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Monday, January 03, 2000, Ep. #3207

At Forrester, Eric is furious at how, in his opinion, Brooke has turned their backs on them. Ridge does not want to defend Brooke, but he says she is lonely. Eric says that she is not lonely, but selfish... to everyone, including her kids, so he intends to stop her! He tells Ridge to get through to Brooke, but Ridge says that Thorne has convinced her that this is some plot. Eric states that Taylor was right: this is a sickness that must be stopped. Maybe it is inevitable, Ridge says, so the best thing might be to prepare Stephanie. No, Eric insists, there is a way to stop them. He orders Megan to hold all their calls as he pours Ridge a drink and tells him he has an idea... or rather, the answer to their problem.

At the mansion, Stephanie tells Taylor how she got worked up when Eric threw Brooke out; yes, her heart was pounding but it is over now. Taylor reminds her of the stress on her body, which could cause a stroke again. She can't even believe Eric let Brooke in. Stephanie says it does not matter because her message was clear, and Brooke is out of their lives. She then wants to change the subject away from Brooke and is worried about the distance between Thorne and Macy. Taylor tells her not to worry, but Stephanie thinks it is her fault between the surprise wedding and the stroke. She thinks Thorne backed away from Macy after the stroke to spare her, and then the wedding came as a shock on top of that. Thorne felt like Stephanie was interfering, and now he and Macy are not even talking. "It's not your fault," Taylor points out, and Stephanie thinks she may be right. Thorne and Macy will find their way back to each other, she predicts.

CJ watches as Amber packs for her Venetian honeymoon, teasing her about taking a racy little outfit. He says the trip must be expensive, but she tells him they are going on the Forrester jet for a photo shoot. "You mean Kimberly's shoot? Are you nuts?" He asks. Amber says Kimberly has nothing to do with it, but CJ thinks Amber is trying to rub Kimberly's face in her marriage. Kimberly is irrelevant, Amber insists, but CJ is not convinced. She slips and says that Rick got Kimberly to back off. "From what?" CJ asks. Nothing, Amber says, quickly changing the subject by showing off her sexy outfits. "Will you see Becky?" CJ asks. No, Amber says; after all, Venice and Paris are not next door to each other. Still, CJ seems puzzled, as it is close enough for Amber to ease the loneliness he heard in Becky's voice last time. "This is my honeymoon," she reminds CJ, although he still looks unconvinced.

Kimberly comes back to the studio for her keys and finds Rick there. She says she better leave to go pack, but Rick wants to talk to her. He bets she will have fun in Venice, but she says it would be more fun if he were there. Rick surprises her by saying that he is going, but it is more like a vacation than work? "Wait... are you taking Amber? What is it with her that she wants to ruin my life? I cannot believe she wants to come on MY photo shoot!" Rick says it is not about that; the two of them have wanted a honeymoon for a while, he points out. "On your ex-girlfriend's shoot?" she asks. Rick apologizes as Kimberly wonders why Amber would go for such a thing. Rick thinks Amber is more secure now... but if it bothers Kimberly, he will change his plans. No, Kim says... if Amber is OK with it then so is she. Rick leaves to pack, leaving Kimberly alone to wonder about Amber's security. Amber SHOULD be worried, she says, because she is this close to finding her secret.

Amber is packed, talking to herself about how happy she and Rick were in the past. This will be heaven, she says. Meanwhile, Kimberly bets that Amber is on cloud nine. "Fine... flaunt your ring and your marriage for all they're worth, because I will find your secret, and then your marriage will be over!" Kim vows.

Taylor and Stephanie see Helen as she is about to leave for the trip to Venice. Taylor wonders if she should stay over with the kids while Helen is away, as Stephanie will be lonely. That won't be necessary, Stephanie says, as Helen's sister is filling in. And besides, she can always invite Thorne over, but she promises not to pressure him. In time, he and Macy will get married, she again predicts.

A clerk has some figures for Eric, but Megan says he is not to be interrupted, as he and Ridge are in a meeting. The clerk wonders what is going on: it must be something big. Meanwhile, Ridge has been told Eric's idea off camera, and he doesn't think he can do it. And even if he would agree to it, Taylor will not. "Do you realize what you are asking?" he asks. Eric says he is not asking... he is ordering for Stephanie's sake. He will not allow Brooke to tear his family apart, so he orders Ridge to get Taylor and get on that plane! They have no other choice if they want to protect Stephanie!

Tuesday, January 04, 2000, Ep. #3208

In Thorne's office, Thorne and Brooke steal some kisses in private. They can't wait until Venice when they can be alone without being watched. Once they return though, they will tell Stephanie the truth. Thorne is prepared for that... once Steph sees how happy is, she will have to accept it. After all, his mother wants him to be happy. Brooke only wants to make him happy as well, she says. They steal one more kiss. Outside, a disgusted Eric watches through the window, talking to himself how Brooke is destroying the lives of everyone he cares about... but not this time!

At their home, Taylor tells Ridge about her visit with Stephanie. She fears that the truth will come out eventually, and Ridge tells her about Thorne and Brooke going to Venice and their plans to tell Steph the truth when she returns. Taylor thinks that perhaps they should prepare Stephanie, but Ridge is not about to let Thorne's hormones rule their lives. There is nothing they can do, Taylor says... but Ridge says there is, and he needs her help.

At Forrester, an anxious Kimberly tells Giovanni that the limo is waiting. He says they can't leave without them anyway, so why worry. She then tells him about Rick and Amber, and he fears that will be trouble, but Kim is looking forward to blowing Amber's perfect world apart. No fighting, Giovanni warns. Kim thinks she could take Amber in a fight but agrees not to give him a heart attack, and they leave.

Amber and Rick are ready to leave the guest house; Amber checks to make sure they have some things for the baby, but Rick assures her that she is ready. Helen is running behind and will meet them at the airport, he explains. Rick drops the note from Helen as he closes the door. Once they are gone, Tawny walks up to the guesthouse and picks up the note. After reading it, she gets an idea and writes a note of her own, directing Helen to the wrong airport. Tawny is pleased as Helen goes to meet Rick and Amber at the other airport and says, "Venice, here I come."

Becky looks at little Eric's picture, thinking how he will soon be in Venice... and she would love to see him. She misses him so much and wonders if he misses her too. Meanwhile, Rick and Amber ride in the limo as little Eric says "mama". She tells him how lucky he is to go to Italy as a child, as it took her 20 years to get there, Rick says that Eric is probably too young to remember any of this, so Amber suggests that they go back when he is older. She thanks Rick for what she thinks will be the best trip of their lives.

Brooke and Thorne talk about being together in Venice, as Eric continues to watch in disgust. Brooke says that everyone will soon know how much she loves him as they prepare to leave. Thorne asks if she needs a dolly for her bags, but she says she does not have that many outfits... she didn't think she would need a lot of clothing, she laughs as they leave. As they turn the corner, Eric steps out of the shadows. "We have to put a stop to this... and we will, as long as Ridge can convince Taylor," Eric vows.

Taylor wonders what she can do, so Ridge tells Taylor that Eric wants them to go to Venice. "To chase them around? I am not leaving the country and my babies, not for Brooke," she insists, but Ridge says it is for Stephanie. She thinks that Brooke will only become more determined; Brooke probably EXPECTS Ridge to chase after her! Taylor thought that she and Ridge were over this and she refuses to talk about it: Ridge can go if he wants, but she will not. "I need you... my mother's life is riding on this!" he insists. This may be Stephanie's last chance. Taylor would do anything else besides this, she says, and Ridge says that is good, because his dad has a plan.

Ridge tells Taylor the plan, and she does not like it one bit, Stephanie would not want it, she says, so there must be another way! Ridge says there is not; his father is scared and desperate that he will lose his wife, so how can he turn his back on him? Just as he was ready to do anything to save Taylor when she had TB, Ridge will do this for his father and mother, and he needs her to help him. "No, I won't," she says. It will not work! Ridge pleads with her to help save his mother, but she thinks this is also about Brooke. It's the same old story of Ridge playing the white knight for Brooke. Ridge denies it, but she reminds him of his trying to stop Brooke from marrying Grant, and of confronting Victor Newman when he publicly flirted with Brooke at Café Russe. "When does it stop?" she asks. Ridge says it stops in Venice, but she says it stops here. Just then, the phone rings; it's Eric, and Taylor says she is not going. Eric orders her that she MUST do this; he will not let her get a word in and asks her not to let Brooke take Stephanie from them.

Giovanni and Kim board the flight, followed by Rick--who looks at Kim--and Amber. Amber tries to get some digs in with Kim that she will be with her husband on her honeymoon, so she won't have time for chit-chat. As he and Amber sit down with the baby, Rick can't help but glance at Giovanni and Kimberly across the cabin. Brooke then arrives, and Rick is surprised to learn that she is going to Venice. Amber makes a crack about how most mothers in law don't tag along on their son's honeymoon. Brooke points out that she is there for the photo shoot. They are interrupted by Thorne's arrival, and now they only need Helen to leave. Just then, Tawny boards the plane to say goodbye to Amber and asks where Helen is... maybe she should stay just in case something happens, she suggests. No, Amber says, Helen will be here. Just then, the pilot says they are waiting for two more passengers--Ridge and Taylor. Amber tells Tawny she can stay until Helen arrives. Meanwhile, Brooke asks Thorne, "What are Ridge and Taylor up to?" but Thorne is not worried.

Alone, Eric says to himself that Ridge and Taylor are his last hope... they have to come through for Stephanie, he prays...

Wednesday, January 05, 2000, Ep. #3209

Ridge and Taylor argue in the limo on the way to the airport. She still thinks it is about Brooke, but he denies it. She gives him the silent treatment, and Ridge decides this will be a long flight.

Brooke and Thorne prepare themselves for Ridge and Taylor's arrival. They will handle the disapproval, he says as he gives her a kiss. Thorne leaves her alone for a moment. She then spots her daughter in law and thinks, "Amber AND Ridge... this is going to be a LONG flight."

At Forrester International, Suzanne tells a worried Becky to go with her heart where her son is concerned. Becky doesn't want to talk about it, but Suzanne gives her a train ticket to Venice to get her son. Becky says no, but Suzanne warns she will regret it if she does not go. "How can I take him away from the family I've given him?" Becky asks, but Suzanne says that Becky can take care of that child... unless she doesn't want him, that is. Is that it? She hands Becky the ticket and leaves, saying she knows Becky will do the right thing. Becky tries getting back to work, but she can't help but wonder if she should go see her son when Amber arrives... and if she does, will she be able to leave her son with Amber and Rick, or should she take him back and ruin their lives? "What am I going to?" she asks herself.

On the plane, Amber tells Tawny that she must leave as soon Helen arrives. Meanwhile, Helen arrives at the Valley Airport based on the note that Tawny left and finds that the flight is not there. She is confused. Back on the plane, Amber worries what they will do if Helen does not show. Tawny volunteers to take care of the baby if that happens. Brooke says she doesn't want Tawny anywhere near Kimberly, and besides, she has no passport. Tawny smugly pulls her passport out of her purse. Brooke guesses that she planned this, and tawny retorts by claiming that at least she, unlike Brooke, spends time with her grandson. She and Brooke argue... and just then, Ridge and Taylor arrive. Ridge smugly tells the "kids" to break it up. Thorne comes to Brooke's side, and Ridge says what a surprise. Thorne admits that Ridge's arrival WAS a surprise, but Ridge says this is just a vacation. Taylor coldly excuses herself, and Ridge follows her into the cabin, leaving Brooke and Thorne to wonder about those two. "Don't worry, we will ditch them in Venice," Thorne promises.

Giovanni is watching Thorne and Brooke together, and Kim tells him to stop pondering... nothing is going on, as Thorne is in love with her sister Macy. "Macy is your sister? Mama Mia!" he proclaims.

Taylor keeps giving Ridge the silent treatment. Meanwhile, Helen is still not there. Rick says that Tawny will have to come instead then. Brooke is reluctant, but Rick says they have no choice. "But what about Kimberly?" Brooke asks. Kim says she'll be fine, so they prepare for take off. Once they are in the air, Ridge and Taylor talk to Thomas on the phone, while Brooke wonders what is going on with them. Thorne tells her not to worry and starts talking about what they will do in Venice. Brooke can't wait, since no one does it like the Italians. Thorne says he has some romantic ideas in mind, but Brooke laughs as she tells him she is talking about tiramisu. She and Thorne both start giggling, as Taylor watches in disbelief.

Giovanni tries to get Kim's mind off Amber by telling her to lean on his shoulder and think about the magical, romantic land she will be in soon. Dreams come true there, he says. Meanwhile, Tawny can't find the baby's pacifier, so Amber leaves Rick to find it. Rick stares at Kimberly leaning on Giovanni's shoulder until Amber returns... and even as he hugs his wife, he can't help but stare over his shoulder at Kim and Giovanni. Meanwhile, Kimberly dreams of a romantic interlude between her and Rick. They are on their way to Paris to work together at Forrester International--a gift from Brooke--after she has uncovered Amber's secret. He tells her about how much she means to him and they kiss. Meanwhile, Giovanni sees the contented look on her face and brings her back to reality, and Kim can't help but dwell on her dream.

Thorne suggests to Brooke that they should stretch their legs, but Brooke suggests they go separately. Thorne goes first, while Taylor and Ridge still fight about the trip. He reminds her they decided to do this together, but she is not agreeing. Meanwhile, Brooke looks on, wondering more about the tension between Ridge and Taylor. She goes off to find Thorne and they exchange a kiss, until Ridge rudely interrupts. Thorne decides to leave, so Brooke is alone with Ridge. She asks about him and Taylor, but he tells her not to read anything into it. "It's not about you!" he insists, although Brooke cannot help but wonder.

Thursday, January 06, 2000, Ep. #3210

Eric arrives home and sees Stephanie struggling to arrange pictures in the family album. As he watches, he vows to bring her back for all she has done for the family. He then joins her and talks about how well her therapy has been going. She worries about how getting upset is so hard for her, but Eric assures her that she will handle it in time. Just then, Helen arrives and tells her about the note Rick left for her and how she wound up in the Valley instead of Santa Monica. Stephanie asks to see the note and notices it isn't Rick's handwriting... in fact, it looks like Tawny's!

On the plane, Tawny, Rick and Amber sleep. Taylor keeps a watchful eye on Thorne and Brooke, who can't help but giggle and flirt. They notice Taylor watching and guess she isn't happy, maybe because of Ridge and her tiff. Meanwhile, Ridge wakes and says hello to his doc, who doesn't want to talk to him. Amber then wakes up and gets her mom and husband to the window as they fly over Paris. Rick wonders if Becky knows they are so close to her, leading Tawny to give a concerned look.

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Becky asks herself. She decides she has to see her son. Suzanne tells her that the train will be leaving soon, so Becky should get ready to go to Venice. Becky wants to call the whole thing off, as the baby is Amber's now. Suzanne tells her to stop rationalizing. Becky tries to give her back the train tickets, but Suzanne leaves them on the desk, saying she knows that Becky wants to do this deep in her heart... and if she is going to do it, it has to be today.

Eric and Stephanie talk about Helen's disappointment and then discuss dinner. Eric is ready to go out or cook, but Steph points out that Helen's sister has made them dinner. Maybe they can invite Thorne over, she suggests. Eric tells her Thorne went to Venice. "Did Macy go?" Stephanie asks. Eric says no and says that Thorne went over on business. She will have to wait until his return to dine with him, Eric says... and meanwhile, they should keep themselves occupied in other ways.

Brooke and Thorne observe Ridge and Taylor and wonder what's up. Meanwhile, Tawny tries to make peace with Kimberly as they cross paths by the restroom. Tawny apologizes for the gun, which was not loaded. She just wanted to make a point and get Kim to stop snooping, she says. Kimberly wonders what secret would get Tawny desperate enough to pull a gun on her when the baby starts crying. Kim remembers how Tawny pulled the gun on her when she was near the baby. Again, she wonders if Little Eric is part of the secret. Tawny says not to be ridiculous, but Kimberly vows to not give up on finding the truth.

Kim goes into the restroom... and on her way out, she runs into Rick, who notes how small it is. There's room for two, she says... and to prove it, she pulls Rick inside. Meanwhile, Tawny notices the Rick is missing, and so is Kimberly! They are in the restroom, where Kimberly says she can't move, so she suggests that Rick pull closer. Rick is trying to resist Kimberly's advances. Amber bangs on the door and interrupts, calling Kimberly a bitch. Rick tries to end this now and tells Amber to go back to their seats, but Amber stays behind. She warns Kim with a light blow to the arm to stay away from her husband!

As they look down from the plane, Giovanni tells the group about Venice as they are close to arrival. Giovanni explains how he has arranged for some friends with water taxis to meet them, as traveling by water is the only way to get around Venice. Meanwhile, Ridge and Taylor continue to be at odds with each other, not speaking, leaving Brooke to keep wondering.

Amber, Rick, Tawny, Giovanni and Kimberly share a water taxi to the hotel as Giovanni points out all the sites. Rick and Amber kiss and hug in the boat. Soon after, they arrive at the hotel, and Amber gives Rick another kiss as she thanks him for bringing her here. Kimberly stares at them, so Giovanni tries to get her mind off Amber. She however thinks that Rick's marriage will be over by the time they return to L.A.

As Brooke and Thorne share a romantic ride in a sepearte boat, they talk about how glad they are to be alone here. Thorne tells the driver to stop the boat. Brooke asks why, and he proclaims that he is ready to tell the whole world how he feels about her. He calls out, "Hello, Venice, Brooke and Thorne have arrived from America! Show us your magic!" He then professes his love for her and kisses her.

Friday, January 07, 2000, Ep. #3211

In Italy, Brooke and Thorne arrive at the hotel. Brooke cannot believe they are actually here, just the two of them in the most beautiful hotel in all of Italy! It doesn't get more romantic than this, she says as she gives him a kiss. Thorne then unpacks and discusses their plans to visit a friend of his, but Brooke comes in wearing only a towel, saying that she wants to take a bubble bath first... with him! She asks if his friend can wait. "What friend?" he asks as they kiss. They settle into the tub as Thorne says it feels like a honeymoon. It could be, Brooke says, and they talk about how easily they can get married here. But they will wait until they get home to set a date, once they tell his mother... and in the meantime, they pretend it has already happened. She lathers his body up with a smile on her face as they caress each other.

Ridge and Taylor get the room right next door to Thorne and Brooke, which does not thrill Taylor. Still, Ridge elects not to change rooms. Taylor wants to freshen up and do some sightseeing, but Ridge wants to spend some time with his beautiful wife first. Taylor is reluctant, reminding Ridge how unhappy she is to be here. She feels like an afterthought. He says she is being irrationally unreasonable, but Taylor disagrees, as she walked out on her kids without warning! She should never have let him talk her into this! He reminds her why they are doing this, but she walks out on him!

Brooke and Thorne are still in the tub as they overhear Ridge and Taylor arguing and wonder what it is. They get out of the top and Brooke tries to listen, but Thorne really doesn't care about it. "Can it be about us?" Brooke asks. Thorne doesn't think so and tells her to get dressed before he loses control and makes love to her again. Still, Brooke cannot help but wonder.

Dottie the physical therapist is working with Stephanie as Eric looks on from the foyer. He walks away to answer a knock at the door: it's Sally, who wants to see how Stephanie is doing. He invites her in to see for herself, and Sally is impressed by her progress. Dottie leaves as Sally explains that she came by to see when Stephanie will be ready to stir things up in the fashion world again. Sally is happy to hear that it will be soon and asks about the rest of the family... especially Thorne, whom she guesses is doing better than Macy. Stephanie says she is sorry about this and has told Thorne about how disappointed she is. Sally suggests that they talk to Thorne together, but she is surprised to hear that Thorne is on his way to Venice with Kimberly. Why didn't he take Macy? She wonders. She then learns that Rick and Amber are along, as is Giovanni of course. "What about Brooke?" Sally asks, and she's surprised when Eric says that Brooke, as CEO, felt she should be there. Both Thorne and Brooke are there, Sally ponders... could that be why he didn't take Macy? Eric says that is impossible, but Sally thinks it is indeed possible. Stephanie starts to get upset at just the thought of it, blaming herself for Thorne not marrying Macy. Eric tells her to calm down and asks Sally to get them some water. He assures Stephanie that Brooke is not a threat, and she trusts his word. Sally gives her the water and takes her leave. As they are on the way out, Eric asks Sally to hold her suspicions and not to even mention Brooke again! Sally agrees and leaves.

Eric calls Ridge and tells him about Sally's visit, imploring Ridge to go ahead with his plan. "You have to come through for us!" Eric pleads. "I know it's a sacrifice, but you have to... don't let me down, Ridge!" Meanwhile, Thorne and Brooke are outside the hotel, all lovey dovey and kissing on the patio, and he tells her that he loves her so much and this has been the best time he has ever had. Back in L.A., Eric says to himself, "They have to be stopped. You know what to do, Ridge... so DO IT!"

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