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Monday, May 10, 1999, Ep. #3042

On Y&R: Ashley Abbott, Jack's sister, tries to call Brooke; she says this is the second time she has called and she needs to speak to Brooke today. Jack overhears and is angry with his sister for butting in. He tells her that obviously, Brooke is hiding from them, as she has not returned his calls or Ashley's. He tells her that he is planning to end the Forrester deal.

On B&B: Sally, Myles, CJ, Lauren and Darla are in Sally's office, talking about the situation with Amber. Sally says that she's pleased about Amber giving birth to Rick's child, which surprises everyone, especially CJ, given the way she spoke up at the wedding. Myles is curious about that himself, and Sally says that while she had her reasons at the time, she now thinks that anyone who can run the Forrester gauntlet and survive, as Amber did, deserves her respect. They all wonder how Rick is doing through all this, and CJ says that he is doing all right... and he thinks that now that the baby is born, Kimberly can move on, something that pleases Myles to no end. Lauren chimes in that she thinks that Amber and Rick will make it, as she knows what lengths Amber will go to make Rick happy, and Sally agrees; in fact, she had Darla send flowers to the happy couple at the mansion. When CJ realizes Darla did not know Rick and Amber are in the **GUEST** house, he flips out; Stephanie is going to have a canary!

Brooke and Thorne are in her office, as she explains about her suspicions about Amber. She is sure that there is something going on with Raymond, but she cannot prove it, and she blames Stephanie's butting in for causing her son to be trapped in a marriage he does not want. Thorne is sympathetic to her, believing her suspicions, and she is pleased someone does... after all, Eric, Ridge and Stephanie all say she is crazy and Rick refused to listen to her about Raymond. However, she will have to deal with it when she gets back from Genoa City; she is meeting not with Victor, but with Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton, and she fears they are going to back out of their contract, something which will kill the Brooke's Bedroom line. Seeing how stressed she is, Thorne asks, is this the image of Brooke's Bedroom that she wants to project?

At the mansion, the deliveryman drops off the flowers for "Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester." Stephanie accepts them, figuring they are for Rick and Amber... and when she reads the card and sees they are from Sally, she is fit to be tied!

In Clarke Garrison's old office, which now belongs to Thorne, Lauren and CJ look at some fabric Thorne acquired. Lauren is shocked that the vendor, who was not doing business with Spectra, would sell it to them, and she comments that it is amazing what the Forrester name will do. Someday, CJ says, it will be the SPECTRA name that opens such doors. At that point, Myles walks in; he wants to know why CJ was so worried about the flowers being sent to the main house. Lauren listens to the whole conversation without saying a word, as CJ explains that there is one Forrester who has always had it in for his mom: STEPHANIE. Myles wants to know more about Steph's personal vendetta against Sally, and CJ says that all Sally has to do is breathe. Myles says he thinks he's missing something when CJ comments, "uh yeah, like 25 years". Myles says "Touché." Myles comments, "When I left 25 years ago, Forrester was struggling just like Spectra was; of course, Stephanie could call her family for the money." CJ asks, "Instead of calling a couple of criminals?" Myles says, "right again."

CJ disagrees, saying that Stephanie acts like they've always been on top and deserve to always be there. He explains that Stephanie tries to put his mom down every chance she gets, when all Sally was doing was trying to survive for her family. He says, "When mom tried to make something of herself, Stephanie was always there and would never miss a beat - she would never leave her alone, and it would get worse, way worse". CJ doesn't like Stephanie, because she's always treated his mother like she's nothing and always looked at her like the competition. Stephanie even threw Sally in Jail once for trespassing on the Forrester property. Myles asks, "What kind of nonsense is that?" CJ then tells him about how Eric proposed to Sally on his knees, on the runway of one of Eric's Fashion Shows, and CJ said Myles should have seen it - it was in all the newspapers. Myles comments, "Yes, I was happy for Sally, that maybe she would finally get the life she deserved." CJ says it was all a lie; it was a joke. Eric had found out that Sally had stolen some of his designs and only proposed to her to get her to call off her fashion show. Meanwhile, Lauren is still not talking, still looking on. CJ said that yes, it was wrong to steal the stupid designs in the first place, but that Eric didn't have to humiliate her in front of the entire world and break her heart. And Stephanie was right there, not missing the chance to make Sally feel like crap. Myles thinks that CJ is implying that Sally wouldn't be where she is, basically, if she hadn't married the wrong guy--namely him.

Sally is in her office on the phone when Stephanie shows up, flowers in hand. Sally asks, "Why your highness, what did you come to read me the riot act about this time?" Steph says, "Do you have to ask?" Sally says, "What, the flowers? They were a gesture of friendship." Stephanie says, "We are not friends." Sally says, "You are laboring under a misapprehension;" she sent them for the new Mrs. Forrester, the one that is still married, and that they weren't intended for Stephanie. Stephanie says, "Stay away from Amber!" She asks what makes Sally think that Amber would want anything to do with Sally after what she has done and with what Sally has put Amber through. Sally asks, "What I've put her through?" Steph goes on and on about those rumors that Sally has been spreading about Amber and Raymond, the ones she told to Brooke. Sally claims that she hasn't said anything about Raymond. Stephanie wants to know what has Sally got against Amber? She guesses it is because Amber is married into the Forrester family. Sally asks, "What exactly are you accusing me of?" Stephanie orders her, "STAY AWAY FROM AMBER!"

Thorne tells Brooke that Brooke needs to loosen up and to look sexier. He takes her coat off and starts massaging her with a feather boa, and then Brooke grabs a rose and puts it between her teeth. Thorne comments that the look is just perfect. Thorne says, "Now we are talking Brooke's Bedroom," and he jokes, "Look out Jack Abbott". He thinks that he will have to get on Pierce's case for not getting Brooke in this kind of mood already, and Brooke jokes that perhaps Thorne is such a great motivator that he should go work for Pierce. He suggests that she and Pierce double date with him and Macy when she returns from Genoa City, to have some fun. "You do remember what fun is?" he asks. Thorne wishes her luck with Jack and leaves.

CJ doesn't want to get into it with Myles about Sally marrying the wrong guy, Myles agrees. Myles thinks if he hadn't left, she wouldn't have had to put up with the abuse; it makes him realize what Sally's gone through. Myles says it the end is near; he wants to bring down the Forrester family. CJ doesn't believe it, but Myles says, "Yeah, you will." Myles leaves, and Lauren is stunned; not a word is said from Lauren through the whole conversation since Myles comes in.

Back in Sally's office, she gets the picture now; she says, "Miss Amber Moore becomes a Forrester and becomes a candidate for sainthood; maybe someone should fill you in on your little protégé." Stephanie says that Sally is not one to lecture, as she stole and cheated her way to the top, and that she's a two-bit hustler. Just then, Myles walks in and demands to know, "Who do you think you are?!" Stephanie and Myles are facing off to each other, as Stephanie does not say a word.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999, Ep. #3043

On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton are in Jack's office, still talking about not getting in touch with Brooke Logan to squash the deal. Well, Jack isn't going to wait for her to call, and he wrote up a letter. "We need to get this to her before Ashley finds out about the 20 million dollar deal," Jack says. Jack calls for the secretary to have the letter sent by courier to Brooke ASAP, but the secretary says there is someone to see them. Jack tries to brush off the visitor, but he and Brad her a voice from the door; "Oh, you don't want to see me?" Brooke Logan says as she walks in. Jack tells her that he has been calling her for days, but she hasn't returned any of his calls. Sorry, it couldn't be helped, as she had family problems with her son that were more important at the moment. She wants to discuss the Forrester and Jabot deal, and they inform her there **IS** no deal. She isn't too pleased about the whole thing of course, and tells the two upstarts that when Victor gets back things, will change. They are cocksure of themselves; they feel they have the edge over Victor. She says they will just see about that and she leaves.

Brooke goes to see Jack's sister Ashley, who has been trying to reach Brooke as well. "Hi, I'm Brooke Logan; I heard you were looking for me," she introduces herself. They get off on the wrong side, because Ash thinks that she should have been informed of this deal, as she was going to create the fragrance. Brooke says, "I see you already have sided with your brother. Well, when Victor comes back, there will be a difference." Ash says, "You know, the deal you made with Victor was unreal. The amount of money that Victor allocated to you was unbelievable and they felt the deal was too much." Brooke asks what Ashley is talking about; Ash explains, "Victor gave you 200 million dollars in cash." "Well, unless someone put another zero in front of the 20 million, that was all Victor was giving us credit for. And he wasn't giving us money, he was giving us credit. I see you have come aboard Jack's ship... and if I were you, I would bail out. I hope Victor comes back soon, because I am afraid for his family and for Newman Enterprises for what those two opportunists have done." Brooke leaves a stunned Ashley. Back up in the office, the boys are happy they nixed the Forrester deal; now Brooke is on her way back to LA and Ashley will never know. "Boy if she ever found out, we will be in trouble," Jack says. Brad says they have nothing to worry about.

On B&B: In Eric's office, a meeting is taking place about the next fashion show, and a possible fund raiser idea for Eric. Ridge, Taylor and Clarke join Eric in listening to a gentleman named Trevor from the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Trevor presents the idea that the foundation is looking for corporate sponsors. The foundation wants the Forresters to help out in this cause, and you can tell the whole table is impressed with Trevor's speech about the foundation. Clarke and Ridge look through the written material and like what they see. Eric states that he knows of Trevor's work, so he accepts the deal... and as a show of his commitment, he gives Trevor a check for $50,000. Eric is impressed with Trevor and thanks him for the time and money that Trevor puts into causes just like these. Trevor is ecstatic.

In Sally's office, Stephanie & Sally are going on and on about Sally causing problems for Stephanie's family. Adam walks in and wants to know "who do you think you are?" Stephanie is stunned and asks who this man who is charging to Sally's rescue is; she is surprised to realize that he is Adam Alexander, Sally's ex-. Stephanie introduces Adam to "Queen Stephanie." Steph tells Sally that her knight in shining armor changes nothing; she's still the same troublemaker she always was. Adam states that he can't believe that Sally makes so much trouble; how can she when she spends all her time running the business? Spends all of her time stealing is more like it, Stephanie says. Adam admits that may be true, but he is to blame for that!

Once Trevor leaves, Eric discusses the plans for the show; he wants this to be bigger than the showing they had on the Queen Mary many years ago. As he tells Ridge and Clarke they should get down to work, Taylor says she will be leaving. One minute, Ridge says; he has a proposition for her that he would like to discuss with his wife in his office.

Lauren goes to see Eric in his office, and she has a one track mind. She tries to distract him from his work for a moment, but then she says that she is here for another reason. She tells him to watch his back; there is someone out to get him and Forrester, she warns. He isn't worried about anyone, as there are plenty of designers that want to upstage them, but it will never happen. She isn't talking about designers, she explains. All she can say, because she works for Spectra, is to watch out for Myles Fairchild. "Oh, I know he doesn't like us because of Rick and Kimberly," Eric states. Yes, Lauren tells him, but he isn't just Myles Fairchild; he is Adam Alexander, as in Sally's ex-husband. However, that is all she can say on the subject. Eric still is not worried, but she cautions him, "Just watch yourself," as she kisses him good-bye.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Taylor start to "make out" when Ridge stops. He says that the proposition he had for her that he mentioned in his dad's office was strictly business. He wants to know if Taylor would like to come back to work. Taylor says no, as she already has a job; she would like to be a full time mother to their children and a wife to Ridge. Ridge of course has no objections.

Stephanie is amused that Adam takes all the blame for Sally's problems, although she is not buying it. Sally is surprised when Adam tells Stephanie off; he says that there will be no more of Stephanie putting Sally through hell. Stephanie says that she didn't put Sally through hell; Sally did it herself, and it all happened because she doesn't know the meaning of the word "integrity." Adam is amazed at Stephanie's arrogance and tells her, "If you think it was worse in the beginning, you haven't seen anything yet. GET OUT!" Stephanie is gone, leaving Sally and Adam alone. Sally says, "It really wasn't necessary, I can take care of her on my own." Adam says that may be so, but he is sure that with him around, Stephanie will not hurt her anymore. He tells Sally that the Forresters will not stomp on her anymore; he will see to it, and they will be right up there on top, or even higher than the Forresters.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999, Ep. #3044

At the Forrester guesthouse, Amber is tossing and turning in bed. She is having a nightmare and wakes up. She asks herself, "How could I let things come to this?" Tawny brings in breakfast with a smile on her face, but she sees how distraught her daughter is. Tawny tries to comfort her, and they talk about Brooke's meddling in their lives, that she won't give up until she knows the truth. They talk about how no one knows how cousin Becky's baby is Amber's other than the two of them and Sara; Becky thinks that Sara gave the baby up for adoption, Tawny reminds her. Tawny says it's time to feed the baby, and Amber says she will give him a bottle. Tawny says no, it's time to breast feed her baby.

In Eric's office, Eric & Stephanie look at a drawing of Eric's runway for the upcoming fall fashion show. They discuss how Eric wants this showing to be huge...Eric wants 3 runways for this fashion show. Stephanie comments how wonderful it's going to be and raise money for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Eric & Stephanie talk about how well the AIDS Foundation has helped the community, and he explains that he's given Trevor a check for $50,000 to help them out to get started. Stephanie says "That's great." Stephanie has a suggestion; perhaps they should make sure Sally knows about this, so she can see something wonderful being done. That would teach Sally and Adam a lesson, Stephanie comments, and she says how Adam could be trouble for Eric. Eric tells Stephanie that Lauren told him the same thing when she came by yesterday to fill him in on everything.

At Spectra, Sally walks in and finds Adam at her desk working on the bookkeeping. He wants to show Sally something and says, "you need me." Sally says, "I needed you 25 years ago, not now." She points out how she's stood up to the Forresters for years on her own. Sally makes it clear that if Adam is hoping for the old days, she doesn't want it; she doesn't want to remember those days. Adam says that Sally shouldn't have to live in the old days; she should be on top, and he plans to make that happen.

Amber is very uncomfortable, and the child won't get used to his "mother's" milk. Tawny keeps trying to instruct and assure Amber, to no avail. As the baby's crying gets louder, Amber gets more agitated and passes the baby off to Tawny, and Tawny puts him in his cradle. Tawny & Amber talk about how Amber thinks she was crazy to keep Becky's baby, Tawny says that she has no choice. Amber brings up a question of integrity. "Does Brooke have integrity?" Tawny asks. Amber says yes; Brooke only cares about her son. Right now, Amber wants to tell Rick. If she hadn't been so whacked out, she wouldn't have agreed to this in the first place... and as the baby is only a few days old, if she wanted, she could give him back. Tawny says "Don't, or you'll lose your marriage." Amber gives her mother a cold look, and says, "If Rick is only with me because of the baby, I should lose everything. I'm telling Rick the truth."

Stephanie tells Eric that she met Adam yesterday while at Sally's, when she went there to see Sally. Stephanie & Eric talk about Adam and his threat, and Stephanie thinks that Eric shouldn't take Adam's threat lightly. He has a personal vendetta against Forrester, and he's putting money into Spectra. Eric guesses that it is because of Rick and Kimberly, but Steph points out that Thorne is a factor as well. Eric suggests talking to Adam, but Stephanie says not to; he's got a lot of built up anger and he could be dangerous. "Adam Alexander, dangerous?" Eric asks. He does not think so. Stephanie comments, "He sees us as a threat to his family." Eric cannot see any man intimidating Stephanie and, while he is sorry that Stephanie walked in on the incident with Sally and Adam, he suggests they get back to work.

Adam tells Sally his plan of wanting to keep Spectra going as a legacy for Macy and CJ... a legacy that they can be proud of. He feels that they can take the Forresters' arrogance and use it against them. Adam doesn't want Sally standing UP to them anymore, defending herself; he wants her to COMPETE with them. He hopes that Sally will not fear him anymore and promises to be on his best behavior. Sally says that is important; he was in charge when they were married, and he ruined things, so she has no intention of that happening again. He must understand that she is in charge and that she calls the shots... and until she is convinced he is on the up and up, she cannot trust him. He better have a plan and it better be good.

Tawny tries to get through to Amber what will happen after Rick knows the truth; after a day or two, Amber will lose everything. Tawny states that she has been there to see Amber through depression before, but this is worse than any of those times. Once Amber tells Rick, there is no turning back, and Amber may never see Rick again if she tells him the truth. Tawny doesn't think Amber could ever recover from something like that. Just then, Rick walks in.

Adam says they should do a fall collection and hire someone new for a designer. Sally says that will not work; she has tried, and the only time she came close was with Clarke. She married him and had a son by him... but afterwards that went down the drain. "It isn't easy, Adam, to get to the top," she says. She explains what happened after he left them 25 years ago; she fantasized how one day, she would walk into Cafe Russe and they would rush to get her a table. Instead, she has to slip the maitre d' a fifty dollar bill. She also dreamt that one day, she would have a mansion next to the Castle Forrester, but hers would have been bigger and more beautiful. But that was only a dream, she says, and she realized her limitations. "You learned to settle for less than you deserve; you are twice the woman Stephanie is," Adam points out. "You will be on the top, Sally, and no one will ever look down on you again," Adam says, "and by the time we are done with them, they will respect you."

Rick senses the tension in the room. He asks Amber if she's all right and she says, "No, I'm not". Tawny tries to pass it off as the usual depression that some mothers have after giving birth. Rick asks, "Is that what it is, Amber? Is it the baby?" Amber replies, "Yes, it is the baby and I have to tell you something about him."

Thursday, May 13, 1999, Ep. #3045

Clarke is in his office at Forrester when a mystery lady walks in; Clarke does not recognize the woman, who looks like something out of the Arabian Nights, but then he realizes it's Sally in disguise. Clarke is stunned when he realizes it's Sally! Sally is surprised that she can still pull it off after all these years and Clarke gets a good laugh as well. Then Sally talks to Clarke about Spectra: about how the fashion house is on it's way out and that she came to talk to him about CJ.

CJ is outside Sally's office. Inside the office, Adam requests budget reports from Darla, and Darla asks what gives him the right to ask. Adam says that since he's put money into Spectra to help it get back on top again, that gives him the right. CJ walks in and demands to know from Darla where his mom is, and Darla says that Sally went to see his father. Darla leaves to get reports for Adam, and CJ wants to know what's going on. Adam says that he intends to get Spectra back on top; and in fact, Sally has gone over to Forrester to see if Clarke would be their designer again so they can do just that.

Brooke fills Thorne in on her Genoa City trip and explains that Jack and Brad are backing out on the deal, that they've taken over, and that they don't intend on working with Forrester Creations. She hopes that Victor is found soon... but in the meantime, she is worried about Amber again. She still wants Rick to know about Amber's lies about Raymond, even though the baby is Rick's. Thorne suggests finding out the truth first, then go to Rick. Once this is over, Thorne says, he wants Brooke to promise to relax. He suggests she spend a day with him and Macy at the beach. When Thorne won't let up, Brooke agrees; she then leaves and says that she will talk to him later.

At the Forrester Guesthouse, Amber wants to tell Rick the truth. Amber gets frantic and scared, and Tawny tries to stop her, but Amber won't listen. Rick comments on Amber's freaking out and wants to know what is wrong; he pleads with her to talk to him. She screams that she has to tell him, and Rick asks, "Tell me what?" Tawny intercedes and sits a speechless Amber down in the chair. She tells Rick that she will tell him what Amber is talking about.

Brooke goes to see Kimberly; Kimberly is surprised to see her, and she says that Brooke was obviously wrong about the baby. Brooke tells Kimberly that Amber's story isn't over by a long shot. Amber is still hiding something, Brooke insists, and that is that Amber was having an affair with Raymond. Brooke will find out, she insists, since she will not have her son with this unprincipled bitch. Kimberly wants to think about the baby, but Brooke says they will; however, the baby is not a reason for Rick to stay married. Brooke tells Kimberly that she's going to see Raymond, as she knows where he's staying; she wants to get the truth. Kimberly rolls her eyes as Brooke leaves to go see Raymond.

Clarke worries that CJ is not OK, but Sally says he is fine. Once Clarke knows that CJ is ok, Sally explains the reason for her visit. Spectra is going down for the count, she explains. "How could you do this to CJ?" Clarke demands to know. Sally reminds him how he deserted the sinking ship to come over to the hallowed halls of Forrester, and Clarke admits that is true. "So what will you do about it?" he asks. Sally says that she wants to make a legacy out of Spectra for CJ... and to do that, she needs a designer. Sally says she wants Clarke to be their designer, and she wants him to make a fall collection for them.

Adam tells CJ that he plans to be around and have Spectra fighting back and in competition with fashion design houses all over the world. CJ is surprised and comments that Adam will leave like the last time. Adam says no, he's in it for the duration. Maybe he is dreaming, but he wants to make his dream happens, since this company will be CJ's and Macy's some day. Of course, if CJ does not approve, he will just leave... CJ shakes Adam's hand and says. "You're in," but he makes it clear to Adam that he will be watching his every move. "It better work," CJ states as he leaves.

Just then, Darla comes in with the reports Adam asked for, and she also has a newspaper article she thought he should see. The article is about the Forrester AIDS benefit show, which is expected to be the biggest benefit of the year. "This may just be what we are waiting for, Sally," he says to himself.

Amber is silent, as Tawny is about to tell Rick what he is waiting to hear. Tawny then explains that it's about Breast Feeding, as the baby won't accept it. Amber was worried that Rick would be disappointed with her, Tawny explains. Rick tries to reassure his wife that he doesn't expect her to be a baby expert and that they'll learn how to take care of their baby together. Rick goes over and picks up the baby; he sits down with baby Eric as he is sleeping. Amber is so stunned by her mom's lie that she just stares.

Raymond is in his hotel room and some maid has headphones on, listening to one of Raymond's new records. He is looking for something and yells at the maid. She says, "I am sorry, I didn't hear you. Your new record is great." He thanks her, as someone is knocking at the door. It is Brooke, who makes her way in. "You can't come in here," the maid says, as Raymond looks at her. "Mrs. Forrester," he says, as Brooke says she needs to talk to him. Raymond tells the maid that is all right, as he knows her. The maid takes off and Brooke gets right to the point; she wants to know all the details between him and Amber, and she won't leave until she gets the truth.

Friday, May 14, 1999, Ep. #3046

Sally & Clarke are still in Clarke's office at Forrester. Clarke asks her if she is nuts with her offer. Sally says she is not; what does he have at Forrester other than being treated like a trained lap dog? Clarke, however, likes his job. Sally notes how the Forresters have Clarke's name on the door and treat him like a king, but wouldn't he like to see his name up in lights again? Clarke says he's doing just fine. Sally asks, "Don't you think it's time you did something really worthwhile for your son?" Clarke doesn't want to hear this guilt trip. Sally states that she knows him, and she thinks he cannot be satisfied with this life. He is like family because of CJ, so he should do this to save CJ's legacy. In doing so, he can prove to CJ that money is not the most important thing. She always thought more of Clarke than he did himself, she tells him, and this is no exception. This is his chance to use his genius and do something for his son. "Wouldn't it be nice to earn the love & respect of your son?" comments Sally. "Without those last two, you have nothing," Sally says as she takes her leave.

At Insomnia, CJ sees that Kimberly has a concerned look on her face and wants to know why. She tells him that it is because of Brooke. CJ is angry that Brooke is dragging her into this, but Kimberly tells him that Brooke is convinced that Amber & Raymond hooked up & slept together. Kimberly says that if Brooke is right and Amber & Raymond did sleep together, it could change everything. CJ defends Amber, but Kimberly isn't buying it. She points out how if Amber is that kind of person who would risk AIDS and sleep with someone else, and then marry Rick, then maybe the best thing they could do is break up their marriage.

CJ leaves, and Kimberly is now by herself drinking coffee. She sees Rick walk in sit down at a table. Kimberly goes over and says she was looking for him, and then she's quiet. Rick wants to know why she was looking for him. Kimberly fills him in on his Mother's visit how she's convinced that Amber & Raymond slept together. Rick gets mad that his mother won't give up. "When will she back off?" he asks. Kimberly asks what if it is true? Rick denies that it could even be remotely possible.

At the guesthouse, Amber looks at the baby as Tawny returns from shopping. She sees the worried look on Amber's face and comes over to talk to her. They discuss all the lies; Amber says, "One is piling up after the other, and it's not going to work. Rick's child died and that baby..." Tawny fills in and says, " Eric Forrester III, and your husband's child." Tawny goes on saying that there's no turning back; no one will ever learn differently, so Amber does not have to worry about Brooke's suspicions. Amber turns around and asks, "What if Rick were to learn differently, what would he think of me then?" Tawny goes on and on about how they have to keep it a secret, so that Amber can keep the life she deserves, the life that Tawny has always wanted for her girl. Amber says, "This baby...." Tawny again recites, " Eric Forrester III, and that Mrs. Forrester will never find out." Amber keeps worrying that Brooke might find out, but Tawny says she won't. She is certain that Raymond wouldn't want a scandal, so why would he tell Brooke? Moreover, they have a birth certificate. No one will ever know, she tells her daughter, as Amber sits on the bed looking at "her" child.

In Raymond's hotel room, Brooke pressures Raymond to admit the truth that he & Amber slept together. Raymond wants to know why he's being pressured, especially when he has to catch a plane soon. Besides, Amber is a good person, he tells Brooke. Brooke tells him that if Rick had known the truth, he never would have married Amber. Brooke gives a powerful speech and says that her son's life is at stake, but Raymond still won't give in. In waltzes Raymond's fiancée Latisha, copping an attitude at first sight of Brooke. She says, "Who are you? If you are a fan, sorry, but Raymond doesn't have time for autographs. He's got to get to the airport." As Raymond and his fiancée leave, Brooke pleads, "Think about what I said."

After Brooke is alone to think, Raymond's maid Denise walks in and starts talking to Brooke as though she's been friend's with Brooke forever. She says that she knows how Brooke feels; she is Raymond's biggest fan, Denise says, as he has been at the hotel before and she knows lots of stories. She knows what he likes, including his choice in M&M's, but she can't stand Latisha, who Denise thinks is a witch. And Raymond hasn't been completely innocent, Denise says. Brooke wants to know more, so Denise tells her about something that happened ten months ago on her birthday. She thought Raymond would celebrate her birthday with her when she walked in on Raymond already celebrating with some blonde woman. Brooke gets out her wallet and pulls out Rick's wedding picture, covering up the half with Rick. She then asks, "Is this the blonde? Please, my son's life is at stake!"

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