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Monday, May 24, 1999, Ep. #3052

An anxious Rick receives the results of his HIV test; he slowly opens the envelope and is relieved to see the results. Meanwhile, Amber is trying to tell Stephanie the truth about the baby as Tawny tries to run interference. Tawny tries to stop her, but Stephanie wants to hear what Amber has to say. Just as it seems Amber is ready to tell all, Rick returns home and asks to speak to Amber alone. Stephanie leaves.

At the main house, Eric informs Ridge about what just took place, and they wonder where Rick is. Stephanie comes in and tells them that Rick just got home, and Ridge thinks that Amber had them all snowed, except for Brooke. It is just a matter of time when the marriage will be over, Ridge states. Stephanie explains how Amber had something to say just now; she does not know what it is since Rick returned, but she thinks Amber is on her way out since her bags were packed. Ridge asks if they have contacted a lawyer yet. No, says Eric; he feels it is up to Rick to make this decision, as there is a child involved here.

Brooke stops by Thorne's to see if Rick went there and finds him wrapped in a towel after a swim. She tells him that Amber has confessed and he's surprised. Brooke is pleased and seems to think that the worst is now over and that Rick can return to his former life. When she hears about the party and CJ's newfound closeness to Kimberly, she says that Rick is Kimberly's destiny. "I thought you didn't believe in destiny anymore," Thorne states. Brooke says that only applies to herself and not her son. When it comes to Kimberly's feelings for Rick, Brooke predicts that she'll never feel as strongly for CJ. Thorne reminds Brooke of her promise to relax once the Amber problem was resolved, and she says he is one to talk with two jobs. He demonstrates some of the moves he and Macy used to get Brooke in a good mood, and he twirls Brooke around and then dips her. Brooke laughs, and she respects Thorne's persistence with Macy. He admits he is lucky to have her in his life again, and Brooke then goes off to see Rick.

Rick tells Amber to stop being so dramatic when she says she thought he was not coming back, and he reminds her that they have a son... and while she pleads to tell him something, he says he has to speak first about his HIV test! Tawny tries to butt in, but Rick asks her to leave as well. Tawny goes out of the room, but she listens at the doorway as Rick makes Amber squirm before admitting he tested negative. He asks, "Don't you know how you put us a risk. How do I know that I might not have gotten it?" She says Raymond wouldn't do that to her; she knew him and she was drunk. He says, "Don't you care about yourself and the baby? The doctor told me that more teenage girls are getting AIDS than any other age group; they get it from guys they know and are having sex with." Still, she tries to tell him about the baby, and he says he doesn't want to hear anything more. He has been hearing lies from her for a year now. She will get tested for AIDS and the baby will as well.

Rick explains that he has been doing a lot of thinking, thinking back how she lied up at the cabin. She was with Raymond the night before, and she lied when they were going to get married and that she was with Raymond. All he wanted was honesty, but apparently she was not able to give him that. She had to see Raymond, she explains, because he found out he might have been the father. He reminds her how she sent him away at Furnace Creek; "You were in labor and you didn't want me there," he says. She says she will take the baby and leave; she is giving him back his life, and he can pretend that they never met. "Your mother wants me out of here and I am all packed," she says. He says, "You're not going anywhere, and I don't care what my mother thinks." He has come to a decision that concerns them, he tells his wife.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999, Ep. #3053

As Tawny listens at the door, Amber and Rick continue their conversation. She tells Rick she is tired, and he says that her lies can do that. The way she lied to him really disgusted him, especially since he could have handled the truth had she told him. Amber is convinced that her marriage is over. Rick tells her that if she'd been honest, he would have forgiven her; after all, she was not committed to him when she slept with Raymond. But he goes on to say that she was unwise to have had unprotected sex, which not only resulted in pregnancy, but could have exposed them all to AIDS. Amber points out that Rick would not have married her had she told, and he says that he still would have, provided the baby was his... but she lied, which was unnecessary. Amber then says that she needs to tell Rick the truth... the entire truth, since it is now over for them.

Brooke is outside Stephanie's house and glances in the window at Rick & Amber during the early part of their conversation, which is tense. She is relieved and happy to think that Amber will be leaving and Rick will be returning home to her and Bridget. While she is sitting there, reveling in her son's "freedom", Ridge comes out to the pool for a swim, unaware of her presence. While he's swimming laps, Brooke playfully takes his towel. Ridge soon after gets out of the pool and discovers that his towel is missing. Peeking out from her hiding place, Brooke dangles the towel in front of Ridge, inviting him to come get it. Taking her up on the offer, he reclaims it and says, "Welcome back, Logan!" She asks why he says that if she was never gone, and he admits that for a time, she was gone, during the period that she was consumed with her crusade against Amber.

Macy goes by to see Thorne, but he is not in the room as she enters. Looking around, she sees a glass with lipstick on it (one of the glasses that he and Brooke drank from while celebrating Amber's downfall). She is jealous, and she doesn't hide it very well. Thorne comes out and sees her, saying that he didn't expect her to stop by, as he thought she was help cleaning up after the party. "Christy volunteered to clean up, so I left and came by to see you," she says, "but I guess you already had company." She says she is leaving. He says, "You're jealous, aren't you?" Macy says she is not jealous and Thorne is being presumptuous, and she asks him who was there, and he admits that Brooke was there, telling him about Amber and Rick, so they celebrated. Macy apologizes for jumping to conclusions, as she has no right to, but Thorne points out how they walk on eggshells around each other to avoid getting hurt... but maybe they have to take risks or be stuck as neighbors, he points out.

"Do you really want to go down that road again?" Macy asks Thorne. Thorne asks, "Do you think I would be wasting my time by living next door to you if I didn't have feelings for you?" She asks, "You have been fantasizing about me all this time?" "Yes, and what about you, Macy?" he asks. She whispers something in his ear and they are down for the count, kissing as they land on a chaise lounge on the patio.

Ridge says he is proud of Brooke standing up for her beliefs, despite everyone, even him, doubting her... but he is not surprised, as no one stands up for her kids like she does. Brooke worries that Rick would have given up his life and future, but she confides in Ridge that she is glad it is over, and she is happy and relieved about that, since Amber will soon be gone. She says, "This is the happiest I have been in ages; I can't wait to have Rick home again with me." She expresses her relief at Rick having a chance to live a normal life again, rather than be a teenage groom and father.

Rick says that he is done listening... he is calling the shots now and is starting over, and he hopes Amber has learned from this. She says that she has, but she is prepared to be alone with their child after what she did. Rick tells Amber that she won't be alone; Amber takes this to mean that he won't abandon the baby, which she fully expected. There's something else he needs to know, she says, but Rick once again interrupts and tells her that he doesn't want to hear anymore. He announces that he's taking control of his life now and that in spite of her mistakes he takes their vows seriously and plans to be the best father possible and expects her to be the best mother she can be. Amber says she needs more than a man who is just there for the sake of their child, and Rick assures her that she has more. He kisses her and tells her that they're going to start fresh, but she can never lie to him again. He can take anything but the lies. He asks her if she can say that this baby would be better off without either of them and she agrees that he wouldn't be. Just promise him, he asks... no more lies!

Wednesday, May 26, 1999, Ep. #3054

On the phone with Brooke, Thorne tells her about his night with Macy. She then explains that she called to thank him; he stood by her as a friend through her ordeal with Amber when no one else believed her. Now it is finally over. Thorne says it was his pleasure and she thanks him again. After hanging up, she thinks about how her family will soon be reunited once more.

At the guesthouse, Amber and Tawny talk about Rick. Amber feels that Rick could have ended the marriage now, but he did not; he must therefore love her, she guesses, and she is proud of how in control he was. However, she is still uncomfortable about raising Becky's child. However, she knows that they can give this baby a good life as a Forrester, she explains. Tawny is pleased to hear this and tells Amber to go spend some time snuggling with her husband. Amber says she cannot, as she has to arrange for an AIDS test for the baby. Tawny warns Amber that getting the baby tested for AIDS would be a mistake, because his blood is the only thing that can put his paternity into question. Amber says she can't control everything, but Tawny says she must. Tawny states, "He is so much in love with his wife and his baby, he won't think of anything else." Rick is in the other room changing little Eric's diaper and powdering him. He says that the baby is so perfect, even that cute little birthmark on his butt. "I will be here for you always... ALWAYS," he says as the baby sneezes.

Sally and Adam are at Spectra and are concerned about finding a new head designer; Adam wants to look on the Internet, but Sally says that there is more to it than that. Sally thinks Adam doesn't understand how difficult it will be to find someone who can fill the position adequately. Adam disagrees, but he admits that he has something else on his mind: Macy and Thorne. He bristles at the thought of Macy becoming close to Thorne again and blames Thorne for nearly destroying Macy's life in the past. Just then, Macy comes in all bright and cheery... because of love, Sally guesses. Adam and Sally wonder who the new man is, but Macy tells them that it is Thorne!

Brooke decides to stop by and see if Amber and Tawny have gone. She is not happy to find them still there. "It is over; it is time for you to leave!" Brooke states. But first, she wants to talk about custody of the child. From Amber's reaction, Brooke thinks Amber is laughing at her, but Amber says that it is not a joke. However, she points out, Rick **DID** ask her to stay as his wife. Brooke cannot believe this and tells Amber that she must be nuts! Rick hears the commotion from the bedroom where he has been playing with the baby and comes out to tell his mother that he does indeed plan to continue in the marriage. "You don't love her; did she threaten you that she would leave with the baby?" Rick says that is not the case, and although he realizes that Brooke does not agree with it, she should accept that this is the way it will be!

Stephanie stops by to see Taylor and to discuss her dismay over the situation with Amber, Rick, and Brooke. She is worried that, because Brooke was right about Amber, she has no idea what to do. Taylor says how Amber ruined her own credibility, and isn't she remorseful now? Stephanie tells her that Amber is devastated; she gambled, and she got lucky it turned out to be Rick's baby and not Raymond's. But when Brooke stepped in... Stephanie admits that she may be letting her feelings for Brooke cloud her reasoning on this issue, but wishes that Rick and Amber would work out their problems. Taylor asks Stephanie how she feels about Amber. "She was wrong... period!" Stephanie says. Ridge feels the same as Brooke, she points out, while Tawny is on Amber's side and thinks Brooke's accusations are irrelevant. Eric thinks that it is the kids' decision, Stephanie adds. Taylor says that when it comes down to it, Eric is right; it is their decision to make, because although they are teenagers, they have created adult problems for themselves, that require adult decisions. Stephanie wonders if the real adults should be guiding them more. Taylor says that Stephanie still did not answer the question: how does she feel about Amber. Stephanie thinks for a moment and then says she agrees with Tawny; it is irrelevant. "But to give Brooke her due, I would probably want Amber out of my son's life," Stephanie admits. If that is the case, the best thing is to let Rick and Amber work things out on their own. Steph is afraid that may not happen due to Brooke interfering and putting pressure on Rick. Surprisingly, Taylor sides with Brooke and tells Stephanie that they all have reason to be mistrustful of Amber.

Adam is not happy to hear his daughter talk about Thorne; Thorne did nothing but abuse her and hurt her, and he is just like all the Forresters: the enemy! Macy objects; she tells Adam that Thorne is a sensitive man that saved her from looking at life through the bottom of a bottle. Adam isn't convinced of his heroism and says as much; he kept tabs on Macy over the years, he reminds them, so he knows! Macy is annoyed with her father's attitude. There's a knock at the office door and it's Thorne, who has arrived to pick Macy up for a luncheon date. Adam coldly answers the door. Thorne doesn't miss Adam's glare, but doesn't seem to be particularly concerned about it. Macy says she will meet him at the elevator. She turns to her father and says, "Stay away from him, Dad... just stay away."

Brooke says that he can have visitation rights. She suggests getting a lawyer and full custody. "Amber will be living here with me," he says. Tawny says Brooke is really something. "How did this happen? I can't believe it, was it while they were packing? What did she do to you? You would ignore everything she did... she got pregnant, slept with someone else, then she told you she was pregnant with your baby and then you got married. She played on your morals and your responsibility, because she does not have any!" Brooke says. She has morals, Rick states. "She moved into our house and took advantage, and she was the one that seduced you," Brooke says. Tawny protests by saying, "That's my daughter you're talking about!" and Brooke retaliates with a comment about what she could probably find out if she dug up Tawny's past. At this point Tawny is ready to fight until Rick intercedes. "Do you love her? Come on, Rick, say the words: do you love Amber? Do you have the same feelings you have for Kimberly? Don't feel pressured, but do you have those feelings for Amber? DO YOU LOVE HER, RICK? ANSWER ME!" Brooke, Amber and Tawny are looking at Rick for the answer.

Thursday, May 27, 1999, Ep. #3055

Brooke asks Rick if he loves Amber like Kimberly, but he is furious! He wants to end this conversation now! Brooke will not let up, so Tawny steps in and tells Brooke to leave Amber alone! Brooke refuses, but Rick points out that Amber is a Forrester. Eric and Brooke are the ones that Amber respects and looks up to, he reminds Brooke, so he cannot understand why his mother is acting this way. "Amber is a Forrester and so is my baby, and that is the way it is going to be!" he insists.

Sally discusses the crisis at Spectra with CJ and Adam: in order to be a success, they need a top-notch designer. CJ asks what about his dad, but Sally explains that Clarke is happy where he is at Forrester. "Maybe someone should talk to him, like Macy," CJ suggests, but Sally comments that Macy is too busy with the man in her life. "Who is it?" CJ asks, and Adam coldly replies, "Thorne Forrester, that's who!" Sally turns the conversation back to the business; Thorne does not matter, as they still need a designer. CJ suggests that he should go see his father; yes, they have some issues, but his heritage is at stake. Sally objects, but Adam sides with CJ on this. CJ accuses his mother of trying to protect Clarke, and perhaps him as well... but he does not need it. He is 18 now, so he intends to see his father face to face, even if Clarke rejects him.

Macy and Thorne are having a romantic lunch, but Macy can't help but be upset over her father's negative attitude toward Thorne. She says that while she knew that Thorne wasn't high on his list, she thought that once he saw how happy she was, he'd get over his hostility. She almost uses the word "love," something that Thorne cannot help but laugh at. As they talk, a man walks behind Macy's chair and accidentally bumps into her. Macy reacts angrily as the man apologizes. Thorne gives Macy a look, and she cannot help but laugh at the situation. She then says she will chill out a little, but that still doesn't change the way Adam feels about Thorne. Thorne isn't worried and says Adam will have to learn to trust him, but that it will happen. He has a plan. Macy hopes it is a good one, since he will need it! Thorne points out that both he and Adam want the same thing -- Macy's happiness -- so when Thorne gives her that, Adam cannot help but love him.

Brooke isn't at all happy with Rick's decision to stay with Amber; she reminds him of the pain he has gone through because of Amber's lies. That was not selfishness, but greed, she says, and she cannot believe that Rick really wants to be with a woman who took advantage of him. Rick tells her he's making his own decisions from now on and there is nothing more to be said. A frustrated Brooke turns to Amber and asks, "There are more secrets, aren't there? I know there are more lies, I can tell. And I won't stop trying to find out what they are." As she heads out the door, Brooke vows, "I will be watching you," and she leaves.

CJ goes to Forrester Creations to visit his father. Clarke is working on a design and hears him come in. He doesn't turn and assumes it's Ridge, so he asks "Ridge" what he thinks of the new design he's working on. Clarke is obviously pleased with his work, as he calls it "a work of genius." CJ looks at the design and says it looks good. Startled, Clarke turns around, pleased to see his son, and he asks what he can do for him. CJ tells his dad that he needs a favor and that it's a big one. He has Clarke's full attention as he waits attentively to find out what is bothering CJ.

Macy is still skeptical, but Thorne thinks he can get Adam to trust him in time. He then excuses himself from the table and goes over to Jerry the head waiter and asks if everything will be taken care of as requested. The waiter assures him that it will and Thorne hands him a small velvet pouch. The waiter asks if Thorne is sure that this is the way he wants to handle the situation, as it is unorthodox, but Thorne says, "Yes, it'll be fun". He then returns to the table and tells Macy how beautiful she looks and kisses her. The waiter comes to the table and Thorne orders oysters as an appetizer, along with Chateau Briand as an entree. Macy is impressed with the extravagant choices, but Thorne points out that this is a special occasion.

After Brooke leaves, Rick hugs Amber and tells Tawny that he thinks it's time for her to return to Furnace Creek, so that he and Amber can start rebuilding their lives. She suggests that they could use her as an ally with so many enemies, but Rick states, "They're not enemies, they're family and I can handle them." Rick goes out for some air and Tawny packs. She and Amber are reluctant to part. Tawny tells Amber to remember that she is this baby's mother now and must love and care for him as her own. She tells her daughter, "You have a good marriage, and no one knows our little secret; they will never find out." Amber agrees and seems willing to accept the baby now. She tells her mother how much she'll miss her and Tawny is touched, because it's the first time Amber has ever said anything like that to her. "Call me, as you can afford the long distance rates now," Tawny jokes. She then goes over to "Eric" and says goodbye to him. Their parting is emotional, but on good terms, as Tawny tells Amber to focus on her husband and son. There are hugs and kisses as Amber promises not to let her mother down. Tawny leaves, as Amber is looking out the window with tears in her eyes.

Friday, May 28, 1999, Ep. #3056

At Spectra, Sally is reading the article in the newspaper about the Forresters helping out with the Pediatric Aids Program. "How can we pull this off? Eric will not be willing to share the stage with us!" she asks Adam. He says what the Forresters won't know won't hurt them. She remembers a time when she did the same thing on the Queen Mary; she pulled off that stunt, she recalls. Yes, Adam responds, he knows as he read about it. Then he knows about what a hit they were, Sally remembers... until Clarke bailed on them. Adam assures her that will not happen again; he will take Spectra to the top if Sally will only go along with him.

In Clarke's office at Forrester, CJ tells Clarke that his favor involves the family business, namely Spectra. He explains that his mom has an idea for a brand new collection, but they are only missing one thing: "You!" CJ tells his dad. He details his plan for Clarke to come back to Spectra to lead them to success. "You will do it, won't you, Dad?" he asks.

Thorne and Macy are eating oysters as an appetizer, as part of the 'special occasion' that Thorne has planned. Thorne is paying close attention to her plate, wondering which oyster will be the one that brings a look of surprise to Macy's face. As they eat, Macy wonders what is going on; why did he insist on her ordering oysters? She laughs that she can't believe that he takes the old idea of oysters being an aphrodisiac so seriously. Thorne notes how incredible it is for them to be together again, and Macy agrees: first she gets her family back and now Thorne, too. She keeps eating and Thorne keeps watching. Meanwhile, the rotund guy who bumped into Macy is at another table, also eating the oysters.

Adam tells Sally to relax; everything will go fine once Trevor McEvoy from the AIDS Foundation arrives. Shortly after, the two meet with Trevor when he comes into Sally's office. Sally introduces Adam as her associate, and Adam then tells Trevor how his "good friend" Eric told him about the charity event. Sally goes along and manages to convince the reluctant gentleman that the Forresters are in favor of adding Spectra Fashions to the line-up. Trevor, however, states that he has heard that Spectra has no designer. Sally lies that a former collaborator will be rejoining them soon: Clarke Garrison will be joining them soon as their new head designer, she says. Isn't Clarke at Forrester, Trevor asks? It is a secret, she explains; Clarke has just signed an exclusive contract, and they have an elaborate press conference scheduled to announce it. They therefore ask Trevor to keep mum about Clarke. Adam seals the deal by presenting Trevor with a $50,000 donation. He says that's just a fraction of what the Forresters and Spectra can raise together for his foundation. Trevor is finally sold on the idea and Sally says she will take over the planning, in order to make it easier on everyone. She is sure that her "friend" Eric will agree with that. Trevor leaves and Sally and Adam hug and dance a happy little jig, until they remember that they have everything but a head designer and a collection to show.

Clarke tells CJ that it's not as simple as he makes it sound. CJ agrees that Clarke has a cushy job, but he surely realizes that the Forresters are running a family business, just like Spectra is, and that Clarke will never have creative control or his name on the labels as long as he's there. Clarke repeats that it isn't that simple; what will happen if the plan fails? "What happens to me then?" Clarke asks. CJ is hurt, but Clarke explains that this would be professional suicide. CJ tells Clarke that he's never asked him for anything in his whole life, but now he's begging his father to help his family to save the family business. Sally said this would happen, CJ laments, and she was right! "Son, I know you're upset, but I have a meeting to attend to. We will talk later," Clarke says. CJ lashes out, "You're blowing off your own son to go kiss the Forresters' butts? I hate you! I don't ever want to see your face again, so go to your damn meeting!" His father is visibly torn, but doesn't give in. He leaves with a tormented look on his face, but CJ won't turn around and look at him. As soon as Clarke is gone, CJ gives in to tears, not knowing what to do now. He feels completely betrayed and helpless.

When Macy decides to leave the last 2 oysters in order to save room for the main entree, Thorne insists that she finish. He says "Do it for me." Macy warns, "I won't be able to fit into my bikini... or is that your plan?" She finishes the oysters as requested. Thorne says to himself, "This is it, the final oyster." Thorne is dismayed to find that his surprise is not in the dish as planned. Macy asks what's wrong as signals to the waiter to find out what went wrong, when suddenly the portly man at the next table gets choked on "an oyster". Thorne springs to his rescue and administers the Heimlich maneuver, causing the object in the man's throat to fly out of his mouth and land in a water glass on his table. The head waiter leads the poor man away to compose himself while Thorne fishes a diamond ring out of the glass, dries it off with a napkin, and places it in Macy's hand. He explains that it wasn't going as planned, but would she marry him? Macy is awestruck and simply stares speechlessly at Thorne as the other patrons in the restaurant applaud.

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