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Monday, July 05, 1999, Ep. #3082

Amber feeds her baby and thinks of how close Becky could get to her baby. Rick suggests they have dinner with Becky. Meanwhile, up in the main house, Becky gets comfortable in her new surroundings and thinks how she could stay. Amber and Rick head up to the main house as Amber explains how Becky recently gave up her baby. She doesn't think that Becky should be around, but Rick does not see why. As he continues to ask his wife about that, Becky walks in on them.

Brooke calls a meeting at Forrester; she has an idea about having a talent hunt for a new model at the benefit to show up Spectra. Everyone goes for the idea, so she puts an ad in the paper.

At Spectra, Darla wants to talk to Sally, but Sally says later, as she is talking to Macy and Adam. Meanwhile, Kimberly takes some pictures to one of the models, who thinks Kimberly has the look to be a model herself. The model advises her to go for it. Kimberly tries to ask her father if she can do it, but Adam refuses. Kimberly spots Brooke's ad in the paper and asks Darla what she thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Darla leaves the paper on Sally's desk. Clarke walks in and tears up a dress; he wants to quit. The production values at Spectra are nowhere near Forrester, he laments, and he is tired of sending designs back and forth to production. CJ leaves the room but listens outside.

Rick helps Becky to a chair and brings her breakfast, then leaves. Becky tries to look at the baby. Amber however orders her to quit the act and get back to Furnace Creek ASAP!

Thorne and Brooke are working at Forrester when Macy calls Thorne. She says that she's going to be a few hours late. Brooke picks up the phone and asks Macy why she's working if she's not involved in Spectra business, as she claimed. Macy says it's none of Brooke's business. Brooke warns that Spectra had best not mess this up for Forrester and slams the phone down. Thorne asks if that was needed; Brooke says yes and leaves.

CJ talks to his dad about the fashion show. Clarke is worried that nothing can help... that is, nothing except a total meltdown of Forrester Creations. Clarke leaves, and CJ is left alone with his thoughts. He thinks about what his dad said... a complete meltdown... and has an idea...

Tuesday, July 06, 1999, Ep. #3083

Kimberly shows Darla a picture of herself and asks if it's good enough for the fashion contest. Clarke looks at the picture and tells her that she wasn't going to model for Spectra and to make him some coffee. Clarke leaves. Kimberly then tells Darla to send the picture to Brooke, based on Brooke's ad in the paper. Darla sends it, and she asks Kimberly if she is sure about modeling. Kimberly says that she is and is confident that she is going to get this job.

Brooke ends a phone conversation with Ridge and finds herself thinking about how she is stuck on Thorne, who she cannot get out of her mind. Thorne walks in and ask Brooke if something is wrong, and she tells him how she can't get over him.

Macy shows up at Ridge's house with presents for him and Taylor, congratulating them on the impending birth of their twins. Taylor is at a doctor's appointment, so Macy stops to chat with Ridge about her marrying Thorne. Macy points out that a big problem they have is Brooke, with her accusations about Macy. Macy thinks Brooke is out of control, but Ridge tries to defend Brooke, saying that she is worried about the show. Macy says that Brooke is not the only one; she can't help but notice how intense CJ is about it. Getting back to Brooke, she wishes that this new mystery man in Brooke's life might end her accusations. Ridge is confident that will happen, as Brooke always gets her man. Ridge wishes her luck and she leaves.

Sally, CJ and Adam see an article in the press coming down on Spectra Fashions, and Sally is furious about this! She cannot believe the way the press is slamming them. CJ tells them that those Forresters aren't going to beat them; tomorrow, they will crush Forrester, the teenager proclaims. Sally tries to calm her son down, but CJ feels responsible for this... and he intends to do something about it. Sally tries to tell him it's not his fault and there is nothing he can do. CJ becomes angry about his mom's attitude and storms out.

Brooke and Thorne get back to work, talking about the talent hunt. Brooke gets Kimberly's picture and gets an inspiration. She tells Thorne that Kimberly would the perfect insurance to keep Spectra in line, as Adam would not dare cause trouble with his daughter on the runway. She calls Kimberly up and asks her to come over. Kimberly arrives at Brooke's office. Brooke asks her why she wanted this job. Kimberly tries to sell herself to Brooke, and after a while, Brooke offers the job to her. They hug and Brooke smiles.

Adam tells Sally that he's worried about CJ. Meanwhile CJ is at a hardware store buying a sack full of things. The clerk asks CJ what he was going to do with all the stuff. CJ says he is just building himself a future... and at the same time, he might just be saving his dad's life too.

Wednesday, July 07, 1999, Ep. #3084

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Amber brings Brooke pictures that she has had professionally made for the Forrester modeling job. Brooke informs her that she is too late - the position has already been filled. Kimberly walks in wearing a gown, and Amber demands to know what she is doing there. Brooke introduces her as the new model. Amber gives her a killer look...

Adam and Sally are talking. They decide to put the gowns on the runway first, because they are the best work. But, they are not Forrester quality. Sally doesn't think that is important. They are not clones. Adam wants to know what he has done to her. He wanted to get her respect, but it has backfired to just the opposite. "Sorry, Red," he apologizes.

Macy & Thorne meet for lunch. Things are intense at both places. Macy assures Thorne that the Forresters have nothing to worry about. They have budgets, etc. Spectra has so much. And on top of all that, CJ is worried that he has ruined his dad's life. Macy & Thorne talk about CJ and Clarke. They also talk about Spectra and how her parents have promised that there will be no tricks. Thorne asks what is on the menu, but Macy hasn't even thought about food. Neither has Thorne. He was asking about the honeymoon. Macy comments that she would love to be on the ship right now. Thorne tells her that they have only 48 hours to wait. Macy says that it seems she has been waiting her entire life for Thorne, but it is worth it. All they have to do is get through tomorrow, one more day. But this is a great opportunity for Spectra, she says, as Spectra has never had this big an audience. Macy is afraid that the comparisons will hurt Spectra. She wishes she could spare them that.

CJ walks into Spectra. He is there to take some pressure off his mom. Meanwhile, Sally tells Adam that he has no reason to apologize. She has been through worse than this and survived. Adam wonders if she would have been better off if he had not shown up. She tells him that she would not be better off - she is already a winner. There is life back in Spectra. There is a pulse that has not been there for a number of years. Adam thinks it may be a short life after the show. Sally already knows how she is going to feel. They didn't enter this shark tank to get respectability - they did it for attention. And they are getting it in spades. And she is finding the personal attention delicious. Especially Stephanie Forrester's, because Steph is jealous that Sally has a man... a strong man who is willing to be her partner, put his bankbook on the line to make her look good. Sally doesn't know why, but Adam says that she does - she just refuses to believe it. Sally says she is getting closer to believing it. She thanks him from the bottom of her heart.

Amber is furious. "You hired her? Unbelievable. I wonder what Rick will think of this," she says. Brooke thinks Rick will be pleased. Amber demands to know why. Brooke tells her that Kimberly is qualified. "Look at her in that dress. She is gorgeous," Brooke points out. Amber accuses Brooke of doing it to get to her. Brooke says that she never thought of Amber. She tells Kimberly to go downstairs and tell Henry that everything is perfect. "And you can leave now too, Amber - and don't let the door hit you on the way out." An infuriated Amber tells Brooke that she is family and had best be treated that way. Brooke asks if she thinks she can dictate to Brooke. Amber tells her that she most certainly can. Amber doesn't even know why she tries so hard to get Brooke to accept her. Brooke is a cruel vicious woman, and it is no wonder that she is alone. Brooke could slap Amber for that. Amber thinks that she has done worse. Brooke tells her to get out before she does something she will regret.

Amber apologizes. Brooke tells her to get out. Amber tells her that she needs her respect. Brooke keeps hurting her and she strikes back. Brooke asks how she can respect Amber when there is no trust. Amber tore her family apart, and she ruined her son's life with her behavior and all the lies she told during the pregnancy. Maybe that is standard operating procedure for Amber. Brooke doesn't know whether Rick and Amber could have had a relationship - they are both so young. But she does know that when Kimberly comes into the building, it is like a breath of fresh air - and she loooovvvveeessss fresh air. So she will do whatever it takes to keep Kimberly around.

Darla is talking with CJ about the Forresters advantage--money. They can market product better. CJ needs to level the playing field - otherwise his dad will be out on the street. Where there is a will there is a way. Darla doesn't like the sound of the way CJ is talking about the fashion show tomorrow. CJ is going to help his mom and dad. That is all anyone needs to know. CJ will help & Forrester is going down.

Kimberly is putting a dress away when Amber walks in. Amber congratulates Kimberly. Kimberly thanks her. Amber asks if Kimberly has told Rick yet. Kimberly asks, "Rick who?" Amber thinks Kimberly is getting smug, but Kimberly says that smug is not it. She is thrilled. And Amber can leave - Kimberly has another fitting. Amber tells Kimberly that she is not going to let this slide, and Kimberly asks if she is planning to start a fight the day before the big fashion show. Amber tells her that Kimberly will never have Rick. Kimberly points out that Amber fashions her whole life around Rick. It must be quite a prison. What a burden, always wondering what he is doing, what he is thinking. Amber should be so happy: she has the ring, the name - the only thing that is missing is the one thing that no marriage should be without - love. Kimberly doesn't try. She doesn't chase. But tomorrow, she will be modeling the Forrester centerpiece. Does Amber have any idea of how this feels? She is thrilled about modeling.

Amber still thinks it is about Rick. But it has nothing to do with Amber, or Kimberly's love for Rick, Kim states. Amber catches that love for Rick thing. Kimberly says that is not what she meant. Amber says that Kimberly is not there to model - she is there for Rick. Kimberly can't get over him. What does Amber have to do to get Kimberly over Rick? What would Kimberly do if someone were stalking her husband? Would she make threats? Carry them through? Become dangerous? Would she do something drastic to protect her baby? Would it be justified? Amber says that she will do anything to keep her family together... anything.

Thursday, July 08, 1999, Ep. #3085

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Over at Forrester, Eric goes to see Ridge out of concern; he wants to know why he's heard that Taylor has gone to visit her father. Ridge says it's because of chest pains, and Eric wonders about the chest pains; if she's gone to see her father, then it must be serious. Ridge tells his father that he's phoned the doctor and found out for himself that Taylor's father will be fine. They change the subject to the upcoming fashion show. They talk about the anxiety that has gone on before showings before; however, they've never seen anything like this, especially where Brooke is concerned. Ridge tells his father he thinks it is Brooke's "mystery man" that is the source of the problem and that is putting her under pressure. Ridge thinks her "mystery man" is resisting her.

From there, Eric and Ridge talk about Macy & Thorne and their families soon to be co-existing. Eric doesn't know how it will work now with Adam Alexander in the mix. Ridge says that Macy and Thorne handled it before when they were married, so he thinks that they will again. Eric says, "Yeah, with it ending in divorce." Ridge has no idea how skeptical his father was of Macy & Thorne being together... and he's especially wary if Spectra causes any trouble on the runway today. No one will suffer more than Thorne and Macy will if that happens, and Eric just hopes they realize that.

Thorne sees Brooke in her office and tells her that Ridge just finished the last fitting, and everything is under control. They can't believe how many VIP's are there at this showing. Brooke hopes there is no trouble and Thorne reassures her that everything will go as smoothly as it always does. They talk about how Sally and Adam gave Macy their word that there will be no trouble, and not the Forresters. Thorne says if they gave Macy their word, then there will be no trouble. Brooke is amazed at how much faith Thorne has put in Macy. Thorne promises, "If Macy says there won't be trouble today, there won't be."

They continue on about who's company will come out on top and about Spectra being at the same showing. Thorne points out that if he didn't believe in Macy, he wouldn't be marrying her tomorrow. Brooke then gives Thorne a wedding gift and he says should he open it. Brooke comments that the gift is for both Macy & Thorne. Thorne is surprised that it's for both of them and says thank you. Brooke mentions that she won't be at Thorne's wedding, as it would be too hard. Thorne admits to Brooke that he cares for her, but Brooke's bad habits are the Forrester men, and he thinks she should break it and move on. Brooke and Thorne say goodbye... again. Brooke has tears in her eyes as Thorne leaves, and their eyes briefly lock as he exits.

At Spectra, CJ walks into Clarke's office and sees that his father is upset. He wants to know what is wrong, and Clarke mentions how badly they'll go down today with a collection that only has two weeks, compared to the Forresters' with months of preparation, and theirs is always flawless. There can be no mistakes, he states, and Clarke is worried about the downfall of Spectra. CJ encourages Clarke to be positive; they have had this coming from the Forresters for a long time, he says, and he's tired of them pushing his parents around.

In Sally's office, Stephanie shows up. She wants to see Sally to ask her not to cause trouble for Thorne and Macy, as it's their wedding day tomorrow and Steph wants it to be a special day for them. Sally automatically thinks Stephanie is there to gloat to put her out of business. With them fighting over the limelight, Sally guesses that Stephanie didn't think they could cut it. But Spectra will still be in their faces for a long time to come, Sally promises.

CJ walks in on this conversation and lets Stephanie have it. He doesn't want Stephanie treating Sally like that anymore, and he's tired of it. Stephanie tells CJ that he is being rude, especially given his friendship with Rick. He's almost like family, she reminds him. "You don't see Rick coming around here," CJ points out, warning that this show will put an end to the Forresters putting down his family. When Stephanie picks up that it seems like CJ is going to cause trouble she tells Sally not to cause any trouble tomorrow. Sally is as surprised as Stephanie is at the turn of events.

CJ gets mad that Stephanie called him like family and says that she's treating him like a bunch of crap. Stephanie is amazed when CJ thinks the Forresters are high and mighty against Spectra because they don't have the money that Forrester does. He then accuses the Forresters of being full of themselves. One day he will be running this company and things will be really different, and now he wants Steph out of here. "Don't bother my mother again!" he orders. Sally is just standing there taking this all in, as Stephanie says, "I expect an apology from you, CJ," and walks out the door.

Friday, July 09, 1999, Ep. #3086

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At the Forrester building, it's Fashion Show day, and everyone is getting ready. Eric helps the models get ready with their outfits. Thorne makes a phone call to Macy to see how things are going over there. They both want the whole competition over with. Thorne says that at least they can relax tomorrow, and Macy comments that they will relax, because she'll see to it that there won't be anything going wrong with their wedding day. Thorne says goodbye.

In Brooke's office, Brooke talks to herself. She can't believe that Thorne is really getting married tomorrow. Rick walks in sees his mother thinking and wonders what's wrong. He then confides in his mom that he can't believe she hired Kimberly. What was she thinking? he asks, pointing out that Kim has no experience. Brooke says that is what Kimberly wanted. Brooke also thinks that with Kimberly on the runway, there will be no trouble today at the showing. Kimberly walks in on Brooke and Rick talking, and they are speechless as she walks in wearing Forrester's showstopper. Rick agrees when Brooke makes a comment saying she's gorgeous. All Rick can manage to get out is "WOW". Kimberly said they told her to try it on for size. Brooke says, "now you can't blame me for hiring her. She's gorgeous," to Rick.

Amber is shown alone, pacing and talking out loud to herself. She says that Rick went to Brooke... Rick will make everything right with Brooke and let Amber model the showstopper. He'll make sure that Brooke isn't doing it just to spite her, she thinks. Amber says, "There's no way she's going to do it, and Rick's going to make sure of it."

in the gala runway room, Eric, Ridge, Thorne and Stephanie talk about Spectra and what trouble they are going to cause today. Stephanie is worried about it.

Spectra gets ready with their models as Sally tells the models what to do. Sally asks Macy where Clarke is and when Macy says, "I thought he was with you," Sally then realizes Clarke isn't there yet. How is she supposed to have a showing without a designer? Clarke was supposed to be there EARLY, she says.

We go to Clarke's office at Spectra, where Clarke is sweating it out by reading reviews in the newspapers. CJ walks in and notices his father is nervous about going down with Spectra today. CJ notices this from the doorway, and when Clarke notices he's there, they talk about why Clarke is still there at Spectra when he should be at the fashion show. Clarke is scared and is sweating it out that the Forrester's are going to crush them, he explains. Clarke & CJ continue talking about the Forrester's & the fashion show. Clarke says how the Forresters will win with their showings always being running so smoothly and their fashions always being flawless. They can't compete with Clarke's collection that was only done in two weeks when The Forresters had months. CJ assures his dad, "Not only are we going to compete with the Forresters, we are going to win!" Clarke leaves for the showing.

In Brooke's office, Kimberly & Rick talk about Kimberly & why she wants to be a model. Kimberly tells Rick that she wants to prove to everyone that she's a woman that can make her own decisions and she's not a little girl anymore. Rick is impressed.

In Clarke's office, CJ talks to himself as he tries to reach Kimberly on the phone. He's mad when he can't reach her, insisting that he has to talk to her before the showing, or she won't understand. His parents have risked everything on this showing and he's NOT seeing them go down. Darla walks in and wonders what's wrong. CJ wants to know where Kimberly is, as he was trying to reach her. Darla says, "Kimberly didn't tell you? She's at the fashion show... " Darla tries to finish and tell him that she's modeling the showstopper for Forrester, but CJ leaves and is out the door.

Stephanie, Eric, Thorne and Ridge continue to get their models ready behind the scenes. Eric says, "Where's the model that is to model our showstopper?" Brooke in the doorway announces, "Here she is!" Kimberly walks in, and Brooke announces to them and the other models, "Everyone, this is Forresters' newest sensation, Kimberly Fairchild."

Clarke arrives, as Sally and Adam do a check on where everyone is and they notice and wonder where Thorne is. Macy says she'll go get him. She walks over to the Forrester side of the room, and says, "Oh my god," when she sees Kimberly there, not knowing that she was already promised to be the Forrester's model. Adam is stunned to realize Kimberly is modeling for them and tells the Forresters that they are using her, so that there's no trouble today with Kimberly on the runway. Adam wants Kimberly to go with him, and Kimberly says, "NO," to her father. She tells him, "I made this commitment and I'm going to keep it."

Kimberly tells Macy that she did it; she won the contest and she's in the show. Adam is mad and doesn't want his little girl used. Thorne tells Macy that he didn't know Kimberly didn't tell them about the modeling, or he would have. Ridge says she applied for the job, she earned it. Sally wants to know why she is modeling for Forrester and not Spectra and thinks something is up. Brooke says that if anyone is up to something, it's Sally. Adam thinks Kimberly is being used for protection and not an opportunity, so that Spectra won't cause trouble

Backstage, Amber sneaks behind Kimberly and says, "Feeling good about yourself, arent'cha, Princess Kimberly?" Kimberly wants to know what Amber wants. Amber says, "You've got the veil, the dress, the support from mama Brooke... too bad that **I** have the groom." Kimberly again wants to know what Amber wants. Amber says she wants to wish Kimberly luck, as she's going to need it.

In the showroom, Ridge pays Clarke a visit. "That's a big crowd, isn't it, Clarke?" Ridge asks. Clarke says yes, and Ridge comments, "Too bad they aren't here to see you. Clarke, look at the runways; not one camera is on Spectra's side. Ridge boasts that Spectra is going down, and Clarke along with it.

Adam is mad at Forrester using his daughter for insurance. Sally reassures him that it will be okay. Meanwhile, Macy is upset with Thorne for not telling her. He apologizes, and Macy forgives Thorne; she just hopes Kimberly does well today. Thorne and Macy kiss while Brooke looks on; she thinks to herself that she can't do this and looks away. She has to accept them getting married, she tells herself. Eric announces to everyone that Trevor and Maryann are about to begin. He wants the first group of models ready.

The show is introduced to the crowd of prospective buyers and reporters. Macy and Thorne share a glance backstage, Macy on Spectra's side, Thorne on the Forrester Side. Behind Thorne in the distance, Brooke notices this glance. In the audience, CJ says, "This is it, Forrester vs. Spectra. Once Forrester knows what I have in store for them, they will never mess with Spectra again"

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