brooke wants to get it, but Stephanie stops her. Let Rick go greet his new family, Stephanie instructs. Rick 'oohs' and 'ahhs' over his baby. He tells him that he is his daddy and notices that Amber is not doing well. Tawny tells him that it was a rough delivery and that she should get off her feet. Rick says that everyone is inside waiting. Amber smiles weakly as she walks into the Forrester gathering.

Stephanie greets Amber with a kiss, and Taylor finds the baby adorable. Rick introduces Tawny. Tawny mentions that she has heard so much about Grandpa and about all of them. "And you must be Stephanie..." she says. She thinks that Amber should sit down. Everyone is concerned because Amber is not looking well, but Tawny explains that by saying her daughter has an upset tummy. Taylor mentions that this is not uncommon; she should know, as she is a doctor. She introduces Ridge. Tawny remarks that they are a handsome bunch. She decides that with the Forrester genes, this kid is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up. Brooke asks if the baby is healthy. Tawny tells her that he is fit as a fiddle. Brooke wants to hold her grandson. When Amber is slow to relinquish the baby, she makes the request stronger.

Kimberly wants CJ to forget she mentioned the whole thing with Raymond. She just needed something to hold onto. But it's over now, really over. CJ tries to tell her that he knows how she feels, but she tells him that there is no way for him to know - nor can her dad, not Macy. She thought there would be some sort of closure, but there is only emptiness. There is nothing left to hope for. "Rick and I, even though we were meant to be together, will never be together, and it is all because of one night," she laments.

Tawny passes the baby to Brooke. Brooke is suspicious. The baby is so small, but Rick was almost 10 pounds. Tawny points out all the Forrester in him - he has his grandpa's chin. Brooke doesn't see it. Brooke is surprised that they let Amber out of the hospital so quickly, but Tawny tells her that there was no hospital involved. Brooke is horrified that Amber had a home delivery. What if something had gone wrong? Tawny assures her that the midwife was a professional. Brooke asks if it was easy. Tawny says that it is never easy, but her Amber was brave - it was all natural. Brooke mentions that it must have been painful. Stephanie says that is the beauty of labor; you forget the pain and remember only the joy and wonder. Amber is crying, as they ask if that was how she felt. Then they want to know what is wrong with her, but Tawny passes it off again as an upset stomach. Taylor thinks Amber looks dehydrated and goes to get some orange juice for the new mother. They decide that Amber needs sleep and that it is time to roll. They discuss the diaper situation - there are plenty at Ridge and Taylor's place. Tawny says that it is nice meeting them, and she is assured that they will see a lot of her - she is family now. Amber is offered congratulations and Taylor tells her to get a good night's sleep - she will need it. Rick holds the baby.

Tawny finds her way out to Brooke and mentions that they were not introduced. Brooke notes that she was surprised by Amber's visit to Tawny. Tawny admits she was surprised as well. Brooke said that she sent Rick to see Amber because she was afraid that this very thing would happen. Tawny wishes that she had Brooke's foresight - the whole thing caught her off guard. "So you say," says Brooke. "May I be frank?" Tawny asks. "I know you don't like Amber - you want to protect your son. But she is your son's wife and the mother of his child and you are no longer just the mom. You are now a grandmother and the baby needs your support just as much as Rick does."

Amber asks Rick if he is happy. "Aren't you?" asks Rick. He thinks this is very different. Before she got here he was nervous. Ridge told him that he would be overwhelmed, but he wasn't. He saw Amber standing there, holding the baby, and all he felt was relief. After all the fights and the soul searching, he made the right decision. "We did the right thing," he says. Amber is crying. She thinks, "I did it for you, Rick. I did it all for you."

"Rick and I loved each other, but we never had a chance," Kimberly is crying to CJ. "It just slipped through our fingers." CJ tells her she will love again, but Kim tells him that she believes that there is only one person for everyone, and for her, that person was Rick - and niw he is gone. She lost him before they had their chance.

Amber can't believe that Rick is really excited. He never felt anything like this. He is enamoured of his son. Amber is thinking, "Rick, we may have lost our baby... but as long as we both love this baby, why couldn't he be our son? Mom is right. It will be our secret. A secret I will keep the rest of my life..."

Thursday, May 06, 1999, Ep. #3040

Rick holds his baby as Amber, still with a sad look on her face, looks on. He asks what it was like when the baby was born, and she cries as she remembers the painful delivery and losing the baby. Rick wishes he was there, and she says, "It was my own fault!" Rick says it was more his fault for not staying... but for now on, he will be there for the baby, whenever their son needs him. Tawny comes in with Stephanie, and while Tawny fawns over the baby, Steph says Amber looks tired. Steph excuses herself to get some rest as Tawny says it is time for the baby's dinner. She asks Rick if he would mind leaving them alone, as Amber is not used to this yet, and he takes his guitar and leaves.

Brooke is still at the Forrester mansion and Thorne comes in. Thorne asks about the baby, and Brooke says they are down at the guesthouse. Thorne says that he won't go down there tonight and bother them. Brooke tells him how she saw the baby, and how wrong it is. "Come on, Brooke, the baby must pull on your heartstrings," Thorne guesses. "Yes, he does," she admits, "but that makes it worse. I couldn't protect my son, so how can I protect her son?" He suggests that she make friends with Amber, like his mother, and Brooke says that Stephanie believes Amber and protects her. She explains how Steph thinks she is making Amber feel uncomfortable. "She isn't seeing what I am seeing. She's doing it to me on purpose. You wouldn't believe how she acted. Amber should have been happy and she was all jittery. The baby was an angel, so there has got to be something else going on," Brooke states. Brooke tells Thorne what about how Amber has lied, so she can't trust her.

Alone with Amber, Tawny tells her that she did it, and now she is home free, as long as she does not fall apart. The baby then starts crying, so Tawny tells Amber to unbutton her blouse and feed the child. Amber is uncomfortable with that, so Tawny places the baby in Amber's arms and shows her what to do. When the baby keeps crying, Amber panics and cries out, "It isn't working!" Tawny goes to fetch a bottle and tells Amber that maybe she should relax; this is not Becky's baby anymore, it is Amber's, she stresses. Amber cries about the baby she buried, and she wants to tell Rick... she doesn't know how he will react, but she thinks she must. If she does that, Tawny says, she will be hurting both Rick and the baby, so Amber has to keep the secret.

Brooke tells Thorne how she cannot trust Amber, as she has lied so many times. "But she is part of the family now, the mother of your son's baby. You have to get along with her," Thorne advises. "I can't; she is hurting the people I love, DON'T ASK ME TO ACCEPT THAT, BECAUSE I CAN'T," Brooke replies.

Macy goes to see Kimberly; they chat about Thorne, but then Macy turns the questioning to Kimberly's social life, as this is her senior year. She wants to know if Kim got asked to the prom. Kimberly tells her that the prom is over with; yes she was asked, but she didn't want to go. Macy wants her to have fun; she advises that Kimberly is dreaming over Rick and is burying herself alive, and that is no good. Kimberly does not want to talk about it, but Macy suggests, "You have to get over this, you've got to stop."

Rick is outside the guesthouse, strumming his guitar and writing down notes, as his "friend" CJ arrives. "Hey man, where is Amber?" CJ asks. She is feeding the baby, Rick says. "How was it?" CJ wonders. "What, meeting my kid? It was weird, but something happened; as I hold my baby in my hands and he looks at me, I really know that I did the right thing."

"I am not burying myself," Kim says. "You don't go out on dates or to parties, and you don't go to any basketball games," Macy notes. "My best friend became a father," Kimberly says. Don't get caught up in his problems, Macy says; if she does, she will miss out on all the fun life has to offer. Kimberly says, "I know he belongs to someone else, but that doesn't change how I feel about him, and I will always, always love him."

CJ asks Rick, "You mean you did the right thing by marrying Amber?" Rick answers that being a part time father wouldn't have cut it not for him. "That is good, Rick, you gave up a lot," CJ mentions. Yes, Rick says, but he is glad he did. CJ asks what Rick is working on and Rick says it is nothing. CJ walks over and grabs the music, and he says, "Oh man, this is song about Kimberly. Rick, when are you going to get over this girl?" The name of the song he is writing is "Nothing Left to Say."

"You have great instincts, Brooke, so trust them; but don't tip your hand. Rather, be her friend and then you will find out things," Thorne suggests. "She needs to know I am on to her playing Rick for a fool; tonight I've got to let her know," Brooke proclaims. She leaves for the guesthouse as Thorne looks on with concern.

Tawny is talking to Amber as she feeds the little tyke. "You're a natural. I know you're hurting, but this little baby needs your love, so open up your heart a little. It will make the pain go away a little bit," Tawny says. "I miss my baby," Amber says, and she is crying again. "You have to be careful, Amber," Tawny warns, telling Amber not to let down her guard with Brooke. "You have to act happy, and you can't let them know you are mourning the loss of your child. You just have to find a way to hide the pain." "MY BABY IS DEAD!" Amber cries. "I know, and you can talk to me and cry on my shoulder, but not around the Forresters, especially around Brooke," Tawny advises. "My baby is dead; he was a part of me, and he is gone," Amber cries. "I want you to be happy, just stay away from Brooke," Tawny says, as Amber continues to cry.

There is a knock at the door; it's Brooke. Tawny greets her and says that Amber is tired, so she asks if Brooke could come back another time. Brooke makes her way in and asks, "Amber, are you sick?" "I'm tired and I am going to bed," Amber says. "JUST A MINUTE," Brooke says as Amber turns around. Tawny says the poor girl is exhausted. "This poor girl is going to listen. You thought you would get away with it and lie through your teeth, but I know your little secret," Brooke states, as Amber and Tawny look on in disbelief.

Friday, May 07, 1999, Ep. #3041

Brooke is still with Amber and Tawny at the guesthouse. Brooke says to Amber, "This is the first time I ever saw you speechless, with no smart aleck remarks." She is on to her, and she tells Amber, "Tell your mother." "About what?" Amber asks. "About the lies. Or maybe she is in on it too, in on the TRUTH ABOUT THE BABY!" Brooke proclaims. "I can explain," a stunned Amber says. "You don't have to explain anything," Tawny says. Brooke counters, "I know everything. Why you had to get married, why you had to go to Furnace Creek, and why you didn't want any of us around to be there... because you were afraid the baby might be RAYMOND'S!"

Rick is by the pool strumming his guitar. He says to himself, "I'm married to Amber... but that doesn't mean I don't care about you, Kimberly." Meanwhile, Kimberly is at home. She is wondering if Rick is thinking about his son. Just then, there is a knock at the door. It is CJ, dressed in a tux and bearing "prom in a basket; if Kimberly would not go to the prom, he is bringing it to her. He pins her corsage on and then announces it is time for dinner... chinese food. "But first, a little ambiance," he says as he sits her down. She asks where he took his real date, and he says nowhere; he didn't go, because he only wanted to go with her. Suddenly, Kimberly says she is sorry she did not go,

Brooke continues to badger Amber, but Tawny tries to say that her daughter came to see her. Brooke asks, "Are you going to deny it? You had a fight with Rick, went out with Raymond, slept with him, and the following day you went to the cabin with Rick. I asked Rick a few questions and put two and two together." "YOU ASKED RICK?" Amber asks. Of course she did, Brooke comments. "You trapped my son," she adds. Tawny butts in, as she can't let Brooke insult her innocent child. "Oh, she did it on her own. She slept with Raymond. She was afraid the baby would be black and it would have been obvious," Brooke says. "Oh yeah? Did you take a good look at your grandbaby?" Tawny asks. Brooke says that Amber got lucky in that regard, but all it took was a talk with Sally or CJ to suggest that she was still right about Raymond. Amber says Brooke is wrong. "I do know another lie. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP?" Brooke asks.

CJ puts on some music and he asks Kimberly to dance. The two are dancing closely... but although she is dancing with CJ, Kimberly can only think of Rick. She imagines herself in his arms, smiling while he holds her close. Suddenly, she comes back to reality and backs away from CJ. CJ wonders if he did something wrong, but she says it is just that her dad will be home soon. "It's not about your dad," he says, "it's Rick." Caught, Kimberly tries to say she is trying. CJ leaves; he waits outside and says, "Some day she will get over you, Rick... and when she does, I will be right there."

Rick asks himself, "How can I get you out of my head, Kimberly?" Just then, the phone rings... it is Kimberly. He is surprised to hear from her, but she says she was thinking about him. She asks about Amber and he says that she is back, and yes, the baby is beautiful. He held him, and it was great, he explains; he felt like his son really needs him. In tears, Kimberly congratulates him, says goodbye and hangs up.

Brooke says, "Stop pretending, and admit you're lying." Tawny is now protecting her cheating, lying daughter, trying to cover up, and she shakes the baby cradle and wakes up the baby. "Oh sweetheart, don't cry, it is just you and me and your mean old grandmother, Brooke." She hands Amber the baby and tells Brooke, "My daughter didn't do those things; and what difference does it make anyway?" "WHAT DIFFERENCE? Your daughter is a lying, cheating gold digger. You don't love Rick, as love is honest, not selfish," Brooke counters. "She is thinking about the baby, and so is Rick. And Rick loves Amber. She is married to your son and those are the facts, so look at your grandson. How can you be so cold-hearted that you would tear this family apart?" says Tawny. "I am thinking of the baby, and I am not doing anything at the moment because of the baby." "Why are you doing this?" Amber cries. "You tricked my son, and took advantage of him... and I swear, if there are anymore lies, I will make your life a living hell!" Brooke says.

"Mrs. Forrester, I wish I could say something, but it is no use; you hate me," Amber states. No, she doesn't hate Amber, Brooke says. Tawny says that just because Amber doesn't come from money, Brooke doesn't like her. It isn't about money, it's her lies, Brooke says. Tawny says, "You're so full of it! You took one look at her, and she was good enough to run errands, but she's not good enough for your family! You don't know what it took for her to have this baby, her heart and courage." Amber cries, "Oh, oh!" and Tawny says that Brooke should be ashamed of herself. "Rick fell in love with my Amber." "He doesn't love her, he thinks he is doing the right thing," Brooke explains. "Oh, he must have learned that from his father," Tawny says. Brooke says this isn't over. "I know what you are doing!" "You don't know how much she loves Rick and what she will do to keep him happy," Tawny challenges. "You should keep your distance," Tawny threatens Brooke. Brooke looks at her and says, "Not a chance! I am watching you, Amber, and don't you forget it!" Brooke leaves. Amber says again that she doesn't think she can do this. "Honey it is OK, she is gone now," Tawny assures Amber; she can do it, and Tawny will be there for her. Amber is crying.

Rick starts playing his guitar and starts to sing his lyrics. The scene shifts to a music video, with him standing alone on a beach. He looks up and sees Kimberly, and she joins him on the beach. They are holding hands and walking along the beach, then they are sitting in the sand. He is singing about how once upon a time in a land far away, a boy became a man. He opened up his eyes and promises were broken. The chorus goes, "It's too late to turn the pages, too late to rearrange... when you've gone astray and pushed away, there's nothing left to say..." This is sad as it shows Kimberly getting up, and they look at each other. Tears are in their eyes, as she is reaching out to him, but he can't touch her as she goes backwards into the fog. Back to reality, he says, "We could have had so much, so much more. But I can't think about it. I am a father, and I've got to be focus on my baby."

Amber says Rick will find out. Brooke is just blowing hot air, Tawny says. "The only ones that know are you, me and Sara, and she isn't going to say anything. This is Eric Forrester the Third." She turns to the baby and asks, "Isn't that right, sweetheart?" as a miserable Amber looks away.

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