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Monday, February 21, 2000, Ep. #3242

Macy wants to tell Thorne about her amazing day. He thinks to himself that he is so sorry, but he has to tell Macy the truth that their marriage shouldn't have happened. He has to tell her now, he thinks. He's is about to tell her, but Macy is all excited about how she can now contribute something to the world, and it's all because of him. Thorne says he needs to talk about Venice first. Macy just asks him to hear her out. She now realizes that she is a stronger woman thanks to him. She had this urge to go to an AA meeting, so she asked Sally to go with her. She then tells Thorne about Roberta, the woman who was at the meeting, and Macy remembered how she was in the same place not too long ago. For the first time, she had the strength to openly speak at a meeting, and even to help someone else. Now they asked her to sponsor that woman, and she knows she can do it. Thorne is amazed, and Macy tells him the reason for this new confidence: her relationship to him. "We need to talk about you and me; everything's happened so fast," Thorne says. Too fast, they both agree, so Macy suggests they talk about it.

Sally drops by Forrester as Stephanie returns to work. Sally says to take out ads in all the papers announcing the Queen's return. All the other houses should take notice, she brags. "Even Spectra?" Stephanie asks. Sally is pleased at the barb. Stephanie actually thanks Sally for her support while Steph recovered from her stroke; it was a little harsh, but it worked. They talk about Thorne and Macy, but then Steph brings up Amber. Sally is sorry to hear what happened, and Steph decides they should talk about something happy, so she goes back to Thorne and Macy. Sally talks about how proud she is of Macy, and she thinks Thorne is responsible for that. They laugh about how someday soon, there will be another grandchild, but that just gets Stephanie back to Amber. Sally is sorry for Rick, but she points out that Kimberly is there for him. It's amazing how close their families are, Sally says. Rick is still young, Sally admits, but there is still Thorne and Macy. Stephanie thinks those two can overcome anything. "Even Brooke Logan?" Sally asks. Is Sally worried about Brooke? Stephanie wonders. Sally says no, and Steph agrees that Brooke had better find someone else, because she won't have Thorne.

Taylor walks into Brooke's office, just as Brooke is about to leave. "What do you want?" Brooke asks. Taylor wants to know where she is going, and Brooke says she is going to see Thorne. Taylor says Brooke has every right to be hostile, but she advises Brooke not to get her hopes up. Brooke tells Taylor that if she wants to play shrink to someone, get the couch ready for Macy! Why? Taylor asks. Brooke says that Thorne is ending his marriage today. Taylor can't believe it, but Brooke is sure he will. "Did you think they would live happily ever after?" Brooke asks. Taylor tells Brooke to stop denying her feelings for Ridge; Thorne obviously saw it. Not only that, but Thorne and Macy have a history as long as Brooke and Ridge's. He married her out of love, Taylor insists, but Brooke is not buying it. She tries to get Taylor to see how wrong what she did was. "How many times did you tell me wrong never wins? Thorne and Macy are finished," Brooke says as she leaves her office.

Macy tells Thorne to be open with her. She now wants to help people, and she hopes Thorne doesn't think this change will intrude on their lives. After all, she might have to go see the person she sponsors in the middle of the night. Thorne admits she has changed, and she says he is the one responsible. After the promises he made in Amsterdam, she realizes that he cares. She now knows she can trust him and is secure in his love. In his mind, Thorne flashes back to his proposal to Macy. He thanked her for opening her eyes to how much he meant to her. That's not enough for marriage, Macy told him. He was still the only man for her, but did he feel the same commitment? If not, she could not survive. Thorne promised her then never to hurt her again. He comes back to the present as Macy remembers those words. Now, he is her husband, and she will thank god for that for the rest of her life. She tells him what a wonderful man he is. Thorne says he is not special, but Macy thinks he is. That's why she knew he meant what he said in Amsterdam and married him. She is blessed to have him and he gives her the strength to contribute to the world. She starts realizing that she has been going on and on and tells Thorne it's time for him to talk. Thorne has that worried look again...

Tuesday, February 22, 2000, Ep. #3243

Thorne is alone at home as he answers the phone. It's Brooke; she wants to know if Macy is still there. Thorne says Macy left. Brooke is so sorry Thorne had to tell Macy the truth, but it had to be done. She is on her way over, she tells Thorne. She hangs up, and Thorne asks himself, "What have I done?" Shortly after, Brooke arrives and sees Thorne is worried. She tells himself everything will be all right. He did the right thing, she assures him. He is silent, and she asks, "You did tell Macy, didn't you?" Thorne explains how Macy reminded him of Amsterdam and his promise not to hurt her again. Macy was his lifeline, so he could not do it. He knows Brooke is counting on him, but Macy is too, and he could not hurt Macy that way. "So today isn't the day... but the longer you wait, the harder it will be," Brooke says. Thorne tells Brooke how secure and hopeful Macy was, but Brooke says that was not real, and Macy must accept that. "Just tell her!" Brooke pleads, but Thorne says he can't, not now and not ever.

At Spectra, Clarke answers a summons from Sally. They worry that Macy is back in the office so soon after her wedding. Clarke fears that Brooke is persistent, and she may still be pursuing Thorne. Sally says that is absurd, as Thorne would not allow it. She then closes the subject just as Macy walks in. Sally notices the worried look on Macy's face and asks why Macy seems so upset. Macy explains she got into a fender bender in the parking lot. "Then nothing happened with Thorne?" Clarke asks. Macy wonders why Clarke is worried, and Sally tells him that, as she said before, there is nothing to worry about. Macy wonders where this is coming from and assures them that Brooke Logan is no longer an issue.

Taylor tells Ridge about her encounter with Brooke and wonders that Thorne may change his mind. "What if we just made things worse for everybody?" she asks. Ridge refuses to admit that is the case. He also points out that Brooke has shut him out, both personally and professionally. She is even taking meetings with Morgan DeWitt and not telling him. Something is going on, he says, and it is not good.

Morgan has some furniture brought into her office. Eric walks in and wants to know what is going on. Morgan introduces herself, and Eric wonders why she is there. "Say hello to the newest member of the team," she says. She is so pleased to be working with him and explains how Brooke hired her to be a go-between. Eric says he would be pleased to have someone of her caliber with them, but Forrester has always been a "traditional" company. Morgan admits she is more contemporary, but she thinks that could help Forrester. Eric appreciates her enthusiasm and confidence, but he can assure her that the Forresters aren't in jeopardy. She disagrees, as Internet sales are low. And while she knows he is trying the Princess line, that isn't going to bring in the big numbers, she points out... and now he is having trouble with Brooke. Eric says that is personal. Morgan asks Eric to give her a chance and she can make this work. As she signs a work order for the moving, Eric calls Ridge to get down there right away. "We have a big problem here," he says.

Ridge goes to see Morgan. She tells him that Brooke hired her, and he warns her of the friction between Brooke and his family. She says that she knows the three of them are in conflict, but she can take care of herself. Brooke has an agenda here, he suggests. Morgan says, "Maybe she hired me for my ability." Ridge can't believe she is here after all these years. She says this is the last place she wanted to end up, but Brooke gave her generous offer. "That is Brooke; she goes after what she wants until she gets it," Ridge says. Morgan likes that in Brooke and thinks they can work well together. Ridge says, "What about us?" and she says for him to tell her. He says that they worked well before. Just then, Eric comes in and asks Ridge if he has seen Brooke. Ridge says no, and he doesn't know where she is. Eric can't believe that woman would pull off a stunt like this. Eric suggests that Morgan go back to her hotel, but she isn't going anywhere. She is staying right here.

Brooke is pleading her case and asks Thorne to realize that this marriage is based on a lie and Macy has to understand. Thorne tells her that Macy has been through so much in her life, and he cannot do this to her. As much as he wants to be with Brooke, he can't break his word again. "What about us?" Brooke asks. Thorne says that Macy is his wife and he loves her. "As much as you love me?" Brooke asks. Thorne says that he will never love a woman like Brooke. Brooke says that she needs him. "Please, we deserve to be together," she pleads. She needs him, she says, as they kiss passionately. Breathlessly, Brooke tells Thorne that he has to end it with Macy; he has to tell her today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2000, Ep. #3244

Clarke visits Giovanni in his studio at Forrester. One of the models compliments Clarke on his designs, and he thanks her as he goes over to Giovanni. Clarke wonders why Giovanni asked him over, and Giovanni says it is about Morgan. He is captivated by her--and so apparently is Brooke, who has hired Morgan as a designer. Clarke can't believe Eric would allow it, but Giovanni says Eric had nothing to do with it. Clarke is stunned that Brooke would go against Eric and Ridge this way! Giovanni tells Clarke to keep quiet about this. "Then why tell me?" Clarke asks. Giovanni explains that he wants Clarke's advice on how to get close to Morgan. He can't stop thinking about her. Clarke offers to talk to Morgan for Giovanni, but Giovanni wants Clarke far away from Morgan. Morgan needs his advice to keep Eric and Ridge from eating her alive, Clarke suggests. Giovanni says that if Morgan needs anyone to lean on, it should be him.

Eric tells Morgan that she does not want to be involved in the dispute. She says Brooke hired her, but Eric says Brooke had no right to do it. Morgan can't help but take it personally. She's interrupted by a phone call; there is someone from Paris in Eric's office. Eric goes to tend to his meeting, leaving Ridge with Morgan. She asks Ridge what is going on, and he says it was a disagreement. Morgan tells him that she feels like Forrester needs her. She can start a fire here, she says. Ridge agrees, and Morgan says that Brooke can start one, too. She thinks she and Brooke are a lot alike. Ridge wonders how much Morgan told Brooke about them, but she says that is ancient history. He is married with 3 kids, after all, she says. Ridge is curious what happened between him and Morgan in the past, but she says maybe someday. Ridge then asks what she has been up to, and she says she has devoted herself to a career... a career that includes this job. Ridge tells her not to get her hopes up, but Morgan reminds him she gets what she wants. Ridge leaves her office, leaving a tense Morgan behind.

Macy shows Kimberly her wedding ring and tells her sister about her marriage. She admits she was leery, but Thorne won her over with his honesty. "What about Brooke? Was he honest about her?" Kimberly asks. Kimberly quickly takes it back, but Macy says it's all right, as Thorne convinced her that Brooke is in the past. Kimberly is so happy for her. "How about you and Rick?" Macy asks. Kim says she is happy, but Rick still has a lot to sort through. Macy is glad Kimberly is there for him, but Kim can't help but point out that Brooke was there for Rick, too. Macy says that no one is all bad, not even Brooke, so there is nothing wrong with Kimberly admiring Brooke's support of Rick. She can admit that now that Brooke is out of Thorne's life, and nothing will stand between her and Thorne again.

Ridge waits for his father in Eric's office. He tells Eric that Morgan is not leaving. Eric says that even though he respects Morgan's work, he does not need someone over his shoulder. He will not let Brooke get away with it!

Clarke comes to visit Morgan in her office, which was his old one, and he offers to be lend an ear if she needs one. He is surprised that they hired an outsider and wants to give her some tips. Morgan says she shouldn't be talking with the enemy, so as not to give Eric something else to resent, but Clarke says he already does resent her. Morgan says she's no threat to Eric. Clarke points out to Morgan that she's an up and coming designer with the CEO in her corner, which makes her a threat.

Brooke tells Thorne that he has to break up with Macy. He says he only wants to be honest with her. She tells him not to allow his family's dirty trick to break them up. She can't even stand to look at them, so she has hired Morgan DeWitt as a liaison. Thorne is surprised that Brooke went over Eric's head, but she says it is just like he did to them. But it's not too late for them, she urges. Thorne is torn, as either way he will hurt someone. Brooke tells him that he can't build a marriage on a lie; Amber and Rick failed at that, as did she and Ridge. Thorne is confused, and she reminds him how sure he was in Venice, before his family turned their lives into a nightmare. Unless he is happy himself, he can never make Macy happy, Brooke tells him, so she urges him to look into his heart. Thorne says he has done that. It hurts him to say this, but he cannot break his vows. He does love Brooke more than she can imagine, but he has no choice. Brooke is angry and says he does not know what he is doing... but she does! Her relationships with Eric and Ridge prove that you cannot make something work when it is wrong. Then she found Thorne, her friend... and even though she tried to fight it, it was right. They found a miracle. He is her soul mate, she insists... and if he wants to throw that away, then he's not half the man she thought he was. Tears in her eyes, she begs him not to do this...

Thursday, February 24, 2000, Ep. #3245

Brooke refuses to accept it when Thorne says he is sorry. She asks him if the things he said in Venice are gone and tells him to admit that they are not! Thorne says this is not about Brooke or Macy, but himself and what he can live with. "What about you? Don't you deserve to be happy? How can you forget Venice... and you never will," Brooke replies. She tells him to choose the life he wants... her! Thorne tells Brooke that he meant the vows he took with Macy. Who's to say that won't make him happy? "You don't want to be married to Macy!" Brooke insists. Thorne points out how Macy did not give up on him, even when he gave up on her. "But you don't love her!" Brooke says. "I do, more than I realized," Thorne says. As much as what he and Brooke had was perfect, he can't let anything happen between them.

Becky is playing with the baby as Amber returns from job hunting. No one wants to hear her sing, Amber laments. She asks if Rick called, but then wonders why he would. Why not call him? Becky asks. She thinks that Amber can explain things to him, but Amber says to give it up: Rick is NOT going to forgive her.

Rick is alone in the guesthouse and is saddened to see some of the baby's things. Eric comes by while he's home for lunch and asks what's wrong. Rick says he is fine, and Eric is glad to hear that. Rick laments how quiet things are and tells his dad how his friends think he should be partying. Is it Amber who has him thinking this way? Eric wonders. No, Rick says, it's the baby... he can't take living without that boy now. Eric wants to call Amber, so they can find Becky. He calls, and he's glad that Becky answers the phone. He asks if Rick can come see the baby today. The only thing is he does not want to see Amber. Becky lies that Amber will be out the rest of the day, so Eric says Rick will be right over. Rick thanks his dad for setting this up. He does not know what he is to little Eric anymore, but he has to do this. The baby still loves him, Eric reminds Rick, and he's lucky to have Rick in his life. He's not surprised and is in fact impressed that Rick wants to do this, and he tells Rick he's proud of him before Rick heads to Becky's.

Amber looks through the want ads while Becky cleans up and checks on the baby. She notes how well Becky is getting along with the baby. Too bad Becky has to go back to Paris, she laments. She asks Becky to stay, but Becky can't... and even though Becky would love to have her in Paris, Amber can't afford the plane ticket. Becky again brings up the subject of Rick, but Amber tells her to lay off. Becky then tells Amber not to be mad, but... When Amber wonders what that means, there's a knock at the door. Amber panics when Becky says it is Rick! She decides to hide in the other room as Becky lets Rick in. Rick rushes over to pick up the baby and starts playing with him as Amber watches from the other room. Rick thanks Becky for letting him come. "He loves you, and I know it's hard for you. Amber is going through the same thing," Becky says. Rick cannot believe that, especially when Becky says that Amber loves Rick. "The only one Amber loves is Amber!" Rick argues.

Brooke asks what happened to the man who would never let her go? Why is he punishing her? Thorne says this is not about the kiss and Ridge. It is about the promises he made to Macy and what they mean to him. "And what about me? Don't I mean anything to you?" Brooke asks. They are so close, so she does not care that the rest of the world is against them. They can't give up! He has to tell Macy the truth, and she can't fight this battle alone. "The battle is over," Thorne says. She cannot accept that Thorne is doing this. "Is this the last time I'll kiss these lips?" she asks, tears in her eyes. She pulls close to him, but Thorne pulls back. Thorne tells Brooke that he will love her until the day he dies, but this will not happen. Brooke runs outside and is in tears... and inside, Thorne is crying as well.

Friday, February 25, 2000, Ep. #3246

Eric and Ridge read reviews of Morgan's work, which seems to be erotic and kinkier than Forrester is used to. It's hot, Ridge says. Eric agrees that is trendy, but Forrester stands for classic elegance. That is why they survive. But now Brooke wants to take revenge on them and run the company into the ground, and Eric will not stand by while she does it!

In her office, Brooke thinks about Thorne and Venice. "We would be together if it weren't for Eric and Ridge," she cries. She gets a buzz on the intercom from Megan. She answers it, and once she hears who is there, tells Megan, "Send them in." An angry Ridge and Eric walk in. Eric says Brooke has no right to hire Morgan. Brooke says she does and takes a vote of one... anyone opposed doesn't matter. Eric and Ridge both come down on Brooke for using the company to take revenge on them. Brooke says she hired Morgan for Stephanie's sake; now Eric can spend time with his wife. Isn't that what Venice was all about? Eric tells Brooke to stop this, but she accuses them of being jealous. She wants them to feel hurt and furious and cheated... just like they did to her!

Thorne is thinking about how he told Brooke he is committed to his marriage. Macy walks in, and before she can tell him what she's been up to, he grabs her in a passionate embrace. "What got into you?" Macy asks. Thorne tells her that he wants things to be like they were in Amsterdam, just the two of them. "We still are," Macy says as Thorne comes on to her again. As they kiss passionately, she tells him that she loves him. Thorne starts undressing and then starts working on Macy. They make love, and when they finish, Macy wonders what kind of hot fantasy he has while she was gone. She teases Thorne about it; maybe they can make it come true. "All I need is you," Thorne says. Macy notices that he is wearing his wedding ring, which he says he just put on. Macy asks him to promise that things will always be this way, but he says they will be even better. She goes off to shower, and she tells him she will be waiting for him to join her.

As Amber watches in hiding, Rick tells Becky that Amber is a user and a liar, and nothing will make him forgive her. Becky orders him not to talk that way in front of the baby. Perhaps he should leave, she suggests. Rick pleads with her not to send him away; he promises not to even talk about Amber. Maybe he could take Eric for a walk. Becky agrees and goes to get his stroller. Amber keeps watching as Rick plays with the baby. Becky brings the stroller; as Rick puts the boy in, Becky gets a phone call. It's Suzanne, who is happy to hear that Becky is bonding with the baby. Suzanne explains that they need Becky back in Paris at Forrester International. Becky is reluctant, as she does not want to hurt the Forresters, but she agrees to be back on Monday. Rick overhears and is angry: Becky can't take Eric away! He needs his family. Can't Becky stay a few more weeks? Becky says she has to keep her job, which means going back. Rick is welcome to visit any time he wants, but she must go. Rick argues that he is the only father that boy knew, while Becky was giving him up! He won't let Becky change that! Becky says it is not up to him. "We'll see about that!" Rick says. He tells little Eric he is leaving, but he promises to be back soon and storms off. Amber comes out of hiding and cries that Rick is hurting, and it is her fault!

Eric says Brooke is acting like a child, and Ridge says she is mixing business with her personal life. Brooke is tired of letting them walk all over her! Eric says she should be grateful to them for keeping her from making a huge mistake. Brooke is about to hit Eric, but Eric grabs her. She struggles, but she stops as Morgan comes in. Brooke says she is glad Morgan is there and promotes Morgan on the spot to head designer! Morgan says she is not ready, and Brooke agrees that Eric should train her first. Eric argues... and when Ridge objects by and calls her "Logan," she tells him not to call her that. He asks if she wants to destroy the company. Brooke reminds him of what she did to her and Thorne. What did she do to deserve this? Hire a hot designer? An unsuitable designer, Eric says. Brooke defends her position to Ridge and Eric... and if either of them doesn't like her decisions, they can leave! Ridge tries to talk to her, but Brooke can't stand the sight of him. From now on, he either goes through Morgan or sends her a memo if he needs to speak to her. Brooke orders Ridge and Eric out of her sight and then asks Morgan to be alone... and she then says to herself that she can't do this without Thorne. She calls Thorne, who only hears sobbing on the phone before the line cuts off. Thorne seems torn as Macy calls out to him. He tells his wife he will be right there, but he has a thoughtful look on his face.

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