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Monday, October 25, 1999, Ep. #3160

In the hospital, Dr. Cannon is in Stephanie's room; Eric is there with her as the doctor discusses rehabilitation for Stephanie. For starters, he proposes changes in diet for her, and he also explains that she will likely need special care as well. Stephanie wonders if that is really necessary and the doctor says that it is to make sure that, as with most stroke victims, there is no recurrence. The doctor explains that with Stephanie's condition, including the short-term memory problems, she will need full time care if she is to return home, which is something that does not sit well with her.

In her office, Brooke gets a visit from Katie. She tells her sister about Stephanie's not remembering what's happened. "She doesn't remember anything?" Katie says. That's right, Brooke explains... and as a result, Eric and Ridge are using that to oppose her relationship with Thorne. She feels that Eric and Ridge are pressuring Thorne with guilt over Stephanie, which is not right... and she intends to do something about it. Katie asks what Brooke has in mind, and she says that she has to talk to Eric.

Kimberly confides in Macy about how she kissed Giovanni, and Macy worries about what Adam would say, but Kimberly is quick to remind Macy that he heart belongs to another. Kimberly then asks about Thorne, and Macy is still convinced that things are on track with them and that Brooke is out of the picture... in fact, Thorne has wanted to talk to her recently, and she thinks she knows why! Kimberly is happy at Macy's news and agrees that Thorne is probably thinking of Macy at this minute, and they start talking about wedding plans before Macy sends Kimberly off to class.

Thorne comes looking for Eric in his office at Forrester, but his father not there. He's about to leave him a note when he wonders what the point is. He asks himself again why he is doing this, and then he answers his own question. The point is to get everyone to accept this relationship... including Macy. But how does he tell her? As he ponders that question, the intercom rings. Thorne is told that there's a call for him and he says to put it through to Eric's line. He finds Macy on the other end of the phone, reminding him that when last they talked, he said he had something to talk about. Does he want to come over? Thorne tells her no; the timing's not right, but they will talk about it soon. He hangs up and wonders how he can tell Macy about Brooke.

Katie is not sure going to Eric is a smart move. Maybe it is better if Brooke just kept her distance for now, until things cool down. Brooke however feels that there has to be something she can do; she will not allow her and Thorne to be broken up. But what can she do? She thinks about it for a moment and then comes up with an idea... she's going to see Stephanie in the hospital. Katie says that is crazy and tries to dissuade her sister, but Brooke does not listen and heads for the hospital.

In the hospital, Stephanie worries if she will ever be able to return home to her life. She sometimes can't even remember what she had for breakfast that morning. And now she gets the news that she requires a live-in nurse to watch over her! Eric assures her that she need not worry about the care at home, because he has already found someone for the position. She asks how he found someone already and he explains that the person is him! Stephanie is amazed and says he cannot do this, but he insists. She has known the secret to keeping her life rich all these years, and now he has discovered that secret as well. He will take care of her then to show how he feels about her, he explains, and he asks her for another chance with her, which she gives him.

Brooke arrives just as Eric is telling the doctor that he will care for Steph, and she hides before Eric can see her. Dr. Cannon is worried about Thorne being there when Stephanie had the stroke, and he hopes that Eric, while caring for Steph, will make sure that Thorne does not cause any undue stress for his mother. As Eric assures the doctor that nothing like what happened with Thorne will occur again, Brooke heads for Stephanie's room to talk to her. She walks in and wakes Stephanie up, and Stephanie opens her eyes and sees Brooke standing there!

Tuesday, October 26, 1999, Ep. #3161

Dr. Cannon is still with Eric in the hospital corridor. He explains that it is important to keep Steph from Thorne, and Eric says it is not Thorne that they have to worry about, but the woman he is involved with: Brooke. Eric says that if he has his way, Brooke will never see Stephanie again, and the doctor agrees that keeping the two women apart may be for the best.

Stephanie orders Brooke out as her heart starts racing. Brooke sees the tension building on the heart monitor and promises to leave... that is, once Steph hears what she has to say. Steph is frantic and tells her to get on with it, and Brooke says that she will do just that.

Ridge visits with Taylor and is glad that he gets to kiss her again, but he then breaks the bad news to her about Stephanie's stroke... including Thorne and Brooke's part in it. Taylor is stunned! Ridge tells his wife how he has ordered Thorne to stop this. He feels that his brother is just repeating his behavior with Caroline and Taylor, going after Brooke when she is vulnerable. For their mother's sake, Ridge has asked him to stop, and he says he can't understand how Thorne can do this. Taylor is not sure about the answer to that question, but she does have an idea to get Stephanie's mind on something else.

Stephanie just wants Brooke to say her piece and leave, as she does not want her around. She talks about how she's always seen Brooke as the outsider looking in on their family. Eric and Ridge were her first two victims, but they wound up out of Brooke's clutches, fortunately. And now, her third victim, Thorne, is out of her reach as well, as he is marrying Macy. "About my feelings for Thorne," Brooke is about to tell her... but just then, Thorne walks in! Thorne stops Brooke before she can force Stephanie to relive the events leading to the stroke, and he admonishes Brooke not to come to see Stephanie again lest it cause the tensions to build. Brooke is hesitant to comply, but he promises her that if she goes along with him, all this will be over soon.

Eric works on a design in his office... something special for Stephanie. He gets Megan on the intercom and asks her to find a production man named Stan. Shortly after, Stan comes in and Eric hands him the design. He explains to Stan that this is extremely important and there can be no mistakes, and the production man complies.

Brooke comes in to see Eric, and he's extremely cold to her. "You're here to talk about Thorne; you want to continue the relationship," he surmises. Yes, Brooke says. Eric repeats what he told Thorne already: there IS no relationship and they will end this immediately. "What is wrong with you?" he asks in disbelief. Brooke counters and asks what is wrong with HIM... she didn't mean to hurt him, but he does not know that what she and Thorne have is real. It is not, Eric states... but what is real is the love he has found for Stephanie! Brooke asks how he can deprive his son of a love that he wants, and he says he has no problem depriving Thorne of something that does not exist. He cannot believe the mistakes he made with Brooke in the past, but he assures her in no uncertain terms that it is over between her and Thorne. He will be Thorne's conscience if necessary, but he will not allow Stephanie to be hurt again. He orders her out of their lives, leading Brooke to storm off.

Stephanie sees that Thorne is in her room. She did not realize he was there and asks what happened to Brooke. Brooke left, he tells his mom, and that makes her happy. She does not like having Brooke around, and she can't help but think of Brooke coming after Thorne. But that is over now, she says, and she is so happy for Thorne and Macy. "I know you are," he says... and unknown to him, Ridge is watching from the door. Ridge then makes his presence known and Thorne is about to leave, but Ridge tells him to stay.

Taylor comes in and introduces Stephanie to the twins, including her namesake, and Stephanie is thrilled. Stephanie says that she hopes Thorne and Macy have the same happiness in their family someday. Seeing how happy Stephanie is, Ridge asks Thorne if he can do this to their mother... can he take away her dream of happiness for her family?

Wednesday, October 27, 1999, Ep. #3162

Thanks to -di- for today's update

We open with Eric in his office at Forrester, on the phone and checking details. He wants it brought in now, he says. Once he hangs up, he says to himself that today, Stephanie's life will change!!!

Stephanie looks up to see Ridge and Taylor entering. They talk about how anxious Steph is to get home. Ridge notices that her speech is better. Steph wants to know why they are there so early. They don't know - Eric asked them to be. They thought that she would know...

Thorne is trying to talk business, but Brooke is talking about Stephanie. She apologizes for what she was doing. It is going so slow and she is impatient. Thorne tells her that if they push it, they will self-destruct. She agrees, but she thinks that they are putting a lot of pressure on him. She wonders if they should counter by putting pressure on Eric.

Amber and Rick are talking about how frightened they are to see Stephanie. She has always been supportive and so strong. They can't bear to see her paralysed and helpless. They share their fear. They will wait for a call. They are afraid they will fall apart when they see her. The phone rings. It is Eric, inviting them to come to see Steph at the hospital in half and hour.

Eric is greeting Stan, the guy from production. It's in the box, Stan says. Eric thanks Stan for going the extra mile, but will not answer any of his questions. Everyone will know soon enough what's going on.

Thorne is telling Brooke to let him handle Eric. Brooke thinks no one will be able to change their minds. They are determined to split the two of them. Thorne assures her that they will not succeed. They can put him through hell and it won't make any difference. The phone rings and Eric asks Brooke to let him talk to Thorne. Eric invites Thorne to the hospital room. He makes it quite clear that Brooke is NOT invited. Thorne wants to know what is up, but Eric will only tell him that it is a family pow-wow. He tells Brooke that he has to leave to get to this family meeting at the hospital, and she wants to be there. Thorne says No. Brooke asks if Eric told Thorne not to bring Brooke. Thorne reminds her that he loves her and that is all that matters. He tells her to trust him and then leaves. But Brooke has that look...

Stephanie is trying to figure out why Eric would call them over. Ridge asks about what they talked last time they were together. She admits that they talked about Eric moving back into the house. She has wanted that for a long time - but not like this, not as charity. She won't hold him to it. Rick and Amber arrive and Stephanie welcomes them. When they keep their distance, she reminds them that she will not break. She realizes it is hard to see her like this, but her secret is that it is harder to be this way than to look this way. But she is still the same Stephanie. She has not changed. She still loves them both and their beautiful baby.

Thorne arrives at the hospital and looks in on Stephanie's room through a window. Eric approaches with a box in his hand and sees his son watching.

Katie and Brooke are talking about how the Forresters are circling the wagons. Brooke tells Katie about the family meeting and that she was not invited. Because it might upset Steph? She still has no memory, Brooke points out. Katie tells her that it will come back over time, but Brooke says the doctors disagree. But eventually, Steph will have to go along, because Brooke and Thorne are in love...

Stephanie assures Rick and Amber that these things happen. You must face tragedy the same way you face joy she says--head on. Amber is crying. "That is what makes family. We are here for each other," Stephanie points out. Amber and Rick tell her how much she means to them, how she has stood with them through the hard times. Steph says that she still can. She is not less of a friend. Her love is not less valuable.

They all talk about how much they love each other as Thorne watches from outside. Eric moves over to him and reminds him that family is everything. Thorne asks if that is why he called - what he wanted him to see. No, this is just the beginning, Eric says. Just then, Macy arrives. Thorne wonders why she is there, but she explains that his dad called. Eric says that he wanted Macy around for this. Macy goes inside and is swallowed by greetings.

Brooke tells Katie that she is going to believe in Thorne. Katie wonders if it is enough. She reminds her that it was not enough for Brooke and Ridge, but Brooke thinks that can't compare. They can fight her, but they won't win, not this time. Brooke needs Thorne and she is going to have him. "They can play all the little games they want, but it won't work. Nothing will keep us apart," Brooke proclaims.

Thorne greets his mother. He has been worried. Stephanie tells him not to worry - she will be well enough, by the time of the wedding, to be there. Amber's excited to hear that there will be a wedding, although Thorne cautions that it may not be so soon. If there were champagne, this would be a party, Stephanie says. Rick admits his dad had a good idea in bringing them here, and Eric takes it from there. He talks about all Stephanie has been to him. Never has the family been more frightened and more blessed than the last 24 hours. In the past year, 3 new members have been added to the family. Her support of Rick and Amber inspired them when they had doubts. But she allowed the wisdom of Rick to guide them. When Taylor was ill, Steph taught them the power of faith, hope and prayer. All these trials bring power to the family, but Stephanie taught them about sacrifice, and making difficult decisions for something higher - loyalty. No family can survive without standing together. There must be a commitment above themselves and for others. But Steph knew that - and she taught Eric that. So he is saying to her, in front of all the family, that he has made enormous mistakes, but the biggest one was leaving her. So he is asking, begging her, to be his wife. He loves her and he is asking her to take this ring and make him the happiest man on earth...

Thursday, October 28, 1999, Ep. #3163

Brooke is on the phone trying to get the dirt on what's going on with Eric, while Katie waits on the side. Brooke seems surprised by what she hears and hangs up the phone. Katie asks what is wrong and Brooke says she's not sure. She still has no idea what Eric has planned, but she has discovered that Macy was invited... and she knows what that means. Eric and Ridge have to have done this... inviting Macy and excluding Brooke... to get to Thorne, and she has to wonder how she can fight that kind of pressure.

In her hospital room, Stephanie is stunned as Eric asks her to be his wife. She asks him if he is sure, and he says that he wants her to be his wife. "But look at me... and maybe we should wait," she states. Why wait? Eric asks. Maybe she should have a chance to start her recovery first, Stephanie suggests. Eric says it does not matter to him what she looks like or how far her rehab is coming along... all he knows is that he is sure he wants this. Will she marry him? He asks again. Stephanie agrees to marry Eric as everyone looks on happily, although Thorne does not smile. As everyone congratulates them, Eric presents her with a gown he designed for their wedding day--today. Stephanie looks at Eric in disbelief as a minister comes in. Eric tells Stephanie to choose her maid of honor... and he tells her that he has chosen his best man. He walks up to Thorne and asks his second son to stand up for him. Thorne says he would be honored to and accepts, so Stephanie asks Macy to be her matron of honor. Macy is thrilled as they get down to business.

With Stephanie ready, Thorne and Macy take their places beside Eric and Stephanie, and Macy gives Thorne a smile as the ceremony begins. As Ridge, Taylor, Rick, Amber, Thorne and Macy look on, Eric marries Stephanie, with their vows indicating how they have both made mistakes, but somehow they knew they would come back to this point someday.

Brooke explains to Katie that Ridge and Eric are pressuring Thorne, and Katie wonders if Thorne can resist. Brooke agrees that the Forresters will use any ammunition they can find to keep her and Thorne apart. Brooke fears that whatever is going on in that room does not bode well for her and Thorne, but she tells Katie that she is determined to be with Thorne and explains how Thorne will not desert her. Brooke tells Katie to pray for Stephanie... and when Katie asks why, Brooke says that she should pray that Steph accepts her with Thorne, because it is going to happen!

Back in the hospital, everyone applauds as the minister pronounces Eric and Stephanie to be husband and wife. Macy looks at Thorne with thoughts about how soon it shall be their turn.

Friday, October 29, 1999, Ep. #3164

In Paris, Becky is at work at Forrester International and inquires one of the secretaries about the mail. Unfortunately, the secretary tells Becky that there is no mail for her, and Becky looks disappointed. She's been expecting Amber to send the baby pictures she asked for and wonders where they are...

Meanwhile, in the Forrester guesthouse, Amber laments to little Eric what to do about Becky. She knows that Becky wants those pictures, but does she send them to her? Just then, Rick walks in and sees that his wife is tense. He senses that she is bothered about something... and he thinks he knows what that something is.

At the hospital, Macy visits Stephanie and they talk about how beautiful the wedding was. Stephanie always knew that she and Eric would find their way back to each other, Macy recalls, and now it has finally happened. Macy then thanks Stephanie for allowing her to be a part of that, and especially for asking her to stand up for her. After all, both Amber and Taylor were there, and Macy would have expected Steph to ask one of them first. Stephanie says that she would not have had anyone else besides Macy do it: after all, she's soon going to be part of the family again. Steph jokes about how they could have had a double wedding... but in all seriousness, she points out, since she's sure Thorne is anxious to make it official.

At Forrester, Eric meets with Ridge and instructs him to keep reporters away from the hospital. He doesn't want anything to disturb Stephanie. Ridge is in complete agreement and tells his dad that he is still blown away by the wedding. Eric admits how happy he is to be back with Stephanie... but in order for things to stay on course, he is going to need help not only from Ridge, but especially from Thorne!

Brooke stops by Thorne's office and asks what happened at the hospital, and he tells her about the proposal and wedding, which stuns Brooke. So who was there? She asks. She guesses that the members of the family were there, and Thorne says yes... and Macy was also there, invited by Eric. Brooke isn't completely surprised to learn that; she knows just what Eric is up to in trying to manipulate Thorne, she says.

Macy agrees that there will probably be an announcement soon, and Stephanie is glad that it won't be one that has Brooke's name in it. Macy says that Thorne doesn't even mention Brooke's name anymore, and Steph says that is because Thorne's made it clear that Brooke isn't part of his life... Brooke's days of involvement with the Forrester men are over!

Thorne continues to tell Brooke about the wedding while he assures her that he will not let his family come between them. However, when Brooke hears that Thorne and Macy stood up for Eric and Steph, she fears that Ridge and Eric are tying to push her out... and they just might do it this way! Thorne assures her that will not happen and kisses her. If they are patient, he explains, they will be married. One thing this stroke proved is how his family can pull together in a crisis, and he predicts that includes accepting them together. Brooke however fears that Eric and Ridge will keep trying to tear them apart. Thorne tells her to hang in there, but she thinks their best chance is to talk to Ridge and get him to back off. Despite Thorne's objections, she's going to see Ridge, so he tells her to stay out of trouble.

Rick senses Amber's being upset has to do with Becky. She says that is a name from the past, but Rick says that her moods are just like when she was with Becky. She says that there is nothing wrong; she is just so happy that everything is going good and happy for Stephanie. He tells her to remember that he will always be there for her and their son as long as she is truthful with him. Secrets are what caused them problems in the past, and they will be fine, as long she does not lie to him again. She promises not to and he heads off doe the library. Once he is gone, Amber stands outside with the baby and says that nothing will ever hurt them again.

Becky is at her desk catching up on her French when the secretary comes in and wants her to show around this singing star that is going to do some ads for them. Becky is surprised to see that it's the famous singer Raymond and she admits she is a big fan. She tells him that she's from L.A. most recently, but she grew up in a small town called Furnace Creek. Raymond says that he knows someone from Furnace Creek as well and she even has the same last name as Becky's. Becky asks for his friend's first name and he says that it is Amber... and Becky's looks at him wide-eyed and surprised.

Thorne stops by to see his mom. Stephanie says how nice that he's here and points out that she has another visitor who she's sure he'll be glad to see. Macy comes back in and she goes over to Thorne, and Stephanie talks about how she can't wait to have Macy in the family. She loves her like she was her own daughter, she says, as Macy hugs Thorne.

Brooke walks in on Ridge and tells him nice try, but he better quit right now--he and his father are not going to keep her and Thorne apart! Ridge of course comes down on her about her rebound "affair" with his brother and she cannot believe his ego and audacity. She tells Ridge that finally with Thorne she has found the security she never had with Ridge; the only thing that kept her from seeing it is Ridge's Forrester charm. Ridge does not believe that Brooke's feelings for him were not that real to her; they were in love, he points out. To prove her point to Ridge, Brooke kisses him passionately... and once she pulls away, she says that she felt nothing just now. Ridge then grabs her and orders her to forget about Thorne... and he's not letting her leave until she tells him that it is over!

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