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Monday, May 17, 1999, Ep. #3047

Brooke is over at the hotel, badgering Denise the maid with a photograph from her wallet of Rick and Amber's wedding. She questions the maid if the girl in the photograph is the same person who spent the night with Raymond. The maid responds, "Yeah that is her, no doubt about it. She was passed out cold in the bed and did not even hear me come in." The maid runs away.

CJ shows up at the guesthouse to see Amber and meets Tawny Moore. He finds it wild that Amber is now a mom and says how she was right all along; it was Rick's kid. Tawny says they should put that all behind them now. He also hates to tell them the news that Brooke is still on the warpath, and she will not give up until she finds something. There is no way that Mrs. Forrester can prove that Amber has slept with Raymond, Tawny points out, and anyway, he has now left town.

Rick is at Insomnia having coffee with Kimberly. She asks him about his mother's suspicions, He doesn't think Amber would have married him if she wasn't sure that he was the father of her child. If Amber and Raymond slept together, then their whole relationship would be based on a lie, he tells his friend. Rick says, "Amber may be reckless and impulsive, but nobody is that two faced." So he is just going to barrel ahead, she asks? She then asks for an honest answer; would he stay married if the baby was not his. Rick says not to go there; he continues to tell Kimberly that he has made a mistake and has to pay for it, but assures her not to make one also and miss out on her senior year in school with all the football, soccer games and the prom. "Forget everything? Even you?" Kim asks. "Especially me," he says as he holds her hand. He tells her to move on and stop thinking that it could or might have been for them.

CJ assures Amber that Raymond will be on tour for months and will not be around. He knows that Rick is completely devoted to Amber and little Eric, and nothing will make Rick turn his back on his son. Tawny agrees with CJ; Amber has nothing to worry about. Amber freaks, so CJ assures her, "It is cool. You and Rick are solid. Believe me, if you stay strong, this whole thing will blow over," he advises her. Just then, there is a knock at the door; Amber has a worried look when she sees Brooke in the doorway.

Brooke shows up and is glad that Amber is home. She makes CJ leave so she can talk to amber alone. Tawny won't leave; she insists that whatever Brooke has to say can be heard by her also. Brooke begins, "That's right, you're a team. So very well... this little game is over. I've got you, Amber. I have finally got you. I knew it. The whole time you were pregnant, I knew something was wrong. I thought it could be nerves." Is this about Raymond, Tawny asks. "This is about Rick. He doesn't even know you, Amber," Brooke insists. Tawny chimes in that Brooke should stop harassing her daughter.

Adam is in Sally's office and wants to talk about a strategy. Sally replies that Clarke won't come back to Spectra. Adam says not to worry, as Clarke is not the only fish in the sea. Sally however, disagrees; the fact remains that he is an innovative designer today and he turned her offer down cold. His collections were stunning and he was brilliant, she points out. Adam says she has enough talent to get along on her own without Clarke. Sally replies that she can sell anything, including a bikini in Alaska... but this time, they are going to need a genius of a designer to give them something top of the line.

Adam says that all they need is each other; he is willing to give up everything he has to get Spectra success and respect--and if Clarke can't give that to Sally, then he will. Sally thanks him for the support, but points out that they flew by the seat of their pants when they started, and there is a lot she has learned from working 24-7 all these years. It will take a lot of work to turn a workhorse into a thoroughbred, she says. Since when did they ever shy away from hard work before in the past, Adam questions his ex-wife. Sally says that they need an event with a zillion showstoppers, and she doesn't think that will happen. They are not even close! She leaves for a meeting. He picks up the newspaper with an article of the Forresters and their AIDS benefit and replies to himself, "I don't know, Sally; we may be a lot closer than you think."

Brooke doesn't think she is harassing Amber. She states that the whole time Amber was in the hospital, she actually felt sorry for her. She thought Amber was worried about the baby, but she now knows that Amber was praying that the baby was Rick's. "I have proof that is right. I know you slept with Raymond, and by the end of the day, Rick is going to know it, too." Tawny says Brooke is bluffing; to prove she is not, Brooke mentions Hollywood Gardens, Room 402. Tawny tries to say Brooke is bluffing by talking trash, but Brooke says she will get into all the sordid details. "Stop it!" Amber cries, but Brooke replies, "No! You have had a thousand chances to stop it, but you didn't. You even kept Rick away when you gave birth; how do you think that made him feel? Your house of cards is going to come crashing down." Brooke tells her that she calling a family meeting tonight, so Amber can pack her bags. Her turn as a Forrester is over, Brooke proclaims as she leaves Amber crying in her mother's eyes.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999, Ep. #3048

Brooke is over at Stephanie's and Eric is there as well. True to her word, she informs them of the fact that she now knows for sure that Raymond and Amber spent the night together. Brooke wants to tell Rick as soon as possible. Stephanie still tends to want to protect Amber, but accepts that Brooke has been right about Raymond. Eric and Stephanie think Brooke should wait a while, for the baby's sake. No way will she wait even one more day with this, Brooke states. "Amber has been lying to us for 9 months, and her lies are going to stop. She had my son believing for nine months that he was the father... which it did turn out that the baby is Eric III. However, she still knew that there was a possibility that the baby could have been Raymond's." She declares that Amber has had a free ride long enough and now it's going to be over. She tells them, "If you're not going to stand by me on this, I will tell him myself." She goes out of the room and she calls Rick on his cell phone.

Meanwhile Rick is still at Insomnia; he calls Amber and tells her that he will be right home, and he asks how little Eric is doing. He says that he will be there after he gets his coffee and hangs up. CJ comes over and Rick says to CJ that it looks like there is a party going on there tonight. CJ doesn't know whose party it is. They talk about Brooke and her thoughts on Raymond. Rick doesn't believe it and CJ says that Rick really has to find a way to get his mother off of Amber's back about Raymond. Rick admits it's a problem, but isn't sure how to get his mom to drop the subject. CJ insists that he has to find a way.

The phone rings; Brooke wants Rick to come to Stephanie's, as there is a family meeting going on. Rick says that he will be right there; but when he asks what it's all about, Brooke says she'll tell him when he gets there. Stephanie is trying to put logic on this; she is sticking up for Amber. Yes, it was wrong, but she loves Rick and they have the baby, Steph says. Brooke isn't too pleased at all and points out, "She has lied and had my son marry her under false pretenses." Meanwhile, CJ isn't too happy at the moment.

With the family meeting coming up, Amber remembers Eric complimenting her at the Café Russe; that was her dream come true, she thinks, but it has turned into a nightmare. She is in a tizzy as she is looking out the window. She sees that the family meeting is going to start. She says that she should have told Rick the truth right from the beginning, and now look what has happened. Tawny is still telling her that Brooke has nothing on her. "She is blowing wind, Raymond is out of town and he wouldn't say anything to her." "Well, mom, she knows the hotel and the room number; she had to find out somehow." The guilt is getting to Amber, and she still says that she should have told Rick. Tawny is saying how even if Rick finds out, he loves Amber and his baby son. "Do you understand that this baby ISN'T RICK'S?" Amber asks. It doesn't matter, Tawny says, as Rick loves her. Brooke is not as powerful as Amber thinks, Tawny assures her daughter. She looks out the window again; She says, "Oh no, Rick's car is in the yard and he is at Stephanie's!"

Eric and Stephanie feel that Amber should be there for this meeting. Brooke doesn't want her there, but Stephanie insists. Rick comes in for the family meeting and asks, "Well, what is going on?" Brooke asks if he has been to the guesthouse, and Rick says he didn't think he needed to; if this is a family meeting, then Amber should already be there, he states! Stephanie says that she will call Amber.

Amber says, "Oh my god, Mother, I just realized; when they kick me out, they will take the baby, thinking it is a Forrester. I can't let that happen." The phone rings and it is Stephanie; she wants to see Amber as soon as possible. Amber says that she will be right there. She gets off the phone and says Stephanie is sending Connie down to baby-sit, as she wants Amber up there now.

Back in the house, Rick says that if this is about Raymond, he doesn't want to hear it. He tells Stephanie she may as well not bother getting Amber up there, as he doesn't want Amber up here to hear all of this. He is ready to leave, but Brooke says, "You're going to listen to me." Rick is resistant as Brooke tries to get her point across. Just then, Amber comes in with her mother. Amber says, "Mrs. Forrester..." Brooke responds, "No, Amber this has got to stop, and I am going to tell Rick."

Wednesday, May 19, 1999, Ep. #3049

The scene at Insomnia has Macy throwing a disco/70's party with Thorne at her side. Macy tells Thorne that the kids are her best customers; and besides, she has another reason. Just then, Kimberly walks in. Macy walks over and tells Kimberly to put a smile on her face and lighten up. The music is blaring Donna Summer singing "Hot Stuff," as this guy Jed, from Kimberly's history class, comes over to ask her for a dance. Macy is pleased as she and Thorne look on.

Over at Spectra Fashions, Sally finds out from CJ and Darla that Brooke has decided to hold a family conference. CJ assumes that Brooke must have some sort of proof... he doesn't know what... that Amber had slept with Raymond. CJ is worried that this will destroy Amber. "She has been carrying this secret around for months. And once it gets out, that marriage is completely over.

Rick is annoyed that his mom called a family meeting and dragged Amber and Tawny into it. Brooke says she did not invite Amber's mom, but Tawny volunteers that she is there to help her daughter from the lion's den. "Anything you have to say to her, you can say in front of me," Tawny proclaims. There's nothing to say, Rick states. Stephanie and Brooke say there is and tell Amber that she has a lot of explaining to do. Rick is shocked to hear this from Stephanie, who says it is true, and she wants to hear it all from Amber herself. Rick doesn't want any part of this and demands to talk to Brooke alone, but Eric says that they will deal with this together as a family. Brooke says that Amber betrayed Rick, and Rick tries to stop Amber from listening. However, she bursts out, "No, Rick, she is right. There is something you should know. Something I should have told you along time ago."

Rick and Amber were starting to do so well, CJ says; he was totally into this dad thing. Sally gives her son some advice, and that is not to obsess on the Rick and Amber situation. She tells her son to go and have some fun at the disco party that Macy is throwing tonight for Kimberly over at Insomnia. The whole class is there, Sally and Darla explains. CJ freaks out at this, as he did not know about it. He decides that he has to go home and change before he gets there. Sally and Darla talk once he leaves, and Sally comes to the conclusion that CJ has his own personal agenda for him to want Rick and Amber's marriage to work out.

All of a sudden, there are three guys all around Kimberly wanting her attention. Maybe later, she says, but Macy comes over and says she will bring over some espresso for everyone. Thorne tells Macy the mission was accomplished because his ex-wife wanted the party to get Kimberly out of the house and have some fun. Thorne thinks that this will be a night that Kimberly will never forget thanks to all of her male suitors, who are fighting over her.

Brooke has been telling the truth, Amber tells Rick. In tears, she continues, "But she isn't right about everything. Your mother thinks that I don't love you and I used you and your family. Everything that I have done was to protect you and the Forrester name." Rick asks her not to tell him that this is about Raymond, but sadly, she cannot.

Kimberly is out there on the floor, dancing away with 3 guys. Macy tells Thorne what a nice kid his little brother is; "He is a good kid, but this relationship Kimberly has with him is sucking the life out of her. She comes home from school, has a few friends, and then sticks her head in a book." In walks CJ, and Macy asks, "Did you get my message?" No, he says. She has been calling everywhere, she says, but he explains that he has been busy. CJ asks, "Where is Kimberly?" Macy points to the dance floor. "She is out there dancing? Man, what is she doing with those guys?" They all asked her to dance, Macy points out. "She doesn't like jocks," CJ says, but Macy says that they seem interested in Kimberly. "I JUST BET!" CJ remarks. He walks off to see Kimberly, and Thorne says, "Hey, it looks like CJ has a crush on Kimberly."

Rick says, "You slept with Raymond?" Amber protests, "I didn't cheat on you, we weren't serious then." "When did this happen?" he asks. As she tells him the whole story, Rick asks, "When we went to the cabin? OH MY GOD, HOW COULD YOU?!" Rick asks. She tells him, "Raymond had his concert, and we had our first fight. I was drunk, and I didn't know what happened." "No excuses, Amber. YOU TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" She continues, "He was celebrating his tour, and we went back to the hotel and opened up champagne. I didn't want to sleep with him; if I only knew, I would have come home." "Tell me you used protection! Tell me Raymond had a condom! Tell me you weren't that drunk! Amber!!!!!!" Rick demands. She does not answer. "No? OH MY GOD, it was all true what Mother said. You told me I was the father all of this time." She says she just knew the baby was Rick's, as a mother could sense this. "In nine months of intense bonding, intimate bonding, I just knew it. Our love created this child; we had a love that was so powerful and strong that we created a miracle, I knew you were the father. There was never a doubt." Then why did she go to Furnace Creek, he asks. "You knew that you were giving birth to a baby that might not be mine!"

CJ goes over and interrupts the foursome; he tells them that he was next door, as Baywatch was finishing up some scenes. "I thought that was filmed at the beach?" one of the jocks asks. "They were at the beach," CJ says, "but they needed some extras for a scene around here." The guys make some really phony excuses and they leave to go and see the babes. CJ is in seventh heaven; he has Kimberly to himself. "Lucky me," he says to have her all to himself. She is enjoying the party and is having fun. He says, "Look, I talked to Rick and..." She doesn't want to hear it; he is moving on with his life and she is moving on with hers, starting tonight.

Sally is worried about CJ falling for Kimberly. He doesn't need that right now, she says. Sally admits that she feels sorry for Amber, as Sally warned her this was going to happen. Darla asks what about Rick? "Rick has his family, and they will take care of him. Unfortunately, the Foresters will take care of Amber," Sally says.

Tawny butts in, "Rick, listen to me. Amber was scared." Brooke says, "Yes, to have her secret revealed." "You weren't sure that I was the father," Rick says. Amber is crying that she wanted to spare the family the humiliation. "Don't you see, I did it for you? I wanted to protect you." Rick exclaims, "You don't protect a person by hiding the truth. You didn't trust me; you jeopardized my life, the baby and yours." Amber says the baby is fine. Brooke asks if Amber has been tested for AIDS and she says no. Rick is flipping, "I trusted you! I got my family to support us, because I believed in you, because I thought you were a good person. I thought you loved me." "I do!" Amber insists. "You tricked me, you lied to me and denied me the birth of my son. I sure in hell don't call that love. You know, amber, if it wasn't for the baby, I never would have proposed to you. I gave up my future for you, for the baby, so he could have a real family. I had a right to know and you had an obligation to tell me, but you didn't say a word. How many more lies are you going to tell me? I don't know what to say to you anymore." But Brooke does, as she tells Amber this charade is finally over. The marriage is going to be annulled. "I want you and your mother out of here; from this moment on, you're no longer a part of this family."

Thursday, May 20, 1999, Ep. #3050

Thanks to Robyn for her update from the Bold-L list!

Welcome to the B&B update for Thursday, May 20. Get the iodine and bandages ready - Tawny and Brooke have their claws out and are ready to start scratching! Meanwhile, on the other side of town Kimberly discovers she's a Disco Queen.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Brooke is yelling at Amber while Tawny yells at Brooke. Eric jumps into the fray and Stephanie glares at everyone (can we say dysfunctional family?). Amber is once again claiming she knew the baby was Rick's not Raymond's. "You rolled the dice and won and my son lost," Brooke spits. Brooke is getting an annulment. Amber ignores Brooke and asks Rick what HE wants to do. Rick looks confused.

CAFE INSOMNIA: The joint's jumpin' with teens dancing everywhere. Macy hands CJ two cups of coffee and suggests he go share with Kimberly. CJ joins her and asks what she's thinking about. She's remembering the first time she met CJ and now it turns out that they're practically related. CJ immediately reminds her they aren't blood-related and he sure doesn't think of her as a sister! Over by the coffee bar, Thorne sneaks up behind Macy and cuddles her. They start smooching, then Macy points the youngsters out to him and says they make a cute couple. Macy hopes Kimberly has put Rick behind her. Thorne spills that at this moment Rick's marriage is ending. CJ asks Kimberly to dance. She declines and he thinks she's a toe-dipper. Nope, she's a head-first diver, but after getting burned by Rick she's decided to take things slow.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Rick yells at Amber while Brooke and Tawny go at each other. Tawny reminds Rick about what he said to Amber the night she slept with Raymond - he dumped her, remember? Amber says she went to the desert to have his baby just in case it really WAS Raymond's kid so it wouldn't embarrass the entire Forrester family. Rick asks Amber what she would have done if it had been Raymond's baby. She replies that she would have written a letter and disappeared. Brooke calls Amber selfish and Tawny lays into her again. Brooke reminds Amber she has no one on her side. Amber slowly turns her head and looks at Eric, Stephanie, Brooke and Rick, who are all glaring at her.

CAFE INSOMNIA: Thorne tells Macy that Brooke is confronting Amber tonight and he thinks this will get Rick out of his marriage. Macy believes that if Rick really cares about Kimberly he'll just leave her alone. He still has the responsibility of being a father, and Kimberly has just started getting over him at last. "Kimberly is a teenager and should be out having fun and dating," Macy says. Meanwhile, Jed the Jock has figured out there aren't any Baywatch babes outside and has returned to Kimberly's side.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Amber tries to plead with Rick but Brooke keeps butting in. Brooke and Tawny go at each other again. Tawny thinks Amber and Rick should decide what to do about their marriage, NOT Brooke! Amber tells everyone she's sorry. She reminds Eric of the night he called her a lady, but if he'd known the truth he wouldn't have done that. Steph sneers that she can't talk her way out of this, especially with her. She broke Steph's trust and made a mockery of her marriage vows because she lied. Amber sobs that she loves Rick with all her heart. Rick yells, "That's bull, and everybody here knows it!"

CAFE INSOMNIA: Jed the Jock asks Kimberly to dance. CJ says she doesn't feel like dancing, but Kimberly changes her mind and asks CJ to dance with her. As they approach the dance floor, the sprits of Karen Gorney and John Travolta take over their bodies and they catch that Saturday Night Fever. Kimberly flings an arm out, then kicks her leg. Everyone immediately clears the dance floor and stands in a circle clapping while CJ and Kimberly gyrate. Thorne catches Macy's attention and shows her the Disco King and Queen.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: "You have no idea what love is, Amber," Rick growls. She didn't care what it would do to Rick if the baby wasn't his! "How could you watch me go through hell without saying anything? You made a fool out of me! I trusted you. But right now I can't even stand to look at you!" Rick storms out of the house. Brooke is thrilled and orders Amber to have her bags packed and get out of the house by. Amber runs outside and starts sobbing. Tawny rushes out to comfort her.

Friday, May 21, 1999, Ep. #3051

Brooke tries to get Stephanie to admit the truth about Amber; she does not want to gloat, as Steph thinks, but she admits she was true. "What about the baby?" Stephanie asks. Doesn't he suffer from this, since his parents are torn apart? Brooke says this is true, but Rick needed protection as well as the baby. She is glad Amber is out of his life for good!

Amber is packing, as she wants to be out by noon. Tawny says that Rick is just upset and reminds Amber that she still has Rick's son. "It is not Rick's son, and I will tell him that tonight! We will then go back to Furnace Creek and give the baby back to Becky!" Amber insists. Tawny tries to dissuade her daughter, to no avail: she just wants to get out of here!

At a hospital, Rick gives a blood sample for an AIDS test and says he will wait for the results. The doctor asks why he is concerned about HIV. Rick explains that his wife had unprotected sex with someone else before sleeping with him, so he is worried. The doctor admits that Rick has a reason to be worried... it is possible, he says.

At Insomnia, the song "CELEBRATION" plays as the crowd does just that... celebrate. Watching Kimberly having a good time, Thorne tells Macy that her mission is accomplished. Meanwhile, Kimberly and CJ are tearing up the dance floor and she is enjoying. Just then, the song switches to an instrumental version of Abba's "Dancing Queen," which was requested by CJ, and he makes like John Travolta with Kimberly. Thorne says, "Wow... but I wonder if Adam would approve." Macy thinks he would, since

Brooke tells Stephanie that she still thinks CJ is Rick's friend; he was just roped in by Amber's lies by Amber, just like Rick. Stephanie agrees that Amber lied, but she still sees that Amber loves Rick. It is not just that she wants the life Rick offers, Stephanie thinks, but she really tries to be worthy of Rick. Brooke disagrees and thinks Stephanie does not want to be wrong. "I was wrong," Stephanie admits, which Brooke thinks is the only apology she will get out of Stephanie. Brooke is just glad that Rick has that slut out of his life for good, she says as she leaves the mansion!

Back at the hospital, Rick worries about the test. He tells the doctor that Amber is the only one he has slept with, but he does not know how many partners she has had. The doctor gives Rick a lecture on AIDS and how so many teenagers are coming down with this disease. Where it is now getting to be the highest rate is among teenagers, the doc explains; they think they are invincible. Rick says he was so foolish, as he thought he was safe since he never had sex before. He should have used a condom, but it might have seemed like he was accusing her. He thought Amber would say something if he was at Rick. The doctor says that Rick is the one who has to be responsible. It is his life, and the doc hopes that Rick is not one of the thousands who contract this terrible virus.

Amber and Tawny are discussing what went on at the Forresters. Tawny wants Amber to stick this out; she is blaming Brooke for butting in where she shouldn't have. Amber says, "You can't blame Brooke; she was just looking out for Rick." "Well, remember, Amber, you still have the baby," Tawny points out. "The baby... Mom, this isn't Rick's baby, we lost our baby at Furnace Creek," Amber reminds her. "Well, what are you going to do with the baby?" Tawny asks. "Don't worry, Mom, I am not going to just get rid of the baby," Amber says. But she will take away the baby's heritage as a Forrester, Tawny says. He has no heritage, Amber insists! She worries that she has hurt Rick so much where she never intended to, and she admits that the baby was the reason Rick married her. "Everything Brooke said about me was right," Amber says, "and he deserves someone special like Kimberly. And the baby deserves too parents that love each other." Tawny tells her she is wrong, but Amber disagrees; they deserve the truth, she says! There is a knock as Stephanie is in the doorway.

At the Insomnia, CJ and Kimberly leave the dance floor. Kimberly is having a good time and thanks CJ; it may be Macy's party, but CJ is the one who made it special for her. She intends to start moving on with her life, beginning now, and she thanks him for standing by her by kissing him on the cheek. He is eating it up. Macy taps Thorne on the shoulder and points out that Kimberly just kissed CJ.

Back at the hospital, Rick still waits with the doctor. There are a lot of teenagers, the doctor says, and if they are going to have sex, they should have safe sex. The doctor suggests Amber and the baby have an AIDS test. Rick is berating himself for being so stupid. The doctor says he will be back in a little while; he is going to see if the test is done. Rick is talking to himself, asking, "Why wasn't I careful?" The doctor comes back and he says he has the results of the test.

Stephanie asks if Amber has packed yet. Amber says she has; they are returning to Furnace Creek with the baby, she explains. Steph tells her not to use the baby as a bargaining chip, and Amber says she will not. She is so sorry for not telling Stephanie about anything and says she has to talk to her. Stephanie admits that she has never been as disappointed in anyone as she is in Amber right now. Amber says, "I need to tell you the truth, the whole truth."

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