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Week of 01/24/2000 - 01/28/2000

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Monday, January 24, 2000, Ep. #3222

As Ridge and Taylor fly home, he seems distracted as he stares out the window. She tells him it's over, and he agrees, adding, "Thanks to me." Taylor reminds him they did this for a reason... and it did prove something. Brooke was vulnerable to him, she says. "Because I pushed her to it," Ridge says. True, but Brooke jumped at the opportunity, Taylor says. "Didn't she? Brooke came onto you, right?" Ridge does not answer and tries to change the subject, but Taylor clings to her supposition, which she thinks would have caused a lot of heartache. "And it would have killed my mother," Ridge says.

Amber tells Becky to give her baby back right now! "He isn't your baby," Becky points out. Amber says she didn't have to let Becky come up here, but she did, because she knew it was important. That wouldn't have mattered a few months ago, Becky says. But it does matter now, Amber says. Still, she has raised that child for almost a year, so she won't let Becky just walk in and tear those bonds apart. Her marriage and her family will be all over, she says. "Rick won't leave you if he loves you," Becky says. But if he finds out the truth about his "son," Amber says, he will hate her. The secret will come out someday, Becky points out. Amber cannot hide it forever, and it will drive her crazy trying... and think what it will do to little Eric then. "You have to give him back to his real mother... to me!" Becky pleads, tears in her eyes. There is no other way. Amber says she can't give up this baby; he needs her and Rick! Becky wants to help, but she has to think about her son. She didn't intend for it to happen this way, but as soon as she held her son, she knew it was what she had to do--and now she is taking her son home.

At the cafe, Rick continues to try talking Kimberly out of quitting. She tells him that she finally has accepted that Rick is committed to his marriage, and she now believes that it would do no good to chase after any secrets Amber might have. She wants to give Rick and his family a chance. She knows Rick loves her, but they have to make a clean break for his family to have that chance. Rick is skeptical, but Kimberly reminds him that he has a wife and a child as she starts to cry. Rick tells her he loves her. "If only I had never gone to that cabin," he laments. Accept that it is over, Kimberly pleads. "How can I do that if it never began?" he asks. With tears in her eyes, she leans towards him and gives him a goodbye kiss, and then she leaves.

At the Hotel Bauer in Venice, Thorne goes back to his room and is given a note to call his fiancee right away. Thorne thanks the clerk and shuts the door. He then throws the note down and says, "Like Hell I'll call you, Brooke! I never want to see you again!" He relives the scene where he saw Brooke in the bed with Ridge; saying what a fool he has been, he goes back out. As the rain pours down around him, Thorne winds up on a bridge where he flashes back to his time with Brooke in Venice... but as he comes back to reality he says it will always be Ridge that she loves. Suddenly, Thorne feels a woman's hand on his shoulder and he turns around and has a look of surprise on his face.

As thunder rumbles outside, Amber reminds Becky that she gave the baby up for adoption, and she can't possibly give him what Rick and Amber did. "Except his mother's love," Becky says. She reminds Amber of how she felt when her own son died and asks if she could pretend to act like her own child was dead. The best thing they can do for this child is to let Becky take it, and they will have no regrets. She thinks she should leave before Rick returns, and she tells Amber how this will be best, as it will end all the lies. Amber did a wonderful thing by keeping her son in the family, and someday little Eric will thank her for that. "But I love him so much!" Amber cries. Becky takes her cousin in her arms and hugs her as Amber cries.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000, Ep. #3223

Tawny is shocked to see Becky with Amber. She immediately accuses Becky of lying and tells her to get out now, before Rick returns. Becky says she has something to say to Rick and is willing to wait. Tawny can't believe this; what did Becky say to Amber to get her to allow Becky to be here? She orders Becky to leave, but Becky refuses. Amber asks them both to leave: she has to talk to Rick alone. She assures Becky this is not a trick and asks her to trust her. Becky looks at Amber and shows her understanding with a hug. Once she and Amber end their embrace, Becky agrees to leave with Tawny. Amber then looks at the baby in his crib and starts to cry.

As the rain comes down around them, Thorne is shocked to see Macy standing there under an umbrella: he asks what she is doing there, especially after what he has done to her. She explains that she would love to hate Thorne, but she cannot. Moreover, she did not come here to get him back, but rather to keep him from being hurt... which is just what will happen if he follows this course with Brooke! Thorne can't believe it: she came all the way to Italy to warn him about Brooke? Yes, Macy says. She knows she and others have warned him before, but she had to try. All she wants is for him to be happy, and she cannot believe that Brooke can do that. She tried to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt, but she does not believe Brooke can love anyone other than Ridge. Brooke even told his own father that she loved him, but that was a lie: again it was Ridge that she really wanted. Brooke may even believe what she says, but is Thorne willing to throw away his family for that? She guesses that six months down the road, or maybe a year, Brooke will cast Thorne aside like the other men in her life, and Macy does not want to see that happen. She is probably wasting her breath, but she knows that someday, Thorne will know she is right, and she hopes he remembers the people who wanted to help him see that in the beginning. "I love you," she says as she walks off, leaving Thorne standing alone in the rain.

Amber is singing a lullaby to the baby when Rick comes in, talking about how rainy it is and how he has found a great restaurant for dinner. They both notice how peaceful the baby is, and Amber continues crying. "Are you sure you're all right?" Rick asks. She says she never felt this way before. She remembers how it was when she first met Rick: she never knew someone like him, and it made her feel like a million dollars. It wasn't about money, and she didn't deserve him. Rick points out that he is no hero; he pressured her into having sex with him at the cabin, he reminds her, and that night changed everything. "Because of the baby. But what would have happened if there was no baby? Would we still be together? Would I even be a part of your life?" Amber asks. Rick says he does not know, but she says he does. Rick does not know how to prove her wrong, but Amber says that is because he cannot. Rick remembers the good times they had... until the baby came along. Still, he wants to be there for his son and for Amber, so he has no regrets. He wants to forget all this and only have a good time. "NO!" Amber protests. "I can't do this anymore. I can't." Rick wonders where this is coming from, and Amber says that this trip has been wonderful. She never imagined it could be like this. She wishes it could go on forever and will always remember Rick the way he is now. She asks what he will remember about her, but she then says that she already knows the answer. Rick tries to get her to open up, but she says not to be nice to her... because she has not been nice to him! She has made mistakes because she cares for him. Rick wonders why she is acting like the world is coming to an end and asks her to tell him what's wrong. "You're right," she says. "I'll tell you everything."

Wednesday, January 26, 2000, Ep. #3224

In tears, Amber explains to Rick that something happened, but it was months ago. She wanted to tell him then, but she couldn't. Rick doesn't understand, so she tells him she is talking about the night their son was born. Rick notes how she never wanted to talk about that night: was it that painful? Amber says she sees it every time she sees little Eric. She is so sorry for holding it in, she states, as Rick tells her to open up and talk to him. She thanks him for being so good to her as he assures her that she need not be scared. He asks her to tell him everything. Amber berates herself for sending Rick away that night, and Rick says he knows now that she did that because of Raymond. Why rehash this? Amber says they need to go over it so Rick can understand what happened. In flashback, we see the panicked Amber about to give birth, with Tawny by her side. Rick knows she regrets that he wasn't there, but it does not change his feelings for their son. "There's more," Amber tells him.

Brooke is shocked to learn that even after Thorne got her message, he has checked out. She prays that she can find him back in L.A. and that she can explain what happened... and she hopes that, out of his love for her, he will forgive her. Just then, there is a knock at the door: it's Kimberly, who wants to know if Brooke was able to get her an early flight home. Brooke says she did... and she is going WITH Kimberly. Kimberly helps her pack as Brooke asks how she is doing. Brooke is sorry things did not work out with Rick. Kim says she was stupid to wait for a miracle when it is obvious how committed Rick is to his marriage. He will never leave Amber because of his son... and that is how it should be. Rick needs to put his son first, despite what she hoped for. She can't put her life on hold for something that won't happen. Brooke says she understands and hugs Kimberly.

Tawny and Becky argue in the lobby of the hotel. Becky says it is over now, and Tawny is the one who caused it. Tawny calls it love, and that makes Becky sick! Tawny cannot believe Becky is such an ingrate and is talking this way. Becky says Tawny may not believe this, but she IS grateful... and she knows Amber knows it, just as she knows Amber loves her son. Tawny, however, only loves the money and the great life Rick has given Amber. And that is probably falling apart as they speak... Suddenly, it dawns on Tawny what is going on. She blames Becky, but Becky blames Tawny for creating all the lies. Tawny guesses that Becky is blackmailing Amber, but Becky says all she wants is what's hers: her son. "Little Eric belongs to me and I'm taking him back," she tells her aunt.

Rick tells Amber to talk to him and to help him understand. Again in flashback, we see the stormy night where Amber gave birth. Tawny was with her, as was Sara the mid-wife, and all Amber wanted was to hold her son. She remembers her delight to see that the baby was Rick's... and how that joy turned to panic and horror when the baby was not breathing! She pled with Sara to do something. Rick says he had no idea, but he thanks the lord that the midwife got the baby breathing. Now he understands why Amber was so upset when she came home, but she has to get past that. No, Amber says. "You don't understand. Nothing worked... and then she stopped... SHE GAVE UP, BUT I TOLD HER NOT TO!" She remembers frantically grabbing the baby from Sara and trying to get him to breathe. "BUT HE WOULDN'T BREATHE!" she cries out. Rick asks what she did, and she says nothing. Rick is confused and asks his wife, "What happened, Amber? TELL ME!"

Thursday, January 27, 2000, Ep. #3225

Rick apologizes for yelling at Amber, but he just got freaked out by what she told him. So what did she do with the baby? Did she take him to the hospital? "No, it was too late!" Amber cries, as a confused Rick asks what happened to their son! Still crying, she whispers, "He died... he didn't make it." Rick is in shock! None of this makes sense! He tells Amber to stop. Why is she making these things up, since their son is right here? "He isn't our son," she confesses. Rick starts crying, as he cannot believe he is hearing this. "If my son is dead, then who is this?" he demands to know. Frantic and still crying, Amber continues her story: she tells him how there was a baby in the room with her when she woke up, and she freaked out. Then her mother suggested that she take this baby in place of her own. At first, she refused, but in time she gave in as her mother pressured her. Rick is angry, and he demands answers. "MY baby was dead, and Becky's was all alone!" she tells him. Suddenly it dawns on Rick: this is Becky's baby!

Becky and Tawny are still in the lobby arguing. Becky tells Tawny that Amber agrees with her that the baby belongs with Becky, but Tawny refuses to believe it. "Believe what you want," Becky says, "but by now, she is telling Rick the whole truth." She suggests that Tawny leave now, before Rick learns the truth: she may not be so welcome when he does. Tawny says that Becky is living in a dream world if she thinks she is taking that baby, but Becky counters that Tawny is the one who is dreaming.

As she packs, Kimberly thinks about what could have been with Rick. In a musical flashback, she remembers the happy times they had in Venice and starts crying. Coming back to reality, she tells herself this is not doing her any good. She has to forget. Just then, there is a knock at the door: it's Giovanni. He had heard she was going home, and she says it is true. Brooke got her on an early flight, and she thinks she needs to be with her family now. Giovanni has another idea. He asks her to consider not going home: he wants her to stay in Venice with him, so he can show her all the things she has never experienced. "Tonight, my dear, you are mine," he tells Kim.

Amber confesses how she took Becky's baby, but Becky did not know it. "And you told me that this was my son? Where was he, Amber? Where was my son?" Rick asks. She tells him how she buried the baby in the desert. "I saved him," she sobs. Rick is furious that he never got to hold his son... and meanwhile, Amber thinks that she SAVED him? Amber tries to explain, but Rick is too angry. "Get away from me!" Rick tells her. Amber asks her to believe that she did this for him, but Rick doesn't know what the truth is anymore! How could she be so cruel? Amber says she loved him so much, and she could not bear at the time to not bring him the family they dreamt of. But now she can't live this way anymore. Rick tells her how he gave up everything for her... and he had no regrets about doing it, because he was doing it for the baby. But now she is saying that this baby is not his? Amber is silent, and Rick tells her to answer him! Amber admits it was a lie, but she would have done anything for his love. Rick doesn't even want to hear these excuses, even when Amber takes responsibility for choosing to go along with her mother's plan. "I told the lie, and I let you learn to love him, and I was wrong," she admits. "And you got what you wanted, didn't you? But me... I'm married at 18 and miserable, and I gave up Kimberly.... FOR YOU AND MY SON! WHAT A FREAKING IDIOT I AM!" Rick laments. Amber tries to tell him that she did it for love, but Rick doesn't think she even knows what love is! He can't believe he ever cared about Amber at all! He turns his back to her as she confesses that she always knew she needed the baby to have a chance with someone decent like Rick. She wishes he knew how much she hates herself! "Tell me what to say. I don't care what it is, just tell me how I can make it up to you!" she pleads, but Rick shakes his head in disbelief.

Friday, January 28, 2000, Ep. #3226

In her room, Brooke is about to leave. She knows what Thorne must have thought after seeing her with Ridge, a scene that was all a trick on Ridge's part. She remembers how Thorne proposed to her and placed the ring on her finger. She prays that she can fix things when she gets back to L.A... she has to, she says before she takes her things and leaves.

In their room, Rick tells Amber that there is nothing that she can do to make things better after what she has told him! Amber says she wanted to tell him before, but she couldn't. She can only imagine how horrible it was. It was a crime! Rick shouts. It was so low that he can never believe that she ever loved him. "So what do we do now?" he asks. Amber says it has been taken care of: Becky is taking the baby back. "No, she isn't taking MY son!" Rick exclaims. "He's not your son," Amber reminds him. Rick says he has bonded with that baby as if it was his own: how can Amber allow Becky to just rip that away from him? And how can she think that he would let Becky do it? "My son stays with me!" he shouts. Amber tries to apologize, but he is not listening. He asks who else knows besides Tawny, and she says no one else does. Enraged, he says, "So all this love was a fake, a trick? How do I tell my family that? 'Oh, remember that baby you showered with so much love? Well, he's not mine!' I never believed in the devil until now, Amber... because I'm staring at her!"

Tawny asks Becky how she can do this to Amber after she and Amber saved the baby from adoption. Becky explains that Amber is letting her take the baby, because Amber knows the baby belongs with her... and by now, so does Rick. They see Brooke leaving... Tawny hopes she is taking Kimberly with her. She then comments that this is not the way her brother raised Becky, to have her mouth off at her aunt. Becky says it isn't, and that may be because she doesn't think of Tawny as her aunt anymore... and by the time she gets back to Paris, she bets Amber will not think of Tawny as a mother anymore, either!

Kimberly is in her room with Giovanni, who wants her to stay with him in Italy. She says no, she is going home today. "To what?" Giovanni asks. Not to Rick, she replies. This trip was a mistake, and she just wants to get home. Although one thing did come out of it: she finally accepted Rick's marriage to Amber. She thanks Giovanni for the offer and kisses him goodbye. Kimberly leaves, and Giovanni shakes his head in disbelief.

Brooke tells herself how she will fix everything with Thorne once she is home. She hopes Thorne will listen, but she wishes she was home right now. Her only regret is that she is leaving her son in Venice with his lying wife. Kimberly sits down next to her. Brooke was worried that Kimberly might have changed her mind, but Kimberly is sure she has accepted she has no future with Rick. She suggests Brooke do the same, because there is no hope for her and Rick. Still, she kept hoping she could expose Amber's secret. "Did you have any idea what it was?" Brooke asks. Kim still gets the feeling it has something to do with the baby based on her conversation with Becky. Brooke remembers how attached Becky was to the baby. It was almost like the baby was Becky's, Kim comments. Just then, she has a realization. "Amber could never do that to Rick... or could she?" she wonders.

Rick asks Amber how he can give his namesake away like this. "Your namesake died," she reminds him. She knows he hates her, but she swears she is telling him the truth that she would never allow a child that was really his to be taken away. "But this is Becky's baby, and we have to give him back to his mother. It's the right thing to do," she tells him. Rick walks over to the crib and remembers how the one thought he had when he woke every day for the last year was that his son was one day older. Nothing else mattered because of his son, a life that he helped create. He is in tears as he remembers promising his son that he would never feel the pain that Rick himself felt while growing up. "I loved this baby so much, with a love I never knew I could feel!" he confesses. "Or that's what I thought... and now you expect me to give him to somebody who can't possibly feel like I do about him? How do I do that?" Rick and Amber are both in tears as Rick asks where all that love will go without this boy in his life. He devoted a year to a boy who never existed! As far as he is concerned, Amber has taken TWO children from him today, and he has nothing left because of her! He leans over the crib and tells little Eric that he will never forget him and will never stop loving him. As Amber continues to cry, she watches Rick in turmoil...

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