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Monday, February 28, 2000, Ep. #3247

Macy tells Sally and CJ how she heard from a reporter at Eye on Fashion that Brooke has hired a new designer. Sally can't believe it, but Clarke overhears and says it's true: they hired Morgan DeWitt. Sally remembers how Morgan was a model for Forrester years ago, and she even tried to bring her over to Forrester back then. It's too late now, Clarke says: she's over at Forrester. Why would Brooke do that? CJ wonders. Macy thinks it might have something to do with Thorne, but Sally thinks there is more to it. One thing is for sure, Clarke says: Morgan is mysterious and is no one's fool. CJ thinks his dad is smitten, but Sally thinks that is a bad thing. She does not want to have any more Forrester problems, so Clarke should keep his distance. Clarke leaves for a date, and Sally tells Macy that she thinks Morgan will be trouble.

As Ridge and Eric lament their argument with Brooke, Morgan wants to know what's going on. Eric says it is none of her business: besides, she's but a pawn being used by Brooke. Morgan points out that Brooke is out to get them and will bring in whoever she needs to do it. Now they can throw her out and take their chances with the next person Brooke brings in... and she will find someone... or they can stick with her, someone who got her start at Forrester in the first place. She thinks she's Eric's last, best hope of making peace with Brooke. Just then, Rick barges in and asks to speak to his dad alone. Eric tells Morgan they are not finished with this and goes to his office with Rick. Ridge is alone with Morgan and asks, "The last, best hope of making peace with Brooke? How much of that did you mean?"

Becky worries what Rick might do to keep her from taking the baby; she wishes she could stay, but she can't afford it. Amber says Rick has no right, and besides, he's not the type to hurt Becky. Becky is sorry that Amber had to hear Rick talk that way, but Amber has accepted that Rick wants her out of his life, so just drop it.

Rick tells Eric how Becky is only going to Paris because her job is there. Eric explains that he spoke to Jonathan and Rick has no choice of custody. Rick says that he doesn't want custody: he just wants to be near the baby. And if Eric really meant what he said about the baby always being part of the family, he can help him do that. Moments later, Becky gets a call from Eric, who asks her to come down to his office. She agrees. Once Eric hangs up, Rick says, "We have to do this, Dad."

Morgan tells Ridge that she knows what it's like to have her heart broken and she meant what she said. That said, Ridge should consider himself lucky to have her here. But her style is so different from Forrester's, he says. Morgan reminds him of when he started his career and points out how much he has changed. He has lost the style and passion that exuded from his plunging necklines in his early work. "You mean like this?" Ridge asks. He shows her a design, and she agrees, "You still have it."

Eric tells Becky how upset Rick is to hear of her plans. Becky is sorry, but she does not want to exclude them from the baby's life. She hopes they will visit her in Paris. "You're not taking him to Paris," Eric says. Becky says they can't take her baby. "We're not taking the baby... but you're not going to Paris," Rick explains. Eric explains how he spoke to her boss in Paris and how she is not going back. Becky freaks out: how can they fire her? How can she support her baby? Eric tells Becky that he has arranged for her to be transferred to L.A., where she will have a more challenging job in Sales and Marketing and a raise. Becky is thrilled: she says she only got so upset because she was scared. Amber was right for once when she said the Forresters would never hurt her baby, Becky points out. Eric agrees and tells her to take a week off before starting. Becky tells them that she knows they only did this for the baby, but she will do her best for them. Eric is sure she will and is looking forward to it, he tells a happy Becky.

Morgan asks if he still has the design she wore that launched his career. Ridge says he does not, but he remembers how Eric almost had a fit when he saw it. Any model could have worn it, but she risked her career for him, Ridge explains. Morgan agrees, and says it is now his turn to pay her back by interceding with his dad on her behalf. They playfully chat about old times just as Taylor comes to the door and sees them. She walks in, and Morgan asks if she can help Taylor. Taylor answers by kissing her husband. Ridge then introduces Morgan to Taylor. Morgan tells Taylor that she is there to bust her husband's chops. Taylor says his chops look just fine. Taylor doesn't seem amused by Morgan's quips, so Ridge intercedes and suggests she take the design her gave her... for her eyes only. Morgan says she understands and takes her leave. Taylor makes a remark that Morgan is an odd one and says she got Ridge's message that her needed to see her right away. She asks what is the emergency, and he says he missed his wife. They kiss as Morgan watches at the door. She has a flashback to the end of a fashion show. "Call Me" by Blondie plays as she and Ridge (who has a wig with a ponytail tied back share a kiss over their success. Morgan comes back to reality as she stands there watching.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000, Ep. #3248

At Forrester, Giovanni slips into Morgan's office, a rose in hand. When he sees she is not there, he leaves a note with the rose for Morgan.

Morgan is outside Ridge's office, watching him with Taylor. Megan comes up and asks if she's waiting for Ridge. Morgan says Ridge is with a beautiful woman, so he might be there all day.

Ridge seems rather frisky and Taylor wonders why. Is it the models he is working with? Just another collection, he says. And is Morgan "JUST" another designer? She asks. Ridge sees she is jealous. She then asks what heights he wants her to take him to. Ridge gives her one of his latest designs and starts imagining what she will look like in it. He tells her how much he wants her right now and kisses her. Taylor is tempted and Ridge is ready to lock the door and enjoy his delicious wife. She says she will go try the outfit on. She comes back and Ridge is awestruck with her beauty. He marvels at her, the mother of his children, the brilliant doctor. They start kissing...

Clarke drops by to see Giovanni and quizzes him about Morgan. Giovanni says that keeping tabs on the new designer is not his department... but it will be after he takes Morgan out tonight. "Sorry, Clarke," he apologizes; he guesses his friend has missed out. Clarke asks where they are going, but Giovanni says that he has to wait until Morgan answers his mote. Clarke is intrigued about the note and wonders if his friend might get turned down, but Giovanni is sure she will answer. Giovanni then says that Morgan is the one for him. Clarke notes that she used to be a model for Forrester until she quit. They speculate why she quit and what led to her becoming a designer, and Giovanni says he will know tonight. Clarke wants to hear the details later, but Giovanni will not share this with him, as friendship ends at the bedroom door. He tells Clarke to have a drink for him when he's alone. Clarke bids Giovanni goodbye and leaves the studio.

Morgan reads Giovanni's note. It's been a long time, she says to herself, and Giovanni is a fine specimen. Just then, Clarke comes by. She is surprised to see the competition here, but he says it is worth risking getting thrown out; besides, he knows the guys in security. Actually, he says, he is here to tell her that his "friend" Giovanni will be late for their date because of a re-shoot. He wanted Clarke to keep her company at the restaurant... which one was it again, he asks? Clarke gets her to tell him that it was Mannequins. Morgan says he and Giovanni are both presumptuous, and she is surprised Clarke is such a good friend. "He'd do the same for me," Clarke says. Morgan goes to change. Clarke is pleased when she squeezes herself into a tight number. She thinks he is sweet for the compliment; maybe she should be dating him and not Giovanni, she says. "Maybe we can share," Clarke says, "and that shoot might be a while." Perhaps they should change their plans, he suggests. What kind of friend would he be if he did that, Morgan wonders. She is sure Clarke can entertain her at Mannequins, so they leave.

Giovanni signs some orders and the clerk offers him her phone number. When Giovanni arrives to pick up Morgan, he finds a note from Clarke wishing him a happy leap year and telling him that the two of them are out together. He crumbles the note.

At Mannequin's, Ridge and Taylor are dining when Taylor brings up the subject of Morgan. Just then, Morgan arrives and waits at the bar for the table Giovanni had reserved. While Ridge goes to the restroom, Taylor spots Morgan. Taylor comes over to Morgan and says, "I see you can't keep your eyes off my husband." Taylor says she knows a lot of women find Ridge attractive. Morgan says, "Is that a warning?" No, Taylor says, it's just some friendly advice. She just tells Morgan nicely to put her eyes back in her head. Morgan says NO; she doesn't take advice from friends. Well, Taylor tells her, in that case, this is a warning... Morgan's first warning.

Wednesday, March 01, 2000, Ep. #3249

Taylor and Morgan continue to trade barbs at Mannequins. Taylor thinks Morgan is alone and is only there because of Ridge. She even saw Morgan watching her and Ridge from outside the office with the "eyes in back of her head." She asks what Morgan is doing there, and Morgan says she's stalking Taylor's husband. Taylor guesses that Morgan just said that for shock value. She then asks the hostess to seat Ms. DeWitt close to her and Ridge: this way, Morgan doesn't have to lean far to eavesdrop. Morgan is not amused. However, Taylor looks foolish when Clarke comes in and joins Morgan. Morgan asks Clarke to get a table as far away from the Forrester table as possible. Clarke goes to take care of the table, as Morgan bids Taylor goodbye.

At their table, Clarke asks Morgan what's going on; she says that she and Taylor have something in common. Meanwhile, Ridge returns to his table, having stopped to chat with an acquaintance. Taylor points out Morgan and Clarke to him. "What's she doing with him?" Ridge wonders. He asks what Taylor and Morgan talked about, and Taylor says it was just girl talk, although Morgan doesn't mince words. She actually enjoyed sparring with Morgan, even though it was over her own husband. Ridge says Morgan has a sensitive side, and Taylor wants to know more. Meanwhile, Clarke wants to know what Taylor and Morgan have in common. Morgan admits to Clarke that she likes Taylor's taste in men, and Clarke is stunned that Morgan had a fling with Ridge... but Morgan says that what she and Ridge had could never be described as a fling.

While Ridge admits to Taylor that he dated Morgan, but she dumped her, Morgan quizzes Clarke about where Giovanni is. He's surprised when she tells him that she saw him leave a note for Giovanni. However, she was attracted by his initiative, so she agreed to come here with him anyway. Clarke said he always has a back-up plan in mind, and she'll find out what it is if she ever agrees to date Giovanni. Back at Ridge's table, he admits that he tried to get Morgan back, but she disappeared. He waited, but she was nowhere to be found. Taylor asks if Morgan has explained where she was now, but Ridge says it doesn't matter, as things turned out the way they should have. Still, Taylor gets the feeling there is more to the story.

At Spectra, Adam walks into Sally's office and is surprised to find a crowd with a birthday cake. Sally, Macy, Kimberly, Thorne, Rick, CJ and Darla are there, and Darla and CJ present him with a cake. Kimberly gives her speechless father a kiss, and Adam thanks them all. They then start opening gifts. The first is from Macy, CJ and Kimberly: it's a set of framed photos of the three of them. CJ tells Adam he is glad to admit he was wrong about him, as Adam has been there for the family. Darla then presents him with a "businessman of the year" award from the staff, and Sally thanks him for being there for all of them... especially her.

Rick and Kimberly slip into the outer office, where Rick starts kissing her. Kimberly says the others will miss them, but he has waited too long for this. He wants to go back to his place, but she can't because of her father. Rick suggests that they get together after the party. Kim explains that she wants to take Adam out with CJ and Macy, but she wants Rick there as well. Adam is warming to Rick now that he realizes how Kimberly feels, she explains. Rick is happy that things are coming together and asks to meet her after dinner. She gives him a quick kiss and says they should get back to the party. Rick wants to stay a while longer, but Kimberly reminds him that they have all the time in the world. Rick knows when he is beaten and agrees to rejoin the party.

Darla gives Adam a book on how to marry, and Adam says he already wrote the book on that one. When Thorne suggests that he add another chapter, Adam thinks it is a good idea, but Sally tells him to stop with the sappy dialog. The next gift is from Macy: it's a photo with a note to Adam that she wrote on her 10th birthday. She knew he would be back then and said she would always love him. Tears in his eyes, Adam hugs his older daughter. Just then, Rick and Kimberly come back from "getting some water." When Adam spots some lipstick on Rick's mouth, he jokes that they must have shared the same glass. Rick sheepishly smiles and then laughs at the joke.

Adam tells everyone how grateful he is to know them, especially a woman like Sally. He is moved that she could do something like this for him, and he hopes to bring that same joy to her life someday. Sally says that he has done that already. Thanks to him, this shabby office has become something. "I had to make up for the mess that I made," Adam says. Macy tells him not to blame himself, and Sally agrees. While she didn't like what Adam did at the time, she understands what he did. And now, she announces, there is one last present. She tells Adam to open the paper to page 15. Adam does so; the crowd in the room looks on and is excited, but Adam is stunned.

Meanwhile, two thugs are sitting in a limo reading the paper. One thug says, "The boss said he would make a mistake one day. Big mistake, man, big mistake. This is going to cost him his life." The camera then cuts to a shot of a full-page ad in the paper that reads, "Happy Birthday, Adam Alexander, from his loving family at Spectra Fashions."

Thursday, March 02, 2000, Ep. #3250

Adam is stunned when he sees the picture. Sally thinks he is publicity shy, but he says it is more and asks to speak to her alone. He says this was not a good idea to have his picture and his name so public. It suddenly dawns on Sally what he means. Surely the criminals he testified against have forgotten, she says. Mobsters have long memories and do not forget, Adam says. Sally thought they would all be dead or in jail by now. She apologizes and offers to beef up security; after all, it has been over 25 years. Adam decides that she might be right, and Sally offers to stand between him and any bruiser who comes after him. Adam kisses her, although Sally seems reluctant.

In the car, the two thugs are still looking at the ad Sally placed in the paper. They wonder why Adam would resurface after all these years, especially so publicly. Maybe it's a setup, one says? They agree to be ready if it is.

Ridge and Taylor wonder why Morgan would go out with the likes of Clarke. Ridge guesses she has been out of L.A. for a while... but even so, he bets Clarke is trying to rip them off again. Taylor suggests that he warn Morgan about Clarke before he can take advantage of her. Ridge is surprised to see how worried Taylor is about Morgan. "Imagine that," she says. Meanwhile, Clarke lays the charm on with Morgan and asks her to dance. Ridge wonders what Taylor and Morgan talked about. She says it was sparring about him, and it was kind of fun. It's only fair to warn her about Clarke. "Go do something!" she tells him. Ridge asks what he can do, but Taylor has an idea.

The rest of the crowd rejoins the party. Kimberly looks at Rick and then her father, grateful for the life they all have. Macy then nudges Thorne, who asks Adam about a song he used to sing to Sally. Adam is hesitant, but he agrees and sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to his ex-wife. As he finishes, Macy and Kimberly get the rest of the crowd to exit.

Meanwhile, the thugs arrive at Spectra and encounter the guard at the door. As the rest of the crows leaves, the guard checks for their names, Jimmy and Johnny Stanz. While the guard looks for the name, one of the Stanz boys knocks him out.

Taylor comes up to Clarke and Morgan on the dance floor and asks to cut in. Once she has Clarke has her partner, Ridge takes Clarke's place with Morgan. Isn't Taylor worried about him dancing with another woman? Morgan wonders. Ridge answers that Taylor was the one who suggested it, which surprises Morgan. Ridge tries to warn Morgan about Clarke and his reputation. He says that not only is Clarke a ladies man, but he and Spectra have robbed from Ridge's family for years. He then tells her how she broke his heart years ago and wants to know what happened. She was the love of his life, and she left him. Was it another man? Morgan gets angry that Ridge would bring that up and bolts from the room! Clarke wants to know what Ridge said and chases after Morgan, leaving Ridge and Taylor behind at the restaurant.

Adam wants to pick up with Sally where they left off, but she is worried that they might be pushing things. Adam says that he thought she understood why he left. "it's not about you, but about me and my need for self-preservation," Sally says. Romance has ended in heartache and pain for her over the years, so she is wary. Adam assures her that he will not leave her again, but she thinks she is no good at love. Adam asks her to give him a chance to prove that it doesn't have to be that way for her.

Darla is cleaning up when she gets a call to come right now. She turns off the lights and leaves. Just as soon as she is gone, the hitmen arrive. The Stanz boys come barge in on Adam and Sally and drop their "surprise" gift for Adam on the floor. Adam worries about his daughters, but one of the hitmen assures Adam they're gone and safe: it's only Adam they want! One of the Stanz boys reaches into his jacket and pulls out his gun, firing off a shot at Adam. Sally leaps in front of him and takes the shot for Adam. Adam cradles her in his arms as she falls to the floor. "Why did you have to shoot her?" he cries out as he holds Sally's still body...

Friday, March 03, 2000, Ep. #3251

Ridge and Taylor wonder what upset Morgan; could it be Clarke? Ridge is more worried about Taylor's problem, that she has lost her keys. That is why they have returned to his office to look. Taylor starts looking, and Ridge looks away; and when he looks back, he is surprised to see Taylor stripped down to her lingerie. She wants to make the most of this private time, without the kids around to interrupt. Ridge wholeheartedly agrees. Shortly after, Ridge is getting up and getting dressed. Taylor calls after him that she is not finished, but he replies by showering her with compliments. He then says he wants to head home so they can finish this in their own bed. He will go ahead and get things ready, he says. "Don't be long," Ridge advises as he leaves.

Clarke drops Morgan off at her office and wonders what happened with Ridge. She tells him how Ridge warned her that Clarke is dangerous. She admits she is attracted to that and kisses him. Clarke is pleased, but he wonders if they can go out for coffee. Or maybe they can go for breakfast. Why end it this way? Morgan tells him to call her on the phone tomorrow. Meanwhile, Taylor is in the hall eavesdropping on them. Clarke asks for one more thank you and Morgan is about to kiss him again when Clarke spots Taylor standing in the hall. Clarke invites her in, saying there is more then enough of him to go around. Morgan is not impressed by his bravado. The moment ruined, Clarke decides to take his leave, leaving Taylor alone with Morgan. "What a piece of work," Morgan says about Clarke.

Adam asks the Stanz boys why they shot Sally. "You'll pay for this," he vows. The Stanzs say he brought this on himself and say that he is the one who will pay. Adam knocks the gun from the thug's hand and knocks the Stanz boys out, and he rushes Sally to the hospital. The doctors work feverishly to get Sally ready for surgery. "Hang in there, Red. You have to stay with me. I can't lose you now," Adam pleads. Once the doctor finishes, he tells Adam that other than some soft tissue damage, they were able to prevent any complications from the bullet. He tells Adam he can wait for the police to arrive with Sally, so Adam goes to speak to her. Adam tells Sally that they can't tell the police anything. Now that these thugs know where Adam is, they will never give up. Sally blames herself, but Adam says it is his fault for getting involved with these men in the first place. Now he knows what these men are made of, and no one can protect him. He refuses to bring this burden down on Sally and the kids, so he has to leave again! No, Sally pleads, tears in her eyes, but Adam tells her, "I have to go."

Morgan thanks Taylor for warning her about Clarke. She is sure Taylor knows what a turn-on those playboys can be. Taylor says she is not sure she knows, but Morgan points out that Taylor married Ridge. Morgan explains that she would like to start over, although she fears Taylor, like most women, would not be secure enough to befriend someone who has eyes for their husband. Taylor says that she is secure enough in her marriage, and she agrees to meet Morgan for lunch at Insomnia tomorrow.

Sally tells Adam that she finally understands why he had to go and has forgiven him. They both have to forgive each other, she cries. Adam thanks her, but Sally says that she should thank him for coming back to her, for caring for Macy and for saving the company. He risked his life for them. "You ARE my life," Adam says, tears in his eyes. Watching this family come together over the last year has been a dream come true, and he is grateful for that. He will never forget them, he vows, and Sally will always be in his heart. "As you will be in mine," she answers. He then has one more thing to ask her, about Kimberly. Sally says that they all love Kimberly: she is part of their family now and they will care for her. She promises to explain to Kimberly what happened. "And you'll tell her I love her?" he asks. "She already knows," Sally tells him. They profess their love for each other as Adam gives her a kiss. His voice barely a whisper, he again sings, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" to her. Sally sings along with him... and once he finishes, Adam gets up from the bed. As he walks to the door, he turns to Sally and says, "You keep smiling, Red..." and he again walks out of life, leaving Sally alone...

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