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Monday, February 14, 2000, Ep. #3237

Eric and Brooke are skeptical of Amber's desire to tell her side of the story and tell her to leave... and to leave the baby here. No, Amber protests, she and the baby are not going anywhere! Rick tells her to leave and Taylor tries to intervene, but Amber will not budge. Rick says to go ahead. Amber says it is about the baby. Eric is worried and tells Becky to give his grandson to him... and Amber blurts out that he is not Eric's grandson! Eric does not believe it, so Rick explains that this was Amber's secret: it was all a scam. "Who's the father? Do you know?" Eric asks Amber. Rick says that Amber is not the mother: he looks at Becky, and the truth dawns on Brooke, who confronts Becky. "Where is your baby?" Brooke asks Amber, and a tearful Amber admits he was stillborn. Eric is furious at both Amber and Becky, but Amber explains how Becky was not a part of it. She tells them of her mother's plan, and Becky tries to lay the blame on Tawny, but Amber still accepts her responsibility.

Stephanie wraps up a therapy session with Dottie. Dottie says that her son's marriage has done Steph a world of good: maybe she should have her kids get married more often. Steph says that she is running out of children... even stepson Rick is married, albeit too young, she admits. She shows off pictures of Rick, Amber and little Eric and talks about how she can't wait for them to come home. This is the happiest time in her life, she tells Dottie. If that's the case, Dottie says, then she had better get home to them.

At Spectra, Kimberly tells her dad and Sally what happened with Rick and Amber. They ask how Rick is doing and what will happen with the child. Rick is leaving Amber and Becky is taking the baby back, Kim says. Sally says that if Amber is smart, she'll get out of town. If Becky takes that child out of the lives of the Forresters--and Becky CAN do it, Adam confirms--then the Forresters will be ready for war. Sally empathizes with Amber, although Adam says Amber made her own bed. Sally says he is right, but knowing the Forresters, she can't help but feel a little sorry for Amber. Kimberly cannot even find a little sympathy for Amber after how she lied to Rick. Amber never felt guilty about her lies and kept Kimberly and Rick apart, even blaming Kimberly for her own troubles. And worst of all, Rick loves that child. How can he deal with that? Adam wonders if the Forresters will just sweep this under the rug, but Sally says it's not that simple. The Forresters have been betrayed by one of their own, and no one gets away with that!

Rick apologizes to his parents: they tried to warn him, but he would not listen. Brooke says not to blame himself. Looking at the baby, he says he still loves him. Brooke and Eric says that is natural, and they will help him take care of the child. Amber interrupts that Becky is taking the child home. Brooke and Eric cannot believe that, but Taylor explains that Becky was a victim, too. Becky apologizes to Rick and tries to explain how Amber only lied for the baby's sake. Brooke says she will not believe that. Amber volunteers to take her punishment, and Brooke lashes out at her. She watched Amber destroy his life and she hates Amber for that! Amber tries to defend herself, but Eric tells her how she used that baby as bait. Brooke accuses Amber of coming between Rick and his family, and keeping him from Kimberly. It was simple--if she needed another baby, just get a new one! Amber screams that is not true! She was torn up to lose Rick's baby, and the only one she could turn to was her mother! She became trapped in her lies!

Eric tells her she had a year to tell the truth, and Brooke says Amber obviously does not care! Amber says she does: that baby WAS a Forrester and she loved it. Brooke says the baby was just a meal ticket, and Eric accuses her of making excuses. She stole 2 years of Rick's life, but thank god it is over now. He orders Amber off his property now! Amber tries to speak up for herself, but Eric tells her to leave! As she and Becky go to the door, Stephanie arrives. She is pleased to see Rick and Amber home, and that Becky is there as well. Eric tells her that Amber is leaving and they will talk about it later, but Stephanie wants to know what is going on, despite Eric's protests. She turns to Amber and asks what's going on here...

Tuesday, February 15, 2000, Ep. #3238

Stephanie wants to know what Amber might have to say that can be so bad. She goes over to embrace Amber. Eric wants Amber to leave, but Amber asks that she be the one to tell Stephanie. Eric agrees, but he warns Amber not to cause Stephanie to have a setback or she will pay. Taylor tells Becky to get the baby out. Becky will not leave Amber, but she agrees to have Helen take the baby to the guesthouse so she can stay. Taylor then tries to warn Steph that she will hear something upsetting and to stay calm. "What's going on?" Stephanie asks. Brooke says that Amber betrayed them, and Amber admits that she lied. Steph immediately accuses Brooke of dredging something up from Amber's past and asks Eric to show "Ms. Logan" the door, but Amber admits that Brooke is right. She tells Stephanie that she loved her like a mother and will always feel that way, even when Stephanie hates her. Stephanie says she could never hate Amber, so Amber starts to explain about the baby. When Amber says that the baby is Becky's, Stephanie is shocked! How can this be? Becky tries to defend Amber to Stephanie, blaming Tawny... and when Brooke throws her two cents in, Becky tells her that it was not all Amber's fault. Amber tells Stephanie that she is so sorry!

At Forrester, Megan tells an attractive young woman who has come to see Brooke that the boss is not there; in fact, she might not be in at all. She's about to take the woman's number when Ridge walks in. He's about to talk to Megan when he looks at the woman. "Morgan?" he asks. "It's been a long time," Ridge says. She decides to leave, as she just came by to see Brooke. Ridge says that he didn't know that she knew Brooke. She doesn't, Morgan says, and she again turns to leave. Wait, Ridge says; he hasn't seen her in years. "How have you been?" she asks him. He says just ducky. "Well, we're all caught up now," Morgan says, and she leaves.

Kimberly tells CJ the story about Amber and he cannot believe it. Now he knows why Amber blew him off when he asked her about Becky. He cannot understand what got into Amber. He worries about how Rick is. Kimberly says that all the Forresters are upset, including Stephanie. CJ wonders how the Forrester matriarch will react. Kimberly tries to call Rick, but there is no answer. CJ cannot understand how Amber could be so warped: she made Rick give up so much for her, and he defended Amber to his family. He must feel so used... and so will Stephanie, who is a bad enemy for Amber to have. Amber looked up to Stephanie like a mother, especially after having a mother like Tawny, CJ reminds Kimberly... and now Amber is in for it! CJ points out the bright spot in all this, that Rick is free to be with Kimberly. True, but Rick is still losing a son, Kimberly points out. CJ guesses that Amber is going to lose everything... and Kimberly certainly hopes that Amber does after what she put Rick through.

Brooke tears into Stephanie about how Steph brought Amber into her home, but Amber conned them all. She mentions the wedding reception and says Amber used Stephanie. "You said I should support her and give her a chance, and I did, Stephanie... and you gave her a reason for RUINING MY SON'S LIFE." Eric and Taylor yell at Brooke that this isn't the time to bring up her own issues with Steph. "She put me and my son through hell," Brooke argues, but Stephanie says to stop it. This is about the baby and Amber. Stephanie recalls how she took Amber into her home and gave her a chance. How could she do this? Becky again tries to defend Amber, although Rick thinks Amber used her like everyone else. Becky says she grew up with Amber and knows her, and she's sure Amber did this because little Eric would be better off with the Foresters, and not for the money. She even tells Brooke how Amber talked about how Brooke would fight for Rick, and how she would fight for the baby the same way. Yes, they took advantage of the Forresters' kindness and it wasn't right, but it was for the baby. "Even if we didn't come back for him..." Becky adds. Stephanie asks what that means, and Eric tells his wife that Becky feels she is in the position to take care of him now. Stephanie stands up and says, "NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE THE BABY! YOU CAN'T!" Stephanie starts to hyperventilate, and she can't catch her breath. Taylor tells Steph to sit as Stephanie is gasping for air.

Eric says he will call the doctor as Taylor tries to calm Stephanie. Rick tells Stephanie not to blame herself, as they all made mistakes. Amber says not everything was a lie, but Stephanie tells Amber that she used her! "What kind of a person did you turn out to be?" she asks. Becky says that Amber was scared and confused. Brooke adds, "and SELFISH." Yes, Becky agrees, Amber was selfish, but she is also sorry. Steph says that won't cut it, as Amber hurt all of them, including Becky. The woman Steph loved like a daughter is gone. Amber had everything in the palm of her hand and she threw it away! Steph doesn't want Amber to talk to her or even see her again. Amber starts to walk out, but she can't leave just yet. Eric threatens to drag her out, but Amber still has something to say... and THEY ARE ALL GOING TO HEAR IT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2000, Ep. #3239

Eric and Brooke keep telling Amber to leave but she keeps refusing, even when Brooke threatens to call the police. Brooke goes over to the phone to call Lt. Baker, but Becky pleads for her not to, for the baby's sake. Eric tells them to stop using the baby as a tool; he still considers little Eric part of the family, although the same is not true of Amber. Amber tries to defend herself, but Eric orders her out of their lives. After today, Amber says, they will not see her again. She will speak to a lawyer immediately. Eric warns that Rick's money is all in trust, but Amber says it is not about money. Brooke calls Amber a con artist, but Amber tries to remind Rick of the good times they had. She does not expect him to be sorry for her, but she is grateful for having had Rick in her life for a time. She ruined the best thing that ever happened to her by betraying his trust. Now, she is relieved that the lies are over; despite what her mother taught her, she has learned how bad lies are. It's too late, Stephanie says. "It's not too late to change me, whether you believe it or not," Amber replies.

At a bar, Clarke tells Giovanni about Amber's "scam of the century" and is glad that CJ did not get mixed up in her games. Giovanni comes to a realization that this is good news: now Kimberly will not have to quit her job. He is about to go call her when he spots someone at the bar and sits down. Clarke turns around and sees the woman at the bar. He recognizes her as Morgan DeWitt, a hot model turned fashion designer who was doing well in New York, but then dropped out of sight. Giovanni is captivated by this "angel" and walks over to her table. He points out his friend Clarke and says that Clarke bet she would not give him her phone number. Morgan is flattered and agrees to help him. She asks how much the bet was for, and after he replies, she hands him a $10 bill from her purse. She then stuns Giovanni by knowing who he is. Clarke comes over, and Morgan reveals that she knows him as well. She leaves them dumbfounded... until the next time, she hints.

CJ arrives at Spectra and tells his mother that he was with Kimberly. He is so sick thinking about what Rick has gone through. Worst of all, he bought into Amber's game and even gave her advice. He is so pissed and can't wait to tell her off. Get in line, Sally says, since the Forresters will want to get first crack at her. She asks if CJ has spoken to Rick, but he is at a loss as to what to say. He does know that Rick DID have feelings for Amber and he even thought Amber was good for Rick. Sally reminds him of the car crash, and CJ admits Amber got Rick into trouble... but at the same time, she got him to take risks. It does not matter, though, as it is over now. Sally wonders if he is being too sentimental. Amber made herself a lot of enemies this way, and she is sorry to see CJ defend his friend. "She's not my friend," CJ protests. That's good, Sally states, but she predicts that Amber will land on her feet.

Amber claims she means all of this. She knows Rick will be OK thanks to his family's love, and she will take that lesson with her. She will leave their lives, but she will always remember the love the family had for Rick and the way they believed in him. Eric says he let Rick down once, but Amber says he did not: he believed in Rick, and he should not be ashamed of that. Finally, Amber tells them that she does know what it means to be a mother, no matter what they may think. She promises never to be a problem again. Brooke says she will make sure of that! Amber then tells Rick that she has one more thing to do: to return her wedding ring. After that, she will get out of his life if he wants. Rick says that is what he wants and tells her to leave. Amber asks to say goodbye to Stephanie first. Steph is reluctant, but Amber says she will remember everything Stephanie taught her. Stephanie will never get to see how good a teacher she was, but some day, Amber will find someone to love thanks to those lessons. Stephanie says Amber is of no consequence to her now, and she will never make the same mistake again. She coldly tells Amber goodbye. Amber hesitates, so Brooke tells her to leave. Amber stops by Rick and says this will be the last time they see each other, and Rick answers, "Thank god." Becky tells Amber it's time to leave, but Amber must first give back her ring. Rick does not want it, but Amber insists that he take it. She is in tears as she hands it to him and leaves, Becky close behind. The Forresters watch her leave, and outside, Becky comforts her cousin as she breaks down crying.

Thursday, February 17, 2000, Ep. #3240

Taylor and Ridge discuss Amber, and Taylor feels like Amber really wants to make amends. She almost feels sorry for Amber a little. She then asks Ridge if Thorne has come in; Ridge says he wouldn't be surprised if his brother should take a week off aster his marriage. He's more convinced than ever that they did the right thing, as Macy is the best thing to happen to Thorne, and Brooke was the worst. Taylor hopes Thorne married Macy for love and not for the wrong reasons. She then asks if Ridge has seen Brooke. He replies that he told Megan to have Brooke call, but he's not holding his breath. This is a critical time for Thorne and Macy, Taylor says... and besides, Brooke has her hands full with Rick. Ridge prays that Thorne will realize what he has with Macy and that things with Brooke will be over.

Brooke tells Megan about Rick and Amber; she thinks Rick will make it with all the support he'll get from his family and from Kimberly. She then asks, "Has Thorne called?" Megan says that he checked his messages, but when she said Brooke was looking for him, he replied that he doesn't want to talk to her. Against Megan's suggestion to the contrary, Brooke wants to call Thorne at home. She predicts his marriage will break up eventually, and the sooner she talks to Thorne, the better it will be for all of them. She calls Thorne and says they need to talk, but he does not want to. She pleads with him that what he saw in Venice was a lie. If the last 6 months meant nothing to him, then he should stay with Macy... but if it was real for him, then he owes it to her to talk to Ridge. Get him to tell the truth, she pleads; she is sure Thorne will see that his marriage is a mistake once he talks with Ridge. "We can't lose what we had," she says.

Macy joins Thorne outside, and he hangs up the phone. When he says it was someone from work, she hopes he does not have to go in. He tells her he does have to go for a meeting. Too bad, Macy says, as she has some ideas about what they can do right here. Thorne tells her that he has never seen her lovelier than she is now. Macy admits that until a few days ago, she was insecure about telling him how she feels, but now she can tell him anything... and she hopes he knows he can do the same. Thorne tells her that he meant his promise never to hurt her. Never is a long time, Macy says. They will probably argue, she predicts, but that is part of what will build their life together, and eventually they will grow together and find happiness. Knowing that, she can tell him that she has never been happier than she is now. They embrace, but he tells her that he has his meeting in the office. Reluctantly, Macy says she will wait for him right here. She gives him a kiss goodbye and tells him to hurry back.

Megan tells Brooke that Morgan DeWitt is here, and she is surprised when Brooke says she has been expecting her. Megan knows how Morgan is a "fashion monster" who turned her father's company into a success and thinks she is a lot like Brooke herself. Brooke wonders if Morgan ever had anyone do to her what Eric and Ridge did to her. They took everything from her, and now she has to work with two men who would destroy her that way. But now she is fighting back, and when she is through, they will not know what hit them. Megan brings Morgan in. Morgan says she is surprised that Brooke knew she was coming to California: they must both be good at networking. Megan leaves, and Morgan asks Brooke how Ridge, the love of her life, is. Brooke says that Morgan should network better, as she now has nothing but contempt for Ridge. Morgan is surprised at the animosity, but Brooke says that she is not here to talk about Ridge: she has a proposal for Morgan.

Taylor and Ridge think they need a holiday now. Ridge says he is happy that things turned out right in the end; he really believes that Macy and Thorne are right for each other, so he has no qualms about what they did anymore. Taylor can't help but wonder what will happen with Thorne and Brooke. Ridge says there have been no fireworks yet, so all must be OK. Just then, Thorne comes in. He's sorry Eric is not there, but he is ready to deal with the two of them... and he wants answers now! Ridge plays dumb, but Thorne tells him to quit it. He points out that Ridge and Taylor are still together, and Ridge admits they lied about breaking up. Thorne then tells Thorne he wants to know everything: whose idea was it to get Brooke on the bed? Taylor says that it just happened. Thorne tells Taylor she wasn't there, so how does she know? Ridge admits he got Brooke to the bed. Taylor however says it is not important how it happened, but Thorne tells her to shut up! He then tells Ridge to start talking. Ridge says he brought Brooke to the brink, but she was the one who crossed the line. Thorne, however, points out that she would not have done it had Ridge not lied. "Do you know what you have done to me? You've hurt me more than if you put a gun to my head and shot me. I loved her... now you tell me, what am I supposed to do? If you two are so smart, tell me what am I supposed to do now?"

Friday, February 18, 2000, Ep. #3241

At Forrester, Thorne asks Ridge and Taylor what he is supposed to do now. After all, they have all the answers, don't they? Ridge says they had a reason for what they did. A furious Thorne asks, "Does the end justify the means? You showed me no respect, like you had the right to decide what was right for me! Who do you think you are, God? This was NOT some high school romance. The day I asked Brooke to marry me was the happiest day in my life; how could you destroy something so beautiful with a lie?" Taylor says it was not a lie, but Thorne is not buying it. They turned his love into something ugly and hurt him worse than he could ever imagine. His world was over when he left that hotel room... he was so low, and suddenly, there was Macy. It seemed so inevitable, but it should not have been that way, and Ridge and Taylor both know it! Taylor tells him that there is truth in what he saw, but Thorne says it was a lie! "Then why don't you end it?" she asks. How does he tell Macy what they did, Thorne asks? The two of them, with Eric, played with three people's lives: how does he just stop that? Are they just naive, or are they so corrupt that they don't have a clue, Thorne asks.

Macy is at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, with Sally along for support. They listen to a woman named Roberta tell how she pushed her family away because of her addiction to booze. She wanted to kill herself, but then she found AA. She's been sober for two days, but she does not know how long it will last. She's in tears as the crowd applauds her openness. John, the group leader, asks if anyone else wants to speak, and Macy steps up. As she talks about how she's stayed sober for 6 and 1/2 years, she looks over towards Roberta. Roberta asks Macy how she made it through those earliest days. Macy guesses Roberta is a successful woman. She says she owns her business, and Macy points out that she and her mother do as well. Roberta is skeptical, so Sally, who is off to the side, tells her that her work can help. Macy tells Roberta to use her work as a focus. Also, Sally points out, Macy had the support of her whole family, especially her husband. Macy agrees that Thorne helped her get back on track. He is not responsible for her being sober, but she can't imagine life without him. She tells Roberta to go home and make up with her husband; she embraces Roberta as the woman cries on her shoulder. Afterwards, John comes up and asks Macy if she would be Roberta's sponsor. Macy thinks she is not ready, but John points out that after the speech she just gave, she certainly is. He's right, Sally tells Macy as she hugs her.

Thorne explains to Ridge and Taylor how Macy came to Venice to warn him about Brooke; she feared Brooke would turn on Thorne someday and she wanted Thorne to know she would be there for him. The way she put his happiness above her own while standing in the rain moved Thorne so much that he followed her to the airport. He asked her to fly to Amsterdam with him to get married, but she said no. She was scared, so he had to convince her that he would never hurt her again; it was hard, but he did it. But now he finds out that everything he saw was a lie. He tells Ridge to think about the pain he has caused while he goes to do the hardest thing he has ever done: tell Macy the truth. "You guys did good. You destroyed three people's lives. Think about that... thanks, guys!" Thorne tells them as he leaves.

Brooke makes Morgan a job offer, as she knows Morgan is not working now. Morgan explains that she's not working right now by choice, so what makes Brooke think she's interested? Brooke points out that Morgan lives an extravagant lifestyle that she must pay for, but Morgan thinks there is more going on. After all, Brooke already has two top designers. "Yes, Ridge and Eric Forrester... which is why I need someone else," Brooke explains. Morgan does not understand, so Brooke says she has personal reasons that make it such that she can't even look at Ridge or Eric. That is why she needs a liaison, and she wants Morgan for the job. Morgan asks how closely she would work with Ridge. Very closely, Brooke says, although she would report to Brooke alone. Sorry, Morgan says; she's not interested, no matter how much money Brooke wants to offer. Brooke writes down an offer on a piece of paper and hands it to Morgan. Morgan is impressed, but warns Brooke that she does not know what she is getting into. "Do you want the job?" Brooke asks. Morgan says to send the paperwork to her hotel; she'll be back in the morning. Brooke is pleased as Morgan leaves.

Brooke picks up the phone and calls Thorne. Thorne gets home in time to answer it, but he tells her he cannot talk now. He hears Macy outside, so he tells Brooke he will call later. "Does that mean you are going to tell her?" Brooke asks. Thorne says he has to go and hangs up. "Yeah, I'm going to tell her today," he tells himself. Just then, Macy walks in and tells Thorne how she had an incredible day! She hugs her husband, as Thorne has a worried look on his face.

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