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Monday, August 09, 1999, Ep. #3107

Brooke screams while lying on the bed kissing Thorne. He turns around to find Stephanie in the doorway, holding a knife like that in the movie "Psycho" and ready to strike. Stephanie says that she is going to stop Brooke and she isn't going to let her steal Thorne away from Macy. Thorne grabs her wrists and yells out "Mom, this is not the answer!" She drops the knife. He hugs his mother and tells her that it will be all right.

At the Beach House, Ridge has to tuck Thomas to bed, as Taylor is pretty sick and is not sure if it is tuberculosis. Taylor is afraid she caught the deadly disease which is transmitted through the air, so she insists that Ridge stay away from her. Ridge tells her that they will get the test results back tomorrow and bets that nothing is wrong; she will see it is just a fever with a cold, he predicts.

Brooke picks up the phone to call the police. Thorne takes the phone and gives the security word to pretend that it was all a false alarm. Thorne then starts to get dressed and tells Brooke that he is taking his mother home. He blames himself, because he gave his mother the sleeping pills. He tells Brooke that he will call her when he gets back home and informs her not to call the police.

Taylor is reading up about the TB disease and finds that coughing and night sweating are two of the symptoms. Ridge feels that the homeless man George who died should not have gone through this. Once he knows that Taylor and the babies are okay, he is going to make a difference and work with homeless people. Taylor makes Ridge sleep in the other room tonight and not in her bed. She then decides not to take the medication, as she is worried about the effects it could have on the unborn twins. Ridge wants her to take care of herself and be healthy. Taylor then asks for some herb tea. Ridge comes back with the tea, but his wife is fast asleep. He wipes the sweat off her forehead and realizes that it is a symptom from the disease, so this might not be a cold after all.

In the pouring rain, Thorne is driving his mom home. He asks her if she remembered what happened. Stephanie thinks that she had this crazy dream and only part of it is with the knife. He tells his mom to get some rest. He then tucks her into bed at home and calls Brooke on the phone.

"It is me. I am at Mother's," Thorne tells Brooke. He assures her, "She is sleeping." Brooke is still worried about what Stephanie did, so Thorne tells her, "She didn't know what she was doing. She doesn't even remember it. She thinks it was a dream." Brooke replies that she doesn't care and his mother is sick. "Yeah, but we are the ones who did this to her," states Thorne. Brooke however comes back with, "All I did was fall in love with you."

Thorne wants her to promise not to tell anyone what happened tonight. He promises her that she won't have to worry and his mother will never do anything like that again. Brooke doesn't know if she can just forget the whole thing, but Thorne wants her to promise him... and she does, as long as he promises that this isn't going to get in the way and stop them from seeing each other. Thorne never answers but goes to Stephanie's bedside as she is waking up.

Thorne asks his mother if she can hear him and gives her some water. He wants to talk about what happened, but Stephanie doesn't want to discuss the nightmares she had. Thorne tells her she had a knife. Stephanie wonders how he knew that and finds out that she tried to kill Brooke: it was not a dream. Stephanie insists that she would never do anything like that. "Oh my God, what has she done to us?" asks Stephanie. She wants Thorne to promise to stay away from Brooke.

Brooke is at the cabin in Big Bear by herself. She says that Thorne belongs to her now... and there isn't a thing Stephanie can do about it...

Tuesday, August 10, 1999, Ep. #3108

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Rick and Amber's/College: Rick and Amber are on the phone. Rick tells Amber that the College orientation is going well; even though it's going to keep him overnight and he won't be staying in the dorms, it will be good for him to have the experience. They finish the call. Tawny then walks in and reminds Amber that she needs to get rid of Becky before she sees the birthmark. Amber admits she hasn't talked to Eric yet. Tawny tells her to talk to Eric right away. Amber is nervous because Becky will need to be conservative for the interview. Tawny tries to reassure Amber that she can handle helping Becky getting ready. After leaving explicit instructions about the clothing that she has selected for Becky, Amber then leaves to go talk to Eric.

Dr. Wilson's Office: Taylor is sitting there hacking away. She is worried. Ridge tries to reassure her. The doctor walks in.

Eric's Office: Amber bursts into Eric's office while he is conducting an interview for the Paris job. Eric tells her to stay while he finishes the interview with a young lady named Shannen. Eric introduces his daughter-in-law to Shannen and continues to go over the young woman's qualifications.

Rick and Amber's: Becky comes in and asks about Eric Jr. Tawny tells her that he's out with Helen the maid for a walk. Becky wonders why Tawny is always trying to keep Eric Jr. away from her. Tawny reassures Becky that she's not trying to keep Eric Jr. away from her. Tawny then tells Becky that she has a job interview at Forrester. Becky is hesitant, but Tawny tells her to take a shower. Once Becky is gone, Tawny vows to make sure her niece is the perfect employee... she has to, as her daughter's marriage depends on it.

Campus: Rick and some new friends talk about the campus, as Rick carefully avoids questions about where he will be living during the school year. Just then, C.J. walks in on them; spotting Rick, he calls out for Kimberly to join them. Kimberly is obviously very uncomfortable and upset by this.

Eric's Office: Eric finishes the interview and is impressed by Shannen's educational background and experience. He then asks Amber's opinion of the candidate. Amber says that she seemed a bit stiff. Eric replies that the girl is somebody who employers hire.

Dr Wilson's Office: The doctor asks Taylor how she is. She replies that she's scared to death. Taylor continues to sit there and panic.

Campus: The tour commences - in the dorm rooms. C.J. makes a joke about putting a hot tub in his room; when the student advisor says that won't be a good idea, CJ comments that they'll just have to go to Rick's place for a hot tub party. "Aren't you living in the dorms?" one of the girls asks Rick. CJ mentions how Amber would just LOVE Rick to live in the dorm. One of Rick's friends asks who Amber is and C.J. replies that she is his wife... and he adds that Rick has a baby, as well. Rick is embarrassed as Kimberly looks like she's about to throw up or something.

Rick and Amber's: Becky doesn't like the suit that Amber picked out. She won't be noticed at Forrester in it. Tawny promises Becky that she will find something.

Eric's Office: Amber asks Eric to interview a friend for the job, and he's willing to see the friend's resume. But when Amber admits that her "friend" is Cousin Becky, Eric expresses his reservations. Amber pleads with him; she just knows that Becky is right for the job. Tawny then calls and tells Amber that Becky should be there and that she looks great. Megan comes in to announce that Becky is there. Eric tells her to show her in; Megan gives him an "are you sure?" look, but he tells her it's all right. Amber thanks Eric and says that he will never regret this... and as she says this, she turns around towards the door and her jaw drops (with the assumption that Becky has just entered, but we don't see her).

Dr Wilson's Office: The doctor checks Taylor's arm for the skin test. He tells her she has TB. He wants to isolate her immediately. She can have visitors, although they will have to wear surgical gowns, he explains... although Thomas will only be able to see her from behind a glass window, as the risk to a young child is too great. Dr Wilson then leaves to make a few phone calls and to inform the health authority. Left alone, Ridge reassures a sobbing Taylor that they will get through this.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999, Ep. #3109

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

Oops. Amber tries to get Becky out the door before Eric looks up. Maybe it is a bad time, she tries to say. No, Eric says, he can do it now. He looks up to see Becky.

Taylor tells the doctor that she hasn't taken any of the medicine because she didn't think that she was sick and that she did not want to do anything to hurt the babies.

Kimberly comes in and asks Rick if he is ready to go to the party. He wants to know what the point is. She says to make friends, but Rick doesn't need any... because when he isn't in school, working, or studying, he will be spending time with his son.

Eric can't believe it's Becky in an outfit combining the cowboy look with the sequin look. She asks if he doesn't recognize her. Not at first, he says. Amber looks uncomfortable. Becky chews her gum and invites Eric to ask her anything. Eric invites her to tell him about herself. She assures him that "what you see is what you get." She won't sit on her butt just because she is family. Eric asks about work experience. She tells him about her previous job, so Eric asks about references. Nope, she says; her previous boss hated her. Amber mumbles something about Becky taking her feet down from Eric's desk, and Becky allows that is what got her fired--putting her foot down. Eric asks what she knows about the French. She responds that she has heard that they don't shave under their arms. Is that true? She asks. Eric is somewhat baffled by this but assures her that they do indeed shave. This relieves her. Eric thanks her for coming in. "Thanks Mr. Forrester. It was fun. Bye," Becky says as she exits happily. Amber asks Eric for another chance for her cousin.

Rick doesn't know why he is staying there. Yes, Kim says, he knows. Being here makes it worse for Rick. He has given up a lot. Rick says that it starts to get easier, and then something pops up that reminds him. Interning, summer jobs, sports teams... he cannot have any of this. He is on the outside looking in, wishing it could be like that.

The doctor tells Taylor that he would never ask her to hurt her babies. Taylor is scared and protective, but she is the life support system for those children. And if the system is breaks down... "Breaks down?" asks Ridge. Taylor is very sick, and her appetite is gone. She has lost weight. Low weight babies are in danger. She must cooperate, the doctor explains. She asks about whether it is possible that she will not respond to the drugs. Yes, Dr. Wilson replies, but they will know more after the bacteria culture comes back from the lab. That will take weeks, but then they will know if it is a resistant strain. The autopsy on the dead man should help, and the odds are on Taylor's side. The doctor tells her that she has to wear a face mask to get to her room. She cries, as Ridge holds her and reassures her.

Amber is trying to convince Eric that Becky can do the job. Eric tells her that Becky is not even close. Amber assures Eric that she can change. Just give Amber a couple of days with her. Days? Eric conveys that it will take much longer than that. Amber has aimed too high. Next time there is an opening in shipping and receiving, he'll consider it... No, Amber pleads, it has to be this job. Becky's life has been hard, but she can do it. Please give her another chance. Eric assures her that there is no point, but finally relents and says that he will. Amber thanks him.

Becky tells Tawny that the interview went wonderfully. She is ready to pack and head for Paris. She wasn't even nervous, she tells Tawny, and Eric really liked her. She saw some other candidates and they were stiff and boring. Tawny says that it pays to dress to stick out... soon, Becky Moore will be in Paris...

Rick thinks it is a mistake to pretend that he can have a real life. His life will never be normal. But it is bad to want more, bad for his son. He doesn't expect Kim to understand. He has something to tell her, he states, the most important thing he has ever told her.

Becky can hardly wait for her mom and dad to hear about this. She can't wait to go. She didn't used to want this, but she walked around Forrester and saw all the people and now she wants it. Amber comes through the door and they want to go celebrate, but Amber breaks the news that the interview was a disaster.

The doctor shows Taylor and Ridge a hospital room. It looks like a normal room. But in actuality it is designed for negative ventilation. If you open the door, no air leaves. Instead, air is sucked into the room. The doors have to be closed all the time. All visitors wear masks. Taylor doesn't have to wear the mask all the time, but must cover her mouth when she coughs. "Ridge, come see me after she gets settled in, so we can start the tests on you and Thomas," Dr. Wilson instructs. The doctor leaves, and Ridge comments that it looks like a hotel room. She could be on a holiday. "Except," Taylor says, "without you and Thomas." She has to take care of the babies. She wants to lay down and rest. They talk and say goodbye, and Ridge leaves. Outside the door he actually ACTS... looking devastated...

Thursday, August 12, 1999, Ep. #3110

Stephanie is at home, talking to herself about how she could have killed Brooke. How can she be the only one who sees what Brooke has done to her family? She remains determined to stop Brooke, asking herself how she can do it. Just then, Ridge stops by to see his mom; he has some bad news to tell her.

Kimberly asks Rick what he wanted to say. He says that he shouldn't go to the party, or any party for that matter. For the reason why, he reminds her that he has a son who depends on him, and he therefore has a responsibility to make his son his top priority. Because of that, he cannot live in the dorms or have a life like other kids his age. He implores Kimberly to learn from his mistake; even if she is with someone she loves, she should never have unprotected sex the way he did. He doesn't want her to lose the joy of experiencing campus life to its fullest.

Amber asks her mother why Becky was dressed in those clothes and not in the ones she (Amber) picked out. By coming to the interview dressed like Daisy Mae, Becky may have blown her chance to go to Forrester International! Becky gets mad about the way Amber is coming down on her and wants to give up on the whole idea!

Ridge tells Stephanie about Taylor's encounter with the homeless man and her being hospitalized for tuberculosis. How can they be so sure this man infected Taylor? Stephanie wonders. Because the man died from TB, Ridge explains. Meanwhile, in the hospital, a lonely Taylor looks out of the room where she is held in isolation. A nurse tells her to take her medicine, but Taylor wants to see her baby first and asks the nurse to call Ridge.

Amber tells Becky not to give up just yet, as she has scheduled a second interview for her. Becky isn't so sure she should go to Paris and resigns herself that maybe it wasn't meant to be. Tawny sets down next to Becky and tries to reassure her niece, but Amber says not to give up. It will mean a lot of intense coaching, but she thinks Becky can do this. She has to, Amber thinks, so she can get Becky out of her life forever!

Kimberly tells Rick that she doesn't have to worry about her being careful with other man, as she won't be with any while he still loves her. Until that changes, he'll be the only man in her life. Just then, CJ knocks on the door, looking for Kimberly. Rick lies that she's not there and tells CJ to go on to the dance without him. CJ thinks Rick will be missing out on all the fun, but he leaves. He then tells Kimberly to go without him as well and to just forget him!

At the hospital, Dr. Wilson sees Taylor and asks her to take her medicine. Taylor fears that taking the medication will harm her unborn babies, but the doctor reminds her that it will be worse if she does NOT take the medication. She agrees to take the medicine, but she still wants to see Thomas.

Ridge tells Stephanie that both he and Thomas have been tested, so they are safe... and the babies are fine right now as well. However, he explains how Taylor has been placed in isolation for treatment, which is tearing her up inside, since she cannot see Thomas. Stephanie tells Ridge that she has an idea; she suggests that she and Ridge take Thomas to the hospital as a show of support to Taylor.

In the hospital, Taylor talks to her twins. She is very sick, she tells them, tears in her eyes... but her tears change to a smile when she looks up to the glass window by her room. She sees Ridge, Thomas and Stephanie standing at the glass and talks to them.

Rick tells Kimberly that he wants her so bad, so she suggests that he leave Amber. Kimberly tells him to kiss her just one time, but Rick asks her to leave him alone.

Friday, August 13, 1999, Ep. #3111

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Rick and Amber's: Amber is changing Eric Jr. She wishes that he didn't have the birthmark. Becky comes in and wants to hold Eric Jr. Tawny and Helen (the maid from the main house) come in. Helen is going to take the baby to the main house. Becky is upset, because she wanted to hold him. Amber tells her there is no time. Gladys comes in with her assistant.

Dorm: Rick is pining away about Kimberly.

College Dance: C.J. is showing off his knowledge about the professors and classes. Kimberly is standing there looking like a statue, bored and unimpressed. C.J. asks her to dance and she refuses. She leaves the dance.

Hospital: Ridge, Thomas and Stephanie are visiting Taylor. Taylor is in the isolation room and they are standing outside a window. Taylor's dad, Jack Hamilton shows up. It turns out that Stephanie called him and let him know that she was sick.

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Hospital: Jack asks how Taylor is doing. It turns out she's still running a fever. Ridge expresses concern that they aren't giving her anything more to combat the fever. Taylor replies that she really doesn't want to take anything more than she already is, as she doesn't want to harm the babies.

Rick and Amber's: After making a few comments about what a project Becky is going to be and exchanging barbs with Tawny, Gladys settles in to make Becky over. Amber says a bit too forcefully that this has to work - Becky HAS to get the job.

Dorm: Kimberly comes in.


Dorm: Rick and Kimberly have a nauseating conversation about responsibility and duty. Rick tells her that it's not going to happen for them. Kimberly informs Rick that she knows it can work.

Rick and Amber's: Gladys starts the makeover. She goes through a couple of different looks before Amber and Tawny are satisfied with it.


Dorm: Kimberly finally tells Rick that she can't keep quiet anymore. She can't support Amber and him anymore. She then boldly suggests that Rick divorce Amber.

Hospital: Taylor goes and finds the bible in her nightstand. She starts reading aloud from it.

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