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Monday, July 12, 1999, Ep. #3087

It is the big Pediatric AIDS showing, and Eric gathers the Forrester family, staff and models for the pep talk. He wants the fashion show to attribute respect and admiration for the AIDS federation. He tells the troops to go out there and show how Forrester became #1, and everyone applauds before taking their places.

Meanwhile, at Sally's request, Clarke gets the Spectra gang to gather around for the inspiration. He says that against all odds, here they are, sharing the spotlight with Forrester Creations. He tells them, "We do have our pride and we do know how to work it. So get out there and work it!"

Eric and Ridge are backstage, going over last minute details. Kimberly, wearing her robe, looks out from the side or wings of the stage to the audience. She sees Stephanie, Amber and Rick standing in the crowd and waves to Rick. Rick smiles back at her. Amber, however, is so overly excited about how many people there are at the showing that she doesn't notice. Stephanie makes a crack that if Amber needs less crowd and some fresh air, she should go over to the Spectra side of the runway (the stage is set up with two runways; the Forresters are on the left and Spectra is on the right).

Trevor from the AIDS Foundation makes the introductions and the show starts. The latest Forrester collection starts with two gowns. CJ enters the room and glares at Stephanie, who has a look of concern on her face.

Next, the Spectra fashions hit the runway, but there is no audience there to pay attention. Stephanie remarks that she knew this would happen. Rick thinks this is awful, but Amber remarks back that Sally crashed the family showing and is getting exactly what she deserves. The audience is looking through the catalog, going to the restroom and chatting on their cell phones--anything but paying attention to the two dresses from Spectra. They are only there to see the next Forrester grouping.

CJ is really pissed off and says, "Oh man. This is wrong. My parents have worked too hard to be treated like this. I have to turn this show around right now!"

Eric tells the Forrester gang that Spectra might as well be showing their collection to an empty house. Clarke is pouting that his career is over and Sally wants him to do some magic. Clarke laments that Ridge was right; there is nothing they can do and they are finished.

CJ goes behind the stage and tells the sound tech playing the music that he thinks a speaker blew out, so the tech leaves his post to check it out. CJ takes out the cassette tape labeled "Forrester Grouping 2" and replaces it with another. He hopes that this will ruin everything.

Macy is out in the audience and she is upset. Thorne comes over to comfort her, and she asks him how people could be so cruel. She doesn't understand why people are ignoring the Spectra fashions. They already showed their best designs and were starting to go out strong, she says, yet people are ignoring all their hard work. She thinks it will take a miracle to save the company now. Thorne says to her that they must continue on strong and it will turn around; they just need to hang in there. Thorne and Macy kiss, and Brooke watches them from the side of the stage. She tells herself that nothing can happen with Thorne, because he is getting married to Macy tomorrow.

Brooke asks Thorne how things are going for Macy, and he says they are not doing too well. Brooke has a smile on her face at that bit of news. She then grabs Kimberly to have some last minute makeup touchups done before putting on the showstopper.

CJ is backstage, looking for Kimberly, but he has no idea that she is modeling for the enemy. He tells his mom that they are not finished, not by a longshot. As he searches around for Kim, he finds the room with the Forrester showstopper bridal gown sitting out all by itself. He takes out a pair of scissors and goes to work. "Oh man, this is gonna be good," he says.

Eric and Ridge get their next grouping ready and tell them to be upbeat to the fast tempo music, like they did in practice. The models go out on the runway, bouncing around... but the music turns out to be that lovely old slow standby, FEELINGS. As the models hear the lyrics, "Feelings, nothing more than feelings..." they look silly. Backstage, Ridge, Eric, Thorne and Brooke are astonished, and Stephanie, Amber and Rick are shocked as well in the audience. The models try to recover, but the audience is losing interest. CJ is smiling.

Clarke sees this as an opportunity, as the Forresters never make a mistake. He tells his models to grab the crowd's attention, and that is what they do. The Spectra models hit the runway to the upbeat tempo music and pull in the crowd. Darla and Macy share a hug while Adam happily embraces Sally. "We're back in business, Red!" Adam proudly pronounces. A satisfied CJ says to himself, "By the time this is all over, the Forresters will be sorry they ever messed with us."

Tuesday, July 13, 1999, Ep. #3088

As the Spectra models are going down the runway, the crowd goes wild. Sally and Adam are pleased as punch, and Sally congratulates Clarke. Macy interrupts her mother to talk about what is going on with Forrester. She hopes that her mother has nothing to do with this. Sally denies having anything to do with it.

In the Forrester area, the model that was forced to walk the runway to "Feelings" feels mortified. Ridge tries to assure her that it was not her fault: no model could walk to that song. Brooke and Thorne are wondering what happened. Thorne suggests it was just human error and says not to dwell on it, instead moving forward with the show. Eric approaches them and agrees that a comeback is the best thing right now.

Outside, Rick, Amber and Stephanie continue to watch the debacle in disbelief. Meanwhile, a pleased CJ moves to his next stage of his plan and sprays something on the runway. As Eric sends the next group of models out onto stage, CJ thinks that this is going to be good... and he is even more satisfied with himself when he sees the models stop dead in their tracks. They cannot walk, as their shoes are sticking to the runway! Eric and Thorne look on from backstage and cannot believe this is happening, as the press begins to lose interest in Forrester.

Trevor and Mary Anne approach Stephanie and ask what is going on? The dress rehearsal was flawless, Trevor notes. Stephanie is not sure herself what is going on, but she wishes she did!

Clarke and Sally watch from backstage, betting that Eric must be going crazy over this. Sally tells Adam that this is so unlike Forrester. Macy approaches her parents, asking them if they are really in the dark about what is happening. Adam replies that they are, and he is surprised that Macy could even think such a thing. Macy reminds them of her upcoming wedding to Thorne and of her promise to the Forrester's. Who else would do this, she asks? Sally insists that they are innocent... although of course, she will not complain about how things have turned out, either. Meanwhile, CJ smugly stands in the crowd, satisfied with his handiwork.

The two models are finally off stage and show Eric the glue on their shoes. Thorne wonders how that happened and Ridge thinks he knows: Spectra! Thorne reminds Ridge that Macy gave her word that this would not happen, but Ridge cannot think of any other explanation.

Rick suggests that Stephanie go backstage and find out what's going on, but Stephanie thinks she already knows: this has Spectra written all over it. Meanwhile, Sally and Clarke watch as noted fashion reporter Vivian Deveroux gives them a favorable review on camera. At the same time, though, the reporter wonders: given the rivalry between Forrester and Spectra, could there be more to tonight's events than just bad luck for Forrester?

Eric is backstage barking orders; he will not send the showstopper out until he knows there will be no more mistakes, so they will let Spectra go first. Kimberly, dressed in a wintry wedding gown, asks what is going on, but Brooke says it is nothing. It is just that they want to make sure that the dress receives the attention it deserves.

Spectra's model hits the runway in their showstopper, a stunning ice-blue wedding gown. The crowd applauds.

Meanwhile, Rick, Amber and Stephanie watch in the crowd. They guess that things will be OK now, as the Spectras would not dare embarrass Kimberly. No, they wouldn't, Amber agrees, an odd smile on her face.

Backstage, Eric tells Brooke he's had both the runway and the music checked out. They tell Kimberly to get ready, and she is really excited. She can't wait to see the look on C.J.'s face.

While all eyes are on the Spectra showstopper, C.J. sneaks to the Forrester runway's edge and fastens a small hook at the end. He says this is it. This has to work.

Kimberly walks out onstage in the wintry wedding gown, and the crowd applauds. C.J. however is in shock and silently asks, "Kimberly, what are you doing up there?" He tries to get back to the runway, but there are too many people. He can only pray that she misses the hook... and he is relieved as Kimberly reaches the end of the runway, turns around, and walks back, without a hitch.

At the top of the stage, Kim takes off the wrap to the dress and places it on the ground. She then proceeds back down the runway, and C.J. is again worried. The camera pans to Rick, Amber and Stephanie: Kimberly sees the big smile on Rick's face as she makes the second pass down. So caught up in the moment is she that she does not realize that the train of the dress has caught the hook, halting her in tracks.

Kimberly continues to try walking forward, but is caught by the hook, which rips off the back of the dress. Kimberly's slip is exposed from the back, much to C.J's horror. As the photographers start to flash pictures, Kimberly is horrified! Rick is standing there horrified, Stephanie is stunned and Amber bursts out laughing.

Eric tells Thorne to get Kimberly out of there, so Thorne walks out on stage and places the wrap around Kimberly, escorting her off. Over on the Spectra side, Adam is livid. How dare the Forresters do this to his daughter, he asks? He vows to make them pay...

Wednesday, July 14, 1999, Ep. #3089

The press is demanding answers as Eric tries to get his crew out from under the lights and flashbulbs. Brooke hugs Kimberly as Stephanie covers her up with a wrap. The Forresters blame Sally and Spectra, despite Thorne's objections; who else could have done this? Kimberly says no, her family would not do that to her. Ridge says this has been the way Spectra always has been, and Eric agrees: Spectra has always been at war with them, and tonight was no different.

The staff of Spectra is celebrating, but all Adam is concerned with is his daughter's embarrassment. CJ walks in, all excited. "Did you see it?" he asks. It was a setup, Adam proclaims, but Macy says that is ridiculous. Why would the Forresters make themselves look bad? Adam refuses to believe it and storms out. As the press tries to get Adam's attention, Clarke intervenes and proudly gives them their headline: SPECTRA IS BACK!

In the car on the way home, Rick is worried about what happened to Kimberly. Amber says not to worry, since it is the best thing that could have happened. Maybe now the precious princess will realize she was not cut out to be a model. She laughs at the sight of Kimberly standing there, exposed. "Shut up, Amber! How dare you say that?" Rick shouts.

Adam barges in on the Forrester room and approaches Eric. He asks, "How dare you embarrass my daughter like that? I'm going to teach you a lesson!" Sally tries to stop him, but Adam still jumps at Eric. Ridge jumps into the fray and yells, "Hold on there, or I'll kick your butt back to Nantucket!" Adam says that Ridge is welcome to try. Eric tries to get control, but Adam says they are all sick. Stephanie accuses, "We're sick? You were the one that attacked Eric." That's only because of the way Eric humiliated his daughter, Adam states. Brooke says that's ridiculous: they would not ruin themselves, but Spectra would certainly try to ruin them. Sally asks how they can try to pin their misfortune on Spectra. Eric replies, "Sally, our whole show was ruined. It was a nightmare." Sally says that yes, it was... and she should know, as she has lived it. Every company has problems like this, and maybe it is time that Forrester experienced it, she suggests. Thorne asks Sally if she had anything to with that mess out there. Sally says no, and Kimberly says, "I told you they didn't." Brooke doesn't buy it, and Adam and Sally say that is her problem. Stephanie accuses Sally of gloating. Sally says she is only sticking up for Kimberly after her humiliation, which Eric says was caused by Spectra. Adam repeats that they had had nothing to with anything that happened. Ridge asks, "Then who's responsible?"

Clarke tells the press that Spectra is back in business, having delivered a knockdown blow to Forrester. They ask CJ how he feels. CJ says that maybe now the press will give his dad the respect he deserves. Clarke hugs his son. Macy takes one more question, and she is asked how she feels about their victory at Forrester's expense. Macy tells the TV crew that Forrester's loss was Spectra's gain, while Brooke looks on. Macy then tries to get over to the Forrester room, but Brooke stops her. Macy says that she just wants to check on Kimberly; they are sisters, after all. Brooke grabs Macy and accuses her family of sabotaging the fashion show tonight... and Macy had best not deny it.

Amber tells Rick to chill out. A disgusted Rick says, "You saw what happened to Kimberly tonight, and you thought it was funny. You got off on it. Are you that paranoid about my feelings for Kimberly? Yes, I care about her... and whoever is responsible for what happened tonight, I will make them pay."

Eric and Sally argue as Sally continues to deny that Spectra had anything to do with Forrester's woes. Maybe it is time Eric learned some humility, Sally suggests, Adam tells Eric, "We went toe to toe with you and we won." "By sabotaging us!" Ridge accuses. Kimberly tells everyone that they have had enough for tonight, so they should stop. Everyone settles down. A maintenance man walks in and shows Eric something he found at the end of the runway: a small hook. Thorne sees it and looks at Sally. "Why are you looking at me?" she asks, and Thorne in return asks, "How could you?" He walks away, not believing Sally.

Macy tells Brooke that her family had nothing to do with what went wrong with the fashion show. Brooke is about to object, but Thorne then walks up and tells Brooke he wants to talk alone with Macy. Brooke does not want to leave, but Thorne insists, "I want to talk to her ALONE, Brooke!"

Ridge and Adam continue to argue, as Eric tries to throw Adam out. Kimberly apologizes, but Adam says that there is nothing to apologize for. He turns to leave, but before they do, Sally proudly proclaims how the tide has turned. Spectra is now on top, while Forrester will be the laughing stock, she states. She says good night to all and leaves.

Thorne takes Macy into one of the rooms backstage. She asks how his family is, and he says she does not want to know. Macy tries to tell him how sorry she is, since this is not like his family. "Stop it!" Thorne shouts, stating that he has proof that his family was sabotaged. "I trusted you and your family, and now Spectra is back to their old tricks!" Macy says that they had nothing to with what happened. Thorne then shows her the hook... the one that Kimberly's dress got caught on. Macy refuses to believe that her family could do this, but Thorne says that Sally has been pulling this for years. "We were supposed to be coming together!" he cries. Macy says they were coming together with their wedding tomorrow. Thorne asks, "How do I say this?" Macy asks, "You're not telling me...?" Thorne says he has no choice. Macy cannot believe this; can he really forget their love and commitment because of their families? They will forget about their families with a small wedding, alone, she suggests. Thorne says not after what her family pulled tonight, and he is totally disillusioned after tonight. "I'm sorry, Macy. I can't marry you tomorrow," he tells her. Macy says he cannot mean that and begs him not to go. As Thorne heads for the door, Macy tells him, "Honey, I love you." Thorne leaves. Macy runs to the door crying out for Thorne to come back. She calls out, "I love you," as tears flow down her face. Brooke is watching Macy in the hallway as she cries, and she slumps down to the floor in the hallway.

Thursday, July 15, 1999, Ep. #3090

At Forrester, Eric, Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie and Thorne talk about the fashion show disaster. Eric has the hook in his hand, and Brooke recounts that somebody put that at the end of the runway. Thorne starts to talk to his dad, but Eric interrupts him; now is not the time. Ridge then complains that Thorne guaranteed nothing would happen; who is going to answer for that, he asks? "How about that, Thorne?" Ridge asks his brother. Stephanie tells everyone that they can't fight among themselves; isn't it bad enough already? Ridge asks about the wedding, and Thorne tells his family he has called it off. Brooke looks at Thorne. Thorne tells his dad he is just so sorry, and he turns and leaves.

Macy asks Sally, Clarke and Adam if they had anything to do with the disaster, and they all firmly deny it. Adam thinks he knows who did it: the Forresters. Macy asks why they would ruin their own showing; that is so ridiculous, she points out. Clarke says it doesn't matter, as they are a hit and are back in business. Macy says there are more important things than business! Adam tells Macy that Forresters didn't give a damn about Kimberly's feelings, but Macy again says that the Forresters didn't do this. CJ tells Kimberly what happened to her was bad luck. Clarke interjects that they are missing the point: they are all still employed and they topped the Forresters. Clarke hugs his son and tells them they should celebrate. A disgusted Macy wants to run out of the room, so Sally suggests that she and Macy have some time alone. Everyone leaves, and Sally asks Macy what's going on.

Rick and Amber are home, as Amber tells him not to be down, but he is still worried about Kimberly. She needed something to feel special, and she ended up half-naked in front of the whole world, Rick laments. Amber is not even sorry, and Rick asks Amber to put herself in Amber's shows. Amber jokes that she does not want to wear Kim's shoes, which upsets Rick, so she apologizes. Rick yells at Amber that what happened to Kimberly wasn't funny! Rick thinks she is jealous, but Amber says she is not; she is just tired of Rick treating Kimberly like a combination of Cindy Crawford and Mother Theresa while he ignores Amber. She informs him how humiliated she felt, seeing Kimberly up on that runway looking at him... her husband! Amber reminds Rick that Kimberly is not his wife. Rick yells that he knows that. Amber then apologizes for being such a problem and storms out. Rick tells himself what a good job he is doing; now everybody is miserable. He picks up the phone and calls the Fairchild home but gets the answering machine. Rick thinks it is for the best, as her dad wouldn't let him talk to her anyway after tonight. He just hopes Kimberly is all right

Tawny and Becky watch the news about Forrester's debacle, and Tawny cannot even bear to watch. All Becky can think about is how exciting it would be to live in LA, and she wonders if Amber could use some company. Tawny tells Becky that Amber doesn't want her around. Becky says that she and Amber are not very different; Amber was just lucky enough to have a baby living in the lap of luxury. She, however... Tawny tells Becky to stop it, but Becky says she can't. That is all she has been able to think about. Tawny reminds her that she gave her baby up so he would have a good home. Becky says, "I gave him up so I could have a life... and I don't care what Amber says, I'm going back to LA!" Tawny leaves the room for a moment to get something she got at the toll booth to show Becky... and when she returns, she finds that Becky is gone.

Macy tells her mother that she promised Thorne that nothing would happen, but now look what has happened. Thorne helped them when they were down, against his family's wishes, and now she has made a liar out of him. Sally points out that she and Adam have tried to warn Macy about Forrester and Spectra. "If you are going to be married," Sally says, "you need to..." Macy cuts her off and says that Thorne doesn't want to get married. Sally hugs a tearful Macy.

Thorne gets home and opens the box with matching wedding rings in it. He throws the box across the room in a moment of total rage! He's interrupted by a knock at the door: it's Brooke. Thorne tells her that this is not a good time, as he feels like Spectra played him for a fool, a big fool. Brooke asks for him to please just let her in, so he does...

Adam asks Kimberly if she is OK before he goes to tend to some business. Kimberly says yes, so he leaves her with Darla and CJ. Kimberly asks them who would do this; it must have been someone with a sick mind. CJ tells her not to take it personally; it was not about her, after all. Kimberly is not sure; Amber did made threats to her before the show, she explains. Still, that would not explain the other things that happened, she admits. CJ says that nobody knew Kimberly was going to wear the showstopper. Still, Kimberly points out, she was humiliated, and she is sure the person who did this is laughing his or her head off. Upset that she is still wearing the Forrester gown, Kimberly goes downstairs to change, where she has a flashback of being on stage with her butt hanging out. She remembers how Amber was laughing. Kimberly asks herself if Rick's family could really do that to her. But even if they did, she knows Rick did not have anything to do with it. That's just one more thing keeping them apart.

Darla asks CJ where he was, as she did not see him during the show. He says that he was just doing stuff. A suspicious Darla then asks CJ if it was him; he was the one who caused the Forresters' problems, wasn't he? CJ gets angry and says that he would not do something like that, and he warns Darla not to ever say anything like that again before he leaves.

Thorne asks Brooke what she wants. Brooke tells Thorne she's there to help cheer him up. What happened with Macy was for the best, and she thinks that he knows it. That is why he called off his wedding. Now he is free to pursue all his options. Thorne is appalled that she thinks he did this because of her and tells Brooke that it would never work, because of her relationship with his family. He tells Brooke to leave. She resists, so he firmly tells her, "Just go home, Brooke!"

Sally tells Macy that it is right that she and Thorne postpone the wedding given the circumstances. Macy says he didn't postpone it; he called it off, and she doesn't really blame him. Sally says that Macy and Thorne have gotten though worse problems before, so they can do it again. She orders her daughter to go to Thorne's house and make it right, before it is too late.

Back at his house, Thorne takes off his shirt as Brooke watches from outside with a smile on her face.

Friday July 16th, 1999, Ep. #3091

Here is the update for the Bold and the Beautiful Friday July 16th, 1999, written by Ann-Marie.

Sally's Office: Macy is telling Sally that this isn't some silly lovers quarrel. Macy then turns around and informs Sally that she fully blames Brooke for this, as Brooke has been telling Thorne not to trust her. That Brooke has been planting suspicion in Thorne's mind.

Thorne's Place: Thorne is standing there staring at a picture of him and Macy. He decides to turn in - to end the miserable day. He heads off into another room and Brooke enters with this very smug, man hungry look on her face.

Kimberly's Bedroom: Kimberly is lying in bed and is flashing back to the fashion show. She wishes that she could talk to Rick.

Thorne's Place: Thorne reenters the room and finds Brooke. She is lounging in one of his chairs now wearing just one of his shirts. Brooke proceeds to flirt with Thorne.

Opening Credits:

Thorne's Place: Thorne informs Brooke that he is in love with Macy and that this is wrong. Brooke then proceeds to goad him that if he loves Macy so much, then the two of them should head off to Las Vegas and get married right now. Thorne tells Brooke it's not that simple. Brooke then resumes her pursuit of Thorne. Thorne tells her to stop.

Sally's Office: Macy wonders if she should just wait until the whole thing blows over. Sally encourages Macy to fight for her man - to not simply do nothing. Macy agrees with Sally's advice and leaves the office.

Kimberly's Room: Kimberly's phone ring - it's Rick. They note how each of their families is blaming the other one for what happened at the fashion show. Rick tells Kimberly that she looked incredible. Kimberly says that's not what people are going to remember. Rick replies that's all he'll remember about it.


Thorne's Place: Thorne walks away from Brooke. He then suggests that Brooke is on the rebound. Brooke flatly denies that she's on the rebound and that this has to do with lust. Thorne tells Brooke he doesn't want the stress or scandal that being involved with her would bring. He tells her to let it go.

Kimberly's Room: Kimberly then asks Rick about Amber. Rick replies that Amber is off taking a walk. That she is upset with Rick with being so concerned about Kimberly. Kimberly says that she better let him go. Rick agrees and they end the conversation. Kimberly then picks up a photo of her and Rick and wishes that they could be together. Cue music video of Rick and Kimberly in a garden and Miss Cafanga (Kimberly) singing...


Rick's and Amber's: Rick puts a blanket on Eric III. There's a knock at the door and it's Becky.

Thorne's Place: Thorne tells Brooke that he needs more time. Brooke goes to leave. She stops and notes that she is wearing Thorne's shirt. He tells her not to worry. Brooke takes the shirt off revealing that she's wearing a red bustier underneath. She then walks up to Thorne and starts kissing him, throwing him into a chair. There's a knock at the door - it's Macy. Thorne hisses at Brooke to hide. Brooke hides under the bed while Macy tells Thorne that we have to work this out. That she's not leaving until they do. Shot of Brooke under the bed rolling her eyes.

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