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Monday, February 07, 2000, Ep. #3232

Thorne is in shock at what Brooke has told him. She tells him how Ridge and Eric feel proud of themselves for what they have done, and Thorne says he will never, EVER, forgive them for this. He is furious, and Brooke tells him that he has every right to be. She tried to get Ridge to back off, but he would not listen. Moreover, Eric was the one who came up with the plan and is proud of that. Brooke wants no part of either of them. She just wants to go somewhere with Thorne and get on with their lives. Thorne is shocked and says he is not going anywhere with Brooke: they're finished! Even if Ridge did trick them, Brooke fell for it, and he asks her to explain what she was doing on that bed with his brother. He finally realizes he is but a substitute for Ridge. "It's not what you think; it was sympathy and concern for a man whose wife left him," Brooke protests. She tells Thorne that she told Ridge that Thorne was her future, but Thorne thinks she was tempted by him. "You knew all about our history," Brooke says. "He kept pushing and pushing, but when I responded, it was not out of love. It was a dirty trick, an underhanded lie... don't let him get to us!"

Kimberly wonders why Rick is not on his honeymoon. He says the marriage is over because Amber finally came clean with her secret. He has not seen her since, and he hopes he never sees her again. "Thank God," Kimberly says. Still, she knows he will want to be part of his son's life. "He's not my son! He's Becky's," Rick explains. Kimberly is so sorry that he had to find out this way, and she is stunned when Rick tells her that his true son was stillborn. "I never got to see him... and all Amber cared about was to hang on to me. Becky didn't even know until she got here," he laments. He guesses that Becky kept the secret at first because she thought it was best for the baby, but now she wants the baby back, and Rick has no choice but to go along with it. Still, he wants to be there for his son! Kimberly tells him that Becky will understand, but Rick is unsure. However, he still feels the same about the baby, no matter what his feelings for Amber. He then moves closer to Kimberly. He tells her to watch out, because he has been holding back. He doesn't have to any more, she tells him. "I love you," Rick says as he kisses her passionately. The shot moves to the floor, where we see Kimberly's pearls come crashing down.

Eric gives Megan some papers to be sent to Brooke's to be signed. She says Brooke may not be home tonight, but Eric says he doesn't think she'll be with Thorne. Megan has to ask, as not only an employee but also as Brooke's friend... why is Eric so against Brooke and Thorne? Eric is shocked to learn that Brooke has told Megan her tainted version of events, but he guesses that Megan likely doesn't know what happened in Venice. Eric says that Brooke used Thorne the way he used him and Thorne now knows it. "But don't Brooke and Thorne have the right to..." Megan protests, but Eric cuts her off and says that Brooke had no right to jeopardize Stephanie. He coldly dismisses Megan from the office.

Ridge walks into his living room to find an upset and shaken Taylor has returned. She explains to him that she just saw Rick, and that his marriage is over. Ridge wants to know how that happened. Taylor explains that Brooke was right: Amber did have a secret that she was hiding from Rick. She tells Ridge how the baby was stillborn and how "little Eric" was really Becky's child. Ridge wants to go right over to talk to Rick, but Taylor stops him. He guesses that Brooke will want Amber's head on a platter now, but Taylor hopes that Brooke puts Rick's problems ahead of her own right now. Still, there may be a bright side in that Rick can now be with Kimberly... who is over there right now, Taylor tells Ridge.

Thorne tells Brooke that she did this, not Ridge and Eric. He was ready to give his heart and soul to her. But he will not be second fiddle to his brother! "Don't let them get to you like this!" Brooke pleads. She asks Thorne to remember the Rialto Bridge, when he gave her the engagement ring. He wanted to feel that way forever, and he still can, she insists. "Just look at it!" she tells him, indicating the ring. Thorne whispers to her to take the ring off, as the feelings behind it no longer exist. With tears in her eyes, Brooke hesitates... and then she agrees, but only because she believes that some day he will give it back to her. "Why are you doing this?" she asks as she hands the ring back to him. Just then, Macy comes in, and she is stunned to see Brooke there, as Brooke looks back at her in astonishment!

Tuesday, February 08, 2000, Ep. #3233

Rick and Kimberly break from their passionate embrace as she says that she has waited for this day forever. She is just sorry he has lost his son--and Eric was his son in his heart--and has found out about his true child. She assures him that he will never be alone again. They kiss again, and Rick is glad to be able to do that without feeling guilty. He embraces her and says how he almost let her get away, but now he knows the truth and everything has changed. They both talk about how he no longer has the responsibility hanging over him. Rick hopes he can remember how to have fun, but Kimberly assures him she will show him how. They kiss again. She breaks off and wants to tell Brooke, but Rick says he has to get rid of Amber first. He packs her things, because the only things he wants to see from Amber are divorce papers. He is erasing her from his life! He asks Kim to get the door for him as he tosses Amber's things outside... and as they land on the ground, we see Amber standing there!

At the mansion, Eric chides Sally for telling Macy that Thorne was with Brooke in Venice. He guesses that Macy must be furious now. Sally says that Macy actually felt so sorry for Thorne that she went to Venice. "She what? What happened?" Eric asks. That's what they all want to know, Sally explains. She is surprised that Eric did not know Macy was there; didn't Thorne tell him? No, Thorne has not been in touch, Eric says. Meanwhile, all Sally knows is that Macy is on the way home, but she is sure Macy found Thorne, because she was determined. It may seem unbelievable, Sally says, especially given Thorne walking out on her at the recent wedding, but Macy still loves Thorne. But is Thorne too blind to see the truth? Eric is not so sure.

Brooke asks what Macy is doing there. Macy tells Brooke that this conversation is over, but Brooke says she was talking to Thorne. She asks Macy to leave, but Thorne says Macy is not going anywhere. "You told her what happened?" Brooke asks, stunned. Macy says that she knows what Brooke did. "But not why!" Brooke protests. Macy says that all that matters is that Thorne has made his decision. "What decision is she talking about?" Brooke asks Thorne. Macy wants to know what Brooke is even doing here, but Brooke says it is none of her business. Macy admits she is a little jet lagged, so she will let Thorne handle this. "Jet lag?" Brooke asks. Macy admits that she went to Venice to warn Thorne about Brooke... she didn't know how he would react, but she had to do it. And when she found Thorne in the rain, she said her piece and left. Brooke tells Thorne she is so sorry he had to go through that, but Macy cuts her off. "Don't you want to hear the rest of the story, Brooke?" she asks.

Rick is shocked that Amber is here. She says that she feels so bad, but Rick doesn't want to hear it. Kimberly says not to get into it, and Rick says she is right: Amber is not worth it. He goes back inside. Amber bets that Kimberly is loving this. Kim asks if Amber understands what she has done. Kimberly is not happy to see Rick like this, because you don't feel happy about something like this when you love somebody... but Amber doesn't know about that, does she? Amber says she is wrong and tries to tell Rick that she loves him. Rick does not give a damn and wants her to go! Amber is in tears and leaves, but Rick follows after her. He takes his wedding ring and tosses it on the pile of clothes, and he slams the door, leaving Amber outside the guesthouse in tears.

Macy explains to Brooke how she went to the airport, thinking that she told Thorne something he wouldn't care about. Then she heard someone calling her name: it was Thorne, and he was soaking wet. She knew it then, she explains. "What did you do, Thorne?" Brooke asks. Thorne says he woke up, and now it is over between him and Brooke. Macy says that everything turned out the way it should have. "You slept with her? Tell me what happened!" Brooke says. Macy says it is not about sex; she and Thorne went to Amsterdam and everything was perfect. She told Thorne she didn't want it to end, and Thorne says it didn't have to. Brooke realizes then that Macy is a glove and tells Macy to take it off. Macy complies, and Brooke sees Macy wearing a ring on her finger! "Is that an engagement ring?" Brooke asks. No, Macy says, it is a wedding ring... and she wants Brooke to leave. Brooke pleads with Thorne not to do this: this marriage may not be legal, and what Thorne saw was not real. "You're the one who isn't real!" Macy protests. Brooke pleads with Thorne to tell Macy that he still loves her, but Thorne says it is over. He tells Brooke to leave, and she goes out, tears in her eyes. Outside the beach house, she is crying. Back inside, Macy asks Thorne if he is all right and he says yes, but he doesn't want to talk about it anymore for now. As Macy goes to change for bed, Thorne looks at the engagement ring Brooke returned and he slowly he puts it in his jacket pocket, a confused look on his face.

Wednesday, February 09, 2000, Ep. #3234

Sally, Clarke and Adam wonder where Macy is when Darla comes in with news: she's at Thorne's! Sally is pleased to hear that the two of them spent the night together: this could be what Macy is waiting for. Adam is skeptical, so Sally suggests they get over to Thorne's right now to find out. Sally, Clarke and Darla head out, followed by a reluctant Adam.

Brooke and Megan talk about the layouts from Venice. Brooke tells her she can go after they finish, but Megan stays behind. She wants to know what happened with Thorne and their problem. Brooke says they talked, but the problem was bigger than she thought. Whatever it is, Megan guesses, Brooke and Thorne will handle, since they are getting married... but then Megan realizes Brooke is not wearing her engagement ring! Brooke explains how Thorne took something she did the wrong way, and he was upset about it. Megan thinks Thorne will understand in a few days, but Brooke says it's too late for that, as Thorne married someone else. She tells Megan the whole story. Megan says that Brooke was victimized, and Brooke agrees that she was. However, she understands what Thorne saw and how it hurt him. "But to marry Macy?" Megan asks. She is sure Thorne will not be happy with Macy, but Brooke cannot count on that. Besides, the Forresters and Spectras will rally around him now. Brooke's only hope is to get Thorne alone. "We can't let them do this to us," she vows. It is time to stop worrying about Stephanie and to go to battle in a fight Brooke is not willing or ready to lose!

Macy greets Thorne in the kitchen with some coffee... but first, she wants to give him a kiss to celebrate their first day home as man and wife. Thorne says he is ready for this. Macy is ready too: she had given up hope that this could happen, but now that has all changed. She thinks they should set out to tell their families the good news... and just then, they hear Sally at the door. Macy lets them in, and Sally immediately guesses she was right. Adam asks Macy why she was not home last night, but Macy says this is home now... with her husband. Everyone but Adam is ecstatic. Macy asks her father if she is happy for her, and he says he is happy as long as she is. He offers Thorne his hand and congratulates him, and he notices Thorne seems quiet. "It was a long trip," Thorne says. Macy suggests Thorne tell them the whole story, but he suggests Macy do it instead. Macy tells them how she found Thorne in Venice and how that led to their marriage. Macy is bubbling with pride, but Thorne seems reserved. Sally knows there is someone who should be here and asks Thorne's permission. Thorne says to go ahead.

Ridge stops by the mansion to see Eric, who tells him that Stephanie didn't sleep at all last night. She even cancelled her therapy session, and he attributes that to Thorne not having called. He knows that Stephanie is worried that Thorne is with Brooke. Ridge says he is not proud of what he did, but he is sure it worked. He has not spoken to either Brooke or Thorne, but he is sure they're not with each other. What if they are? Eric asks. They're not, Ridge says, and he wants to stop talking about the whole ugly mess. Just then, the phone rings: it's Sally, who tells Eric to get Stephanie and to get over to Thorne's immediately for a surprise that will certainly be of interest to Stephanie. Sally hangs up, and Eric wonders, "Could it be?" He tells Ridge they will talk more later, as he and Stephanie have to leave.

Eric and Stephanie arrive at Thorne's, where Sally greets them and introduces them to Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Forrester. Stephanie is thrilled as Thorne leans over to hug her. "You did the right thing," she says. Eric welcomes Macy to the family with a hug, as Clarke breaks out the champagne. As Macy goes over to hug Stephanie, Thorne asks to speak to Eric alone.

They go into the bedroom, where Eric says he is so happy... but Thorne wants to talk about Venice. Eric puts his hand forward to congratulate Thorne, but Thorne rejects it... he is furious with his father for his trick and for manipulating Brooke. Brooke did it on her own, Eric says: it is the same thing that happened to him when he was married to Brooke. He would not let that happen to Thorne, to have Brooke reject him for Ridge some day. You will never regret choosing Macy, Eric says. Thorne is about to respond, but they have to table the conversation when they are called back to the room for a toast. "I'm not finished with you, not by a long shot," Thorne says. They return to the living room, where champagne is passed around. Eric says he will make the first toast, but Thorne interrupts him and says he has something important to say.

Thursday, February 10, 2000, Ep. #3235

Brooke shows Megan pictures of her and Thorne in Venice, and she fears that Thorne may stay married to Macy. Megan assures her that it isn't too late. Brooke hopes not and intends to do something about it... today.

Thorne tells his mother that he knows how much this marriage means to her. "It means everything to me... but more importantly, I see that it means everything to you and Macy," Stephanie admits. Adam asks Thorne what he has on his mind, but Eric interrupts first, saying that nothing is as important to him as his wife's and children's happiness. All that matters now is the history and devotion that Thorne and Macy have shared over the years, and he respects Thorne for choosing to follow that devotion. Eric proposes a toast to Thorne and Macy and everyone raises their glasses, but Thorne seems reserved. Sally notices that Thorne is not drinking. Macy guesses it is because of her alcoholism that he is refraining, but Thorne says it is because of something in Venice. Just then, the phone rings: it is Brooke, and she has to see Thorne now!

Amber and Becky look at a shoddy apartment in a seedy part of town. Despite Becky's protests, Amber says she will take it: she needs someplace for Becky and the baby to stay now, and she can't afford anything better right now. Siting down, Amber laments her situation, and Becky says she is sorry. Amber admits that she thinks she got off easy in the end, although that wasn't true for Rick. Becky then calls Suzanne in Paris and asks her to cover for her for a week. She then suggests that she and Amber check out a nearby thrift shop, but all Amber can think about is telling the Forresters about her lie. Rick should not have to tell them. Becky points out that the Forresters will be angry, maybe even violent, when they hear. And Tawny is the one they should be mad at, not Amber. Amber, however, accepts the responsibility for her decision: she has to pay the price. She knows Rick does not want to see her, and she respects that, but she still loves him... and besides, this is not about love. It's about doing what's right. She betrayed Rick and his family, so she has an obligation to stand up and tell them... and even if Rick does not want her to.

Ridge and Taylor arrive at the mansion and find Rick alone with his thoughts. Ridge tells Rick he is so sorry for what happened. Rick says they were all right about Amber all along and calls himself an idiot. Ridge says he doesn't want to lecture Rick: he has made more blunders than there are years Rick has lived, and he should have known better. He still made those mistakes anyway. Rick, however, did not know better. Taylor says Rick should be proud of himself, and he hopes the rest of the family sees it that way, since he wants to tell them about Amber this afternoon. He thinks they should find his dad and Stephanie so he can do that. Ridge offers to tell the family, but Rick says this is something HE has to do, no matter how much it hurts him.

Thorne excuses himself to take the "business" call in the other room. He goes into the bedroom and tells Brooke not to call, as there is nothing to say. She has no idea how he is feeling, he tells her. Even though Ridge and Taylor tricked them, Brooke was still in that bed with Ridge! That wasn't real, Brooke protests, but her feelings for him are. Moreover, she hates Ridge now! Thorne refuses to believe that and thinks Brooke is denying the feelings she has for Ridge. "This is what they want! If you love Macy, then stay married to her... but if you don't, then stop this now, or we will lose each other!" Brooke pleads. Just then, Eric comes to get Thorne, as there is something important he has to see. Thorne hangs up the phone, and Brooke says, "Damn it!"

Becky wants to come with Amber and do this for her, but Amber says SHE has to do it. Rick has been living in a horrible nightmare, and the worst part of it is that he didn't know it. What she did was repulsive. She did a vile thing: she took away the baby from the family. They would want to know why that happened, and the only one that knows the answer is Amber. Becky asks, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TELL THEM, AMBER?"

Back at the Beach House, Stephanie wants to show them something, something that Thorne and his wife did for her. "Miracles happen, and one happened when I saw you two together," she explains. She stands up: no more wheelchair, and she doesn't want to ever sit in it ever again. She walks over to Macy and hugs her, as she welcomes Macy back to the family. She is very proud that Macy is with them again. She goes over to Thorne and hugs him and whispers, "I know this wasn't easy for you, and Venice is a very tempting city. And if you had come back with anyone besides Macy, this never would happened. You have given me back my life, you have given the family and me a real reason to rejoice. " Eric and Macy are smiling as there are tears in Thorne's eyes.

Friday, February 11, 2000, Ep. #3236

Eric is in his office with Ridge and Taylor as he is pleased to toast to the end of Thorne and Brooke! He explains how Sally called them over to Thorne's, and there they learned of Thorne and Macy's married. It was enough to get Stephanie walking again! He knows he asked a lot of Taylor and Ridge in Venice, but for Stephanie's sake, he is grateful to them. Ridge says there is something else they need to talk about: Rick. While they can't get into details, Rick is waiting at the house to talk to the family.

Kimberly stops by Brooke's office and says that she has some news: Rick and Amber's marriage is over! She finally knows Amber's secret, and it is the worst thing she could have imagined. Brooke wants details, but Kimberly says it is Rick's place to tell her. However, she tells Brooke that she is sure that Rick's marriage is over. Brooke guesses that Kimberly must be as thrilled as she is, but Kimberly is not so sure. Brooke guesses it has to do with the baby. Before she can answer any more questions, Kimberly asks Brooke to come to Stephanie's, where Rick plans to explain all to the family.

Rick waits at the house, wondering how he can tell his family the truth. Meanwhile, Becky is trying to get Amber ready. She thinks Amber should talk to a lawyer first, as she is not in the right frame of mind to stand up to a firing line like the Forresters. Amber says she is a different person now, and she has to take responsiblity now... and that means facing the music, so she is going to the Forresters' now. She tries to call Rick, but he calls her a virus and a cancer and orders her to stay away! She asks when he is telling his family. "Today, so you better get out of town before they hunt you down!" Rick warns. Amber tries to tell him that she should tell his family, not him, as it is not his fault. Rick tells Amber to go far away and hangs up! When Amber tells Becky what happened, she adds that she is going over there. Becky says she and the baby will go with Amber, as the family deserves to see him. Amber worries about how Stephanie will react: Stephanie defended her, and now she has betrayed her. Maybe Stephanie will cool down after a few days, Becky suggests. No, Amber says: the family is too close to Rick and the baby, so they will never accept this. They will think they were right about Amber all along, Amber worries. Becky assures her that she is a good person and mother, and the baby owes a lot to her and Rick. "That's all over now... but there is one more thing for me to do first. Rick needs me. I am responsible, so let them lash out at me," Amber states.

Brooke comes into Eric's office and asks Eric if he knows anything. He says no, he only knows what Ridge and Taylor told him. Brooke is shocked that Ridge and Taylor know, and she accuses Eric of lying, just like in Venice. She comes down on the trio of deceivers for their trick, but they are interrupted when Rick calls and asks them to come over. Eric says they will be right there, Ridge suggests bringing Taylor, but Brooke says a quack psychiatrist is not needed. She says she will meet Eric there and leaves. When Ridge tells Eric to take Taylor, as they need a professional there, Eric agrees, but he wonders what could be so terrible.

Amber asks Becky if she is sure she wants to be a part of this. Becky is sure and asks Amber to think about what will go through the Forresters' minds. Amber says they will learn that they lost two children from the family because of her, the woman who they all mistrusted. She suggests that they get on their way before she loses her nerve.

Kimberly stops in Eric's office and is surprised to find Ridge there. Ridge figures out that she knows what happened and they talk about it. Perhaps Kimberly should be there, Ridge suggests, but she says Rick did not want her there. He is just trying to be responsible and protect her, Ridge guesses. Kimberly says that Rick always tries to be responsible, but she wonders how he does it.

Brooke, Eric and Taylor arrive at the mansion, where Eric and Brooke try to reassure Rick when they arrive at the mansion. Brooke says they know he and Amber are having problems, but they are here for him. Rick tells them that what happened is so unbelievable. He finally was thinking that he and Amber were being honest and open with each other, and that they had a chance. But he was wrong: she was lying, ever since their son was born. He is about to tell them when Rick spies Amber and Becky in the door, with Becky holding the baby. Rick orders Amber to leave, and Brooke tells Amber to listen to her son. Amber however feels that she needs to be the one to tell them what happened--and what happened is something terrible!

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