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Monday, June 07, 1999, Ep. #3062

Rick questions the doctor about why the baby's blood does not match his nor Amber's, and he wants to know what that means. Amber is nervous that Rick is going to find out that the baby is not their son.

Macy goes into Thorne's office; for a split second she thought Thorne was with another woman and then realizes that it is not a model. It is only Brooke, she realizes, and she jokes about being a green-eyed monster to Brooke. If only Macy knew what went on the other night on the beach.

Eric and Ridge wonder where Clarke has disappeared to; with his contract up and under negotiation, this is no time for him to be away, they think. Megan comes into Eric's office and tells them that Clarke's office is cleaned out and all he left was this sheet of paper with a phone number on it. She leaves to get him on the telephone.

Clarke is in his old office at Spectra, bossing everyone around. Darla gets a little bent out of shape, but Sally intercedes. Sally then tells him to cut them a little slack, as it will take a while for them to get up to speed. Eric calls and Clarke agrees to meet with him in his office. Sally wonders if he is entering the lion's den, but Clarke feels that he owes Forrester that much, to at least give them notice in person. He feels that they will understand that it has to do with family and his son CJ. After all, Stephanie is the one who told him to come back to Spectra. Sally cant believe that Stephanie would ever do anything good by her and wishes her ex hubby luck with the Forresters and getting out of their clutches.

CJ and Kimberly are hanging out in Sally's office. Kimberly tells CJ that Rick is married to a girl he can't even trust. If she is willing to lie about something this big, god only knows what she else she has been hiding. But CJ wants to change the subject, since all they do is talk about family, or Rick and Amber. He jokes that they don't even have to talk at all. Kimberly announces that CJ cant just go around kissing her like he has and gets him to close his eyes and pucker up. She then places a mannequin in front of him to kiss. CJ tells Kimberly that she is going to pay for that little prank and starts to chase her around the office and then down the halls at Spectra.

The doctor is still on the telephone at the hospital when Rick questions Amber about the different blood types. She is about to blurt out the truth, but then the doctor is able to focus his attention back to them. He states that the genetic factor might have been caused by combinations of dominant and recessive genes, and that it is usually very unlikely, but perfectly normal, for a child of two B- parents to, as Eric has, have O- blood. Rick is glad that this is cleared up, and now they can really start over. He leaves to pay the bill and Amber lets out a sigh of relief.

Brooke and Thorne clam up around Macy, and Macy senses the tension. She tells Brooke that she knows why Brooke is tense; she realizes that she is the competition, being from Spectra. Brooke then leaves, saying she will see Thorne later. Macy thinks it is strange that Brooke left the office so abruptly and she was acting very uncomfortable... and she thinks she knows why.

Rick and Amber bring the baby back home. He tells his son that he loves him and wanted to make sure that he was safe and healthy. The phone rings and it is Tawny, who doesn't want to be left hanging as to what happens. Rick goes to put down the baby and Amber starts to fill in her mom about the blood type. Her mom replies, "Oh girl, you are so lucky. It is a sign. This baby belongs with you and Rick." Rick overhears his wife tell her mother that she thought the marriage was over and wants to know what she meant by that. Amber buys her way out by thinking that he would leave her if she had the AIDS virus. Rick tells her to trust him and he is her husband, no matter what, including sickness; that was their vow to each other. He wants to forget about the past and focus on the future.

Clarke shows up at Forrester to tell them he is quitting and it is all because of his son. Ridge tells him he is not quitting and that is final.

Macy knows that Thorne told Brooke all about the proposal and how she needed time to get her family blessing; that is why they are so tense. But Thorne still believes that Macy isn't going to marry him and have his kids. He thinks that she should have told her family to jump off a cliff, and Macy tells him that she did exactly that. She does love him and asks for another chance to be more convincing. So Thorne takes the ring out of his pocket and asks her again if she will marry him. She answers yes this time. As he places the ring on her finger and hugs her, we see Brooke watching the whole thing through the window.

Tuesday, June 08, 1999, Ep. #3063

Brooke thinks about how she can get through to Rick; she knows that Amber will play the part of the rich family member to the hilt and hopes to expose that to Rick.

CJ visits Amber. He asks her where the little bambino is, and Amber replies that Connie is taking care of the baby. She then tells CJ how she had the HIV test and was lucky that she did not have it, but now she wants to move on. CJ wonders why Amber is not celebrating after this news, as her secrets are in the open... or are they?

Rick runs into Kimberly at Insomnia and tells her how the HIV tests went. She's happy for him, but things are somewhat awkward around him. She asks if he would join her for a cup of coffee, but he thinks that is a bad idea and declines. Kimberly glumly takes a seat at a table and looks on. A moment later, she looks up while sitting there and sees Rick standing by the table. "Shall we have the usual?" he asks as he smiles and joins her.

At Forrester, Eric asks Clarke how he can walk out on them with their biggest show ever in the works. Clarke tells Eric he is sorry, but CJ needs him. Ridge and Eric cannot believe he would walk out on Forrester at a time like this just because of CJ's foolish whims. Clarke says that all CJ has for a legacy is Spectra, and he is willing to risk losing everything for his son. Even if you have no job to come back to? Eric asks, informing Clarke that should the plan fail, his job at Forrester will not be waiting. Clarke respects Eric's opinion, but he stands by his decision. Ridge questions Clarke's loyalty and integrity as Stephanie walks in, and she admits that she told Clarke to follow his heart with this.

CJ wonders about Amber's silence, but she says it is nothing; still, she is amazed that Rick forgave her and she wishes she could pay him back. CJ says the best way to do that is to just support Rick, but Amber has a better idea: she wants to throw him a graduation party. Amber decides to throw a party that will bring everyone together, and she will even honor CJ. "Gee thanks," he sarcastically comments, and he then asks if he can bring a date -- specifically Kimberly.

Rick and Kimberly talk about how finals are almost over and what an amazing year it has been, but they got through it together, and the worst is over for both of them. Rick hopes Kimberly will be OK through all this. He then asks her about the disco party, and she says she had a great time thanks to CJ, who she has now seen a few times... and when Rick seems surprised, she asks if he would rather she did not. Kimberly apologizes to Rick for asking that and tells him he has been a good friend, and as he says how important they have been to each other, he takes his leave, leaving Kimberly deep in thought.

As Stephanie tries to explain Clarke's position to Ridge and Eric, Brooke walks in and says Clarke will leave over her dead body, since he is under contract. Clarke reminds them that his contract is up and this is not a tactic for a new one. When Stephanie explains to Brooke about CJ's plea, she hopes Brooke will understand as a parent, but neither Brooke nor Eric can see this working. The best way to help CJ is to provide for him through a steady job, Eric maintains. Clarke, however, stands by his decision, thanking them for all they have done and promising never to steal from Forrester. Tears in his eyes, Clarke thanks the Forresters for making him part of their family, and he leaves. Brooke then turns to Stephanie and is furious at her for her part in it.

Amber thinks CJ has a good idea, as it will allow her to show off her marriage in front of Kimberly, and she is thrilled at how this party will turn out. CJ leaves, and later, when she is alone, Amber thinks that all her troubles are over.

CJ is sitting at his Mom's desk and Clarke walks in. "Hey dad, looking for Mom?" CJ asks. No, he came to work on some ideas and sits down at a desk. Clarke explains that he just came from Forrester Creations. CJ goes over and is rubbing his Dad's shoulders; he says, "Don't worry, Dad, you will get used to this place again. The squeaky elevators, the fluorescent lights and leaky pipes... and you will do in those wimpy Foresters." "They aren't wimps, CJ; they gave your Dad the best job," Clarke reminds his son, but CJ is really proud of his father for doing that. Clarke says, "I guess that counts for something," as he hugs his son to his chest.

Back at Forrester, Brooke and Stephanie are going at it. "You blame me because Clarke left," Stephanie surmises. Brooke says, "You encouraged him and gave your support; I can't believe you undermined us." Stephanie says, "Do you think I would do that to our company?" Nothing would surprise Brooke, she says, just like the way Steph undermined them with Amber. Who walks in right on cue, but Rick. "I can't believe this, Mother; when does this stop? When in HELL is this all going to stop?" Rick asks.

Eric says Brooke is blowing off steam, as Rick explains that he came to tell them about the HIV tests, which came back negative. Everyone is happy, and then Rick wants his mother to put the Raymond and Amber situation behind them. He doesn't want to hear any more about it. Brooke says, "So you have forgiven Amber." It is his own business, Rick says. "So you haven't forgiven Amber?" Brooke asks. "Let's just say I am working on it," Rick replies. He wants the family to treat Amber the same way as Taylor. Ridge rolls his eyes and thinks, the same as Taylor? "Yes, Ridge, your wife; why should she be treated differently?" Rick asks. Brooke says she is different from Taylor. "A while ago, Mother, you called Taylor a tramp, and now you're best friends," Rick reminds Brooke. "You can't compare Amber with Taylor; they are totally different," Brooke says. "Why, Mother? We are both married and Ridge is my brother, so why shouldn't they be treated the same?" Ridge can't hold back and says, "Because they aren't the same, Rick; because Taylor lives according to her principles and Amber lives for what suits her at the moment. You want to compare Amber to someone, you compare her to a juvenile delinquent or a common pickpocket... but don't you compare her to my wife!" Ridge says.

"You compared my wife to a pick pocket?" Rick angrily asks. Ridge says yes; he has kept quiet, but he can't any longer. He has tried to support him, but he can't. "You want to be a man, admit your mistakes. And the biggest mistake is Amber Moore. You've got to get rid of her, or she will blow your world apart, and I for one am not going to stand around and see that happen!"

Wednesday, June 09, 1999, Ep. #3064

Thanks to -Di- for her update from the Bold-L list:

Rick is telling Ridge that his marriage to Amber is a done deal. Ridge points out that it is easy to annul - after all she lied, and he would not have married her if he had known the truth. Eric tells everyone to cool off. Ridge says that he has spent too much time cooling it and is not going to anymore. Rick asks if it is wrong to abandon his son, then says never mind, look who I am asking. Brooke says that is not fair. Ridge points out that he did not abandon his son - he married his mother, but not because Taylor tricked him. Rick thinks that if Amber came from the country club set there would be no problems at all, but Ridge disagrees. She lied, cheated and stole and she gets away with it all because Rick won't hold her accountable. Ridge won't accept her because he knows what Amber will do to him.

Meanwhile Amber is planning her party. Kimberly arrives, as summoned. Amber is smug as she suggests that Kim stopped by the guesthouse first to see if Rick was there. But Kim says no, she came right to the main house. She wants to roll as she has studying to do for finals. That's what this is about, Amber says: it's about graduation. Amber wants to know if Kimberly is going to some preppy Ivy League school, but Kim says that she is going to stay right in town and go to UCLA - but she KNOWS that is not why Amber called her. No, Amber says, she called her about a graduation party. Amber outlines a luau. She wants it to be a party that Rick would never forget. "Why are you telling me?" asks Kim. Because she needs Kim's help, Amber explains. Kim wants to know if Amber has always been this transparent. Transparent, Amber wonders? Kim knows that Amber has plenty of help with her party - she doesn't need her. Amber tells her that only CJ and Kim are in Rick's class. "By the way, I hear that you and CJ are dating..."

At Spectra, Clark is dissing what the models are wearing, but Sally tells him to chill out. There is a lot of Spectra/Family activity going on when Macy arrives. What's going on, she asks? A full collection, she is told. Macy wants them to take a break, as she and Thorne have an announcement. "We are getting married." Sally tries to get Thorne out of the room, while they have a family discussion - but Macy says no, Thorne should stay. They want her to wait - there is so much going on at Spectra right now. Macy states that she has accepted Thorne's proposal and she will marry him, with or without the blessings of the family. Her dad is important to her, but so is Thorne. She doesn't want to lose her family. She wants them to be happy for her.

Rick is not leaving Amber, he states. Ridge tells him that duty and responsibility extend only to the baby, not to Amber. Rick says that it extends to the family and Amber is part of the family. Ridge says that a family needs to have an honest connection between a husband and wife. Rick says that they have that. Ridge loves Rick and that is why he is taking this stand. Rick says that this is the next generation of Forresters, just like Thomas and Ridge's unborn child. He will always be there for Ridge's kid, but can Ridge make that guarantee to Eric III?

Amber wants to know if it is true about CJ and Kim. Yes, Kimberly replies, which Amber thinks is cool. "Are you going to the party with CJ?" she asks. Kim says that it seems important to Amber that she be CJ's date. Amber says that she doesn't care who Kim comes with. "As long as it's not Rick?" queries Kim. Amber points out that she said nothing about Rick, but it is interesting that he is still on Kim's mind. Kim tells Amber that she did not come to spar with her; "You want help, you have my help, but I think you're grandstanding and showing off." Amber is proud of her hubby, she says. "The thing with Raymond got your hopes up, and you thought for one little instant that he would leave me. But he didn't, and you will understand when you see him with me and his son. He's so cute, with him totally a father, and a husband too." Amber is sitting on the edge of the pool, full of herself and smirking, and she says to Kimberly, "Hey relax, loosen up; how do you look in a bathing suit, Kimberly? There are no pullover sweaters or pleated skirts at the party." Oh, don't worry, Kimberly says, she will find something. "See you at the party," she says as Kimberly leaves. Amber says, "Bring a date and don't be late."

"You've changed?" Adam is asking. We all have, Thorne says. Adam respects Thorne, but not his family. Thorne is not here to defend his family. He is here to ask for her hand in marriage - not that they need the family blessing, but it would make Macy a lot happier if both pieces of her life would fit together. After much banter, Adam asks Macy if she is certain that she wants this. She says yes, and Adam welcomes Thorne to the family, and ominously warns him not to let her down.

Ridge has no problem with supporting the family - but must Amber be part of it? Amber calls on the phone looking for the family. Lucky her - they are all right there. She goes on the speakerphone and invites everyone to the party, then asks if she can use the house. She wants the entire family there. Each individual family member swallows hard and confirms that they will be there. After she hangs up, she congratulates herself on becoming a Forrester. And after tomorrow, everyone will know she is a Forrester.

Thorne and Macy enter and wonder if they have missed a meeting. They say that they didn't miss anything important. They say that they are bringing good news - they are getting married. Macy holds up her ring as proof. Everyone crowds around Macy except Brooke, who flashes back on her kiss with Thorne. Thorne sees Brooke standing alone and flashes back on the kiss. He walks over to Brooke, who sticks out her hand and offers congratulations.

Thursday, June 10, 1999, Ep. #3065

As Amber talks to her mom about the party, Tawny says there is someone who wants to say hi to her. The camera backs away to show Becky is sitting there, and Tawny puts her on the phone. Becky asks how the baby is, and Amber almost freaks out. She asks to speak to her mom again, and Becky hands the phone back to Tawny and leaves. Tawny then apologizes for putting Becky on the phone, but what else can she do? She assures Amber that no one will ever know the truth about the baby.

At the mansion, Brooke is lamenting how quickly Rick's life seems to be going by. Taylor reassures Brooke that everything will be fine and that Brooke will be able to deal with it. Taylor then looks at Brooke and says, "You're glowing; is something going on?" Brooke tries to evade the question, but Taylor guesses that Brooke has met someone. Brooke still remains silent, but Taylor can tell that she is smitten with someone. She tells Brooke she is happy for her and wants details about the mystery man. Brooke says he is sweet, handsome, and around the same age... however, he is involved with someone else. Still, she thinks it was so sudden for both of them. Taylor advises Brooke that if this man means so much to her, and if he is not married, then Brooke should go for it, before it is too late.

Meanwhile, outside, Macy notices that Thorne is distracted. She suspects he is worried about Rick, but says that Rick will be all right. Meanwhile, the two of them have something of their own to celebrate, she says, as they talk about Adam giving them his blessing. Adam will be satisfied, she predicts... but meanwhile, she wants some satisfaction of her own and kisses him.

Amber and Rick prepare for the party as she puts a Hawaiian lei around his neck and kisses him. Wishing him "aloha," she tells him how she is glad that she is a part of this moment in his life, the beginning of their future.

Back in Furnace Creek, as Tawny is dressed for Rick's party, Aunt Tilly and Becky arrive. Becky has just told Tilly about the party, and Tilly and Becky want to go, but Tawny says they can't. This was a last minute thing and there is no time, Tawny explains. Well, families go to graduation parties, Tilly thinks. "You're ashamed of us," Tilly suspects. Tawny says that is nonsense, and she assures them that Amber will have a private party for the family. There is something they can do for her, however. Tawny brings out a shoebox of pictures that she took in LA, including the mansion and the family picture. She wants Tilly to make her an album like the fabric album she made Tawny for Christmas, as she wants to give this to Amber for her birthday. Oh, all right, Tilly agrees. Tawny notices that Becky is quiet and asks if she is all right? "I guess so, I wasn't ready to see Amber and the baby," Becky says. "You did the right thing, Becky," says Tawny. Becky knows she did, but sometimes she thinks of the baby; she only looked at him for a second, but she won't ever forget he had this sweet, little mole shaped like a heart on his little butt. Tawny grows concerned. "Give Amber and her hubby our best," Tilly says. Tawny thanks her and leaves, relieved that she is out of there.

There is a party going on, as Amber is going around saying Aloha, Aloha, to her guests as she puts leis over their necks. Brooke says there is no question who is throwing this party, and Eric says it is for their son. Brooke says no, Amber is doing it for herself, to come off as the ruler of the realm. Amber is working the crowd. Taylor and Ridge are sipping on drinks as they are watching Amber, and Taylor tells Ridge that Amber is trying. She is grandstanding, Ridge thinks. "Ridge, you know she is a Forester wife; it's part of the package," Taylor points out. Ridge gives her a look as if to say, "Yeah, right."

CJ comes in with sunglasses and is holding Kimberly's hand, and at the moment Kimberly has on a little blue dress. CJ says out loud, "Well, helloooooo!" and Kimberly says he means Aloha. Boy, CJ says, Amber was not kidding; this is the biggest party he has ever seen. "That was her goal, CJ," Kim points out. Amber notices their entrance; she has that glued on smile on her face and waves to them.

Ridge and Brooke are checking out the scene; she is munching on some skewered chicken and he is sipping a drink. He says how he never had a graduation party like this when he graduated. "Probably because you weren't married," Brooke points out. He is surprised that Amber invited Kimberly, and Brooke says why not, so she could flaunt herself in front of her. Probably she was the first one invited. Kimberly would have been so perfect for Rick, says Brooke. All of a sudden, Ridge's eyes get like saucers. Brooke looks and there is Kimberly in a two piece blue bikini. Brooke notices Amber's expression, as Brooke has a big smile on her face.

The maid comes over to Amber and says, "Mrs. Forrester, your husband is coming." She blows her whistle and says, "Quiet everyone, you all know why we are here; to celebrate Rick's accomplishments. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my husband, the graduate." There is a lot of clapping and yelling.

Brooke is sipping on a drink and Taylor comes over and asks her if she needs a refill, but Brooke says no thanks. "You have to get out of this mood, Brooke; I know who can get you out of it, but it's too bad he couldn't be here, whoever he is," Taylor says. Brooke looks over and sees Thorne and Macy. Stephanie goes over to Thorne and they talk about what Amber has done with the party. As Steph and Macy go to get some more virgin mai tais, Thorne looks up and spots Brooke. They are both staring at each other.

CJ goes over to Rick, and tells him what an amazing party this is, as Amber has outdone herself. They start chatting about the girls and their heavenly bodies when Rick spots a slender form in a blue bikini from the back. He is stunned to find out that it's Kimberly! CJ says Kim is his date, as someone calls over CJ and Rick and Kimberly's eyes lock on each other.

Amber then starts blowing her whistle again in an attempt to get everyone's attention. She then proposes another toast to her, Rick and all the graduates, but a special thank you to the parents. "You all worked so hard and you earned your respect and congratulations; we couldn't do it on our own. And there's someone else who deserves the acknowledgment, the parents." Brooke and Eric roll their eyes. "Raise your glasses to Mr. and Mrs. Forester and to all the parents, as they are true heroes. WE LOVE AND THANK YOU. Now let us Rock and Roll," Amber toasts. Hmmm, says Eric, that girl knows how to run a campaign, and Brooke says she should save it when she runs for office. "I hope you're going to have fun tonight, so save a dance for me," he says, as Eric gives her a kiss on the cheek. Brooke again looks up and is thinking about what Taylor said to her. "You deserve to be happy, and if this man is that important to you, and if you think he feels the same way as you do, I'd go after him. It's not like he was married." Brooke is deep in thought. "I would make my move, make it now," Brooke recalls Taylor saying. "Yes, make a move," Brooke says as she and Thorne are locking eyes.

Friday, June 11, 1999, Ep. #3066

The party is rocking on as Brooke walks around, looking at the crowd; she spots Thorne with Macy and gets a smile on her face. Stephanie and Amber notice Brooke in a good mood, and Amber hopes this will bring her and Brooke closer. Just as Stephanie asks Amber about where her family is, Eric kidnaps Stephanie to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, a guy named Ian grabs the hostess and asks her for a dance. While Rick watches, Kimberly approaches him; he still can't take his eyes of her bikini-clad body. As Kimberly notes that he obviously never noticed a body under those cashmere sweaters, Rick admits it's true. She asks him to dance, and he says yes; but before they can get on the dance floor, Amber is over there and drags her hubby over for a dance.

Ridge comes up to Brooke, who has her eye on Thorne and Macy again. Ridge thinks she's admiring Macy's bathing suit and he agrees that Macy looks great. He then changes the subject, bringing up how Taylor said Brooke might have met someone new in her life. She asks how that makes him feel, and he is happy for her. "What is he like?" Ridge asks. "He is very special," she says. Ridge asks, "Unlike certain men from your past?" She answers, "He's not like you, Ridge." Ridge wants to know where the mystery man is, and Brooke says, "He is involved with somebody... but he's not married." Ridge advises, "Then he is fair game; those feelings don't come along that often, so just GO FOR IT." Ridge walks away, while Brooke is moving with the music. Meanwhile, Thorne is hugging Macy and spots Brooke while leaning over Macy's shoulder. He keeps her eye on her as she gets a drink, until Macy points out that Brooke is obviously having a good time. "But she really needs a man, someone like you," Macy suggests to her fiancé.

CJ thanks Kimberly for coming to the party with him, but she can't get her eyes off Rick dancing with Amber. "What is she afraid of?" Kimberly wonders. "You, that bathing suit you're in, and you," CJ jokes.

Back at Furnace Creek, Tilly and Becky are looking at pictures of the Forrester Mansion. Becky is jealous, looking at how Amber has everything--a fancy house, a rich husband and a baby. That's what she wants, but she is stuck here and she still thinks about the baby she gave away. "You know you did the right thing," Tilly tells her. "Yes, but it is hard sometimes; I think about him every night, including that heart-shaped mole," Becky admits. She asks her mother, "I wish I didn't do it. Why did it have to be this way?"

Amber and Rick leave the dance floor and chat with Brooke and Eric as Tawny makes her entrance. Amber is thrilled to see her mom, who is stunned at her daughter, the rich society lady. Amber pulls her mother aside and asks about Becky again, but Tawny reassures her daughter that the secret is safe and there is nothing to worry about. It is a great party, Tawny says, and she is so glad she is here. She spots Rick, who has moved through the crowd and is talking with Kimberly and CJ. Tawny wants to meet that cute looker over there, CJ. Amber is getting a little jealous looking at Rick and Kimberly bonding, and Tawny asks where the baby is. Connie is watching him, Amber says.

As Rick continues to chat with CJ and Kimberly, Amber comes back holding little Eric. "Hey everyone, I want you to meet the class of 2017, Eric Forrester the Third," she announces. There is clapping and cheering as Ridge and Taylor, Eric and Brooke and Stephanie are smiling. Tawny comes over and says, "What a precious baby, and how wonderful it is that my daughter is living here in Beverly Hills." She is giggling as Amber is getting embarrassed by her mother's little speech. "Mother, that is enough, OK?" She then turns to the crowd and says, "Everyone go have fun, since it's part time!" As the party resumes, Amber asks her mother to change the baby's diaper.

Meanwhile, Brooke catches Thorne alone, as he is tying a bow on Rick's graduation present (he got him a surfboard). Brooke says, "Oh, how nice, Thorne, he will really like that." She puts her hand on his bare, masculine chest and is staring at him. She wants it, he wants it, and they almost kiss again, but he stops.

Tawny is changing the baby, and she says, "Oh baby, what a wonderful boy you are, and you're going to have such a great life. She takes off his diaper and she sees the heart shaped birthmark, saying how she has a picture of that mole. "I'll show it to you someday, so you... OH MY GOD, what have I done? I gave them the pictures and there is a picture of you with the birthmark, and Becky remembers it. She's going to know this is her baby!"

Becky is still in a funk and says they should look at the rest of the pictures so they can finish the album. Tilly says that maybe Becky shouldn't do this, as all they have left are the baby pictures, a reminder of what she has lost. "That is OK, I will be fine," Becky assures her mother. "OK," Tilly says, as she hands Becky the pictures, and we see Becky with her mouth open.

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