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Monday, December 06, 1999, Ep. #3188

Rick is sitting in Insomnia as he has another fantasy about Kimberly. This time, he envisions her sitting on a beach in a bikini. He's about to help her with some lotion when he's brought back to reality by a visitor at his table: Adam. Kimberly's dad asks to join him for a little chat about Kimberly, and Adam admits that he actually admires Rick. In marrying Amber for his son, Rick proved that he is able to do the right thing, and he hopes that Rick is willing to do the same with Kimberly. He goes on to tell Rick that seeing how Kimberly ran off to Paris to protect Rick finally convinced him of something: that his daughter is in love with Rick. However, even though he is willing to admit that his daughter's feelings for Rick are more than a fleeting crush, there is still one thing he cannot deal with: he does not want his daughter running after a married man, and the way she ran across the world for Rick bothers Adam. Rick explains that Kim is only doing what she thinks is right, but Adam says she has put herself at risk in doing so, so he asks Rick to do the right thing if he wants Kim... and leave Amber. He asks Rick to think about it as he leaves.

Kimberly is in shock as she finds herself standing in Rick and Amber's house with Tawny pointing a pistol at her. A horrified Amber asks, "Mother, what are you doing?" Tawny says that she's just trying to get a message across to little Miss Kimberly, that's all. "I'm not very good with guns," she claims as she points the gun at Kim... and wouldn't it be such a shame if her lack of ability caused a tiny accident to happen to the little home wrecker. She instructs Kimberly to do exactly what she says and stay out of her daughter's life, while Amber still panics at her mother having the gun. Amber tries to convince her mother to put the gun away, while Tawny continues to come down on Kimberly for trying to wreck Amber's marriage. Afraid of what might happen, Amber reaches over and grabs the gun... and while Amber grabs the gun away from Tawny, Kimberly makes a run for it. "Wait, Kimberly, don't go!" Amber pleads, trying to tell her rival that her mother wouldn't use the gun... but Kimberly isn't about to wait around and bolts out the door--and straight to Forrester, where she tells Rick what happened!

Taylor is over at the Forrester mansion, talking to Stephanie about her visit from Brooke. Brooke claimed that she wanted to make friends, Steph explains, but Stephanie distrusts her and is sure that she is up to something. She doesn't even want anything to do with Brooke, which is why she wasn't falling for her act, arriving on her doorstep with flowers in hand. Are those the flowers? Taylor asks, pointing to a case on the table. No, Stephanie says... Brooke's flowers were "decapitated" after she slammed the door on Brooke! Taylor thinks that is just Stephanie's anger talking; maybe if she let go of that hatred for Brooke, she would not have to worry about Brooke coming around. "Look at me; since I have given up the resentment of Brooke, we get along fine," Taylor points out. That is because Brooke has given up on Ridge, Steph explains; if Brooke were still going after Ridge again, Taylor would feel differently. Steph gets more agitated as she talks. When Brooke is around, she states, integrity goes out the window and all everyone can think about is sex, like her, making a mockery of everything Steph has done for her family. Steph has tried to make peace to no avail, and that is because Brooke **CAN'T** change. Steph is starting to get upset and Taylor is trying to calm her down, but Steph keeps going on. "All she thinks about is herself, and she uses the children; when she is around, all I do is get upset," Stephanie says.

Brooke tells Thorne, despite his reservations, that she intends to get through to Stephanie and win her acceptance. Thorne is skeptical, so she tells him how Taylor believes she can do it. Thorne reminds Brooke what happened the last time, but she says that will not recur, even if it means her ignoring the mud Stephanie flings her way. She needs to be friends with Stephanie if she is to have a future with Thorne, so she is willing to do whatever it takes.

Tawny chides Amber for letting Kimberly get away. Amber counters by coming down on her mother for pulling a gun on Kimberly. "How could you pull out a gun and threaten her?" she asks. "I wasn't threatening her... I was warning her. Do you know how close she was finding out the truth about the baby? Did you see her? She was almost peeing in her pantyhose," Tawny says with a laugh. "You made it worse. Mother, do you know where she is heading? Right to Rick, and she'll tell him what a homicidal mother I have. He won't believe it. Oh god, when Rick finds out he will go crazy!" Amber laments.

Tuesday, December 07, 1999, Ep. #3189

Brooke breaks from clench with Thorne. Kisses like that are the reasons why she intends to make friends with Stephanie, she explains, so she is going to see his mother again. Thorne suggests he stop by while she is there, but she says no. They then talk about how she can do this. "Maybe by finding common, like him, Thorne suggests. No, Brooke says; she can't bring him into it. Maybe by realizing that they are both crazy about their kids, Thorne asks? Steph is literally crazy, Brooke says, then taking that back as the wrong thing to say. By pointing out that they are both protective of their families? That's fine, Brooke says, except Steph wants to protect her family FROM Brooke. Brooke starts getting discouraged, but she is determined to do this, because their love is stronger than Steph's hate. She goes to change as Thorne wonders.

Amber is angry at Tawny. She asks, "How could you do this? She'll tell Rick we're crazy and dangerous. And to pull a gun in front of the baby?" Tawny points out that the gun was not loaded, and Amber had to do something before Kimberly stumbled on the truth about the baby. Amber says that it doesn't matter about the baby... all Kim has to do is see Rick and Amber will lose him. Tawny suggests telling him that Kim is crazy, but Amber says it won't work. Tawny reminds her about Becky, although Amber says Becky will not tell. Amber feels crushed by the lies. Tawny tries to empathize, but Amber says that she can't. "Rick was the only good thing in my life, and look what I've done to him," Amber laments. Tawny blames Brooke and Kim and says they will find a way to stop this... and the best way is for Amber to get pregnant.

Kimberly tells Rick the story of being held at gunpoint. He can't believe it, and Kimberly tells him that they are sick! Rick is shocked when he learns little Eric was in his bassinet, and that Tawny pulled a gun on her when she was getting close to the secret. Kim tells him she is scared. Rick wants details, so Kimberly explains how Tawny locked her in when she was suspicious about the secret. She thinks that proves that she was getting close, but Rick wants to hear more. She then tells him how talking about Becky got them crazy... and then she went to pick up the baby and they pulled the gun. "You were right by little Eric?" Rick asks. That's it... he's had it, he says as he is ready to leave! Kim tries to stop him, but he is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep her safe. Rick heads home. Alone, Kimberly thinks that as angry as Rick was to protect his son, it means only one thing: his marriage is over.

Brooke arrives at Stephanie's, giving herself a pep talk... she puts on smile as Steph answers the door. Steph invites her in, and Brooke apologizes for last time and is surprised that Steph is not throwing her out. What, and miss Brooke beg and grovel for what she wants? Steph tells her to sit down. Brooke sees pedicure stuff sitting on a table. Stephanie explains that Helen was going to do it for her, but Steph gave her time off to see her family. Brooke volunteers to fill in. As she works, Brooke is grateful she can show Steph how serious she is. Steph is still suspicious, but Brooke says she just wants to end this feud. Steph says she can do that by just staying away, but Brooke reminds her about being married to her kids' father. Using the kids again, Steph accuses... that's typical Brooke. Brooke gets angry, but composes herself and goes back to work. Stephanie tells Brooke to cut to the chase and admit that Steph can never trust her. Brooke is willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to change her mind. Brooke gets ready to leave and says that she will be back tomorrow. Steph then suggests that next time, Brooke tend to the gardening and gutter cleaning. Brooke exits.

While Tawny suggests that Amber get pregnant again, Amber tears into her mother, saying that she can't even bear to look at herself in the mirror anymore. She is tired of the lies; all she wanted was to be what Rick wanted, and now she is turning into her mother. Letting Tawny back into her life was a mistake. "Wait a minute! I took you in!" Tawny protests. "Yes, you did... for once," Amber admits. Tawny defends her actions, but Amber points out that all Tawny knows about is manipulation. Amber orders her mother out of her life for good... and as she heads for the door, Rick arrives. He stares at Tawny with fire in his eyes...

Wednesday, December 08, 1999, Ep. #3190

Thorne is incredulous when Brooke tells him about her experience with Stephanie, especially the pedicure and scrubbing Stephanie's feet. She admits that at one point, when Stephanie was attacking her motherhood, she almost got riled up but caught herself in time. She firmly believes that this is going to be a positive experience, even though Thorne reminds her that Stephanie is a stubborn woman with a lifetime of resentment toward Brooke. Their conversation and time alone is interrupted when Kimberly arrives and tells Brooke that she needs to talk to her. Thorne leaves for his own office.

Sally and Macy are talking business; Sally describes a new promotional campaign and admits that it was all Adam's idea. Macy hastens to remind her mother that she told her in the beginning that this would work out with her father. Sally agrees saying that it looks like Adam is in this for the long haul. Darla arrives fresh from the boat. She has only wonderful things to say about her Mexican cruise; she is even dressed in a senorita outfit. Before she will go into all the wild exploits of her trip, she wants to know about the wedding. Macy has to tell her that so far, there hasn't even been a proposal because of Stephanie's stroke. As both Darla and Sally begin criticizing Thorne, Macy jumps to his defense, as usual, making excuses for him. Darla advises her to get him out of his funk but Macy says that she has tried everything and nothing has worked. Darla says that it appears that the two of them can't get along without her and she has a plan that will get Macy's boy back in the saddle again. For starters, she tells Macy to write a note to Thorne; Darla will fax it to Forrester. Then she whispers instructions to Macy and tells her to get right on it. The main thing is that once they are together, she has to take full control of the situation. Darla gives Macy pen and paper and tells her to start writing.

Kimberly tells Brooke what happened with Tawny and Amber. Brooke can hardly believe that they would use a gun. She goes to the phone and is calling the police when Kimberly stops her, saying that she thinks that Rick is over there breaking up with Amber right now. This gets Brooke even more upset that her son would walk into a house with two women and a gun. Kimberly assures her that neither of them are dumb enough to show their psychotic side to Rick, and Brooke agrees. She says that Tawny is her own worst enemy and now she is her daughter's as well. Brooke is happy; now her son will come home and bring the baby with him. She could be rid of Amber as soon as tonight. She praises and thanks Kimberly for all that she has done. She tries to get Rick on his cell phone. When he doesn't answer, she assumes he left it in the car. Kimberly is determined to find the truth regardless of how it turns out with Amber. She goes into her suppositions about Amber and Becky and her suspicion that there is blackmail involved. Even though it doesn't make sense, Kim suspects it involves little Eric. Brooke says that Amber is going to get what is coming to her and she deserves everything she gets--and as long as that happens, why worry about Becky's secret?

Megan gives Thorne a fax, saying that he needs to read this at once. Thorne is puzzled by her amused smile. Opening the fax, he reads an invitation to the darkroom in the media department, clothing optional. Thorne has a pitying look on his face as he wonders what he is going to do about this.

As Macy enters the photographer's studio, she smiles knowing that Thorne should be getting her fax just about now. She heads for the darkroom and begins to undress. Just then, Giovanni enters the studio with his lunch and begins taking it out of the bag. As he sits down, he hears the sound of a zipper sliding open or closed. He looks around but, seeing that he is alone, he simply shrugs and gets back to eating. Now Macy is completely undressed but she drops her purse. Hearing the noise, Giovanni slides his chair from the table, making a noise, as he heads for the darkroom to investigate. Macy hears the noise the chair made and assumes it is Thorne. Quickly she turns off the lights and the darkroom is in total darkness. Giovanni walks into the room. As he reaches for the light, Macy comes up behind him and stops him. She begins caressing him from behind and tells him to relax and not say a word. Giovanni can't believe his good fortune and as he begins to turn around. She again stops him. She tells him that she is in control and they are going to have some fun. "Got that?" She asks, and Giovanni, with a grin on his face, nods his head.

"Where's the gun?" Rick demands as he rushes into the house. Tawny tries to deny it but Amber tells her to tell Rick the truth. Tawny lies to Rick, but Amber tells him the truth. Rick turns on her and begins accusing her along with her mother. Now, he tells her, Kimberly's accusations are making sense. Tawny tells him not to talk to her daughter like that. She begins to rant at him and tell him that it is his fault. If he had acted like a husband and protected his wife from Kimberly, then this wouldn't have happened. "What kind of a husband lets his ex-girlfriend come into the house and insult his wife? And then lets his mommy send someone all the way to Paris to try to break up his marriage? No, no, my little girl has busted her butt to be a good wife to you and to be good mother to your son. And she deserves someone who is going to protect her from that kind of abuse, and if you are not man enough to do it, then by god, I will!" Rick turns back to Amber and demands to know what she is hiding. When Tawny again interrupts, saying that he has let Kimberly get to him with her suspicions, he turns back to her and says that it was she who made him suspicious. He had told his mother and Kimberly to back off and leave his marriage alone, but now he sees that he was wrong. He tosses Tawny out of the house and when she hesitates, Amber demands that her mother leave. When they are alone, Rick turns to Amber and asks what kind of person she is. When she tries to speak, he tells her to save it. He is tired of her damn excuses; there is no justification for what happened here today. "I can't take it any more!" he cries out in desperation.

Thursday, December 09, 1999, Ep. #3191

Kimberly and Brooke discuss how Kimberly was getting close to Amber's secret, which may mean the marriage is over. Brooke would like to think so, so she is hoping that Kim is right. Kimberly can't see how Amber can save her marriage. Once Tawny pulled the gun, that was at. There's no way Amber can lie her way out of this one. Brooke warns Kimberly not to underestimate Amber and Tawny; they are dangerous, she points out. "We've won and that's enough," Brooke says, pointing out that she would not put anything past Tawny. Kim admits she's right, so Brooke says that she has to get both Amber and Tawny back to Furnace Creek. But, she adds, they can't do that until Rick has gotten rid of Amber, which he is hopefully doing now.

Tawny listens at the door as Rick comes down on Amber for casting off his commitment to her and being so insecure. She must be hiding something, and now he's sure of that, so he wants to know what it is or he's gone! She has lied to him about so many things before, and he has warned her how that complicates things. He cannot deal with dishonesty. When it came to Raymond and the baby, he forgave her, and she then promised that she would not lie again. But now he thinks she is lying again. But she says he really hasn't forgiven her, as he is using the gun as an excuse to get rid of her, and she blames Brooke for that. This is not about Brooke, Rick argues. Amber argues that she was a low-life, and that Brooke objected to that, but Rick insists that she would have objected to anyone who he had gotten pregnant and then married. No, Amber says, she never had a chance against Brooke and Kimberly. Amber claims that her whole life is her secret. She has to keep her poverty-stricken past to herself to measure up as Rick's wife in Brooke's eyes and to keep Rick from being ashamed of her, but she isn't hiding anything that would affect their marriage. But if that's true, Rick asks, why did Tawny use a gun?

When she comes in to tell him about an order, Thorne asks Megan if she saw the fax. She admits that she did and, as she knows his status with Brooke, he asks her for advice. She asks about Macy and him, and he says that it's over; it isn't going to happen. If that's the case, she tells him, he has to tell Macy. Thorne doesn't know what to do. He and Macy were both miserable, he recollects, and then he admitted his feelings for Brooke. Now the problem is that he can't enjoy those feelings until he tells her. The only thing he can do is go down to the darkroom, where Macy is waiting. And tells her what, Megan asks. He has to think of something, Thorne says, so he asks Megan to hold down the fort.

In the blackness of the Forrester darkroom, Macy comes on to Giovanni, thinking he's Thorne. "Mama-Mia," the Italian exclaims as she gets into it. What was that? Macy asks, but Giovanni covers by staying silent and going along with it with a smile on his face. Macy starts giving him a sensual Swedish massage, mixed with some sweet talk. It's a whole new experience in the darkroom, she says, undressing Giovanni as things heat up. "Make love to me," she whispers as she pulls him closer and kisses him... and just then, she hears a knock at the door: it's Thorne! Macy has a look of horror on her face as Thorne asks her to unlock the door. As Giovanni is amused that Macy thought he was Thorne and introduces himself, telling Macy that he was wondering what an American woman was doing in his darkroom. He is about to face her, but she warns him to look away while she dresses. "You were kind of sexy," Macy admits, and Giovanni tells her to drop by any time. Pulling her dress on, Macy exits and closes the door behind her. She rushes Thorne off quickly but pauses to look back for a moment while he walks ahead of her. "Mama-Mia!" she says to herself, fanning herself.

Amber says Tawny was fighting back against Brooke the only way she knew how... it wasn't right, but Tawny was tired of watching everyone put Amber down. Brooke was powerful enough to destroy her marriage and Tawny saw that. She got tired of watching Amber's life get eaten away, and to ease her guilt from the way she raised Amber, took action. And then walks little Miss Kimberly Fairchild to break it up, and she even flew to Paris to do it. Amber pleads with Rick to see that Tawny was defending their marriage and family like the country girl that she is. Yes, it was over-the-top, but she had to do something against Brooke and Kimberly before their attacks eroded their son's family. She pleads with him not to give up on them, but he leaves, leaving Amber behind in tears.

While Tawny tries to comfort Amber, Amber is sure that Rick is on his way to see Kimberly right now. Sure enough, Rick arrives in Brooke's office and asks to talk to Kimberly alone. Brooke leaves, placing her hand on her son's shoulder before walking out the door. Alone with Kim, Rick asks if she is all right. She says that she is now, and so is he, because everything is behind him now.

Friday, December 10, 1999, Ep. #3192

Over at Forrester, Eric meets with Ridge and Taylor, and he learns about Brooke's visit to the mansion. "Brooke went over to see Stephanie? Did she mention Thorne?" Eric asks. Taylor says she specifically told Brooke not to do that. "Wait: you knew about this? What were you were thinking?" Eric asks. Taylor still defends her decision, but Eric insists it was the wrong one! It could kill Stephanie. Taylor admits that she now regrets what she did. They dodged a bullet, Ridge says, but he intends to talk to Brooke and tell to stay away from his mother once and for all. Taylor says that she should do it. Eric disagrees, saying that Ridge probably has the best chance to get through to Brooke. Taylor explains that she has done some reading and now thinks that Brooke is suffering from a syndrome called "Folie a deux," where someone thinks their actions are normal even though everyone else thinks they are abnormal. Based on that, she thinks she has to get through to Brooke for her own sake. "You better, or I'm going to court to get a restraining order!" Eric says. He and Ridge leave for a meeting. Once they are alone, Eric rants about how Brooke and Thorne are out of control, and he has doubts about Taylor's ability to control Brooke. Ridge points out that Taylor is a woman and also feels responsible for what happened, so he thinks she can do it. She had better, Eric repeats. "I'm out of patience. Brooke Logan stays away from your mother, and if Taylor can't make that happen, then I will!"

Amber is worried that she has lied to Rick again. What else could she do? Tawny asks. It was either lie or say goodbye to her marriage. "I may have already done that," Amber says. "Rick doesn't need people like us in his life, and I honestly can't blame him." Tawny tells Amber to stop this: her marriage can be saved if they go back to their plan. What plan? Amber asks. The one where she gives Eric a brother or sister, Tawny says. Amber is against that... and even if she was not, it may be too late, as Rick is probably with Kimberly right now. Tawny says that Amber is forgetting little Eric: Rick would never turn his back on that boy. Maybe so, Amber says, but she is tired of the lies. The lying has turned their lives into something ugly and disgusting, and she cannot stand that... and that is why she will respect whatever Rick decides to do. She asks Tawny to run some errands for her so she can be alone with Rick. "You'll still be here when I get back?" Tawny asks. If Rick wants her, Amber answers... and if not, she'll be waiting for Tawny in the driveway.

Kim asks Rick what happened. Did Tawny use the gun on him? No, Rick says. Kimberly apologizes, saying that she never intended for things to turn out this way. Rick assures her it is not her fault. He explains that he has learned an important lesson from this. In the past, he denied his feelings for Kimberly, but now he cannot. No one has done anything for him like she has, he adds. Kimberly says she did it because she loves him. "And I love you too, Kimberly... I **DO** love you!" Rick proclaims. He denied it for so long, but now he sees it so clearly. Kimberly says she has waited so long to hear him say this. Rick guesses that he never said anything because he was afraid of hurting her, but now he sees that he must say these things, even if it might cause a lot of pain. Kimberly says that she will stand by him: she knows he will stand by his son still, and will support him in that, since that is so important to him. Rick adds that there is something else that is important to him: the one thing he has always believed in is the truth. He wishes he did not feel that way, but he does... which is why he has to be honest and tell her that he cannot leave Amber. She has not done anything to warrant his ending their marriage, he states. Kim is furious, but Rick points out that there is no proof of Amber's alleged lies... and without that proof, he will not hurt his son by always being suspicious of Amber. He cannot be happy with Kimberly at his son's expense, so he cannot leave Amber without putting aside his beliefs. "What about my beliefs, Rick, in honesty and integrity?" she asks. She will prove to Rick that Amber is a liar. She knows it's true, so what is she supposed to do, she asks.

Taylor tracks down Brooke, who proudly tells her how she handled Stephanie during her visits and thanks Taylor for the advice she gave her. She was the only one who was open minded enough to recognize her love for Thorne. Taylor then says that Brooke's actions are based on a false premise: that she loves Thorne. Taylor tries to explain to Brooke that she has spoken to a number of doctors, and they agree that Brooke's relationship with the Forrester men isn't normal. She starts telling Brooke about "folie a deux" and what it means, but Brooke says she knows what it means: "the folly of two." "You think we're crazy, and you're just like the rest of them!" Brooke accuses, saying that Taylor has betrayed her. But she's wrong! Brooke insists. They're all wrong! Taylor insists that Brooke will hurt everyone if she continues down this path, especially Bridget, who will see her mother with only men from the same family. "Don't you see what that will do to her? It's wrong. I'll help you, Brooke, but you have got to end it today!" Taylor insists.

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