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Week of 12/27/1999 - 12/31/1999

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Monday, December 27, 1999, Ep. #3203

At Forrester International, Becky sits at her desk, thinking again about how her son called her "mama." Suzanne walks in and notices how Becky has an intense look on her face. Becky asks about Suzanne's holiday plans and she says she spent them with her family, including her son. In fact, she is on her way to see her son in day care right now. Would Becky like to tag along? Sure, Becky says. They go down to the day care center, and Becky is almost in tears at the sight of all those babies. Suzanne picks up her son Peter and introduces him to Becky. Suzanne talks about how great the day care is: they only speak French to her son, so he will be bi-lingual, and it's so convenient. Becky asks to hold the boy as Suzanne keeps going on about how great a service like this is for single mothers like her. It would be better if she had a husband, but until then, it lets her stay close to her son. She has heard about women giving up their children, but she cannot believe that happens.

Giovanni is shooting some pictures of Kimberly as the two of them playfully flirt. Amber walks in, waiting for Giovanni to break before making her presence known. She asks about Venice, and Giovanni asks if she's been there. No, Amber says. Amber then gets some digs in about how Kim left the party early... that must be because she was only there for Rick. No, Kim retorts, she was there for Macy. They keep going at it. Meanwhile, Giovanni still can't believe that Amber has not been to Europe. Amber admits she has barely been out of California. When the photographer asks Amber why not, Kimberly says that Amber's family didn't think travel was important, but Amber says they couldn't afford it. Giovanni presses Amber for details about her background. Amber tells him to ask Kim, who says she doesn't delight in embarrassing others like some other people. Amber admits to Giovanni that she came from a small desert town and a poor family. "Is there anything else you'd like to know?" she snaps. Giovanni asks her to forgive his rudeness and excuses himself.

At Insomnia, CJ finds Rick working on some schoolwork. He asks his buddy to tell him about the sparks from his honeymoon night. Rick is reluctant, but CJ wants details. Get a life, Rick says, but CJ knows Amber was not boring and wants to know. Rick tells him about the leather outfit, which has CJ chomping at the bit to hear more, but Rick says that's enough. CJ says how lucky his buddy is to have a hot little number like Amber. Rick doesn't seem amused, but CJ reminds him that he's got it pretty good, even though he didn't intend to get married so young. Rick says that CJ is missing the point, and CJ wants to know what the point is. It's Amber, isn't it? Rick still thinks they are not right for each other, CJ guesses. He reminds Rick of how girls like Amber were never Rick's type, but now Amber is his wife... and for her sake and their child's, he has to make this work. CJ then leaves a confused Rick behind.

With Giovanni gone, Amber wants to know more about the trip to Italy. It's for a photo shoot, Kim says. Of course... what a career opportunity it must be, Amber snidely states. "What are you majoring in?" she asks Kim, who answers that her major is Pre-med and the modeling is just part time. Sure, Amber says in disbelief; the only reason Kim took this job is to see Rick, she predicts. Now she's going to Venice, so soon after the Paris trip. Kim reminds her that the Paris trip was for different reasons, and Amber tells her to lay off her cousin. Kimberly senses she is getting closer to Amber's secret, but Amber smugly says that there is nothing for Kim to find. "Then you have nothing to worry about... although you look terrified," Kimberly says. Amber says that is because there is someone trying to break her marriage up, so yes, she is insecure... but she loves Rick, and she thinks Kim should respect that if she has any decency. "If YOU had any decency, you'd tell Rick the truth," Kimberly says as she exits.

Kimberly winds up at Insomnia, where she sees Rick. She asks how he is doing and tells him how she ran into Amber at Forrester, although they did not fight. Rick is sorry that she had to watch him and Amber renew their vows. Kimberly admits that she would back off if she thought Rick loved Amber... but she feels that is not the case, even after seeing them renew their vows. If Amber is not the woman he wants, she explains, he is trapped, so she will keep hunting for the truth to set him free, no matter what it takes. One day, the truth will set them free.

Becky is bothered by Suzanne's comment. Sometimes, she tells Suzanne, women have reasons to give up their children. Suzanne is skeptical, saying that it is immature to do something like that, but Becky defends mothers who put their children up for adoption. What if the mother has no money and cannot support the child? She asks. Suzanne says it is still wrong, which gets Becky all excited. She starts talking faster and faster about it, and then she suddenly stops... and collapses!

Tuesday, December 28, 1999, Ep. #3204

At Forrester International, Becky comes to as Suzanne waits by her side with another woman. Suzanne suggests taking her home, but Becky wants to know what they were talking about. Suzanne says they can talk about it later, and they leave. Shortly after, they arrive at Becky's apartment, where Suzanne is surprised at the number of pictures of little Eric that are scattered throughout the house. Looking at the photos, Suzanne says that there must be a strong family resemblance in Becky's family, as the baby looks very much like her "cousin" Becky. She then sees the photos of Rick and notes how much he has changed since he was a child.

In the Forrester guesthouse, Amber is playing with the baby. She talks about how wonderful Santa was to them this year, especially where she is concerned, as she got what she wanted for Christmas. Just then, the phone rings; it's Tawny, who wants to talk to her daughter. Amber points out that she sent holiday wishes through her grandmother and Tawny says that is true. In fact, Tawny admits, she heard that Rick and Amber renewed their vows and that congratulations are in order. She knew all along that everything would work out. Amber cuts her mother off and explains that she still is not ready to talk to her yet. Tawny reminds Amber of all she did for her, and Amber is upset about all the lying. She tells her mother, "See, it doesn't bother you at all, the lies we told and how Rick doesn't know what really happened to his son." She tells her mom that Tawny made all the choices for her, but Amber is the one that has to live with it. She tells Tawny to stay away from her family!

Kimberly and Rick are still at Insomnia, where they start talking about Venice. Rick guesses that she will be doing more than working with Giovanni around; after all, the photographer does not seem like the "all-work and no-play" type. Kimberly admits that she'll miss him and thinks that he will miss her too. She then says that she has surprise for Rick, one that will remind him of her while she is gone. She sits him down while she goes up on stage and says she wants to sing a song for someone very special. She sings, "I still believe, that someday you and me, will find ourselves... in love again! I have a dream, that someday you and me, will find ourselves... in love again..." Rick watches intently as she sings, and when she finishes, everyone applauds.

After hanging up on her mother, Amber--still holding the baby--thinks back to the day she gave birth. She begins talking to herself and says that she had a breakdown, and that her mom took over. She never meant to hurt anybody and she didn't want to lie, but she recalls her mom saying how it will all be ok and how it will be fun. Amber states how it has turned out to be anything BUT fun. She recalls how upset she was after her baby died, and she again rationalizes that everything that has happened was because of her mother's lies. Looking at the baby, she states that even with the lies, she cannot turn back now. If she did, the Forresters would turn little Eric, and she will NOT let that happen. She will protect their family, no matter what, and she vows that no one will find out about their little secret.

Suzanne wonders if Becky is all right, as she looks tired and bothered. She asks Becky to confide in her, stating that she can tell her what is wrong. Becky says it is personal, but Suzanne asks her to talk about. She has figured out that it has something to do with her cousin's baby, but what is it? Becky tries to convince her friend that she fainted due to her not eating and being homesick. Suzanne isn't buying her excuses and tells her that you don't faint because you're homesick. The baby is the key, but why is Becky so fixated on the baby? Becky lashes out at Suzanne; how dare Suzanne call her a psycho in her own home? Suzanne tries to reach out to Becky, pointing out that this place is like a shrine. "Why do you have all these pictures of little Eric/" Suzanne asks as she picks up one of the pictures. An angry Becky blurts out to give her that picture and put it down; when Suzanne asks why, Becky says that she is not his cousin, but rather, she is his mother!

Wednesday, December 29, 1999, Ep. #3205

At the mansion, Eric watches as Dottie the physical therapist works with Stephanie. As he smiles at her progress, he goes to answer the door. It's Brooke, who has brought some reports he asked for. She says that they will talk about them tomorrow in the office, but he wants her to see something. He takes her into the foyer and shows her Steph's progress. Brooke is amazed, and Eric says that is good... maybe now she and Thorne will stop being selfish and honor Stephanie's commitment and dedication to getting better by breaking up. Break off the relationship with Thorne and end this sinful tragedy, Eric warns! He is about to tell Brooke what he will do if she does not end things when Stephanie calls Eric over. Spotting Brooke, Stephanie tells her therapist about the marvelous job Brooke did polishing her silver--why doesn't Brooke follow up on that and do the floors now, Stephanie asks? Eric says that Brooke is not staying. When the therapist compliments Stephanie on her progress, Steph says her family's support helped her. Brooke congratulates Stephanie, who asks Dottie for her cane and stands up. Brooke is amazed, and Stephanie asks Brooke to help her to the foyer so she can show her something--the door, and she doesn't want Brooke to ever come back! She's tired of playing Brooke's games and doesn't want her friendship, she shouts! She is getting all excited and has to sit down in the chair again. Eric rushes Brooke outside and tells him to listen to him and do exactly what he says: find Thorne and end this thing now! He goes back inside and sees Stephanie trying to calm down... and he vows to himself that Brooke had better end this, or he will do it for her!

Amber wants to go to Venice, but Rick doesn't know what to do with Little Eric. He nixes the idea of dumping the baby off on Helen, who does so much for them, but Amber pleads with him. They can even take the baby with them. "Are you sure?" he asks. Amber gleefully tells him how she wants to experience the wonders of the world, and she can handle taking the baby with them if Rick is by her side. She wants to celebrate their love away from both their families. Rick agrees to look into it, and Amber is thrilled.

At Spectra, Kimberly tells Adam that she is going to Venice but he is reluctant, even when she promises not to be with Giovanni alone. What about Rick? He asks. What about him? Kim replies, but Sally and CJ both say it is a good point, reminding her of her trip to Paris. Kimberly admits that she had such high hopes about finding Rick's secret, but this is work... and besides, Rick and Amber won't be there. Still, she does not intend to stop until she finds out about Amber's secret. Sally tells her to bask in the romantic glory of Venice and forget about Amber, but Kim will not let go. Adam tells her that she had better let go now, or she's not going to Venice! Kimberly tells them that she is going on this trip to enjoy herself, and she wants to get as far away from Amber as possible.

In response to Suzanne's concerns, Becky blurts out that little Eric is her son! She breaks into tears as Suzanne is in shock! Becky can barely speak as she cries, asking Suzanne to promise not to say anything. Suzanne says she cannot until she knows more and pleads with Becky to open up. Becky says she will and tells Suzanne the whole story of how she put her baby up for adoption because they were so poor. She hoped her life would go back to normal once she gave the baby up, but she was haunted with memories of his beauty and perfection. Flashbacks recount the whole story as Becky speaks. She almost turned back, but she did what she thought was best for her child. She then explains how she came to stay with Rick and Amber and how Amber kept her from the baby... and once she saw the birthmark, she knew why. After seeing the distinctive mark, she found out how Amber's mother had substituted her baby for Amber's, which had died in childbirth. She then took the baby, but Amber tracked her down in that motel... and even though she has never told anyone this, she admits how the baby almost swallowed the bottle cap. He could have died! That made her realize that the baby was better off with Amber, so she gave little Eric back when Amber arrived. She did it for her son, she cries, as the tears continue to flow from her eyes.

Thursday, December 30, 1999, Ep. #3206

At Forrester, Ridge prepares Kimberly and Giovanni for their fashion shoot in Venice for the Princess Line. Everything is set as they go over checklists of equipment and dresses that are to be shipped. Ridge reminds them of all the work that he has put into this new line and tells them to do the company proud; there is a lot at stake here. As he is about to leave, he turns to them and says he has one more thing: make sure to have some fun. He leaves the studio and heads for his father's office.

Meanwhile, Eric is in Brooke's office, hoping to find out that she has done as he told her and has broken things off with Thorne. Brooke isn't there, so Eric calls around looking for her. He finds out that Brooke is on her way up, along with Thorne. Eric then gets an idea; he turns on Brooke's intercom before slipping out the door and heading for his own office. Brooke locks her door. She tells Thorne about her disastrous visit with Stephanie and is starting to get impatient. Eric turns on his intercom and hears Brooke and Thorne talk in; he's sure that Brooke will be breaking up with Thorne now. He listens to them talk as he says, "Don't let me down, Brooke." Thorne tries to assure Brooke that they will make it. Despite his reassurances, Brooke tells him that she feels beaten, because she constantly feels the pressure of Eric and Ridge trying to break them up. She is tired of all the animosity his family feels for her. "What do you want to do?" Thorne asks. Just then, Ridge joins his dad and Eric motions for him to stay quiet and listen. He flips the intercom off and explains what he is expecting to hear. Eric then turns the intercom back on. Thorne tells Brooke that they will find a way, but Brooke says she cannot keep hiding the way they have been. She won't even go back to his place when he suggests it. She's tired of all the hiding! Upon hearing that, Eric and Ridge think Brooke is about to break things off, but instead, she suggests that she and Thorne get away for a while... to Venice! Thorne loves the idea, and they agree that by the time they return, Stephanie will be healthy enough to hear the truth. Nothing will stop them now, they vow to each other.

Things are not as happy in Eric's office, however, where he and Ridge are furious to hear that Brooke has not broken up with Thorne. A disgusted Eric turns off the intercom, as Ridge is ready to go confront those two. "Someone has to teach those two a lesson," Ridge says. Eric says they will, even though he is not sure how yet. They may go to Venice together, he vows, but Brooke and Thorne will not be returning from there as a couple!

At the Forrester Guest House, Amber is busy packing when someone at the door interrupts her. She is stunned to see that it is her mother! Tawny explains that she has been worried about Amber since she has chosen to stay out of touch, so she came over to make sure things are all right. Amber assures her that they are fine: in fact, she and Rick are going to Venice, Amber tells her mom. Tawny is thrilled and volunteers to take care of the baby, but Amber shoots that down, stating that she is taking the baby with her. Even better, Tawny thinks; they'll need someone to take care of the baby in Venice so she and Rick can be alone, so Tawny is more than happy to volunteer for the job. Amber tells her mother to forget it, since Helen will be coming with them to watch little Eric. Besides, the last thing she needs is Tawny interfering, so she orders her mother to just go on home and let her solve her problems herself. Tawny leaves. Shortly after, Amber is alone with little Eric, and she assures him that this vacation is the beginning of some happy times for their family.

In Paris, Becky pleads with Suzanne not to tell anyone that little Eric is really her son and not Amber's. She feels she is an unfit mother because of what happened the motel with the bottle cap, so this is for the best. That was an accident, Suzanne insists, but Becky will not listen. She explains more about the story to Suzanne, telling her that she has made her decision in the best interests of her son and she cannot go back on that now. Suzanne argues that the baby belongs with his biological mother... and moreover, Becky is ALREADY second guessing herself, which is why she is so restless lately. And as for the ability to care for the child, Becky can do things the same way Suzanne does with her son. Becky has a good job, and one that provides day care, she reminds Becky. She then suggests that Becky do something before the child can bond with Amber; once that happens, Becky may lose her chance forever. Becky points out that she lied to the Forresters, so they might fire her if she comes forward. Suzanne reminds her that she has earned her place with the European division of Forrester now, so her job is safe. As they talk about it, Becky gets a call from Michelle at the office. She gives Becky the news that her cousin Amber is coming over with Rick and the baby for the Princess Teen line photo shoot in Venice. When Becky tells Suzanne the news, Suzanne tells Becky it's fate that her son will be so close to her. Now she doesn't have to go to the States to get him back. This is Becky's opportunity to go to Venice and bring her baby home where he belongs!

Friday, December 31, 1999

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