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Monday, August 30, 1999, Ep. #3122

Hiding out in a motel, Becky continues to marvel at the fact that she is holding her baby! As soon as she saw that birthmark, she knew the baby was hers. As she continues to play with the baby, she realizes she has no diapers or formula with her, so she has to go get some. She leaves the baby unattended and tells him that she will be back soon; mama is going shopping!

At the mansion, Amber is laying into Stephanie; how could she let this happen? How could you leave the baby with Becky? She's frantic and raving at Steph as the Forrester matriarch tries to apologize. She's sure Becky will be back soon. Amber tells her that she does not understand, leading Brooke to ask what it is that they don't understand. Is there something going on, she asks?

A frantic Sarah storms into Tawny's house. It's all over, she cries! Tawny asks what's over, and Sarah says that everything is: her life, her career, everything! Tawny can't understand what's wrong, so Sarah tells her: Becky saw the birthmark and knows everything! She explains how Becky threatened to call the police, so she told the girl everything... and Becky still might call the police now, which means the end for all of them. "Over my dead body!" Tawny proclaims!

Brooke is sure there is something more going on than what Amber is saying. Amber is positively in a panic, she points out to Stephanie, and she cannot understand why! Stephanie again tries to get everyone calm; she is sure Becky will be back. Steph invites Brooke to leave, but Brooke is not going anywhere until she finds out the reason Amber does not want Becky around her son. Rick hugs his wife as Brooke tears into her, and Amber goes storming off to the guesthouse. "How could you do this?" an angry Rick asks his mother.

Amber returns to the guesthouse and she is still panic-stricken. In tears, she bets that her life is over. Her hysteria is interrupted by a phone call from Tawny, who explains that she knows about Becky from Sarah. "Oh Mom, what I am going to do? I have to find her," Amber laments. Tawny says to stay there, as Becky might call. In the meantime, Tawny will stay in Furnace Creek just in case Becky returns there. Amber tells her mother about Brooke being up there also and being suspicious. What if she finds something? Tawny advises her daughter, "Whatever you do, you keep away from Brooke!"

Rick calls his father and CJ in hopes of finding Becky while Brooke is ready to call the police. Stephanie blames Brooke for this whole mess because she insisted on talking about Thorne. Brooke blames Stephanie for leaving the baby with an unstable Becky. Meanwhile, all Rick cares about is finding his son.

Back at the motel, the baby is lying on the bed between two pillows. The camera goes to the door as someone is trying to get into the room, and it is Becky with a paper bag of diapers, formula, baby bottle and a couple of beers for herself. She needs it, she says, telling the baby how much she loves him and asking how could she think of ever giving him away.

Amber can't wait any longer; she heads out the door and the phone rings. She runs back in and answers to find Becky there. Amber demands that Becky bring back the baby, but Becky defies her. She cries, "How could you do that to me? That is why you wanted me to stay away from the baby!" Amber tries to talk, but Becky counters, "Don't! Don't say anything. All you have told me is lies! You stole my baby; you wanted me out of his life... that is why you were being so nice to me. How could you have done that to me?" Amber is crying.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999, Ep. #3123

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

Rick and Amber's: Becky and Amber are on the phone. Amber is desperately trying to convince Becky that Eric isn't her baby. Becky isn't buying. Amber tries to convince Becky to bring him back. Amber says she doesn't want to have to call the police. Becky retorts, "I bet that you don't - then you'd have to tell them the whole truth about how your baby died and you stole mine." Amber tries to lie again, but Becky tells her that Sarah admitted everything.

Stephanie's: Brooke is talking with Rick. Brooke wants to know what Amber's secret is. Rick retorts there isn't one and that Brooke is always looking for something. Brooke then asks Rick if he knows anything about the adoption of Becky's baby.

Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge is sitting with Thomas trying to reassure him that Mommy (Taylor) will be just fine.

Hospital: Jack is watching a sleeping Taylor from behind the glass. Taylor clearly does not look any better - in fact she's worse. Dr Wilson joins Jack.

Opening Credits:

Jack and Dr. Wilson talk about Taylor. Dr Wilson tells Jack that he wants to run more tests. He tries to reassure Jack the best that he can and promises to let Jack know when they have some news... any news. Jack thanks the doctor and leaves. Dr Wilson, obviously very concerned, watches Taylor.

Stephanie's: Rick replies that he knows nothing about the adoption of Becky's baby. Brooke is convinced that there is more to the story.

Rick and Amber's: Becky, while sipping on her beer, taunts Amber about what it is like not to know where the baby is or how he is doing. Becky tells Amber that she never wants to see her again.

Ridge and Taylor's: Jack visits Ridge. Ridge brings Thomas to Jack on the couch.


Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge finally gets Thomas down to sleep. Jack notes that Thomas misses his mother. Ridge agrees. They talk about Taylor.

Rick and Amber's: Amber is sobbing hysterically. She wonders what she is going to do. The phone rings - it's Tawny. Amber tells Tawny she just heard from Becky and she's not coming back. Tawny tells Amber to tell the Forresters that she found a note from Becky saying that she went to Furnace Creek before going to Paris. Amber doesn't want to add another lie to the mix. Tawny tells Amber not to give up.


Ridge and Taylor's: Ridge takes his antibiotics. He tells Jack that both he and Thomas tested negative, but the antibiotics are a precaution. Jack tells Ridge that Dr Wilson is going to run more tests. Jack tries to talk to Ridge about if Taylor dies. Ridge won't have it. He tells Jack not to lose hope. Jack reminds him that he has lost a wife when Taylor's mother died; he pleads with Ridge not to leave anything unsaid between them, as he did with Taylor's mom. Just then, Dr. Wilson calls. He tells Ridge that he needs to get down there right now.

Stephanie's: After hesitating at the front door, Amber joins Rick, Stephanie and Brooke. She lets them know that she heard from Becky - but really doesn't go into to much detail. She wants to talk to Rick - alone. Brooke won't have it. It's her grandson and she wants to know where he is. Brooke wants Amber to tell the truth. Amber replies, "You want the truth? Okay, I'll tell you the truth."

Hospital: Ridge, Jack and Thomas arrive at the hospital. Ridge asks Dr Wilson what happened.

Wednesday, September 01, 1999, Ep. #3124

Ridge, Thomas and Jack stand by the glass window in the isolation ward, watching Taylor lying there. Dr. Wilson stands behind them as Ridge asks, "How can we watch her suffer? She is barely holding on." Jack asks what the doctor what they can do. Dr. Wilson says they have identified the strain of TB, but it is spreading, so they must medicate her. "Do it!" Ridge demands. They can't, the doctor explains; the babies are still not ready, so Taylor will not let them deliver the twins. Ridge asks if they have told Taylor this; he goes in to see her. At first, Taylor does not answer. Then, Taylor hears Ridge's voice, but it seems so far away. She wakes up in a fit of coughing... she says the twins are safe inside her. Ridge says that it is time to take the twins: they need to take them now!

Stephanie asks Amber if she knows where the baby is. Amber, "Yes, I do." Brooke demands to know. Amber thinks about Tawny's advice to lie that Becky went back to Furnace Creek and not to say anything. Her flashback is interrupted by Rick, who demands to know where their son is. Amber says that Becky wanted to go back home to say goodbye to her folks before going to Paris, and she took baby with her. Rick and Steph are furious: how could Becky leave without telling anyone? Amber says Becky did tell them and pulls out a note where Becky "explains." Brooke does not believe it, and Stephanie is incensed. Steph and Brooke are astonished that Eric had hired Becky if she is this irresponsible. Rick is right, Steph says; the baby belongs here. Amber asks if they can talk about this in the morning. She walks out, and Brooke and Steph exchange confused glances.

Becky lies in bed with the baby. "No one will take you from your real mommy ever again. I will keep Amber far away," she says, as the baby cries. "Amber will never hurt us again," she says. "You're all mine," she proudly proclaims as she puts the baby to bed. She then walks over to the table and picks up another beer. Becky thinks that everything Amber did for her now makes sense; Amber was just protecting her gravy train. If Rick only knew, it would all come crashing down. The Forresters would run her out of town, so instead, Amber decided to run Becky out of town. But it didn't work, as this baby is hers, and Amber will never have it! She pops the bottle of beer open, and the beer cap lands on the floor as the camera closes in on the cap.

Ridge pleads with Taylor to let them deliver the twins. She has been incredible until now, but it's time. Taylor refuses, despite Ridge's continued pleas; the babies come first, she weakly tells Ridge. Ridge refuses to let her give up her life as she writhes in agony. "Look at yourself!" Ridge instructs her, and all she can do is cry. Ridge bursts into tears as he proclaims, "I'm not going to lose you!"

Stephanie and Brooke agree that something is not right. Stephanie can't understand what caused this sudden change in Becky, while Brooke vows to find out the answer.

Rick returns to the guesthouse, furious with Amber. He did not want to make an issue in front of Brooke and Stephanie, but he wants answers now! Amber tries to calm him down and blame this on Stephanie, since she left Becky alone with the baby. Rick says Stephanie is not and fault. She and Eric rusted Becky, and his dad even gave her the job... and now Amber expects them to trust Becky after she takes little Eric? He is almost ready to go there and bring the baby back himself!

Dr. Wilson and Jack watch Ridge with Taylor. Ridge tells Taylor that he cannot let this go on. Her father and Thomas are scared, and so is he. They need Taylor, and that means they have to induce labor tonight. Taylor turns on the intercom and hears Jack plead with her to listen to Ridge. She tells Thomas she loves him and turns off the speaker. Ridge again pleads with her; they all need her so much, so she must do this. He is about to tell the doctor that she is ready when she looks at him and, in tears, tells him no. She cannot risk her unborn babies' lives.

Amber stands outside the guesthouse, crying about the missing little Eric. She misses her son, she says... and it is HER son, who needs his mother. "This is crazy for you to take care of him, Becky," she cries.

Meanwhile, in the motel room, Becky passes out, while the baby starts crawling towards the discarded bottle cap!

Thursday, September 02, 1999, Ep. #3125

Sitting in a chair at the Forrester guesthouse, Amber looks at pictures of her, Rick and the baby, wondering where Becky is. Rick walks in and says that he wants to call Furnace Creek and talk to Becky's mom, but Amber says it is too late, as Becky and the baby are already on their way back. She asks Rick to leave this to her. Besides, this is his first day at work at Forrester... isn't he excited? Rick blasts her for thinking about that, saying that he cannot be excited until his son is back home!

Becky tells her son that she will never let Amber near him again and she goes to get breakfast. Once she leaves, the baby stares at the discarded bottle cap from Becky's beer, lying on the floor. The baby reaches over and picks the cap up. Shortly after, Becky returns; she starts talking to the baby but gets no answer. Walking over, she finds the baby lying there silently, turning blue. "Oh my god!" Becky nervously says, realizing that her baby is choking! She frantically calls 911 and pleads for help with her baby.

Brooke tells an astonished Eric about Becky taking the baby; he cannot believe this is their new employee that they trusted so much. Speaking of new employees, he tells Brooke that he wants to hire Kimberly to represent the new Princess line. Brooke is excited, as Eric wonders how Rick will react... or more importantly, how Amber will feel. Brooke says not to worry about Amber; she reminds him how Amber tricked Rick into marriage, and someday she will have to pay for it.

Tawny sneaks into the guesthouse after Rick leaves. She asks if Amber has the letter she told her to write. Amber does, but she is worried that it will not do any good. Stop talking that way, Tawny instructs; she assures Amber that she will bring her son back home today. She then asks Amber where everything stands. Amber says they do not know, since Becky is out of control and is alone with her baby! "I can't lose him!" she cries, as Tawny tries to calm her down. Everything will be all right once they find Becky... and to do that, they will call the police.

Brooke reminds Eric how Amber roped Rick into marriage, even though he would rather be with Kimberly. That is why Eric worries about hiring Kimberly and putting her in close contact with Rick. Without the baby, there would be no marriage, he agrees... and he is ashamed to admit it, but he often wishes that the baby was someone else's.

How can Tawny call the police? Amber asks. Tawny has a plan. She calls the police and says she is Amber, and she reports that her car has been stolen. She describes Becky's '59 Rambler as the stolen car and says it is urgent to find the car. She then leaves a cell phone # where the police can reach her and hangs up. Once they find the car, she says, they will find Becky!

Eric meets with Kimberly and explains how Forrester is starting a new Princess line for young women, and he wants her to be the spokesperson and lead model. He shows her the reviews of her work from the big showing; even though she was embarrassed by the torn gown, the critics still noticed her stage presence and knack for modeling, Eric points out. He asks her what she thinks, and at first, she sounds like she will turn him down. She is flattered, but she is starting college now and has a lot going on. Just then, Rick walks in, surprised to see Kimberly. Eric explains that he has offered Kimberly a job, and he tells Kimberly that Rick is interning at Forrester now. Rick asks what her answer was, and Eric is about to explain that Kim turned him down... but she cuts him off and says that she has accepted Eric's offer.

Tawny assures Amber that the best place for the baby is with Rick and her, and not with Becky, so she is sure everything will be all right. Amber wonders if she is being punished for her sins, but Tawny says she has done nothing to be punished for. Amber tells her mom that she has lied to Rick... and if she had the chance, she would make a deal with God. Even though she would likely lose her marriage, she would gladly tell Rick the truth if God would only give her back her baby... and it is HER baby, she stresses. She is his mother, and she would do anything to bring him back, she sobs.

The 911 operator asks a frightened Becky a lot of questions. He then instructs her to pick the baby up and to hit him in between the shoulder blades 5 times. Becky does it once and she is frantic that nothing happened, but the operator tells her to do it 5 times. She does, and the cap pops out. Becky is excited that it is loose and lies that it was a piece of food stuck in the baby's throat. She then turns down an offer of medical assistance, hangs up and cradles the baby in her arms. "I almost killed you!" she cries as the baby starts crying. Meanwhile, back in the guesthouse, Amber waits with Tawny. She senses that something is wrong with the baby and prays he will be all right.

Friday, September 03, 1999, Ep. #3126

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update:

Forrester: Kimberly is pawing a graduation photo of Rick. Rick comes into the office and tells Kimberly that Eric wants them down in the studio to meet the new photographer. Kimberly tells Rick why she took the job - because he was working here as well. She admits that this is the only way they can spend time together and that Eric must have realized it. Rick seems distracted; when she asks why, he then tells Kimberly about Becky taking off with little Eric.

Motel: Becky is holding and cuddling little Eric. She tells him that she will give him a good life.

Rick and Amber's: Amber is fretting to Tawny that the police won't find Becky. She worries about what to tell Rick. The phone rings.

Police Car: Two officer's spot Becky's car. They realize it could be the one on the hot sheet, as there aren't many '59 Ramblers around. They go to check out the license plates.

Rick and Amber's: It's Eric calling. He's upset. He tells Amber that Becky has a plane to Paris to catch, and if she doesn't make it, then he'll hire someone else. Amber reassures Eric that Becky will be on the plane. After she gets off the phone, Amber tells Tawny that they have to tell the truth to the Forresters. Despite her mother's assurances, she thinks that it is all over.

Police Car: The two cops match Becky's license plates to the one on the hot sheet.

Opening Credits:

Police Car/Motel: The two cops call in the stolen vehicle. They are told to apprehend the suspect. Just then Becky is about to leave the Motel with little Eric. She opens the door and spots the two police officers circling her car. She quickly goes back inside the motel room and wonders what is going on.

Forrester: Rick and Kimberly discuss Becky and Amber - and Becky taking off with little Eric. Rick tells Kimberly that he feels that something more is going on here, but he just wants little Eric back.

Rick and Amber's: Amber wants to tell Stephanie the truth. She feels that Stephanie will be the one least likely to kill her when the truth comes out. Tawny tries to talk her out of it, as the Forresters will throw her out on her ear once they learn the truth, but Amber remains adamant. Just as she opens the door, the phone rings. Amber comes back in as Tawny answers it. It's the police telling Tawny (Becky) that they've found her car. Once she has the location, Tawny tries to tell the lieutenant that she doesn't want to press charges, but the Lt. Says they have to bring the culprit in. Tawny's a little upset by that, but at least she has Becky's location now.


Rick and Amber's: Tawny tells Amber where Becky is staying. Tawny wants to go there. Amber is insistent on going alone. Tawny protests that with the two of them in the motel room together, they might just kill one another. Amber with a determined look on her face replies, "Yeah - it might come to that."

Motel: Becky is wondering about the Police. There's a knock on the door. It's the two officers. They ask for her license. Becky gives it to them. The officers note that it was a Becky Moore who reported the car stolen and are surprised to see that Becky is in front of them. Becky replies, "Why would I report my own car stolen?" She gets rid of the officers by claiming to need to change little Eric.

Photo Studio: Eric introduces the new photographer, Giovanni Lorenzano, to Kimberly and Rick. Giovanni is some hotshot shutterbug who has worked for all the major names, like Calvin, but Eric is proud to announce that Forrester has him now. He's sure that Giovanni can bring his magic to Forrester, but Giovanni says that the only magic he has is the luck to work with a lot of beautiful women... and looking at Kimberly, he thinks this is no exception. Eric then tells Rick to stop by his office when he is finished in the Photo Studio and leaves the teens to get to know Giovanni.


Photo Studio: Rick tries to chat with Giovanni, who thinks of him as a little boy, even after Rick boasts that he's 18 now and out of high school. When it comes to Kimberly, on the other hand, Giovanni is stunned to learn that she is **ONLY** 18. Giovanni wants to take some test photos of Kimberly. He seems really interested in Kimberly and all but shoves Rick out the door, reminding him that Eric wanted to see him anyway.

Rick and Amber's: Tawny is talking to herself and hopes for a miracle, for Amber to get the baby back and for Becky to get on that plane. She places faith in her daughter if things get nasty.

Motel: Becky prepares to leave. As she opens the door, Amber appears. Amber barges in and demands little Eric back. Becky won't give him to her. Amber slams the door shut and the two start trading loud remarks back and forth. Amber tells Becky she's not leaving here without little Eric!

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