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Monday, January 10, 2000, Ep. #3212

At the Hotel Bauer in Venice, Ridge walks in on Giovanni and Brooke, who are having breakfast and talking about Venice. When Kimberly comes in, Giovanni joins her to get ready to scout locations for the shoot, while Ridge sits down with Brooke for breakfast. She starts to quiz him about what's going on when Rick comes in. Ridge and Brooke cut the conversation short as Brooke suggests that Rick go with Giovanni and Kimberly. Once Brooke says she will tell Amber where he is, Rick reluctantly agrees and leaves with Giovanni and Kim. "Was that smart, asking Rick to spend time with Kimberly when he is here with his wife?" Ridge asks. Brooke thinks it is good for Rick to get involved in the company he will be running some day, and she thinks Kim is better suited for her son anyway. She's sure Amber has a secret that can... and eventually will... blow her marriage apart, she tells Ridge.

Amber is lying in bed with the baby, thinking about Becky, who MUST know they are there because she works for Forrester. She's about to call Becky when Tawny comes in; Amber reluctantly tells her mom who she is going to call. Tawny is against the idea, as she thinks Amber is encouraging Becky to remember that this is her son. "You have more important things to worry about... your marriage!" Tawny points out. She tells Amber to leave the baby with her and go find her husband and have some fun. "By the way, where is Rick?" Tawny asks.

Becky is hard at work at her desk in Paris, but she keeps flashing back to times when she held her son. Holding the train ticket in her hands, she thinks about what she should do. Suzanne comes over and asks her if she has heard from Amber; when Becky says no, Suzanne is surprised. Becky decides to call Amber and to talk to the baby; that will be enough to satisfy her. "This is your **SON**," Suzanne points out. Becky needs that baby, and if she doesn't do the right thing, she will go off the deep end, Suzanne predicts.

Kimberly and Rick scout locations in St. Marks Square with Giovanni, who shows them around. "THIS is where we will do our first shoot," Giovanni proudly announces, as Kimberly takes in the beautiful scenery. This will be so awesome, Rick says! Kimberly will look stunning here. He is about to return to Amber and the baby when Kimberly points out that they are together in Venice, the most romantic city in the world. She sees he is not happy with Amber, yet he is passing up the opportunity he has with her (Kim) in this city. Somehow, she vows, she will prove to him that Amber is living a lie.

Brooke resumes quizzing Ridge, but he asks her how she can spend so much time in her room with Thorne with everyone around. "Everyone will find out eventually," Brooke predicts. "And to hell with my mother?" Ridge asks. Brooke changes the subject to Taylor; why was he arguing with his wife on what should be their second honeymoon? "It's complicated," Ridge says. Brooke remembers that she and Ridge never fought like that and offers to help. "Things were simpler then... but I shouldn't be talking like this," Ridge says. He turns to leave, but Brooke calls after him. He pauses in the door, but when she says, "Never mind," he leaves.

Becky calls Amber's room, where Tawny picks up the phone. Becky asks to speak to her cousin, but Tawny says she is out with Rick. Becky asks about the baby, who Tawny says is sleeping. She tells Becky not to call anymore... and when Becky suggests coming to Venice, Tawny says that would be a bad idea for Rick and Amber. "I could watch the baby," Becky offers, but Tawny asks her not to ruin things with her presence. "Please stay in Paris," Tawny pleads. Becky asks for them to visit Paris, but Tawny will not commit. Just then, the baby starts crying. Becky asks to speak to him, but Tawny hangs up the phone!

Giovanni asks Rick what he said to Kimberly to make her upset. Rick says it is none of his business, but Giovanni reminds him this is his lead model. He lays it on the line, asking Rick how he can turn his back on this beautiful girl who loves him so much. "I have a son! Maybe you don't care about that, but we do," Rick says. Giovanni asks him how lying to his son is a good thing, and he asks Rick to remember that next time he looks into his son's eyes.

Amber sneaks up on "Princess Kimberly" and accuses her of stalking Rick. He's mine, Amber says. Only because of the baby, Kimberly responds.

"Who am I kidding?" Becky asks herself, looking at her son's picture. Picking up the tickets, she makes up her mind... she is going to Venice!

Tuesday, January 11, 2000, Ep. #3213

In her apartment, Becky prepares to go to Venice, thinking about how her aunt tried to keep her away. She remembers how much she misses holding little Eric and says that he is only a train ride away. Just then, Suzanne arrives with her son, Peter. Suzanne pleads with Becky to go to Venice, and Becky says that she will; she is already packing, in fact. She explains how Aunt Tawny's orders made her change her mind about going. "Who does she think she is?" Becky asks. Suzanne is glad to hear this and tells Becky to bring her baby home, but Becky says this is just a visit. All she wants is to hold her baby. "Once you do, you may not be able to let him go," Suzanne warns. Becky is confident that Amber will allow her to see her son and that she can visit without bonding with him. Suzanne is not so sure and warns Becky that this could affect all of them, including her cousin Amber.

In St. Marks Square, Amber tries to tell Kimberly to get over Rick. Kimberly accuses Amber of coming here to show off, but Amber says she has a solid marriage and does not have to show off. Then why bring her mother, the bodyguard? Kim asks. Amber has had it with Kimberly's accusations and the two start to argue, but Rick and Giovanni break it up. Amber fawns all over her husband and takes him to get some food, much to Kimberly's chagrin.

In the hotel, Brooke tells Thorne about her conversation with Ridge. Thorne just wants to forget about his brother and have some fun. The two go sightseeing. Brooke, a rose and a guidebook in her hand, admires the fabulous city of Venice. Giddily, she hands the rose to a woman and then goes over to talk to some children. Thorne is delighted and amazed at how crazy she is; as the children giggle and laugh, he kisses her.

Ridge is on the phone with his father, assuring Eric that the plan will go through, when Taylor comes in. Ridge quickly hangs up, as Taylor tells Ridge that she is tired of this whole thing. She wants to go home! Ridge says that Eric is depending on them, but Taylor reminds him how she was not given any choice. Ridge says that Thorne and Brooke gave them no choice, and they have to break those two up for Stephanie's sake. Taylor says this is too much. It's not fair to their children or her! She reminds him how he swore not to let Brooke run their lives anymore and does not want to hear his excuses. She's had enough! She picks up the phone, ready to call the kids and tell them Mommy is coming home! Ridge tells Taylor she can go home once they accomplish what they came for, so they should stick to the plan. Taylor does not like this underhanded plan. Ridge says he does not either, but he has to think of his mother. "For her sake, Doc, we have to do this!" he insists.

In a restaurant, Amber apologizes to Rick for fighting with Kimberly. He reminds her this was supposed to be fun. She explains that this all seems like a dream to her, for both her and their son. Little Eric may not remember this now, but it is part of his history, just like Rick went on trips with his parents when he was young. She asks him not to tell their son about her making a fool of herself in St. Marks Square when he is older, and Rick agrees. A waiter brings their food, and Amber marvels at how delicious it looks. Rick points out how far she has come since they met. "Everything worked out like you said it would when you proposed," Amber replies. She is sorry they got off to a rocky start because of her mistakes. Rick says they both made mistakes, but they are past that now. "Yes, we are," Amber says.

Becky boards the train to Venice. "Mommy's coming, Eric," she says to herself. She looks at his picture as the train departs, thinking about him. Will he remember her? She does not want to take him away from his family, but she just wants to see him. "I have to!" she says.

Thorne takes Brooke down an empty street and she is afraid they are lost. Thorne says he knows where they are, and sure enough, they arrive at the Rialto Bridge. Brooke kisses him, talking about all the memories they will have of this place. They hear an Italian love song, Costa Diva, playing in the background, and Thorne says how it has inspired him. More importantly, BROOKE has inspired him. She has brought passion and adventure to his life and has made him see the world as if it was new. He now knows that every moment is precious, and he wants this adventure to go on forever... and that is why he wants her to be his wife. He gets down on bended knee, takes out a ring, and asks her to marry him, and Brooke has a glowing smile on her face.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000, Ep. #3214

"Be my wife," Thorne asks Brooke. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. "Yes," she tells him. Thorne puts the engagement ring on her finger and vows that he will put a wedding band there when they return, and no one... not his father, his brother, or his mother... will stop him. "I love you so much. Nothing would make me happier than being your wife," Brooke says as she kisses him. They then enjoy a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice. This is so beautiful, so perfect, Brooke says. Thorne is amazed at how suddenly they fell in love after all the years they have known each other, but it seems so right. Brooke admits she was not looking for a man; all she wanted was to move on, but there Thorne was, and now she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She feels inspired by his goodness and his honesty, and she sees something new every time she is with him. They then laugh about exploring some corrupt ideas that Thorne has in mind... but first, they have a lunch date. He tells her how he loves her and will never forget this moment, and Brooke says she loves him too. They kiss one more time.

In the hotel, Tawny is alone, talking to herself. She wonders why Becky cannot leave well enough alone and stay out of Amber's life. She wouldn't DARE come to Venice. Meanwhile, Becky is on the train on her way. Back in Venice, Rick and Amber return to the hotel and tell Tawny all about the great time they had sightseeing. Tawny is so happy for them; she is glad to see them so happy together. That's what honeymoons are for, Amber says... and speaking of which... Tawny gets the hint and is about to leave. Rick and Amber tell her to leave the baby here so she can go sightseeing, and off Tawny goes. Amber tells Rick that she has never been happier than she is right now. Right now, though, she intends to fulfill his needs in ways no one else can. Just as she is coming on to him, the baby cries out, and Rick laughs at the interruption. Amber thanks Rick for being a wonderful husband and father. She confides in Rick how she expected things to fall apart during the last year, but Rick reminds her of his commitment, and he now believes it. She would like to freeze this, the greatest moment in her life, in time.

Taylor is still unhappy about Eric's plan, but Ridge urges her to go along with it for his mother's sake. They go to get a bite to eat, where Ridge anxiously waits for Brooke and Thorne to show up. Taylor says they may not even show up, but Ridge is sure they will... and he is also sure that he will break them up. Taylor is still unsure that they should be doing this. Thorne and Brooke are not even in love, Ridge says, and he and Taylor are the only ones who CAN break them up.

Becky is on her way to Venice, talking to her son's picture and saying how she is on her way. When she gets there, they will finally be together, she vows. She starts dreaming of herself holding little Eric, feeding him and playing with him. "It's going to be so wonderful. I can't wait to see you... Mommy's coming very soon," she says, tears in her eyes.

Brooke and Thorne arrive at the restaurant and see Ridge and Taylor. She wants to leave, but Thorne convinces her to stay. They do, however, get a table far from Ridge and Taylor. Ridge spots them and says, "They're here, Doc; Brooke and Thorne are here." Brooke is nervous with Ridge and Taylor watching them, but she is tired of hiding... so let them stare if they want. Meanwhile, Taylor does not feel right about this. Even though HE promised his father he would do this, he also promised HER that Brooke would not run their lives. "This is about my mother, not you and me," Ridge reminds her. "Then why are we here? Because of Brooke! Admit it!" Taylor lashes out. Brooke and Thorne notice the tension but decide to ignore it. Meanwhile, Ridge orders Taylor to put her anger aside and, like it or not, put this plan into action... NOW!

Becky arrives in Venice and gets directions to the hotel: she is ready to find her son! "It won't be long now, my little boy; Mama's coming!" she says.

Thursday, January 13, 2000, Ep. #3215

In the restaurant, Ridge is laying it on thick with Taylor, saying how Brooke and Thorne are selfishly having a good time while his mother is home in a wheelchair. But it is going to stop! "Admit it, Ridge... this is personal! I'm not stupid and I know there is more to it!" Taylor responds. Ridge denies it, saying this is a slap in the face, and Taylor says it is... to her face! Brooke and Thorne keep watching and wonder why Taylor keeps looking over towards them. Maybe Taylor is jealous of how Ridge can have any woman he wants? Thorne asks. "But not me... not anymore," Brooke answers. She wonders how Taylor and Ridge can make such a scene and wants to go over there, but Thorne says he will do it. Taylor and Ridge keep going at it when Thorne comes over and asks what the problem is. Ridge says there is none, but Taylor says RIDGE is the problem. Once again, she feels like she is in second place, and she is about to tell Thorne why she feels this way. Ridge tries to stop her, but Taylor says that Thorne deserves to know the truth! Taylor tells Ridge there is nothing romantic about this trip, and she is about to tell Thorne the truth. Ridge orders his brother to leave... NOW! Rather than make a scene, Thorne returns to the table and tells Brooke that this is bad. Ridge and Taylor are having a major meltdown!

Sally stops by to see Eric and asks him to admit what was going on when he told her to lay off the subject of Brooke. Stephanie is not here now, she says, so she wants to know the truth. Why are Brooke and Thorne in Venice together? Eric says he has no idea as they have not spoken to him, and besides, all he cares about is Stephanie. Sally reminds him of all that Brooke has done; she knows what would happen if Stephanie found out about Brooke and Thorne. But that's not going to happen, Eric states. Thorne's future is with Macy, not Brooke, Eric insists... and Ridge is going to prove it!

In their room at the Hotel Bauer in Venice, Amber cuddles with her son, telling him he will see so many wonderful things in Venice. Rick joins them, and Amber again thanks him for bringing them. Some day, their son will thank him too, she says. Eric is such a lucky boy with an amazing father, she says, and Rick says his Mom is something, too. Rick puts on some music and Amber starts singing along to the melody. Little Eric and Rick look on, and as she concludes her serenade, she moves close to her husband and their son. Rick says she has a gorgeous voice. "And a gorgeous husband and a beautiful son," she replies, telling him how lucky she feels to have them. It makes her feel like singing all the time, and she wants Rick to feel that way too, now and forever. She pulls him close and they kiss.

In the streets of Venice, Becky fumbles with her Italian while trying to find the Hotel Bauer. Finally, she gets an idea where it is and says, "It won't be long, baby. Mama is on the way!" Meanwhile, Tawny picks out some souvenirs for her brother Joe and his wife, and she spots Becky. "It can't be! This can't be happening, not now!" Tawny says. She tries chasing after Becky, to no avail. Becky finally arrives at the hotel and says this is it; nothing can stop her from seeing her son now. She goes inside and asks the clerk what room Rick is in. The clerk offers to call up, but she says she came all the way from Forrester International in Paris to surprise Rick and Amber. When the clerk hears she works for Forrester, he helps her out. Becky is soon outside Rick and Amber's door, ready for the moment of truth... she is about to see her son!

Friday, January 14, 2000, Ep. #3216

In Venice, Rick and Amber come in off their balcony. They hear someone at the door and Amber tells Rick not to answer. Outside, an anxious Becky waits for them to open the door, but she runs off when Tawny arrives. Amber then opens the door and is surprised when she finds no one there. She returns to Rick, who wonders when Tawny will return so they can go sightseeing.

At Spectra, Sally tells Macy about her conversations with Eric, and she suspects that Thorne is involved with Brooke, something she thinks Eric has known about for some time. Macy is stunned as Sally apologizes for dropping this bombshell. "It was Brooke the whole time, and she won," Macy laments. She remembers how Stephanie warned her and wonders how long it will be before Brooke tosses Thorne away, like all the other men in her life that aren't Ridge. Sally says it will serve Thorne right; he made his choice and has to live with it. Still, Macy cares about him and thinks there is something she can do about it. She feels bad for Thorne, who has alienated everyone who cares about him for a woman who will only break his heart. Sally then tells Macy that Thorne is in Venice with Brooke. "Does Stephanie know?" Macy asks. No, Sally answers, but the truth will come out eventually. Macy decides she has to talk to Thorne; even if it is over between them, she cannot let Brooke ruin Thorne's life. She is going to Venice because she loves him!

Thorne and Brooke talk about the irony of Ridge and Taylor coming over to make trouble, only to find trouble themselves. Meanwhile, Ridge tells Taylor to get it together. She reminds him of all the times he put her second after Brooke. As Thorne and Brooke continue to watch, Taylor says she could handle it when it was just her, but now their children are involved. Ridge says he sacrificed everything for his kids. "Including me and our marriage?" Taylor asks. She storms off, leaving Ridge alone and Brooke wondering what is going on. She suggests Thorne go over there to talk to his brother, but Thorne wants to talk about them. After looking at Ridge sitting alone, however, he gives in and goes over to Ridge. Ridge doesn't want his brother's help; it's Thorne's fault he is here in the first place! Ridge gets up and leaves, looking at Brooke as he makes his exit.

Becky flees through the streets of Venice, trying to get away from Tawny. Tawny catches up to her, but Becky pulls away and runs. Tawny chases after her. Becky reaches a bell tower and runs inside. Tawny follows her up the stairs. At the top, Becky tries to hide, but Tawny finds her. Becky stands with her back to a railing as Tawny tells her that she has just made a big mistake!

Back at the hotel, Brooke cannot believe that Ridge blamed Thorne. He is sure that Ridge and Taylor will work it out, he states, just as they hear Ridge and Taylor arguing next door again. Thorne goes to meet a friend, but Brooke decides to stay behind and wait for his return. As she gets undressed, she hears Ridge and Taylor fighting again; Ridge is pounding on a door as Taylor refuses to let him in.

Lying in bed in a red nighty, Brooke notices it is quiet. Thorne must be right that Ridge and Taylor are making up. Just then, she hears a knock at the door; it's Ridge, upset that he cannot find his wife. He doesn't know what Taylor wants from him. She is everything a man could want, but she throws every mistake in his face. What does she throw in his face, Brooke wonders? "Us, our history," Ridge answers. He admits he came to break them up; that should have been obvious, he says. Brooke says he should not have come, especially as Thorne has proposed, so she tells Ridge to find Taylor, make peace with her and go home. "That won't change what she isn't willing to accept," Ridge says. "She wants out... she's leaving me!"

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