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Monday, July 19, 1999, Ep. #3092

At the guesthouse, Rick lets Becky in. She asks is Amber is there, and Rick says she's not here. He seems evasive about his answers, leading Becky to ask, "Did you guys get into a fight?"

Amber shows up at Kimberly's, and Kimberly wants to know what she's doing there. Kim tries to shut the door on Amber, but she insists on being heard and shoves her way in. Kimberly accuses Amber of being the one to embarrass her by sabotaging the showstopper, but Amber denies it.

Sally comes home to find Adam waiting there. She asks what he is doing there, and he says that CJ let him in. He's ready to celebrate to celebrate their victory against Forrester, but Sally's not in the mood. She is surprised that he could be in the mood to celebrate as well; shouldn't he be worried about Kimberly instead? Adam assures her that he has spoken with Kimberly and she's OK, so there is no reason they should not celebrate. Sally then tells Adam there is one reason she can think of: Macy's wedding is off! "So what's the bad news? Here's to the end of Macy and Thorne!" Adam proclaims.

At Thorne's beach house, he's standing at the door with Macy there, while Brooke is still under the bed in hiding. He tries to get Macy to leave, but she says that she has to talk to him. She tells him how wrong she was... she's not admitting her family was responsible for what happened at the showing, but it is time they forgot about that anyway and worried about themselves. She should never have waited to accept his proposal, she says, and she wants to rectify that now... by getting married tonight!

Sally chastises Adam for his attitude, but he says this was inevitable. He didn't cause it to happen, but he is relieved that it has. Sally says he sounds triumphant, and he asks why shouldn't he? After all, he was not involved in what happened to Forrester. He is however happy how it turned out. Sally still can't help but wonder, so he asks Sally if she trusts him. He points out that millions of people have grudges against the Forresters, and now one of those grudges has helped them and Macy. Sally says Macy is heartbroken and cannot see how Adam can ignore that.

Thorne tells Macy that they cannot get married tonight. Macy thinks she knows why he is reluctant: Brooke has made him suspicious of her in an attempt to break them up, out of her own misery from losing Ridge. Thorne says that Brooke is irrelevant... and just then, Brooke reaches from under the bed and pinches his foot! Thorne yelps in pain and walks away, and Macy asks him what is wrong. Getting back to the subject at hand, Thorne says that it has nothing to do with Brooke, but he can't get married now.

What made Becky think there was a fight, Rick wonders. Becky tells him that it would take a fight for Amber to desert her family after the debacle at the fashion show. She says that she saw the girl on TV, stripped down to her underwear, and Becky appears to be about to giggle about that. Rick is upset, as he knows the girl, and her dignity was stripped from her as well. Becky says that maybe Amber saw that as well and went to talk to Kim. Ho, says Rick, that's not possible, as Amber and Kimberly are far from friends. Amber doesn't get along with anyone these days, Becky says, asking why Amber is against her when they used to be friends. She admits she was nasty to Amber recently, but that is because she gave her baby up while Amber has a perfect life with her own baby. Rick tries to empathize, as Becky looks at Eric III and says there is something about the baby that draws her to him.

Amber insists on being heard. It is not her fault, she tells Kimberly. She talks about her own humiliation at seeing Brooke parade Kim in front of her to show her up; she was so upset from that, so she couldn't help by laugh at Kimberly's plight, she explains. Nevertheless, she is sorry. Kimberly says that Amber doesn't even know if she is really sorry, herself... and if Amber cannot know herself, neither can Rick. It is that kind of dishonesty that will someday cost Amber her marriage, Kimberly predicts, so Amber should just go home!

Thorne explains to Macy that with the chaos in their families, this is not the right time to get married, but he still loves her. Macy says he just needs a little more convincing and walks off to the side. Thorne wonders what she is doing and is dumbstruck as Macy drops her dress to the floor, and it lands under the bed by Brooke. Thorne stands there, staring at a black lingerie-clad Macy.

Baby Eric cries, so Becky picks him up and holds him. He stops crying. Still holding little Eric, Becky tells Rick about how she refused to feed her own child when it was born, so as not to grow attached. Now, however, she wishes that things could go back the way they were. They can't, however, so she hopes to start over... except Amber does not want her around. Rick tells Becky that she is family now and invites her to stay... and just then, Amber walks in!

Reacting to Sally's talking about Macy's heartbreak, Adam asks Sally how she got over him when he walked out on her 25 years ago. Sally points out how she moved on with Clarke... it's true he wasn't completely trustworthy, but neither was Adam. Clarke was charming and handsome though, she notes. Was he a good lover? Adam asks. Sally does not want to answer, so Adam offers a comparison and kisses her.

Thorne is speechless, so Macy decides to do the talking for them by telling him to just forget everything; she will make him if she must. Walking over to the bed, she shoves him on the mattress and begins to seduce him. She says that she wants him to make love to her right now... while Brooke is still underneath, putting her fingers in ears...

Tuesday, July 20, 1999, Ep. #3093

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Thorne's Place: Macy and Thorne are still at it on top of the bed while Brooke is under the bed, continuing to make faces.

Stephanie's: Ridge Stephanie asks about Thomas and Stephanie tells Ridge that he is fine. Stephanie then inquires after Taylor and her Father. Ridge says Taylor's dad is doing much better. In fact, Taylor is on her way home now. They then note that Becky is back and over at Rick and Amber's place. Just then Taylor walks in and plants a kiss on Ridge.

Rick and Amber's: Amber walks in and immediately takes Eric III away from Becky. Amber then tries to get Becky to leave, to go back to Furnace Creek. Rick cannot believe that his wife is treating her cousin like this and asks to speak to her alone. Rick then tells Becky to stay.

Thorne's Place: Thorne and Macy are continuing their games on top of the bed. Macy suddenly asks Thorne, "You do love me - don't you?" And we here this, "NO!" from underneath the bed.

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Stephanie's: Taylor goes on about how she missed Thomas. Ridge pouts and asks if she missed him too. Taylor finally relents and says that she missed Ridge too. The three of them then start to discuss the fiasco of the fashion show. Ridge notes that he had the most sympathy for Kimberly. Taylor expresses shock that Kimberly was even modeling the showstopper, and Stephanie agrees. Ridge says that Kimberly was perfect for the job and reminds that everyone thought so... including his mom! Stephanie notes that it was all Brooke's doing and that she did not take poor little Amber's feelings into consideration at all. Ridge cracks, "Since when do we make corporate decisions based on Amber?" Stephanie chastises him for that callous remark, but Ridge reminds her that he has never taken to Amber. He notes that she can't even handle having her cousin here.

Rick and Amber's: Rick asks Amber what's wrong. "What's going on between you and Becky?" he asks. Amber replies that she only wanted some time with her husband, something she rarely gets. Moreover, Becky could have at the very least called to say that she was coming. Rick tells Amber that Becky is really upset about having given up her baby for adoption. Amber replies that she doesn't want Becky around Eric III. Amber then asks Rick to tell Becky to go back to Furnace Creek.

Thorne's Place: Macy starts to question Thorne about what she just heard. Thorne says it was nothing, but Macy distinctly heard the word, "No." Then leaning over the bed, she finds Brooke.


Stephanie's: Stephanie comments that Amber and Becky have an interesting, odd sort of relationship. Taylor then changes the subject and inquires about Brooke's love life. Stephanie makes a few catty comments that Brooke is probably seducing her mystery man, just like she does every other man in her life. Ridge now takes his mother to task for her comments, but Stephanie stands by them.

Thorne's Place: Macy asks Brooke what's going on? They then begin to exchange barbs about Brooke's attire and other things, with Brooke landing the biggest blow about how she got into Thorne's place. It starts to dawn on Macy: "You tried to seduce my fiancee!" Macy accuses.

Rick and Amber's: Amber continues to try and get Becky to leave. Rick leaves them alone so that they can talk.


Rick and Amber's: Amber, now alone with Becky, continues her attempt to get Becky to leave. She informs Becky it's time she gets her own life and that she can't ride on Amber's coat tails. She tells her cousin that she is to go back to Furnace Creek and get a job and a boyfriend... and she should forget that Amber and Eric III exist. During this, Becky is becoming more and more visibly upset.

Thorne's Place: Macy and Brooke continue their little set to, with Thorne standing there, not saying much of anything. Brooke then delivers the ultimate blow by telling Macy that she and Thorne have been spending a lot of time together lately. Macy then starts asking Thorne if this is true. "It isn't, is it???"

Wednesday, July 21, 1999, Ep. #3094

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

We open with Taylor carrying a tray to Ridge, who has his head buried in the paper. She comments that this is what happens when a woman is 6 months pregnant - her husband buries himself in the sports section rather than be with his frumpy and bloated. Actually, Ridge is in the Real Estate section, he tells his wife... who is anything but frumpy and bloated, he adds. They need room for a family of five, he explains. She wants to know if he wants to leave the beach. He says that he has contacted a big time real estate dude and they are going to see a new house tomorrow. She wants to know where. He tells her it is in Bel Air - and it is a dream house....

Macy wants to know if something is going on between Brooke and Thorne. Thorne tells her no, although they have been friends for a long time. Macy asks Brooke how she can treat a friend without dignity - like a piece of meat. She wants to know how Brooke can live with herself, knowing what sort of example she is setting for her daughter. Bridget's primary role model chases after married men like Eric and Ridge and dresses like a common street whore. She wants to know what happened. Thorne tells her that they were having a normal conversation, he went into the bathroom and when he came out Brooke was dressed like this. Macy wants to know how long she has been pulling stunts like this?

Amber is talking to Tawny on the phone. Becky is leaving soon, Amber explains, and until then, she won't let her touch the baby. Becky walks in, so Amber hangs up on her mom. The baby cries and Becky picks the baby up. Amber demands to know what she is doing. "Saying good-bye to my cousin. I'm gonna miss my cousin," Becky laments. Amber reminds her that she has more important things to deal with now. Amber takes the baby from Becky. Becky doesn't understand why Amber doesn't remember the deal they made when they were kids - that they would always be there for each other. Amber says that they were young and kids say stuff like that. Becky thought she meant that. Amber tells her that she does care. That is why she is sending Becky away. She should go to college, learn about computers, get an education. Becky says she is too depressed for that. Depressed, Amber asks? Yes, Becky states; she gave away a baby without thinking about it. Amber assures her that the baby went to a good family. Becky says that kids in the desert don't go to good families. Amber tells her to get in the car, turn on the radio and go home - that is where she belongs. Suddenly, Becky agrees, that IS where she belongs. That is where her baby is...

Taylor wants to know if Ridge is serious. A house? Tomorrow? Ridge says Yep - and it's got a pool. Taylor points out that their current house has a pool that stretches all the way to Hawaii. Ridge thinks they need more space. Taylor says that changes make her insecure in her present condition. She feels like she swallowed a beach ball and feels unattractive. Ridge tells her she needs a lesson in biology. If attraction ended with the pregnancy, who would raise the children? Mother Nature steps in and makes a pregnant woman even more attractive to her mate. A man who loves a woman couldn't want her anymore than when she's carrying his child, Ridge says. Serious kissing ensues.....

"This isn't the first time?" Macy wants to know. Thorne tells her that it doesn't matter. All those times, all those opportunities, Brooke has been taking full advantage, because that is the kind of disgusting tramp that she is. Macy should have seen this. First Ridge, then Eric. But Thorne is different, Macy believes, as he wants a woman with decency. Brooke says that they share a lot.... she is more than friends with Thorne. Macy tells her to dream on and get out. Brooke tells her that she is blind. She and Thorne are very close - and were it not for Macy they would be lovers.

Becky agrees that she doesn't belong here - she belongs in Furnace Creek, looking for her baby. She made a bad decision. Amber tells her that she can't change her mind now. Becky thinks the baby is probably not adopted by now. Becky is going to get a lawyer and find her baby.

Ridge and Taylor end what appears to be, given their reactions, a very passionate moment. Taylor is commenting that they haven't been that passionate in weeks. Ridge tells her that she loves him like that. "All of me?" she asks. He replies, "Yeah, all three of you." Ridge thanks her for giving him the greatest gift a woman can give a man. He could never want more than that. He could never want more than Taylor.

Becky is ready to roll - she will call Amber and let her know how it is going. Amber tells her that she can't go looking for her baby - the baby is not there. Becky wants to know how she knows that. Sarah said something, Amber tries to say. "Why did she not say this to me? I'm the mom," Becky wonders. A desperate Amber tells her, "You are not the mom. When you signed the papers, the state became the mom. Get him out of your mind." Becky says that she did everything right while she was pregnant - no smoking, no drinking, etc. just to give the kid away. It was a mistake. Amber tells her that it was not a mistake - he has a mommy and a daddy, like little Eric. If that is true, Becky is happy, but she has to find out. The adoption agency will tell her what happened to her baby. Amber tells her that the law keeps them from doing that. Becky wants to know why Amber is so upset. Amber says she is worried about Becky, who thinks that is sweet, but unnecessary. She knows what she has to do now. She has to go find her baby. Amber tells her she should stay here. Why, Becky asks? Because going back would mess up Becky, Amber responds, and she doesn't want to see that. Becky wants to know what she would do here. Amber tells her she could jumpstart her life. She is family. She hugs Amber.

"You expect me to believe that you and Thorne are having a full blown affair?" Macy wants to know. "I don't even believe it is a half blown affair. He hasn't even kissed you - has he?" She turns to Thorne and asks, "Have you, Thorne?" Macy senses there is something going on. "You HAVE kissed her. You can have each other!" she exclaims. She shoves past Brooke, slaps Thorne and storms out of the room. Standing outside the beach house, she is in tears!

Thursday, July 22, 1999, Ep. #3095

At the beach house, Ridge and Taylor prepare to go house hunting. Thomas is at the sitter and Taylor has rearranged schedule to go, she tells Ridge. Just then, the babies kick, and Taylor is surprised at how active they are. Ridge is not surprised... they are his girls, after all. And in a few more months... Taylor interrupts and wonders if they will be happy somewhere else, and Ridge assures her that the realtor will make that happen. The realtor arrives; Ridge introduces him to Taylor, and the realtor promises to take them to a pristine, mint home in Bel Air that he thinks will be perfect for them. They leave.

CJ sneaks up on Kimberly by the pool, holding flowers behind his back. She thinks they are beautiful and puts them aside. He then compliments her on her tan and asks how she is doing. She is still thinking about the fashion show, so CJ tries to get her past the humiliation she felt. "How can I do that?" she asks, saying that she knows who is responsible... she is certain of that!

Tawny has arrived in Beverly Hills as Amber brings her up to speed about Becky's plans to find her child. Tawny says she will talk to Becky, but Amber is afraid they may come on too strong and encourage Becky by doing so. They have to keep Becky away from the baby, they agree, and Tawny wants to take Becky back home right now. "You can't do that!" Amber argues. Well, they have to get Becky away, Tawny states, or she will find out that Eric III is her baby! Amber says that all she has to do is keep Becky away from the baby, but keep her from going home at the same time. She has to help Becky find a life outside of Furnace Creek. Just then, Becky walks in and is surprised to see her aunt. She then tells Amber that she was right; there is no room for her here with Amber, as she will just get in the way. Don't be ridiculous, Amber and Tawny tell her. But Becky is determined to go back home and find her baby! Amber and Tawny tell her that Sara the midwife assured her that the baby was adopted into a good home, so Becky does not have to think about it... but Becky can't help it.

A worried CJ asks Kimberly who she thinks is responsible, and she proclaims that it is Amber! Amber would never risk crossing the Forresters, especially Rick, CJ says, so it is not her. They may never know who it is, he suspects, so he proposes that he help Kimberly get over this. He tells her to lie down and then reads a poem that he wrote to her. Kimberly seems moved by his words.

The realtor shows Ridge and Taylor his Bel Air dream house... Pierce's house! Ridge does not seem overly enthused, but Taylor thinks it has plenty of space for children and is perfect. Ridge asks if there is anything else available in the neighborhood, but the realtor says no. "So what happened to Dr. Peterson?" Ridge asks, and the realtor explains that "Mr. Motivation," as Ridge calls him, relocated to New York. Ridge asks what the asking price is, and the realtor shows him the number. Ridge is surprised at how low it is!

Becky cannot forget that she abandoned her own child! "How could you have cared for it?" Amber asks. Tawny assures Becky that she did the right thing... and besides, the adoption agency checked out the new parents carefully, she is sure. Amber says that she is going to help Becky get a job and make new friends, so she will not have time to think about the baby. Becky worries that she will just be a nothing in this town, but Amber reminds her that she is related to Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr., and that will help her go places. Becky is excited... but first, she just wants to take a few days to go home and find out about her baby!

Taylor tells Ridge that she loves the house, as it feels comfortable for her. She knows this house and thinks it would be perfect for them. Ridge suggests talking about this at home. "Are you jealous?" she asks. She assures him that he has no reason to be. Ridge prepares to leave, and Taylor whispers to herself that she loves this place.

CJ puts some sunscreen on Kimberly as she asks him about the poem. Who did he write it for, she asks? "Who do you think?" he answers as he rubs the lotion onto her back. His hands move lower and lower down her back, and she then pauses. "That's enough!" she declares, stating that she is not ready to get personal just yet. "You would get personal with Rick, and I am sick of this!" he angrily declares. He is tired of watching her ignore his feelings and storms off.

Tawny shoots down Becky's idea, saying that the information she seeks will be sealed. Becky says she can hire a family friend who is a lawyer, but Amber says that could take months. She will not let Becky miss out on the chance to pay her dues with Beverly Hills society, she says... but for that to happen, Becky must stay. "You will just love it, and you will be a smash hit in this town. Your moment has arrived, Becky... trust me!" Amber states. Becky leaps up and hugs her cousin in gratitude, as Amber stares at her mom over Becky's shoulder.

Friday, July 23, 1999, Ep. #3096

Ridge and Taylor discuss the possibility of buying Pierce's mansion as Taylor is holding Thomas. She admits that she is torn; she loves that house, although at the same time, she will miss their place at the beach. Ridge still remains unconvinced and wants to think about it some more. He wants the best for the four of them, he reminds her, as he kisses his hand and places it on Taylor's ever growing stomach. He promises that whatever they decide, they will do it together, and he leaves for the office. Once he is gone, Taylor looks at a picture of Pierce's house, and she says that is where she wants to live. She can just picture the five of them romping around that big house, and the kids out in the big yard and in the swimming pool. She hears a noise and asks herself what it was. Figuring it was nothing, she returns to her thoughts of having Pierce's house for their new home.

Surprising him at Spectra, Amber approaches CJ for help dealing with her cousin Becky, who is bothering her. She asks him to do her a favor, but he is reluctant. What is the problem? Amber asks. He remembers what favors for Amber are like and is reluctant to get in the middle. She explains that Becky has just had some problems and she wants to help her out; she even intends to find her a job at Forrester International. Becky would get eaten up alive overseas, CJ predicts, but Amber remains determined. CJ asks how a girl from the sticks will cut it in Europe. Is that it, she wonders, that he is embarrassed at the thought that her cousin is a hick from the sticks? No, that's not it, CJ says. He reminds her that he's dating Kimberly. Has he made any headway with the Ice Princess, or is she playing hard to get? Amber asks. From his silence, she figures out it is the latter. Since things are on the skids with Kim anyway, she pleads with CJ to just call Becky and ask her out. Is he going to sit around waiting for Kimberly to call? Please, Amber begs.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie comes in holding baby Eric. The sight of Stephanie with the baby causes Becky to remember the night she gave birth to her own child. Becky then tells Stephanie that Amber has asked her to stay, and Stephanie is surprised, as she thought that Amber didn't want her cousin around. If she's going to be staying, Stephanie states, then Becky had better tell her what's going on in her life. Without getting into details, Becky tells her that some things happened in Furnace Creek, and now she needs a fresh start. She needs to forget the bad memories, and Amber is going to help her do that. Just then, the baby starts crying. Stephanie goes to give him a bottle and suggests that Becky feed him. Becky says no, especially as Amber is so protective that she will not even let her near her young cousin. Go ahead, Stephanie says. Holding the baby, Becky feels really good and does not understand why, and Stephanie says that is her maternal instincts. As she is about to explain more, the front door opens and Amber walks in... and she spots her cousin holding the baby!

At Forrester, Ridge tells Eric about Pierce's home and asks for his dad's advice. It isn't that he has anything against Pierce, but he has reservations. This is a big step and he wants to make sure that the house they buy will be the best for all of them. Eric tells him when Stephanie and he first got married, they wanted a house too, one where they could bring up their children. They settled on the house they have and they were happy there. Ridge says that all he wants is happiness for his family and for them to be safe from harm.

Back at the beach house, Taylor hears a sound again. She makes her way out on the porch and she can hear a noise from underneath one of the boards. She walks down the steps, gets on her knees and listens. Hearing the thump again, she tries to see what it is, but she can't see too clearly. Getting closer, she sees a scummy looking guy staring at her between the boards of the porch. Taylor lets out a scream of horror as the camera fades to black.

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