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Monday, December 20, 1999, Ep. #3198

As the celebration at Stephanie's continues, Macy and Amber talk. As Macy compliments Amber on how beautiful she looks and on her and Rick renewing their vows, Amber asks Macy when Thorne and she will get married. Macy says it may be sooner than anyone thinks. Stephanie has Helen take the baby and asks everyone to gather around. With Rick and Amber standing beside her wheelchair, she talks about how special it is that Amber and Rick want to renew their vows, and she assures them that love is better the second time around, which Eric agrees with.

In Paris, Becky is alone in her apartment once again. She tries to call Amber but gets the answering machine, and she guesses that they are out with the baby. Perhaps they are out shopping, or showing little Eric the Christmas lights, she thinks... and as she realizes this will be her baby's first Christmas, she decides to focus on something else.

Thorne is talking to his father, Ridge and Taylor. He wonders if Stephanie is up to something. Both Eric and Ridge say they know nothing about it... and besides, Taylor reminds him, this is not the time for his mother to find out about him and Brooke. Thorne knows that, but he reminds them all that it is tearing him apart to keep this from Macy. How long can he keep her in the dark? Before they can discuss it any further, Macy comes over, so they drop the subject.

Rick tears Kimberly away from CJ, who reluctantly leaves them alone to talk. Kimberly cannot believe how everyone says this is a beautiful occasion when there is no love there. While she understands his commitment to his son, she will never accept what he is doing as right. Rick says he is sorry as Kim walks away. Amber spots her and walks over to get a few digs in, rubbing it in that Kimberly has now showed up for both her weddings. Kimberly points out that this is not really a wedding. Even so, Amber reminds her, Rick is good at the "forsaking all others" part, and tonight will be no exception. Kimberly is furious, so she ducks into an empty room and starts looking for a phone number. She finds it and dials... and on the other end, Becky picks up!

Stephanie tells Ridge that she regrets that her stroke has kept Thorne and Macy apart... but after tonight, she will not have to worry about that. Ridge wonders what that means while Steph and the Reverend get ready for the ceremony to begin. CJ wonders where Kimberly has gone to, while everyone else gathers in the room. As the ceremony begins, Rev. Foster talks about how Rick and Amber have survived the trials of their first year as husband and wife and as parents, which is why he is pleased to preside over this show of the vows that have allowed them to make it this far.

The Reverend indicates that first, Rick and Amber will give their permission to wed. Rick hesitates when giving his permission, but he then says he wants this, so the Reverend proceeds. Amber and Rick then exchange personal vows about their love. Amber talks about their everlasting love and how they and their child have learned to walk together through life as a family. She loves his strength and integrity, and he honors her with his love, so she vows to be his partner, lover and friend by doing the same. Rick then talks about Amber's courage and loyalty, especially where their child is concerned. As long as they respect each other... which means being honest and true to each other... they can get through anything, which is why he vows to be honest and true to her for the rest of his life.

Kimberly finds Becky's number and calls her in Paris, telling her that she is the only one who can stop Rick from making a terrible mistake by renewing his vows with Amber. Kimberly pleads with Becky, who refuses to help because Rick wants this. Maybe he is trying to send Kimberly a message, Becky suggests, so Kimberly should listen to it, and she tells Kim to quit bothering her!

The Reverend then recites some more traditional vows, asking Rick and Amber to repeat after him. The two of them take their vows, pledging their love to each other, while Kimberly can only look on... and the baby cries just as Rick can say, "I do." Reverend Foster pronounces them husband and wife amidst applause from everyone. Kimberly looks on in tears as everyone congratulates Rick and Amber... and as Stephanie and Macy talk about how beautiful it was, Steph hopes it will be inspirational to someone as well. Ridge and Taylor see Stephanie and Macy talking and realize they are up to something: Macy must be in on it, Ridge predicts! They are worried how Thorne will react; he will not be a happy camper, Ridge guesses. More importantly, Taylor reminds him, Stephanie is not ready to learn about Thorne and Brooke, especially not tonight, and tells Ridge that he has to stop it somehow!

Tuesday, December 21, 1999, Ep. #3199

By Gladys

At Forrester, Brooke is distracted when Megan tries to get her to make a decision about the suits worn by the male models. After the models are sent from the office, Brooke tells Megan what she is worried about. Her son has just renewed his vows, she explains, and she wasn't even invited to the party, even though she scrubbed the silver clean. Meanwhile, the entire crew from Spectra is there, and not just Macy. Brooke wonders what Steph is up to: is she trying to send a message that she will even accept Macy's family to advance a Thorne/Macy union? Perhaps it's something else, Megan thinks. Maybe they are trying to get a message to Thorne. Megan predicts that if they try and get Thorne to do something against his will, he will tell them about her. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, this could be a good thing if Thorne rebels and tells the truth. Brooke hopes and prays that she is right.

At the mansion, pictures are taken of the bride and groom with their baby. CJ gets to kiss the bride as Darla snaps some photos. Kim looks disgusted while Adam smiles. Since the baby is getting a little cranky, they decide to take him home and put him to bed. However, Helen the maid reminds them that they are on their honeymoon and she will take care of the baby. Amber takes Rick home where she has a surprise waiting for him. Kimberly watches with her heart breaking. Before they leave, Darla tells her to toss the bouquet. Macy catches it, which is noticed by both Ridge and Thorne. Clarke starts humming "Here Comes The Bride," but Macy tells him to stop, as Thorne doesn't know about their wedding... yet!

Ridge tells Eric that something is going on with his mother and he thinks it has something to do with Thorne. Stephanie is about to ask a favor of Reverend Foster when Eric comes over and borrows her. He wants to know what's going on... and he's stunned when he finds out that she has planned Thorne's wedding! She wants nothing more than to see her youngest son settled and happy with Macy. Eric disapproves but can't give Stephanie a reason to stop the wedding. While Sally comes over to chat about "The Big Event" with Stephanie, Eric goes to Ridge and Taylor and tells them what is happening. Ridge says that if they tell Thorne this, he will blurt out his love for Brooke. Eric agrees and says that they have to do something to stop this.

Ridge goes to Thorne and mentions that he needs a word with him. Thorne doesn't want to go with him but it is Macy that puts a stop to their leaving. She tells him that it has been weeks since she has had this guy to herself. Thorne takes her out on the balcony. Adam suspiciously follows them out with his eyes, and he also cannot help but glare when Eric excuses himself from his conversation with Stephanie. Meanwhile, Macy tells Thorne how hard it was to trust him again. Everyone told her not to, but she chose to ignore her fear... which is a good thing, because now they will have the rest of their lives together. Thorne asks Macy to leave with him so they can be alone; Macy says his mother will miss him but goes inside with him.

Ridge goes back to tell Eric and Taylor what is going on. They have to get Thorne out of there, Ridge says, and fast. While they are hashing and rehashing the situation, Stephanie gets the Reverend to agree to perform the wedding ceremony. Just then, Thorne comes in with Macy and says that they are leaving. Stephanie asks him to wait and Thorne asks why. In reply, Stephanie tells Macy to go ahead and give Thorne the good news. Thorne is confused but that is nothing compared to how he feels when Macy tells him that she wants to marry him tonight.

Ridge, Taylor and Eric returns to the room to overhear CJ telling Kimberly about Macy asking Thorne to marry her. Meanwhile, Thorne stares at Stephanie, and then back at Macy. "I'm sorry," he says. Stephanie thinks he is refusing because of her condition. To prove that she is up to another wedding, she struggles out of her wheelchair and shows him that she can stand (with a little bit of support from Eric, who has rushed to her side). She reminds him that she promised to walk down the aisle for him, and she is doing that now. She sits down and tells Thorne that she wants him to take his bride and marry her.

Darla hands Macy the bouquet and Kimberly takes her place as maid of honor. Clarke then asks who the best man is, but a speechless Thorne says, "I can't." Ridge suggests that Thorne is just nervous and asks Eric to join them in the study, where Thorne can have a drink. Macy is worried, but Ridge assures her that everything will be all right. Adam isn't so sure himself as he watches from the sidelines.

Ridge takes Thorne into the study where he and Eric both jump all over him. "What do I do?" Thorne asks. Eric tells him he knows what Thorne will NOT do: upset his mother with the truth about Brooke! "But when I break it off with Macy..." Thorne argues, but Ridge tells him NOT to break up with her. Eric agrees that it would be the best thing. He knows Thorne loves Macy, and Brooke is just using him as a substitute for Ridge. He should know: he's been there. It's not the same, Thorne argues: Brooke has changed, and he is not Eric. He is tired of lying and is about to go out there and tell everyone the truth! Ridge says that he won't. Why not? Thorne asks. She's obviously strong enough. Eric admits that Stephanie has stood up, but the effort exhausted her. Still, she put up with the pain for her family, her lifeline, and he will not allow Thorne to take that away from her!

Wednesday, December 22, 1999, Ep. #3200

Adam tries to comfort Macy, who has sent Kimberly home rather than have her wait for a wedding that may not happen. Stephanie, Sally and Darla all try to assure her that Thorne was just overwhelmed. Why? Didn't Thorne want to get married? Macy asks. Clarke and Darla remind Macy that Thorne was put on the spot, and CJ wonders if he was just caught off guard. What else could it be? Clarke bets that Thorne will be coming through that door any minute, and Macy hopes so.

Eric tells Thorne that everyone is out there waiting for him, and Ridge asks Thorne to come through for them. "What about me?" Thorne asks, but Eric pleads with him to do the right thing: forget Brooke and marry Macy, for everyone's sake. Brooke will NOT be part of this family, Eric insists. Thorne threatens to leave for Paris with Brooke if necessary: then they can run Forrester International and they won't HAVE to be in this family. Eric is ready to challenge that: he says he knows how Thorne feels, but someday Thorne will wake up and feel it is a mistake, and he wants to spare his son that. Ridge says that Thorne can't support Stephanie AND have Brooke, so he has to choose their mom. Thorne feels like he is being blackmailed; he knows Eric and Ridge both were involved with Brooke, but what he has is different, so he will not give it up!

Brooke is still distracted as she and Megan work. Something must be going on at the mansion, and it is more than just trying to get to Brooke, as the Spectras are there beside their bitter rivals. There is only one thing the Spectras agree with the Forresters about: Macy marrying Thorne. This is a chance for them all to gang up on Thorne, Brooke fears, and she wishes she could be there for him. Nervous, she calls the mansion to talk to Stephanie, but Helen says that Stephanie is busy with something important: Thorne and Macy are about to get married! "It can't be!" Brooke says to herself.

Adam worries that something is wrong, but Sally tries to reassure him. When Adam asks what could be causing this, Sally is afraid to voice her guess. Adam does it for her: Thorne may not want to marry Macy. And if that's true, he wants to know the reason why! Meanwhile, Macy and Stephanie discuss Thorne's attitude. Stephanie is sure Eric will settle Thorne down, but Macy is getting impatient. Don't get angry or upset, Stephanie warns, and stay focused on Thorne's love for her.

Eric shares his own experiences with Brooke with Thorne, but Thorne says that was just a mid-life crisis. Eric recalls it was more; they were two people in love, and he gave her a fairy tale wedding and honeymoon. Flashbacks show the wedding and honeymoon, with Eric and Brooke in a hot air balloon and riding on horseback. Eric says he loved Brooke deeply, but it was not enough... and it will not be enough for Thorne, either. He will give up a woman like Macy and he will regret it, Eric predicts. It's not the same, Thorne says, but Eric stands by his assertion. If he really believed Brooke loved him, he would make it work, but he cannot see that based on his own experiences. Another flashback shows Eric and Brooke on their honeymoon, toasting to their future. Brooke promised him she loved him that day, he recalls, but there was one thing he didn't think about: that Brooke loved someone else, namely Ridge.

"You're wrong!" Thorne insists, but Eric hammers him with the argument that he is not. He predicts that Brooke goes for Forrester men as replacements for Ridge. Ridge wishes this was not true, but he thinks his father is right. Brooke is obsessed, Eric says, and everyone knows it but Thorne, so he will not allow Thorne to continue down this path. He reminds Thorne of all the conversations they have shared about Macy: how can Thorne turn his back on her? Make the right decision for himself and everyone, Eric urges him, and commit to Macy. With a confused look on his face, Thorne goes outside. Eric follows and stands behind Stephanie as Thorne goes over to Macy. "Tell me right here and right now: are you going to marry me?" Macy asks. Thorne is silent...

Thursday, December 23, 1999, Ep. #3201

At Forrester, Brooke tells Megan that she's headed to the mansion... if Stephanie is strong enough to get Thorne and Macy to the altar, then she can handle the truth, Brooke states as she leaves.

At Stephanie's, Macy asks Thorne if he will marry her. Thorne tells Macy that he is closer to her than anyone in the room. Macy takes that as yes and asks Reverend Foster to begin, and the Reverend asks if Thorne is ready. Stephanie says that he is, so they begin... and as they do, Brooke slips into the house and listens from the foyer. She anxiously waits as in the living room, all eyes are on Thorne, who stops and says, "I can't do this. I can't get married." Stephanie points out that he wants this. "Did you ask me?" he asks his mother. No, she says, but she didn't think she had to: he loves Macy! He turns to Macy and says they have been through so much, but Macy says that today is about what they WILL go through... although apparently, they will not go through it today, or maybe ever. Macy is tired of waiting, so if he cannot do this today, she has to go on, with or without him. She tosses her bouquet down and storms off. Stephanie sits in her wheelchair, Eric and Ridge by her side, and asks how Thorne could do this. As Brooke looks on, Stephanie is almost in tears from her confusion. Ridge and Eric wheel her out of the room before she can get upset.

Rick and Amber are at home on their honeymoon... he wonders about Thorne and Macy as he pops champagne, but Amber walks in a leather & fishnet outfit that would look appropriate on a dominatrix. Rick's eyes pop out of his head as she walks closer to him, assuring him that he will not break her, no matter what he does. This leather makes her feel like an animal, and she has been counting the minutes until she had him alone, so she can have him. They start kissing, but the phone rings. Rick tells her that she should get that and he will be waiting for her in the bedroom. He leaves and Amber picks up the phone. It's Becky, who has heard about the wedding to Amber's surprise. She does not want to interrupt, but she wants to talk about little Eric. Amber cuts things short by telling her the baby is with Helen the maid so she and Rick can be alone. Amber thanks her cousin for what she has done as Becky congratulates her and hangs up, thinking about her baby, alone in the main house. Suddenly, she gets an idea...

As Brooke looks on, Thorne is alone in the room facing Sally, Adam, Clarke, Darla and CJ. CJ and Adam are ready to come down on him, as Sally tries to ask what happened. How can he abandon Macy? Thorne says he is not abandoning anyone, so Sally says to go after her. "I can't," Thorne says, causing Adam to lunge at him. Ridge and Eric come in and break things up. Ridge tells Clarke, who is holding on to Adam, to get everyone out. Adam promises Thorne that this is not over as Clarke drags him out. Ridge says maybe they should have let Adam attack: after all, Thorne deserved it. "Don't you dare!" Thorne says. This killed him to have to do that to Macy... but what hurts him even more is that Ridge and Eric could have stopped this and didn't! They better get Stephanie ready, he vows, storming out, because his mother will hear the truth, and soon!

Rick and Amber are getting kinky in the bedroom; he is now wearing a robe and she is all over him. Tonight, everything is good, she proclaims. They have gone through hell to get here, and she is ready to make sure Rick never forgets this night. She leads him into bed and is all over him. Meanwhile, up at the main house, Helen gets a call from Becky, who asks to talk to the baby. Becky starts talking to her son, asking her if he understands, and she is stunned when the baby calls her Mama! Helen is stunned as well, but has to go. She asks Becky if she wants her to tell Amber she called. No, Becky says, hanging up. Excited, she says to herself, "He called me Mama!"

Thorne is surprised to find Brooke by the pool. She tells him that she was hiding in the foyer and she was so proud of him. He even let Macy walk out with some kind of dignity. She said she was moving on, which is just what they wanted. Now they are halfway there, she whispers as she kisses him, tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, Eric walks out on the balcony and sees them. He has fire in his eyes as Ridge joins him. "Look at them... in MY house while my wife is in a wheelchair. This has to stop!" Eric vows.

Friday, December 24, 1999, Ep. #3202

Eric, Stephanie, Amber, Rick and baby Eric arrive at Ridge and Taylor's for Christmas Eve. Stephanie admires the decor, and Amber thinks Ridge and Tyalor's new home is incredible. When Steph asks Ridge if Thorne is coming, he says he isn't sure. Taylor then brings the twins, all dressed in red Christmas outfits, out to see everyone. Off to the side, Eric asks Ridge where he thinks Thorne is, and Ridge answers, "I don't know, but I've got a pretty good guess."

Brooke arrives at Thorne's for dinner and apologizes for being late. Brooke is surprised when she smells dinner from the kitchen and is impressed. He tells her that she has made it the best year of his life, so it is no trouble. They kiss and embrace as she thanks Thorne for all he has done, and he says that there was no way that he was not going to see her tonight. Brooke says that she heard that Taylor and Ridge were cooking dinner for the family and says that he should be there, but he tells her that he wanted to be with her. Maybe next year they can be with the family, but for this year, all that is important is that they are together. She says that she cannot imagine anything better than sharing Christmas Eve with him. She tells him, "I love you," and Thorne returns the sentiments.

Becky wraps a Christmas gift for baby Eric, placing it near his picture. She says to the picture, "What Did You Get Me?" and it is a picture button with a photo of her son. As she puts it on, she says that she will pretend that he is with her to give her this gift--and someday, he will be. She looks at his picture and begins to cry. She tells his picture that it is time to see what she got him: she unwraps it and it is a teddy bear. She says that it is a special one and that the next time she sees him, she will give it to him. She picks up the photo and, tears in her eyes, says how much she misses him, especially tonight on Christmas Eve where she is thousands of miles away from him. But she reminds herself that he is happy and secure, which is all she wants. Still, she can't help remembering how he said the word "mama" to her on the phone...

The kids open their gifts. Taylor then hands Stephanie a package addressed to her from Thomas, but Steph seems reluctant to open it. When Taylor asks Stephanie if she is feeling okay, she answers that she is grateful to spend Christmas with her family. While she can only pray that she will have more nights like this, she explains that she did not think she'd ever see Christmas again after having her stroke. But thanks to their support, and to God, she is here with them. Eric kisses her as Ridge snuggles with Taylor, and Rick and Amber sit close to little Eric.

Brooke and Thorne are eating dinner and he senses she has something on her mind. She answers, "The Meaning of This Holiday." He says it's about love. She tells him that it would be wonderful if a Christmas Angel came and touched Stephanie's heart. Thorne says it will happen eventually and predicts that they will spend Christmas next year with the family. She says that it would be a miracle and asks him how he can be so confident. "How can I not be? I know you and the goodness in your heart, and I hope that mother will see that too," he answers. Brooke is hopeful that he is right as he takes her hand.

Ridge lights the tree. Ridge shows Stephanie that he has an ornament she bought him and his siblings years ago. Taylor then brings out an ornament--a Christmas angel--for Thomas and hangs it up. She thinks about how God allowed her to be with her family, especially after her illness, and she hopes to be able to spend more Christmases with them. Ridge gives thanks also for all the things that have happened this year; he wishes there were some way he could share it with the world and hopes that there will be many more Christmases to come.

As they are about to go in for dinner, Amber asks if she can say something. She tells everyone how when she was growing up, there were no presents. Her dad was gone and her mom worked a lot, and she wishes that everyone could remember what Christmas is about. It is not about food, gifts and grown-ups, but rather about children, especially one child who God sent to help the world. She thanks everyone for giving her this first Christmas with them and for making her feel like a child again. Eric is moved and suggests they go to the piano before eating. He sits down at the keys as everyone joins him in singing "Silent Night."

Becky is eating a frozen dinner in her apartment when someone comes to the door with a delivery. Fumbling with her French, she accepts it, and she is surprised to see that it's a gift basket from Amber. She says, "Amber, you remembered Me." Just then, the phone rings: it's Amber. Becky thanks her for the gift and thanks her for all she has done for her. Amber tells her that she should feel good about herself for what she has done for little Eric; Amber will never forget that. She then tells him that she, Rick and the baby are with the rest of the family, and Becky is responsible for giving her son this wonderful night. She then says she has something to share with her and puts the speaker on, allowing Becky to hear everyone singing. In tears, she thanks Amber and they wish each other Merry Christmas.

The show closes with a shot of cast and crew members, led by John McCook and Susan Flannery (Eric and Stephanie), wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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