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Monday, November 29, 1999, Ep. #3183

Brooke and Thorne are making out at his place, wondering if Macy saw them and how long they can keep this up. Thorne says that Macy is probably at work, so they are probably safe. Still, Brooke feels like they are having some illicit affair, and Thorne is sorry for putting her through this. Brooke massages him and says that she can't help thinking about how much she wants him whenever she sees him. It isn't natural, but she gets by thinking about precious moments like this. Thorne tells her that he has to get to work and asks her to wait here for him, but she says she has to spend time with Bridget. Thorne wonders what Bridget would think of their relationship. "Do you think it's too much?" she asks, but Thorne doesn't think so and kisses her.

Ridge is on the phone with Stephanie and finds out that Thorne never made it when he told Macy he was going to see his mom. Taylor listens to the conversation and watches as Ridge hangs up the phone. He must have gone to see Brooke, Ridge tells Taylor, and this is totally wrong. Taylor points out that Thorne is in love, which Ridge refuses to believe. He should get his head on straight and see what he is throwing away with Macy, Ridge insists. He wants to go to the office and talk this over with his dad. Taylor points out that Ridge's solution may be futile, as Thorne has made up his mind. Ridge snidely comments, "Then this family is in trouble, because Mother will never accept it." She could have another stroke, Ridge points out, and he will not risk that happening. He goes off to see his father.

Stephanie wheels into the living room to find Eric by the window. She suggests playing cards or going to the club, to give Eric a break. From what? He asks. "From me," she replies. She appreciates the attention, but all this must be so taxing on him, especially with his working at the office at the same time. She knows him so well that he must be afraid of something. What is it? Eric admits it has something to do with her... he is afraid of losing her, his lifeline. That is why he does all this for her, as it means she will be there for him. It is a blessing, not a burden. Stephanie points out that she has not been under stress since coming home; in fact, she only has joy in anticipation of Thorne and Macy's wedding, so she wants him to stop worrying. Eric is about to consider it when he gets a call from Ridge, who wants to meet him in the office. Eric says he cannot go, but Stephanie insists, so he goes to Forrester to meet Ridge.

Brooke thinks about the challenge she and Thorne face; how long can it be before it takes its toll. Thorne is up for a challenge, especially a temporary one like this. It is only until Mother gets better, he says. Brooke doesn't know how long she can hold it in. She asks why Eric and Ridge will not allow them to tell the whole world how they feel. "I don't know," Thorne laments. Still, they can't risk going public just yet. He thinks that his father and brother are just using Stephanie's condition as an excuse, but he doesn't know how to change their minds. Thorne regrettably tells Brooke that he really has to get to some inventory in the office, so he reminds Brooke that their miracle will happen before kissing her goodbye.

In the office, Eric tells Ridge about how he caught Brooke at Thorne's house when he called Thorne on the phone. He was furious, he states, and Ridge does not blame him. "Thorne's out of control, and we have to stop him!" Ridge proclaims. As they wait for Thorne, Ridge tells his father about how Thorne left Macy at dinner, allegedly to see their mother, except he never arrived. He thinks Thorne used Mother as an excuse to avoid Macy's expecting a marriage proposal and to go see Brooke. Thorne is a loose cannon that must be stopped! He repeats. Eric fears that the stress of this wedding not happening might cause a relapse for Stephanie... so if Thorne must give up Brooke, so be it! They cannot let up. Just then, Thorne walks in and stares at his father and brother.

Ridge demands that Thorne tell him why he bailed on Macy, but Thorne points out that the dinner was Steph's idea, not his... not that it is any of their business. Ridge says it is, because Macy came to see him. Thorne tells them it isn't going to happen, but Eric says Thorne and BROOKE will not happen. Thorne tells them to stop talking about Brooke and Macy and to center on the real issue: Stephanie's health. Can't they pull together as a family for her sake? Eric and Ridge point out how much Stephanie is looking forward to the wedding, and how she is worried about stress: those two things should be enough to convince Thorne that Stephanie cannot hear of Thorne and Brooke right now. "What am I supposed to tell her when I get home tonight?" Eric asks.

Brooke stops by Taylor's place for advice about how to handle Eric and Ridge's demands that she and Thorne break up. "How do I get through to Ridge? Please, help me... I'm committed to Thorne, so how can I get them to accept that?" Brooke pleads. There is one thing Brooke can do, Taylor says... and perhaps it is the only thing they can do to resolve the situation.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999, Ep. #3184

At Forrester, Thorne is still with Ridge and Eric. In reply to Eric's question, Thorne wishes he knew what Eric should say. Ridge says he knows what Eric CAN'T say--how Thorne blew off Macy for Brooke. Thorne and Ridge argue about it, and Eric says to stop. All that matters is that Steph cannot know. Thorne agrees. Ridge asks if that's the case, then what happened the other night with Macy? Thorne admits that he was going to tell their mother about Brooke, but he couldn't until Steph is ready. "And I suppose you'll decide when that is? Like hell you will!" Ridge angrily states. Thorne replies that Ridge certainly will not be the one to decide when the time is right. Ridge tears into him and Thorne accuses Ridge of being jealous. If he's not jealous, then why argue this way? Eric replies that it has to do with Stephanie. She is no longer the woman she used to be; she had a stroke and it could happen again, unless they protect her... and that means Thorne has to break up with Brooke, because Stephanie may never be able to handle it! Ridge tells Thorne he has to choose--Brooke, or Stephanie's life. Thorne tells his father and brother off, especially when Ridge implies that he does not love Brooke. Eric again says that what is important is protecting Stephanie, which means giving up Brooke. Ridge says it's not pretty to say this, but Thorne holds his mother's life in his hands. Thorne says that is a large burden to carry, and he has only one thing to say: "You two are both pathetic!"

Taylor tells Brooke that the solution she has in mind has nothing to do with Eric and Ridge: Brooke has to concentrate on Stephanie if she is to solve her problem. "Stephanie will never accept me," Brooke states, which is why she has to win Eric and Ridge over... something Taylor can help her do. Taylor explains that she can't be stuck in the middle... however, she admits that Brooke and Thorne have a chance of making it. She does point out that Brooke used to talk about Ridge this way, but Brooke goes on to explain how she has found not only love, but also security with Thorne. Believe it or not, Thorne is the only man for her. If that's true, Taylor says, then Stephanie is the key! Brooke has to end this war with Stephanie before Stephanie can learn to accept Thorne and Brooke. Brooke says she has tried in vain for years, but Taylor thinks the combination of almost losing her life and having Eric back can make a difference with Stephanie. From her own recent experiences, Taylor knows that a brush with death can give on a new outlook on things... but Brooke must make sure to leave Thorne out of it. Brooke thanks Taylor and leaves, saying she knows what to do.

Sally shows up on Stephanie's doorstep, barging past Helen the maid and walking into the living room. She is stunned to see Stephanie in the wheelchair, reading. Steph tells her she is not the first to have this reaction, and she really is not up to visitors, so she asks Sally to tell her why she's here. Sally pronounces that she is here to see how low the Great Stephanie Forrester has fallen. When Steph seems surprised, Sally asks what she expected? Pity? She would think Steph has plenty of that already... but if she doesn't, she should look elsewhere, because Sally has no pity to give. She's been waiting for this moment for a long time... the chance to see Stephanie down and feeling sorry for herself. This is perfect for Spectra, she says: while Stephanie is down, Spectra is getting orders by the car load, so it is only a matter of time before Spectra leaves Forrester eating their dust. Steph says that they can make a comeback in a few months, but Sally says that won't happen. Spectra has 30 million dollars in pre-orders for an incomplete collection, while Steph is putting herself out to pasture--so it is only a matter of time before Stephanie's lack of guts pulls Forrester down. Tired of wasting her time, Sally turns to leave, but Steph tells her to wait right there! She will not let Sally call her an invalid and says Sally has made a serious mistake. Sally seems amused and turns away from Stephanie, looking in a wall mirror with a big smile on her face. However, the smile turns to a look of amused surprise when she realizes that Stephanie can see her in the mirror. Sally turns to leave, but Steph stops her. Steph first says, "You're no good, Sally," followed by, "thank you." Sally says she'll see her on the runway and leaves.

Thorne tells Ridge and Eric that he is tired of playing the fall guy: if anyone is to blame for Stephanie's hatred of Brooke, it's them. Ridge chased after Brooke when he was involved with Caroline, Thorne points out. When Ridge tries to deny that, Thorne shuts Ridge up... Ridge has been doing this for 10 years, he reminds them. And as for Eric, Thorne is tired of listening to Eric's garbage. After all, how did Eric make Steph feel when he walked out on her to not only marry Brooke, but also have two kids with her? They had better learn to accept him and Brooke, he states... they owe him that. Eric admits his being at fault, but he also admits his mistakes... and getting involved with Brooke was one. It will be one for Thorne as well, so he expects... no, he demands... that Thorne break up with Brooke. Thorne will keep Brooke the hell away from Stephanie, he shouts!

When Brooke shows up at Stephanie's, flowers in hand. Stephanie hears the door and looks around. She heads for the front door, as Brooke opens up the door and Stephanie sees her. Steph lifts her good leg and slams the door on Brooke, breaking off the flowers. Brooke is outside with broken stems as Steph cries out, "Get out of here, Brooke!" Brooke, however, opens the door; she brought Stephanie flowers, she says, and she wants to talk to her. Stephanie says, "Get out of here! Don't you know I am not to have any stress? I can have another stroke, so I don't want to get upset! Leave, Brooke, leave now!"

Wednesday, December 01, 1999, Ep. #3185

By Diane

Brooke will not be deterred in her quest to see Stephanie. Stephanie points out that she finally has Brooke completely out of her life, and she doesn't see any reason to let her back in at this point. Brooke wants to know if Steph hates her so much that she doesn't want to know what went so terribly wrong in their relationship...

Taylor and Ridge are talking about Thorne. Taylor assures Ridge that Thorne would not say anything about Brooke to Stephanie, but Ridge is not so sure. Ridge tells Taylor that Thorne says that the problem with Brooke is Ridge and Eric's. Taylor allows that is an argument, but Ridge is not amused. Taylor says she does not want to argue... in fact, that is the reason she came over to have dinner with him. She wants to tell him that she had a visitor: Brooke came by to talk to her. Ridge wonders what for... and when Taylor is hesitant, Ridge wants to make sure that she didn't encourage Brooke.

Tawny and Amber are talking about Becky. Did she get the pictures? Tawny is convinced that she will never even open them and look at them - it is all a power trip for her. She should have dealt with Tawny once and for all when she was there in Paris. Amber worries about how her mother is talking and tries to change the subject, but Tawny tells Amber that her next challenge is still ahead of her: Kimberly. She flew to Paris, Tawny points out when Amber is not too concerned. Amber is certain that Becky didn't say anything. She trusts her cousin. Amber wants to call and make sure Becky didn't lie. Tawny wants to protect the marriage - whatever it takes. She will stop Becky if she starts to act like a smart-ass.

Becky checks the e-mail - the pictures better be there, she says, or she goes directly to Rick. Becky opens and reads her e-mail, then looks at the picture of her baby. She is reduced to tears at the sight of her son on the screen, and she asks herself, "How could I have left you behind?"

Over at Spectra, Adam's talking with his ex-wife. "You went to see Stephanie to pick a fight?" Adam asks. He can't believe it. Not exactly a fight, Sally says, but she took her best shot. Why? Adam asks. Stephanie needs a nudge, Sally explains, as she is in for the toughest battle of her life. She will need motivational therapy, and Sally provided some steps in that direction. Adam then wonders where his daughter went. Sally reminds him that when she returns, Adam should go easy on her... however, he is ticked because she deliberately disobeyed him. Kimberly enters and tells her dad that she went for Rick and she is glad that she did.

Taylor tells Ridge that the most important aspect of this situation is the relationship between Brooke and Stephanie. Brooke work on the relationship? Ridge asks. No, he says: he thinks that Brooke should just stay away. As long as she doesn't mention Thorne, Taylor thinks, it should not be harmful. Ridge however thinks she should stay as far away as possible. He hopes Taylor offered no encouragement to patch things up with mom. When Taylor is silent, he says, "Oh my god, you did! Where did Brooke go? Is she with mom now?"

Brooke wants to know what happened in the 10-year war: what mistakes did she and Stephanie make to cause them to be at the other's throat? Stephanie explains to Brooke that her mistake was to let Brooke into her life. The first time she saw her she knew she was trouble, but she gave her the benefit of the doubt. But that was a mistake. She put her future and her sons' futures at risk, but now Brooke is out of her life. It's over.

"You lied to me," Adam accuses his daughter, "and you were checking up." Kim is incensed and says, "I had to do it." They start to argue, but Sally breaks them up. Her father is right, Sally explains to Kimberly, and she should not be involved in this witch-hunt. Kim suspects that Becky knows something. Adam thinks she is just speculating, and he points out that there is a child involved. And if there is anything sleazy going on, it is between Rick and Amber. "I know what I am doing," Kimberly says. Rick never would have married Amber if he had known all the facts. Amber took advantage of his decency. "I love Rick, but this has nothing to do with that. I must save his life. He sacrificed his life in the name of responsibility." Kim says that she needs to find out what the truth is... and nothing will stop her.

Becky gets Amber's call. She got pictures, she mentions. "Oh, Amber, he's so beautiful," Becky gushes. She really needed this. She is crying and telling Amber that she can't know how she feels. Amber tells Becky that she doesn't need to miss the baby - they are family. Even so far away, they are still family. "We all have to get on with our lives," Amber tells her cousin. The baby needs peace, love and tranquility, which he won't get if they keep arguing and throwing around threats. They won't, Becky assures Amber. "He will love you so much for this," Amber says. "Kiss him for me, will you? Give YOUR son a kiss for me, Amber," Becky asks. Amber says she will and they hang up. Becky cries.

Stephanie is telling Brooke to please leave. Brooke wants to start over with her. "Have you lost your mind? Finally, after all those years, I have waited to get you out of my life," Steph states. "Then you don't have to fear me," Brooke says. "I don't fear you," Stephanie says. Brooke admits that was the wrong word, but they are free of the baggage. No, they are free of each other, Steph says, and she wants it to stay that way. Why would she want something different? Brooke tells Stephanie that she always respected her. Stephanie asks if that is why she stole her husband and sons... No, just go, Steph pleads. Brooke says that she doesn't hate Stephanie. Brooke knows that Steph hates her, but she doesn't have to anymore. They can learn from our mistakes, build from their family. "We are part of each other's lives. Give me a chance to prove we can be friends. I'll never hurt you again. Please open your heart to me," Brooke pleads, getting on her knees. Stephanie wants to know what she wants. There is something, she says, as she knows Brooke too well, and she wants to know what it is.

Thursday, December 02, 1999, Ep. #3186

At the Forrester guesthouse, Amber is holding the baby and talking with Rick, while Tawny sits on the couch in the background. Amber tries to get Rick to spend some quality time with her and the baby, but he points out that he has to go to work. Surely the boss' son can get away with playing a little hooky, Tawny chimes in. Rick is not amused and says that his dad wants him to sit in on a meeting. When Amber suggests their doing something the next day, he says he has a test then, but he promises to spend time with her and the baby over the weekend... just the **3** of them, he says, glancing at Tawny. He then heads for the office. Once Rick is gone, Tawny chides her daughter for letting her let her marriage slip away, but when Amber protests that she has handled Becky, Tawny says she is talking about a different threat: Kimberly!

In his office, Ridge continues to argue with Taylor that this is no the time for Brooke to try to end her differences with Stephanie. Stephanie can't stand to be in the same room with Brooke, he reminds her, and this is a time when she needs to avoid stress, not have the woman she hates more than anything in the room with her. Taylor points out that this could be a good thing, as it could mean Brooke isn't a source of stress anymore, but Ridge is doubtful that they could ever mend fences. Taylor points out that she and Brooke buried the hatchet, but Ridge is still afraid that Brooke could be with Stephanie right now. Despite reservations from Taylor, he leaves for the mansion, hoping to stop Brooke before his mother has a relapse. As the door closes behind Ridge, Taylor has a worried look on her face.

Tawny tells Amber that they have to stop Kimberly before she wrecks Amber's marriage. Amber isn't worried, however; she thinks the best way to protect her family is to be the best wife and mother she can be. If she does that, then even the precious little goody-goody Princess Kimberly won't be able to take Rick away from her. Tawny is adamant that Kimberly needs to be dealt with before she can do any more damage and implores Amber to do whatever is necessary... and she means anything!

At Forrester, Kimberly is on the phone, trying to track down Brooke. She leaves a message for Brooke to call her, as she has good news. Rick walks by and overhears, so he walks in and asks Kim what has her in such a good mood. What good news does she have for his mother? Kimberly hugs him, practically glowing as she tells him that she did it: she went to see Becky, and she knows for sure that Amber has been hiding something! Becky definitely knows what the secret is, she goes on. So did Becky tell her? Rick asks. Kimberly admits that she was this close to getting the truth from Becky, but then Amber called up. Amber seemed scared, Kimberly explains, and Becky told her that she should be... but even so, Becky wouldn't tell Kimberly what it was after the call ended. Could it be something to do with little Eric, Kim wonders, especially since Becky seems so attached to him, almost unnaturally so? Rick points out that Kimberly has no proof, so this isn't enough to convince him. He tells her that he has to go to a meeting his dad wants him to attend and leaves. Once Rick is gone, Kimberly says she is going to see Amber for some answers.

Stephanie is not buying it as Brooke pleads her case, saying that she has always wanted Stephanie to accept her and that is why she is here. Stephanie then guesses that Brooke isn't totally lying; she's always wanted acceptance into the Forrester family, Steph recalls. Now that there are no more Forrester men for Brooke to go through, Steph guesses, Brooke only has the children to tie her to the family, so Brooke is trying to be friends as a way into the Forresters. Thank god Thorne didn't fall for Brooke's act, Stephanie says. Brooke gets angry that Stephanie has dragged the children in, and she also reminds her that she owns 51% of Forrester Creations. Even so, Steph says, Brooke will never be a part of the family: she lacks the dignity, morals and integrity that it takes. She asks Brooke again to leave, insulting her. Brooke gets angry and is about to tell Stephanie off as Ridge comes flying in the door. "Logan!" he calls out as he walks into the room. "This conversation is over!" he tells Brooke, demanding that she speak with him outside. Steph breathes a sigh of relief as Ridge and Brooke go outside, where she tries to explain that she just wants to be friends with Stephanie. There will be no friendship, Ridge tells her. He orders, "You keep the hell away from my mother, do you hear me? I don't want you anywhere near her!"

Tawny tells Amber that she has to deal with Kimberly before she can tear Amber's marriage apart... and she doesn't mean by talking to her. Just then, Kimberly arrives and demands answers, and she is not leaving until she gets them! Amber is about to tell Kimberly off as you hear the click of the door locking. "What are you doing, Mother?" Amber asks. Tawny says that they are going to settle this once and for all. She's tired of watching Kimberly trying to ruin her daughter's marriage, and Kimberly is about to learn that she's messing with the wrong two women!

Friday, December 03, 1999, Ep. #3187

Kimberly tells Tawny that there's no need to lock the door: she's not going anywhere until she finds out about the lies that Tawny and Amber are keeping from Rick. Tawny and Amber tell her to stop pretending that she is "protecting Rick" when she is doing it so she can obsess over a married man. Tawny is disgusted at Kimberly's chasing Rick and is not going to let her get away with it! She warns Kimberly that if she came looking for trouble, she's found it. Kimberly says the only thing she is looking for is the truth, so Amber chimes in that she is ready to give it to her! She asks Kim to take a good look around: is Rick unhappy? Sure they had problems in the past, but Rick knows how much she cares about him, and she would do anything for her family, and she can't believe Kimberly would oppose that kind of bond! "You are not going to take Rick away from me or little Eric, so why don't you spare yourself the humiliation of rejection?" Amber asks.

Brooke comes looking for Kimberly at Forrester and finds Rick. He explains that he talked to Kimberly and that there was no smoking gun: Becky didn't say anything. She didn't even accuse Amber of anything, so there's nothing to say that Amber is lying. Brooke asks Rick how that makes him feel. Rick replies that he is still committed to his wife... he has to be, for his son's sake! Brooke tells him to be honest--he was hoping Kim would find something, wasn't he? She tells him to think about the nightmare he is living... and in his mind, he imagines a scene where he sits on the couch. The baby is crying to be fed and Rick pleads for someone to tend to the baby, but Amber and Tawny are too busy looking at the outfit Tawny just charged on Rick's credit card. Rick complains that he would take care of Eric, but he has to study for a test tomorrow. Wasn't that today? Amber asks. Yes, Rick answers, but he got to the room and it was empty, so they must have rescheduled. Oops, Tawny says... she just remembered a message she was supposed to give him that the room was changed for the test. Rick is upset: that was his final, 40% of his grade! Well, Tawny tells him, now that he doesn't have to study, why doesn't he feed his son? Coming back to reality, Rick says, "No, that's not what my life is like."

Becky is on the phone, nervously trying to track down someone named Jacques. Her mood changes to joy when Jacques comes in with an envelope for her. He printed all of them, he says, and he returned the disk. Becky is ecstatic. Shortly after, she comes home and takes a picture of little Eric from the envelope. Amber must be right that her son as a good life and a family that he can depend on, she laments as she looks at the picture. She puts pictures of the baby all around the apartment, saying how it makes her feel better and feel close to him. But she's moving on he's growing up; they both have big futures ahead of them, but she promises not to forget him. "Mama loves you, more than you ever know," she cries.

Rick points out that all relationships have give and take, but Brooke says he has given too much. Rick does not want to talk about that. "So don't talk... just think about the kind of life you can have with Kimberly," she says. He imagines the two of them studying. She is quizzing him on chemistry and suggests that he quiz her now, but Rick would rather make some chemistry of his own. They playfully flirt as she suggests ordering pizza; he'd rather order in, he says as he kisses her. Kimberly runs from the room, daring him to catch her. He chases her into the hall and picks her up, carrying her on his back as they run through the halls. "That's the way it should be," Brooke says. It's not that simple, Rick says, since it leaves his son shuttled between parents. He will not allow that to happen! Brooke says Amber is not worth all the chances he has given her. Let go, says Rick, but Brooke pleads with him to see what he is giving up. Kimberly loves him and was willing to go to Paris... all on her own... for him, and that is what love is. If only Rick will listen, not to her, but to Kimberly. Kim can help him, Brooke pleads.

Kimberly says she will do everything in her power to expose Amber. That's just like her, Amber says: little Princess Kimberly, throwing herself at Rick. Kim calls her insecure, but Tawny and Amber say that she's wrong. Kim says she will make Rick see what kind of woman he is married to... and what kind of woman Tawny is, as well. Tawny says that Kim has no idea what kind of woman she or Amber is, but Kim thinks she does, pointing out their lies. Amber again denies it, but Kim says that Becky mentioned being apart from a man. First she thought it was Rick, she explains; but after she told him about it, he didn't think so. Tawny is amazed that she discussed this with Rick, but Kimberly proudly wants to know who the man is. The baby cries and all three stare at the crib. Suddenly, the light bulb goes on in Kimberly's head: could it be little Eric? Could the man really be a baby? She's about to pick up the baby when Tawny warns her to step away. Kimberly turns to face her, but finds herself staring right down the barrel of a gun in Tawny's hands!

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