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Monday, September 20, 1999, Ep. #3135

Ridge continues to stand by Taylor's side as Dr. Wilson and his team work feverishly. The doctor barks orders to nurses to get him up to date information on Taylor's vitals as Ridge continues to supportively speak to his weak wife. Hang in there, he pleads to Taylor, who weakly tries to hold on.

Over at Thorne's beach house, Brooke pulls away from their embrace and asks if that answers his question. He's not sure; after all, Taylor asked for Brooke to see her in her weakened condition so she could ask Brooke to be there for Ridge if she dies. Brooke confesses to Thorne she can't bear to think about Taylor dying--she is NOT going to die, Brooke insists. Thorne admits that they have to at least acknowledge the possibility. In reply, Brooke says that she is convinced Taylor would not have solicited her to watch over Ridge had she known about the relationship Brooke had going with Thorne. She then asks Thorne to call her later as she gives him a kiss goodbye and heads off.

At Spectra, Macy pops her head in to tell Sally she's leaving. Is she going home? Sally asks. No, Macy replies, she is going to Thorne's. Sally hopes this means that one day soon, Macy will be walking through her door to tell her that the wedding is back on, but Macy says that she doesn't think that will happen yet. She has not tried to pressure Thorne, she points out, but that hasn't stopped others. Who does Macy mean? Sally asks. Eric? Stephanie? Macy says not them, but Sally says it does not matter. All that counts is for Macy to forget about everyone and fight for her relationship with Thorne.

As Taylor's temperature starts to rise, Dr. Wilson asks Ridge to step outside. Ridge reluctantly does so and joins Brooke on the other side of the glass window. He confides that he does not know what he will do if he loses his wife. He asks what Taylor wanted to see her for and what they talked about. Brooke tells him that Taylor talked about how she would give Ridge two beautiful girls soon, but he senses there is more given Taylor's recent state of mind. Brooke finally admits that Taylor asked her to be there for Ridge in case the worst happens. Ridge starts blaming himself for what happened; despite Brooke's assurances that he could not have convinced Taylor to do anything differently, Ridge thinks he could have. "I need that woman!" he cries to his former lover. Brooke gives him a hug to console him... and just then, Stephanie and Jack enter the room, with Steph casting an angry look at Brooke.

Macy stops by Thorne's and finds him working out; she wonders if he's doing it for Brooke and if she's even around, but Thorne tries to cover. He slips however and admits Brooke just left. Macy comes down on Thorne for the way he's being led around by Brooke, who will dump him once she's ready for the next conquest. She did it to his father and brother, after all. Thorne is angry that Macy thinks he has that little self-control to resist Brooke if he wants. Moreover, he feels that THEIR problems have nothing to do with Brooke and rehashes their own past history. She asks if he will stop seeing Brooke, but he tells her he is not making any promises. "Do you still want ME around then?" Macy asks. Thorne says that he does. In that case, Macy points out, it is only a matter of time before Thorne, like his father and brother, finds there is a better alternative to Brooke--and she is going to show Brooke that she has some competition. She plants a kiss on Thorne to prove it and leaves.

At the hospital, Dr. Wilson asks Ridge to step into the room with him. Brooke asks to join them, but Stephanie insists, "Absolutely not!!" Ridge tells them both to just wait here while he and Jack step inside with the doctor, just in case. Once Ridge is inside, Stephanie tells Brooke she should leave anyway; this is Steph's family's crisis, not Brooke's! Believe it or not, Brooke points out, Taylor asked her to be there, so she is not going anywhere. "Your daughter in law is dying in there, so can't you put your hatred away for just one day?" Brooke asks, as Stephanie is stunned to silence.

Inside the room, Ridge (who is only wearing a gown, but no mask) and Jack (who is in complete gown and mask) stand near Taylor. The doctor warns that Taylor is unconscious and could slip into a coma. Ridge pleads with his wife to keep fighting, not for him, but for Thomas and their unborn children. He won't let her die, he calls out to his wife. For several minutes, Ridge urges her on, and Taylor finally starts to stir. On the other side of the glass, Brooke and Stephanie both have sighs of relief on their faces as the doctor tells Taylor to push...

Tuesday, September 21, 1999, Ep. #3136

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Hospital: Brooke is watching Taylor from behind the glass. She flashes back to the conversation that she and Taylor had. Meanwhile, Stephanie is on the phone with Eric. She is updating him on Taylor's situation. She tells him that Jack is there... and so is Brooke, and she is ready to grab Brooke by the hair and throw her out. Eric says this is not the time for that, and Steph admits he's right. She then tells Eric to come to the hospital as quickly as he can. "Taylor needs us now," she urges.

Eric's Office: As Eric finishes talking to Stephanie and is about to leave for the hospital, Sally comes bursting into his office with a guard in tow. Sally inquires about Taylor and Eric fills her in about how Taylor has chosen to resist treatment. At first, Sally is shocked that the doctors would let her refuse... but then again, that kind of selflessness is typical of Taylor, she says.

Hospital: Stephanie and Brooke again argue about Brooke being there. She bets that Brooke is there to wait like a vulture for Taylor to die. Brooke is ready to tell her off when suddenly, Taylor lets out a cry on the other side of the glass. The first baby starts to come and Taylor passes out. As the doctors continue to work, Ridge pleads with them to do something! He calls out for his wife, but gets no answer.

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Hospital: Brooke wants to go in, but Stephanie stops her. Stephanie then asks Brooke what Taylor said to her. Brooke fills her in, saying that Taylor was quite clear. She also quips that Stephanie should note that *two* of Ridge's wives have made the same request of her, and that Stephanie should think about that the next time she wants to sling mud at her. In the meantime, Taylor has come to. The first baby girl is born. Dr. Wilson gives Ridge his first daughter to hold, while Stephanie and Brooke are smiling looking through the glass.


Eric's Office: Sally notes what a wonderful woman Taylor is, as she was a great help to Macy when she was in trouble. She also mentions that recently, Taylor had been a big help in trying to patch Thorne and Macy up. She asks Eric to tell Taylor that she was thinking of her, pointing out how they are actually being civil to each other. Sally notes that they owe it to Taylor to settle their differences and act like this more often. Eric hopes they don't wind up owing it to her memory. Sally is confident that Taylor will not die. They then leave Eric's office together.

Hospital: Stephanie and Brooke are oohing and awing over the first baby. It is what Ridge has always wanted, Brooke states. Meanwhile, Taylor starts to deliver the second one.


Hospital: Eric joins Brooke and Stephanie. After a bit of difficulty, the second girl is born. However, everyone in the delivery room is shocked when they see that the baby isn't breathing. After a few tense moments, Dr. Wilson gets her to breathe. He hands the second baby over to Ridge, who then winds up holding both girls and showing them off to Brooke, Stephanie and Eric. Ridge is ecstatic. However, his joy is turned into shock when Taylor flatlines!

Wednesday, September 22, 1999, Ep. #3137

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The show opens in the hospital room. It's a Code Blue as the doctors and nurses are all trying to bring Taylor back. Ridge is holding the babies. Eric, Stephanie and Brooke all look on from the outside.

Sally comes in to the office. "Where have you been?" Macy asks. Sally explains that she was at Forrester. Why? She was talking to Eric about Taylor, she states, explaining that hopefully by now, Taylor is in the recovery room. Clarke thinks she is young and healthy, so she won't die. However, he's incorrect, as statistics show that TB is on the increase, especially among the homeless, Macy points out. Sally says that Taylor is one of the few people on the planet who would care enough to help a homeless man. She doesn't deserve this. Clarke says that Taylor got the shaft in some divine plan. Sally points out that sometimes, good things come from bad things. Clarke asks what good can come out of this?

The scene cuts back to the hospital, where the doctors work frantically. Stand back - clear - they say. They keep trying to bring Taylor back. Ridge begs her not to die as Brooke, Stephanie, and Eric look on. In a neat special effect, Taylor leaves her body and goes for the ceiling view. Her essence surrounded by an angelic glow, she sees herself on the table and looks curious.

Stephanie notices that Taylor is dying. "Eric, what can we do?" she asks. Eric says they should get on masks and go inside, while Brooke is in tears.

Sally tells Clarke that no one can afford cynicism. Taylor was too good to die so young. She didn't yet make her mark. Something good will come out of this, Macy guesses. Something drastic is needed sometimes to teach us all something, Sally thinks... something like an unexplained death of a good person like Taylor. She just hopes this is not one of those times.

The medical team continues to shock Taylor, with everyone in the room. "Taylor, can you hear me?" Ridge asks. He is telling her she can do it. There's a slight blip on the monitor, giving them a ray of hope... but the hope is quickly dashed as a nurse announces they are losing her again. Ridge cries, "We need you. I need you. Please don't leave."

Taylor is watching him from the ceiling view. A voice says to her that Ridge would gladly exchange his life for hers. "Who are you? Where am I?" Taylor asks, turning to see another figure beside her. The voice answers, "You know me as George." Taylor remembers the homeless guy living under her porch, who is now cleaned up with an angelic glow to him as well. He has come to help her understand. Understand what? She asks. She is so confused. "Why are Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Brooke all there?" Taylor asks. "Because they are hoping you will return to them," George says. Taylor asks if this means she is dead. He says that there is no death. Death is just a word. She is transitioning, he explains. She wants to go back, as her kids and Ridge need her. He assures her that they will be taken care of, gently and lovingly. "Children are not yours. They are a gift given to you by a supreme love," George explains. Taylor asks if it is God, but George tells her that is also just a word.

Ridge continues to tell Taylor not to give up. It is not supposed to end this way. He will never believe that. She has given everything, sacrificed so much. She can't give birth and just die, he says, tears in his eyes. He knows that she has no energy, but he can't raise these kids on his own. They all need her love now. He begs her to come back. Dr. Wilson apologizes and tells Ridge how sorry he is. Ridge asks God to bring her back. "Give her back to me," he cries as his family and friends can only look on.

Taylor tells George that it doesn't make sense for her to die now. She just brought these souls onto the planet; why is she being taken from them now? George points out that she gave her last breath for a worthless human being and treated him with the dignity of a king--and for that kind deed, she is paying with her life. Her family will mourn her passing with sadness. He thinks it is ironic that the supremely loving being would allow this tragedy to happen, but Taylor understands. Her kids will be protected by a love more powerful than she could give them. George tells her that her kindness will be rewarded by a better existence, "A reward for the love you showed a broken man, even at the risk of your own life. That has brought out the divine... and that is the lesson you will remember." "Remember? Does this mean I will be going back?" Taylor asks. "The kingdom of God is not just here. It's there. It's everywhere," George tells her.

Ridge is praying. He says to the lifeless Taylor, "This is your favorite prayer," and recites it, as his family members and Brooke look on. He kisses Taylor's hand and cries, and he then kisses Taylor. We watch the machine. It starts to beep. She is coming back. Taylor moves and then opens her eyes. "Sweetheart, you are back," Ridge says. Brooke hugs Eric. Ridge thanks God.

Thursday, September 23, 1999, Ep. #3138

At the hospital, Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, Jack and Brooke watch as Dr. Wilson and the nurses check Taylor's vital signs and she seems normal. Ridge asks if that is possible. The doctor assures him that she is normal by all signs, although by all rights she should be dead right now. That's why the doctor wants to take her for an MRI to check for brain damage. Ridge seems concerned. The nurse says that Taylor is waking up, so Ridge and Dr. Wilson go over to her. Ridge tells her that she made it, and so did the twins. In a whisper, she says Ridge's name, and Ridge hugs her, a big smile on his face. Stephanie comes over to the bed. She tells Taylor that it doesn't matter that she scared them to death; all that matters us that she is alive. Next, Jack comes over, holding his daughter's hand, as she assures him she is fine. Where are the babies? She asks. In the nursery doing well, the doctor says. "I know they are," Taylor replies.

Macy calls Thorne to find out if there is any news in Taylor. He hasn't heard anything, which he thinks is good news. Macy invites him out to Insomnia to celebrate; it takes a little arm-twisting, but Thorne agrees. She hangs up and smiles. The camera pulls back to show Darla is there, too; she gives Macy a high-five and proceeds to help her choose something hot and heavy, but not too dressy, to wear. Darla asks what the big deal is, and she thinks Thorne has a problem having not proposed to Macy yet. Macy says he has a problem all right, and it's Brooke. "Ewww," Darla says at the thought of Brooke with Thorne. That is why tonight is so important, Macy says; Thorne has been noticing Brooke and her electric charge, and Macy has to find some way to compete. She will, Darla assures her... with her help, that is.

Eric comes over and reminds Taylor how important she is to the family, and she thanks him. Stephanie suggests that they leave, so Eric gets up. He joins Stephanie, Jack and Brooke and is about to leave when Taylor calls out, "Wait... Brooke." Once Brooke comes over to the bed, Taylor tells her that she helped her more than she could ever know. Brooke says it was nothing, but Taylor says that she knew Brooke would have done what was needed. But it didn't come to that, Brooke points out. Yes, but she would have been there, Taylor tells her. Dr. Wilson brings in Taylor's medication and allows Ridge the opportunity to set up his wife's IV. Her TB is history, the doctor predicts.

Darla picks out some revealing outfits and some hot shoes for Macy, and they start working on her hair and some diamond studded earrings. Macy starts to believe she can do this. As "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer plays, Macy and Darla start experimenting with different looks, finally settling on one. Macy says this is a lot of work, but Thorne is worth it. Brooke thinks so, Darla says, leading Macy to speculate on what Brooke's appeal is. Darla advises her that, since Brooke isn't afraid to act on her feelings and show off, perhaps Macy should loosen up with him. Stop worrying about being perfect. Love is a powerful thing, Darla explains, and Brooke is pretty powerful in that regard... but so is Macy. She wishes Macy luck as she goes off to change for her date.

Brooke comes up to Ridge, guessing that he must be relieved. He is, he tells her... and he then brings up what Taylor asked of Brooke. Brooke says to forget it, as that was between her and Taylor. Besides, it didn't come to pass, thank goodness. Ridge says, "You dodged a bullet again this time, Logan." Brooke says she would have been there to help him--but now it is time for him to be with his wife, as that is why she came back, for him and their children. They hug and Brooke leaves.

Shortly after, Brooke calls Thorne and tells him that Taylor and the babies are doing well. There were some rough moments there, but it turned out fine, she explains. Brooke wants to come over and tell him about what happened and he says she can't. WHY? She asks. He is going out with Macy tonight to the Insomnia. She asks to join him, but he says that wouldn't be a good idea, as it would probably end up in a food fight. She agrees and hangs up, saying she is wiped out anyway... but she has that expression on her face like she has something in mind.

There is a knock at Thorne's door. He answers it and there is Macy in a red dress. Thorne is pleased with the sight before him. He tells her that she is early and she says yes, she is... she just couldn't wait, she confesses as she plants a passionate kiss on his lips. "How about you?" she asks.

Ridge goes back to Taylor and thanks her for coming back to them. "I had to," she says, and he tells her that he feared she was lost to them. Taylor admits that she thought the same thing, watching them all beside her, He guesses his saying her favorite prayer brought her back, but she does not remember that. All she can think about is George. Who's that? Ridge asks. She reminds him of who George was and explains what he taught her while she was with him just now: that even if she did die, their children would be safe and loved by God. When you show love, as she did, everything turns out all right, she explains, and that is why they have to help others on this world. It's the most important thing in life and they have to teach their kids, she urges him. Ridge says they will... but for now, all that matters is that she is back with them. She asks to see the babies, so Ridge calls to the nurse on the intercom to bring them in. Two nurses bring them in as Taylor gets her first look at her daughters, saying how beautiful they are.

Friday, September 24, 1999, Ep. #3139

In her office at Forrester, Brooke gazes at a photo of Ridge and his daughters and says that she's really happy for him and how things turned out with Taylor and the twins.

At the hospital, Ridge checks on his wife and tells her that Dr. Wilson has been doing tests on their twins... and based on the results, the girls are doing fine, he is pleased to announce. They won't even need respirators! Taylor is pleased to hear that her babies are doing fine.

At Insomnia, Thorne comes to the table where he and Macy are dining and tells her that he just spoke to the hospital and the babies are doing well and breathing on their own. Macy is relieved to hear that, but wonders who will be taking care of the kids, since Taylor must certainly be weak. What about Stephanie? She asks. Thorne seriously hopes his mother will not be involved in caring for the kids, as she has been under a lot of stress lately. Macy is sorry that she caused Stephanie to find out about Brooke pursuing him, as that was surely a source of the stress. She, however, announces to Thorne that Brooke no longer threatens her.

Brooke stops into the photo studio and finds Giovanni working late. When he shows her the test pictures he took of Kimberly, Brooke is impressed at the quality and how well they came out. Giovanni however boasts that those pictures are nothing; Kimberly is beautiful and exquisite, and the photos pale in comparison to what he has in his head. Brooke is intrigued and wants to hear more, and he tells her how a shoot in romantic Venice would be perfect to accentuate Kimberly's beauty. He suggests discussing details over dinner, but Brooke is not in the mood. Perhaps over coffee? He suggests. Brooke thinks that's a great idea... and she knows just the place.

Shortly after, Brooke and Giovanni arrive at Insomnia, where Brooke looks around for Macy and Thorne. She spots them and suggests that she and Giovanni find a table. Meanwhile, over at Thorne and Macy's table, Macy explains that she realizes that Brooke is just trying to move in on yet another Forrester man and there is really nothing there. That is why she is not concerned about Brooke coming between what she and Thorne have, as she can handle Brooke's agenda. In fact, she doesn't even know why they are thinking about Brooke; tonight is their night, she proclaims. Just then, she's looking across the room and spots Brooke and Giovanni. Incensed, she excuses herself from the table and heads over where Brooke is.

In the hospital, Taylor asks Ridge about their daughters. He tells her that he loves everything about them and how it is a joy to hold them. Sadly, however, Taylor still cannot hold them because her TB is still infectious. It will only be a matter of time, though; and in the meantime, he has told their daughters about what a wonderful woman their mother is and how she sacrificed all for them. Taylor wants to see them, so Ridge has her put in a wheelchair. He then wheels her over to the glass window where they look at their miracle babies together.

Brooke is standing by the bar watching Thorne, who has not seen her, as his back is toward her. She's thinking about him when Macy comes over and tells her to go for it if she thinks she's so irresistible--although she bets Brooke will be waiting a long time. Brooke tells Macy to can the girl-next-door attitude and stop taking it personally. "Why shouldn't I? You try to seduce my fiancée and I shouldn't take it personally?" Macy asks. Brooke says she and Thorne did not plan this, and Macy says that's right; Brooke never plans, only acts on urges to throw herself at Forrester men. Brooke calls Macy a little girl and sets out to prove she doesn't have to throw herself at anyone by giving a come-hither smile at a table of guys. Sure enough, one comes over and asks to buy Brooke a drink, but she says she's with someone. Macy is not impressed, especially when another guy approaches to talk to her... but Brooke gets to laugh when it turns out the man is a disgruntled customer. After having a worker take care of the man, Macy tells Brooke not to be so cocky, as she's on Macy's turf now. "What are you going to do, Macy, overcharge me?" Brooke laughs as she walks away.

Taylor and Ridge continue to watch their babies. They are so beautiful, Taylor says, tears in her eyes. They ask the nurses if they are identical, but the nurses say they don't know yet, as they are still doing tests. The nurses want to take the babies back because Taylor needs her rest, but Taylor asks if they can wait just a little while longer. She has Ridge wheel her closer so she can see their children. Ridge tells Taylor that she is the reason for everything good and beautiful in his life and thanks her.

Brooke rejoins Giovanni at the table. He asks who the woman that Brooke was talking to was; is she a friend? Macy is more like an acquaintance and she owns the coffeehouse, Brooke explains. Giovanni sees Macy sit down with Thorne and asks Brooke about the man, a glimmer of recognition in his eyes. Brooke however cuts him off and asks to hear more about his idea.

Macy sits down and says she ran into Brooke. "Did you know she was going to be here?" she asks. Thorne says no, although he admits that he did tell Brooke that they would be there when she called from the hospital earlier. "Do you want me to tell her to leave?" Thorne asks. No, Macy says... she intends to make Brooke feel sorry she set foot into Insomnia tonight!

Taylor admires her two little fighters, so beautiful and healthy. It was hard, but it was worth everything. Ridge tells her that he will tell Thomas about his new sisters, although it may not be easy getting used to the new female majority in the family, he jokes. Taylor is sure that Ridge will handle it. The nurses then tell Taylor it is time for the babies to go, but they will be back later. Ridge bets Taylor is tired, but she says that she feels like she can run a marathon. She asks Ridge to bring her pictures of the babies, so she knows it wasn't a dream. He says he will and confesses that he still hasn't seen anything like Taylor's willingness to sacrifice herself. He was afraid he might lose her and doesn't know what he would have done if he lost her. But she was sure things would be all right and he thanks God... something he has been doing a lot lately, he notes... that everything was all right. Taylor is grateful as well as she and Ridge exchange a hug.

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