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Monday, September 06, 1999

B&B did not air today due to coverage of the US Open Tennis tournament on CBS.

Tuesday, September 07, 1999, Ep. #3127

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update!

The Photo Studio: Giovanni is taking pictures of Kimberly. We see scenes with lots of black and white photos (interspersed with a few color ones) of Kimberly in various poses.

Brooke's: Thorne drops by. He just heard about Becky taking off with little Eric. They discuss the situation.

Rick and Amber's: Rick walks into his home and starts looking for Amber and little Eric. C.J. stops by. Rick informs C.J. about Becky taking off with little Eric. He worries that they were supposed to be back by now. Rick wonders what is going on.

Motel: Becky tells Amber that she will never forget what Amber did. They argue about the "adoption" and how Becky really wasn't in her right mind when she made the decision, and that Amber should have seen that. Becky vows that Amber will pay for this. Note: During this Becky has placed little Eric on the bed.

Opening Credits:

Photo Studio: Kimberly is drinking a bottle of water as she tells Giovanni that was fun. Giovanni replies that she was good. He takes some more pictures with Kimberly standing beside a mannequin. When he tells her to pretend that it's her boyfriend, Kimberly becomes visibly upset. She walks away and tells Giovanni that she can't do this anymore.

Rick and Amber's: C.J. and Rick continue to talk about Amber and Becky. C.J. points out that something is going between Amber and Becky. C.J. wonders why Becky is such a threat to Amber.

Brooke's: Thorne and Brooke continue to discuss the Becky and Amber situation. Brooke is convinced that Amber has a secret, and whatever is happening with Becky is somehow tied to Amber.

Motel: Becky continues to tell Amber off.


Photo Studio: Kimberly says that she is having a bad day. Giovanni guesses that it is Rick. He asks her about him and she explains how he married Amber to give his child a family. Giovanni then proceeds to advise her. He notes that despite her protests, that she hasn't truly gotten over Rick.

Motel: Becky and Amber continue to talk. Both are in near tears by now - especially Amber. Becky remembers that when she first came to Beverly Hills, she truly thought that Amber was the person to help her. Meanwhile, all Amber wanted was for her to go back to Furnace Creek. Becky goes on to say that she was suicidal and that Amber knew it, yet all Amber wanted was for Becky to leave. Becky then calls Amber the devil.


Rick and Amber's: Rick is not convinced that Becky is a threat to Amber. C.J. points out to Rick about the night they went out for dinner, the same night that Becky showed up. Amber took off so suddenly, CJ reminds Rick. He points out that never in a million years would Amber have left Rick alone with Kimberly - yet she did that night.

Motel: Amber points out that she had nothing to do with Becky's decision to put her baby up for adoption. Becky continues to rail on about how insensitive Amber was towards her feelings. Becky is going to go public with the whole thing and watch Amber suffer as she suffered.

Wednesday, September 08, 1999, Ep. #3128

Today's update was written by -di-!

Amber asks Becky if she is done unloading on her. Not by a long shot. There is a discussion about whether the baby was stolen or not, Becky accuses Amber of lying and trying to cover her tracks by sending her to Paris. They both claim that the baby is theirs...

Kim is getting ready for the shoot. Giovanni tells her that she looks gorgeous. He starts to snap pictures while asking her about Mr. Rick Forrester. "He broke your heart and you are angry," he guesses. She denies it, but he tells her that the camera does not lie. He tells her that Rick hurt her and that a beautiful woman has the right to be angry when a man hurts her. She should be treated like a princess.

Brooke comes in while Rick is looking for something from Amber - a note, anything. She asks about the cell phone, but it is out of service. Brooke wants to know what to make of this.

Amber and Becky continue to argue about who should have Little Eric. Becky says that Amber only wants him to protect her marriage, while Amber argues that Becky gave the baby away and it is too late to change things. Becky is not ready to be a mother. Eric was on his way to social services, Amber reminds her cousin. Becky says you can't just switch names on a birth certificate. She points out that Amber knew she had changed her mind and should have told her then. Amber says the baby is better off with her.

Brooke is worried that her son has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. They are dangerous. He deserves so much more than this.

Giovanni wants Cinderella arriving at the ball. She smiles into the camera. A few pictures are taken as the photographer turns into Rick. The photographer wants sexy, and again Rick appears. He kisses her and fades as the photographer says, "Yes..."

Amber will concede that Becky has changed, but parenting is hard work and she is not ready to do it. When she took off with the baby, she didn't take a car seat, clothes, or anything. Becky says that she wasn't thinking, playing completely into Amber's point, which is that mothers always have to think, every minute. Otherwise there could be deadly consequences. Becky remembers when Little Eric swallowed the bottle cap. Becky concedes that there were a few mistakes last night. Amber understands why she is angry, betrayed, etc, but she can't let that get in the way of the best for Little Eric. They both argue about who is the best, with Amber hauling out the money, love and family card. Becky thinks Amber is just using little Eric. Amber tells her she should stick to her original decision. Taking Eric away would destroy his future.

Kim is making Giovanni happy. "Hello? Hello" he says as he tries to get her attention. He wants to know where she was. She is worried that she got carried away, too much. Nope, that material was sizzling, he says. She asks if he wants more and he says he has all he needs, but she can continue to work if she wants to. If he had a fantasy that made him smile like that, he would want to keep working.

Rick tells Brooke to leave him alone - he has enough to deal with. She says it kills her to know that she could have avoided all this. How? Asks Rick. By not hiring her in the first place, Brooke answers. Rick says that it is not her fault. He states, "We all make mistakes. Blame isn't going to help. Bringing Eric home is all that matters."

Amber and Becky continue to bicker over who is the better mom for Little Eric. Becky keeps saying that it is about keeping Rick, but Amber says that she loves being a mom and loves having a baby. She can give Eric the life he deserves. And it is because of Becky - she had the strength to give him up. The most precious gift a child could have is a family. Amber pleads, "Don't take that away from him. Or from me..."

Thursday, September 09, 1999, Ep. #3129

In Eric's office at Forrester, Brooke tells Eric about what's going on with Becky... and she thinks Amber knows more about it than she is claiming. Amber has to tell them what is going on, Brooke insists! Eric finds it hard to believe that, but Brooke says she saw the panicked expression on Amber's face when she was at Stephanie's and found out about Becky taking the baby. Something is going on, Brooke is sure, and for Rick's sake, she is determined to find out what!

Rick goes to answer his door... he hopes it is Becky with the baby, but he finds that it is Kimberly. She is sorry to hear that Becky has not returned and Amber is still not back as well. Rick blames himself for not listening to Amber about Becky; she warned him. Kimberly tries to assure him that everything will be all right. Maybe Becky had car trouble on the way back? Even so, Rick says, he deserves to know what's happening, and that is what is bothering him.

Becky tells Amber that she is not going to change her mind, but Amber tries to convince her that she is worried about the baby and what is best for him. Becky isn't buying, but Amber pleads with her to be brave for little Eric's sake and to send him back home where he belongs, with Rick and Amber. "No, you're wrong!" Becky argues. Eric belongs with his mother! Amber says that **she** is his mother and Becky is not ready to be that now. Perhaps some day she will be ready for motherhood, but not now. Becky thinks Amber is out for herself, but Amber argues that she wants what is best for the baby. He deserves a family and not a single mother. Becky disagrees and they continue arguing. Just then, the baby cries. Amber reminds Becky how hard they had it as they were growing up; does Becky want that for her son?

Rick tells Kimberly how nothing makes sense. He does not understand why his mom is so suspicious or why Becky ran off. But right now, all he cares about is getting his son home... and once that happens, he will deal with Becky. He will put Becky on that plane to Paris if he has to by himself, since he does not want that girl anywhere near his son ever again!

Amber reminds Becky of Tawny's life raising Amber; it wasn't that she didn't love Amber, but Tawny could not provide for her, and Amber resented her for it. But things can be different for little Eric as a Forrester. Becky says that may be true, but she cannot go through the heartache of giving up her baby again. She does not think Amber can begin to understand her pain, but Amber says that she can... and that is why she is pleading for Becky to do the right thing. She knows Becky is scared, just as she was when she first brought little Eric back to L.A.; in time, however, she found love from that child, and that gave her the strength to overcome that fear. Now the baby needs Becky to find that same strength, to give him a strong life and family.

Eric tries to reassure Brooke. He is worried about Rick too, but he does not think that crusading against Amber will help. Brooke would love to think that she could give up, but she does not trust Amber. All she can think about is what Amber has done to their son's life, including keeping him from a future with Kimberly. Eric walks behinds Brooke and wraps his arms around her, holding her tight as she tells him that Rick deserves better: he deserves a life with Kimberly.

Kimberly is surprised at the conviction of Rick's words. Perhaps he is overreacting about what his mom said, she says. He hates to admit it, but Brooke has been right about Amber before; she couldn't be right now, could she? Kimberly tells Rick not to beat himself up for wondering if it could be. There is nothing wrong with wondering, she says, and she wonders how much more of this Rick can take. He reaches over towards her hand as he stares at her.

Amber and Becky are both in tears in the motel room as Becky goes over to the baby. She tells him how much she loves him. She didn't want to give him up for adoption, but she could not give him the kind of life he deserves. Now she can, she says, and she cries that she is doing this because she loves him and always will. She hands Amber the baby. Amber tries telling Becky how much this means, but Becky just orders her to go! Amber leaves with the baby, leaving Becky behind, lying on the bed in tears.

Friday, September 10, 1999

B&B did not air today due to coverage of the US Open Tennis tournament on CBS.


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