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Monday, August 02, 1999, Ep. #3102

Brooke is in her office, still choosing her lingerie for the rendezvous she hopes to have with Thorne at the cabin. As she looks the lingerie over, Stephanie remains in hiding, listening to a confident Brooke telling herself that she is sure Thorne will meet her up at Big Bear. Stephanie thinks to herself that Brooke is a bitch who has stolen every man in her family, and Steph intends to put a stop to it right now! Just as she is about to move forward, Megan comes back in; Steph remains in hiding as Megan explains that Brooke left the keys to the cabin on her desk. She wishes Brooke good luck at the cabin with Thorne and says assures her that no one will find out where Brooke is. Stephanie listens as Megan and Brooke walk to the elevator together. Stephanie says to herself, "Thorne's going to meet her at the cabin?"

A distraught Taylor explains to Ridge that the man who was under their deck has died of tuberculosis. She is worried that with the man's coughing, she might have it, and she may even have passed it on to Ridge or Thomas... or even worse, the twins! Ridge urges her not to jump to conclusions and they head off to the hospital to have Taylor tested for TB.

At Forrester, Thorne asks Megan if Brooke is around? Megan says no, she's up at the cabin... and she is hoping that Thorne will join her there.

At the doctor's office, Taylor tells Dr. Wilson about the man that coughed on her. He tries to reassure her that they will not now the extent of the danger, if any, to Taylor and the children, until they do some tests. Taylor asks the doctor what are her chances of her having two healthy babies.

As the rain pours down around her car, Stephanie drives to the cabin, thinking about how she intends to end Brooke's hold on her family once and for all. As she drives, she flashes back to memories of Brooke in the past, during times when Brooke was with either Ridge or Eric. On those occasions, Brooke taunted Stephanie that Stephanie's place in their lives was over, and that it was Brooke's turn now. Brooke's words continue to echo in Stephanie's mind as she comes back to reality. She states that after tonight, Brooke will never hurt her family again!

Meanwhile, Brooke arrives at the cabin. She comes inside and gets settled in from the rain. She starts a fire and gets comfortable, hoping that Thorne will arrive soon. Just then, Thorne calls her at the cabin to tell her that he is not coming. He explains that she should stay up there for a few days, as his mother is loaded for bear. She asks how Stephanie found out, and he explains that Macy told her about it. Brooke pleads with Thorne to come up and join her, but he will not and hangs up the phone.

The doctor explains to Taylor how most patients with TB respond to drugs, and those drugs will not harm her babies. However, there are some strains of the disease that require stronger drugs, and even isolation from the babies. Taylor gets upset: she will not allow that to happen to her babies! Ridge tries to keep her calm, as does Dr. Wilson, who advises her to wait until they test her. After all, she may not even have the dangerous strain of TB, or even TB at all. Ridge asks to speak to his wife alone and assures her everything will be all right. It could be as simple as a common cold, he reminds her. She turns her back to Ridge, but he puts his arms around her tightly and pulls her head back into his chest.

Stephanie drives towards the cabin, saying that she is going to stop Brooke. She picks up her cell phone and calls Eric, telling him that she loves him and always will. She hangs up and keeps driving. Shortly after, she arrives at the family's Big Bear cabin. Brooke is inside the cabin saying out loud, "If you don't come to me, Thorne, I will go to you tomorrow. I won't give you up." There is a bang at the door; at first she thinks it is Thorne, and she has a smile on her face. The knocking gets louder and Brooke asks, "Who is it? Who is there?" She looks at the window and there is Stephanie, looking like a drowned rat, as Brooke lets out a huge scream. Stephanie calls out, "Brooke, it is me; let me in!"

Tuesday, August 03, 1999, Ep. #3103

Stephanie pounds on the cabin door and yells at Brooke to let her in! Brooke says no, not until Stephanie calms down. Stephanie disappears, as Brooke locks the door. When she hears nothing, she calls out to Stephanie, wondering where she is.

Kimberly goes to Brooke's home; she stands outside asking herself, "How could you do this, Mrs. Forrester?" To her surprise, Rick answers the door and invites her in. She tells him that she is there to see his mother, but Rick says that she is on a date somewhere. With who? She asks. That is the mystery, Rick explains. She wonders if his mother and he have talked about it much, but he says that sometimes they have trouble talking these days. But that's probably not the reason she came to see Brooke today... so what is?

Megan and Thorne talk about him going to the cabin, as Thorne is worried about his mother. In the meantime, Megan says, this may not be her place, but she confesses that Brooke told her about her interest in Thorne... and Megan is all for it. Doesn't she think that it's odd, as Brooke was involved with both his father and his brother? Thorne asks. In Ridge's case, Megan says that Brooke finally realized that Ridge loved Taylor, so it was for the best that she gave up pursuing him. As for Eric, that was a rebound thing for both of them, especially once Brooke became pregnant. They cared about each other, but it was doomed to fail. With Thorne however, it is a perfect fit. Megan suggests that he should go up to the cabin while she looks for Stephanie.

A worried Brooke continues to call out for Stephanie, realizing that she has never seen the family matriarch like this. As she hears a window break, she calls out for Stephanie again. Brooke looks toward a door and then turns; she runs to the front door to get away. Brooke opens the door and there stands Stephanie, wet to the bone and angry. Brooke asks why she is here, but Stephanie is incensed at her. She knows full well why Stephanie is here... to stop her from seducing her son. Brooke orders Stephanie to leave, but Stephanie refuses. This is **HER** family's cabin where they spent many happy times, so she will not allow Brooke to defile it this way. Stephanie picks up a poker and starts hitting things, telling Brooke it ends tonight.

Kimberly lies and tells Rick she came over to see Brooke about work. Rick doesn't seem too enthused, and Kimberly guesses that he does not think she can cut it as a model. It's not that, he says; it is just that she was so embarrassed the last time, and he does not want to see her go through that again. If he ever gets his hands on the person who did it, he states... and she says that maybe that person is right under his roof. Kimberly quickly apologizes. She spots a picture of Brooke and Thorne and asks him about it. Are they close? Kim wonders.

Stephanie starts to threaten Brooke and is raving about Thorne. She is sick of the WHORE, she says. "Yes Brooke, YOU ARE A WHORE, going first after Ridge and then Eric... and now you want Thorne?" She won't hear of it, and she doesn't want the whore anywhere near her son! Stephanie hits Brooke with her fist and Brooke falls over a couch. Stephanie says, "I'm going to have my justice tonight." Stephanie tells Brooke to run and think of all the men she hasn't slept with yet. Brooke pleads with Stephanie to stop.

Rick tells Kimberly that Thorne and Brooke have been best friends for years, so yes, they are close. Thorne even comes by often, which Rick thinks is a good thing, as it gives Bridget a strong male figure to lean on when she needs it. But why all the questions, Rick asks. Well, Kimberly says, she doesn't see Rick keeping a picture of his best friend out in the open. "I can't... because you're my best friend," he confides. Kimberly kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Stephanie is still going at a scared Brooke. She asks Brooke how she can expect Rick and Bridget to look up to a whore like her. Brooke is trying to back away and heads for the door, but Stephanie makes her move and shuts the door in her face. "You think I am crazy, don't you? But I am not!" Stephanie says. Brooke backs away, trying to reason with her, but Steph won't hear of it and backs her up to the wall. Stephanie grabs her by the neck and says she has had it with Brooke... she is ranting that she will allow Brooke to do this to the children and she lunges at her! She starts to choke Brooke, her hands locked around Brooke's throat! Brooke, with her good hand, picks up a glass pitcher and smashes it over Steph... but it is to no avail, as Stephanie keeps her grip on Brooke!

Wednesday, August 04, 1999, Ep. #3104

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

At the mansion, Eric is looking for Stephanie. The maid doesn't know where she is. Everyone is worried. Eric is going to stay and wait for her.

Meanwhile, up at the Big Bear cabin, the storm still rages outside. Inside, Stephanie chokes Brooke until Brooke semi-passes out and then let's go. Brooke calls Stephanie crazy, but Steph tells her that she drove her to it. She pushed her past the breaking point.

At the Forrester Guest House, the diaper is going on over the birthmark. Amber is worried about Becky, but Tawny reminds her that the baby is not Becky's anymore. Amber feeds it, cares for it, and changes it. Amber says that at first the loss of her baby devastated her, and it still haunts her. If she hadn't been in shock at the time, she never would have agreed to raise Becky's baby. But now she feels deep in her soul that she and the baby were meant to be together. Little Eric has taught her that she has a bottomless pit of love and patience... and that is true of Rick, too. He is a proud daddy. Everything is perfect--as long as Becky doesn't find out about this. Amber has a plan. She is going to get Becky a job at Forrester International in Paris. Tawny doesn't think it will work, since Becky won't fit in and she has no people skills. Amber points out that if she stays here she will stay depressed... and then she will try to go find her baby. But if Becky gets too comfortable, she will never leave.

Eric is looking at family pictures and talking to the maid about Stephanie and her hopes and dreams. She talks about the old days with the kids doing homework. Life hasn't come out exactly as Steph wanted.

Brooke says that Steph could have killed her. Steph agrees. Brooke tells her that she and Thorne love each other and there is nothing Stephanie can do about it. Wrong, says Steph. A round of name-calling and general bitch fighting is interrupted when, as a bolt of lightning strikes outside, Thorne comes through the door and grabs Steph. Steph threatens that she will not stop the next time.

Becky comes in and they ask her if she is okay. She is Way Okay, she states. CJ and she had a great time. First they went to a fancy restaurant, she explains, and she freaked out at first and was a fish out of water. But then they were talking and they had a lot in common. They enjoy the same jokes. Amber says that it sounds like Becky made a friend. Becky says that she did.

Eric is still concerned about Stephanie's phone call. She sounded emotional and reflective. The maid is getting scared. "What shall we do?" she asks. Don't panic, Eric advises. He asks the maid if she checked with Ridge and Thorne, and she replies that she checked with Ridge, but not Thorne....

Brooke is telling Thorne that Stephanie is trying to kill her while Stephanie is telling Brooke that Macy and Thorne belong together. Brooke has slept her way through the Forrester men and it is nothing short of incest. Brooke tells her that Thorne and Macy do not belong together. Thorne sends Brooke to a room; she is reluctant, but Thorne orders her to go. Then he lets go of Stephanie. Thorne tells Steph that Brooke is not the issue. The problem is that Stephanie is out of control. Steph says that Brooke drove her to it. This is the final straw. He wants her to take an aspirin. It will make her feel better, he tells her. She doesn't want any, but Thorne insists that she take it. She wants the Trollop gone. Thorne tells her to take the pills. Stephanie wants Thorne to promise not to let Brooke get her claws into him. Stephanie is starting to feel very tired, and Thorne assures her that it has been a very emotional evening. She will feel better when she wakes up. He can take care of himself, he points out, and he promises he will be there when she wakes up.

"CJ and you hit it off?" Amber asks. Yep, Becky says, and what a difference a night can make. Even though Becky lives in a fancy house - Amber is always busy with the baby and she has felt trapped. Now CJ can hang with her. Everything is better. Amber doesn't want her to get into it. Into what? Becky asks. The whole LA scene, Amber states. She points out that Becky has a lot of work to do. Clubbing was fun, but CJ made it special, Becky exults. "He likes me," she says. She loves LA.

Thorne enters Brooke's room. He asks if she is all right. "Yes, but where is your mom?" she asks. In the other room, Thorne says; he gave her some sleeping pills. Brooke wants to know if she is out cold. Thorne thinks she will sleep all night. Brooke was scared for her life. Thorne says that it is all too much for Stephanie. Brooke won't believe Steph is going to keep them apart. Thorne wants to take her home. "Tonight?" Brooke asks. She doesn't want him to go. "Don't leave. Stay with me," she pleads. They begin to kiss as we watch Stephanie show signs of waking up...

Thursday, August 05, 1999, Ep. #3105

Up at the cabin, Thorne talks to Brooke. He is glad he had a few sleeping pills left, and so is Brooke. Stephanie was going to kill her! Thorne says that even though his mom was angry, she is not a killer, but Brooke finds that hard to believe. Stephanie had such a look of hate... more than just anger... she says, and she believes that Steph wants her dead. Thorne walks over and takes Brooke into his arms and holds her.

At the Forrester guesthouse, Becky tells Tawny and Amber she was really happy, since CJ really likes her. She is all excited that she has already had a date in L.A. Date? Amber asks. She introduced CJ to her as a friend, not as a date, Amber explains--and besides, he already has a girlfriend, Kimberly. Becky knows that, but that didn't stop him from making out with her, Amber is quickly told by her cousin. Becky tells Tawny how cute CJ was as Amber excuses herself and leaves the room.

Stephanie lies on the cabin couch, talking in her sleep and dreaming. She says, "No, Thorne, not with Brooke," as she drifts off into a dream of men laughing. She calls out for Eric and Ridge, but then she sees Brooke, who says both men are over there with her, celebrating Brooke's defeat of Stephanie. Brooke taunts Stephanie that she has won, but Steph points out that Eric divorced Brooke and Ridge is married. Brooke says she can have them back at a snap of the finger... and to prove it, she snaps her finger, and Ridge is there all over her. Eric tells Stephanie that the best thing he ever did was to leave her and marry Brooke, as he and Ridge are both all over Brooke. Stephanie tells Brooke the only one she ever wanted was Ridge. Thorne then appears and tells him mom that is not true. Brooke praises Thorne as the last jewel in her crown as Stephanie protests. She tries to tell Brooke that Thorne is supposed to marry Macy, but Brooke tells her that Thorne deserves better then Macy. Brooke tells Thorne to forget about his family and come to her as Stephanie cries out, "NO!" Brooke laughs at Stephanie, who in reality continues to sleep.

In the bedroom, Thorne hugs Brooke and kisses her on top of her head, telling her it will be all right. Stephanie is not a violent person, he tries to say, but Brooke still can't believe that. Thorne gives Brooke a hug and tells her to go back home, but Brooke says it's not that simple, as Stephanie blames her for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Maybe so, Thorne says, but his mother is not dangerous.

Amber calls CJ, chastising him for coming on to Becky and betraying her trust. She warns him that, while he can be friends with Becky, there is to be no more making out. She intends to have her cousin out of town soon, she explains, as she angrily hangs up the phone.

Becky tells Tawny that Amber is mad at her, but Tawny thinks that Amber was just concerned. Amber walks in and tells Becky that all she meant was that Becky should not get sidetracked. There is a lot of work to be done so that Becky can improve herself, but she cannot allow herself to be distracted by fooling around with guys. When Becky says that CJ has already helped improve how she feels about herself, Amber says that Becky can do even better than CJ. In fact, Amber has a job in Paris that will help Becky get her life on track.

Thorne tells Brooke that his mother's actions scared the hell out of him, but he understands she is suffering. Brooke says she never meant to hurt Stephanie, but Thorne says she did just that... and if they don't stop playing games, others might as well. Thorne cannot let his mom be hurt this way.

Stephanie hears lightning and gets up, saying that she will not let Brooke ruin Thorne's life. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Thorne not to give up on what they have. Thorne again says that he can't do this to his mother. Brooke says, "And Macy... but what about love?" Thorne tells her to stop this, because it cannot work. Brooke says this is about love; she has always followed her heart, and if Thorne does the same and trusts his feelings, nothing can stop them. Brooke kisses Thorne passionately on the neck and says to forget about his mother and Macy and just follow your heart. Thorne kisses Brooke passionately and lays her down on the bed. A groggy Stephanie stands in the doorway, looking into the bedroom at Thorne on top of Brooke, kissing her. Stephanie shakes her head.

Friday, August 06, 1999, Ep. #3106

Thanks to Kerri for today's update:

Big Bear: Brooke and Thorne are sharing a kind of tentative, exploratory kiss -- at least at first. We hear the thunder and pounding rain outside the cabin. Thorne pulls away, saying he can't do this. Brooke disagrees. "I need you," she says. Thorne says they need to think about this. "Oh, but I have, since our first kiss. We're finally alone together." All of these words are, of course, in a very seductive soft voice. They kiss again, as Stephanie is watching from outside the bedroom door.

Back at the Forrester Guest House, Becky and Amber are having another of their redundant conversations. The gist of this portion is that Becky's not in too much of a hurry to get to Paris just to serve coffee and doughnuts to some bigwigs. Besides, "in case you haven't noticed, I don't speak French," she says. Becky wonders why they are against the idea of her getting a job in LA. She says she's comfortable here now, she's making new friends...maybe when she gets settled into a job and a good lifestyle, she can get her son back. OUCH! Tawny and Amber are looking quite concerned.

Macy and Kimberly are having a profound discussion about Stephanie, Brooke, and this whole humongous mess. Macy's glad Kim didn't tell Rick what she knows about his mom and uncle. Kim is acting very protective of her sister, but Macy reassures her that Brooke won't get away with this. If she doesn't do anything, Steph will. Kim is surprised that Steph knows, while Macy describes the "disgrace and indignity that woman (Brooke) has put her through." Kim thinks that surely it couldn't be worse than what Brooke is doing to Macy. "Oh, yes it is," Macy declares. "Lots. Brooke took away all that Steph cared for -- her business, her husband. She tore through that family like a tornado. She took control of her business, put her name on every tabloid in the country! Now she's after Steph's second son. As angry as that makes me, and as confusing as that will be to Rick, no one stands to lose more here than Stephanie." Which sets the stage to shift scenes back to Big Bear.

Since she was obviously so delusional yesterday, Steph is trying to convince herself that what she is seeing today is also a dream. She again peers through the bedroom door and observes the smooching. Brooke is whispering coyly, "Let me fulfill you; you want me as much as I want you." Thorne responds, "Yes I do." Stephanie is looking rather disgusted, and begins the first of a few talk-to-myself sessions. "She's doing it again -- Eric, Ridge, now my baby. How can he let her do that? Don't let her do it, Thorne!"

Amber is reminding Becky that her baby has been adopted and is living a happy life somewhere. She says that Becky needs to move on with her life and consider her own needs now. Becky doesn't want to appear an ingrate, but she's not sure Paris is the place for her. Tawny says this is great; what will Becky do in LA, flip burgers or bag groceries? Becky gets the feeling that it's Paris or nothing -- if she's not willing to go to Paris, then Amber's not willing to help her change her life. Becky wants to know what's going on.

Back at Big Bear, Thorne is "chickening out" AGAIN!!! He tells Brooke that this is wrong, he's committed to another woman. Brooke tells him that he doesn't love Macy, but Thorne declares that, no matter what he's feeling at this very moment, he can't betray Macy. Ever ready with a comeback, Brooke asks him, "What about you? You can't betray Macy or Stephanie, but what about you? You're the one who has always told me to live in the present moment. Here we are, you and me. Your mother won't wake up because of the sleeping pills you gave her. I don't get it. I can see the passion in your eyes and I know you want to be with me."

Thorne tells her he's just trying to be honest, but Brooke says he's not being honest with the person who is most important--himself. She reminds him that Macy broke their engagement, but didn't ask him not to see Brooke. It doesn't seem like Macy is trying to salvage the relationship. Thorne thinks it would be best for him to simply leave, taking Steph home with him. Again, Brooke persists, saying that she can't stay up there alone. She implores Thorne to stay with her.

Steph is still thinking, "She's going to get him with her body like she always does. Why can't he see? I can. I have seen it so many times. I have to stop her, but how?" Just then, how conveniently, a flash of lightning illuminates a rather large, sharp knife in a rack on the counter.

Macy's house: Kim had no idea about the history between Steph and Brooke. Poor Rick -- a wife like Amber and a mom like Brooke. They agree that Steph has been an important role model for poor, sweet Rick. Although she dislikes the way Steph has treated Sally at times, Macy truly admires Steph's sense of family. She works so hard to instill honor and decency in her children, then Brooke swoops down on any of them and destroys it all with a wink and a smile They continue their Brooke-bashing for a minute.

Big Bear: Inside Stephanie's mind again, she thinks, "NO! I will not let you get away with this! You have contaminated everything I hold dear, even your own children. This is all your fault. You want my baby, don't you? My Thorne. But you can't have him too! I will not let that happen!" She takes the knife in her hand.

In the bedroom, Thorne asks Brooke if she's hard of hearing. "You haven't heard a word I've said; I'm serious." Brooke says she is serious, too, about giving them a chance to express their feelings. Thorne says it will hurt too many people. Brooke can't ignore them, though, and tells him that he won't be able to, either. One day, they'll be sitting across from each other in the office or at a meeting, and they'll be wondering what it would have been like to be together since they had the opportunity but didn't take it. She softly and seductively asks him it that's really how he wants to handle this situation. Obviously, Thorne agrees with her, too, for they begin their passionate prelude to lovemaking again as the rain and thunder continue to pound the cabin.

Stephanie is in the kitchen just staring at the knife in her hand. Looking somewhat possessed and slightly deranged, she begins walking slowly through the living room towards the room where all of this travesty is occurring.

Back at the Guest House, they are still bickering over Becky's ambivalence about going to Paris. Amber will invest so much -- a French tutor, business classes, new wardrobe, etiquette classes -- but not on someone who is not committed to improving herself. They all decide Becky should sleep on it, as Tawny believes Paris will sound like an excellent idea in the morning. Becky leaves. Amber says they must get Becky out of L.A. FAST. Things are getting way too complicated, and she's worried that Becky will figure it all out pretty soon. Becky must go to Paris; Amber has too much at stake. For some reason, Tawny appears confident.

Macy and Kim continue their rather boring conversation. Kimberly says Macy shouldn't stoop to Brooke's level in trying to get Thorne back. This brings Macy to a discussion of how Stephanie has demonstrated "superhuman restraint" by not losing control during her many, many fights with Brooke. Macy wonders how much more Stephanie can take.

The storm continues to rage outside. Thorne and Brooke are on the bed. Thorne gets up and removes his shirt. Brooke whispers, "Make love to me, Thorne. I want you now." Between kisses, they begin disrobing.

Stephanie has made her way across the living room, still looking rather sinister. She silently opens the door. The image of Brooke and Thorne preparing to make love is blurry at first, then clears. She steps into the room and raises the knife... and Brooke screams.

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