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Monday, July 26, 1999, Ep. #3097

Taylor backs away from the deck screaming and crawls backward on her hands and knees, as an older man under the porch looks up at her. The man crawls out from under the porch and, holding his neck, looks at the frightened Taylor.

At Forrester, Ridge and Eric are still talking about the house. Ridge is worried that Taylor thinks he is not as excited about this move as she is. But he is, Ridge explains; this is their first big house, and that is something to be excited about.

Amber asks Becky what she was doing with the baby. Becky says that little Eric needed to be fed, and Stephanie points out that Amber wasn't around. "Well, I'm around now," Amber says, taking the baby and putting him in his stroller. Becky tells Amber that she wishes Amber would let her help with the baby. Don't be silly, Amber says; after all, Becky is on vacation. Speaking of vacations, Stephanie states, what is this that she has heard about Amber inviting Becky to stay over the summer?

At Insomnia, Rick and Kimberly are talking. She confides in him that she had a daydream where they were walking together in a park. It was like something out of the Wizard of Oz, she says... and as they reached the middle of the park, she started singing to him. She says she knows it sounds strange, but Rick thinks that's beautiful. CJ walks in and sees Rick and Kimberly sitting together and frowns.

Eric and Ridge change the subject to Thorne; Eric is worried that things will not work out for him and Macy. Ridge is sure they will work things out; he is not as sure, however, about Rick and Amber. He knows from his relationship with Taylor that any marriage will have problems, so Rick and Amber are no exception. What he and Taylor have that Rick and Amber do not is commitment, he says; that is all that matters.

The old man just stands there mumbling as a frightened Taylor tries to calm him down. She says she did not mean to scare him, but he can't stay under her porch. Suddenly, the man starts coughing and wheezing frantically. Taylor asks him what is wrong and thinks that he is saying that he is hungry. As he mumbles something about food, he reaches out and grabs her, and Taylor pulls back in shock!

CJ watches Rick and Kimberly closely, as they continue talking about her dream. Rick agrees that it would be nice if it were true. CJ looks on and moves closer; he thinks to himself that maybe Amber is right that he needs a break from this situation.

Amber is glad Stephanie brought up the subject of Becky's "vacation" and asks Stephanie if Becky could stay in the main house. Stephanie asks how Amber could take it upon herself to allow Becky to stay in the main house. Becky is ready to leave, since it sounds like too much trouble, but Amber tells her not to worry. There is nothing going on, she tells Stephanie, but Stephanie does not believe her. Amber pleads with Stephanie that Becky needs her help, so could she please let her stay? Becky offers to help around the house to earn her way, and Stephanie says that would be a good idea. In fact, Becky can help her baby sit little Eric tonight. "Baby Sit?" Amber asks. No, that won't be possible tonight, she explains, as Becky has plans with CJ.

Ridge and Dad get a call that the meeting with some designer they were waiting for is canceled until tomorrow. Ridge says that is great, so he can go home early. He gets Megan on the phone and tells her that if Taylor calls, he will be home shortly, just as soon as he runs an errand.

Taylor comes inside the house. Still frightened, she watches the homeless man from the window as she gets out the phone book. Looking up a number, she calls a homeless shelter to get help for the old man. The woman from the shelter says they do have a few spaces open, but the man must come to them on his own. Taylor says she would bring him herself, but she has to watch her son and is pregnant. Is there anywhere else, she asks? The woman says no, but she will make some calls to see what she can do. Taylor thanks her and hangs up... and she peeks out the window and sees the homeless man sitting by the table, playing with his bag.

Taylor brings some food outside on the porch and offers it to the man, whose name is George. He can't get enough of the food. As he eats, George starts hacking and coughing all over Taylor. Taylor is frightened as George grabs her and coughs all over her! She pulls back in horror as George stumbles off.

Amber pleads with Becky to go out with CJ and have a good time, but Becky is reluctant. Just then, the phone rings; Stephanie answers and says that there is a young man on the phone for Becky. She hands the phone to Becky, who finds that it is CJ. He would like to take her out and show her around town. Becky agrees as long as it is nowhere fancy, and CJ agrees to pick her up at 7:30. Amber then gets on the phone and thanks CJ, telling him how she owes him for this.

Taylor is back in the house; she is washing her hands and arms and berating herself for getting so close to him, knowing he was sick. As she scrubs her arms clean, she hears a knock at the door. She panics; what if it is George?

Tuesday, July 27, 1999, Ep. #3098

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Rick and Amber's: Amber is leaning over baby Eric's crib telling him all about her plans for Becky, which include eventually getting rid of Becky by getting her a job with Forrester International in Paris. Much to Amber's chagrin, Becky walks in carrying some clothes without knocking on the door. Amber quickly chastises Becky for this. Becky then asks Amber which of the clothes she's brought over she should wear for her "date" with C.J. Amber glances at the clothes and offers to loan Becky something of hers. Becky responds to Amber's offer by saying that she doesn't belong here. Becky then starts wondering about her baby boy. Amber is quick to reassure Becky that no one would adopt a baby and not take care of it properly. Amber then convinces Becky to go out with C.J. as planned, so Becky leaves to get ready.

Ridge and Taylor's place: Taylor is watching the door as someone is obviously rattling it in an attempt to get into the beach house. Taylor then checks out the window and breathes a sigh of relief. She then goes to the door and opens it: it's Ridge with a bunch of Lilies for Taylor. He has forgotten his keys. Taylor then informs Ridge about her earlier visitor, the homeless man. She also tells Ridge that she's upset about this man's plight.

Rick and Amber's: Rick is asking baby Eric where his mommy is. Amber replies rather seductively, "Here she is." Rick turns around and sees Amber is wearing a rather sexy dress.

Opening Credits:

Spectra: C.J. is moping around about Kimberly. He then wonders how bad Becky can be. After all Amber is a hottie, and Becky is her cousin. C.J. then proceeds to imagine Becky as a hot blonde. In this little dream the blonde convinces C.J. that they don't need to actually go out; they can *enjoy* themselves at home. The blonde starts kissing C.J. Back in reality C.J., with a huge smile on his face, leaves Spectra to go and pick up Becky.

Stephanie's: Becky is wondering about C.J. She decides that he'll be exactly like Rick but only taller. Becky then imagines the scene where she meets the tall, dark and definitely built C.J.

Rick and Amber's: Rick admires the dress Amber is wearing. Rick then wonders if this is another double date. Amber then informs Rick that C.J. is going out with Becky. C.J. knocks on the door and Rick let's him in. C.J. then asks Rick about Becky. Rick responds by saying that she seems "nice". C.J. incredulously says "nice????" Becky then shows up wearing a halter top and jean shorts, with her hair done in two braids.


Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge comes in from swimming in the ocean. Taylor is busy on her laptop writing a letter to her Congressman. She then starts rattling off a bunch of statistics and what not about the homeless. It turns out that a lot of them have mental disorders and keep winding up in California jails instead of receiving the help they really need. Taylor feels that someone should do something.

Rick and Amber's: After CJ and Becky take one look at each other, Becky wants to talk to Amber privately. Once they are out of the room, C.J. tells Rick that he won't go out with Becky and her attitude. Meanwhile in the other room, Becky is telling Amber that C.J. hates her.


Rick and Amber's: Becky is telling Amber that she doesn't fit in. Amber replies that Becky should concentrate on her future. Amber is laying it on thick, telling Becky that she hopes to eventually get Becky a job with Forrester International in Paris. This intrigues Becky. Amber then convinces Becky to go out with C.J. C.J. and Becky then leave for their date. Rick looks at Amber and says this won't work. Amber replies that it will--it has to.

Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge and Taylor continue the conversation about her letter. Taylor then admits to Ridge that the homeless man was really sick. Ridge expresses concern but Taylor dismisses him by saying that she washed her hands and is okay. "Besides, I'm not the one without access to a doctor," she states.

Restaurant: Looking over their menus, Becky tells C.J. that they don't have to go through with this and that they can end it right now.

Rick and Amber's: Rick is now all dressed up to go out in his suit. Amber admires the suit and they start kissing. The phone rings - it's the babysitter, and there's a problem with the gate. Rick goes to check it out. Amber is alone and starts worrying about Becky going back to Furnace Creek and finding out that her baby didn't exactly make it to social services. Amber has to keep this from happening.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999, Ep. #3099

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

We open with Rick and Amber discussing Becky. Rick wants to know why Amber didn't send Becky back home. Amber tells him that it is because Becky is depressed about putting her baby up for adoption, which was the right thing. Rick is not so sure. Amber says that Becky is too immature to be a mom. It is time for her to party and keep busy. Like CJ? Queries Rick. Amber insists that there is nothing wrong with CJ. Sure there was a bad first impression, but they have a lot in common and they are going to be fabulous together.

However at dinner, CJ and Becky are NOT getting along. She wants to leave. He tells her to chill and stay.

Thorne calls Macy, who promptly tells him that she does not want to hear from him. Thorne tells her that there is nothing between him and Brooke. "Only because I arrived when I did and broke it up," says Macy. She asks to be left alone. It took her a long time to trust him again, and now that is gone. She hangs up on him as her parents enter. Sally sees that she has been crying and wants to know what went wrong.

Brooke is waiting for Thorne's call. Sooner or later, he will realize that she is the best thing for him, she predicts. She starts to pick up the phone to call Thorne and then hangs up.

Stephanie drops by Thorne's office and is surprised to see him; after all, Thorne was supposed to be on his honeymoon. Stephanie tells Thorne that love is the important thing, not the business... and she should know. She had these same conflicts with Eric. All she had left were the ruins of a marriage, thanks to Brooke. Thorne doe NOT want to get into THAT. Stephanie admits that the fashion show was a mess, but that should not interfere in the marriage. Thorne says that the fashion show is NOT the problem. Stephanie wants to know what is in the way then.

Sally wants to know if Macy went over to talk to Thorne. Yes she did, she says, and she does not want to discuss it. Sally wants to know if Thorne forgave her. Adam bursts in that there is no forgiveness from Forresters. Macy tells them both to shut up.

Brooke is daydreaming about Thorne. In her daydream, Thorne tells her that there are too many obstacles, but she overcomes them all and she and Thorne do serious kissing. Back in reality, Brooke says that it would be worth overcoming everything if they would just get together.

Amber tells Rick that Becky was just nervous. She is not used to guys like CJ. Rick wants to know if Amber is thinking that something will grow out of this. Amber says of course not... but it is good for Becky's ego. Amber then says that she is going to find Becky a cool job. Rick wants to know where his wife went? Where is the woman who already kicked Becky's butt back home - and now has become her fairy godmother? What is going on? Rick doesn't understand the total turnaround. Amber explains that it was a bad timing. Things were going well, with a new baby, and she was afraid that would be disruptive to the marriage. Rick can't believe that she thought a houseguest would break them up. Family means everything to him, Amber agrees. Nothing can break them up, he says, but Amber is not sure. Rick points out that neither of them grew up in intact homes, but it will be different for their kid. He will be safe and protected. There is nothing that they can't get through as a family. Amber says that is what she works for everyday. She never wants to lose him. He kisses her hand.

"Chill out, have some bread; it will raise your blood sugar level and you will stop being so cranky," CJ tells Becky. He asks what they do for fun in Furnace Creek and she tells him that she has no idea; it's been awhile since she was there. She couldn't get parole, she says... and she then says that she is just kidding. CJ is not amused. The waiter arrives and asks for their drink order. She orders a screwdriver and CJ, surprised, orders the same. The waiter asks for ID... and after pulling out her id and seeing CJ's face, Becky begins yelling at CJ. "You left your wallet at home again, didn't you? Just so I would have to pay for supper!" she shouts. "What are you gawking at?!" she then asks the waiter, who departs to get the drinks. CJ thinks this is awesome.

Stephanie tells Thorne that he and Macy are so special. (Unknown to her, Brooke is listening to all this) "She loves you. Any price is worth paying to keep your family together," Steph says. Stephanie adds that she knows, because she did all that fighting with Brooke. Brooke has no respect for the sanctity of marriage - she is the opposite of all Steph has tried to instill in her children. She has caused 3 divorces in her family alone. "Don't let anything come between you Macy," Stephanie pleads. Thorne says they will work it out. "You need her." Stephanie tells him. Thorne knows that.

Rick and Amber talk about how they needed this. Rick asks Amber to dance.

Brooke enters Thorne's office with her arm in a cast and explains that she had an accident with her horse. Thorne says that she just missed Stephanie, but Brooke says she didn't miss a thing. Thorne says he is sorry, but now Brooke understands why it would never work for them. Brooke says that she can handle Stephanie. Thorne tells Brooke that no one can know about this... especially not Stephanie.

Macy is looking at a package from her dad when Stephanie enters. Macy tells her that she should not be there, but Steph wants to talk. About the fashion show? Macy asks. No, about not marrying Thorne, Steph says. Stephanie wants to know why Macy wouldn't marry Thorne...

Thursday, July 29, 1999, Ep. #3100

Brooke and Thorne are at Forrester discussing why they could (or couldn't) make it as a couple, and Thorne tells her that there are a million reasons. Brooke disagrees, so Thorne names fewer reasons... his family. Brooke declares that Macy is proof that a Brooke/Thorne relationship COULD work and accuses Thorne of having doubts about a future with Macy as the reason he called off the wedding.

Stephanie pushes Macy for answers about why the wedding was called off, but Macy holds back on the truth, instead suggesting that it was absurd for Thorne to even consider the idea that she knew what was going to happen. Macy and Steph agree that they wanted this marriage to be a new beginning for the two feuding families. She tells Macy that Thorne knows that Macy was not at fault, but Macy informs her that this decision has nothing to do with the fashion show. Stephanie wonders what that means.

At the restaurant, Rick wonders if Amber misses singing and will get bored with being a wife and mother, but she says she is happy. He tells her that he felt like she opened her soul to her audience and that she seemed like a different, a more real person, when she sang. He thinks she misses that, so he intends to take her out like this more often for a break. He also reminds her that now that Becky is here for the rest of the summer, they have a built-in babysitter. Amber is not thrilled of course and suggests that Becky might be busy, since she predicts that Becky and CJ will really hit it off.

On their date, Becky has indeed impressed CJ with her tricking the waiter into thinking they are of drinking age. He would never have thought a girl from the sticks could do that, he says, as they share their drinks. Becky accuses him of thinking she was a dimwit and CJ admits that perhaps he did at first, but now thinks she's more. He proposes a toast to Becky, who orders more drinks with more booze this time. CJ admits that he, like Becky, is no angel and tells her about the fashion show. Becky guesses that he was the one responsible for the mess, and tells him that he can trust her with the secret.

Rick and Amber are still discussing Becky and CJ. Rick feels like Becky is a better match for CJ than Kimberly is, and he then apologizes to his wife for even bringing Kimberly up. Amber says it's okay; they should be able to talk about anything, she reminds him. Rick is impressed by her attitude. Rick suggests ordering dessert, but Amber tells him she's already taken care of that, and that he's going to love it.

Steph is still trying to drag the truth out of Macy, who is still reluctant. It is a private matter and Macy does not want to discuss it. Steph wonders how she can possibly question Thorne's love for her. Macy informs her that she DOES question it and for GOOD REASON!!

Back at Forrester, Brooke tries to get Thorne to admit his feelings for her. Thorne says that feelings are not enough; you need commitment. Thorne feels he made a mistake with Brooke, but she thinks the mistake would have been to marry Macy--Thorne is just too stubborn to see that.

CJ and Becky are approaching the Forrester mansion. Becky is acting very silly, and very loud. She invites CJ in for a drink, but he worries what Steph would think if she found them. Becky says not to worry, she took care of that. CJ likes this "bad girl" attitude and admits he was all wrong about Becky. He is glad they went out and she suggests they do it again. CJ thanks her again and starts to leave, but Becky reminds him about a goodnight kiss. They kiss passionately.

Amber delivers dessert to Rick with a song. She finishes and kisses her hubby as everyone applauds.

Stephanie will not let up; she wants to help Macy with her problems. She admits to Macy that there is more than just thinking Thorne and Macy belong together at work here. Besides that, she has seen her family and business falling apart over the years because of Brooke, and she hoped this marriage, by uniting the Forresters and Spectra, would remind the public that there is more than just Brooke's trashy attitude to the Forresters. She's sorry to lay all this on Macy, but she truly believes the two of them belong together. Macy mumbles, "she's done it to all of us." Steph catches that comment and wonders... does Macy mean that Brooke is involved with Thorne?!

Brooke tells Thorne that she isn't saying he shouldn't see Macy, but that he must be blind or in denial if he can't see that there's another woman in his life. She thinks that he has to decide who he wants and suggests going to Big Bear with her to do that. Thorne declines, but Brooke says that she's going anyway, so he can decide. No, he repeats. "Fine", she says, "don't come up."

Rick tells Amber she was phenomenal; he loves it when she sings. Amber is thrilled at how happy he has made her tonight. They then decide it's time to get home to the baby. Amber asks what Rick would have done if there was no baby Eric; what if she miscarried? Rick says that doesn't matter as there IS a baby that is part of him and always will be. Amber smiles at him as he goes to pay the bill, but a look of concern washes over her face as he walks away.

At Forrester, Steph barges into Thorne's office. She only has one question and will not leave until he answers... "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU AND BROOKE?!"

Friday, July 30, 1999, Ep. #3101

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Thorne's Office: Stephanie continues her badgering about Brooke. Thorne tries to evade her but finally admits that Brooke was under the bed when Macy came by. Stephanie continues her relentless questions about Brooke.

Brooke's Office: Brooke tells Megan that she's going to Big Bear and that she doesn't want any of her calls forwarded. Megan guesses that Brooke is not going to be alone up in Big Bear.

Macy's Place: Kimberly is sitting there reading a teen magazine waiting for Macy. Macy comes in and Kimberly explains that she used the key. Kimberly then asks about Thorne. Macy responds that everything was okay 'til what happened tonight - that Thorne was not alone.

Ridge and Taylor's: Taylor is going through a baby name book to find names for the babies. She and Ridge banter back and forth about a few choices. Taylor then starts to cough while Ridge looks on in concern.

Opening Credits:

Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge asks Taylor if she's okay. Taylor replies that she's got a bit of a fever and that she's coming down with a cold. She remembers that George the homeless man was ill. Ridge expresses his concern about this. He wishes that she hadn't gotten so close to him. Taylor goes back to reading her baby name book.

Brooke's Office: Brooke confirms that she won't be alone. She then goes on to clue Megan in on that the object of her affection is Thorne. Megan is shocked. Megan perceptively notes there will be a big explosion once this news gets out. Brooke notes that she and Thorne are much more suited for each other than she and Ridge ever were.

Thorne's Office: Stephanie starts railing and ranting and raving like a lunatic about Brooke to Thorne - calling her every name in the book.


Thorne's Office: As Stephanie continues her tirade Thorne is actually man enough to defend Brooke to Stephanie. Stephanie finds it unbelievable that he would defend her.

Macy's Place: Macy clues Kimberly in on the fact that Brooke was at Thorne's. She tells Kimberly that Brooke was under the bed. Kimberly can't believe it. Macy tells Kimberly that she can't tell Rick, because if it becomes public knowledge Adam will find out. Kimberly suggests that perhaps Thorne deserves some of Adam's rage. Macy says she does not want that. When Kimberly asks why not, she guesses that Macy still loves Thorne.


Thorne's Office: Thorne admits that he's still in love with Macy. But this has nothing to do with Brooke, he stresses. It all has to do with him. Stephanie says that Brooke has gone too far and has to be stopped... and she **IS** going to stop her. Stephanie leaves the office.

Ridge and Taylor's: There's a phone call. It's from the homeless shelter. The lady tells Taylor that they picked up George on the beach about an hour after she called them. Taylor is happy about this news. The lady from the shelter then informs Taylor that George just died an hour ago and that he had tuberculosis. A shocked Taylor drops the phone. Ridge walks in and asks his horrified wife what's wrong.

Thorne's Office: Thorne is desperately trying to get a hold of Brooke before Stephanie does.

Brooke's Office: Stephanie walks into Brooke's empty office. She walks over to the desk and spots a letter opener. She picks it up. Brooke and Megan enter the office while Stephanie hides. Brooke and Megan discuss a few last minute details and then Megan leaves. Brooke sits down and is going through some under things to take on her trip. Stephanie still hiding; she mentally goes through Brooke's faults and decides it ends here.

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