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Monday, October 11, 1999, Ep. #3150

After Ridge punches Thorne, Brooke rushes to Thorne's side and tries to comfort him. Thorne wonders if Stephanie told Ridge about Brooke, but Ridge reminds him that Mother isn't saying anything right now. "I caught you like a couple of horny teenagers while our mother is fighting for her life... and you put her there!" Ridge proclaims.

At Spectra, Sally is pleased as can be at Clarke's latest fashions, which the models are showing them. They will be at the top in no time, Sally predicts, with work like this, and they will not stop until they break all the records. "While the Forresters are breaking down," Adam points out. Sally reminds them that the Forresters have something else on their mind: Stephanie. As she, Adam, and Clarke discuss Stephanie, Sally shows concern, and Adam wonders why. Stephanie has always kept her on her toes, Sally points out, and she would miss that. Who else will do it? Clarke? Clarke says no, but Adam says he would be willing to. Just then, Macy walks in, and Sally asks if there is news of Stephanie.

Cut to the hospital, as Stephanie continues to lie silently in bed.

Amber is surprised to hear from Becky and asks how things are going. Becky says her work is interesting and Paris is so pretty; unfortunately, she has been working so much that she has not seen much of the city. She has few friends and she is slowly learning French, she says. Amber tries to shoo Becky off the phone by saying there is company, but Becky wants to talk about Amber... including the baby. Amber quickly hands the phone to C.J. who quickly puts a smile on Becky's face. CJ asks if maybe she can come for a visit some time, which fails to put a smile on Amber's face. Amber grabs the phone and says a quick goodbye to Becky, telling her to enjoy her new life and rushing her off the phone. As Amber hangs up, CJ wonders just what is going on.

Macy tells the group there is no change, and they all feel sorry for Thorne. They wonder how this could happen out of the blue. Macy shows them some research off the Internet that shows it could have been building over time without Stephanie knowing it; symptoms like headaches and dizziness may not be noticed or may be attributed to other things. Adam wonders how this can help Stephanie now that she had the stroke, and Macy says it cannot: it can, however, help prepare them for a similar occurrence. Some stroke victims die, she admits. Hearing that, Sally wants to go see Stephanie before it is too late, so she and Macy leave for the hospital.

When Ridge blames Thorne for Stephanie's stroke, Brooke says he is wrong. Stephanie brought this on herself when she **FIRST** found out about her and Thorne, Brooke slips out. When Ridge realizes that Stephanie already knew about her and Thorne, Ridge is even more outraged. Brooke says that Steph went crazy, and an angry Ridge asks how they could go on with this affair knowing that! He refuses to listen when Brooke and Thorne both insist that they did not want this. Ridge accuses Thorne of going after all his leftovers, with Brooke being the latest! Thorne wants to go at his brother, but Brooke pulls him back. Thorne thinks this isn't about Stephanie at all now: he thinks Ridge is jealous. Ridge tells Brooke that Thorne is just a poor substitute for him, but she says he is way off base! Ridge wanted out of her life, and now he is, so neither he nor Stephanie have any right to say anything about her life! "What about Macy?" Ridge asks. He pleads with Brooke to stop: this is all wrong!

Sally and Stephanie arrive at the hospital, watching an unmoving Stephanie. They are horrified to see her this way. Sally tries to say hello to her when a nurse comes in. Sally asks if Stephanie can hear them, and the nurse says there is no way to tell. When Macy asks about the family, the nurse says that Eric is with Taylor, and Stephanie's sons and daughter left. Macy figures out the nurse must mean Brooke and wonders how Brooke could have the audacity to come... or how Thorne could let her. Just then, at the mention of Brooke's name, they think they see Stephanie move her hand. It must have been an involuntary reflex, Sally guesses, but Macy cannot help wonder: could Brooke be the cause of the stroke?

Brooke pleads with Ridge to see things their way, but when Ridge keeps his snide attitude up, Thorne steps in. Ridge isn't afraid of his brother playing white knight, but Thorne tells him off! He did not want this, he says, but Ridge coming in here with his moral outrage isn't helping anything! Ridge agrees... he is not doing anything to help, but Thorne could have by stopping this when he could. "You're an engaged man!" Ridge reminds him, but Thorne says that he and Macy are finished and his future is with Brooke. Ridge appeals to Brooke to tell Thorne he is wrong, but she says it's true. "This is not going to happen!" Ridge vows.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999, Ep. #3151

Ridge insists to Brooke that this relationship with Thorne is on the rebound, just like when she married Eric. He should have stopped her with his dad, but he felt it was not his place, so he is doing it now. Brooke tries to convince Ridge that she is in love with Thorne and not simply taking him because she can't have Ridge.

Giovanni shows up at Kimberly's house, where she answers the door dressed in a skimpy bikini. Giovanni is staring at her, and she tells him to stop, so he mocks being serious. She isn't amused, and he asks how he is supposed to act when he is in the room with a beautiful woman who is being sent to Italy by Forrester to model their new line by her lonesome. Kimberly did not know that the Forresters were considering that and embraces Giovanni in a moment of joy. Just then, Adam walks in, outraged to see his daughter in a bikini and in a strange man's arms.

Macy and Sally are still at the hospital, wondering what happened to Steph. They can't understand what happened to cause this stroke. Macy walks up to the bed and talks to Stephanie, begging her to fight, as they are all here for her. Steph remains silent as Macy talks about how Stephanie fought for her and Thorne to be together. "I can never thank you for that," she cries, and Sally points out that she just did.

Adam asks who Giovanni is. Kimberly introduces him to "Myles" as "her friend," and Giovanni tries to be cordial, but Adam orders her to go put on some clothes. Adam wants to know where she met this new "friend," and she admits it was at Forrester.

"This is not your decision to make," Brooke tells Ridge. He agrees that it is hers... but she is not making it right now, so he has to do it for her. Anyone but Thorne, he says. All this is going to do is cause friction in the family, Ridge suggests, including alienating the kids. Thorne starts getting angry, saying that he will LOVE Brooke, unlike Ridge, but Brooke asks him to calm down. She then tells Ridge that the Brooke who made him the center of her universe is gone now. She is tired of living in the past. She wants the future, and her future is with Thorne, she tells Ridge.

Kimberly tells her dad that Giovanni is the lead photographer at Forrester. Adam is shocked, as he thought Kimberly wasn't going to do any more modeling after the fiasco at the fashion show and how humiliating and embarrassing it was for her. Giovanni tells Adam that he was there at the show and he didn't think it was that bad. Adam tells him to get out. "Father!" Kimberly protests. Giovanni decides to take a hint and says, "until next time." Kimberly then angrily turns to Adam and says, "YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE, FATHER!" She knew that he couldn't handle her modeling, although most fathers would be proud. He will be proud of her when she acts like an adult and not a child, Adam tells her.

Brooke explains to Ridge that she wishes she could not hurt anyone and wishes Thorne was not Ridge's brother, but she can't change that... or that she loves Thorne. Ridge is disgusted, as he tells Brooke not to settle. "You don't settle for the one good thing that happens to you," she tells him. Thorne being his brother has been the only thing that has kept them apart, she points out. During all those years that she chased after Ridge, she ignored her attraction to Thorne, until one fateful night when Thorne gave her some advice. He told her to look at things fresh, like for the very first time... and when she did that, her eyes were opened, and she will not close them now, for Ridge or for anybody.

Macy goes to find Eric while Sally agrees to stay behind with Stephanie. Sally gives Stephanie a stern pep talk, hitting her with everything she's got. "Do you want me now to be the Queen of Fashion while you lay here and you have your whole family waiting vigil?" Sally asks. She tries everything to get Stephanie out of her coma, to no avail. Undaunted, Sally says that she will keep trying. She won't let Stephanie go on like this, she insists, and she will stay on her case until Stephanie comes back, and that is an order!

Thorne tells Ridge to just accept things, but he will not. He still points out that this affair caused Stephanie's stroke. Thorne tells Ridge that he isn't going to lay a guilt trip on him about that. Thorne tells him once again to either live with it or to get the hell out. Ridge pleads with Brooke one more time, and he walks out. Brooke wants to go after him; Thorne tries to stop her, but she pulls away. She runs out to Ridge and begs, "Please, Ridge, don't do this to me. Don't you dare do this to me. You are happy... don't you dare deny ME that! Don't you dare!" Ridge looks at her and turns his back on her.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999, Ep. #3152

Thanks to -di- for today's update!

Sally is talking about seeing Stephanie in her current state with Adam, but Adam is a having another conversation altogether. He is fretting over Kimberly's modeling with Forrester. He considers Giovanni a slick photographer and believes that Giovanni has more than a professional interest in his daughter. Sally asks, "Giovanni?"

Giovanni is sitting a table in Mannequins flirting with a nurse. She gives her his phone number. He can set an appointment, she says as she leaves. Clarke comes in and asks for an olive surrounded by a martini when he spots Giovanni. Going over to the photographer's table, Giovanni and Clarke greet each other like old friends. They exchange mutual congratulations for their work, but Giovanni comments that they are artists and care nothing for awards. Clarke points out that Forrester does. Giovanni calls them risk takers, but with an amateur model who is in the blossom of womanhood. Her name? Clarke asks. Kimberly, Giovanni tells him. Kimberly? Asks Clarke.

Macy and Kim are at Insomnia, talking about Kim modeling again. Does dad know, Macy wonders? Yes, Kimberly replies. She was hoping that he could be proud of her, but he is furious. He doesn't trust the photographer. Kim describes Giovanni in glowing terms, and tells Macy that if the thing with Thorne doesn't work out, she would be happy to introduce Macy to Giovanni. Macy appreciates the offer, but for now she is fine. Brooke is out of the picture. They decide not to talk about each other, but that dad is a control freak. Kimberly says that she is a big girl now, so she doesn't like being treated like a child. Giovanni treats her like an equal. He makes her feel like an equal. He makes her feel like a woman. Macy is becoming alarmed. How old is Giovanni? In his twenties, Kim answers. Macy can see why her dad is concerned. Macy is concerned also.

Adam wants to know if Sally knows Giovanni. Only by reputation, she says, but he is talented and successful. "He's too professional to mess around with your daughter," Sally points out. Adam thinks Kim is an easy target, as Giovanni makes her feel like a woman. Sally reminds him about Italian men. Adam agrees that Italian men can be charming, but Kimberly is just a little girl, and no one is going to take advantage. Sally reminds him that Kim was well brought up and can take care of herself. Adam disagrees. After all, Rick, a slick 17 year old, had no problem roping her in, so a slick 20 something guy should have no problem. Sally thinks he is being paranoid. Kim is not his little girl any more. She is a woman, and she is not interested in his taking her by the hand and leading her down the least interesting paths. She has to make her own decisions, Sally explains. She reminds him that if she is going to have a career in modeling, Forrester and Giovanni are all part of the package. He must accept it. Adam won't accept it: Giovanni is too dangerous.

Giovanni tells Clarke that the model is Kimberly Fairchild and she is a VERY fair child. Clarke doesn't look happy. Giovanni says she is a great discovery. Clarke asks if Giovanni is planning to provide the guidance that he usually provides models. He should not do that, since she is a child. Giovanni asks Clarke if he knows her. She is not a supermodel, and she has the potential to get him in lots of trouble, Clarke explains. Giovanni points out that 18 is not jail bait. Clarke tells him that her father is Adam Alexander, aka Sally's ex-husband. Giovanni then assumes that Kimberly's father is a rival of Clarke's. Clarke says no, but he could be a rival of Giovanni. He is dangerous if Giovanni takes advantage. Clarke advises him to be professional, but stay out of her personal life. Giovanni tells him that Kim and he are off to scout locations for a shoot... and as the last time they met, Giovanni paid their bar tab, he leaves Clarke to pay the check.

Sally assures Adam that the Forresters would not have hired Giovanni if they had any reservations about his professionalism. He tells her that it is not the Forresters' job to protect Kim - it is his job. He is her father, and it is his job to make sure that some Casanova doesn't sweep her up.

Kim asks Macy if she is taking Dad's side. Macy says she has never met Giovanni, but she is worried about a guy who can make an 18 year old feel like a woman. Kim says it is not like that. He just makes her feel capable, competent, and encouraging - the way Rick did. Macy asks if she feels the same way she did for Rick. Not exactly, Kim says. He has some of the same qualities. He pays attention. He looks at her like he can see through her - to her thoughts and feelings. She is comfortable. They have spent hours and hours... Suddenly, she reacts, "Ohmigod, I didn't realize how late it was. Gotta roll. Don't want Giovanni to get to the house and see Dad."

Adam is wondering what went wrong. "Everything was going well until we moved here. That changed Kimberly," he thinks. Giovanni knocks. A hostile Adam wants to know what he is doing here.

Macy yells for Kim to stop, but she has to roll. If Dad crosses the line... Macy tells her to be careful, but Kim is tired of careful. She wants to spread her wings. She will call her later. Sally enters and greets Macy, who tells her that she just saw Kimberly. They discuss the visit of Giovanni to Adam's. Sally says Adam is in no mood to see anyone, let alone Giovanni.

Giovanni tells Adam that he is there for Kim, but Adam tells him that she is gone. He wants to wait in his car, but Adam wants to talk with him. Adam explains to Giovanni that he did not teach Kim how to handle sharks like him. Adam doesn't like the way he looks at her, or the way he touches her. Giovanni is never to touch her again, Adam orders, and he should get out before she gets home. Too late, Kim comes through the door. "Your father has asked me to leave. And I am<" he says. He walks over to Kimberly and holds her possessively. Looking Adam in the eye, he says, "I am taking your daughter with me."

Thursday, October 14, 1999, Ep. #3153

At Insomnia, Macy checks with Christy the waitress about entertainment for Saturday, as it is going to be a big night. From that comment, Christy asks Macy how things are going with Thorne. She explains that she won't be marrying Thorne until Stephanie is recovered, but things are on the right track. She especially wants to wait for Stephanie to thank her for all her support: thanks to Steph, nothing will come between her and Thorne.

Over at Thorne's, Thorne and Brooke discuss their relationship; he feels he should tell Macy, as he is tired of skulking around. Brooke says that is fine by her and offers to wait outside while he calls Macy. He dials the number at her house but gets her machine, so he leaves her a message to call as soon as she can.

At the Fairchild home, Adam orders Giovanni to take his hands off Kimberly and tries to throw him out! As Kimberly says to stop, Giovanni tries to smooth talk Adam, saying that he and Kimberly are just friends and colleagues. Not any more, Adam shouts: "You are never to see her again!" he orders! Kimberly protests, saying she has an obligation to Forrester. Adam feels that HIS obligation to Kimberly is more important. He tells Kimberly that if she wants to model, that's fine, but he is worried about her morals and about Giovanni. Kimberly says that she is a big girl and asks her dad to accept this; she is leaving to do her job, so she departs with Giovanni, leaving a worried Adam behind.

Thorne tells Brooke that Macy was not home. She is worried that he is feeling pressured. He admits that right now, they are no closer than they were the first night that they kissed, and he does not want to live his life this way, in secret. That's not the way he wants to live his life. If he and Brooke are going to have a relationship, it will be tonight.

Kimberly is riding with Giovanni, talking about her father and how protective he is of her. He just doesn't understand the way Giovanni talks to her, she thinks. Giovanni suspects Adam does not understand respect, but she thinks that is not it. Giovanni tells her to trust him, and he will make her a star. But first they need the right location... and he knows just the place.

Thorne tells Brooke that this isn't an affair, and they deserve this relationship. They got so caught up in things that they did not realize they have found something that is precious and rare. This was not an accident it was a REVELATION, and something like that should not be hidden. Rather, they have to let it blossom and grow, and Thorne wants to do just that.

Meanwhile, Adam is on the phone trying to track down Giovanni, but to no avail. "DAMN!" he says as in walks Macy. She wants to know what is going on. Adam explains that Kimberly just took off with that Giovanni. Macy tries to reassure her dad and tells him, "Kimberly told me they were scouting an area for a shoot. You don't think she is in danger?" He tells Macy what took place before Kimberly came home. This guy has her trusting him, Adam worries; he is a master manipulator, and wherever he has Kimberly, he has her alone.

Giovanni stops his car and he and Kimberly get out. He explains to her that this is a special place where he has done some of his best work. He opens a door into a cozy little love nest where it looks like the bedroom is in the living room and the kitchen and bathroom are somewhere hiding. He senses that she is tense. "OH NO," she insists, "don't be silly." It is just that she has never been in a man's apartment. Giovanni tells Kimberly that if she feels uncomfortable, they will leave. No, she again says; she has been in the guys' dorm room, so that must be the same, so what is there to be nervous about, she asks. He puts on some music as he goes to find a lens. She waits by the terrace and he gets out a bottle of wine.

Brooke says this is all she ever wanted from the beginning; HIM, after Ridge threw her over for Taylor. But it has gotten so complicated, she points out. "We are going to uncomplicate it," Thorne tells her. What about Macy? He will tell Macy tonight when she gets home about them, as he is accepting their feelings without any guilt or remorse. "Thorne, we did that the other night before your mother showed up," she reminds him. Thorne says that felt like they were doing something forbidden. He wants her to know that she is not some temptation that he has given into. "You're the most amazing woman your the best thing that has ever happened to me," he says. He wants to shout it to the world, and shouts out that Brooke is his soul mate and she was meant for him." She asks if he means it and says that he does; he pictures their long and happy life together and he wants to get started now. Neither of them wants to wait as they fall into a passionate kiss on the patio. Thorne takes off Brooke's outer sweater and she takes off his shirt, kisses on the neck. He picks her up in his strong virile arms and places her on the chaise lounge.

Friday, October 15, 1999, Ep. #3154

Thorne and Brooke lie together on the lounge on his patio, talking about hoe potent and powerful their relationship is. He tries to dispel her doubts and tells them that eventually, even his mother will accept them. Brooke tells him that she wants to go to the hospital, and he then kisses her again.

Ridge drops by Eric's office to see his dad, where Eric is looking at pictures of Stephanie. Now everything has fallen apart since then, Eric says, and it took this tragedy to make him realize that. Ridge points out that Eric has nothing to feel guilty about as he did nothing wrong: the person who did, however, is Thorne!

Macy gets Adam some tea and tells him not to worry about Kimberly, but he cannot help it. He is worried sick. When Giovanni was there, he felt like a stranger with his own daughter, and more importantly, an enemy. Macy says Kim has to know that he trusts her. He does trust Kimberly, he explains: it if Giovanni he cannot trust, and Macy admits she agrees with him about that.

As Giovanni starts a fire, he reminds Kimberly how sometimes, fathers worry about their children. When Kimberly corrects his English, he points out that she can teach him a lot about the language... but meanwhile, he has things to teach her.

Eric is shocked to learn that Thorne was arguing with Stephanie when she had the stroke... and it was about Brooke! Eric thought that was over, but Ridge explains how he caught Thorne and Brooke talking about it... the same thing Thorne was arguing with Steph about! Eric is furious. Just them, Thorne walks in, and an angry Eric asks his son what he is thinking! How could he do this to his mother?

Brooke waits by Stephanie's bedside, telling her how incredible her son is. "Please don't let him down," Brooke pleads.

Giovanni pours a glass of wine and asks Kimberly to share some with him. She says she is only 18, and in LA you have to be 21 to drink alcohol. This is wine, not alcohol, he points out, the drink of gods and goddesses. They drink to celebrate, he explains... to celebrate life. In Italy, he was drinking wine as a child, he explains, and he asks her to just taste it. She says that she is not supposed to drink. She is a woman now and not a little girl, he points out, and she can make her own choices. Reluctantly, she agrees to try just a little. He tells her how to savor the nectar of his homeland slowly and deeply. He raises his glass to his lips and nods, and she slowly lifts hers as well.

Eric angrily asks Thorne how he could do this knowing how his mother felt! Thorne explains that there was nothing he could do; Stephanie walked in and Brooke was in the bedroom. In the bedroom? Eric asks. Ridge echoes, "In the bedroom... waiting, no doubt. Did she come out wearing next to nothing?" Thorne objects, saying that this isn't open for discussion. He starts to leave, but Eric grabs his arm and tells him. "No, this isn't ok! Your mother is in a hospital with a stroke, so that is not ok! God, how could you let this happen with Brooke? Didn't you know how explosive it would be?"

Brooke holds Steph's hand and explains that Thorne needs her and her approval. "You never really have given him that; you always have given it to Ridge. He needs you. He is a very special man. You know it because you're his mother, and I KNOW IT BECAUSE I LOVE HIM," Brooke says.

Adam grabs his keys and Macy wants to know where he is going, as Kimberly can take care of herself. "Not with this guy, Macy; I can't take the chance," Adam replies as he heads out the door.

Kimberly admits she enjoyed the wine; after all, she has drunk wine before, she tells him. He says that being a woman requires more than just wine, and he is willing to teach her those things. She is not sure that she wants to go that far. He says, as he sits down next to her, there is a little voice inside of her that wants to break out, to be free. She has passion and desire that longs to be touched. She says the man she loves isn't ready. So in plain words, Giovanni explains, he wants to get her ready and have her be experienced, as the man she loves has experience. He can teach her, he says, as he has his hand on her neck, rubbing her hair. "Just let me show you," he asks as he kisses her.

Thorne says that he didn't want his mother to find out that way, but there is nothing they can do about it now. Ridge says oh there is something damn well Thorne can do. Eric is really steamed and says he wants it to stop now. Thorne says no: he loves Brooke and they are going to get married. Eric says he has two things to say: number 1, Thorne is not going to marry her, and number 2, he wants Thorne to keep Brooke the hell away from his mother!

Yes, Stephanie, I do love your son. I know we would argue about this if you were awake, but everything I did in my life, and all the relationships that I had, I did for Thorne. There will never be another man for her and she will go to her grave with Thorne in her heart. She is more certain of that than anything. She puts Stephanie's unmoving hand down and sits there, looking away and sighing with a smile on her face. All of a sudden, Stephanie's arm reaches out and grabs an unknowing Brooke by the throat, trying to strangle her. Brooke cries out as she stares at a barely awake Stephanie, who has only one eye open and a look of horror on her face!

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