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Monday, December 13, 1999, Ep. #3193

Thorne is trying to talk business with his father and brother, but they are just staring at him as if he were a disgusting specimen under a glass. He asks them if they are listening and they say that they are. He says that he is going back to his office but they stop him. They are going to have this out once and for all! They begin yelling at him for allowing Brooke Logan to visit Stephanie, once again warning him that she could kill his mother. They slip and let him know that they are also talking to Brooke. Ridge says that Taylor is in his office with Brooke right now, talking about ending this relationship. They let him know that Taylor has been talking to psychiatrists about the relationship. Thorne is outraged that Taylor would interfere with his life by talking to strangers about him and Brooke. He will not have it. Ridge reminds him that Taylor is trained to see aberrant behavior in others and this relationship is definitely not normal. Thorne says that they are just trying to get between him and Brooke and it won't work. "Do you hear me? It won't work!"

Kimberly is heartbroken and can't believe that Rick wants her to stop searching for the truth. She can't believe that Rick would believe anything Amber says because Amber is an expert at lying and wouldn't know the truth if it was right in front of her. But Rick says that she has to give this up; it is nothing but a witch-hunt and it is demeaning. He only wants her to get on with her life. She doesn't need this and she doesn't need him. She says she isn't doing this because she needs him but because she wants to save him from the life he will have with Amber. If she wants to do everything she can to uncover Amber's lies and secrets, she will do it, and it will be her problem. She can see that he is in pain and deep down inside, he knows that something is wrong with his marriage. Amber is freaking out all the time, but it isn't because she is afraid that she is a threat to the marriage; it is because she doesn't want Kimberly to find out her secrets. Rick tells her that if she is wrong, what then? She could spend years looking for something that doesn't exist and that would be such a terrible waste. "Don't do that to yourself," he pleads. "You deserve so much more." He leaves but Kimberly isn't giving up. "The truth is out there and I'm going to find it. And when I do, I'm going to use it to set Rick free."

Amber is worrying about Rick being gone so long. He should have been home by now and it isn't a good sign that he isn't. She believes that he is with Kimberly. Tawny comes back to the house with all the things she needed from the drug store. As she is talking, she notices her bag in the middle of the room. Amber says that she packed it while she was gone; she wants her to leave tonight. She says that she loves Tawny and appreciates all she tried to do, but nothing has been right since she got there. Tawny tells her that she has something to say and Amber is going to listen to her. She tells her that she has a good thing going for her here and she has to fight like hell to hang on to it. If she thinks she can become a little church mouse and hang on to everything, she is wrong. She can't let herself be turned into a doormat for any of the Forresters. If she lets her guard down for one minute, they will chew her up and spit her out. The answer is babies, lots of babies. She knows this isn't what Amber wants to hear but that is the way this family works. She advises her to keep that in mind as she grabs her bags and leaves.

Brooke is angry at Taylor for wanting her to break up with Thorne. She reminds Taylor that she was the one who told her what to do to get Stephanie to accept her but now, she is listening to Eric and Ridge. She blasts her for having no sense of loyalty. Well, Brooke says, this whole family can just GO TO HELL! Taylor tries to reason with Brooke, telling her that it has nothing to do with Ridge and Eric but with Brooke and her problem. Thorne is only a symptom of that problem but it can be solved; "you need therapy," she tells Brooke. Brooke disagrees; she says that it is Eric and Ridge who are out of touch with reality. Again, Taylor tries to point out that the way she has related with every man in the Forrester family is not normal. She has to give up Thorne is she is ever to be normal. Brooke is able to explain how she has been involved with more than one member of the family and it all sounds reasonable, and she also reminds Taylor that she has been involved with other men as well. She explains that Thorne gives her the love, the tenderness and the friendship that she needs. If she were to turn her back on all that, she would go crazy. She then tells Taylor that she can never trust her again; she has destroyed the young friendship that they had started. Taylor says that she knows she was taking a chance with their newfound friendship; it killed her to have to say these things to Brooke, but she had to do it. If she continues with this relationship with Thorne, she will be setting herself up for a future full of heartache and pain.

"Is that so?" Thorne asks from the doorway. He is very angry as he tells Taylor that he used to have a lot of respect for her, but now he has zero. He tells her that he knows how he feels about Brooke and it isn't sick. He tells her to take her garbage and feed it to her sick husband but leave Brooke alone. "I don't want to catch you talking to Brooke again! Now get out of here!" he cries out, slamming the door to Ridge's office in Taylor's face. Outside, Taylor has a look as if she wonders what to do. Meanwhile, Thorne pulls Brooke into his arms and tells her that they will prove them all wrong.

Rick comes home and admits that he was with Kimberly. Amber asks what he said to her. Did he tell her to stop trying to break up their marriage?

Tuesday, December 14, 1999, Ep. #3194

In the Forrester photo studio, Kimberly tells Giovanni about her last meeting with Rick. She tells the photographer that she still feels Rick is living a lie. He tries to point out that Rick has made up his mind, but she will not accept it... and she will not give up until Rick accepts that as well. Giovanni tries to get her to see how futile that is and asks about Amber: is she a monster that would hurt her husband? "She has taken Rick's dreams, but she won't take mine," Kimberly replies. Giovanni tries to get her to see that she is throwing her own dreams away by waiting for Rick and that she is missing out on so much... and to prove it, he kisses her as an example! "What are you doing?" she asks, pulling back from the embrace. He tells her that this is her destiny. He then changes the subject to their upcoming location shoot: she will love Venice next month, he tells her. She thanks him for trying to cheer her up, but she cannot enjoy anything... even Italy... until she gets Amber away from Rick.

At the guesthouse, Amber asks Rick what he told Kimberly. Rick answers that he told Kim that it's over. He is staying, he tells his wife... this is where he belongs. An elated Amber is in tears and thanks him. Rick tells her that now that this is settled, this is the last he wants to hear about Kimberly. What if Kim won't give up? Amber asks. Rick says they have more important things to worry about, especially their son... and they have a responsibility to each other to protect their family. Amber says that she has waited so long to hear those words. She is crying tears of joy: she never thought this would happen. Between Kim and her mom, she had to wonder... Where is Tawny, Rick asks? Gone, she says; it was a mistake to allow her mom to get involved so deeply before, but she will not let that happen again. The only one she will depend on is Rick. She wants to celebrate, but senses he is hesitant. She asks what is wrong? He is still attracted to her, isn't he? Rick replies that he is, but he is all worn out over everything that has happened. Also, he still cannot forget how the first time they were together changed their lives: he loves little Eric, but they moved too fast at the cabin, and they cannot afford to let themselves get carried away like that again. Amber says she will be patient: she is taking her birth control pills and she will have a baby with him only when it's time. Right now, all she wants is him... and they lie down in bed as she tells Rick how much she loves him.

At the Forrester mansion, Helen the maid gives Stephanie some news about the caterer. Has Brooke called? Stephanie asked. Helen says no and wonders why Stephanie would hear from Brooke, so Stephanie tells Helen that Brooke visited her here recently. Helen is astonished that Brooke was there since Eric said to keep her away, but Steph assures her it's all right. She wonders why Brooke is working so hard to earn her approval... it worries her. She tells Helen about the pedicure (which gets a laugh from the maid) as she starts to think about what Brooke can have on her mind. It's not Rick... Could it be...? She stops herself, saying that she is not willing to play the game of second guessing Brooke anymore. Still, she will get to the bottom of this.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Thorne about the conversation with Taylor which he interrupted. They cannot believe how Taylor was lecturing her that she needed mental help. She's wrong, Thorne says. Brooke agrees, saying that Steph is the one who needs counseling. Thorne knows she is right, but he reminds Brooke that they can't let this get to them. Brooke however can't deal with this anymore and is ready to go over to Stephanie's and end this nightmare once and for all. Thorne tells her he wants that, but they must wait until Stephanie is ready. Brooke says that she will prove to Stephanie that she is not the enemy: she will give Stephanie a massage, a mud bath, or whatever else it takes. Once she gains Steph's friendship, nothing can keep her and Thorne apart. They kiss. Once they break their embrace, Brooke calls the mansion; Helen hands the phone to Stephanie. Brooke tells Steph that she wants to come over, as it is important they talk. Steph agrees that they should talk but says that the timing is bad, and she asks Brooke to come tomorrow. Brooke agrees and hangs up, telling Thorne that she is meeting Stephanie tomorrow. She takes that as a good sign, but Thorne cannot help but wonder. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Helen that tomorrow, whether she knows it or not, Brooke will tell her exactly what is going on.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999, Ep. #3195

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester, Thorne admonishes Taylor for her actions with Brooke. How could she support them before, only to turn on them now? Taylor tries to defend herself by saying that she changed her opinion in everyone's best interests, but Thorne isn't buying it. She maintains her feeling that this is dysfunctional, and that Brooke needs her help before she hurts someone in the family emotionally. Thorne concedes that Taylor was actually right... but not about this. She was right that he and Brooke cannot depend on her to intercede with Stephanie for them. They have to handle this themselves... and Brooke is doing just that as she is at Stephanie's! Taylor is stunned.

Amber looks down on her sleeping husband, thinking about how her mother is gone as is Kimberly, and how they made love last night. Rick wakes up to find Amber watching over him. He suddenly realizes that the alarm didn't go off, but Amber gets his mind off that by thanking him for what he has done for them. When Amber mentions Rick telling Kimberly to let go, he says they agreed to not mention her, and that they should now start over. Amber agrees; she says that this was a defining moment for them... and rather than start open as Rick suggests, she feels like they should be starting something brand new. She thinks they should celebrate that, and she has a suggestion as to how they can do that: by renewing their vows. Rick agrees to do it, but he thinks they should do it at home... and he jokes that they can tell the minister to skip the "forever hold your peace part" this time and cut right to the vows. He then gives his wife a kiss.

In Paris, Becky is cornered by a co-worker named Suzanne for a staff meeting. Becky is fretting about it as the doors open... and her co-workers and bosses walk in with a birthday cake. It turns out that the meeting is really a birthday party for her! Becky asks how they knew, and one of her bosses, a man named Pierre, states that he was noting her recent morale problem in her file when he saw it was her birthday. As a girl named Michelle hands out some cake, one the other workers, a man named Franz, tells Pierre that he is forgetting the real reason they are having this celebration. As Pierre agrees that there is indeed something else, Becky says there is no need. "Do you not want anything else?" Suzanne asks. There is something she wants, Becky says as she looks at little Eric's picture on her desk, but they cannot give it to her. Pierre thinks she will indeed want what he is offering... he tells her that he is pleased with her work, so he is ending her trial period and offering her a permanent position with Forrester International. Becky cries tears of joy and thanks them all for making her feel like part of them.

As Rick goes to tend to the crying baby, he tells Amber to check the day planner and start making plans for them to renew their vows. Amber gets the book from the nightstand and sees that it is Becky's birthday, so she calls her cousin to wish her a Happy Birthday. Unlike previous conversations, this is a warm one, and Amber and Becky share a laugh as Amber reminds her of "the great piņata disaster" on a past birthday. Becky tells Amber about her party and promotion. Amber is happy for her and thanks her for what she has done. When Becky asks for more pictures, Amber promises to send some, and she tells her cousin that she loves her before hanging up. Becky is in tears looking at a picture of her son after she hangs up... something that Suzanne witnesses.

Bearing a plate of brownies, Brooke gives herself a pep talk as she arrives at Stephanie's. She looks in the kitchen for Stephanie or Helen, but finds no one there. Shortly after, Steph wheels into the kitchen, making a comment that she should have known she would find Brooke sneaking around. Brooke offers her a brownie, but Steph has to turn down the brownie for health reasons. Brooke says she will give on to Helen, but Steph says that the maid is out... and in fact, she left a ton of silver to be polished. Brooke gets to work polishing as Stephanie says that she needs all the silver for a family party. She hopes it isn't too much trouble. Certainly not, Brooke says, scrubbing away. She's sure she can get done and still be back in time for the party. "Oh, but you're not invited," Stephanie says. Brooke is stunned: she is doing this for a party she's not even invited to? "If you would rather not, I could call Macy," Steph says, but Brooke plugs away. However, she challenges Stephanie to invite her so she can prove she is serious about bringing the family together. Stephanie turns down the offer, saying that Brooke will only be a disturbance, and she leaves Brooke to her polishing as she goes to tend to party preparations. In earshot of Brooke, Stephanie calls Taylor and goes on about the party, saying that everything is under control, and she talks about the twins... and Brooke thinks that this will be a long road, but she will have Stephanie's son in time.

Thursday, December 16, 1999, Ep. #3196

With her one good arm, Stephanie decorates a tree when she gets a call from Macy, who wants to get together and talk. Is anything wrong? Steph asks. Macy is just worried about Thorne. Stephanie thinks Thorne is just swamped with work because Eric is spending so much time with her. However, she invites Macy over for tea, and she accepts. Amber then comes by with little Eric, so Steph gets to play the doting step-grandmother. Amber admires the trees. Steph explains that she decorates them as part of her therapy: it teaches her patients, but she doesn't think she can do any more before the party. Party? Amber asks. That's why Steph wanted to see her: she tells Amber about her plans to throw a dinner party for the whole family. Amber says she and Rick will be thrilled to come as Steph says everyone will be there. Amber then gets an idea: what if she and Rick renew their vows at the party? "Shouldn't you ask Rick?" Stephanie asks. Amber says that Rick is all for this. Stephanie admits surprise because she thought Rick and Amber were having problems. They were, Amber admits... but last night, they had a breakthrough where she let Rick see all her insecurities, and he still stayed with her. Now she believes in Rick's love, so she pleads with Steph to let her do this at the party.

In his office, Brooke tells Thorne about the torture of polishing the silver. Stephanie didn't throw her out, she points out, but she didn't invite her to the party, either. Still, Brooke points out, she kept her composure the whole time, and she thinks she at least got Stephanie listening, which is a start. Thorne knows it was not easy, but he promises that she will win his mom's trust... and when that happens, they will spend their lives together. They kiss. Brooke then asks Thorne to thank her for every single piece of silver she polished. As she lists them one at a time and seductively walks over to him, unbuttoning her sweater. Thorne finds himself wishing his mom had asked Brooke to wash all the china, too.

At Spectra, Darla asks Macy for details about the darkroom encounter at Forrester, which was her idea after all. Macy tells Darla how Giovanni was in the darkroom and how Thorne almost walked in on them. How did that happen? Darla asks. Macy says she took off her clothes and turned out the lights, just like Darla suggested, so she did not realize it was someone other than Thorne in the room. Darla is sorry, but Macy admits she enjoyed it a little. While she loves Thorne, she realized how she is missing passion in her life. "Have you told Thorne?" Darla asks. No, Macy replies, as he is too busy with mom. Darla urges Macy to tell Thorne and thinks something feels wrong. She invites Macy to tell her if there are problems, but Macy says it is nothing. However, she is on her way to talk to Stephanie about it, so she should get going. "Shouldn't you ask Thorne that instead?" Darla asks.

Brooke starts caressing Thorne, kissing him on the neck and the face, but he reminds him that his dad and brother can walk in any minute. "Do you want me to stop?" she asks in a seductive whisper. No, he answers... but they should anyway. Brooke will get her reward later, he promises, but now they should get back to work. Brooke has just the right kind of work in mind, as she takes off her sweater, drops her dress and asks for Thorne's opinion of the latest piece in the Brooke's Bedroom line. If this is work, Thorne says, he'll never take off again, and he and Brooke start kissing again. The phone rings, but Brooke tells him not to answer it. Meanwhile, Macy hangs up the phone, thinking Thorne must be busy. Despite Darla's reservations and suggestion that she leave a message for Thorne instead, Macy heads off to see Stephanie.

Stephanie suggests a church ceremony for Rick and Amber, as something like this requires planning. Amber and Rick just talked about it this morning, she points out, so this could be rushing. Amber wants this to be like Eric and Stephanie's wedding: spontaneous. Just like Steph and Eric had no doubts, Amber explains, she and Rick have none, so they have to do this immediately. Moreover, it will pull the family together. Steph agrees; this could have a profound effect on a lot of people, so she gives Amber her blessing to go ahead. Amber doesn't know how to thank her, but Stephanie is pleased to do it. Amber wonders how Brooke will take it, but Stephanie tells her not to worry: she will handle everything, she insists. She sends Amber on her way to give Rick the good news.

Thorne picks up the phone but finds no one there. Brooke, who is putting her clothes back on, wonders about the phone call. She guesses it was probably Stephanie, inviting Thorne to the party. She worries that she will not be there while Stephanie pushes Macy and Thorne together. Don't worry, Thorne assures her: nothing will change his feelings for her, ever. Meanwhile, Macy arrives at the mansion and is reassured by Stephanie that Thorne still loves her. Macy just wishes that she had some way to show Thorne she is there for him. Stephanie then tells her an idea she has: she shares the news about Rick and Amber and suggests a double wedding! It would be perfect, unless Macy really wants a church wedding. Macy says she is not sure: she really wanted something different, and how will Thorne react? Stephanie reminds her that Macy is ready for this, and she thinks Thorne is too. The only reason they are not married, Stephanie guesses, is Thorne is still worried about her after the stroke: how will she get to the church in her condition. But this way, she doesn't even have to leave the house. Just say the word, she tells Macy, and she will make it happen. "Yes!" an elated Macy tells her, giving her a hug and wearing a bright smile on her face.

Friday, December 17, 1999, Ep. #3197

Over at Spectra, Clarke, Adam and Sally are hard at work when Macy arrives. She tells them that Stephanie has invited them all to her house for a dinner party and that Amber and Rick will be renewing their vows at the house. All three are reluctant to come see Rick and Amber renew their vows: why should we? They ask. Macy then explains to them that there is a reason they should be there, and she tells them that there is the possibility that she and Thorne will become man and wife as well. That's a different story, they say and they agree to be there. Now the only one to tell is Kimberly, Macy says. Just then, Kimberly comes in, so Macy tells her of Rick and Amber's plans. Kimberly is astonished that they would go along with it! Adam tries to convince Kimberly that Rick is doing what he thinks is right, but she just wants to be left out of it until Macy tells her of the plans for her and Thorne. For her half-sister's wedding, she will be there: after all, what is a wedding without the maid of honor?

Amber gets the baby ready for her and Rick's big chance to show everyone how close their family is, and Rick walks in on them. What's going on? He asks his wife. Amber tells him of Stephanie's dinner party, but Rick is still confused. This is just a dinner party, isn't it? What's the big deal? He's stunned when Amber tells him of her idea for them to renew their vows at Stephanie's party. Although Rick wonders if they are rushing things, Amber urges him to do it for Stephanie, and he agrees. He goes to change, leaving Amber alone with her thoughts. She thinks about how no grumps will be there at this wedding... although she gleefully admits that it is a shame that Kimberly will miss it. When Rick comes back, now dressed, he asks about his mother, but Amber says that she won't be there. "Why not?" he asks. Amber reminds him that it is Stephanie's party, and Steph and Brooke do not exactly get along. As they prepare to leave for the main house, Rick has a look of hesitancy on his face.

Thorne is still with Brooke, and he is about to leave for Stephanie's party, Brooke is still hesitant, so he promises her that she will not be excluded forever.

Eric gives Stephanie a smile of encouragement as she works with her physical therapist. The therapist gets Stephanie out of her chair and standing, while Eric goes to see Dr. Cannon to the door. The doctor cautions him not to allow Stephanie to assume she's back to her old self so quickly... while she is making remarkable progress, she still has a ways to go, the doctor points out. Still, the way she is responding is encouraging, so it is important to continue to encourage her and to keep her from stress. Once the doctor leaves, Eric vows not to let anything happen to Stephanie.

Shortly after, Stephanie and Eric are dressed for the party, as Stephanie wheels around in her chair, checking things over. Eric and Stephanie talk about her progress and how impressed the doctor was, but she says that she has so much to live for. Moreover, she adds that a lot of people might be surprised at what happens when the evening is over, so the doctor will not be alone in his astonishment. As Eric wonders what she means, Ridge and Taylor arrive. They are surprised when they learn that Stephanie has invited Macy's family to their dinner, and Ridge wonders what is going on. Macy will soon be family, she reminds them, and Sally has been such a dear with her encouragement since the stroke. She really thinks the Spectras are trying to make amends, so it's only right to include them, she explains, but Ridge doesn't look sure that he is buying it.

Ridge tries to warn Thorne about Macy and her family attending, but Thorne doesn't want to hear anything from his brother. He is stunned when he sees the Spectra gang there, including Clarke, who is boasting about how he's back among the Forresters once more. Someone else is shocked besides Thorne: Rick is shocked when he sees Stephanie greeting Adam and Kimberly! He goes over to Kimberly, who tells him that she is not there because of him, because she cannot even think about him committing to Amber. Meanwhile, Amber is busy thinking about how she and Rick are finally together forever.

Brooke is surprised when Thorne calls her to tell her about Rick and Amber, and they wonder why the Spectras are there... and Thorne hangs up once Macy comes upstairs looking for him, leaving Brooke to wonder what's going on. Thorne and Macy go downstairs, where Stephanie is gathering everyone together. All eyes are on Amber as she makes her entrance, again wearing Stephanie's wedding gown. At his father's suggestion, Rick takes his wife by the arm as Kimberly looks on. Amber gives Kim a glare... and Stephanie then tells everyone it will be an evening they will never forget.

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