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Monday, January 17, 2000, Ep. #3217

In Venice, Amber anxiously waits with little Eric for Tawny to come back. Meanwhile, Tawny is in the bell tower, warning Becky not to destroy Amber's life! That's not what Becky wants; she just wants to see her son and give him a present. Tawny orders her to get back to Paris right now; Becky will NOT see little Eric! Becky refuses to listen, and Tawny warns her not to push. "I push back!" she threatens. Think about how everyone will be suspicious once Becky shows up, Tawny says. "You promised to stay out of his life!" Becky says there will be no harm, but Tawny says that she is obsessed... and it will stop, even if she has to stop Becky! Becky agrees to leave, but not because Tawny is ordering her to. "I'm doing this because it is best for my son, even though it's so hard!" she says. Tawny says this will be best for everyone. "You do believe that, don't you?" Becky falls into her aunt's arms as the wind blows around them.

In the hotel lobby, Thorne meets a friend named Guido. The two sit down and Guido says that he heard Ridge is here as well. Thorne quickly changes the subject and looks at some fabrics Guido has brought him for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Thorne is pleased with the samples, which Guido says will look fabulous on Brooke. "She is a great asset to you," Guido says, and Thorne agrees. They keep talking until Thorne spots Taylor walking with a suitcase. She is frustrated when the case falls open and he walks up to her. Thorne asks what is going on, and she says she is leaving! She says she is tired of Ridge always putting Brooke ahead of her and is going home. Thorne tells her to think about this, but she says it is not one-sided. Brooke will do the same to him, she predicts, so she is in tears as she tells Thorne to get out before it is too late!

Ridge repeats it for Brooke: Taylor is leaving him. She is tired of his "lack of commitment," and he is sick of trying to measure up to Taylor's standards. Brooke urges him to go talk to his wife and make her understand. "She already understands me better than anyone, maybe even than I know myself... and maybe that's the problem," Ridge says. Brooke says that Ridge should not be saying these things to him, as he will regret them in a few days. "You love Taylor!" she reminds him. That's not the issue, Ridge says. Taylor is incredible and is much better than he deserves, since all he does is bring her down. Brooke says that's not true, but Ridge points out how Taylor has been unhappy this whole trip... and all throughout their relationship, she has been, because of the reason for her insecurities: Ridge's feelings for Brooke. "What about the children?" Brooke asks. Ridge says he has done everything for those kids, but Taylor disagrees; she thinks he has put the kids and even their marriage in second place. Of course she is upset, Brooke says, and she tells Ridge to go talk to Taylor now! "Yes, you are possesive of me, but that does not mean your marriage is over, so go find her, now!" Brook says. Ridge hesitates, and Brooke asks what he is waiting for.

Amber and Rick are wondering where Tawny is when they hear a knock at the door. It is Tawny, who apologizes for losing track of time at the market. She takes the baby and tells Rick and Amber to go on their gondola ride. Once they are gone, she tells the baby that she had a close call, but she doesn't think they will be seeing Becky again. She's gone, this time for sure. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick arrive at the dock and board the gondola. Becky spots them and tries to catch them, but she arrives just after the boat pushes off. She tells herself, "I have to see my son, but Tawny doesn't understand. Amber will... she has to!"

Brooke tells Ridge to go to the airport before Taylor leaves. Ridge says it will do no good, and he even wonders if perhaps Brooke was right when she said Taylor only got pregnant to hold onto him. "I was wrong," Brooke says. "If I didn't believe that, I could never have..." Ridge asks what she was going to say, but Brooke says it is not important. What is important is that Taylor is wrong, and she needs Ridge to reassure her of that. "I can't do that, Brooke," Ridge says, "because I think she is right!" Brooke is stunned to listen to these words!

Tuesday, January 18, 2000, Ep. #3218

In Venice, Rick and Amber enjoy a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice. They talk about what a great time they are having. Amber calls out, "Hey, do all you people know you are living in paradise?" as Rick laughs with her. The gondola goes under a bridge... and just as it passes, Becky runs onto the bridge, anxious to find Amber so she can see her son. She again just misses them. The gondola sails on as Rick and Amber enjoy the sights of Venice. This is their chance to put everything behind them and start fresh, Amber tells him, and Rick thinks that is a good idea. Rick closes his eyes as the gondola nears the next bridge... but Amber looks up and is stunned to see Becky there!

Back at the Hotel Bauer, Tawny is with the baby, happy that she got rid of Becky. Still, she feared Becky would not go home, but she vows to keep anyone from taking little Eric from Amber.

In the hotel lobby, Thorne tries to convince Taylor to talk to Ridge and not to go home, but she says it is no use. She was a fool to believe Ridge when he said it was over with Brooke, and she thinks Thorne will go through the same thing with Brooke now. That's not true, Thorne says. Taylor says he will have to learn for himself then, and she turns down his offer to take her to the airport and goes to find a taxi to take her home!

In her hotel room, Brooke tells Ridge to go after Taylor or he will regret it. Yes, she and Ridge were close, but he is married now. Ridge says he dropped everything to save her from Thorne. "No, you did it for your mother," Brooke insists. Ridge says he thought that was true, but he was in denial... and so is Brooke. "I am in love with your brother. Don't do this. You are married and I am engaged. We've moved on!" Brooke pleads. "Have we really?" Ridge asks. He points out how many times he has broken promises to Taylor, and he is tired of it. For her sake and the kids, he has to admit that he can't get rid of his feelings for Brooke. Brooke says she knows how she feels, but he can move on. Ridge is not sure; he knows Brooke is scared for Thorne, but she cannot deny her feelings. "I love Thorne!" Brooke says, but Ridge challenges her to look him in the eye and tell his she still does not want him.

Thorne tries to call Ridge's room, but gets no answer. He apologizes to his friend Guido and says that he has some family business to attend to.

Brooke pulls away from Ridge and says she has told him hundreds of times that she wants Thorne. Then why does her heart race in his arms, Ridge asks? Because they HAD something special before... but that was then. Now, she has finally gotten over him with Thorne's help. He is her future, forever! Ridge does not believe her and reminds her of what they shared in Lake Como. All Brooke can remember of that time is her fear of losing Ridge and her lying to him about his child, and she does not want to feel that way again. And she does NOT feel that way with Thorne, who knows everything about her, including her feelings for Ridge in the past and what Ridge felt for her. "And I still do, Brooke," he tells her, "and it's still there." He knows she feels it and cannot resist it, any more than he can. He pulls her close to kiss him.

Back at the hotel, Amber and Rick stop for postcards. She suggests that he go upstairs and check on her mom and the baby while she stops in the gift shop. Once Rick is gone, she slips away to see her cousin. Becky says hi, and Amber wants to know she is doing there!

Ridge seduces Brooke, saying that she cannot resist her feelings, and she tries to resist. She whispers, "No, Ridge," but he brings himself closer to her and starts to kiss her, just as Thorne unlocks the door to the room. He is stunned at the sight of Ridge and Brooke lying on the bed. After watching Brooke with Ridge for a brief moment, Thorne quickly leaves and shuts the door, shocked at what he just witnessed. "Oh god, no," he tells himself in a stunned whisper.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000, Ep. #3219

In the hotel room, Tawny brags to little Eric how she got rid of the big, bad Becky. Rick walks in and tells her how excited Amber was while they were sightseeing; he is so glad to see her happy and at peace with herself. Tawny agrees that they can finally get on with their lives. That's all he has ever wanted for their son, Rick says. Tawny is happy that he, Amber and their son can start over; things will be easier now.

In the hotel lobby, Amber demands to know why Becky is there. Becky assures her that she does not want to reveal the truth about little Eric; she just wants to see him. Amber says she can't, as Rick will figure things out. She tells Becky to go back to Paris, as the risk is too great. Becky tells her cousin how she dreams of the baby every night; if only she could see him. Why can't Amber just bring the baby down to see her? Is it because Amber thinks she will run off with the baby again? Amber says the timing is not right. Becky is in tears as she tells Amber how lonely she is in Paris. All she wants is to see the baby. "Is that too much to ask?" Amber agrees, but Rick cannot be there. She tells Becky to keep her cell phone on and she will call her once she gets Rick out of the room. Just then, they spot Rick leaving the hotel. "Now's our chance," Becky says, so Amber takes her up to the room. Amber goes in first and tells an anxious Becky to wait outside.

Thorne is in shock after seeing Brooke and Ridge. He leaves the hotel and takes to the streets, where he walks alone. Angry and frustrated, he shakes a fence and then collapses to the ground in tears. He keeps reliving the scene of Brooke and Ridge in the bed in his mind, and he keeps crying.

Brooke asks Ridge what he is doing. "What we both want, Logan," he says. She tells him this is wrong; Taylor just walked out on him, she reminds him. "This is about us. Thorne is a friend, but you don't love him," Ridge tells her. She asks him how he can say these things now. It's what she has wanted to hear, he points out. It was, she says, until she fell for Thorne. As Ridge keeps kissing her, Brooke asks, "Why is this happening to me?" Just then, she is stunned to see Taylor standing in the doorway. Brooke says this is not what Taylor thinks. "That's not the point! You were lying in bed with him!" Taylor exclaims. Brooke says nothing happened and she wants to have nothing to do with this. She tells Ridge and Taylor to take their problems to their room and to talk things out, but Ridge says this is about her. "This is crazy!" Brooke says. Taylor says there is more going on here: Brooke obviously still has feelings for Ridge. Brooke hopes Taylor is not upset, and Taylor says she is not; in fact, she has something to tell Brooke.

Taylor tells Brooke to listen to Ridge, who talks about how Brooke and Thorne's relationship was a threat to Stephanie. He had to do something to end that threat. "What does this have to do with... oh, no, it can't be!" Brooke says. Ridge tells Brooke that her relationship with Thorne is a farce, and Taylor adds that she is transferring her feelings for Ridge to Thorne. Ridge says he is sorry, but he hopes this puts an end to what has gone on. "So this was an act, a farce?" Brooke asks in disbelief.

Tawny tells Amber that she just missed Rick. Amber suggests that Tawny go sightseeing, as she needs some time alone. A confused Tawny agrees, so she takes her coat and leaves. Once she is gone, Amber stays silent until there is a knock at the door. Becky opens the door and walks toward the baby's crib. She picks him up from the crib, and she has tears in her eyes as she holds her son in her arms, while a concerned Amber looks on.

Brooke cannot believe Ridge could lie to her this way. She gave them no choice, Taylor states, as he was trying to save his mother's life. Ridge tries to apologize, but Brooke does not want to hear it. Taylor tries to tell Brooke to admit that she is still in love with Ridge. "I see; because you got me down on the bed and treated me like a slut and played with my insecurities, that means I don't love Thorne. But it doesn't prove anything, Ridge. It proves that I love Thorne even more. You don't mean anything to me, Ridge, not even as a friend. No one would do that to me except a cheap, vile and disgusting human being! You're nothing compared to Thorne, nothing!" Brooke exclaims. She tells Ridge that she hates him. Ridge tells her that what she felt on that bed was all too real. Brooke is about to slap him, but Taylor grabs her hand. As Brooke tries to pull free, Taylor blurts out that it was real for Thorne too; he saw everything! Brooke is shocked.

Meanwhile, Thorne is walking in a daze in some deserted part of Venice, surrounded by water. He cries out, "NO, BROOKE... NO, BROOKE, DON'T YOU DO THAT!" as he is on his hands in knees and in a lot of pain.

Thursday, January 20, 2000, Ep. #3220

Back at the mansion in L.A., Eric is talking to Stephanie about company business. As he tells her about the latest sales figures, she is distracted, but she tries to get back on track. Eric says they don't have to talk about this, but he has noticed that she has not been herself since she spoke to Sally. It has nothing to do with Sally, Stephanie states, but Eric thinks it does have something to do with what Sally said. Stephanie wants to know if they are protecting her from something... she thinks they are, and she believes that it is about Thorne and Brooke being together in Venice. Is it true? Eric lies to her and says that they are not together in Venice. Stephanie says she is glad to hear that, because she doesn't think she could survive Brooke being with another of her sons, her baby Thorne. That won't happen, Eric says, so he tells her to put it out of her mind.

In her hotel room in Venice, Brooke is in tears and still shaken. Brooke asks again if Thorne saw her with Ridge. Taylor said yes, she saw him by the door. Ridge and Taylor tell Brooke they never wanted to do this. Taylor even says that she was opposed to the plan when she first heard about it, and she was outraged... and she still is. However, Stephanie's health was at risk. Also, she points out that Brooke's love for Thorne disappeared the minute she was with Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that he was wrong to do this; he toyed with her emotions, and did something to her that she would never do to an enemy. Taylor tells Brooke to lash out, but Brooke asks her what kind of psychiatrist she is. She thinks Taylor is insecure that Ridge is still hung up on her. Taylor says that she is so very sorry, but she also points out that Brooke did respond to Ridge. Brooke admits that for a moment, when Ridge was telling her all the things she wanted to hear for years, she did let him back into her heart... but once she did, he betrayed her! Still, even while it was happening, she never forgot about Thorne. She says that the thought of Ridge touching her now makes her physically ill. She says she will never make that mistake again. She is hurt beyond belief, and she bets that makes Taylor happy.

Taylor says she is not happy about this. Brooke turns to Ridge and lashes out at him for preying on her vulnerabilities. Both Ridge and Taylor stand there listening to her, and it seems that they are not happy with what they have done. Taylor has tears in her eyes, and Ridge is stone-faced and silent. Brooke says she never ever wants to see them again and orders them to leave the room. Ridge and Taylor try to remain, but Brooke orders them, "Get out! NOW!" They leave, and Ridge looks back at her as Brooke is crying.

In Rick and Amber's room, Becky holds the baby. She is crying and saying that she has waited so long for this moment, ever since she left L.A. She looks at the baby's features and asks Amber all kinds of questions about him. Does he talk yet? Does he always have that look in his eyes? Becky asks if the baby remembers when he called her mommy on the phone. Amber is shocked to hear that Becky has been calling the baby. Amber tells her to give her that baby right now and leave, as she does not want Rick to come and see her like that. Becky stands there silently for a moment... and then she says no, she can't do that. Amber is in shock.

Kimberly & Rick are talking. Kimberly says he does not need to say anything to her. She was so sure that something would happen between them in Venice, but it did not happen. Rick tells her that Amber has no secret, so maybe they can now be more realistic and move on with their lives. Kimberly says for that to happen, she has to learn to stop loving him, and she does not know if she can do that.

Ridge calls his father and tells Eric that the plan worked; he hated every minute of it, but Brooke & Thorne are no longer together. Eric is relieved, as he is grateful that Stephanie will be spared the pain of dealing with the thought of Thorne being with Brooke. He thanks his son. Ridge says he doesn't feel like talking about it anymore and that he will see his father in L.A. Ridge hangs up the phone, and he sits and puts his head in his hands.

Thorne is still crying as he walks the streets of Venice. He is standing in the spot where he proposed to Brooke and says, "Brooke, how could you do this? How could you?" He has his fist clenched and he is really hurting. He flashes back to when Brooke accepted his proposal and remembers her saying how much she loved him. He then recalls asking Brooke if she would ever be tempted to go back; she said no, not in a million years. Thorne says, "You didn't mean it, Brooke. It was all a lie. It was Ridge all along, always Ridge." Thorne is now walking around... and unknown to him, Brooke is following the same path as she tries to find him. She is saying, "Thorne, where are you?" as tears are in her eyes. Meanwhile, as she walks up a flight of stairs, Thorne, still saddened and angry, is walking down the opposite side, so they miss each other...

Friday, January 21 2000, Ep. #3221

Back in the U.S., Adam drops in as Clarke and Sally work in her office at Spectra. Sally tells Adam that he just missed Kimberly, and she gets the feeling that Kim is hoping to expose Amber's alleged secret while she is there. Adam hopes there IS no secret and that his daughter will be home, and away from those people, soon! Clarke wonders what the secret might be, and Sally explains how Kim thinks it has to do with the baby. Adam wants his girl to just let Amber deal with it and forget all about it!

In Venice, Kimberly seems distracted during a photo shoot. Giovanni tries to find out what is wrong, but she just wants to keep working. He walks with her for a bit, reminding her of the beauty, the magic and the history of Venice. He wants Kimberly to see that, but she says there is nothing he can do. She just wants to get on with it. He says that Rick is a fool, but she says that SHE is the fool. As Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" plays in the background, Kimberly goes before the cameras once more, putting on a bright, smiling face for the camera as Giovanni clicks away. From the sidelines, Rick watches and smiles. He bites his lip as Kimberly spots him; she suddenly turns cool and tells Giovanni that she wants to stop.

After refusing to give little Eric back to Amber, Becky says that Suzanne was right. When Amber asks who Suzanne is, Becky tells of her friend in Paris who made her realize that a baby needs his mother... and his mother needs him, too! Amber says that Kimberly CAN'T raise the baby alone. She is building a career for herself, and the baby will just get in the way. Becky says that her job is safe, and there are lots of single mothers who are doing just fine. She can handle this, she tells her cousin. Amber tries to tell Becky how much she is growing as a person, and Becky agrees... she is growing, as a person, a woman AND a mother. Amber says to forget this talk about motherhood... a baby SHOULD be raised by two parents, she insists. She is married and Becky is not. But it's a marriage that only exists because of the baby, Becky points out. Amber says that WAS true, but this honeymoon is changing that. Becky says she is happy to hear that... and if that's true, then Amber and Rick should have their own baby, because this one is hers.

Kimberly and Giovanni stop to get a bite to eat. Giovanni goes to get her some coffee... and while he is gone, Rick comes in and sees Kimberly. He asks to join her and she says he can, but she says they are not alone, as Giovanni is here also. He tries to tell her how sorry he feels that she is disappointed at how things turned out, but she reminds him how hard it is for her to watch him with Amber. If he loves Amber, then just do it: she would rather remember him that way. "Remember?" Rick asks, just as Giovanni returns with the coffee. Rick asks the shutterbug to leave, but Giovanni refuses. As the two exchange words, Kimberly tells them to stop. She has something to tell them: she's quitting her modeling job. After tonight, she will return to L.A. Rick again asks Giovanni to leave them alone; this time, Giovanni agrees. Rick then says that he will not let Kim give up her career because of him. Kimberly says she is pre-med, so this is not her career... and she is doing this for herself, not him. Rick says he and Amber should not have come here, but Kimberly is glad he did. She thought this would be a beginning for them and that she could get Rick to give up Amber, but that isn't what happened. She shouldn't be, but she is surprised to admit that... but even so, it will be hard to give up on the first man she ever loved. But no matter how hard it is, she has to, she says. She is crying as Rick shakes his head in disbelief.

Amber reminds Becky how much she has helped her and how much she cares about her. Becky says she wants to be close to Amber as well, and she promises that the baby will still be part of Amber's life. They will talk on the phone and visit each other all the time. Amber breaks in and says that Becky will NOT take that baby back to Paris. This baby is hers and Rick's now, she insists, and she will die before she lets Becky take it. "Give him back, Becky! You will not take my baby!" she states with determination.

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