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Monday, October 04, 1999, Ep. #3145

Taylor is oohing and ahhing over the twins; she can almost feel their personalities and is so happy, she tells Ridge. Now it's time for them to get down to important business, she says. Ridge agrees and pulls out a book of baby names as they set out to choose names.

Thorne and Brooke are in the ambulance as it rushes his mother to the hospital. "Hold on," he tells Stephanie, who lies there unconscious.

Over at Macy's, Sally tells Kimberly that she knows about Brooke. They both agree that Adam must never find out; they can only imagine what he would do to both Thorne and Brooke if he found out. But Macy says it is history, Sally points out... at least she hopes so. Kimberly suggests that if Thorne doesn't realize how lucky he is to be with Macy, then he doesn't deserve her. Sally surprises Kimberly by admitting that she's concerned about someone else who can be affected by all this: Stephanie, because something like this could send her over the edge.

Steph is brought into the ER, where a doctor examines her. The doctor, whose name is Dr. Cannon, tells Thorne that Steph had stroke, and he suggests that Thorne had better call the rest of his family.

Kimberly is surprised... Sally is worried about Stephanie? She thought that they hated each other. Yes, they have had their problems, Sally admits, and they probably will have more in the future. However, she respects Stephanie and Eric for building Forrester from nothing, only to watch Brooke tear all that, and their family, apart. Sally thinks she and Steph are alike in that they would do anything for their families, and she knows that she would not be able to stand seeing a woman like Brooke steal two of her children. Brooke knows just how to tear Stephanie down, Sally explains... and even though Stephanie has stood up to Brooke in the past, this time may just be too much for her.

Dr. Cannon examines Stephanie as Brooke looks on. She joins Thorne, who cannot track down Ridge or Eric. Thorne is worried for his mother. Brooke apologizes; this is her fault, as she could have walked out the door once Stephanie saw her. Thorne says Steph would have just followed her; she may never accept Brooke, he guesses. Brooke feels guilty, but she is sure Steph will pull through.

Taylor and Ridge go through choices for names like Piper, Jeanette or Chloe. No, Taylor says; those are no good as they need names with significance. Angel? She suggests. No, Ridge says... their little angel may ironically turn out to be a hell raiser who daddy will have to keep his eye on when she's older, he laughs. Ridge finds a name that means "shining light," Phoebe, which Taylor thinks is fine. Taylor then suggests that they name the other girl after their strongest supporter, Ridge's mom. Ridge agrees, pointing out how Steph reassured him when Taylor was about to go into delivery. Naming their child after her will assure that their little girl is protected, Ridge guesses, and he is sure Mother will love this choice.

Thorne still cannot find Ridge or Eric. Brooke asks what he will tell them once he finds them. Thorne reminds Brooke again that she is not responsible, but Brooke cannot help but remember how a moment of joy, his confession of love, was shattered. Even so, they cannot forget what they mean to each other and she promises to be there for him. Just then, a nurse tells Thorne that she spoke to Dr. Wilson, who said that Ridge is in the hospital with Taylor. Thorne says to get him... but once the nurse is gone, he reminds Brooke that for right now, Ridge is the last person who can know the truth. Brooke agrees.

Dr. Cannon orders the nurse to get another surgeon to assist him and to get an operating room ready Stat, as Steph's condition is critical.

Ridge cannot reach Stephanie to tell her about the name, but he is sure she will be thrilled. Just then, a doctor comes in to get Ridge. He takes Ridge outside and informs him that Steph has been admitted for a possible stroke, and his brother is downstairs.

Brooke and Thorne discuss how they cannot let Ridge find out, or he will explode. Just then, Ridge comes over to them. Thorne explains that Steph was at his house when she collapsed. Ridge asks what she was doing there, but Brooke gets his mind off of that by suggesting that Ridge go see his mom.

Ridge goes in, where Dr. Cannon explains that a blood clot is blocking the flow of blood to the brain, so they must operate immediately. "Oh God, Mother, not you!" Ridge cries as Brooke and Thorne watch from the door. Ridge tries to understand how this happened but tells his mom that she will pull through this. The doctor comes in and says that it is time to take Steph down. "You hang on... we need you! Don't give up. We need you very much!" Ridge says, as a worried Brooke and Thorne exchange glances.

Tuesday, October 05, 1999, Ep. #3146

In the hospital, Thorne sees Dr. Cannon and asks about his mother's surgery. The doctor tells him that his mother had a stroke and that he was able to clear some of the blockage, but he still doesn't know the extent of the damage. The doctor asks Thorne if he could tell him exactly what had happened right before his mother passed out. Thorne looks at Brooke, and they both hesitate; then Brooke explains to the doctor that they where having words, and Stephanie was angry. She then just passed out. Thorne asks for the prognosis for his mom. Dr. Cannon says it will be a few days before he really knows, as she would have to wake up first. Thorne asks to see her, and the doctor suggests that he wait for Ridge to come out, as he only wants one visitor at a time. The doctor leaves to check on his other patients. Thorne then turns to Brooke and asks, "What have we done? What have we done to my mother?" Brooke stands there with tears in her eyes.

Ridge tries to talk to his mother, asking why this had to happen to her. She remains silent as Ridge sits down next to the bed. Ridge tells that he wants to remind her what she has to live for, like her two new grandchildren. In fact, he adds, they have named them. One is named Phoebe, he explains, which means shining light... and the other is Stephanie, which means most loved--and most needed--grandmother. "You're not going to leave us... you CAN'T do that!" Ridge tells her as he takes hold of the unconscious Steph's hand.

Eric is at Stephanie's house, looking at the many pictures of Stephanie on the table. The phone rings and it's Thorne, who tells Eric to get down to the hospital right now. Eric drops the phone and leaves as Thorne calls out, "Dad? Dad?" through an empty line.

Ridge is still with his mother as he tells her to listen to him. She's not going to die, he insists, as it is not her time. "There is so much to say to you, so much I owe you. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, and I certainly wouldn't have Taylor or three children without you," he says, holding back the tears. Ridge asks God, "I'm begging you--please don't take her from us. Please don't take her from us now." As Ridge remains by his mother's side, Brooke watches from the door.

"I'm going to be here for you, just like you've always been here for me," Ridge tells his mother. He remembers a time not too long ago that it was he lying in that bed, and she stood by him, telling him that it was not time for him to leave. Now it's his turn to tell her the same thing. "You're the heart and soul of this family and we need you," he states.

Thorne and Brooke are outside, waiting for Ridge to come out of the room. Thorne assures Brooke that Stephanie will pull through. Brooke believes that, but she cannot help but feel like she should have left when she saw Stephanie. Thorne says there was nothing she could have done, as Steph was over at Macy's and saw the lights on at his place. Thorne is worried that the family will find out about him and Brooke, especially Ridge. Brooke says that she and Ridge are over now, so why is he worried? Thorne explains that it is because Ridge is so close to his mother. Brooke reminds him that everyone will know once Stephanie wakes up. Thorne explains that for now, they must keep this quiet, although that does not change the things he said to her tonight.

Eric gets to the hospital, where Thorne introduces him to Dr. Cannon. The doctor tells him about Stephanie's condition and how serious it is. Ridge walks out of the room where Stephanie is and joins them. Eric hugs Ridge and says he wants to see Stephanie. Ridge says to go ahead, and he will catch up to Eric later. Eric goes into see Stephanie. He sees her and says, "Oh no, not you, Stephanie."

Thorne asks Ridge if their mother responded to his being there, but Ridge says she did not. Ridge then asks Thorne what happened? What was going on? Thorne says they were talking, but will not say about what; it is not important. Ridge wants to know anyway; maybe it will provide some clue. Was it just the two of them? Brooke speaks up and says that she was there too, and Ridge asks her what she was doing there. Thorne says it doesn't matter. Brooke tries to interject, but Ridge says this is between him and his brother. He turns to Thorne and says, "Damn it, Thorne, I want to know exactly what happened in that room!"

Eric looks at Stephanie and asks a nurse if she could hear him. The nurse says she does not know and offers to call the doctor, but Eric just wants to stay and talk to Stephanie. He tells her that she doesn't belong there. He sits by the bed and talks to her, saying that they all need her to watch over the family. He may not have told her often enough, but he has always appreciated the way she has cared for them. He was even in her living room today, and he realized how everything in his life is based in that room. He's always been slow at seeing things like that, but he hopes it is not too late. "You mustn't do this. You know how much you mean to me. This is the biggest challenge of your life, but you can do it. You come back to me, so you can give me another chance... so you can give US another chance," he tells her as he holds her hand.

Wednesday, October 06, 1999, Ep. #3147

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We open at Spectra. Macy tells her parents that she has never been more confident of her relationship with Thorne, because she realizes that she is everything that he needs. Adam wants to know if Thorne knows what Macy needs, and how many times is he going to break off engagements? Macy tells him that it will probably equal the number of times that she has broken off her engagement to him. Clarke barges in with the news about Stephanie. Macy wants to go see Stephanie immediately. Sally wants to know if she can go along, but Macy says no.

Brooke can't believe what Stephanie is going through. She is sorry. And for whatever extent she was responsible for bringing it on, she regrets it. She loves Stephanie's son. She knows what this is doing to him, her and Brooke. She tells Stephanie, "You will survive. We both will."

Ridge wants to know what Thorne and Stephanie were talking about when this happened to Steph. Thorne doesn't want to talk about it, and Eric agrees that this is not the time. The important thing is to get her back. The Doctor says that she is no worse. "If we could just get her to respond." Eric says that they can all take a message from this: they can learn that this woman is not as invincible as they thought. "She has been there for us," he reminds them. Eric speculates on what might have caused the stroke. "She worked so hard for the best for all of us. What could have done this to your mother?" He wonders if it could have been his own failings as a husband, although Ridge shoots that idea down. Then what? Eric wonders. Eric says that he is going back in; when the others want to go too, he says that he wants to see her alone.

Back at Spectra, they are speculating on what could have caused the stroke. Pressure. Brooke? Adam says that she has been through all the Forrester men, except Thorne, and it couldn't be Thorne, because he is with Macy. Sally wishes that Macy would call. She has done a lot of fighting with Stephanie over the years, but she does not want to lose a great adversary.

Eric enters Stephanie's room and takes her hand.

Thorne wants to go find a doctor, but Ridge tells him that the Doctor was just here and will come back if anything changes. They begin to bicker, but Brooke stops them by telling them they have to behave better for the situation. Ridge speculates that Thorne and Brooke are hiding something. He starts to try to get to the bottom of it, but is interrupted by the arrival of Macy. She rushes into Thorne's arms.

Standing by Stephanie's bedside, Eric tells Stephanie that there is something she really needs to know, and she should really listen. He kisses her hand.

Sally is speculating with Adam about what caused the stroke. It must have been something traumatic. "Any ideas?" Adam asks. Sally has a few, but she doesn't want to talk about them yet.

Macy wants to know about Steph. Thorne tells her that she is fighting for her life. Macy is shocked. She just talked to Stephanie. When, Ridge asks? "Last night after our date," she replies. She was so sweet and supportive, Macy remembers. What was she doing at Thorne's, she asks? And why didn't Thorne call her to tell her? It all happened too fast, Thorne says. Macy thinks it must have been a nightmare for Thorne. If she had known, she would have been there. Macy tells Thorne that his mom would not let a stroke beat her. He shouldn't give up hope. She has enough hope for both of them. Brooke walks out, and Ridge notices.

Eric doesn't know where to begin. So much has happened with the babies, and it has been crazy... and now this has happened. "Now you must be so frightened," he says... but what has happened to Eric is like a wonderful miracle, yet a cruel miracle at the same time. He wants to share it with her, and he can't. "Maybe that is not true. Maybe you can hear me. Maybe this would get you through this," he prays.

Macy has gone to call Sally, so Brooke tells Thorne that Macy has to be told about their love for each other. This is all terrible, but it doesn't change their feelings. They pledged their love. Yes, they may be responsible for what happened to his mother, but that doesn't erase what has happened. Thorne tells her that this is an inappropriate time to talk about this, but Brooke points out that it is inappropriate for Macy to go on thinking that they are still a couple. Thorne says he is not going to do this now.

Macy hangs up the phone and conveys Sally's best wishes. Brooke takes exception to this. Macy asks Brooke why she is there. She is certainly no fan of Stephanie. Brooke replies that she is there to support Thorne. Macy tells Brooke that Thorne does not need Brooke's support - he has hers. Brooke sees Ridge and asks him how he is holding up. He says that he knows that something was going on between Thorne and mom and he is going to find out what it was.

Eric is talking to Stephanie about his feelings when Thorne called with the news last night. He was with Amber, who was arranging flowers, and Amber told him that Steph taught her. He was thinking about how Steph took an outcast and took the time to teach her. "Amber has come around because of your kindness and generosity, your ability to look beyond her rough exterior." Eric is overwhelmed at how blind he has been to Steph's loyalty and faithfulness. What a fool he was to let her go. "You know only one way to live--completely and fully, and sacrificing for those around you." He looks at her and has never loved her more in his life. When she recovers - and she will, or they will both die in the attempt - he is going to make up for everything, and he will do it in the same way that Stephanie lives, with joy and care. Eric tells Stephanie that she has enriched his life, and that she will continue to enrich his life when she allows him to care for her. He loves Stephanie and if she comes back, he will never leaver her... never.

Thursday, October 07, 1999, Ep. #3148

Brooke watches as Eric remains by Stephanie's side. "Look at you, Stephanie; I know we've had our battles, but this? I hope you pull though... but when you do, your son and I will be together, and nothing will stop us," she thinks to herself. She sees Dr. Cannon and asks about Steph's condition; the doc says they have reason to be concerned. As the doctor goes to check Stephanie, Macy spots Brooke and asks, "What are you doing here?" She bets Brooke has a reason other than concern to be here, so why doesn't she just go home? Brooke says she is a Forrester, but Macy bets that Brooke has more on her mind, so she will be watching Brooke like a hawk, she confidently announces. "No, Macy; you are the one who will be alone!" Brooke thinks to herself.

Ridge comes by Taylor's room, where Dr. Wilson gives her some good news: she and the twins can all go home! Taylor is ecstatic as she kisses her husband. The doctor leaves them alone for some privacy. Taylor notices Ridge is glum for some reason, and she asks what is wrong. He tells her about Stephanie, and admits that he is afraid of losing her.

Thorne joins his dad by Stephanie's bedside, where Eric says there has been no change. Eric then tells Thorne about his last conversation with Steph before the stroke, where she was proud that Thorne did not give in to Brooke's advances. Outside, Brooke watches, as Eric says that Stephanie may not have been right, but the bottom line is she was concerned about Thorne and Macy. Thorne gave her peace of mind by assuring her that Brooke would not have him, Eric proclaims. "Dad, I have to tell you something," Thorne says, but Brooke walks in and interrupts before he can. Eric decides to leave for a while. "You were going to tell him, weren't you? Why?" Brooke asks Thorne. "You were right, this is not the right time," she adds. She asks to go back to Thorne's, where they can talk about it further.

How could this happen? Taylor asks. Ridge gives Taylor the entire grim-looking picture, which has Taylor in tears. Stephanie was a mother and friend to them, she reminds him, and Ridge admits it does not make sense. She was over at Thorne's when it happened, Ridge informs Taylor, so he is going over there, and he will not rest until he knows what happened.

Macy goes back to Spectra and tells her mother that Stephanie is in rough shape. Sally is sorry to hear that... and then she is even sorrier when Macy tells her that Brooke was also there! It was pathetic to watch, Macy admits, but it was for nothing. She reassures Sally that Thorne and her are one and they love each other very much, and there is no way Brooke can just waltz on in and change that.

Ridge passes his dad in the hall and gives him a hug before Ridge goes back in to see Stephanie. He asks if Stephanie can hear him and assures her that they are doing everything for her. He, Eric and Thorne will not leave her side until she wakes up, and he knows she can do it. He wishes she could talk, so she could tell him what happened. "Was it Thorne? Brooke? Something they said? Oh, Mother, I'm going to get to the bottom of this!" he vows to his unconscious mother.

At Thorne's place, he and Brooke disagree about telling Ridge and Eric: Brooke wants to wait, while Thorne says they will find out sooner or later. People will talk about her going through three Forrester men, he predicts. To hell with them! Brooke states. He asks what about Rick and Bridget? She says not to worry, as they will understand when they see Thorne and Brooke so much in love. Meanwhile, she would not wish this on anyone, not even Stephanie, and she assures him that Steph will pull through. She knows there is a lot of history between her and Steph, but she has faith in her and Thorne's feelings for each other, she says. She and Thorne fall into a passionate embrace and a kiss.

Ridge comes by Thorne's and is ready to knock looks in the window and sees Brooke and Thorne in the passionate kiss. As the camera rapidly shifts angles on the kissing couple, Ridge can't believe what he is seeing. "BROOKE AND THORNE?! This is what pushed Mother over the edge! DAMN THEM!" He states with a disgusted look, as he continues to watch from the window.

Friday, October 08, 1999, Ep. #3149

Ridge paces outside Thorne's door in disbelief, looking in again at Brooke and Thorne kissing; he doesn't belief this! It is just like Thorne to take advantage, he says... and Mother must have found out! "He did it! That little bastard caused her to have a stroke and he's not even willing to admit it! You sleazy bastard!"

Amber sings a lullaby to little Eric as she has a visit from CJ while Rick is at school taking a test. CJ suggests that they get away for a bit, but she says she has to stay with the baby. When he asks about Stephanie taking care of the baby for a while, she says Steph's not home. In fact, she doesn't know where Stephanie is.

Eric stops by to see Taylor while she is feeding the twins. She lets him hold one as she gives him the good news that they're all going home, and Eric is pleasantly surprised when he hears Taylor call one of the babies by her name: Stephanie!

Thorne admits Brooke is right: they have to keep this a secret, especially from his brother. Just then, there's a knock at the door. It's Ridge, and Thorne asks what's wrong. "Mother's condition hasn't changed. It may never change." Ridge states. He walks in and says he isn't there to give Thorne the 3rd degree; he doesn't have to. He talks about all Stephanie has done for them and how they all owe her. "Just the thought that you could have done something..." he says. Brooke interjects that this must have been building over time, and Ridge agrees. "Any idea what?" he asks. Thorne suggests the incidents with Becky and Taylor, but Ridge says that isn't it. "After everything, Mother shouldn't have a care in the world, don't you think so?" Ridge coyly asks. Thorne demands that his brother telling him what he's fishing for right now!

Taylor asks Eric how Stephanie is doing. He says things are not good, but she says that Steph is in good hands with Dr. Cannon. She reminds him that Stephanie has a lot to live for, including a namesake now! Eric remembers Steph telling him that her dream was to see Ridge happy with a family of his own; unfortunately, Ridge was a slow learner and it took time to get there. But now he has with Taylor... he's finally learned that it may not be worth throwing something good away for something more exciting, and maybe Ridge isn't the only one who needed to learn that.

Ridge says he just wants answers as Brooke tries to empathize with him. Sometimes, these things just happen, she says. He remembers the first stroke Stephanie had, after Eric married Brooke; it took her years to really get over that, but she finally did. Now she may never speak or recognize anyone ever again. Ridge would give anything to have kept that from happening. Brooke says Thorne would as well, and Ridge angrily turns to his brother and asks, "Would you, Thorne?"

CJ sits with Amber as she chooses recipes for Rick's dinner. Maybe he will have that with Kimberly some day, she tells him, but he says he has finally given up on that. Speaking of which, has she heard from Becky? Amber says she hasn't, which CJ thinks is weird. In fact, he wants to know what Amber has against Becky. Amber says that she has nothing against her; in fact, Becky is one of the most selfless people she knows. CJ wants to know what that means when the phone rings: it's Becky!

Taylor tells Eric to tell these things to Stephanie. Eric doesn't think she can hear him, but Taylor says they don't know that. This could be what Stephanie needs to fight. Even after they divorced, everyone saw how close Eric and Steph were, she points out: maybe you have to lose the thing that means the most to you to best appreciate it, she thinks, and perhaps Eric and Steph will be together again.

Thorne cannot believe his brother would blame him for this; their mother collapsed in HIS arms, he reminds his brother. Brooke suggests that Ridge leave. "And what about you?" Ridge asks Brooke. Why would she be there for her worst enemy? Brooke says she would not wish this on Stephanie, who is never objective where Brooke is concerned. Ridge continues his cat-and-mouse game and says that Thorne knows how their mom feels about Brooke. "What are you talking about?" Thorne asks. Ridge hauls off and slugs his brother, knocking him to the floor. While a shocked Brooke watches Thorne holding his bruised face, Ridge says, "I'm talking about you, Thorne! YOU AND BROOKE! You sick bastard!"

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