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Monday, October 18, 1999, Ep. #3155

Two nurses rush into Stephanie's ICU room in the hospital to calm her down after an attempt to choke Brooke. The doctor comes in to check out Stephanie, who is now speaking. Dr. Cannon explains that she had a stroke and starts to examine her. While Brooke looks on, Stephanie responds to the doctor touching her right foot, but not her left. The doctor tells her that she is doing okay and she shows progress. However, Stephanie is missing feeling on her left side after the stroke.

Kimberly is with Giovanni at his place and she tells him to stop, as she can't go through with this. Giovanni replies that he understands that she isn't ready to become a woman yet. Kimberly tells him that she is attracted to him, but her heart is someplace else and she is not ready for sex with anyone. He asks what she is ready for... does she want to be touched? She explains that she wants to be respected; she has not kissed many men, so she needs that. Giovanni says that she is actually a good kisser for an American girl, and he teases her with all different kinds of kissing from different countries around the world... something that has her a bit aroused and embarrassed.

Eric wants Thorne to keep Brooke away from Stephanie. He yells that Thorne's mother's biggest problem, both physically and otherwise, has always been Brooke; he doesn't blame Thorne for that, but it is a fact. Thorne tells Eric and Ridge that Brooke is his future and he is going to marry her. It is tearing him part to have to fight with his father and brother, but they have to accept that fact. It is killing him and tearing him apart to know of his mother's condition, but it is not his fault that she has such hatred inside of her. Eric asks Thorne if he can live with the responsibility for what he has done, but Thorne believes that they aren't giving Stephanie enough credit; given time, she will learn to accept him and Brooke. All Mother ever wanted from her children was for them to be happy, and he is happy with Brooke. There will be no wedding, Eric orders! "Brooke and I will be husband and wife and that is it, case closed," states a defensive Thorne.

Brooke is in the lobby of the hospital and she waits to ask the doctor how Stephanie doing. He is encouraged by Stephanie's being awake, but he wants to know what exactly happened in there. Stephanie was trying to get up, so how did that happen? Brooke explains that she was in with Stephanie when she woke up. They were just talking, so she does not know what she could have done that was so special. The doctor explains that sometimes, talking can be enough: for right now, though, he wants to notify the family of what has happened. Brooke offers to do it, so the doctor leaves. Brooke then calls Eric, who snaps at her "What do you want?" She tells him that something important has happened with Stephanie, so he, Thorne and Ridge head for the hospital.

Giovanni explains to Kimberly that no man is complete unless he is loved by a woman. She contributes to civilization with her life, and her body is a temple, and that goes back to the bible. American women do not understand this, but Italians do. Perhaps Kimberly will understand that concept when she goes to Italy, he guesses.

The Forrester men arrive at the hospital and learn that Stephanie has awoken. He explains that Brooke was with her when it happened and she seems responsive. He tells that they can go see her, although he asks for them to take it easy at first. As Eric and Thorne turn to go in, Ridge looks suspiciously back at Brooke. Thorne calls for his brother to join them, so they go into the ICU room to see Stephanie, while Brooke glances in from the door.

Kimberly and Giovanni's conversation is now turned to the photo shoot in Italy. He promises her that it will be an experience she will never forget. Kimberly thanks Giovanni for everything but, as it is getting late, she thinks she should leave. She offers to take a cab home instead of him driving her home. She thanks him at the door for an interesting evening. When the door is closed, Giovanni thinks to himself that it will be the first of many interesting evenings they have together.

Eric tells Stephanie that she is one sight to behold and they are so glad to have her back. They say they were so worried, and she wonders why. Eric explains that they thought that they lost her. She admits that she is tired, and she cannot move her arms much. Eric assures her that she will be all right. Stephanie then calls to Thorne and wants to know if she missed the wedding to Macy. "I love that girl. She will be a good wife," Stephanie tries to say. It is as if Stephanie doesn't remember anything that happened. Thorne stares off in disbelief.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999, Ep. #3156

At the hospital, Dr. Cannon asks Brooke, "Don't you want to go in?" He's sure they want to thank her for her part in Stephanie waking up. Brooke says that she thinks they need some time alone and she has to get home. The doc is about to press the issue when he is called away. "Little do you know that Stephanie wanted to strangle me..." Brooke says to herself.

In her hospital room, Stephanie tells Thorne that she wants Macy to know she is happy about the wedding. They are all worried, she notices from the looks on Eric, Ridge and Thorne's faces. She asks, "Why? Did you think I wouldn't make it?" Thorne wants to talk to her about that and she wonders if there are complications. Eric says the doctor is sure she will regain the use of her dormant side soon enough. Ridge asks Stephanie what she remembers; does she know where she was?

Rick (now being played by Justin Torkildsen) is at home doing homework when Amber and little Eric come in the door. They were over at Forrester looking for Ridge or Eric, Amber explains, as she thought they could help her find something to do, like fashion design or singing. Even though she loves the baby, she's still young and single. "Be grateful that you have time for yourself," Rick snaps, quickly apologizing. Amber wants to give him a massage, but he has to study. Holding the baby, he says he wants Eric to have a normal life. Amber starts talking about getting him into pre-school already, which has Rick realizing how fast things are moving. Just then, there's a knock at the door: it's Brooke with the bad news about Stephanie's stroke.

Brooke explains how Stephanie is partially paralyzed, which has Amber and Rick in shock. They want to go to the hospital, but Brooke says that the doctor wants Steph to rest first. Rick and Amber wonder what happened, but Brooke tells them what is important is to hold together as a family. Maybe they can all put their differences with Stephanie aside now, Brooke suggests. Amber snidely comments, "**WE** don't have any differences with Stephanie!" That's right, Brooke notes, a chill in her voice, Amber does not. Rick interrupts and thanks his mom, who leaves, telling Rick to call her if he wants to talk. Once Brooke is out the door, Amber starts crying, and Rick holds her tightly.

Stephanie senses they are worried and tells them that it is starting to come back to her. She remembers who she was talking to before the stroke: Macy! They want to know if she remembers anything else besides her chat with Macy, but that's all.

Brooke gets home to find her sister Katie waiting for her. Katie says that Bridget is at a friend's and asks about Stephanie. Brooke says Stephanie is awake, which is wonderful... but what happens next may not be. She explains how she was there at Thorne's when Stephanie came over, and how their argument ended with Stephanie collapsing. Katie says that is terrible and wonders one thing: why was Brooke at Thorne's anyway? Brooke confesses to her sister that she is in love with Thorne!

Stephanie worries that Macy must be upset about what has happened. She was so happy for Thorne and Macy, she says. Macy is worried of course, Eric says. Stephanie admits that she was also worried about Brooke: she recalls seeing Brooke in her room even and asks not to have her come around. Ridge chimes in that he's sure Thorne can see to that, giving his brother a glaring look. Stephanie tells Eric that she doesn't want even to see Brooke since that is over... thank God. Dr. Cannon comes in and asks them to leave, so the Forrester men prepare to depart. Thorne holds back for a second, as if he wants to say something, but Ridge calls him away.

"How can you be in love with Thorne?" Katie asks. Brooke explains how her feelings for Thorne built over time, and now they have even talked about marriage. What about Macy and the Forresters? Katie asks. Brooke says they will have to accept it: she and Thorne are together and nothing is going to change it.

Out in the hall, Eric and Ridge resume their argument with Thorne: they cannot believe all Thorne feels is relief and not guilt. Thorne asks what they expect from him. Do they want him to live a sham life with Macy just for Stephanie? "Dr. Ridge" comes down on his brother, guessing that Stephanie cannot remember because she has blocked out something she clearly wants to forget. Thorne says that Stephanie will remember eventually, so they have to tell her sooner or later... and in his opinion, they should let her get her strength back and tell her as soon as possible. Eric totally disagrees and Ridge again tears into Thorne. Eric points out that at least they agree that they do not want Stephanie to have a relapse, which is why Thorne has to listen to them. Thorne grows angry, and Ridge comes face to face with his brother. He issues an ultimatum: Thorne had best break off his incestuous affair with Brooke now, or else there will be another Forrester in a hospital bed. It will be Thorne, and Ridge will be the one to put him there!

Wednesday, October 20, 1999, Ep. #3157

Thanks to -di- for today's update.

We open at Brooke's house, with Katie in disbelief. "Thorne? Are you sure?" she asks her sister. Brooke is 100% certain. She talks about how wonderful it is to be in love with your best friend, someone who accepts you 100%. Katie points out that lots of men have accepted her - Ridge, Eric, Grant, etc. But Brooke tells her that Ridge never accepted her. She was always fighting for approval. And Eric was a rebound thing. He was more a provider of security and comfort than true love. But she has it all with Thorne: a best friend who makes her feel cherished. He will always be there for her. They have been through a lot over the last 10 years, but she is sure of how she feels for Thorne and how he feels for her.

At Insomnia, the new Rick orders a vanilla latte and is joined by CJ, who asks where his buddy has been. Rick tells him that he has been busy. CJ says that now that Rick is here, he should go to the big game with some of the other guys. Rick says that he can't: he has too much schoolwork. CJ tells Rick he thinks that even if he didn't have homework, he wouldn't go to game anyway...

In Steph's hospital room, the doctor checks her out and asks Stephanie if she feels his touch. No, she says. He instructs her to try to raise her arm. She lifts her arm a little and then it falls down. The doctor is pleased and is done for now. The right leg is perfect, he says, but the left side needs some work. Rest for now, he tells her.

In the hospital corridor outside, Thorne tells Eric and Ridge that he is in love with Brooke and that he is going to tell Stephanie. They tell him that he will not tell Stephanie anything. Thorne refuses to be blamed for the stroke, but Eric and Ridge assure him that they can blame him. Thorne says that Stephanie will pull through this - it is not the end of the world. The doctor enters. Stephanie is progressing, he explains, but she is not out of the woods yet. She has no feelings on her left side. Ridge asks whether, in her current condition, his mom could survive the same sort of stress that caused the stroke.

CJ replies to Rick that he would find some other reason not to join them, even without exams. He wants to know what is up. Rick doesn't know. Sometimes he feels like between school, homework, and the family obligations he can handle it. Then other times... it is not enough. Besides that, something horrible has just happened in his family. Hearing that, CJ wants to know what.

Ridge, Thorne and Eric ask the doctor about when Stephanie will regain her memory. He is surprised by the question, as he hadn't noticed any memory loss. They explained that she seems to have blocked out the last hour before the stroke. Dr. Cannon can't say anything for sure. In his experience over the years, he guesses that it is highly unlikely that the memory will return. Her long-term memory should be fine, however. They ask about stress; could she handle it? The doctor says that stress and anxiety should be avoided. Ridge gets one of his "I told you so looks" on his face and the boys start fighting again. Eric tells them to take it outside... in fact, he orders, the three of them are going to the take this to the office.

Katie is happy for Brooke, as she has finally found the right man. She wishes that his name wasn't Forrester, but Brooke would be a fool to walk away from that. Katie reminds her that the Forresters are brutal. Brooke is sure their relationship can stand up to that. The Forresters will be made to understand and come around. She has learned about herself from Thorne... about her strength and tranquility. Thorne is her life, her hope and her promise. There is nothing they can't overcome.

As the Forrester men enter Eric's office, Thorne angrily admits that he gets their point. But what do they expect of him? Ridge chimes in that Thorne knows what they expect, for their mother's sake. With that, Thorne doesn't think that it is about Stephanie at all; it is about Ridge not being over Brooke. The boys squabble some more until Eric tells them to cool it. Thorne makes a plea to his father. He has finally found something to give his life meaning, so he begs Eric not to make him lose that now. Stephanie will come around, but don't ask him to give up Brooke. She is what he has been searching his entire life for. They are asking too much.

Rick tells CJ that Stephanie had a stroke. They talk about how much Stephanie has given to Amber and Rick. Rick explains how in the past, he could leave Amber alone in the house with the baby, because he knew that Steph was there to help. But now, he has to wonder. CJ tells him that Stephanie is strong. She will be back in no time. Rick agrees that she has been through a lot, and now there's this. It makes Rick think about how short life is and what he is missing out on. CJ feels for him.

Katie and Brooke continue talking. Katie is not feeling good about all this. She is scared for her sister. "Stephanie will tear you to shreds if you don't back off," Katie warns. Brooke assures her that Stephanie already knows that she will have to accept it. Thorne will insist upon it. They need each other. Stephanie will open her heart and be more accepting that she is the soul mate to her son. It will happen. It will.

Thorne knows how difficult it can be to accept this, but he is in love. Mom will accept it over time. Eric says that he is in love with Stephanie - he had her for many years and then let her go. He can't lose her again. He is not asking Thorne anymore, he is telling him. "Keep your mouth shut!" Eric orders. Ridge asks if Stephanie knows how Eric feels. No, Eric answers, but he knows what he wants. He wants to feel her arms around him. He will have his chance. She will pull through this. The brothers quibble until Eric tells him that he is telling Thorne to break up with Brooke. He doesn't care how Thorne explains it to Brooke; he just wants him to do it. As far as the family is concerned this never happened. Thorne storms out of the office...

Thursday, October 21, 1999, Ep. #3158

Brooke looks at a picture of Thorne, wondering why he has not called. Meanwhile, Thorne stands outside Brooke's door thinking about his mom and Brooke. Thorne is wondering what to do; his mother is in the hospital with a stroke, so what does he do about his feelings?

Rick walks into the photo studio to pick up some proofs. He looks around the counter for them and finds a letter from Giovanni to Kimberly. Rick asks himself what Giovanni could want from Kimberly.

Adam and Kimberly talk about Giovanni. Adam is worried that Giovanni is an older man who wants to be more than just a friend, and he reminds her how Giovanni dragged her off against his (Adam's) wishes. Kimberly says that he has nothing to worry about. For one thing, she is a big girl, and for another, she still loves someone else. Not Rick, Adam laments, but the look on Kimberly's face gives him his answer.

Tawny stops by Amber's place to see how she's doing, and she learns of Stephanie's stroke. When Amber says that she has not been to see Steph yet, Tawny worries that the Forresters are keeping her away and tells her to stand up for herself. Amber says it is not like that. Tawny is glad to hear that and tells Amber not to get depressed; after all, this should be a happy time, especially since Becky is finally out of her life. Maybe not, Amber says: she tells her mother that Becky called.

Thorne walks in to talk to Brooke in her office. She's glad to see him and says that soon, all of this will soon be over and they can get on with their lives.

Adam reminds Kimberly that Rick is married. Yes, she admits, but that does not change her feelings for him. Adam cannot understand how someone with as much going for herself as she would allow herself to always pine over Rick. She wishes she could be with Rick, but Adam advises her to do the same thing she told him to do with Giovanni: let go and move on. She says that she loves Rick. "I love your mother, but I can't be with her," Adam says. Kimberly turns to leave, and Adam tells her to be careful.

Brooke tells Thorne that he looks drained. It's been a long night, he says. She asks how Stephanie is, and he explains that the unbelievable happened: Stephanie doesn't remember what happened that night at his house. She doesn't even remember being with Thorne and Brooke that night.

Rick is wondering why Giovanni would write a letter to Kimberly and starts to open the letter. Just then, Kimberly walks in and is surprised to see him there. Rick says that he is surprised as well. She senses something is wrong, so he admits that she caught him and shows her the letter. She's flattered that he would do that, as it shows he's jealous. Rick tells her not to make anything of it. He's just worried about that guy. But that's the least of his problems, he adds, telling her about Stephanie. Kimberly says she is sorry, but Rick goes back to the letter. Isn't she curious what it says? "Not as much as you are," she answers.

Amber tells Tawny not to freak out, but Tawny does just that. If Becky is calling, it can mean nothing but trouble. Amber tries to settle her mother down; after all, she promised to stay in touch with Becky and to tell her about her son. "That is YOUR son," Tawny reminds her, asking Amber what Becky said when she called. When she learns Becky asked about the baby, she freaks again. This could be the end of everything Amber has worked for!

Brooke is stunned to learn that Stephanie does not remember anything about their commitment to each other. The last thing she remembers is talking to Macy. That doesn't matter, Brooke says. It does not change how they feel about each other. Nothing can change that.

Kimberly reads the letter, as Rick wants to know what it says. She teases Rick by saying it's a marriage proposal, but then admits that Giovanni is going to be out of town for a while. Rick then asks for details on their relationship. Have they dated? He asks. No, she answers, but they did go on a scouting trip for locations. Her father had a cow, she says, but Rick says that's no big deal, as nothing happened. Not quite, Kimberly confesses: they kissed! Rick is furious!

Tawny is still talking to Amber, advising her to keep Becky happy. Tawny hopes that the phone call from Becky is the last Amber will hear from her. The mailperson comes to the door; Amber signs for a letter for a Stephanie, since no one is at the main house, and the carrier gives Amber her mail at the same time. As she looks though the mail, Amber finds a post card... from Becky.

Brooke tells Thorne maybe it's for the best: this will give Stephanie a chance to recover and get her memory back. No, Thorne says, explaining that the doctors feel it's unlikely she will get her memory back. If that's the case, Brooke suggests, then they should prepare to tell Stephanie the right way. Thorne explains there is a complication: Ridge and Eric want them to end their relationship, as they feel it could kill Stephanie. "You're not considering it, are you?" she asks. She knows he is concerned about his mother, but it is ridiculous to think that this could kill her. Stephanie is a lot stronger than that. "You can't believe this; you can't!" she pleads.

Friday, October 22, 1999, Ep. #3159

Thorne talks to Brooke about Eric and Ridge. They both guess that Ridge is really acting on his own jealousy, and Brooke suggests giving him some time. Thorne doesn't know if he can do that, so Brooke tells him not to let them get to him and to stay strong.

Ridge and Eric talk about Thorne and what he might do. They cannot believe Thorne could be so irresponsible. He knew what he was doing and didn't care, Ridge says. Eric says HE does care, and Stephanie will never be hurt like that again.

Amber reads a post card from Becky from the Eiffel Tower. When she wishes Rick, Amber and little Eric well, Becky has added "wink, wink" by the baby's name. Becky wants some pictures of the baby... and hearing that, Tawny blows up.

Rick asks Kimberly how she could let that happen with Giovanni. She once said she would only kiss a boy if it was special, he reminds her. That was her first kiss, which was with him, she explains... and there is never going to be another first kiss or another Rick. Maybe it is time she faced that. Rick says that maybe they can still... "Still what? Move on? I thought you wanted that," she tells him. Rick thought so too, but now this guy Giovanni. Kimberly points out how her dad doesn't like Giovanni, and that is probably why she did it. Rick can't believe this was all an act of rebellion, but Kimberly says it is more: it is a way to get back the feelings she had with Rick. But she can't have that, so tried to get that feeling back with Giovanni. "Did you?" Rick asks. She says he knows the answer... and she asks him if it is the same with him when he goes home to Amber.

Amber tells her mother to chill but Tawny is worried at these "winks." It seems to her that Becky is trying to blow this for Amber. And why send her pictures? So she can long for the baby and ruin things for Amber? Amber tells her that Becky won't do anything, but Tawny says that Amber had best put her foot down now. Just then, the phone rings: it's Becky.

Ridge and Eric hope that the doctor is right and that Stephanie doesn't remember what happened with Brooke. Eric is again self-righteously furious with Thorne for not seeing that Brooke is just on the rebound. Maybe he does see, Ridge surmises, just like with Caroline and Taylor. Thorne came after them when they were vulnerable, Ridge points out. Even so, it doesn't matter, Eric says... that is, as long as Thorne ends this obscenity with Brooke!

Thorne laments that he may have to turn his back on his family. Brooke thinks he is being extreme, but he points out what Eric and Ridge said. To them, there is only one solution. Brooke says that is emotional blackmail and starts rubbing Thorne's aching shoulders. She thinks that they should help Stephanie deal with her anger. Thorne says she is dreaming. "IT IS HER PROBLEM, NOT OURS!" Brooke reminds him. He points out that Eric and Ridge do not see him, but Brooke is not about to let anything keep her from the best thing that ever happened to her. She has an idea; perhaps they can talk to the doctor and get him to get Eric and Ridge. Thorne says that probably won't work, as the doctor fears that more stress for Stephanie could bring on another stroke, but more severe.

Rick says it is different for him and Amber, as they are married. That's something that painfully obvious to Kimberly, she reminds him. After she says that, he says he is sorry that he gave her a hard time about Giovanni. Now he knows how she feels, he guesses. Kimberly says it is hard not to think about what they could have had as he takes her by the hand and stares at her.

Amber tells Becky that Tawny is there and mentions how she just got the card. She cautions Becky about the winks; what if someone saw that, like Brooke or Rick? Becky is not paying much attention and says she gets the point; now what about the pictures she asked for? Tawny grabs the phone and tells Becky to stop this. Becky says all she wants is some pictures, and Tawny tears into her, saying that she only wants the pictures to bury herself in the past. Stick by your decision, she tells Becky, and stop pestering Amber! Angry with her aunt, Becky says she gets the point. Tawny hangs up, as Amber wonders if that was necessary. It was for the best, Tawny says.

Becky is angry. She laments, "They are so rude... and if it weren't for my son, they wouldn't be there. They take my son and then they think they can sweep me under the rug with all the rest of the their dirt? Well think again, Aunt Tawny... think again."

Ridge is on the phone with Megan and learns that Thorne is in Brooke's office. Ridge is wondering what he is telling her. Eric hopes that he is telling her Brooke that they are over for Stephanie's sake. Ridge wishes he had the faith his father has. This isn't faith, Eric tells Ridge: he knows Throne won't risk it because HE WON'T LET HIM.

Brooke cannot understand why the blame is being put on them when they should be treating Stephanie! Thorne reminds her of the condition his mother is in; she could die if they are not careful. "Are you siding with Eric and Ridge?" Brooke asks. Thorne says no, but he is concerned. Brooke does not believe that Stephanie will die: the doctors do not know Steph as she does, and so they are treating her as fragile. "You saw her in the hospital; she isn't as strong as we thought she was," Thorne says. She was strong enough to grab me by the throat, Brooke says. Thorne realizes that Brooke was there to see his mother and warns her to stay away, lest Eric or Ridge find out. Brooke explains that she did it for them and just wants to be with him. She just wants Stephanie to accept them, she cries. She pleads with him not to give up on them. Thorne says that he is not and kisses her.

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