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Monday, September 27, 1999, Ep. #3140

Note from Rena: Yes this is really me officially doing an update, and not somebody filling in!

Eric is busy in his office sketching away when Stephanie drops by. She is there to remind him to eat with a favorite sandwich that he used to eat back in the old days burning the midnight oil. They talk about the past and then discuss how lucky the twins are to be alive and that Taylor will be all right. Eric believes Ridge will be fine now with Taylor and his three beautiful children, but he is worried about Thorne and why he isn't back together with Macy. He wonders what the hell is keeping those two apart.

Brooke is with the photographer Giovanni at Insomnia. He is running some ideas about how to make a splash with the new Princess line. Brooke can't concentrate as she keeps glancing over at Thorne and Macy seated at another table near the stage. She says that she likes the ideas, but she cannot do anything without running it by Thorne first... and as she says Thorne's name, Giovanni looks to see what is distracting Brooke.

Thorne just wants to leave, but Macy won't back down from that woman and plans to beat Brooke at her own game. Better yet, she will beat Brooke at Macy's own game. Macy gets up and Brooke waves at Thorne like a school girl.

Giovanni is fishing around to find out if Brooke and Thorne would have to work closely on something like his plans to shoot abroad. He goes over some Venetian sights that are described as mystical, to set it aside from the rest of their competitors. A waiter brings over a dessert, compliments of Miss Macy Alexander, and tells them to enjoy the show. Macy then picks up the microphone and sings a song about having a crush called, appropriately enough, "The Crush." Brooke gets up and excuses herself from the table, but she can't make it to the exit because patrons block her way. Macy is now singing and moves all nice and cozy up to a smiling Thorne. She moves her way over to Giovanni (giving Brooke a look as she does) and the rest of the crowd, but she ends up on Thorne's lap at the end of the number. She finishes up with a big kiss, and a big smile with a glare at Brooke.

Back over at Forrester, Eric questions why Macy doesn't trust Thorne. He wants some answers-- and after Stephanie mentions Brooke's name, he wants to know what Brooke has to do with this. Stephanie informs him about Brooke's pursuit of Thorne. "My ex-wife and my son's ex-wife? What about the kids? What about the children? God, does she ever think of those kids? Is Thorne going along with this? This I wont stand for!" Eric angrily states.

Macy makes an announcement that there is a celebrity in the house tonight and calls Brooke Logan from Forrester up on the stage to sing. "Come on Brooke, show us what you have got," she calls out. As a reluctant and pressured Brooke comes forward, Macy responds, "That a girl. Here you go... here are some lyrics, Blondie." Brooke grabs the song sheet and comments, "How hard could it be?" and attempts to sing "I Will Survive." However, she gives up after being laughed at, and she is awful! Macy takes over the mike as Brooke is heading towards the exit, singing the lyrics, "Go on, now go, walk out the door. Don't come around now; you're not welcome anymore!" Brooke is outside, mad and embarrassed as she hears Macy over the loudspeaker. Giovanni comes out and tells her it wasn't that bad, but some passers-by snicker at her. Macy is back at the table as Thorne is not amused; wasn't that a little harsh? She tells Thorne that Brooke had it coming, and now they should leave also and have some privacy.

Stephanie assures Eric that it is over with Brooke and Thorne. She is sure of it because out of all the children, Thorne has always been the most reliable and he has principles. Eric is still concerned and tries to get Brooke on the phone, but she is not home.

Brooke shows up at Thorne's and says that this time she is not going to hide under the bed. Macy and Thorne come back from a moonlight walk on the beach and she wants to go inside. Brooke watches from hiding and pulls out her cell phone. Just then, Thorne's vibrating pager goes off with a major problem in the sewing room. Macy leaves, and he heads inside to find a warm welcome from Brooke. He tries to blow her off with the fact that he was paged, but he is annoyed to find out that Brooke is the one who beeped him.

Meanwhile, Macy is on her front porch and says aloud to herself, "He loves me; that hasn't changed. Good night sweetheart."

Brooke says that she has to talk to Thorne. She isn't mad anymore about what Macy pulled at the club, and she feels sorry for Macy because she is in love with a man who cant return her feelings.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999, Ep. #3141

Stephanie is thinking about how this can be a new beginning for her family. Ridge and Taylor are all right and so are the twins... and if they are lucky, they will be rid of Brooke once and for all!

Macy looks at a picture of Thorne. She thinks that he will come around in time... it will take more than a strip tease to win Thorne, she states, which means Brooke doesn't have a chance.

Brooke tries to convince Thorne that she's not worried about Macy. She knows how Macy feels, fighting the inevitable... and that is what her and Thorne's feelings for each other are. They are good for each other, knowing each other better than anyone, completing each other. Thorne isn't sure, and it's not just because of Macy. Yes, Brooke agrees... it's also because of his mother. He is putting being the good son before being happy. "How can I be happy, breaking Macy apart and tearing my family apart when it's just healing?" he asks. What is the alternative? Brooke asks. Should they live their lives alone? They don't have to, and Macy will eventually realize that she can't give Thorne what he needs, Brooke predicts.

Macy gets a visit from Stephanie; she was coming to see Thorne but he wasn't there, and then she saw the light at Macy's. Thorne isn't there, Macy explains, but she's glad Steph stopped by. She wants to talk about Brooke. She explains what happened at Insomnia, including making Brooke feel not welcome. Steph is happy to hear that as Macy thanks Steph for her support. Stephanie warns her not to underestimate Brooke -- EVER!

Thorne is still reluctant as Brooke tells him to be honest with his feelings. Forget about what his family wants, what Macy wants... and just tell her what HE wants! Thorne replies with a passionate kiss as he tells Brooke, "You're what I want... God help me!"

Clarke thanks Sally for giving him the opportunity to work with CJ; he has really gotten to know his son, he states. Sally points out that it was his own decision to come back, but it was one he would not have made without CJ, he admits. This is the best thing that has happened to him, he confides, and Sally points out he has been inspired in his work as well. Clarke agrees and gives her a hug as thanks... and just then, Adam walks in.

Macy tells Stephanie that she is sure of Thorne's feelings for her after tonight, so she has no reason to be threatened by Brooke. She doesn't think Brooke really ever was a threat, and she is therefore sorry that she ever told Steph about Brooke in the first place. Stephanie is not sorry; Brooke has taken everything in her family from her, and she was not about to let her take Thorne. Her rage was so bad that she lost control, all because Brooke pushes all the wrong buttons in her. How do you stop someone like that? She asks.

Thorne wishes that every night could be like this, he tells Brooke, but there is a world outside. As long as they are together, Brooke thinks, they can take on anything. Their feelings are beyond the physical, at least for her; Thorne is a friend as well and can give her more than just sex.

Adam interrupts Sally and Clarke on some business matter, and Clarke excuses himself to check stuff in the cutting room. Once he's gone, Adam warns Sally to be careful around Clarke. Sally says that she can take care of herself, just as she has all these years; if Adam wants to worry about someone, he should think about Macy. Macy is not married to Thorne, she explains, and something has come between them... and Sally is determined to find out why.

Stephanie tells Macy about how she hit Brooke, and how Brooke somehow didn't press charges. She guesses Brooke did that to stick it to her. Macy says that that one thing Brooke can't do is stick it to her and Thorne now; there's no way Brooke can come between them.

Brooke reminds Thorne how they both have been looking for love for years, and here it is in front of them. The only thing is, Thorne will not admit it. Brooke doesn't know how to convince him; she is tired of being the bad guy again. If anything happens with Macy, it will be Brooke's fault. But she doesn't care; she loves him. She will find love somehow, she proclaims, but apparently, Thorne won't. Tears in her eyes, she turns to leave. "Brooke, wait!" he calls out. She stays as Thorne proclaims, "I love you, Brooke Logan," and she falls into an embrace in his arms.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999, Ep. #3142

Thanks to -di- for writing today's update!

We open with Thorne and Brooke kissing. Thorne wants Brooke to know how he is feeling. They talk about how they feel and how complicated it is, but the night is theirs to explore their feelings. There is more kissing. She starts to strip off his shirt and he stops her. Everything should be perfect, he says, so they should not do this here. Let's go to the bedroom, get candles and champagne, she suggests. She will be waiting.

Stephanie is happy that Macy and Thorne have worked it out. Macy doesn't think they have it worked out, but they are headed in the right direction. Stephanie is glad about it, and this time they will have the support of both families. Stephanie knows how much her son loves Macy. Macy tells Stephanie how glad she is that she came by, as she shows her out the door.

Brooke is talking to herself as she lights the candles. She says, "He did it. He admitted he loves me. He couldn't deny it forever. We are meant to be together forever. In spite of Stephanie and Macy, we will be together this evening. We'll be so happy... and not just tonight, but for the rest of our lives." Thorne is grabbing a bottle of champagne and is also talking to himself. "Who would have thought that tonight, we are about to become lovers?" he asks himself. There is a knock at the door. Thorne retrieves his short and opens the door to see Stephanie there. "What are you doing here?" he asks his mom.

Macy lets in Sally. Sally warns her not to let business come between her and Thorne. Sally mentions that she saw Stephanie leaving and fears that Steph was there to interfere. Macy tells her that she misunderstands: Stephanie is being supportive, 100%. Sally finds it unbelievable and amazing. She wants to know if Macy has set a new wedding date. Not yet, she says. Why not? Sally wonders. "There are a few issues. We need to rebuild the trust," Macy replies. Sally assumes that it has to be about the fashion show, but Macy tells her that there is something else. Sally wants to know what.

Thorne wants to know what Stephanie is doing here. Steph assures him that she is not going to stay. She is certain that he is in a hurry to get back to his date. Thorne remembers - ahhh, the one with Macy. Steph tells Thorne how lucky he is. Macy is a fighter. Steph says that she knew that Brooke wouldn't get the better of Thorne, and she tells Thorne how glad she is that Brooke is out of his life.

Meanwhile, Brooke is pacing the bedroom. "What is keeping you?" she asks herself. She tells herself not to get nervous. There is nothing that will keep it from happening. She has a fantasy about Thorne being with her and telling her how much she means to him, and that fantasy culminates in a proposal. She accepts the proposal and they kiss. Brooke then comes back to reality, a great big smile on her face.

Thorne hugs Stephanie and tells him that Brooke is still a part of his life. Even so, Steph predicts, it will be over: Brooke will know what Macy means to him. Macy is focused on the future with Thorne, she says, and she tells him how happy she is that Brooke will not keep Thorne and Macy apart. Thorne interrupts her - even though he and Macy had a nice time, they are not getting back together. Steph says that it is okay, she is just glad that Thorne is not thinking about Brooke. She wants to forget about... The pills, guesses Thorne. It was not her proudest moment, Steph admits. But she is not blaming the pills, as Brooke pushed her and pushed her. "The idea of Brooke with you, after she had your father and your brother," she recalls. But she should have known that Thorne would never let that happen, she confides in her son.

Macy tells Sally that they are moving on and that there is no need to talk about the past. Sally wants to know what she is hiding. Macy won't tell her. It would only cause problems if she told them now, especially with her father. Did Thorne do something wrong? Sally asks. Macy asks Sally not to tell her dad, but Thorne made a mistake. She makes Sally promise not to tell Adam, but there was someone else. Sally asks if Thorne had an affair, but Macy doesn't think that it went that far. "Who was it?!" demands Sally. Brooke Logan, Macy replies.

Meanwhile, Brooke wonders what Thorne is doing. He must be teasing her, building the tension. It is driving her crazy. She decides to go out and get him herself.

Steph apologizes for underestimating Thorne. He tells her that there is no need for an apology. Steph tells him that the space between them has made her sad. She hopes they will be close again. She has been protective, but it's not that she didn't trust him. She just wants to protect him. He says he can protect himself. Stephanie is not so sure - He may have principles, but Brooke is relentless. She is glad that Brooke didn't get to Thorne. After all, he has to consider what it would have done to everyone - Ridge, the kids, the family. Thorne says he is fine. She is happy that he is a wonderful and committed man. She will talk to him in the morning, she says as she prepares to leave. "I'll see you at the office," Thorne says. Steph says, "I love you, honey," and gives him a hug. They say their goodnights. Just then, Brooke steps out, calling for Thorne... Steph turns in the doorway and wants to know what Brooke is doing here!

Thursday, September 30, 1999, Ep. #3143

Stephanie wants to know what Brooke is doing there. Brooke is about to go back to Thorne's room, but Steph says no one is going anywhere until she gets some answers!

Sally is floored by the news that Brooke is going after Thorne. How did this happen? What was she thinking? Macy says that Thorne was confused, and Brooke took advantage of it... and on the night Sally sent her over to Thorne's, she found Brooke under the bed. Macy was just so angry and ashamed that she could not even talk about it. But now she is convinced that Thorne is finished with Brooke, so there is nothing to worry about. But what if she isn't? Sally asks. Macy is sure Brooke got the message, and no one, not even Brooke, will ruin the life Macy has planned with Thorne.

Stephanie says she should not be surprised to find Brooke here. Thorne says he will take care of it, but Stephanie is not convinced. She orders Thorne to leave his own house so she can toss Brooke out. "Sorry Mother, but Brooke isn't going anywhere!" Thorne tells his mom.

In the hospital, Taylor is still upset as she gets a visit from Ridge. They both wonder where Stephanie might be, since she said she would drop by. Taylor then laments that she cannot hold her twin girls yet. She knew isolation would be difficult, but she thought that she could handle it by seeing the kids. It's not enough though, she has discovered, and she is tortured by the thought of others holding her daughters. Ridge tries to reassure her by reminding her that the girls know their mom loves them: even without holding them, Taylor's willingness to sacrifice herself for the girls created a bond that no physical contact can equal. He prayed not to lose her, as he could not bear to raise the kids without her, and his prayers were answered. And after making it through that, he thinks they can handle a few more days. Ridge wants to get the nurse to bring the girls to the glass, but Taylor wants the babies in her room.

Sally predicts Brooke has a challenge on her hands, as Thorne is a pillar of morality. Still, she has questions about how this happened. Macy doesn't care; it's over, so she wants to put it behind her, and she especially does not want Adam to know. Sally is fine with that, as Adam will be all over Thorne if he knew. And she can think of one other person who would have a similar reaction: Stephanie!

Thorne tells Stephanie that he wants to be honest with his mother; he did not want Steph to find out about Brooke this way, but he did know Brooke was here. Steph is shocked. What about Macy? It's over with Macy, Thorne says, explaining that he wants a relationship with Brooke. There is no relationship! Stephanie exclaims. She wonders how far along this is: has Thorne slept with Brooke? "No, but it's over for Macy and me," he states.

Macy tells Sally that Stephanie knows about, and Sally cannot believe that Stephanie did not put the fear of god into Brooke. Brooke doesn't fear anything but rejection, Macy says... and when she loses, she quits, like she did with Ridge. Once she finds out that she's lost Thorne, Macy predicts, Brooke will move on. Sally hopes so... for Macy's sake and Steph's.

Steph doesn't understand what's going on, as she just came from Macy and heard about the dinner with Thorne. Thorne tells her that he loves Brooke, but Stephanie cannot believe it. Brooke cannot hold back anymore: she is tired of Stephanie standing between everything she wants and interfering in her life, and it isn't going to happen this time. She will have Thorne--whether Stephanie likes it or not!

Taylor pleads with Ridge that she needs her babies. Ridge knows this is hard, as there is nothing he would like more to grant Taylor's request, but he feels they should trust the doctors. Taylor does not want to miss the first days of her daughters' lives. Ridge says he will talk to the doctor... but no matter what, their family will hang together. He tells Taylor how much he loves her and gives her a kiss before leaving. As he walks by the glass window, he looks in on his wife. Just then, Dr. Wilson comes in with some good news: they can end the quarantine and bring the babies to see Taylor, he announces... that is, if she is up to it. "You bet she is," Ridge tells the doctor. Ridge rushes to the intercom and tells his wife, "Don't go to sleep, Doc... I'll be right back."

Sally wonders what this latest revelation will do to Stephanie. It may have pushed her beyond her limits. Macy doesn't think so from her talk with Stephanie. Sally hopes so. She is just glad Thorne came to his senses. Sally would have been mad had Thorne betrayed Macy, but that is nothing compared to what Stephanie would feel.

Brooke tries to defend herself, but Steph will not let Brooke manipulate Thorne and destroy the family any longer. This is just like what Brooke did to Ridge and Eric. This is different, says Thorne. "No!" says Stephanie... she only wishes she would have... She stops and says that Brooke is evil, tearing apart the fabric of their family. She tries to order Thorne to stop seeing Brooke. "Don't you order him!" Brooke argues. Steph is about to go into it with Brooke, talking about how evil she is... but she stops in mid sentence, and then she collapses to the floor! Thorne and Brooke lean over Stephanie's limp, quiet body.

Friday, October 01, 1999, Ep. #3144

Taylor's father, Jack, brings Thomas by to see his mother. At first, he keeps Thomas off to the side as he approaches his sleeping daughter. She's pleased to see her dad, who explains that Thomas was having trouble sleeping. "Then where is he? Why aren't you with him?" a confused Taylor asks her dad. He's right here, Jack proudly announces, explaining to Taylor that Thomas knew his mom might need him. She guesses that Ridge must have put her dad up to this, she says as she holds her son and plays with him. No, Jack tells her; in fact, he has not even spoken to Ridge. Where is he? All Taylor knows is that he went to see the doctor, and that before he left, he told Taylor not to fall asleep, as he has a surprise for her.

Ridge stops in the nursery and sees one of the nurses who cares for his twin girls. He again thanks the nurse, who says it is nothing. They are glad to help, as Taylor isn't able to handle the babies herself yet. And that is not surprising, given what Taylor went through to bring those girls into the world. The nurse then brings over the twins and hands them to Ridge, who cradles them in his arms. The nurse says that she has heard that Taylor is now able to see the babies. so she asks Ridge to call her when he is ready to bring them downstairs, leaving Ridge alone with his miracle babies. As he tells them that their mom is anxious to meet them, Dr. Wilson comes in and informs Ridge that Taylor's dad is in her room. "Where's Thomas?" Ridge asks, and the doctor is pleased to announce that he is in his mother's lap! This is it, Ridge tells the girls; now that their brother is here as well, it is time for their family to be all together at last!

At Thorne's, Brooke and Thorne are shocked at Stephanie's collapsing. They can't believe that this happened upon her hearing their announcement that Thorne loves Brooke. While they realized their news would upset her, they did not expect this! While Thorne tries to stir his mom, he orders Brooke to call 911. After doing so, Brooke gives Thorne some tips the operator gave her to keep Stephanie breathing. Are they worried that the breathing may stop? an anxious Thorne asks. They don't know for sure until they get here, Brooke explains. Thorne stays by his mother's side, urging her to hang in there until the paramedics arrive.

The paramedics finally arrive, and Brooke and Thorne attempt to fill them in on what happened. Brooke recalls Stephanie holding her head just before she passed out and she passes this information on to the paramedics, who immediately notify the neurology department of the hospital.

Jack and Taylor talk about her going home. Jack says that will happen as soon as she is ready, and he urges her not rush, even though he knows how anxious she is. As Taylor talks about her hopes for her life with her family, Ridge enters with a nurse bringing the twins into her room. Taylor is overwhelmed as she holds her babies for the first time. Ridge brings over Thomas, so that the whole family can be together. Jack then takes out a camera for a picture; he asks the happy family to look over his way and snaps the photo, capturing a picture of this special moment, where Ridge and Taylor's family is together for the first time.

Thorne, joined by Brooke, rides in the ambulance with his mother as the paramedics ask him a lot of questions. He asks for the prognosis and one EMT states that he thinks Stephanie may have had a stroke. With Brooke behind him, Thorne holds Stephanie's hand and tells the unconscious woman that she is going to be okay. He pleads with her to hang on...

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