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Monday, January 31, 2000, Ep. #3227

In Venice, Rick and Amber are both still in tears. Rick is sorry he ever met Amber. "At least now you're free... from me, from the marriage. You must be relieved," Amber tells him. Rick shouts that he lost two sons, so how can he be relieved?! How can Amber even believe that? He remembers all the time he spent with little Eric over the past year, and he loved every minute of it. Now, his reason for living is gone, and he should be relieved? He cannot believe how low Amber has gone; she has stabbed him through the heart! He defended her and went to war with his family for nothing, and now he vows that she will suffer for ripping his heart out! In tears, he says goodbye to "his" baby... and he then declares that he hates Amber and never wants to see her again! He storms out, and as the door slams behind him, a distraught Amber walks near the bed and goes down on the floor.

On the plane, Kimberly tries to get Brooke to open up, but Brooke does not want to talk. When Kim excuses herself for a moment, Brooke prays that she can convince Thorne of the horrible trick his brother played on them. "I could never betray you, to Ridge or anyone," she says. She looks at the ring he gave her, and she then remembers Ridge coming on to her at the hotel. "It was all part of a sick and perverse plan you and Taylor cooked up, Ridge... and Thorne saw it all!" she cries. She remembers Thorne proposing to her in Venice. "The best thing that ever happened to me... I can't lose it now. How could you do this to me?" she says, a tear running down her cheek.

Rick sits alone in the hotel lobby, looking at a picture of his son. He still cannot believe that this is not his son.

Kimberly comes back to her seat and tells Brooke that she is quitting her modeling. She can't work near Rick, she explains. Brooke says she will not try and dissuade her, but Kimberly loves modeling and is good at it. Is she sure this is the right move? Kimberly is not sure, but she knows how being near Rick makes her feel. Now, she knows nothing can happen between them. She can't even think about running into Rick with Amber in the hallways. Rick has his son, and that makes him happy, Kimberly says... and that is all she wants. Brooke then calls the office to track Thorne down... and when Megan says Thorne has not been around, Brooke says she needs to see Thorne right away when she gets back.

Becky and Tawny arrive in Amber's room and find Amber in tears. "It's over... Rick and I are finished!" Amber proclaims. Becky is so sorry to hear this, but Tawny is convinced that Rick will be back. He won't, Amber says, explaining how she told Rick everything. "How could you do this?" Tawny shouts. Amber asks Becky to take little Eric in the next room so she can be alone with her mother. Becky picks the baby up from the crib and leaves an angry Amber alone with her mother. Tawny orders Amber to wait for Rick to come back; she is sure Rick will come back. Amber says he will not. If that's so, Tawny says, then they will make Rick pay for this. "So I should squeeze him, hire some hotshot attorney and put his parents and Stephanie through hell?" Amber asks. Tawny doesn't think it will come to that... and Amber says it won't, because she has put Rick through enough hell! Things will change once Amber gets Rick into bed, Tawny believes. "You are an evil, miserable human being!" an enraged Amber tells her mother. She has never said this to anyone, but she despises Tawny. The only one she hates more than her mother is herself, and she is ready to take responsibility. She dares to accuse Tawny of having no morality, which is why she wants Tawny to walk out that door and go to hell! Tawny turned Amber into a monster, so Amber wants her out of her face! She never wants to see Tawny again! "Get out!" she screams, and Tawny leaves. Amber is alone, as she walks over to the crib and picks up a stuffed bear. Looking at the window, she cries as she says, "I'm sorry, Rick." In a split screen shot, we see both Rick and Amber in tears...

Tuesday, February 01, 2000, Ep. #3228

Amber tells Becky that Tawny went away... far away, she hopes. Becky tries to ease the pain, but Amber says she does not deserve it. Becky says that is not true and asks what she will do now. Amber intends to go back to L.A. and face the Forresters. Becky says she will not let Amber go alone, but Amber reminds her she has a baby to take care of. She's sure Becky will be a great mother, and at least she is still part of the baby's family. That will always be true, Becky reminds her. Amber again tells Becky to go back to Paris while she goes to L.A. Becky thinks the Forresters should have the chance to have the baby there when Amber tells them, so she agrees to go back to L.A. with her. She tells Amber she is brave, but Amber thinks she is merely stupid for lying. But now, for the first time, she feels good about herself for taking responsibility for her mistakes, as Rick would. Maybe there is still a chance for her and Rick, Becky thinks, but Amber does not think so. Rick will probably hate her, as will his family, so she has lost everything. Becky is sure Amber will get through this, and as Amber apologizes for everything, the cousins embrace.

Taylor and Ridge return home, where Taylor fawns all over the twins. Eric arrives, so Taylor asks the babysitter to help her take the kids upstairs. Once the babies are gone, Taylor rejoins Ridge and Eric. Eric explains that Stephanie had a difficult week, but things will be better now, thanks to Ridge. Ridge hopes that is true; he knows Brooke wants to kill both him and his father. It had to be done, Eric says. Ridge wonders how a betrayed Brooke will react; she won't go down without a fight. Eric wonders why that matters, as he thought the relationship with Thorne was over. It should be, Taylor says, but Ridge reminds his dad that he never actually slept with Brooke. Eric thinks everything went according to the plan, but both Taylor and Ridge admit they feel guilty about what they did. Eric points out that just the thought of Brooke with Thorne upset Stephanie this past week. If he really believed in Brooke and Thorne, he would help them, but Brooke is poison to this family. She should just go on with her life... and she had better!

Brooke arrives home, where her sister Katie tells her how everything was fine with Bridget while she was away. Brooke was glad to see Bridget briefly, but now she wants to know if Thorne called. Katie says no and asks why, so Brooke explains what happened in Venice, reliving the events in her mind. She explains how her joy at Thorne's proposal turned to tragedy thanks to the trick Ridge and Taylor played on her. She didn't know it, but Thorne saw it, and she needs to find him to explain! She calls Megan at the office to find Thorne, but he's not around. Brooke frantically wishes she had never met Ridge! Yes, she kissed Ridge, but it was not one of love, but of compassion for a man whose wife had left him. She admits she was not strong enough to push him away, but the kiss was out of sympathy. She never felt this betrayed by anyone in her life. She was obviously wrong about Ridge, and she will never forgive him for treating her like dirt. Meanwhile, she will not lose Thorne. What about Eric? Katie asks. He will surely remind Thorne of this. Brooke says Katie is right and decides to deal with that right now.

At Ridge's, Taylor answers the phone, and Brooke asks if Thorne is there. Taylor says he is not. "Are you lying to me?" Brooke asks. Taylor says she is not and tries to talk to Brooke, but Eric takes the phone and orders Brooke to stay away. Brooke replies that the only ones who she will stay away from are Ridge and Eric: they are disgusting and she intends to tell Thorne all about their deception. She hangs up. Eric slams down the phone and storms out the door, eager to take care of something. Taylor and Ridge both know where he is going, and they worry what Brooke will do to him when he gets there.

Katie opens the door to leave, and Eric is standing there. Katie wonders if she should wait, but Brooke tells her sister to leave. Eric then enters, and Brooke blasts him! She cannot believe Eric would show his face here after the sick thing he did. Eric commends her for her "performance" on the phone, but Brooke says that is just the tip of the iceberg. What he did was deplorable! Eric says all he did was to hold up a mirror to Brooke, and it showed a woman who loves Ridge as much as she did when she was married to him (Eric)... and now she is using Thorne the same way! Brooke slaps him and tells him his plan will fail. Brooke vows that she will get Thorne back, and there is nothing Eric can do to stop her!

Wednesday, February 02, 2000, Ep. #3229

Ridge comes back home to find a worried Taylor, who has been talking to Stephanie. Stephanie is worried about Brooke and Thorne, Taylor explains, and she thinks Eric is right that Stephanie suspects something is up. Nothing is up anymore, Ridge reminds his wife. Even so, Taylor fears that Stephanie will not believe them when they tell her that. Ridge wants to do something. Taylor says that right now, Stephanie needs assurance that nothing will happen with Brooke and Thorne. However, even when Taylor did so, Stephanie did not believe her. That's why they went to Venice, Ridge reminds her, and now it is over. Taylor says that Stephanie is already been piecing things together, especially thanks to Sally's suspicions. Steph thought it was over with Brooke, Taylor says. Ridge says that it IS over. Taylor thinks that it had better be, for Stephanie's sake. Still, Taylor has regrets about what they did: what if it was for nothing? It isn't, Ridge says... it can't be, and it is enough. But what if it isn't? Taylor asks.

At Brooke's, she still confronts Eric. Brooke never thought she would say this about the father of his children, but he is a despicable human being. Eric claims that she forced his hand, and he proudly takes responsibility for the plan. "You proved it in Venice; you're still in love with Ridge," he says, but Brooke says that he is wrong about what happened. Brooke cannot believe that Eric thinks this is sick: she thinks the relationship with Thorne is the only healthy relationship she can have with a man! She will not let Eric ruin this for her. She and Thorne are engaged and will be married! Eric thinks Brooke is dreaming and deluding herself. He cannot believe Brooke can be this irresponsible. He and Ridge are the irresponsible ones, Brooke accuses! She responded to Ridge out of sympathy, and it was all a manipulation. Did Eric even think about what this would do to Thorne? Eric says that he did it for his family, but Brooke accuses him of doing it for Stephanie and of putting his wife's feelings before Thorne's. Eric tells her that he did what he had to do, and Brooke should face facts: her relationship with Thorne is finished!

At Spectra, Clarke shows Adam and Sally some designs for their new Millennium 2000 line, which he thinks will put the Princess line from Forrester to shame. Adam and Sally agree that he's right. Clarke wonders where Macy is, since they have not heard from her in a few days. Sally asks Darla if she has heard, and the secretary says that there is a voice mail from Macy, who is coming home. They don't know when she will arrive, only that she would be there soon, and there was no mention of Thorne. Clarke and Sally agree this makes no sense. Adam can't figure out why she had to leave a voice mail. Sally wonders if Macy did not want to talk to them, and Adam wonders why. Darla fears that Macy ran into Thorne and Brooke, and Adam is stunned to learn that the two of them were together in Venice. Maybe Macy will finally give up on Thorne now, Adam hopes, but Sally suggests that perhaps Macy is covering for Stephanie's sake, since the strain could kill Steph. Despite Adam and Darla's reservations, she thinks they have to keep a lid on this for Stephanie. Adam ultimately agrees, but for a different reason: he wants to put the Forresters out of his girls' lives once and for all, and good riddance! Let Thorne have Brooke, because they deserve each other.

On a plane back to the US, an anguished Thorne relives the scene where he saw Brooke in the bed with Ridge. He then calls Megan and asks her to gather some figures for him. She tells him that Brooke is looking for him, but Thorne asks her not to tell Brooke he called. He just wants to get the figures and deliver a report in the morning... and right now, he just wants to be home. He hangs up, and shortly after, the plane prepares to land.

Brooke tells Eric that he will not get away with this, especially when she explains things to Thorne. Eric says there is nothing to explain because she loves Ridge. He orders her to admit it! That's not true, Brooke says. Once Thorne finds out how his father manipulated them, Eric's precious family is out the window, she predicts. They are interrupted by a call from Megan, who tells Brooke that Thorne is coming home and is upset with her. Brooke thanks Megan and turns to leave. Eric wants to know where she is going, but she tells him it is none of his business! All she will say is that he is wrong about her and Thorne: they will be together!

Soon after, Brooke waits in the office for Thorne, looking at his picture and swearing that she will make things right. Katie calls to check up on Brooke, and Brooke prays that she will be able to explain things. Katie reassures her and offers to stay with Bridget tonight, so Brooke can spend time with Thorne. Things will work out, Katie predicts. Just then, Brooke hears something outside. She hangs up and anxiously watches as the door opens...

Thursday, February 03, 2000, Ep. #3230

Eric returns to Ridge's and asks if Taylor is there. Ridge says she is out taking a walk, so Eric tells him of his conversation with Brooke. She's furious and she will tell Thorne about the plan, Eric explains, and he wonders if Brooke is right that Thorne will forgive her when he hears the truth. Ridge is not at all surprised, although Eric is: how can she delude herself into thinking that Thorne will forgive her? She is convinced Thorne loves her, Ridge explains. Eric reminds Ridge that he got through to Brooke in Venice, but Ridge is not so sure he did: he had to use his past with Brooke to do it. He knows his father does not want to hear this, but based on Brooke's reaction, she was struggling. What if they are wrong and she really does love Brooke, he wonders. Eric will not even consider it. Besides, this relationship is dangerous for Stephanie and for Thorne, he points out. If Thorne forgives Brooke, he will destroy both himself and Stephanie, and Eric will not let that happen!

At Thorne's house, Brooke is surprised to see Megan at the door, dropping papers off for Thorne. Megan asks what happened in Venice, and Brooke shows her the engagement ring. Megan is stunned and confused: if Thorne proposed, then why are they not together? Did they have a fight? They walk out on the patio as Brooke explains that she is angry, but not at Thorne. None of this makes sense, Megan says, and Brooke agrees. For the first time in her life, everything was perfect, thanks to Thorne. Megan wonders why Brooke is using the past tense and Brooke says she will explain once she has spoken to Thorne. She promises to call Megan in the morning, and Megan leaves.

Thorne is returning home in a limo, and when the driver asks if he wants any more stops, Thorne says to take him home.

Adam is amazed at Kimberly's photos; he finally admits that she has a gift for modeling. She credits Giovanni, but he thinks his daughter is underestimating herself. He is proud of her, as she proved him wrong. As much as he dislikes the Forresters, they obviously saw something special in her. "One of them did," she sadly says. Adam asks what is wrong; he has sensed something is wrong since he picked her up. Kimberly says she does not want to hear a lecture. Adam says he will not lecture her and guesses that it has to do with Rick. She explains how she got her hopes up that she would expose Amber's secret, and she was so close. It is so unfair, but now she knows that the secret would not matter because of Rick's love for his son. "So Rick convinced you to move on?" Adam asks. "No, I told him to move on," Kimberly painfully admits. "I quit, and I broke things off with Rick." Adam tries to console his daughter as she cries.

Rick returns home and turns on the lights. He picks up a picture of him with Amber and little Eric and asks, "How could you do this, Amber? How could you make me think he's my son... when he's not?! He's not my son!" In anger, he tosses the photo across the room. He sits down on the couch and remains silent and alone, when suddenly he hears a knock at the door. Rick looks out the window and sees it is Taylor; she was going to see Stephanie when she heard the commotion. She asks about Amber, but Rick wants nothing to do with his wife. He asks Taylor to leave, but she offers to listen. Needing to vent, he explains how this house is a reminder of something that was staring him in the face all along: Kimberly was right and Amber was lying to him all along! Taylor tells him to calm down, but Rick is sick just thinking about his wife! He remembers his family warning him about Amber, but he would not listen. Taylor wonders if Brooke put Rick in this mood, but Rick says it was Amber. She admitted her lies to him, and she claimed she lied out of love! After that, he never wants to see her again. "What about your son?" Taylor asks. "He's not my son! That's what Amber's lie was... and it's not Amber's child either. Little Eric, my namesake, isn't a Forrester at all. He's Becky's baby!" Rick sadly admits.

Thorne comes in his house. Brooke comes in from the patio, and he asks what the hell she is doing there! She tries to explain to him, but he cuts her off. He's sorry that he ever got involved with her! He was willing to betray his mother and risk his mother's life for her... which turned out to be for nothing! He knows what he saw and he knows what it meant! Brooke swore she was over Ridge, but it was a lie! He feels like a fool for having ignored his father and brother's warnings. He listened to Brooke, but never again! She tries to get a word in, but Thorne shouts that she betrayed him! How could she do that? "I do love you," she says, tears in her eyes. Thorne opens the door and orders her out, but Brooke says she is not going anywhere until she tells Thorne what happened in that hotel room.

Friday, February 04, 2000, Ep. #3231

Eric pauses during a phone call with Ridge to check in with Dottie the physical therapist, who is on her way out. Dottie is pleased with Steph's progress and the commitment she is putting into her recovery. Eric returns to the phone and asks Ridge if he heard. Ridge did, and Eric says that now he knows they did the right thing by going though with his plan. With the threat of Brooke and Thorne removed, Stephanie can concentrate on getting better. Stephanie can still find out if Thorne and Brooke reunite, Ridge says, but Eric will not let that happen. He fears that Stephanie might have another stroke and will not survive. How should he prepare for that? He asks Ridge.

Thorne does not want anything to do with Brooke and orders her out. He knows what happened and doesn't want to hear any explanations! He got the message, so why doesn't she go slither off with Ridge into the sunset? "I don't love Ridge! I love you!" she pleads. Thorne tells Brooke how he put everything on the line for her, and she screwed him over. He again orders her out, but Brooke shouts out, "It was a set-up!" "What do you mean?" Thorne asks. Brooke explains how Ridge came to her and said that Taylor was leaving him. Thorne says he knows that, since he saw Taylor, who was sick of Ridge. "She was lying! They faked all of it! They tried to trick you into believing that I wanted Ridge. While Taylor was lying to you, Ridge was seducing me... but it was a trick!" Brooke pleads. She swears that she pushed Ridge off and told him that she loved Thorne, and she sent him and Taylor off so she could go chase after Thorne. She begs him to believe her.

On the plane back to L.A., Amber thanks Becky for coming back with her. Becky says that she knows the Forresters love the baby, especially Rick. Amber starts to feel bad that she was never thinking of Rick; she just thought she was. Becky reminds Amber that she is not a bad person. At first, she was mad when she found out the truth, but she understood in time... and perhaps Rick will too. "You have to at least try," she says, and she hands the phone to Amber. Amber dials.

Rick explains to Taylor how his real son was stillborn and how she substituted Becky's baby. Taylor is stunned, as this makes no sense. Rick tells her the whole story of how Tawny found out about Becky's baby and convinced Amber to pass Becky's child off as her own. "My life has been one big lie!" Rick says. The phone starts to ring (it's Amber), but Rick refuses to answer. He thinks it is Amber, and he has no desire to listen to her excuses. Rick chides himself for not seeing it sooner when the signs were there. He tells Taylor how Becky must have run off with the baby the night she found out--Amber even tried to hide it from Becky at first! Everything she said was a lie! And now Becky wants the baby back... but Rick says he doesn't belong in Paris. "This is his home. He loves us. I'm his daddy, even if I'm not the father," he tells himself. Taylor comforts him with a hug as Rick keeps telling himself he did everything for that boy... but Amber made a joke of it. "You have every right to feel betrayed by your wife," Taylor says. "Ex-wife!" Rick corrects her.

Adam tries to tell Kimberly that she will get over Rick in time. She says she will, but Rick will always be trapped in a loveless marriage for his son's sake. Adam says Rick may learn to love Amber now, but Kimberly says that the problem--Amber's lies--will still be there, and one day Amber will admit that the problem with her marriage was not Kimberly. She tells Adam to go to the office, as there is no need for him to baby-sit her, but she gives him a hug and thanks him for being there. Just as Adam leaves, the phone rings. It's Amber, looking for Rick. "Isn't he with you?" Kimberly asks. Amber hangs up, and Kimberly knows something is going on.

Taylor reminds Rick that none of them knew what Amber was capable of, but he points out that one person did: Kimberly. He feels like an idiot for defending Amber. Taylor knows he is worried about the baby, but she tells him to think about what this means for him and Kimberly. He no longer has to worry about fighting his feelings for her, and he can be a normal teenager in love. Rick has imagined it, but he never thought it could happen. But Kimberly did, and he can only imagine the look on her face when she hears. Just then, there's a knock at the door. It's Kimberly, who is surprised he is there. Taylor excuses herself, telling Kimberly that she has waited for this moment long enough. Taylor leaves, and Kimberly, still in the doorway, asks what is going on.

Brooke tells Thorne how Ridge and Taylor were desperate, and Eric came up with this plan to break them up. Thorne refuses to believe his father would do that to him, but Brooke says Eric was proud of a job well done. "The three of them set us up, Thorne, but it's not true. I HATE RIDGE! And I was crazy trying to explain to you? Didn't you get my messages?" Thorne says he could not think of anything after seeing Brooke with Thorne. Brooke does not blame him, but now he knows the truth. Brooke embraces him and says she loves him, while Thorne simply stands there silently...

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