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Monday, August 23, 1999, Ep. #3117

Ridge is with Taylor at the hospital. He tries to talk her into taking her medicine, as she needs to be treated now. Despite his pleas, Taylor stands by her decision that she has to wait until the babies are bigger. Ridge asks her what about him or Thomas... or even about Taylor herself? She is willing to take that chance.

Amber gives the baby to Tawny as get Eric III ready to go up to Stephanie's for the night. They talk about Becky and how she's not ever going to know about her baby. All they have to wait is one more night, Tawny reminds her daughter, and then Amber can move on with her life. Tawny meanwhile will head back to Furnace Creek. Alone with the baby, Amber tells him that everything will be all right. Tomorrow, mean old cousin Becky will be gone, and then nothing will tear their family apart.

Up in the mansion, Stephanie is folding some clothes as an excited Becky interrupts her. Are they here yet? Could Amber have changed her mind about Stephanie baby-sitting? Steph assures Becky that Amber needs this quiet night with her husband, so she is sure that Amber has not changed her mind and all will proceed as planned.

At Insomnia, Rick and Kimberly sit and look at each other. He mentions that Amber will be happy if Becky gets this job, and Kimberly wonders why it is important that **Amber** is happy for Becky. Rick gets angry and tells Kimberly not to analyze everything that happens in his marriage. Kimberly says that Rick is the one who must stop... that is, he should stop pretending that his marriage is working, because it's not!

Amber arrives at Stephanie's with little Eric. Amber asks if Becky was in bed, and Stephanie guessed that Becky is still packing. Amber tells Stephanie to make sure that Becky goes to bed, as she doesn't want to see Becky show up at work looking like a zombie. Most off all, she instructs, do not let Becky watch TV or play with the baby, and keep Becky in her room. "Does Madame have any other orders for me?" Stephanie sarcastically asks. Amber simply shrugs off the comment and heads off to the side.

Taylor tells Ridge that the doctor will keep an eye on her and do tests every few days, and when the babies are ready they will know. Taylor coughs uncontrollably, which has Ridge concerned.

Rick reminds Kimberly that Amber is his wife. Kimberly knows there's a bond between Rick and little Eric, but Rick cannot say his feelings for Amber are the same as those for Kimberly. Rick says last night was wonderful, but it was a dream; meanwhile, he has a commitment. Kimberly asks if it's getting harder to keep. Rick insists he loves his son. As they are about to get into it, Rick's cell phone rings. It's Amber, who tells him to get home, so he leaves Kimberly behind.

Becky is packing when Amber comes in; she tells her cousin to get some rest tonight and stay in her room and relax. Becky says she will... but once Amber is gone, Becky wonders why Amber is trying so hard to keep her away from the baby.

As Taylor coughs some more, she tells Ridge how their babies are depending on her. She could never forgive herself if she takes the medicine and something goes wrong. She knows this is hard, but Ridge has to let her do this her way, she stresses.

Rick gets home Amber and is surprised to see the spread Amber has set up... and he is stunned when Amber walks in and tells him that this is the first night of the rest of their lives together.

Stephanie changes the baby and covers the birthmark just before Becky walks in. Becky is upset about Amber's attitude towards her, so Stephanie allows her to spend some time with her young cousin.

Kimberly walks outside and asks herself what she was thinking and why did she say those things? Rick is never going to divorce Amber, she tells herself, so the best thing is for her to forget Rick.

Becky takes the baby out on the terrace and talks to him about her life. She wonders why she feels this close to her cousin's child...

Tuesday, August 24, 1999, Ep. #3118

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update:

Rick and Amber's: Amber is looking over dinner. She says to herself that finally Rick and she can start their lives together because Becky is leaving. She smiles as she thinks about Becky in her room at the main house... just one more night...

Stephanie's: Becky is playing with Eric. She wonders why Amber is keeping Eric away from her. As Becky is holding Eric, the camera pans to a shot of Eric's bottom. The birthmark is clearly visible.

Rick and Amber's: Rick joins Amber and is impressed with what she has done. She says that he deserves it with the way that she has neglected him lately, especially after he came home early from his orientation and she practically ignored him. Amber asks Rick about his night on campus. Rick really doesn't reply. Amber tells Rick that Becky got the job and says that now she can give her full attention to Rick and Eric.

Thorne's: Thorne walks in from a swim. He's on the phone with Ridge. Thorne tells Ridge that he'll come and see Taylor tomorrow. He also tells Ridge that he can call any time day or night. Brooke knocks on the door. Thorne let's her in. They discuss Taylor. Brooke expresses confidence that Taylor will be all right. Ridge will move heaven and earth for his wife, she believes. Thorne asks Brooke why she's there. Brooke fingers Thorne's bare chest.

Opening Credits:

Thorne's: Thorne tells Brooke that he is busy. They exchange banter about Macy. Brooke bets that Thorne has plans with Macy, but Thorne explains that he plans to spend the night on the Internet looking for the fabrics that Brooke wanted. He shows her the list of things he has to look for. Brooke meaningfully tells him that it can wait until the morning and playfully tosses the papers aside.

Stephanie's: Stephanie walks in on Becky and little Eric. Becky is all apologetic for being with the baby, but Steph says there is nothing to apologize for. Becky wonders where her child is and also why she feels so close to her little cousin. Stephanie tells Amber how she was close to a cousin of hers, and it is probably the same with Becky and little Eric. Becky replies that she feels closer to Eric than a cousin.


Rick and Amber's: Rick and Amber sit down to dinner as Amber talks about how free she is with Becky leaving. Rick asks what it is between Amber and Becky. He guesses that it's the baby.

Stephanie's: Stephanie lets Becky feed Eric. As Becky starts feeding Eric, she flashes back to the birth of her son. Becky starts to cry.

Thorne's: Thorne says he can name a dozen reasons why they shouldn't be together. Brooke continues to come on to Thorne.


Thorne's: Thorne moves away from Brooke. Brooke continues her pursuit. Thorne eventually caves in and they share a passionate kiss.

Rick and Amber's: Amber replies that Becky is obsessed with Eric. She thinks that's because she gave up her baby, and Amber thinks that it's not good for Becky to be around little Eric. Amber then goes on to say that she's happy, because now is the time for them.

Stephanie's: Becky tells Stephanie to take the baby. Becky then says she has strong feelings about Eric.

Rick and Amber's/Stephanie's: Rick is happy to see Amber so relaxed. Amber decides to check on Eric. Amber phones Stephanie. Stephanie lies to Amber when Amber asks about Becky. They finish the conversation. Becky is now smiling and holding Eric again; she mentions to Stephanie that she should have seen her baby's cute birthmark. Stephanie replies - "Birthmark"?

Wednesday, August 25, 1999, Ep. #3119

At Thorne's beach house, Brooke is on her knees in front of Thorne, kissing him over at his place. He tells her that it is not going to happen. He assures her that she is definitely hot and attractive, and she turns him on without a doubt... but well, it isn't just that he has work to do. Brooke brings up that if Macy truly loved him, she would be here right now. Thorne says that Macy can control herself better than Brooke--but his reasons for not having sex consist of a combination of things.

Brooke blurts out, "You don't want to be with me tonight because of your mother!" Thorne however insists that he does not live his love life by his mother's agenda. It is just that Stephanie is horrified by them being together. Brooke finds that Stephanie is being selfish and doesn't care about her... and neither should Thorne.

In Furnace Creek, Sarah the midwife stops by the trailer to see her friend Tawny. They chat about how relieved they are. Tawny says that Amber is on cloud nine and she is so happy for her daughter, and now she can stop worrying. Sarah comments how Tawny has changed, and now she is dressed differently too. Tawny replies that she got this fancy dress for free off the Forrester sale rack. Now it wont be long before she moves them all out to Beverly Hills, Tawny predicts. Amber can write her a check and buy her mom a big house. Sarah remarks that Tawny is one very lucky lady. Tawny insists that money doesn't mean much to her; it is just that her daughter deserves that life. Amber never had clothes or toys while growing up, and now she has a nice solid home. At the same time, Becky has a great job and she is never going to look back. Sarah said it all seemed like a longshot, but it had to fall into place... and it did. Tawny says, "Life is good, Sarah, and it is getting better every day."

Amber is watching her husband Rick eat dinner. She tells him how relaxed she is and comments that she is looking forward to Becky getting on the plane; then she can concentrate on little Eric and him. Amber then tries to seduce Rick, but he just tells her to come over to the couch. They sit down and talk about the baby and how he is a part of them now. Rick then brings up that he never heard the details about when little Eric was born. When Amber is reluctant, he thinks that Amber doesn't want to talk about it because of the intense physical pain. He tells his wife that it was worth it.

Stephanie finds it curious that Becky's baby had a birthmark. But the conversation at Casa Forrester changes when Becky thinks that the baby needs a diaper change. She wants to do it, and realizes that after tomorrow, changing a baby diaper will be the farthest thing from her mind. Stephanie is amazed at how attached Becky is to the little baby.

Thorne thinks that Brooke is kind of cute when she is angry. Brooke is annoyed at being called cute and decides to point out all the 'cute' parts of his body by giving them kisses, from his itty-bitty ear to his abs and deltoids. But Thorne stops her yet again and tells her that the general direction Brooke will be taking is out the door. If she doesn't leave, then he won't finish his work tonight. They kiss passionately again and he abruptly says goodbye. Brooke leaves unhappy and unsatisfied about what just passed and blames it on what Stephanie has done to Thorne.

Becky is now on diaper duty. There is a knock at the door, and it's Brooke. She has come to chat with Stephanie about Thorne. Stephanie tries to get out of it by saying she is babysitting, but Brooke spots her helper Becky and remarks that this is better, because Steph can't come after her with a witness. Brooke goes to wait for Stephanie in the den. Stephanie follows, leaving Becky alone with little Eric.

Amber asks Rick if he is ready for a low calorie desert. She comes out in a bright pink satin nightie with a robe and tells him to be ready.

Becky tells the baby that he is so special to her. She tells the child that the dumbest thing she did in the world was to give up her own little boy, who had the sweetest little birthmark. She asks him, "And do you know where he had it? He had it right..." Becky turns over little Eric and sees the birthmark...

Thursday, August 26, 1999, Ep. #3120

Becky is stunned... it can't be, she says. Breathing heavily, she is in shock. It's the same birthmark, the same shape. She flashes back to giving birth and asks herself, could it be? She tells herself no, but she still cannot wonder... can this be her son?

Brooke tells Steph to leave the door open as she will feel safer. Steph says that she will not do anything as she has the baby to tend to, and she has a responsibility to the child. "Were you responsible that night you tried to kill me?" Brooke asks. Stay away from Thorne, warns Steph.

Amber tells Rick that after tonight, their marriage will be different... no more Becky, just the two of them and their son. He puts his arm around her as she smiles. She senses that Rick is feeling tense and tells him to lie down so she can give him a massage. Amber admits she has not done much to make Rick feel good lately, but that will change. Rick says he would have asked Becky to leave if he knew it bothered Amber, and she thanks him for the moving gesture. Rick then tells her that this is an example of a big problem they have: Amber does not open up to him when there is a problem. He wants to know what she's feeling, he explains, since holding back is what got them into trouble before. She promises to try. He is still feeling tense, so she resumes her massage.

Sarah tells Tawny she must be feeling good now, and Tawny says she is. They hug and Sarah leaves. Shortly after, a relieved Sarah returns home, glad that this is all over. The baby is better off with Amber, she rationalizes, and Becky didn't even want the child. Just then, the phone rings. She thinks it is a new patient needing her services, but she is stunned to hear that it is Becky! Becky has a few questions, she says... questions about the baby. Sarah tries to evade the queries, but Becky wants answers. She then reminds Sarah about the birthmark... and she says she has seen it again tonight!

Stephanie says she will do anything necessary to keep Brooke from Thorne; after all, Brooke doesn't know what it means to say she loves someone based on her past with Ridge, Eric, Grant and all the rest. Brooke tells Stephanie that she WILL marry Thorne, so Stephanie better accept it. Steph orders Brooke to leave, saying that she has to care for Brooke's grandson... a grandson Brooke will obviously not be a role model for!

Becky continues to press Sarah about the birthmark. Sarah nervously tries to change the subject, but Becky says that she memorized every detail about that mark. She will never forget it. She then says, "There's something you want to tell me, isn't there? There is something you're GOING to tell me!" Sarah still plays dumb and reminds Becky that she is leaving for Paris tomorrow. Becky says she will not go anywhere until she gets her answers. She will go to the county, or maybe to Rick and Eric, and will tell them what she knows. NO! proclaims Sarah, finally breaking down and admitting how Amber's baby died and they swapped Becky's baby for it. She tries to explain, only to hear silence from the phone. She asks Becky if she is there, but Becky is silent and in tears as she hangs up.

Brooke is angry at Stephanie's accusation. Steph tells her to leave as she has to get back to the baby. The baby is with Becky, Brooke says, but Steph explains how Amber doesn't want Becky near the baby. "Don't you find that strange?" Brooke asks. Yes, she does, Steph regretfully admits.

Amber tells Rick that tonight, she is his. She wants to show him just what she feels, she whispers as she draws closer to him. She senses however that he is tense. Could it be that Stephanie could come through the door at any minute with the baby? If that's the case, then she will go get the baby... and when she comes back, she will be all Rick's.

Becky goes over to the baby and says, "You're mine, little guy, my precious child. DAMN YOU, AMBER, for keeping him away from me. You're not going to have him any longer." She picks up his diaper bag and heads for the door. She states, "WE'RE LEAVING THIS PLACE FOREVER, AND SHE'S NEVER GOING TO SEE US AGAIN." She heads out the door and the camera goes to a rattle with a green teddy bear on it, lying on the floor.

Friday, August 27, 1999, Ep. #3121

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Spectra - Sally's Office: Kimberly is staring at a graduation photo of Rick and C.J. Sally walks in. Kimberly says both boys are so different. Sally disagrees, noting they both have the same taste in women. This launches into a conversation about Kimberly and her feelings for Rick. He's married now, Kimberly points out. So do all those feelings go up in smoke? Sally asks. She feels for Kimberly, as she knows what it's like to love someone who, because of fate, you can't have.

Rick and Amber's: Rick offers to pick up Eric from Stephanie. Amber won't let him. She says that she'll do it. She'll be right back--and then once she comes back, she'll put the baby to bed and give Rick something worth waiting for. Amber leaves to pick up Eric.

Stephanie's: Brooke and Stephanie are discussing Amber and Becky. Stephanie tells Brooke about Becky's baby that she gave up - which could possibly explain Amber's attitude towards Becky. And of course, Steph points out, she would be in there if Brooke hadn't shown up. Brooke wants to talk some more about Thorne, but Steph says there's nothing to say and heads out of the room. Brooke follows her into the living room, where Stephanie can't find Becky or the baby.

Becky's Car: Becky is driving along and nearly gets into a couple of accidents when she looks away from the road and at the baby. She wonders about Amber and how she could do this to her.

Stephanie's: Brooke offers to check upstairs for Becky and Eric. Brooke doesn't make it up there as Amber comes in and wants to know from Stephanie were Eric is.

Opening Credits:

Becky's Car: Little Eric starts fussing and Becky realizes that she can't keep driving like this. But where to stop? She asks herself.

Stephanie's: Stephanie tells a starting-to-freak-out Amber that Eric is with Becky.

Rick and Amber's: Rick is wondering how to make Kimberly understand.

Spectra: Sally and Kimberly are continuing their conversation about her and Rick. Kimberly is insistent to Sally that the marriage will break up soon.


Rick and Amber's: Rick notes to himself that Amber is trying so hard tonight, but his mind is elsewhere.

Spectra: Kimberly - now alone - says that she won't give up on Rick. Cue scenes from the video of Kimberly and Rick at the beach which first aired in April/May. The song Rick wrote, "Nothing Left To Say" plays over scenes of the pair, walking romantically and playing on the beach. As the chorus--"It's too late to turn the pages, too late to rearrange... when you've gone astray, and you've pushed away, there's nothing left to say..."- plays one last time, the fantasy ends. We see Kimberly with *one* tear streaming down one cheek saying that it isn't over.

Stephanie's: Amber goes upstairs to check for Becky and Eric.

Motel: Becky is standing outside a motel. Holding little Eric, she tells him, "They won't find us here".


Motel: Becky asks the desk clerk for a room. She gives him only part of the money for the room, because she doesn't have much and she has to buy diapers and formula. The clerk asks for her name and Becky says, "What do you care? Just give me the room key!"

Stephanie's: Amber comes back downstairs and says Becky and Eric aren't up there. Brooke offers to go look for Becky's car. Stephanie tells Amber that Becky was changing Eric's diaper.

Rick and Amber's: Kimberly phones Rick. Kimberly wants to go to the beach alone with him again. She tells Rick he could bring along little Eric.

Stephanie's: Amber (now outside and crying) says that Becky saw the birthmark. Stephanie comes out and starts to comfort Amber when Brooke comes up and informs them that Becky's car is gone.

Motel: Now safely in the motel room, Becky can't believe it's her boy. Thank god for the birthmark.

Stephanie's: Amber (alone) says that not to worry, Eric - "Mommy will find you and bring you home." Cut to a split screen shot of Amber, and then Becky holding Eric, telling him that she's his mommy.

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