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Monday, June 28, 1999, Ep. #3077

Brooke admits to Thorne that she is falling for him, and he thinks that is ridiculous. She questions why he thinks it is crazy. He replies it can't happen because of the history she has with his family. He finds that there is something wrong with her feelings and he is engaged to and loves Macy. Brooke tells him that the other night on the beach that they spent together was one of the happiest moments of her life. Thorne says," What about my brother? What about the way he makes you feel? There is no future, Brooke. You have to get these thoughts out of your head."

Meanwhile, over at the restaurant Mannequins, Rick, Amber, CJ and Kimberly are looking at the menu to decide on their dinner. CJ tells them that Rick and Amber are out in the real world tonight, off from their parenting duties, but they do make a good team. Amber cannot help but notice when Rick and Kimberly exchange glances. The couples compliment each other and take turns making each other jealous with a nice kiss. But Amber makes sure to point out that CJ and Kimberly should take it from her and Rick, that there is nothing better in the world than romance and love. Amber thanks them both for coming tonight and hopes that they will all become really good friends.

Eric is babysitting for little Eric at the guesthouse (apparently he has taken over for Megan) and Stephanie stops by. He tells his ex-wife that Rick made a big sacrifice to marry Amber and questions if that marriage even stands a chance and if Amber can make his son happy. Stephanie reminds him that Rick has a family now, so they must support him. Eric says that Kimberly would have been so right for Rick. As usual, Stephanie sticks up for Amber and says, "They are a family now, so you've got to give her a chance. And since you're a grandpa... well, just look at him." While looking at the baby and deciding whom he looks like, Eric feels that Eric III has his own distinctive features.

Sarah the midwife bursts into the trailer to find out how Tawny handled her niece Becky. Tawny assures her friend that she told Becky in no uncertain terms to stay away from Amber. Sarah is upset that they could be thrown in jail if Becky sees the baby's birthmark and realizes that her cousin's baby is really her own. The whole situation could be tragic for everyone. Just then, Tawny's sister in law Tilly bursts into the trailer looking for her daughter Becky. It seems that she took the car and went to LA anyhow to see the baby and Amber.

Becky is driving at night to LA and telling herself that she doesn't care what anyone says, she is not spending the rest of her life in that hellhole. "Beverly Hills, here I come... and Amber, DEAR CUZ, won't you be surprised to see me!" Soon after, she shows up at the Forrester estate and finds the guesthouse. She says, "Not bad CUZ. I could hang here with you and your baby." She peaks through the window and finds Eric and Stephanie with the child, figuring out who they are from Amber's descriptions. She decides to tell the Forresters that she came to meet little Eric instead of looking through the window and hanging outside.

Back at Mannequins talk turns to the baby, but Amber turns it into a speech about how lucky she is and how blessed she is to have her own family and feel safe and secure. And nobody is ever going to take that away from her.......

Brooke wants Thorne to look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn't feel the same things that she feels. If he doesn't feel it, then she promises that she will never bring this up again. Thorne goes to leave, but turns around to say, "I idolize you in so many ways. I am incredibly attracted to you, Brooke. But it will never happen for us, no! Look at us, we are standing in a house that my brother bought for you, a house where you have raised two children by my father." Brooke says that her two children are grown and questions if she deserves a chance to be happy. The kids would find it tough, but they would adjust to her and Thorne being together. She tells Thorne that now is a crazy time for both of them, and he told her to always life by her own terms. She thinks that they should explore their feelings in their hearts. Thorne touches her face with his hand and says, "No, Brooke! Oh god, what am I doing? There will never be an us. Never!" He runs out of the house fast, as if he is afraid to act on his feelings. Outside the closed door he stands there, thinking alone.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999, Ep. #3078

Kimberly, CJ, Amber and Rick are still having their meal at Mannequins, as Amber pronounces that for her marriage, it is smooth sailing from now on. Amber notices that Kimberly is quiet and asks what it is like to be such a hot item with CJ. CJ is gushing with pride over his date's "hot bod" at the party, which Amber thinks is cute while Kimberly gets embarrassed. They've only dated a few times, Kim points out. Rick is glad to hear that, but CJ quickly steps in and says things **ARE** serious between him and Kimberly, and tonight is a time for the two of them to kick back and relax. Amber agrees with that sentiment, proposing a toast to good friends. CJ says, "This pasta rocks; try some, sweetie," as he puts his fork to Kimberly's waiting mouth. "Be careful, it is as hot as you," CJ jokes. Amber says, "Isn't that sweet; when Rick and I were at that stage, we felt like we were on a roller coaster." But they are beyond that now, Amber explains. CJ says, "What is different, diaper duty late at night? So what do Kimberly and I have to look forward to?" Rick says, "What do you mean, you and Kimberly?" CJ says you never know; they might get married someday, although it might not be to Kimberly. Amber smiles and says, "It is wonderful to count on someone so completely; this is the first time I feel so secure. You will understand when you find the right person. Everything I ever needed, I have. There's no more insecurity, no more being afraid. As long as I have Rick by my side, that is all I need." She kisses his hand.

Back in Furnace Creek, Tawny and Sara discuss Becky. "That girl cannot go see Amber! She can't!" Tawny proclaims. "Her parents said no and I said no, so she must be at the mall. If she was in Los Angeles, then Amber would have called," she adds. Sara is all in a panic about Becky going to LA and that all Tawny can think about is Amber; they can go to prison, she reminds Tawny! Tawny reassures her that everything will be fine... at least, that is, if they can keep Becky from seeing that baby and blowing Amber's marriage to pieces. Sara fears that Becky will connect to the baby on some primal level and suggests that they tell the truth, but Tawny will not hear of it. Becky will milk those rich Forresters for money, Tawny surmises, and that will be bad for Amber. To prevent that, they must stick to the plan. They have to find Amber, Tawny insists.

From outside the guesthouse, Becky observes "Amber's little pot of gold, Eric Forrester III." Inside, Eric and Stephanie are still babysitting for Eric III. There is a knock at the door. They answer and find Becky there, greeting Eric as "Granddad" and saying that he looks just like his pictures. "Do I know you?" he asks. Becky introduces herself and she says that she is here to see her cousin and to help with the baby. Amber didn't mention it, Steph states, but Becky says it is a surprise... and Amber just loves those, Becky points out. Amber is out to dinner with Rick, Steph explains. Becky bets it is with someone famous, but Stephanie says that it is not like that, as the baby has put a crimp in Rick and Amber's social life. "That's why I'm here," Becky points out, asking where the baby is. Stephanie says that the baby is sleeping. Just them, the phone rings and it is Tawny, looking for Amber. "She is out for the evening, but her cousin is here," Eric informs Tawny. "May I talk to her?" Tawny asks. Becky gets on the phone and tells her aunt, "It is too bad she isn't home. But the Forresters are so nice." Tawny demands that Becky come home, but Becky replies, "I just got here, but I will come home in a couple of days." "NO, you get your butt home now!" Tawny insists. "I will give Amber your love," Becky says as she hands the phone to the Forresters. Eric asks Tawny if everything is OK. "Yes, but where are the kids eating?" Tawny asks. "At Mannequins; do you want me to give you Rick's cell phone number?" Eric asks. "No, that is all right, I'll talk to her later," Tawny says. She hangs up and says, "Oh my god, Sara, you were right! Becky is there! I've got to get a hold of Amber; she has to get there right away."

Back at Mannequins, we are having some chitchat about the Forresters and Spectras, and CJ mentions something about Eric III having the Forrester blood. Amber looks away, and she is uneasy. Tawny calls looking for Amber Forrester; as the hostess is looking around, she spots Amber. She goes over and tells Amber that there is a call for her. "I'll be right back," Amber says as she goes to the phone. "THANK GOD I FOUND YOU! WE HAVE A PROBLEM! You've got to get home as soon as you can!" Tawny insists. "Becky is there at your house." Amber exclaims, "OH MY GOD, the baby!" "You can't let your cousin get anywhere near that child," Tawny says.

Eric tells Stephanie that Tawny didn't seem happy that Becky was here. Becky says they can go home now, and she will watch the baby. Stephanie says no, they will wait for Amber and Rick. The baby is crying; they can hear him on the baby monitor. "Can I peek at him?" Becky asks. Stephanie says to wait a minute to see if he falls back to sleep, but he doesn't stop crying. "I guess I'll get him," Stephanie says. Stephanie goes to get the baby; she presents little Eric to Becky and says to the child, "This is your momma's cousin, Becky." Turning to the baby, she says, "...and this is Eric Forester the Third." Becky has a big smile on her face at the sight of the baby.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999, Ep. #3079

CJ, Rick and Amber wonder what's going on that Amber was called to the phone. Whatever it is, it's no big deal, Rick says. Meanwhile, Amber gets the word from her mama about Becky. "Just go home; you have to, before Becky gets a look at that birthmark, as Becky saw it the night he was born!" Tawny proclaims. Amber freaks out that Becky might expose her. Back at the table, CJ notices the worried look on Amber's face. Amber tells Tawny that she will get home and hangs up. Just then, CJ walks over and asks what is wrong. She tells him there is no time to explain, but she needs him to drive her home, NOW! She and CJ leave the star struck, forlorn, misguided non-lovers, Rick and Kimberly, at the table.

Henry, the production man calls Eric to Forrester, so Stephanie remains behind with Becky and little Eric. Becky fawns over the baby and wants to see if she can see any resemblance to Rick. "I don't know, Mrs. Forrester... he looks more like a Moore than a Forrester to me," she concludes.

Back at Mannequins, Rick is glad to see Kimberly happy and enjoying herself. She points out that CJ always says what a hectic year it has been for all of them. "Where is CJ, anyway?" she asks. He went to get Amber, Rick points out... but now they are both gone!

Amber and CJ are driving home to Amber's, and CJ can't figure out what is really going on here. "What did your mother tell you, and who is Becky?" CJ asks. She explains Becky is her cousin, but CJ still does understand what the problem is. She says that she does not want to have Becky bother the baby and asks for CJ's cell phone. She then calls Rick; she explains that her cousin Becky is at the house, so she has to arrive home. She will explain to Rick in full later. Rick will says that he will drive Kimberly home, and Amber states that she will see him later.

Rick explains to Kimberly that Amber was on the phone and that she is going back home. Kimberly wonders what is going on: the way Amber left so suddenly, one would think it was an emergency. "Well, that's just Amber," Rick says. Kimberly does not want to seem suspicious, but this **IS** Amber they are talking about. Kimberly then apologizes; she doesn't mean to accuse Amber of anything, but... Rick agrees it seems odd, but he has come to accept that this is the way Amber is. The two of them have made a pact to put all the lies behind them and make their marriage work, he points out. "She obviously trusts me," Rick says, and Kimberly agrees, since Amber left them alone. "And if Amber is not worried about us, why should we worry about Amber?" Rick asks.

Back in Furnace Creek, Sara and Tawny panic... what if Amber does not get there in time?

Amber is trying to push CJ to drive faster, pointing out cars he can pass on the road. "I have to get there," she says, and he asks, "What is it, Amber?" He guesses that this thing with Becky is just a front for something more, but she says it really is about Becky. CJ accuses, "You're hiding something, aren't you? You have another secret, I know you." Seeing the outside of the estate ahead, Amber tells CJ to pull over now, so he stops the car. Amber rushes out and runs up the driveway. CJ then heads back to the restaurant; he says to himself that he can't believe they left Rick and Kimberly all by themselves. Suddenly, his car dies, and CJ says what a piece of junk it is.

Rick and Kimberly are still together, and they are sharing a piece of chocolate cake; as Rick feeds her the piece of cake, she says it is good. Rick points out that it is an aphrodisiac, and then she asks Rick, "Are you trying to sound like CJ? That's not you, though. You're different, just like me and Amber are. I'm usually careful when I first meet someone, but you and I were so comfortable..." "We still are," Rick says. Maybe so, Kimberly states, but she has moved on. "Now who sounds like CJ?" Rick jokes as Kimberly takes some more cake.

At the guesthouse, Becky convinces Stephanie to let her hold the baby. She notices how beautiful little Eric is. "He looks just like..." she says, as Amber comes flying in, fire in her eyes. She looks at Stephanie and sees Becky holding the baby. Amber frantically asks, "What are you doing?" Becky says, "I was just going to say how the baby looks just like his mama." Amber freaks and tells Stephanie that she will explain everything; she is so sorry and can explain, but... Stephanie tries to calm her down as Becky turns to her cousin. "I didn't want to spoil your evening," Becky says. "I just wanted to surprise you and visit my little cousin."

Becky says how beautiful Amber's child is and offers to baby-sit, so Amber can have more free time. Amber thinks that it is bedtime for little Eric and tries to take the baby away from Becky, but Becky says that she thinks he did something in his pants. Amber says she will change him, but Becky wants to do it instead. Stephanie says, "I will do it you, so you two can talk." Amber drags Becky outside and says that she doesn't want her around; she is too busy with the baby and all, and she hasn't any room. "Your mother stayed here for a week," Becky points out. Becky throws up how her mother took in Amber when Tawny didn't want her; "That is what family is for," she says. "Are you too rich now to have anything to do with me?" Amber orders, "I WANT YOU TO GO HOME! DRIVE YOUR CAR BACK AND GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Becky turns to her and says that is too damn bad... she isn't going anywhere!

Thursday, July 01, 1999, Ep. #3080

Eric and Stephanie talk about how Amber acted towards Becky; they agree that Amber doesn't seem happy to see her cousin. Amber has Becky outside the Forrester's, and she says that Becky is not wanted here. Becky says Aunt Tawny made that clear to her. Amber says, "I don't have room for you. Rick and I are newly married and need our room." Becky looks over at the guesthouse and says it is pretty small. Amber says that's right, it's too small. Becky says, "But your mother stayed with you." Amber says that was just for a little while, but now she wants Becky to leave! Becky asks, "Can't I stay in the big house?" Amber says, "NO! I'm sorry, but you can't stay here. Now get your stuff and get in the car!" Becky says, "You don't want me here; something is going on."

CJ is upset that his car broke down. He asks himself, "Why didn't I send Kimberly home in a cab?" CJ calls Rick who is with Kimberly. Rick asks what's up, and CJ says, "My car broke down and the tow truck is on the way." Rick offers to take Kimberly home; he says "see 'ya later, buddy," and hangs up on CJ. CJ tells himself nothing will happen, as Rick is married and Kimberly won't go for it. "Kimberly is with me now, and whatever they had is over," he tells himself.

Outside Kimberly's house, Rick and Kimberly talk. Rick mentions the fashion show and how Spectra is not in league with the Forresters. Kimberly says that her dad will change that. Rick says it's better that they didn't get together with the trouble between their families. Kimberly says it would have worked out, but now they have to move on. Rick sits next to Kimberly on the porch, and they talk about her first kiss. Kimberly says that she didn't know about Amber back then. Rick says, "Wow, who would have thought a kiss would make me feel that way?" Kimberly asks, "Don't you feel that way when you kiss Amber?"

Eric and Stephanie are still talking about Amber and Becky. Stephanie says that they will not see much of Becky if Amber has anything to do with it. Meanwhile, outside, Becky says, "I know when you're lying, Amber; didn't you think I would notice? Come on, you raced home in the middle of dinner to tell me you didn't want me anywhere around here... and I know why. I know you don't want me here because you're ashamed of me. I just want a better life. I can help you out with the house. I need your help; I can't go home, after getting pregnant, having the baby's father walk out on me, and then giving up my baby." Amber says, "You said you were glad and didn't want to raise a child." Becky says that she thinks about him everyday. Amber says he's fine... that is, she's sure he's fine, she corrects herself. Becky wants to make a fresh start like Amber did. Amber says that Becky can't stay here. Becky says, "You're selfish, not lifting one finger to help family." Amber says that Becky is going back inside, so Becky should say her goodbye's and then leave.

CJ tries to call Rick, but he gets a message that says, "The customer you're trying to reach is not available." Kimberly says it was just a kiss, so Rick should just imagine what if they had... Rick says, "Kimberly!" Kimberly can't believe that he never thought about it. Rick says he is married. Kimberly says that doesn't mean they couldn't talk about what could have been. Rick asks her to stop. Kimberly says she wishes that she could stop thinking about it; "We are not married, but part of me belongs to you, and I will never forget the beautiful things you said to me," Kim states. Rick says, "I feel like you're not real, like I made you up. You're smart and everything I ever wanted." Kimberly says everybody makes mistakes. She tells him, "You're strong and brave, and I'm so proud of you. I never met anyone as special as you. Do you remember it, too?" Rick says yeah as they embrace tightly. Kimberly says that she thought she was doing such a good job. Rick says she is; "it's like we'll ever forget, and CJ's a great guy." Kimberly says yes, he has been nice to her. Rick has to leave; they start to kiss but hug instead, and he leaves. Kimberly has tears in her eyes.

Stephanie asks Amber where Becky is. Amber says she is leaving. Becky walks in and says, "I thought Amber would like seeing me, but I guess she's busy." Becky says it was nice to meet all of the Forresters and she wishes that she could stay longer. Stephanie says maybe another time. Becky leaves and tells Amber to say hi to Rick. Amber says she will, as Becky leaves and shuts the door. Amber starts to talk to Eric when they hear a scream from Becky. They rush outside to find Becky on the sidewalk. Becky says that she fell and hurt herself. Eric helps Becky to the couch and tells Amber to get some ice. Stephanie says that Becky can't drive on that foot, so they'll have a guestroom made up for her. Becky thanks them. Meanwhile, Amber is upset that Becky pulled this stunt and shakes her head as she watches Becky acting it up.

Friday, July 02, 1999, Ep. #3081

At the Forrester mansion, Eric holds ice on Becky's foot. She says it feels better. Amber says that is good, so Becky can go home now. Becky tries to get up but screams and falls back down. Stephanie offers her an upstairs room, but Becky says she'll stay on the couch. Amber says NO. Eric picks up Becky and carries her to the main house. Becky says good night to her cousin.

Macy shows up at Kimberly's; Adam was working late on the fashion show and asked Macy to check on Kim. Macy says he's trying to help mom and make everything up to her, but Kimberly wonders if crashing the Forrester show is the way to do it. Macy admits she only just found out, and of course it is difficult for her, being engaged to Thorne. Kimberly however doesn't have that problem, as she is not seeing Rick anymore... or is she? She asks how Kim found out about the show, and Kimberly says that Rick told her tonight when they were out. She laments that she is trying to move on with CJ, but she still thinks of being with Rick. She and Rick had something, except for Amber, she states. Macy tells Kimberly to let go, as Rick is married. But not happily, Kim says. Macy asks if Rick said that, and Kimberly says Rick and Amber are more like brother and sister then husband and wife. Macy hopes that Kimberly does not intend to act on these feelings, and Kim says she won't, as Rick has to be there for his son.

Rick stops his car and says that he should go home to his wife and baby; however, he can't help but thinking about Kimberly. He knows he did the right thing, even though he is only seventeen, so why can't he just quit? He tells himself that he made a commitment and must stick by it.

Amber calls her mother and says that Becky did not see the birthmark. Tawny is relieved and hopes Amber sent her cousin home. Amber says that she can't, as Becky is acting hurt and the Forresters took her to the main house. Amber thinks that she is faking it, however. Tawny tells Amber that she has to get that sneak, Becky, out of there before she sees the birthmark. Amber points out that Becky is now at the main house, but that is close enough for her to stop by, Tawny notes. Tawny wants to come to LA, but Amber will handle it for now. If Tawny comes now, Becky will get suspicious. OK, Tawny says; she will stay there, but only for now.

Rick comes home and he is horny from his taking Kimberly home, as Amber is holding little Eric III, and she is telling him about the surprise visit from Becky. He doesn't see anything wrong with it, but she wants to spend time alone with him, so she doesn't want her cousin around now. They end up doing it on the couch. Rick made Amber's night as since she had the baby, he hasn't touched her, and the doctor said it was all right. They are laying together, and she is so happy. Rick is sweating, and he gets up with a towel wrapped around him. Amber gets up and looks out the window over at the Forresters, and she says to herself, "You're not going to ruin this for me, Becky."

Eric and Stephanie show Becky to Felicia's old room, and Becky says how she would never leave this room if this was hers. Eric takes her over to the bed and puts a pillow under her ankle. They leave and she is jumping on the bed. "Whoopee, this is great!" she cries out. She goes over to the dressing table, picks up Felicia's picture brush and pulls up her hair. There is a knock on the door, so she runs over to the bed and says to come in. It is the maid, bringing food at Stephanie's suggestion. Becky thanks her, saying she doesn't need anything else. She can't believe her luck. She goes to the window and says, "Now I am looking down at you," as she hears Amber's voice. "Becky... Becky, I am on the intercom. Pick up the phone," Amber orders. Amber again tells her that she is out of there tomorrow and hangs up. "Oh no, cuz, I am not going anywhere," Becky proclaims.

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