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Monday, August 16, 1999, Ep. #3112

Kimberly and Rick are in the dorm room during the college orientation. She is trying to convince him that he isn't doing his son any favors by raising little Eric in the hostile environment and that Rick should be prepared to love and trust Amber, or his son will see through all of it. Rick assures Kimberly that he is trying to trust his wife and he told Amber that there had better not be any more secrets. Kimberly is upset that Amber tricked him into marrying her. Rick agrees she is right about Amber but says it breaks his heart to watch his son grow up in a single family home - he needs a father to live with him. He hated growing up with his own dad living across town and not being there to tuck him in at night. Rick states, "If only I wouldn't be stuck in this situation. It is not going to happen for us. We have to accept that. I guess we better get going." But Kimberly replies that they don't have to be anywhere and she doesn't want to leave him tonight.

Lauren (she looks great sporting a new short haircut) is at the guesthouse and is introduced to Amber's family after the Becky makeover. Lauren thinks Becky looks chic and wonders why Becky flunked her first interview... that is, until Becky opens her mouth and the words spill out. Lauren insists that if Becky wants to work for Eric Forrester, she will have to make some adjustments. The clothes, the hair and the makeup make her look very sophisticated, and she could blend right in there on Rodeo Drive, Lauren states. However, Becky may look like a millionaire, but once she opens her mouth, she sounds like a girl from Hicksville. Lauren tells Becky that she could change what is inside and how she carries herself and she offers to teach the young woman to get things she normally would only dream of. Becky wants Lauren to teach her.

Over at the dorm room on campus, Kimberly is upset that tomorrow, Rick will go back to his house... and while she might see him in the bookstore or in a class, they wont be alone like this. She wants a night that just the two of them can wake up in the morning together. Rick wants that also. He puts on the radio and the song playing is "I'll Never Break Your Heart" by the Backstreet Boys. They light votive candles, and he hands her one of his t-shirts to sleep in. Kim takes off her dress and slips the shirt on over her bra and underwear. Rick strips down to his boxer shorts and they get into bed. They hold each other; there is no sex, and there is not even one little kiss.

Eric and Stephanie are in the main house having a drink together. As he sips his martini, Eric feels bad that his son is starting college in this situation. Eric feels that there is a lot more to college than exams and doing term papers. He wanted to marry Amber, Steph reminds her ex-, but Eric points out he only did that for the baby. Then Helen the maid brings in little Eric to say goodnight, because Amber wanted the baby at the main house while they were busy with her cousin in the guesthouse. Even the maid gets the impression that Amber doesn't want her cousin near the baby. After Eric and Steph say goodnight, Helen goes to put the baby down upstairs. Eric says that he too wonders about Amber's attitude towards her cousin, especially considering how adamant Amber is about Becky getting the job at Forrester International. Steph guesses that maybe Becky wants to go abroad, but Eric has the impression that it is Amber whom wants Becky to go abroad to distance herself from her cousin. Stephanie says it makes her wonder what is going on with Amber. Eric remarks that he has the impression that Stephanie is going to find out what exactly is going on. Stephanie replies that indeed she will; Eric knows her so well, she states, as she always has to know what exactly is going on under her roof.

Lauren has Becky walking around the living room in the guesthouse with a book on her head as the lessons begin. Amber is all smiles... and as Lauren starts some French lessons for Becky, Amber and her mom Tawny chat in the bedroom. Tawny is sure it is all going to work out because she believes that things happen the way they are supposed to for a reason. She tells her daughter to hang in there, because in a few days Becky will be long gone. Amber says that she loves the baby so much like he is her own child, and she could never give him up.

Back in the dorm room, Kimberly is lying there and feels it is almost too good to be true. Rick wishes that it could last forever but at least they have tonight. Kimberly tells him that she will never ever forget this. "Just lying here is like we are making love, except it is something much, much more, even better," says Rick. Kimberly tells him that she feels connected, and she could die tonight and would be a very happy fulfilled person. She says," I only need you. And tonight I feel like I have all of you." Rick replies that for tonight she does. They have one intimate kiss and Amber says she loves him. There is no reply from Rick and they blow out the candles turn over and go to sleep.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999, Ep. #3113

Rick has brushed his teeth in the dorm room and Kimberly is still asleep in the bed. He gets back on the side of the bed and tells her good morning, but he can't get back into bed when she requests it. She tells him that he can't feel guilty about last night because nothing happened. He assures her that he doesn't regret last night; in fact, he feels grateful for it. He finds her to be so beautiful that he couldn't hold her close enough through the night. He found himself last night wondering what it would be like if this day never came once he noticed the sun coming up. He didn't want to leave the room, and he wants to hold her in his arms forever.

Amber is holding the baby and tells herself that she never thought she could feel this way. She tells the baby that she will always be there for him. Tawny overhears this and then tells her own daughter how proud she is of her, especially after everything that she has been through. Amber confides that a part of her died the night she buried her child, but she understands that God wanted her to take care of this baby. She is thankful for her little boy. Amber starts to cry as her feelings came rushing back to her, and through flashbacks, we see her burying her own biological little baby in the desert.

Becky is in the kitchen at Casa Forrester as Stephanie comes in. Becky has made some coffee and offers a cup to Stephanie. Stephanie remarks how great she looks and questions if Becky would miss her family if she gets this job abroad. Becky thinks the funniest thing would be, out of all the family to leave behind, she would miss her baby cousin Eric. She feels a connection to the baby. Stephanie replies that when she has her own child she will understand what she is feeling. Becky remarks that didn't Amber tell Steph that she had a child, a baby that she gave him up for adoption because of her position?

Over in the dorm room, Kim is now dressed in her clothes from the night before and brushing her hair. She tells Rick that she had a dream about them in a boat on a lake last night. They act it out and end up doing a dance. She tells him that she feels so protected and solid against him. She wants to feel every part of his body against hers. They continue talking about the dream, and Kim says that they fell into water and it was cold, dark and scary. But in her dreams, Rick would never let her go. She doesn't want him to say anything, just to hold her now--but Rick has to tell her something.

Rick explains that last night, it was like they fit together perfectly. He loves the way Kim believes in him and her faith, and he doesn't want to lose these feelings, but he needs to do the right thing. She has to understand that. Kimberly admits that she does. Rick had thought that all these feelings would go away in two months, but they haven't, and they cant do this. She tries to leave, but he asks her not to go yet. They share a long passionate kiss. She leaves to get changed and will come back later so they can walk to the assembly in the student union. She comes back later, but Rick is gone, his room empty.

Becky tells Stephanie that she stills thinks about the child she gave up. She just wishes that she could be alone with little Eric, and play with him and bathe him, just to see him smile for her alone. She wants to feel like the mommy she could have been. Stephanie holds Becky's hand and she questions what the young woman has planned for tonight. When Becky asks why, Steph remarks that she is going to babysit and could use some help. A delighted Becky smiles and thanks Stephanie. "You don't know what this means to me!" she exclaims, but Stephanie thinks she does.

Rick stands thoughtfully at his front door and walks in. Amber is happy to see her husband and says it looks like he hasn't slept a wink. She goes to get the baby in the other room. Rick goes outside and is thinking of Kimberly. At the same moment in time, Kimberly is looking out the dorm room window, thinking of Rick. It is like Romeo and Juliet story, with two lovers being kept apart, but this time because of a lie.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999, Ep. #3114

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

The show starts with the new and improved Becky looking at and talking to herself about the opportunity to work for Forrester in Europe. She won't let Amber down. She will get the job.

Stephanie walks in on Amber making formula for the baby and asks if she has seen Becky. They talk about Becky's interview at Forrester and Amber asks Stephanie to put in a good word for Becky. After Steph leaves, Amber says that she has to get Becky out of town.

Eric is drawing when Megan enters. She has been looking at the applicants for the job and expresses surprise that Becky is still there. Maybe she will surprise them, she guesses. Eric won't hold his breath.

Amber is talking about how perfect everything will be if Becky gets the job when Rick enters with Eric III, who has enjoyed his first swim. Amber says they are blessed and she hopes they will never lose him. Rick says they are stuck with each other for life.

Steph wants to talk to Eric about Amber and Becky. She tells Eric she is glad that Becky is getting a second chance and explains how Becky had a baby and put the baby out for adoption. She admires that decision. Steph thinks Becky has potential. Eric comments that Megan said the same thing. Steph thinks that Becky came to LA to be with Amber's child, but Amber doesn't seem to want her around the baby. Doesn't THAT seem strange?????

Amber is playing with the baby, Rick comments on how it blows him away that he has a son. He wants to know what Amber is up to. She is going with Becky to her interview. They squabble about whether she is right for Forrester and is wasting Eric's time. As they are arguing, the new and improved Becky appears in the doorway. "WOW!!!" is all Rick can say as Amber reaches over to cover the birthmark.

Steph and Eric agree that it seems quite strange that Amber keeps the baby away from Becky. But Steph is babysitting this evening and she is going to let Becky have some time with the baby then. Eric does not think that it is such a good idea to go against Amber's wishes.

Becky tells them that Amber helped a lot with her new look. Becky really wants to hold the baby before she goes on her interview - she thinks it will calm her down. Amber says NO. Tawny points out that the baby could have an accident on her new outfit. There will be many chances to play later. Becky points out that won't be true if she gets the job. She wants to see those cute buns - babies have such cute buns... Tawny hustles her out for the interview.

Steph goes to see Rick and he makes her an offer to change the royal diaper. Steph turns down the opportunity. They talk about Becky's interview and how Amber would not let her hold or change the baby. They discuss the birthmark - and how it must come from Amber's side of the family, since they don't have it on their side of the family. Steph asks Rick about their plans for the evening, but Rick says that he has none. Steph says she has been contracted to baby-sit. Rick thinks his wife must have big plans for how to celebrate. They briefly discuss why Amber and Becky don't seem to get along.

Megan tells Becky she is looking fabulous and gives her a form to fill out (why doesn't she have the one from the previous interview?), and Tawny and Amber give her a pep talk. She enters Eric's office and Eric tells her that she looks very nice.

Tawny and Amber are talking about Becky finding out the truth. Amber needs Becky on a plane to Paris ASAP, or otherwise she will lose her son.

Thursday, August 19, 1999, Ep. #3115

Amber and Tawny nervously wait outside the office while Eric interviews Becky. Tawny tries to reassure her, but Amber is frantic. Amber says that Becky just HAS to get this job, since she will lose her little boy if she does not.

Meanwhile, Eric talks with Becky. He is frank with her that her background and lack of experience is a major obstacle to getting this job. She agrees with him, but points out how eager she is to learn and how hard she will work. Wouldn't he want someone like that on his team? Eric is impressed with the change in Becky, but he tells her that Amber is mistaken about this being an "entry level" position; whomever gets the job has to be able to hit the floor running. Becky tells him about all her studying, but Eric says that is not enough. She then tells him that she is not afraid of a challenge, and Eric admits he knows that from talking to Stephanie. Becky figures out that he knows how she gave up her baby and Eric confirms, saying that he thinks that was a very responsible act. Becky then explains how she is trying to learn from her mistakes. She did not want to give up her baby, but she knew it was best for the child. She says that she wants to prove that she is not a failure, which is why she needs this job. She promises to give one hundred percent to Forrester if she gets this job.

Dr. Wilson checks Taylor's chart and grills a nurse for information about the dead homeless man's autopsy. He needs that information immediately! Inside the isolation room, Ridge is at Taylor's bedside as she grows worse and worse. She chides him for being there, especially without a mask on, but he mentions to her that he has been told that as long as he takes the antibiotics, he is safe without a mask. Taylor wonders if she will ever get better, and he assures her that she will be. What if she doesn't? Taylor laments. He tells her that she will beat this thing; it may take time, but it will happen.

The nurse returns a little later and tells Dr. Wilson that the morgue technician says that he will fax up the report later today. Dr. Wilson gets on the phone and calls the morgue. He insists that they go directly to the report to find out what strain of bacteria the dead man was infected with. The doctor in the morgue looks over the report and says, "Oh, no." He returns to the phone and tells Dr. Wilson that they have a problem on their hands.

"Is that the only reason you want this job?" Eric asks Becky. She says no and admits to him that she misses her baby. It is like she carried him for nine months, so losing him has eaten her up inside. She again promises to give Eric her all if he gives her the job. Eric then asks her to wait outside while he makes up his mind.

Ridge stays by Taylor's side as she rests, wondering what is going on with his wife and hoping she will be all right. Dr. Wilson then calls him out of the room. Ridge wants to know when the drugs are going to start improving Taylor's condition. Sadly, the doctor tells him that they won't. Ridge asks why not, and the doc explains that she was infected by a multiple drug resistant strain of TB... which means that the bacteria Taylor carries will resist the drugs they are using. Ridge says that they will begin giving her the stronger antibiotics now, won't they? The doctor says that they can't, as that may be too risky... a risk Taylor may not want to take.

When the secretary is away, Amber goes so far as to put her ear to the door to try and listen in. It worries her when she cannot hear a sound. Tawny joins her as they both anxiously try to listen... and just then, the door opens and they find Becky standing there. They ask how she did, and Becky explains that Eric hasn't made up his mind who will get the job. She thinks that he has made up his mind and just doesn't want to tell her that she doesn't have a chance. When she mentions that Eric was very kind to her and allowed her to talk about her baby, Amber nearly goes wild. "How could you do this?" Amber exclaims! Before she can go off too much, Eric comes out and tells Becky to come back into the office. He then tells Amber and Tawny that they can come in also, as he has made his decision. He says that Becky has told him how they have been helping her so they deserve to hear that he has chosen the person who will get the job.

The drugs will be harmful to the babies and could cause birth defects or organ damage, Dr. Wilson explains. They must think of the risks carefully before making a decision. Ridge says that Taylor will not do it, but she is already getting weaker. The doc says that they will just have to wait a while and give the babies lungs a better chance. He wants to wait at least another month. Ridge wants to know what the life expectancy is for Taylor if she is not medicated and Dr. Wilson says that it is no longer than one to four months from the time of diagnosis... and Taylor was already diagnosed some time ago, Ridge points out. Ridge suggests that they deliver the twins now, but Dr. Wilson tells him that the babies would have a slim chance of surviving. Usually, he says, they would be able to give Taylor steroids to mature the girls' lungs, but they can't give Taylor steroids with the TB; to do so would kill her. They have to wait, he stresses again. No, Ridge insists; they have to do this today, for Taylor's sake. He will not lose Taylor over this, he exclaims. "I **cannot** lose Taylor!"

Friday, August 20, 1999, Ep. #3116

Rick is sitting in Insomnia, drinking coffee and reading sheet music, and he has his guitar case nearby. Kimberly walks up and asks if she could join him. She says she missed him at the student union, and he says that he wanted to get home. She bets Amber missed him, and he says she did. She then tells him how much what they shared meant to her; she had to wonder how he felt though when she didn't see him after. Rick explains that he wanted to see his son. She then asks if Amber was there, and he explains that she was, but now she's over at Forrester with her cousin for Becky's job interview with Forrester International.

Tawny asks Eric, "So you've made a decision about the job?" Amber says yhat she thought Eric had to think about it, and Eric says that he has. He's made up his mind, and he's found the candidate who is best for the job in Paris.

Ridge and Stephanie talk about Taylor, as he tells her about the rare form of TB that Taylor has. Since it is multi-drug resistant, there is only one treatment, and Taylor will not take it since the drugs could cause birth defects, Ridge laments. He talks about how well everything was going for them, only to have everything change with Taylor's condition... and now Taylor must choose between her own health and her children's!

Kimberly asks Rick if it wouldn't be easier to find Becky a job around here. Rick says it would be, but he thinks it would be better with Becky gone, as he thinks Amber doesn't want Becky around. He seems closemouthed on the subject, so Kimberly asks Rick is Amber is acting strange; if she is, he could talk about it, she suggests. Rick says no, Amber is not acting strange, and he asks to talk about something else. She picks up some sheet music and asks what it is. He says it is a song that he wrote for her a while ago and offers to let her look at it. Instead, Kimberly asks if she will sing it for him.

Tawny asks Eric to end the suspense, but first he wants to explain how he came to his decision. This is a competitive industry that requires focus, motivation, and most of all passion to give everything one has. All the people he interviewed said they had that passion, but only one person guaranteed it... and that one person is Becky! He warns that she still has a lot to learn and will need lots of help at first, but he will make sure she gets it, since she has the job! Amber, Tawny and Becky are all ecstatic as Becky thanks Eric for giving her this chance.

Stephanie advises Ridge that the doctor will not put Taylor at risk, but he says that is exactly what the doctor wants. The doctor wants to wait until the twins are more developed, but Ridge thinks that is the wrong decision! There is no best case here, and Taylor is getting weaker. He fears that if Taylor chooses to wait, then he will lose her!

Rick tells Kimberly the song isn't ready yet; he has to work on the music some more, although the lyrics are finished. She picks up the sheet and reads lyrics about a boy meeting a princess. It sounds like a love poem, she says, and Rick admits it starts out that way... but most of all, it is about faith and how the right things sometimes happen at the wrong time. He admits he was feeling depressed the night he wrote it, the same night that Amber brought the baby home. He could not find the words to talk to Kimberly then, so he put it in a song... and then everything changed. Everything DIDN'T change, Kimberly says, but Rick reminds her that they can never be more than friends now.

Amber, Becky and Tawny walk into the mansion and inform Stephanie that Becky got the job. Becky asks if Stephanie is happy for her, and Stephanie says it's the best news she's had all day. Amber and Tawny talk in the background about how the nightmare is over, so Tawny suggests that Amber go out and celebrate. Amber worries that Becky might be there with the baby, but Tawny assures her that it's just 24 hours... and Becky will probably want to go out with CJ, anyway. Amber walks over and asks Stephanie to watch the baby tonight, and Steph says that she will. Amber then asks Becky what she has planned for the night, and Becky says that she is going upstairs to get ready for the trip. Amber leaves, and Becky then tells Stephanie that they are all set; it's just the two of them and little Eric tonight. Steph seems distracted and Becky asks why. When Steph tells her that this has been an emotional day, Becky tells her to take it easy tonight and she would play baby sitter.

Ridge walks into Taylor's room, where she's on her knees in tears, reading her Bible. Ridge realizes the doctor must have told Taylor, so he takes his wife in his arms and tells her how sorry he is. He holds her as she cries. Taylor coughs and tells Ridge that she is not taking the new drugs. Ridge says not to worry about that and to only concentrate on getting better. "But I'm not getting better!" Taylor shouts. Ridge assures her that she will as soon as she delivers the twins, but she says that she can't yet! They are too little and need to have their lungs mature first, so she has to wait. "What about Thomas--and me? We need you!" Ridge asks. He refuses to wait for a right time that might come too late, but Taylor stands firm. "You can't beat this!" Ridge pleads, telling her that she will only get sicker as she waits. "There is too much at stake... you have to do it now, or you could die!" Ridge tells his wife, who keeps crying in his arms.

Amber asks Tawny what will happen if Becky sees the baby tonight. Tawny says that Becky will probably be in bed by the time Amber gets the baby there, so there is no need to worry. Becky is leaving tomorrow and moving on with her life, Tawny points out... which means it is time for Amber to move on with hers as well.

Meanwhile, Becky looks at a picture of the baby. Tomorrow she will be in Paris, she says... but tonight it is just her and her little cousin, as she is finally going to have him all to herself. She hugs the picture and smiles.

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