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Monday, May 31, 1999, Ep. #3057

Thorne waits expectantly while Macy continues to stare at him dumbstruck. She can't believe what he just did, as he is holding her hand and asks her again to become his wife. "Didn't you say you wanted to have kids and be with me?" he asks. "Yes, Thorne," she replies. Thorne says in that case, he is ready to put it on her finger. As he reaches over for her hand, she pulls back and says no. Thorne is shocked. They return to their table and Macy says she wants to marry him; she would be the first one to jump on a plane to Vegas and marry him, but she can't right now. Thorne asks why not, and she replies that she is the one who brought all of her family together, so now she must make it work. Moreover, she doesn't want all of the family problems to face that they had when they were married the first time. Thorne points out that they were much younger then and are not as dependent on their families now. Macy still says not now, but swears her love. "I'm not rejecting you; I'm just asking you to wait," she explains. A hurt and confused Thorne suggests that what she really means is that she is putting him on hold. Having trouble accepting that, he leaves money on the table to cover the bill and leaves an unhappy Macy sitting at the table to ponder the situation.

Sally and Adam are discussing the upcoming fashion show and wondering if CJ is making any headway with Clarke. CJ returns and tells them that his dad turned him down. He pours out his anger and frustration at his father to Sally, who asks to speak to CJ privately. She tries to tell CJ to not take it so personally, because Clarke is driven by his career and his ambition. But CJ says it is personal and that he will never forgive his father for brushing him off. He went there not just to get Clarke to come back, but to get his dad to do something for him, and his dad obviously made it clear where his priorities lie.

Over at Forrester, Clarke returns to his office after his meeting and has Stephanie with him. He confides in her about CJ's request and asks her what she thinks about it. He loves his job and doesn't want to jeopardize it, he explains. Stephanie advises, "Think about your son." He says, "I am here for him." "What, when he turned 16 you bought him a car, and every week you give him his allowance? Clarke, his whole world is changing!" Stephanie reminds him how CJ must be feeling with Macy's father suddenly on the scene, trying to right all of his wrongs and be a superparent. Moreover, CJ is seeing Rick give up his future plans to be a good father to his son. Stephanie tells Clarke that it's only natural for CJ to wonder what his father will do for him. Clarke feels terrible about the way he brushed CJ off and says he didn't understand all that CJ was feeling. "What can I do?" he asks. Stephanie tells him that must be his decision, but points out that he will never have to worry about being out of work with his talent as a designer. However, helping his son is something that may not necessarily come again, she tells him.

Back at Spectra, Sally continues to try and sooth CJ's hurt feelings. Adam comes in and tells Sally and CJ that someone is here to see them. They are stunned when Clarke walks in the door. "Dad? What are you doing here?" a confused CJ asks. Clarke explains that he came to apologize to CJ, and he has something to tell them. "Are you taking our job?" he is asked. No, he answers, he isn't... but he will do the fall collection for them. They are all jumping for joy. Clarke informs him that he has some conditions; he demands complete creative control, doesn't want to be bothered with requisitions and such, and after this collection is complete, he will be a free agent again. Sally agrees to all of his stipulations and asks when he can start. "As soon as I have an office", he says. CJ takes his dad aside and asks him why he did it. Clarke says it is not important, but CJ says it might be, if Clarke did it to him. Clarke is silent, but CJ realizes what his dad did and hugs him. "You don't know what this means to me," CJ says, but Clarke suspects that he does. Sally gets on the loudspeaker to Darla, telling her to get all the best seamstresses in, because they are back in business. Darla comes in and can't believe it. It seems like old times, Clarke says, and Sally says no; it is better. Sally prances around the office, predicting a bright future for Spectra in her usual hilarious manner.

Tuesday, June 01, 1999, Ep. #3058

As they prepare for a family dinner at her place, Sally and Adam talk about how they will deliver a knockout blow to the Forresters, but Sally hopes that they will not be the one knocked out. As Adam is in the other room, Macy arrives and tells Sally that she wants to talk to her alone... she needs to tell her about Thorne's proposal, which she needs to talk to her dad and Kimberly about.

Thorne calls Ridge in the office, and during the conversation, Thorne explains that he proposed to Macy, who turned him down... at least for now, that is, as she says that she needs more time. Ridge guesses how upset his brother must be and tells Thorne not to bother coming in to the office. Ridge tells him to take all the time he needs and hangs up, Thorne comments to himself that it is Macy who needs the time, not him.

Just then, Brooke shows up at Thorne's and knocks on the door. He answers and lets her in, and she laments that Rick forgave Amber for everything, which she does not understand. Why can't Rick see Amber for what she is? she asks. Brooke then sees the candles and champagne and suspects that Thorne is expecting Macy, but he tells her that Macy is not coming. He then tells Brooke the whole story: how he planned a surprise at Cafe Russe and he had the waiter hide a diamond in some oysters. However, the waiter gave it to someone else. When the guy at the next table started to choke and Thorne didn't know what was going on, he ran over and did the Heimlich Maneuver, and the man spit out the diamond in a glass of water. He then washed off the diamond and wiped it off and handed it to Macy. "Eww, yuk Thorne!" Brooke says. "Well, what could I do? I had it all planned and I asked Macy to marry me... and when she pulled back, I couldn't believe it!" he tells Brooke.

Sally suggests that the first dinner for their extended family may not be the best time to tell Adam, but Macy disagrees. Just then, CJ and Kimberly arrive. Adam comes in and tells them how he made a special meal, his famous pot roast. Kim says it must be a special occasion. CJ is positively salivating at the thought of food, so Adam suggests that they take their seats and dig in. Before CJ can start grabbing his share, Macy thanks everyone for being there, since it shows a commitment towards involving themselves in each other's lives, and Adam agrees; Macy then adds how it makes her feel special. Noting that CJ is waiting anxiously, Adam asks Kimberly if she would do the honors by saying Grace. Kimberly does so, thanking the Lord for the new era that is about to begin in their lives.

Once Kim finishes, the clan is ready to eat; Adam says that he has something to say, however, and Macy says that she wants to say anything. Trying to intercede for her daughter, Sally suggests letting Adam talk first. He then announces how Spectra is making a major comeback thanks to CJ and Sally... and Macy is disappointed when he says they are going to war with the Forresters.

Taylor brings Chinese food to Ridge's office, as he is working late. He tells her about Thorne asking Macy to marry him and things didn't go as planned. Macy said that she needed time, Ridge explains, because of something to do with her family. Taylor asks, "Why would that stop her? It never stopped her before. Maybe Macy isn't the right woman for Thorne."

Adam says how he wants the whole family at the show, as this is a championship match for them, and he toasts to Spectra getting the recognition it deserves from Forresters. Macy is quiet and doesn't toast, and they ask why, so she explains that she went to lunch with Thorne and he proposed to her. After she explains about how she wanted to talk to them first, Kimberly, CJ and Sally are supportive... but Adam says that HE has something to say about this.

Brooke empathizes with the humiliation felt at Macy turning him down, but laughs at the story with the oysters and shares some champagne with him. Brooke tells Thorne that he knows that Macy loves him, and she thinks that Macy won't pass up on a chance to have him, as he is a devoted, loyal, wonderful man that any woman would be happy to marry. Brooke says that even she would be lucky to have a man like him. Brooke and Thorne as they are looking at each other, and Brooke puts her hand on Thorne's cheek as they stare into each other's eyes and draw close.

Wednesday, June 02, 1999, Ep. #3059

Adam is dead-set against a marriage; despite Macy saying that Thorne loves her, Adam feels that Thorne hurt and betrayed her in the past. Don't let him do it again! Adam pleads. Sally suggests that they table the discussion, but Macy says no. They should discuss this now. Macy asks her father what is more important, his hostility toward the Forresters or his daughter's happiness, saying that had it been up to her she'd have accepted Thorne's proposal. She will do this with or without his acceptance, she points out, because this is what she wants. CJ and Kimberly both agree with Macy and tell Adam that he has to accept this. Macy asks CJ and Kimberly if they can have some privacy, so the two teens retreat to Macy's old bedroom. Adam then thinks that maybe Sally was right before, that this is not the time. Even though Macy wants to continue, Sally again suggests they table the discussion. Adam does remind Macy that the only thing he has ever wanted for her is her happiness, and he hopes that tonight is the first of many great nights for their business and their family.

At Thorne's beach house, Brooke pulls back; she thinks that maybe she can use that drink now. Thorne says it is getting late and maybe she should leave, but she refuses to leave him like this. They are both disappointed - she with Rick's decision and he with Macy turning him down - and she thinks they can both cheer each other up, rather than them each being alone and wallowing in self pity. "It's such a beautiful night, so we should make the best of it, don't you think?" She suggests. Thorne says they can give it a try.

After noting how heavy things seemed inside, CJ assures Kimberly that things will get better for all of them... he just knows they will. He asks what she thinks of their new family, and they both agree that it is very different. CJ tells Kimberly that he wants to get to know her better... but not as brother and sister. He recalls how much fun he had at her party, and she says that she too had a great time. Kimberly isn't sure how she feels about CJ at this point and says it's time to rejoin the others. Before they leave, CJ tells her to wait and kisses her; Kimberly then leaves the room. CJ just smiles as she leaves the room because in spite of her reservations, she didn't pull away or seem upset by his kiss.

Adam tells Macy it is hard for him to accept this marriage proposal, and he thinks that she is rushing into this. Macy says she is not rushing into this and asks that he at least wish her well. This is what she wants, and she vows to her father that nothing will ever come between her and Thorne again!

Ridge and Taylor continue to speculate about Thorne and Macy; Taylor fears that Macy turning Thorne down is a bad sign, while Ridge tries to remain optimistic that Macy may just need more time. Ridge says that he can't believe Macy turned Thorne down, because they're soulmates. Thorne has been there for her all year, he points out, but Taylor thinks that is just friendship. Taylor says they were once, but maybe aren't now. She suggests going to see Thorne and cheer him up, but Ridge thinks that is a bad idea. They discuss how Taylor "helped" Brooke move on, and Ridge thinks they should stay out of the matchmaking business. Ridge states that it was Taylor who wanted to pair Brooke with Pierce. Taylor disagrees; she thinks a Brooke/Pierce pairing wouldn't work because Brooke is vivacious and fun, while Pierce is too reserved and cerebral. Brooke needs someone who's spontaneous and fun, she says, and she is sure Brooke will find that person in time.

Brooke and Thorne are having drinks and talking, as they toast to friendship. Thorne admits he is now glad she came by, and that she stayed. She suggests they take the advice he has always given her, to relax and have fun. Brooke tells him that she likes being able to talk to him and feels that he's always been a good friend. She appreciates that, and Thorne says that the feeling is mutual. She sits on the chaise lounge as he paces. They look up at the moon, which gets Thorne philosophical about how people have always used the moon as a symbol of romance. Brooke likes this simple, basic approach to looking at life; it is one of the things she admires about him. Thorne says that life's problems, no matter how large or small, are always temporary and Brooke applauds him on his outlook. Thorne suggests a swim in the ocean, but Brooke says she has no suit. Thorne says "So what, wear what you wore the first time you took a swim" (meaning her b-day suit). Brooke laughs, not taking him seriously, but he's already stripping. So she decides she's game too and they go swimming like a couple of kids. We next see them returning from the beach, wrapped in big beach towels and laughing. Brooke sits down on the chaise lounge and says she feels great; she feels alive and free. Thorne says he feels a lot better since she dropped by too; he now sees that he was thinking negative thoughts, but that is not what life is about. Brooke reminded him that life should be lived for the here and now, he says. Suddenly, their eyes meet and he leans in for a rather passionate kiss.

Thursday, June 03, 1999, Ep. #3060

Brooke is in her office, thinking about last night with Thorne. She says talking to herself that it was the full moon, and it was a one-time thing that won't happen again. Just after she says to herself, "If Stephanie should find out," in walks Stephanie, leading Brooke to spill her coffee. Stephanie wants to know what's going with Rick and Amber, and Brooke says that Rick forgave her. Brooke and Stephanie argue about Amber. Stephanie says Rick is giving his marriage another chance, but Brooke says Rick is there for baby and that's all, which will make his life one nightmare after another. Stephanie says if that's it, it will fall apart soon... but she doesn't think it will. Brooke then tells Stephanie how Rick's HIV test came back negative; she says to Stephanie, "Amber put their baby at risk, and you want me to like her?" Brooke tells Stephanie that Rick is also having Amber and little Eric tested, and the results could be back as early as this afternoon.

Stephanie runs over to Eric's office. He is busy designing clothes as she tells him the good news about Rick not having HIV. He is happy about that; however, it is hard for him to like Amber, he explains, as he trusted her and Amber used him. Stephanie is so proud of Rick at his age, being so responsible. Eric is wondering how many more lies Amber is hiding. He asks, "Didn't she want to tell you something the other night? What was it?" Stephanie has that puzzled look on her face, as she never really pressed the issue. Eric is worried about his son and hates the pressure Rick is under; he says that Rick is so young, as he is married... and now with a baby, he will never be free.

Thorne knocks on Brooke's door. They are both feeling awkward about the kiss last night. Thorne says to her that it was the best mistake that ever happened to him as he puts his hand on her cheek. He goes on to tell her that he realizes he loves Macy. He was upset with Macy while Brooke was upset with the whole thing with Rick. Yes, Brooke says; "and also, we were a little drunk last night and this won't happen again." He goes to hug Brooke and backs away, and then they shake on it. They both laugh nervously. Thorne then leaves and Brooke is smiling as she heads to her desk, picks up a drawing and looks at the closed door, with that little smile on her face.

Out by the pool, Amber sits in a lawn chair drinking lemonade. She says this is the way things should be; she is Rick's wife, and he loves her and their son... unless he finds out that the baby is not his son, she notes. But he will never find out, she says to herself. He can't, as he is all hers now... and forever. She brings Rick a glass of lemonade as he is using his laptop computer to look up facts on AIDS. Amber suggests that they take the baby to the park. Rick says, "No way, you have a doctor's appointment today to be tested for HIV." Amber says that Rick didn't even tell her about this. Rick reminds her that she promised. Amber protests that nobody can baby-sit, but Rick says they have to take him with them, as Eric is getting an HIV test as well. Amber says no; she does not want to have blood drawn, as he is still young. Rick explains that they do not have to draw blood, as they can use a swab to take antibodies from his cheek. Rick then goes to get the car. Amber says to herself, "As long as they don't test the blood... that's the only way to tell he's not our son."

Rick, Amber and the baby arrive at the hospital, waiting for Dr. Wilson to come in. Dr. Wilson (the doctor who treated Amber for her last fall) soon enters and he is glad to see them there. He gives Amber that knowing look and asks how things are. Rick introduces the baby to the doctor. The doctor then proceeds to give Amber a lecture on her promiscuity and about sleeping with other partners without using protection. She says she doesn't have HIV and she doesn't sleep around; she is married now, she reminds the doctor. He says, "You don't know that until you have the HIV test. You might have put the baby in jeopardy. If you had taken the blood test when you were pregnant and were found to be positive, there was 1 chance in 10 we could have helped the baby." Rick asks what are the chances now, and Dr. Wilson says 1 in 3. He says that he is proud of Amber coming today, as she shows she has taken responsibility for her actions. He will do the test on Amber now, and then do blood work on the baby. "WHAT?" Amber exclaims. "You can't do that!"

Rick explains to the doctor that Amber has something against taking blood from the baby as she reminds Rick of his promise. The doctor says it is the law; when a baby is born, they do blood tests to determine if the baby has certain diseases. Amber says he looks healthy, and the doctor says that you can't tell by looking at him. He should be tested for hyperthyroidism as well as Cystic Fibrosis and PKU. Amber never heard of that one. The doctor explains that he will take a few blood drops out of the baby's heel; that is all he needs and it will take a week for those results. Her HIV will be back this afternoon, however. Rick suggests his staying there with the baby while the blood is drawn, and Amber can wait outside. She is really flipping out; she picks up the baby and says, "You're not going to touch him. No one is taking any blood from him." Dr. Wilson asks, "What are you afraid of? What are you hiding?" Amber has that famous scowl on her face as she stares at Rick.

Friday, June 04, 1999, Ep. #3061

Kimberly brings Macy some tea. She asks why she didn't take Thorne's proposal right away, and Macy says that she didn't want daddy to think it was a done deal because of how he is with Thorne. Kimberly says he just being protective like usual. Macy thinks about waking down the aisle with her father, I something she thought could never happen. Kimberly tells Macy she is so happy for her and they hug. Macy says has to use the phone, but Kimberly has to go to the doctor; she tells Macy to lock up behind her.

Thorne dreams of his night with Brooke and asks himself what in the hell was in that drink? Thorne gets the phone; it's Macy. Thorne asks what Adam said, and she thinks she should tell him in person. She says she will see him soon and hangs up. Thorne says, "That's it." He's worried that it isn't the answer he wants to hear.

Amber refuses to have little Eric's blood tested, as the doctor states that it is the law that all newborns have to be tested for certain diseases. The doctor threatens to report Amber, and Rick points out that something like that would be just what Brooke needs to hear; she would have a field day with Amber getting called on the carpet for refusing to follow the law in her child's best interests. Rick needs to get some fresh air, as the doctor takes the blood work down to the lab. Amber uses a phone that is in the office and gets an outside number; she calls her mom in Furnace Creek. She is hysterical as she tells her mother that she is at the hospital and they had blood work done. Eric is getting tested for HIV, she explains... and even though Rick said they could test the baby's saliva instead of doing blood work, the doctor said it is the law to have the baby tested for other diseases. "You didn't have it done," Tawny says, and Amber said she had no choice. "Mom, if the blood work comes back and it shows that the baby isn't Rick's, my marriage is over," she says.

Meanwhile Rick runs into Kimberly, who happens to be on the same floor near the office for her appointment. Kimberly tells Rick that he would have never married Amber if her knew she slept with Raymond. Rick says he would have, but he would have waited until the baby was born. He has to stay with Amber, as she is the mother of his baby and he has a responsibility. Kimberly asks, "Even knowing what she did to you? She lied, and you marry her. How can you live with her? She can't be trusted, and you didn't even want the baby?" He tells her, "Please, Kimberly; this doesn't mean I haven't forgotten about you. I never will, but he is my son." Amber opens the door and is watching them, but Kimberly leaves. Down the corridor, Kimberly says, "Oh Rick, someday you will know you made a big mistake."

Brooke pays Thorne a visit in his office as he waits for Macy to come over. It is awkward and tense, as Brooke doesn't like this tension. "We are friends," she says. Yes, Thorne says; it was only a kiss and it won't happen again. He has his back towards her and she goes over and puts her hands on his shoulder. She has her head lying on him and says, "It wasn't as if we made love." He turns to her and they are both staring at each other. She tells him, "You can't tell me that you weren't thinking about that kiss, and you must have been tossing and turning in bed wondering what would have happened if I stayed." Thorne is losing it as they are getting closer and closer. "Brooke says, "We can forget about it tomorrow," and then they are passionately going at each other. He grabs her and they land with him sitting on his desk, and she is entangled in his arms. Just then, Macy is outside. She says hi to the guys and she heads into Thorne's office, opening the door of course without knocking... and she is shocked when she walks in.

Rick is trying to explain to Amber what Kimberly was doing there (that she had an appointment), but Amber doesn't want to hear it; she has other problems on her mind. Right on cue, Dr. Wilson comes in. He has the results of the HIV test. The doctor again says, "You weren't careful, Amber, as you had different partners; but you had your blood test done and it came back negative. Take charge of your life from now on," he advises. She is hugging Rick and she wants to go home, but the doctor says, "Wait a minute, I have results of the baby's blood test." He reminds her of when Amber gave Rick one of her kidneys; they were both B negative, he reminds them. Rick says, "So the baby has to be B negative." The DR says that isn't the case; the baby isn't! Rick turns and looks at Amber, and the doctor is staring too. Amber is a basket case.

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