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Monday, June 14, 1999, Ep. #3067

The sun has now set on Rick's graduation party. Amber asks for everyone to give them her attention in her typical outspoken fashion, and Kimberly mumbles under her breath, "Why not? You have had it all day anyway." Amber then thanks everyone for sharing this special day with them and turns the floor over to brother Thorne for a special gift. Thorne then presents Rick with "some serious transportation" from the entire family; the present from Rick's parents and siblings is a fine long board for surfing that was custom made in Hawaii. Amber then gives Rick a special gift of her own as she shoves her tongue down his throat. She then turns around to cast a gloating look at Kimberly as she bids everyone goodbye, telling them not to forget the party favors on the way out. CJ then comes over to tell Amber that the party was cool and wants to know what her mom Tawny thought of all it. Amber suddenly wonders what happened to her mother.

While changing the baby in the guesthouse, Tawny is upset because; she realizes that if her niece sees the photograph of the baby, she will notice he has a birthmark on his behind. She will then know that Eric III is really her own child and not Amber's.

In Furnace Creek, Becky has not yet had a chance to look at all the pictures for the photo album yet. Her mother asks if she is sure that she is up to this. Becky feels that since she gave her own baby up for adoption, that she has to learn to accept all of this, so she tells her mother she will help with the album. Just then, the phone rings, and it is Aunt Tawny, suggesting that they don't bother with the album for Amber. Tilly says that is nonsense, as she always does the family albums. Before Tawny can talk her out of it, Tilly hears the teakettle whistling and hangs up, telling Becky that they will have the album finished before Tawny can get there. Meanwhile, Tawny wonders what she can do to stop Becky. Kimberly shows up at the guesthouse at that moment looking for Rick; she ends up watching the baby so that Tawny can rush off in her car and drive home to stop her niece from seeing the pictures.

Kimberly is all alone with the baby, and she talks to him. She notes how beautiful he is, even though he is the baby that kept her and Rick apart. She picks him up from his crib. Just then, Rick comes home and sees Kimberly with his son in the bedroom. He finds out that his mother in law left the baby with Kim. Kimberly tells Rick that the baby is beautiful and their eyes lock at that moment. Just then CJ comes in to get his date so they can leave. Seeing her holding the baby and with Rick, CJ rushes her out the door, leaving a concerned Rick behind.

Tawny is in her car and uses the cell phone to phone her friend Sara the midwife. She tells Sara to get over to her house and to stop Becky, who is there looking at pictures of the baby, including the mole on his rear.

In the trailer, Tilly and Becky look at the photos; A picture of Eric III reminds Becky that her baby had blue eyes, too. Just then, Sara bursts into the trailer and asks Becky to come with her; she wants to talk to the teen as a follow up visit since having the baby. Becky resists, saying that she is not going anywhere. When Sara asks Tilly for help, Tilly does not understand why Sara cannot just ask her questions right there.

As Amber is saying goodbye to her guests, Brooke thinks back to the kiss she gave Thorne earlier, before he rejected her. She then goes over to say goodbye to Macy and Thorne and comments that she bets he could party all through the night like he did earlier. Macy says that's just what she has in mind, so she takes her fiancee by the hand and bids Brooke good night.

Stephanie, Eric and Taylor thank Amber for a wonderful night for Rick. Amber says that she tried to pull together the Forrester family, and if she did that even a little bit, then she feels really good. Stepping up to the batting plate comes Sir Ridge Forrester, who says, "Amber, you didn't pull this family together. How could you even suggest that?" Amber makes a little speech that she and Rick are a family now and they are the new generation of Forresters. She is sorry Ridge does not believe her, but she will never stop trying to prove to him how much she values this family. Stephanie assures Amber that she made it a special day and to be proud of herself, which Amber says she is.

Amber comes home and finds Rick playing with the baby. He says, "Wow, you made me feel so important. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve it. I appreciate it." The newlyweds discuss the book PROFILES IN COURAGE, which Rick was reading for school and which is about making a decision that wasn't very popular. Those people faced defining moments, Rick says, and Amber believes that today was THEIR defining moment. Today for the first time, she felt like she could relax and depend on Rick. Amber tells Rick that she loves him and believes in him. They kiss.

Becky tells Sara that she has a question of her own and asks if her baby ever got adopted. Sara assures the girl that her child is with a loving family, as Becky wanted, and he will have a wonderful life. Becky doesn't want to stop to chat, as she wants to finish the album of pictures for her cousin. When Sara continues to talk to her, she gets extremely angry. She tells her mom and Sara that she couldn't be a mother, but maybe she could be a decent cousin. Just then Tawny bursts into the trailer and tells them to stop it right there!

Tuesday, June 15, 1999, Ep. #3068

Up at the guesthouse of the Forrester mansion, we have Amber and Rick talking, with Rick holding his so-called baby. She thinks that the party went a long way in getting his family to accept her. While he thinks about what she is saying, he notices that the baby is wet. Amber offers to change him, but Rick volunteers for diaper duty. After Amber hands him some diapers, he turns the baby over to powder his behind, and he notices the heart shaped birthmark down there. Thinking about how unique it is, Ridge decides to take the camera and take a picture of it. Amber asks, "What camera?" and when Rick points out the one in the other room, Amber realizes that it is Tawny's. She wonders what happened to her mother.

Tawny tells Becky that she wants that photo now; when Tilly asks what is the matter, Tawny explains that she promised it to the Forresters but forgot to take it to the party. Speaking of the party, why is Tawny back so quickly? Did the Forresters toss her out? Becky asks. Tawny says it is nothing like that; she is just tired. Becky, however, wants details about the party, including whether or not the luau included any sexy guys. Tawny says that she hates to rush them off, but she is really tired. She shows Tilly and Becky to the door and they leave, and while they are on their way out, Tilly reminds Tawny to wait for her to finish the album. Once they are gone, Tawny thanks Sara for coming and is about to usher the midwife out. Just one minute, Sara insists; she is not leaving without an explanation of everything.

As Sara wants to know what was so urgent, Tawny tells her about the birthmark in the photos. Sara points out that the birthmark is not going away and wants Tawny to tell Amber what is going on, as Becky is having second thoughts about giving up the baby. Tawny disagrees, and she thinks that she has to think of a way that her niece will not find out about that baby's birthmark. They can never let Becky get near the baby, Tawny says. Sara is upset because what she did was illegal, and if someone finds out about this she could lose her midwife's license. "Don't panic, Sara; we are the only ones that know about this secret and we will take it to the grave with us," Tawny assures her.

Rick suggests that he wait for Tawny to get back and he will put down the baby; he knows it has been a long day and suggests that Amber lay down on the couch. She will get off her feet, she says, as she gives him a come hither look. He thought she was wiped out, but she says not for him. Amber is so happy now, as everything is behind them and they can now go on with the future. "We have the whole summer together; it is so amazing. We can go to the beach or sit out by the pool or even go on a little vacation. It will be so much fun," she suggests. Rick says that sounds great, but he has to find a job, and he still hasn't gotten into college. He sent in his applications late, for one thing; and for another, it is competitive getting into college around here. Amber says those admissions people would be crazy not to pick him up, as he is smart, ambitious and responsible. "You're not going to college for the keg parties; you're going there to find a career where you can support your wife and child, and those are the kind of kids they are looking for." Rick has a look on his face like it is dawning on him about what he got himself into.

Kimberly and CJ are at Macy's cottage. He tells her Macy won't be back for some time, as she is probably with Thorne next door. Kimberly goes out to the patio. They are looking at the ocean, and Kimberly tells him what a good time she had with him tonight. She admits, though, that she was freaked out by Tawny. She comments how curious it was that Tawny hightailed out of there. "Hey, Kimberly, I have a secret for you; Tawny isn't here, so let's talk about something else," CJ suggests. Of course, he is coming on to her, and he knows that her daddy might get irritated if he knew what CJ was thinking. "What, CJ?" she asks. In response, he lays a wet one on her, and she isn't resisting too hard. She is kissing him back and she thinks she is kissing Rick. She practically has CJ in a lip lock, and he is enjoying it immensely. Kimberly realizes what she is doing and tells CJ that she has to go. Worried, she flies out of there, leaving a satisfied, smiling CJ behind.

Back at Furnace Creek, Sara is still unsure of this plan. Tawny says that she did the right thing, no matter what the law says, but Sara says that Becky might not think so. "He is Amber's son, a Forrester -- and nothing is going to change that," Tawny insists. The phone rings; Amber is checking up on Tawny and wants to know what is wrong. Tawny says that she got a call that Uncle Joe had an accident; they thought it was serious but things are all right. There will be lots of parties, Tawny says, as Amber, Rick and Eric will have lots to celebrate from now on. "You and your little family are going to have a great future," Tawny says. Amber isn't worried as the worst is over. "I know your family is going to be just fine," Tawny says before saying goodbye. Sara again tells her that Amber deserves to know what is going on. Tawny states that she will handle things, and she knows for damn sure that her niece will never know that Amber is raising her son. "Eric III is part of that wonderful, happy Forrester family, and Amber deserves this... and she will remain a part of that family for the rest of her life," Tawny proclaims as she rips up the picture of Eric with the birthmark.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999, Ep. #3069

Brooke and Ridge are discussing business at Forrester when he sees she is distracted; he guesses it is her mystery man. Brooke says that she doesn't think anything will happen because of the man's involvement, but Ridge again encourages her to go for it. Taylor is behind it, he says, and even Stephanie would approve, as wrong as it is not Eric. Brooke assures him that it is not Eric, so Ridge says that eliminates the Forrester men; he starts rattling off names like Pierce or Clarke, but Brooke asks him to stop. Just then, Thorne walks in and Brooke excuses herself, as Ridge wants to talk with his brother.

Macy is chatting with Taylor about her upcoming wedding, which will happen after the fashion show. Taylor apologizes to Macy; she knows she has a lot of questions, but she is just concerned. Macy reminds Taylor that she is family, so it is normal for her to be concerned. In fact, that is the reason Macy asked her over; she has a goal in mind and she needs Taylor's help to achieve it.

Over at Spectra, Adam and Sally are working fast and furious to get ready for the show. Adam wonders if Clarke's designs will be up to the task, and Sally says that Clarke will come through for them. "That's good enough for me," Adam says, reminding Sally that there is no one like her. Stephanie may have the money, but she does not have the fire and passion Sally does, Adam points out. Sally appreciates the compliment, but she says they have no time for that right now. They have to concentrate on business, she points out! Adam jokes about it, but Sally tells him to get serious. Adam concedes her point; they are rebuilding their family and their business and things are going well, so perhaps he and Sally should pick up the pace a little.

Ridge asks Thorne who could be Brooke's mystery man, as Brooke is close to him. Thorne does not think it is a big deal, but Ridge does. Just then, Trish buzzes Ridge on the intercom. As Ridge leaves, he asks Thorne to check it out for him. Once Ridge is gone, Thorne asks himself, "What are you doing, Brooke?" Just then, Brooke comes in, and Thorne pops out of the corner and says, "Brooke, we need to talk." "Thorne, you scared me," she says. He informs her, "Ridge asked me who you were dating." Brooke worries, "Oh God, I told him it wasn't a big deal." Ridge has a different take on things, Thorne says. She shouldn't have said anything to Taylor, she thinks, as she was afraid this might happen. "She was asking me questions, and now everyone thinks I have a new boyfriend." She will talk to Ridge and get it straightened out. Thorne is concerned and asks Brooke what is going on with her. She says she is a little confused; she is happy for him and Macy, but... "But nothing, Brooke; this isn't going to happen. Whatever is going on in your mind, forget it. Stop it right now," Thorne tells her.

Macy and Taylor are talking about Thorne and her relationship. "We are going to have a few bumps along the road, but at least no one is trying to come between us," Macy says. They talk about the differences between the families. That is where Macy needs Taylor's help, she explains; now that Taylor and Brooke have buried the hatchet, Macy hopes that Taylor can help her find a way to cause something similar to happen between the Forresters and Spectras. At least her family has given her their blessing, Macy points out. Taylor thinks it is great that her parents support the engagement, but accepting Thorne doesn't mean there will be a truce with the family. Macy says she would love the Spectras and the Forresters to get along. Taylor advises her that for the sake of her marriage, Macy has to diffuse the tension. She should sit them down, Spectra and Forrester, on neutral turf, like a restaurant. Macy isn't sure of it. Taylor says she is speaking from experience; once she and Brooke made peace, she found that she has so much energy to give to her husband and her child. "Focus on your marriage," Taylor advises. Macy would love her family to let go of the competition, but she suspects it will take more than a dinner. Maybe, Taylor agrees, but it is a good place to start.

Over at Spectra, Sally worries that Adam may be misinterpreting their relationship. "The only pace we are going to pick up in this relationship is the speed you put on your traveling shoes and beat through that door, so please let us get back to business," she tells him. "Aw, Sally, you're breaking my heart. Is that all it means to you, just business partners?" Adam asks. She says for the moment, yes. That is more than enough; it is more than she can handle and that goes for Adam, too. "We have to look ahead and stick to our plan," she says, "which may need some revisions." Adam asks what she means, and she points out how they are going now part of the AIDS Fashion Charity show and how it could cause problems for Macy, as she is engaged to a Forrester. "How is she going to react when we tell her all of this, Adam?" "We won't tell her," Adam suggests, but Sally says there have been enough lies in this family, so she won't lie to her daughter. Adam says, "You know she will tell Thorne, and what she knows, he knows. We are finished." Sally thinks, "If we wait, they might be finished." "Well if Macy and Thorne can't weather this one, maybe they aren't meant to be," Adam suggests.

Back at Ridge's office, the sexual tension is high, as Brooke says she isn't trying to cause trouble for him and Macy. Thorne says that she has been behaving like someone who has been acting on impulse. "My impulse is not to pressure this; my gut tells me that our involvement is absurd, but something happened between us and I don't know what it is," Brooke says. She doesn't understand it. Thorne points out, "The only thing to understand, Brooke, is that I am getting married. Even if I wasn't engaged to Macy, you're my brother's ex wife." She knows and she was married to his father, she reminds him. She says, "Can you imagine what your mother's reaction would be? It'll be another Forrester scandal. It's completely ridiculous." "That's why we've got to stop," Thorne says. Brooke asks him if that is what he wants. It has to be that way, he says. Fine, she agrees; "You go your way, Thorne, and I will go mine, and we won't mention it again." There are no hard feelings as some papers fall to the floor. When they both go to pick them up, they are staring at each other. They are saved by the telephone. It is Macy, who tells him she is talking to Taylor and she came up with a great idea. Macy wants to have a family dinner, tonight at the Cafe Russe, 8:00 PM, to bring their parents together. He doesn't know. She says that they have to do this; Thorne agrees that she will ask her parents and he will ask his. She tells him she loves him and he says, "I love you, too." Brooke is heading out the door, as Thorne asks where she is going. She has to bring these papers to Eric, she says. "We are not finished here," he says, and Brooke looks at him and says, "YES WE ARE." She closes the door, with Thorne on one side and Brooke thinking on the other side.

Meanwhile over at Spectra, Sally is asking Adam that she thought he was going to support Macy. He is, but they have to go on with their plan, as they are committed to share the runway with the Forresters at the Charity Gala. Spectra needs this, Adam states, so they can't jeopardize the plan until it is over. Just then, Macy calls to invite them to the Cafe Russe for an engagement dinner with the Forresters. It's not a good idea, Adam thinks, but Macy won't take no for an answer. She hangs up before Adam can argue the point, and Sally says to forget it and call out the riot squad, as they will be dining with the enemy. Adam says how they have to be careful and can't slip up. "If they get even the smallest hint about this show, we are done for. WE CAN'T DO IT," he cautions.

Macy tells Taylor that the Forresters and Spectras will soon be sharing a table; it will either be the start of a new era, she predicts, or the start of World War III.

Thursday, June 17, 1999, Ep. #3070

Brooke is in her office doing nothing but work, work and more work. She is thinking about how Rick is with Amber... and then there is Thorne. She tries to put her thoughts of Thorne out of her mind. As she is looking over some fabrics and caressing the material, she starts having a fantasy. First, she thinks about kissing Thorne passionately. He picks her up in his arms and carries her over to the bed. They are starting to undress each other when Stephanie walks in! Stephanie cannot believe Brooke's gall; first there was Ridge, and then Eric... and now Brooke has to go for a complete set by sleeping with Steph's younger son? Brooke insists that she loves Thorne, but Stephanie says that is bull! What will Ridge, Eric and the children say? She vows, "You two will never happen!" Brooke comes out of her fantasy and wonders what she is thinking. There is no way it ever could have worked, she laments.

Thorne is impressed by how good Macy looks and suggests skipping dinner. Macy reminds him how important this night is; it will be a new beginning where their families can put their differences behind them. Thorne is skeptical, but Macy assures him that this will be a new beginning for them.

Eric and Stephanie are at the office while Eric is getting ready for their dinner out with Sally and Adam. He doesn't want to go and asks, "Why do we have to go? There is no point in it." Stephanie says that they will just have to put up with it, as Thorne and Macy are engaged. If all Macy is asking is to put up with her dolt of a father and her loud-mouthed mother for a few hours, they can handle it, Stephanie states. They leave, although Eric remains unsure.

The same thing is happening over at Spectra; Adam thinks this a bad idea, but Sally reminds them that they must do this for their daughter. This might be the only chance they have to start a civilized relationship with the Forresters, which is important to Macy. For her sake, in fact, they will make sure not to talk about their sharing the runway with Forrester at the AIDS fashion show. They do decide that after dinner, they will tell Macy what they have planned for the upcoming fashion event. Once Macy knows, she can break the news to Thorne. Adam would just love to see the Forresters' faces when they find out; it might even be worth it to spill the beans tonight, he laughs. Absolutely not, Sally says!

Taylor and Ridge are at home, where they talk about doing something; it might be their last chance, Ridge points out, so they should go for it. "You know you want to," he kids with his wife. OK, Taylor concedes, "let's go find out if it's a boy or a girl, even if it is cheating." Ridge suggests that only he find out, but Taylor nixes that idea, so she shares a passionate kiss with her husband and then calls the doctor up.

Back at Spectra, Adam agrees to go out with the Forresters. There is a knock at the door, and it is someone delivering a suit for Adam. He takes off his shirt while Sally's back is turned to him, and she then turns around and gets a hot flash. "What are you doing?" she asks. He says that he is getting dressed. "It's not anything that you haven't seen before," he reminds her. "Excuse me, but I don't want to see it now," Sally tells him. What would happen if someone came in and saw a half-naked man, she asks? "Please go behind the screen," she instructs her ex-hubby. "OK, Sally, if that makes you comfortable," Adam playfully concedes. He is laughing and she is making a face as he goes to get dressed.

Taylor gets off the phone with the doctor and it is all set for the ultra sound. Ridge tells his wife that he thinks their unborn child is a boy, but she thinks it is a girl. However, that is really not what is on Taylor's mind; she is still worried about the baby, because of what happened last time. Ridge points out, "I am with you now and it won't be like the last time. After this ultra sound, you will be able to relax." She hopes so. Shortly after, they are at the hospital and Dr. Wilson (the same doctor with Amber recently) says that he will go get find an ultrasound machine and they will get on with it. Taylor seems nervous, but Ridge tells her that it will be all right.

Still in her office, Brooke continues to work with the fabric. She again fantasizes about Thorne; this time, she is rubbing her hands up and down on Thorne's back. She asks him what about the scandal, but he doesn't care. They kiss. Back to reality, Brooke says the same thing; it will never happen, she thinks as she shakes her head.

At the Cafe Russe, Thorne and Macy are shown to their table, and Jerry the waiter asks how many are coming. "We are expecting our families," they explain, and they say not to worry, as nothing will happen tonight. The waiter walks off as Stephanie and Eric arrive, and the waiter points to their table. Hugs and hellos are exchanged. Eric asks, "Your parents aren't coming?" as Adam and Sally are not there, but Macy says, "Oh yes, they will be here pretty soon." Eric thinks that is "just great." They chat for a while, and Macy then sees her parents; she waves, and Adam and Sally come over and sit down. We have tension all around as Macy says how great it is to have everyone here to celebrate their engagement. She and Thorne announce their wedding date, the day after the Forrester's fashion show for the AIDS Foundation. Eric and Stephanie are both happy for Thorne and Macy, but Sally gives Adam a worried look, and he returns her look with one of his own.

Friday, June 18, 1999, Ep. #3071

Thorne and Macy are doing their best to entertain their families at dinner, as Thorne tells the story of how he gave the engagement ring to Macy. Eric is disgusted when he hears how Thorne wiped off the coughed-up ring and then put it on Macy's finger, while Steph thinks it sounds romantic and Sally outs her own flamboyant spin on the regurgitated ring. Macy then changes the subject and compliments the Forresters about the Pediatric AIDS benefit show they are doing. When Eric says that the Foundation came to them, Thorne fails to remember the man's name. Adam mentions the name, and when asked how he knows, he covers that he read it in EYE ON FASHION. Sally then takes her ex-husband aside.

At the doctor's office, Ridge confides in Dr. Wilson about how excited he is about this child. Ridge notices pictures of the doctor's family and bets that the doctor is proud. He is, he tells Rick... and it only gets better.

Sally tells Adam to be careful not to slip again. Adam agrees and says they should get back; but before they can go back in, she asks, "What about Macy?" Adam thinks she is worried about Macy finding out about the show and says that they will tell her, but Sally is more concerned about Macy's announcement that the wedding will be the day after the fashion show. It won't happen that way now, Adam says. Sally worries about how crushed Macy will be. Adam says that the plan to be in the show is just business, and if Thorne cannot understand that, then maybe Macy is better off without him. Thorne will have to accept this or he will lose Macy... and Adam will be ready to make sure that happens!

Eric asks Macy about Adam being back at Spectra, and Stephanie is surprised that Sally trusts Adam again. Macy admits that Sally is still wary, but Adam is out to prove himself. Eric then asks when they have their showing planned for, but Macy is not sure. Thorne also is not sure, but he admits he has not been around Spectra. But he was there when they needed him, Macy says, and she hopes that is the beginning of their families coming closer. Stephanie and Eric are skeptical, and Eric reminds Macy how Spectra stole from Forrester in the past. Macy assures him that will never happen again, and she is sure her parents will agree. Just then, Sally and Adam return, and there is some tension in the air.

As the doctor does a preliminary exam, Taylor mentions feeling more movement this time than with Thomas, like his kicking--something Ridge glows with pride about. The doctor asks if they want to know the gender of the baby, and Ridge encourages his wife to say yes. Taylor says yes, and the doctor says that they can begin as soon as he takes some measurements. With help from Ridge, the doctor wraps some tape around Taylor and sees something interesting.

With Sally and Adam's return, Thorne explains they were talking about the past, Macy chimes in about how Forrester no longer needs to be threatened by Spectra. That is, Adam adds, unless the Forresters cannot take some competition. As long as it's honest, Stephanie says, they can. Stephanie and Eric ask about the Spectra showing again, and Adam says it is a surprise; all the right people will be there at the right time, he states. Eric is wary of Adam

S being closemouthed, so Sally tries to change the subject. Adam however wants to answer anyway. Macy agrees with her mom, however, and they talk about Clarke coming back to Spectra and Stephanie's part in it. Adam seems surprised at that, but Sally confirms that she heard about how Stephanie counseled Clarke, and she appreciates it. Stephanie says not to make anything of it; she only did it for CJ's sake, she says. Adam gets hostile, and the tension builds between the two families. Thorne suggests tabling the talk of competition and calling a cease-fire. Eric says that his son should be looking to Adam and Sally for that, and Sally of course disagrees. Thorne comes up with a compromise; Spectra will go their way and Forrester will go its own. Just then, Sally sees Trevor McEvoy from the AIDS Foundation come in with a date, and she silently points it out to Adam.

The doctor thinks that they may have miscalculated the date of conception, as Taylor is bigger than expected. However, there is nothing for her or Ridge to worry about, he says, as he goes to get the ultrasound machine. While he is gone, Taylor is worried that something is wrong, and she confides her fears in Ridge, who promises that everything will be fine.

Macy asks her parents if they would go along with a cease-fire, and Sally says yes. Sally is still worried about Trevor and suggests that she and Adam leave. Thorne however asks that they stay for a toast. As he is about to begin, Trevor comes over with copies of the benefit invitations, which he hands to Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie are stunned to see Spectra listed there. Trevor explains that he thought Eric knew about this and turns to Sally for answers. "What is this!?" Stephanie angrily demands to know, and all Sally can say is, "Cheers!"

A nurse (late night talk show host Craig Kilborn) wheels in the ultrasound machine, and the doctor explains the procedure to Ridge and Taylor. Taylor lies down as the doctor sets up the machine. As he begins, Dr. Wilson notices something strange. "Oh my God!" he says as he looks closer, and Taylor is worried!

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