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Monday, September 13, 1999, Ep. #3129

Amber arrives home at the guesthouse with the baby. She's looking around for Rick, but she finds a note that he's waiting at Stephanie's, and she bets Rick will be happy to have their family reunited and safe. As she puts the baby down, she gets a call from Tawny, who is relieved to hear that the baby is back. Amber starts telling her how scared she was that Becky would not give her the baby, especially considering how devastated Becky was. Tawny says that it doesn't matter now, since the baby is back on Becky will soon be on her way to Paris. Amber however tells her that she doesn't know where Becky is, as she left her in the motel room. What? Tawny exclaims. She is stunned to learn that Becky is not on the way to make her flight!

Becky remains in tears, sitting on the floor of her motel room. She laments about how she gave up her baby as she tries to pull herself together, to no avail. How could she do that to her child? She asks herself. Just then, she has a thought: as she did not sign anything, she still has a chance to get her baby back. She's going to call Amber and do just that!

Thorne and Eric are working in Eric's office, as Thorne shows Eric the new design for Forrester's web site. Just then, Megan comes in; she doesn't want to interrupt, but she is leaving for the night. She explains that she has Becky's plane tickets there and is not sure what to do with them. Eric suggests that she leave the tickets with them and bids her goodnight. Once she is gone, Eric tells his son how wrong he must have been about Becky. He wonders if maybe he was wrong and Brooke is right, and he's tempted to call the whole thing off, despite Thorne's protests and assurances.

As Amber continues to talk to Tawny, Brooke walks into the room. Overhearing Amber talking to her mother about Becky putting everything behind her and how tired Amber is, Brooke walks closer to Amber, standing right behind her. Tawny tells Amber to do whatever she has to; her marriage is depending on it. Amber is worried and starts telling her mother so... and just them, she turns and sees Brooke standing in the room with her!

Amber hangs up on her mother as Brooke demands to know what is going on with Becky given the phone call she heard. Are Amber and Tawny plotting behind her back? She wonders. Amber tries to cover by saying Becky is just nervous about being out of the country, but Brooke is not convinced. She is still curious about what that conversation was about and what Becky needs to put behind her, especially as Becky is not here! Amber promises that Becky will be on her flight and tells Brooke that nothing is going on, so she is going to find little Eric... and she leaves Brooke with the baby as she goes to the main house.

Thorne is stunned that Eric would go along with Brooke's suspicions, but Eric says he is getting a bad feeling about Becky's sudden disappearance with the baby. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, he stresses. Thorne continues to try defending Becky, but Eric decides that he's going to the house: and if Becky isn't there, then her job is history.

Stephanie assures Rick that Becky will be on that flight and is just nervous, but Rick can't believe it... he'll believe it once he gets his son back and Becky is on her way to Paris.

Seeing the bottle cap the baby almost choked on, Becky has a flashback to her baby choking. A look of fear and horror on her face from the memories, she thinks that maybe Amber is right that she cannot raise her child. In a panic, she realizes that she is running out of time to make her flight to Paris.

Rick and Stephanie are relieved to see Amber walk in the door. She tells Rick and Stephanie that everything is all right and gets a hug from her worried husband. She tells Rick that now they can start fresh... but inside, she thinks to herself that she is still worried that Becky might not be on that flight.

Becky comes running into the guesthouse, calling out, "Where are you, Amber? I need to talk to you." Brooke comes out of the baby's room and asks, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on a plane?" She notices that Becky has been crying and demands to know what is really going on here. There is something going on, and Brooke is sure Amber is involved, so she wants to know right now what it is!

Tuesday, September 14, 1999, Ep. #3130

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update.

Rick and Amber's: Brooke is grilling Becky about Amber's "secret". Becky isn't telling Brooke anything; she thinks that Brooke is just trying to break up her cousin's marriage and send Amber packing back to Furnace Creek, and she will have no part of it!

Stephanie's: Amber is with Stephanie and Rick. She expresses confidence that Becky will be on that plane to Paris. Amber goes on to tell Rick and Stephanie that she had a talk with Becky about the baby. Amber states confidently that Becky is not a threat to them. Amber tells Rick that she wants to relax and enjoy what they have - each other and Little Eric.

Rick and Amber's: Becky tells Brooke that Amber isn't forcing her into anything. Becky continues to refuse to rat on her cousin. Brooke keeps pushing Becky to tell the truth.

Hospital: Ridge is visiting Taylor. In an effort to cheer his wife up, he informs her that she wouldn't want to be home right now as some serious male bonding is going on between himself, their son and her father--the worst kind. There is stale beer, pizza and the whole works, he explains. He does concede that Thomas isn't drinking the beer. Taylor says thank goodness. Ridge continues to paint this scene of male bonding to Taylor, which leads her to try and laugh... but instead, it results in a huge coughing fit.

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Hospital: Ridge wants to call the nurse. Taylor won't let him and says it will pass.

Rick and Amber's: Becky wants to know why Brooke wants to break up her cousin's marriage. Becky nearly messes up when she starts to ask what would happen to "my.... my little cousin if Amber and Rick broke up?" Little Eric cries and Becky picks him up as Brooke watches.

Stephanie's: Eric has joined the group. Eric proceeds to tell Amber that her cousin's car is outside. They wonder where she is. Amber offers to go and check the guesthouse for her. As she's leaving to do so, she realizes that Brooke is over there with the baby... which means that Becky is with Brooke right now.

Rick and Amber's: After watching Becky with Little Eric, Brooke announces that she knows what is going on.


Hospital: Ridge reassures Taylor that Thomas does indeed miss her. Ridge tells her that Thomas can't get enough of the sand. He then hands Taylor a seashell that Thomas picked out especially for her.

Rick and Amber's: Brooke says that it's the baby. She hypothesizes that Little Eric reminds her of her own baby. Becky by this point is starting to cave and is about to tell Brooke the truth when Amber walks in, followed by Rick, Eric and Stephanie. Eric starts to go after Becky for taking the baby. Amber steps in and defends Becky. Amber convinces Eric that Becky deserves a second chance and will be on that plane. Amber and Becky go to the other room to put Little Eric down. Becky, still clearly upset from her conversation with Brooke, tells Amber that she doesn't know if she can do this.


Hospital: Ridge informs Taylor that it's a magic seashell. He gets her to place the shell by her ear and close her eyes. He begins to paint a picture of her at the beach while he starts up a tape of sea sounds. He then pulls out a small container with sand, which causes Taylor to cry when she fingers the sand. Ridge gets upset and says he doesn't know what to do. Here she is fighting for her life and he's sitting there making jokes and bringing her stuff from the beach. Taylor says she's not upset and thanks him. She tells him it's the most beautiful thing. She adds that he's not going to lose her.

Rick and Amber's: Amber is desperately trying to convince Becky that her decision is the right one, that she should get on that plane to Paris and not look back. That would be the right thing, Amber states.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Ep. #3132

Thanks to -di- for today's update.

Rick has Becky's stuff loaded in the car as Stephanie, Brooke and Eric stand by. Everyone wonders if this job will pan out. Eric is thoughtful as Brooke is sure that something is just going on; she just knows it.

Becky questions how Amber will be able to give the baby a home if her marriage is falling apart, as Brooke says. Brooke hates me! Amber proclaims, saying that what Becky heard is a lie. She and Rick are better then ever now, thanks to the baby. She tells Becky that she knows how hard it is to say goodbye, as she had to do it to her own child... except she didn't have a choice. But now she has a chance to give Becky's child a life better than the one she and Becky had growing up. "Please don't take him away!" Amber pleads.

The doctor tells Ridge that the amnio results are due back in one hour - then they will determine if the lungs are ready. Ridge doesn't care - he wants it handled NOW. Taylor can't take anymore. Taylor says she can do anything for the babies.

Brooke KNOWS there is a secret. Becky admitted it. Rick is just happy to get his kid back. Stephanie says that if there is a secret, Becky is not going to tell it on the way out the door. Brooke is not so sure about that.

Amber is telling Becky that the Forresters are the best things she can give her son. They are wonderful and they take care of their own, and the baby is one of their own. Becky wants to know if Amber will send her pictures. Amber says yes. "You will always know that he is happy because of what you did for him," Amber assures Becky. Becky says it is hard. Amber understands, but it is the right thing to do. Becky wants another minute. She talks to the baby about how much mama loves him and how he should be a good boy. She is sorry: she wants to stay and watch him grow, and to hear him call her mama and love her, but she can't take him away from all this. She'll think about him everyday. Amber interrupts her. Becky says not yet. Amber insists that it is time. Becky is in tears as she says goodbye. Amber and Becky hug each other and cry.

Taylor awakens and is surprised to see Ridge still there. He wants to know where else he would be. She thinks he should be getting ready for the arrival of the new family. There is much that has to be done for the nursery, she reminds him. Ridge says that they will take care of that later. She insists that there is not time. Ridge wants to know why. She says that they have not even picked out the names yet. Ridge says there will be plenty of time. No there isn't, insists Taylor. They need to do it now!

Amber is trying to get Becky ready for her final appearance. Just a quick thanks and goodbye is all that is needed, Amber says. Becky is unsure, so Amber reminds her to do this for her son. They go inside, where Amber tells her cousin it's time to say goodbye. Becky starts to add that she is sorry, but Amber interrupts her. Brooke gives her a business card and tells her to call her if she wants to talk. Wait!!!! Becky wants to say one more thing. Amber says there is no time, but Brooke asks to hear Becky out. They are good people, Becky says, and are kind to their family. That is the only reason she can do this. Stephanie is surprised; she thought Becky wanted to do this. Amber says of course Becky wants it, as this is a fabulous opportunity. Becky says that she is counting on the Forresters. The Forresters are counting on Becky. Becky has to go to make her flight.

Taylor says that the babies have no names. Ridge says that there will be time later. She will be there later. "But I won't even be able to hold them!" Taylor cries. Ridge tells her that will be so only for a little while. After she gives birth she can take her medicine and she will be better in a couple of weeks. She asks him to hold them for her and tell them that mommy wanted to hold them. "Tell them I love them and all about me," she pleads. And she wants something else. She wants to talk to Brooke. Ridge is confused, but Taylor says that she needs to see Brooke.

Dr. Wilson comes in with the test results. The lungs are very close to ready. Ridge wants to deliver immediately, but Taylor will not put the baby at any risk. But, Ridge argues, she is putting herself at risk. No, she is not, she insists. The doctor tries to convince Taylor that they must do this now. Just one more day, Taylor requests. She wants to give the babies every chance. She could not live with herself if something happened to the babies. "What if something happens to you?" Ridge asks. It won't, Taylor tells him. She will deliver the babies tomorrow.

Amber is holding the baby and is happy to have him home and safe, where he belongs. She silently offers thanks to Becky for making that possible.

On the plane, Becky silently says goodbye to her son.

Rick comes in and wants to know what was up between Amber and Becky. He accuses Becky of being obsessed with the kid, but Amber denies it. Amber revels in how things are back to normal. Her life is 10 thousand times better than it used to be. She used to think normal was dull, but she doesn't think that anymore. She is too happy. "We are so lucky," she tells her husband. Rick wraps his arms around her and gives Amber a hug.

Brooke sees them hugging and vows to uncover Amber's secret... she doesn't know how, but she will!

Thursday, September 16, 1999, Ep. #3133

Per Taylor's request, Ridge calls Brooke to Taylor's hospital room. Brooke tells Thorne where she is going and heads off to the hospital.

Over at Spectra, Macy spots a piece in the newspaper about Taylor being hospitalized for TB. She shows it to Clarke and Adam, who are stunned to learn how critical Taylor's condition is. Macy laments what's happened, especially given Taylor and Ridge's history. Despite an attempt or two--or perhaps more, Clarke chimes in--by Brooke Logan to stake a claim to Ridge, after many years, Ridge and Taylor finally found their chance to be together... and now it may be over.

Ridge visits his mother and informs her how the doctors are hoping to deliver the twins tonight. He laments how Taylor is putting herself last, with the kids as her first priority. An emotional Ridge confides in his mom that he is afraid he might lose his wife. Stephanie tries to reassure him that everything will be all right after she gives birth, since they can medicate Taylor then, but Ridge is not sure that she will make it that long! Stephanie is sure that Taylor's love for Ridge and her family will pull her through. She suggests that Ridge go back to the hospital to be by Taylor's side. Ridge says that he can't, as she is with Brooke right now.

Brooke gets to the hospital; she enters the room wearing a surgical mask and gown, and she is stunned to see Taylor in her fragile condition. Taylor thanks Brooke for coming. Brooke says she is sorry she did not come sooner and is stunned that the doctors would let Taylor get this bad. Taylor says she would not let the doctors treat her for the babies earlier, but that will be over tonight. Brooke is glad to hear that; once Taylor gives birth and can be treated, everything will be fine. "It will, won't it?" she asks, as Taylor remains silent.

Clarke says that even someone as arrogant as Ridge Forrester does not deserve to go through the pain of watching Taylor's torment. Macy wishes she could help, but Adam thinks that, even though Macy and Taylor are friends, the Forresters will not welcome their aid. Macy is sure he is right, but it does not change how badly she feels. Adam can't help wonder about the homeless man who got Taylor sick. There will likely be a Taylor Forrester Foundation for TB, he guesses, so there will be something that comes out of Taylor's condition. But, Adam asks, will anyone think about the homeless man who died's plight?

Stephanie wonders why Brooke is with Taylor. Ridge says that he does not know why Taylor wanted to see Brooke, but he honored her wishes. It might be because Taylor is acting strange lately, he guesses. She has been acting like she is getting ready for something. Steph thinks it is preparing to deliver the babies, but Ridge does not think so.

Taylor tells Brooke not to be scared, but Brooke cannot help it. "Aren't you scared?" Brooke asks. Taylor says there is something Brooke can do for her. She will get better, she thinks; but if she does not, then... Brooke tells Taylor not to talk that way, but Taylor says that Ridge will need Brooke if the worst happens. Brooke urges Taylor to fight; Ridge needs her! Taylor asks Brooke to promise to always be there for Ridge if he needs her, and Brooke is silent and stunned.

Does Taylor think she will die? Steph asks. No, Ridge says. She keeps talking about getting better. But in the next breath, he asks her to take care of the children. He is afraid this is what happened with Caroline all over again! She knows what is going to happen, he fears, and he does not want to lose her! Stephanie tells Ridge to stop talking like that. Taylor and Ridge will raise their family together and nothing will take her from Ridge, Stephanie insists, so it is important that Ridge goes back to the hospital now. His wife needs him! Just then, the phone rings; it is Dr. Wilson. He asks Ridge to come to the hospital, as Taylor has agreed to let them induce labor. Ridge hugs his mother and tells her to tell the family, and then he leaves.

Brooke tells Taylor not to give up, as Ridge needs her too much! "I'm not," Taylor weakly says. "But if... if something happens, make sure Ridge will be ok." She knows Brooke has someone else, but she needs Brooke to promise her this. Ridge is Taylor's husband, Brooke reminds her, and nothing can change that. She can be there for Ridge as a friend, but that is all. Taylor knows, but she needs Brooke to promise her to be there for Ridge and her children. Brooke says she would do anything for them, but it will not come to that. She moves closer to Taylor on the bed and reassures her that they will all be there for her family to support her, but nothing will happen to her.

Friday, September 17, 1999, Ep. #3134

Thanks to Ann-Marie for today's update.

Hospital: Taylor - alone- is praying to live. She calls the nurse and asks if her visitor has shown up yet. The nurse says that she will check.

Thorne's place: Brooke is over at Thorne's. She tells him how completely shocked she was by Taylor's condition. It was much worse than she expected. Thorne notes that it would be really rough on Ridge if anything ever happened to Taylor. Brooke agrees... and in fact, she says, she and Taylor talked about that.

Eric's Office: Stephanie tells Eric that they are going to induce labor in Taylor today. That's good, Eric says, since now they can treat Taylor and she can get better. Stephanie says it is not that simple. When Eric asks what she means, she also tells him that Taylor is really sick and that Ridge is concerned about losing her.

Hospital: The nurse comes back and tells Taylor that her visitor is there.

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Hospital: Father Young, dressed in surgical gown and mask, visits Taylor. Taylor tells him that she is scared and asks him to pray for the babies. He agrees to. He starts to pray with his hands over her stomach. Halfway through the prayer he stops startled. He tells Taylor that the children are blessed: he felt the Holy Spirit in one or both of them. God has something in mind for the little girls, the priest predicts.

Thorne's Place: "What do you mean you and Taylor talked about it?" Thorne asks Brooke. Brooke tells Thorne about Taylor's request for her to be there for Ridge and the children in case something happens.

Hospital: Ridge arrives. Taylor wants to talk about the children - they are going to be fine. Ridge tells her she's not going to die.


Hospital: Taylor tells Ridge about Father Young's visit and what he said about the Holy Spirit. As Ridge talks to her, Taylor drifts off. Ridge is in a panic- he calls for the nurse and the doctor. He wants them to induce her right now!

Eric's Office: Stephanie says they have to be prepared that Taylor may die. Eric can't imagine what that would do to Ridge. Whatever happens, he states, they will be there for their older son.

Hospital: Taylor is induced. Dr. Wilson and Ridge hope and pray she goes into labor soon.


Hospital: Ridge asks that they do a C-section on Taylor. The doctor tells Ridge it would be better for the twins not to do that, as a natural delivery is better for their barely developed lungs.

Thorne's place: Brooke refuses to consider Taylor dying. Thorne questions where Brooke's loyalty would lie if Taylor does die. Brooke responds that she will show him where her loyalties lie and walks over to Thorne. She puts her arms around him and draws him into a passionate kiss.

Hospital: The doctor tries to ask Taylor if she is feeling any contractions, but she is still out of it. Ridge tries and gets her to open her eyes. She says that she isn't feeling any contractions and then is suddenly in pain from them...

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