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Monday, June 21, 1999, Ep. #3072

Dr. Wilson, the Ob-gyn, tells a concerned Ridge and Taylor to brace themselves, as he has a bit of a shock for them while reading the ultrasound. He assures them that is not a cause for alarm but it is not something you see everyday. How does he tell them this? He asks; he decides that perhaps it is better that he show them and points out the screen to them. Taylor reads the screen as she replies, "Is that what I think it is? Yes, yes, I can see BOTH of them. I can't believe it. Oh my God! It's two babies, Ridge!" Ridge finds it incredible. The doctor then asks if they want to know the gender, since he can now tell. Ridge encourages Taylor to say yes, and it turns out that they are having two girls. Poor Thomas now will have to fight for the bathroom when he gets older. At the doctor's invitation, they listen to the heartbeats as they tell each other how much they love the other.

CJ and Kimberly are playing Chinese Checkers at her place while waiting for their parents to come home from the engagement celebration for Macy and Thorne. When Kimberly notes that it is the first time that Sally and Adam have been out together in years, CJ says that it isn't like they are on a real date. They are just acting like a couple of divorced parents and are having dinner for their daughter's engagement with the Forresters, he says. CJ tells Kimberly to forget about the possibility of romance while their parents are out as it isn't going to happen by a mile, especially since the two families hate each other and they will be lucky if their parents come out alive after this supper. Kimberly does not understand; it sounds like he is being negative about Thorne and Macy. CJ tells Kimberly about the 25-year-old family feud here. He explains that the Forresters have always viewed his mother Sally as a joke. She had to do what she did in the past in order to survive. Things were so bad, in fact, that Thorne initially dumped Macy when he found out she was a Spectra! CJ thinks for sure that this family dinner will be the worst by far.

Over at Cafe Russe, the games have begun. "You bitch. You're a liar and a thief," yells Stephanie to Sally after hearing that Spectra is also part of the big Pediatric AIDS fashion show. When they ask Trevor how this could happen, he explains that Sally told him Eric already knew. "You tricked him," Stephanie accuses. Eric tells Adam to back out of the fashion show, or else Forrester will sue their company. He then asks his son Thorne if he knew about this.

Adam then announces that Spectra has just as much right to be on the runway as Forrester does, and there is nothing they can do to stop Spectra. Macy is embarrassed and questions how her father could do this. He gave Thorne and her his blessing, she reminds her dad; she loves Thorne and these people are part of her family now. When Stephanie asks if Macy knew, she says that she had no idea. Adam again chimes in about how they are just earning the respect they deserve, but Eric tells them that they can't buy respect.

Macy tells her dad that he missed all the years of problems she and Thorne faced, but even so, that is no excuse for this. It is just business, Adam maintains... and if they cannot weather this, then maybe they are not meant to be together. Macy cannot believe this! She suggests having a second show, but Sally says they can't; Spectra has never recovered from what the Forresters have done to them, like stealing their head designer, Clarke. Thorne attempts to get everyone to cool off and make some sort of compromise, like having two different fashion shows for the same charity on the same day, just at different times. Adam won't hear of it, so Macy tells her father that he can not take over the showing. Adam tells his daughter that these people are always going to fight to keep them down, and this will make it right for them. Macy pleads with her father not to tear this family apart over money. Thorne tells them to all stop it; their son and daughter's happiness should be more important than some fashion show. He insists that they all sit and talk it over like grownups. Just then, all of the grownups leave as they have lost their appetite. Stephanie tells Macy, "I don't ever want to be in the same room with your parents again." Alone, Macy and Thorne can't help but laugh at the absurd situation. Thorne tells Macy that here they go again, and she fears they will never get past this. He assures her that they won't let anything come between them.

CJ tells Kimberly that now the problem lies with Adam Alexander and the fact that he is helping his mom. Thorne and Macy will get caught in the middle. They question if it will be enough to break up the happy couple. CJ is being realistic that the problems between the Forresters and the Spectras are not going to go away; if anything, they will just get worse.

Taylor and Ridge come home. They are surprised and excited at the twins. Ridge tells his wife, "Doc, you are such an overachiever. This is God realizing that there is more love in this house than for just one baby. What did we do to deserve this? This life, this family... it is so much more than I ever dreamed of. Thank you." They hug and Taylor is beaming (So now this updater has something in common with Taylor Hayes Forrester in the fact that we both have carried twins).

Tuesday, June 22, 1999, Ep. #3073

Brooke is back in her office with Megan, and she is working hard on the showing. Eric and Stephanie burst on in, straight from their disaster celebration dinner at Cafe Russe for Thorne's engagement. Stephanie announces, "We have a major problem with that bitch Sally Spectra." Brooke is upset when she hears the news about how Spectra tricked their way into the fashion show. She feels that the Spectra gang didn't work their butts off to be in the limelight the way Forrester did. Brooke thinks that there has to be a way to stop Spectra somehow, but Eric says it is too late, as the invitations already went out. They wonder how Adam brought this together, and Stephanie suspects Clarke must have been in on the deal. Brooke states that she knows just where to get answers, so she leaves her office to go find some.

Stephanie and Eric can't believe that Clarke would use CJ to help Sally pull a stunt like this. His explanation for leaving Forrester was for the benefit of his son, they surmise.

Clarke and Darla are at Spectra. He tells her to lighten up because the collection is all coming together. Clarke feels that if he can bring this company back, it will be for his son, to repay for being an awful father. Darla is impressed that Clarke sounds so mature, even human. She gives him a hug and he uses it to stick his hands on her butt. Enter Sally and Adam, who do not realize Clarke is there. Sally announces that the gloves are off now and this is war. She continues to chat about the Forresters not being able to back out of the showing, not realizing that Clarke has heard everything. He reveals himself and figures out what is going on. He is upset now that they are crashing the fashion show and feels that this is all a big nightmare for him professionally. Sally played on his weakness of being a bad father, and he doesn't want to be any part of it. "Don't do this to me, Sally. Stephanie went to bat for me," yells Clarke.

Thorne tells Macy back at his place that he isn't mad at her. He has wanted to put his arms around his fiancée all night. Thorne then jokes that at the restaurant, he was thinking if there was going to be a food fight between their families. Macy replies that the more everyone was fighting, the more she was sexually turned on. She lies down on the same lounge chair he kissed Brooke on a few days before. They really start to get into it, and then move the party into the house. They are about to make love and get undressed when there is a knock at the door. Thorne reluctantly goes to get it while Macy waits. Once he answers the door, Throne finds Brooke there. Macy is waiting for Thorne in the bedroom and listening in on the conversation, but Brooke has no idea that she is there waiting for her lover.

Sally reminds Clarke how Steph has been against both of them before, so why not now prove what Spectra is made of? Clarke wants to call Eric and apologize, however, and intends to beg for his old job back, Sally tells him not to bother, as it will not work.

As Stephanie tries to believe that Clarke could do this, Clarke calls and apologizes... but Eric puts him on the speakerphone and he and Stephanie blast Clarke and tell him to go to hell! After they hang up, Adam tells Clark that he is part of Spectra now and suggests that he give the Forresters some overdue payback, and Clarke looks worried and angry as Sally talks about crushing the Forresters.

Brooke blasts Thorne about what has happened with Spectra. She accuses, "You know full well that you are sleeping with the enemy; of course you know." Thorne tells Brooke that he doesn't want to get into this right now. "Why are you involved with THOSE people anyway? They are nothing but trash. Macy is involved in this somehow, and I don't want her anywhere near Forrester. I swear, I don't want her to set foot in that building again." Thorne tells her to calm down, but Brooke insists, "I am not being unreasonable, I am being professional. For all we know, her two faced mother sent her over to spy." says Brooke.

That was enough for Macy, who comes out of the bedroom. Thorne wants Brooke to leave, but Macy wants an apology from Brooke first. "You are a real piece of work, Brooke," Macy states, and she assures Brooke that she had nothing to do with the sneaking around and crashing the Forrester fashion show.

Brooke calls Sally a witch and tells Macy that she has a snake for a mother and a crook for a father. Macy then brings up Brooke loving Ridge but marrying his father and having a child, and then going back to Ridge again... and yet, she can't have him. She's only surprised that Brooke never went after Throne as well, she says. Brooke is mad that Macy is getting personal instead of talking about the business. She insists that she has spent the last five years of her life building up Forrester and will not let a bunch of thieves steal that from her.

Macy says they did what they had to do to survive, and Thorne asks Brooke to leave right now! Brooke tells Macy that Thorne is too good of a man for her, but Macy thinks that is for Thorne to decide. Brooke agrees and suggests that Macy ask Thorne about that for herself, as she leaves.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999, Ep. #3074

Thanks to - di - from the Bold-L list for today's update

We open with Brooke on the phone saying that she has no time to talk to the press, so send them to Sally. Thorne enters and she wants to know where the fabric samples are. Thorne wants to forget the fabric samples and discuss what happened last night. Brooke has nothing to add, as she meant every word. Thorne thinks she was ugly with Macy. Macy had nothing to do with what her family does and doesn't like it either, Thorne insists. Brooke informs him that she is CEO and it is her job to keep Macy out of the building until the showing is over. Thorne asks if this is guilt by association, and Brooke tells him that she doesn't care what he calls it, but Macy is out. Brooke doesn't buy that Macy knew nothing. Thorne asks how much of the hostility has to do with the kiss.

Adam asks Sally if she can feel the momentum change, as the Forresters know that the Spectras are a threat to them. Macy enters and hopes that they are pleased with themselves. They point out that the company was collapsing and they had to do something. Macy asks why they had to use the Forresters. They say that they were not using the Forresters; they are just participating in a charity event. Macy says they forced their way in by lying. Adam admits that they may have cut some corners, but didn't the Forresters ever cut corners? Look who runs it - Brooke... and she knows that it is just business.

Taylor is incredulous that Spectra is putting together a collection to show with Forrester. Ridge says they must make the best of it. Taylor comments that he is taking this well. He points out that if they complain now, they will only look like spoilers. Taylor admits that is true, but wonders why he is not furious. Ridge says three reasons - Taylor and two baby girls. Wait until the family finds out. It's incredible. Stephanie is going to be happy. Everyone will be happy. Not everyone will be happy, they realize... it will be tough for Brooke. "This is your first daughter," Taylor says, and she asks Ridge how much he thinks that will affect Brooke. He says that he hopes it will help her move on. They discuss that the "other woman" may be slowing Brooke down, but Ridge points out that Brooke has never been afraid of competition. Something else must be holding her back. The twins might change something. They are curious about who the guy could be.

Brooke is telling Thorne that her personal feelings for Thorne have nothing to do with why she wants Macy out of the building, but he is not buying. Macy has never done anything to the company, he states. Brooke disagrees and says that Macy occupied his time when the company needed him. Thorne can't believe she just said that. Brooke says that Thorne must have blinders on when it comes to Macy. Thorne tells her that there is something else she should know: they have set a wedding date for the day after the fashion show. Brooke wants to know why it is so soon. Thorne doesn't have a reason to wait. Brooke wants to know if she should give him one. She is devastated and Thorne doesn't know what to say. He wants to go get the samples, but Brooke is too busy now and can't see them. She will see them tonight - at her place. He protests, but Brooke tells him that Macy can just understand that they are in the middle of a fashion show. He agrees to come to her house, on the condition that she cook him dinner. She agrees that she could whip something up.

Macy agrees that Adam is right about Logan; she would have done the same or worse. As an example, she tells them about her run in with Brooke at Thorne's place, something Macy is not going to forget. She has been open-minded about Brooke up until now, but now she is seeing things differently. Brooke is on a power trip and needs to be brought down a peg or two. Her parents tell her that the fashion show will do that.

Taylor says that when women are in love, they usually talk, so this silence from Brooke is unusual. Ridge asks if there is a chance that she is not in love. No, Taylor says, this is real. They hope she is happy. Taylor feels sorry for the other woman involved, though. Ridge hopes that the guy is right for her. Taylor isn't worried about that, as Brooke always had wonderful taste in men - remember Pierce????? They continue flirting and kissing while Brooke looks in through the door. Finally, Ridge tells her that she had best leave before he locks the door and keeps her there permanently. They part very affectionately, with Ridge telling her to take care of his girls. Brooke enters, saying that she didn't want to interrupt earlier while Taylor was there. "You two are so connected, so happy," she says. Ridge says that things are good. Brooke is happy for them but suggests, "Now let's talk business."

Taylor walks into Brooke's office and finds Thorne there. She asks Thorne about where Brooke is. All over these days, he says. They discuss the Spectra debacle. Taylor tells Thorne that Brooke is about to get more bad news on top of that. He asks what she means, so she tells him about the twins, and he congratulates her. They agree it will be hard on Brooke. Taylor wants to know if Thorne knows anything about the new man in Brooke's life. Thorne pleads ignorance. Taylor thinks the guy must think she is wonderful. Thorne admits the guy thinks she is wonderful. Ah-ha, Taylor thinks, he must know something. No, Thorne states; he just thinks that the timing is off for these two. Brooke will find someone, but he agrees that this is a bad time for her to find out about the twins.

Brooke is ranting about Sally, but Ridge tells her to let it go, as they will bury Spectra at the fashion show. They have a lot to do, he says. Ridge wants to tell Brooke something that she will hear from other people soon anyway and tells her about the twins, both girls. Brooke says that she knows that he always wanted a girl and he remarks that you have to be very careful about what you wish for. He asks if she is okay. She says yes. Ridge tells her that Taylor thought she might have a hard time with this, but she says she is just fine. They exchange some business chatter as she heads out the door, but Ridge catches her. She is crying. She was caught by surprise, she says. Don't tell Taylor, she asks, as she is really happy for both of them. Twins are a blessing, she says. They hug.

Thursday, June 24, 1999, Ep. #3075

Brooke cries on Ridge's shoulder, saying that she doesn't have time for this. Ridge says they were not talking work, but about Taylor having twins. Is something else is going on? He wonders. Brooke says he is right, but it has nothing to do with Taylor, so Ridge guesses it's about this guy Brooke has been seeing. He wants to know who it is. Brooke ducks the issue, saying that her problem has to do with the other woman the man she likes is involved with. It seems like she has problems at work and at home, especially in her love life. Ridge reminds her that he and Taylor are there for her. At least until the twins are born, Brooke states. True, Ridge admits... but then there is Thorne. He will be busy with his wedding, Brooke says. She tells Ridge that it is set for the day after the show, and he wonders if Macy knew about her parents' plot. She must have, Brooke says. Maybe, Ridge states, but that is beside the point; his point is that Brooke has support if she just reaches out to her friends. Brooke thinks that she needs more than friendship. Ridge again urges her to go after this guy, even if he is involved; what if he goes with this woman because Brooke gives up? Ridge wonders. What good will that do? Brooke says she has dinner plans, and Ridge asks with who. Without answering, she sends him on his way.

Thorne talks to Macy on the phone, and he tells her that Brooke did not apologize for the other night. He wants to drop the subject for now, despite Macy's protests. As he is about to hang up, he tells her that he has to work late. He then hangs up... and then he asks himself why he could not tell Macy that his meeting tonight is with BROOKE!

Amber talks to her mother on the phone about the upcoming fashion show. Tawny says it sounds like everything is all right. Sarah walks in, so Tawny hangs up, telling Amber to have a great day. Sarah is still worried about Becky and the baby, she tells Tawny, who thinks that Becky would be better off getting a life of her own and not dwelling on that baby. Sarah again brings up the birthmark, but Tawny reminds her that Amber lives far away from here and now has a happy life for herself. She wants to drop the subject and to only think about happiness for Amber and her family. Just then, Uncle Joe comes in and tells them that he is worried about his daughter, as Becky is felling low. He thinks that Becky needs a change of scenery and has just the thing in mind: a visit with Amber! Tawny and Sarah exchange worried glances and are shocked by the request!

CJ sneaks up on Amber as she lays by the pool. He says how great she looks, and she credits that to Rick, who is at Forrester helping out before heading to the beach for some surfing. CJ then talks about how things are coming together for both of them, as she has Rick and he is dating Kimberly. Ever since it came out that Rick was the father, CJ says, things have clicked with Kimberly. Amber frantically asks him not to bring up the paternity questions again, and she threatens to throw him out if he does!

Tawny tells Joe that Amber was busy with her baby, but Joe still thinks a visit would be good for Becky. Tawny tells Sarah that she wants to talk to Joe alone, so the midwife leaves. Joe guesses Amber has plenty of room and tells Tawny that Becky is packing right now. Tawny tells Joe that he knows Becky and Amber were never best of friends. Joe says Becky is just a little jealous of Amber being a zillionaire, while the rest of them struggle to make ends meet. Tawny says that Becky needs to go to school and get herself a career. Joe says there are a lot of good schools where Amber is at in LA. Tawny says Amber is too busy with her baby and doesn't have time to watch Becky, so she suggests Chicago. Joe says Becky doesn't want to go there and wonders why Tawny is so against her own niece this way.

CJ tells Amber that he thought she would happy to hear about him and Kimberly. Amber asks if Rick knows, and CJ doesn't think that Rick is used to the idea yet. Maybe if he sees Kimberly on a date with CJ more, Rick will come around, CJ suggests. Amber suggests that they go on a double date to Mannequins; she will convince Rick and CJ will convince Kim. She boasts, "He's totally into our marriage, and tonight he'll show your little preppy girlfriend that once and for all." He thinks that Amber has it made and he is happy for her. They hug as she says that she and Rick will live happily ever after.

Thorne shows up at Brooke's, and she is all dressed up. He thought they we were working, and Brooke says they are. Thorne says it looks like Brooke is ready to go dancing, and she says they can do that to. They sit on the couch and look at designs. Brooke says, "We really do work well together." Thorne says yes, but that's it for tonight. Brooke reminds him about dinner, but she didn't get a chance to cook, so they order Chinese. She tells him that she found out about Taylor and Ridge; she is happy as Ridge always wanted a girl, and now he has two of them. Thorne feels sorry for Brooke and suggests that they eat.

Tawny tells Joe that Becky cannot go to see Amber; the answer is no. Becky walks in and says she is all packed, but Tawny tells Becky that she can't go out there. Becky thinks she will cramp Amber's style, but Tawny says no. Becky says good, because she is going out there tonight to see her cousin.

Friday, June 25, 1999, Ep. #3076

Thorne and Brooke are having Chinese food for dinner. He talks about how far she has come, and she says that maybe it is too far, as she doesn't have fun anymore. Thorne disagrees, saying that she is having fun now. That's not the case with him, Brooke points out; every time she is with Thorne, she enjoys herself. Thorne suspects that is because he is safe--not safe in the sense that he is attached, but rather, that Brooke can feel secure that she can let her guard down around him. "The perfect relationship," Brooke says, as Thorne offers her some more wine. He says how beautiful she looks, and Brooke comments that he wouldn't mind hearing more of that.

Becky asks for the car keys, but Tawny flips out and tells Becky, "You're not going to Beverly Hills!" "Oh yes I am," Becky insists, but Tawny says they she is not. Maybe she should just call Amber then and get an invitation, Becky says. "Absolutely not!" Tawny exclaims. Despite Becky and Joe's protests, Tawny maintains that Amber is just too busy with the baby. She does not even want Becky calling Amber up and bothering her. Becky is getting on Tawny's nerves and she tells her niece that if she goes, she will be right on her tail. Uncle Joe then tells her to go home. He turns to Tawny and demands to know, "What is it with you, Tawny? What's going on? I am your brother." She says that Amber just had a baby and doesn't need anyone hanging around, so she wants Joe and Becky to leave it alone. Joe is not impressed at how little regard his sister has for her family. "I will remember this, Tawny!" he vows as he slams the door behind him.

Amber tells Rick about the double date, but she does not mention who CJ's date is. He is reluctant to go; he is fine with the two of them going out by themselves, but he is not into a double. "I guess I will have to tell Kimberly that we're canceling," Amber pouts. "Kimberly? She isn't his type!" Rick exclaims. Amber points out that CJ and Kimberly are getting pretty tight now, and it would be a way to get Kimberly to move on. Rick concedes, and the proud father holds his son, saying how it is a piece of him. They get ready to go out to Mannequins, and Rick says he is ready to check up on his buddy with his new girlfriend, which worries Amber. Rick notices the look, but Amber assures him that she is not threatened. With the way he treats her, she feels like something precious. "You are," he assures him, and she thanks him for making her feel like all she has to do is be a good wife and mother. "I will not cause any trouble any longer, I swear," she vows.

Kimberly is reluctant to go on the date as well, she tells CJ. It just wouldn't be comfortable. CJ however says that Rick is up for it. CJ offers to back out if necessary, but Kimberly starts to think that maybe this will be for the best. Perhaps they will all learn something from this, she says, and she agrees to go on the date.

Thorne and Brooke share some wine as he tells her how amazing she is; she is a great mother and a beautiful woman at the same time. He always knows just what to say, Brooke states; when she is with him, she feels like it is all worth it, but she does not feel that at other times. How can she say that? Thorne asks. He points to how well she raised Rick and Bridget as proof that she is going to make it. Brooke confides that she has not felt this way in so long. He is always there for her, and he makes her peaceful and serene. "I don't have that with anyone else," she confesses, "and that is because I'm falling in love with you!"

As Rick is holding his baby as they wait for the sitter, and Amber seems to be antsy. He wonders if maybe Megan won't show and they can stay home, but then there is a knock at the door. Megan, Brooke's assistant from Forester Creations, comes in; she is doing double by duty baby-sitting. Rick and Megan are going over instructions about the baby, and Megan says not to worry and to go have a good time. Rick and Amber start to leave, and he still has the baby in his arms. "Are you forgetting something?" Megan asks. He laughs and, saying that this is the first time they are leaving their son alone, gives the baby to Megan. He and Amber leave.

Rick and Amber enter Mannequins and check in with the maitre d'. As they wait, CJ and Kimberly join them, as Rick and Kimberly stare at each other.

Meanwhile at Furnace Creek, Tawny is sighing with relief and says, "I have to keep Becky away from Amber and the baby; she can never find out."

At the Forrester guesthouse, Megan is changing the baby when the phone rings; it's Becky. Becky asks for Amber, but Megan says that they went out for the evening. Becky says that she is a friend and asks who Megan is. "Oh, I am the baby-sitter," Megan says, and Becky hangs up. Becky says, "Look at this; they had to hire a baby-sitter when they can have me for free, so here I come, Amber. It's time that I met my cousin's adorable baby boy." Becky grabs her stuff and leaves.

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