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Monday, March 06, 2000, Ep. #3252

Brooke gets a phone call from Thorne. He wants to know if he is needed at the meeting she has called because he wants to avoid her. She says she needs him there. He reminds her that he is married, but she reminds him that SHE would be his wife if it were not for his father and brother. He tells her to let go of her hatred but she can't help it. If Ridge and Eric had only left them alone, they could have had a life together, but he says he will see her at the meeting.

Giovanni comes to apologize to Morgan, who says that Clarke filled her in and that she has to get to a meeting. She asks him to call her later. The two of them join Megan, Brooke and Thorne in a conference room, where Morgan shows them some designs she has in mind. A model starts showing off the first design. Just then, Eric and Ridge barge in and dismiss the model. Eric warns Brooke that she will not make decisions on HIS collection. He will not allow it! Brooke says that they need to pull together and collaborate, but Eric says that he must approve all designs. "I am the CEO!" Brooke reminds him, but Eric tells her to start acting like one. She should not be using the company like a toy for her own games, he says. He asks Megan, Giovanni and Morgan to leave. He then tells Brooke she has a lot of nerve: she really wants to pay him pack for Venice, and she will run this company into the ground. Brooke insists she won't; she loved to share this company with Eric and Ridge, but they destroyed that. She can't just move on with her life and forget that, she tells them!

In the hospital, Sally tells the police that she cannot remember anything about the man who shot her. Once the detective leaves, Darla and Macy ask if she is sure she is doing the right thing. Sally is sure she is. CJ, Darla and Macy cannot believe he is really gone. CJ then realizes that they have to tell Kimberly... who, as if on cue, comes in. She wants to know what happened and asks Sally if she saw them. And even if she didn't, Harry the security guard did. Why would these men lie to Harry, she asks... and then she realizes the men must have been after her father. Kimberly panics, but Darla and Macy assure her that her dad is fine. CJ adds that Adam is the one who brought Sally to the hospital. "Where is he?" Kimberly wants to know. Sally asks Kimberly to sit down next to her as she reminds Kim that Adam would do anything to protect his family. "It won't be easy for me to say this or for you to hear this," she says, but she asks Kim to listen carefully. She then tells Kimberly how those men were criminals from the group that Adam testified against, and Adam knew he was placing them at risk by staying in L.A. Kimberly cannot believe this: her father is gone! Sally tells her it is true. Macy assures him that Adam will return if it is safe, and CJ is sure Adam will stay safe. "But I won't see him," Kimberly cries. Macy says he will keep tabs on her, just as he did on Macy for years. Kim is in tears, but Sally says she still has her family--THIS family--and they will never desert her. Sally will protect them, just as Adam would. As Kimberly keeps crying, Macy hugs her in comfort.

Taylor meets Morgan for lunch at Insomnia as planned, and she says she is early because her meeting is cut short. They talk about why Eric and Ridge get so tense around Brooke and the fact that Eric does not seem to like her work. Morgan doesn't want to get into their personal lives, but at the same time, she does not want it to affect her work. She then talks about her and Taylor: they are a lot alike for two people with such different lives, she points out. For instance, they share the same taste in men. Taylor is not sure about that, so Morgan asks Taylor about what kind of a man she would be attracted to if she weren't married. Taylor is embarrassed, since she is not comfortable talking like this. This is what friends talk about, Morgan says. Taylor needs to let her hair down and be able to tell her friends anything, Morgan explains... and she intends to be the friend that Taylor can tell it to.

Ridge starts telling "Logan" to lay off, but Thorne tells his brother to lay off the sweet talk. He reminds Eric and Ridge of the pain they caused both him and Brooke, and that pain justifies everything Brooke is doing to them. He orders Ridge to get out of here and go back to his office, but Ridge says he is not going anywhere. He challenges his brother that if he wants to settle this, then they should do it right here and right now. "Make your move, little brother!" Ridge says.

Tuesday, March 07, 2000, Ep. #3253

Ridge tells Thorne to make his move, but Eric breaks Thorne and Ridge up and blames Brooke for the tension in the family. This is going to stop now, he argues! Thorne reminds them that there is no way that Brooke could ever trust them, so it is no surprise that Brooke hired Morgan. He tells them to get used to Brooke making the decisions and tells them to leave. Eric says this isn't over, but Thorne says to get out! Brooke thanks Thorne for defending her, but he wonders if he should have. He tells her again that she should let go of the hatred. He knows she is disgusted with what they did, but it's done, and they have to move on. She asks him how she can do that. He says that while they can't forgive his father and brother, they have to get past it. "That's why I hired Morgan," Brooke says, but Thorne says it isn't about Morgan. "Obviously what we had didn't mean that much to you," Brooke guesses. Thorne says she can't let rage run her life, but Brooke asks how she can do that. Is he having so much fun with Macy that he can get past it? What Ridge did was evil, she reminds him. Thorne does not want to talk about Venice and tells her to stop!

Eric cannot believe that Thorne could defend Brooke. What if Macy or Stephanie heard? He fears that Thorne is still emotionally attached to Brooke, and that scares the hell out of him.

Morgan starts asking Taylor what she does for fun. Taylor talks about having her family, but Morgan says she needs to have some grown-up fun. She dares Taylor to flirt with a young waiter across the room, and both women start giggling. Morgan is glad to see Taylor enjoying herself and asks Taylor for her opinion on who she should go out with. Not Clarke, Taylor insists... but maybe someone else at Forrester. Giovanni? Morgan asks. She admits the photographer is hot, and Taylor agrees that he is sexy. Taylor thinks it is nice the way Morgan is treating her, although it is in a devious sort of way. Morgan says that Taylor is the nice one. Taylor asks if Morgan will take her advice about men, but Morgan will only say she is curious. The two argue over who will pick up the check and they admit they both had fun. Morgan has to return to work though, so she leaves... but as she does, she looks through the window at Taylor, sitting alone at their table.

CJ visits Amber, who explains to him how she came to keep the secret about the baby for the past year. She admits she is relieved: even though she lost her marriage, the lies are over. Becky tries to say that Amber was brave, but Amber says she was stupid. However, she tells CJ, she has learned a lot: too bad she didn't learn sooner and spare a lot of people, including Rick, a lot of pain. CJ assures her that she will get enough from her divorce settlement to move on, but Amber explains that the marriage was annulled. She'll have to make her rent money the old fashioned way by earning it, and she has a singing audition lined up. Becky wishes her cousin luck, and Amber leaves... and CJ then asks Becky to tell him how Amber is really doing. He figures out that Becky is covering for Amber. "She's still part of the baby's life, and she has me," Becky tells him. "But you live in Paris," CJ says. Becky tells him about her transfer to L.A.; now she can take care of her son. CJ admits he never thought of Becky as a mom, and she says neither did she. Still, she loves it. It's an honor, not a responsibility, she explains. CJ thinks she has it together but wonders what it's like for the baby not to have a dad. Becky admits to him that she would like to find the right man and get married some day--but if she doesn't, they will still be fine.

Thorne sees Brooke's pain, and it is killing him, but the only thing to do is move on. "What if we can't?" she asks, but Thorne says they have to. The feelings they had are too strong, Brooke says, and she can't forget Venice. She asks Thorne if he remembers, and he admits he does... but it's over. "That's not true," she cries, tears in her eyes, but Thorne says she has to let it go as he has. "Maybe I should just go out and get a date," Brooke says, and Thorne agrees that Mr. Right may be out there for her. Just then, Giovanni walks in, so Brooke asks him out on a lunch date! He accepts. After Giovanni leaves, she turns to Thorne and says, "That's what you wanted, isn't it?" Thorne says he is sorry, so she says for him to do something about it. Thorne says he can't, but Brooke says he is a fool. She tells him he will never get over her. Brooke is in tears, and Thorne has a pained look on his face as he leaves the room.

Wednesday, March 08, 2000, Ep. #3254

Amber anxiously arrives at Cafe Russe, where they are looking for a singer. She gives herself a pep talk before she goes in. Inside, the manager sits with another man as they listen to Atlantic Records' newest recording artist, Angela Via. As she finishes, the other man (her agent) says that Angela will hit it big once her record comes out in six months...but until then, she can belong to the Cafe Russe. Amber approaches the manager, Mr. Buchanan, and asks for a chance to audition; she heard he was looking for someone from a waitress friend. Buchanan is not impressed when she tells him she sang at Insomnia, but she thinks she can help bring in a younger crowd. Buchanan reluctantly lets her try out. Amber starts singing, but Buchanan is paying more attention to his food than her. Angela's agent comes back over and says that Amber's not bad, but he and Buchanan start talking business. Buchanan stops Amber in the middle of the song and says he will call her. Amber points out that he doesn't have her number and even offers to wait tables until a singing gig opens, but Buchanan says he will reach her through her waitress friend if anything comes up. Amber leaves, all dejected.

Kimberly laments to Rick about her father being gone. Rick says that Adam will be back, and he's sure Adam will be watching her as he did with Macy over the years. She guesses Adam expected this day to come: that's why he wanted her to get so close to the Spectras, who are now her family. Rick says he is sure Adam only wanted her to be safe. But right now, he hopes the timing isn't wrong for something. He sits Kimberly down and gives her a gift box. Inside is a diamond necklace. Kimberly says that is too much, but Rick says it is not enough and kisses her. He then puts the necklace on. She asks how it looks, and he says that he always felt she was special. But especially now, after she stood by him through everything, he really feels close to her, and this is a symbol of how much he values that. She means so much to him, and he intends to show her just how much. He pulls her close and kisses her again, but she breaks away and suggests they go for a swim. Kimberly goes to change, and while she is gone, Rick tells himself to slow down, as they have plenty of time.

CJ marvels at how much Becky has changed since that date they had when she first came to L.A. She says she enjoyed the date, but she didn't even have a job then. She is sure CJ has long since forgotten that date, but he says they both had a good time. Becky admits she is more mature and responsible: she has to be for her son. Still, there are some things about her "old life" that she will miss. "Old life? You're not dead!" CJ says. That's true, Becky says, but she feels that most guys don't want part of a single mother. CJ says that is nuts. He is insulted that she makes it sound like he is a jerk. "You're not interested; if you were, you would have made a move. But I understand," Becky says. Still insulted, CJ is about to leave when Becky calls out to him. He pulls her close and kisses her, but he then breaks away and storms out.

Becky asks CJ what that was about. CJ tells her that she is beautiful and smart, so he cannot understand why she puts herself down. She asks him to repeat that first part, and CJ again says that he thinks she is beautiful. "You act like no one has told you that before." he says. Becky tells him it is sweet and asks him back inside, but he thinks he should be going. Before he leaves, though, he asks her out that night. Becky says sure, as long as Amber will baby sit. He gives her a kiss goodbye, leaving Becky all giddy.

Rick and Kimberly come in from their swim and warm up by the fireplace. This is the way it should have been all along, Kim says, but they can make up for it now. She thanks him for making everything so special. Rick says he has waited so long for this, their first night together. What about the night in the dorm? She reminds him. This time, Rick points out, they will not have to feel guilty. He starts kissing her, but Kimberly pulls back. Rick says he wants her first time to be special. "First time?" she asks. Rick says that he wants to make love to her and again kisses her...

Thursday, March 09, 2000, Ep. #3255

Her arm in a sling, Sally returns to work at Spectra. Clarke and CJ both wonder if she is up to it, but Sally says they have a major line coming up. Meanwhile, Forrester is touting their new star, Morgan and Adam, Spectra's money man has been... called away. Sally apologizes and sends CJ to get a status on some orders, but he says he has a date. He says he will finish the work in the morning. Clarke asks who his son is dating, but all CJ will say is that it is someone he dated before who just moved back. Sally asks the girl's name, and CJ admits it is Becky. While CJ goes to borrow his dad's office to change, Sally is worried. Despite Clarke's telling her to calm down, Sally thinks that this Moore girl--Amber's cousin--is out to make CJ her next meal ticket. Clarke offers to talk to their son, but Sally has a better idea.

Amber returns home and tells Becky that she didn't get the gig at Cafe Russe. Becky says this just means Amber is meant for something better. Amber is ready to cheer herself up with some rented Monty Python tapes, but Becky tells her cousin she has a date with CJ. Amber says she is happy for her cousin, but Becky senses that is just a cover and decides to ask CJ to watch the videos with her and Amber. Amber will not hear of it and tells her cousin to get ready for her date.

Rick wonders if he said the wrong thing, because he wants Kimberly so much. She wants him too, she says as she embraces him, but she has a worried look on her face. Rick says he has waited so long for this and wants to make love. "Are you sure you're ready?" Kim asks. Rick says he loves her and kisses her. He takes her by the hand and is ready to lead her to the bedroom, but she holds back. When Rick asks why, Kim says she always wanted to wait until she got married. Rick assures her that he loves her, but she is still unsure. She remembers how her mother waited until she married her father, and she wants to be the same. She fears he does not understand, but he reminds her that things have changed now. Guys have different expectations, he says. Kim says this is about her own expectations, but Rick promises to love her. He kisses her again.

Amber helps Becky get ready as they joke around like sisters. Amber jokes that this might be love, but Becky says it's just a date. Amber isn't so sure, but she's happy for her cousin. Becky finishes getting dressed; when she's done, Amber says she looks great and offers to take the baby for a walk, so that CJ and Becky can have some privacy. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Amber jokes as she and little Eric leave.

Darla walks in on CJ getting dressed in Clarke's office and wonders who the lucky girl is. CJ admits that it's Becky. "Did you tell your Mom? She's going to have a huge problem with this," Darla predicts. That's Sally's problem, CJ says. He dates who he wants.

Becky is expecting CJ, so she is surprised when Sally shows up at her door. She wants to get to know Becky and her track record better. She says she has known Rick all his life and knows what Amber did to him, and she wants to protect her son from the same thing happening to him. Becky explains that she has made some mistakes, but she's corrected them. Does that mean everyone should just ignore her mistakes? Sally asks. She calls Becky and Amber dishonest. Becky says she has never been dishonest with CJ. "And you never will be, because any relationship with my son is over now," Sally says. "I was only protecting my son!" Becky argues, and Sally says she is doing the same. She will fight to win to protect her family, even if it means not fighting fair, so she wants Becky to give up on CJ now. Just then, CJ arrives. Sally warns Becky that she should not tell him anything of their conversation, and she ducks out the back door. CJ comes in and asks if she is ready to go.

Kimberly is unsure of what to do. Rick says they are in love, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Kim says she is not ashamed, but she is also not ready to give up the dream of her husband being her first. "What if that's me?" Rick asks. Then he can wait, Kim says. Rick says he cannot wait; they will make love and it will be the most beautiful night of their lives. He kisses her again and lowers her to the bed...

Friday, March 10, 2000, Ep. #3256

As Rick continues to make his advances on her, Kimberly grows comfortable and asks him to stop. She's sorry to send mixed signals to him, but she is still confused and unsure if this is right. Rick says that he thought she wanted this. She only wants to do the right thing and tries to get him to understand where she is coming from. She points out that he's more experienced, and she wonders if he is missing having sex from his marriage to Amber. Is this about Amber? Rick wants to know. Kim insists that the problem isn't Amber. So what is it, Rick wonders, since he loves her and wants to MAKE love to her now. Kimberly explains to him that she is worried that the timing might not be right--and if it is and they do this now anyway, there is no way to go back. She is sure that she'll know when it's right and she asks Rick if he can wait for her. Rick agrees and they share a passionate kiss.

CJ arrives at Amber and Becky's seedy apartment, where Becky invites him in. She tells him that his mother was there and warned her not to date CJ. Having told him this, she wonders if CJ still wants to go out. He says he still does. "You're not afraid I'll take advantage of you?" Becky asks. CJ jokes that he was actually hoping that she WOULD do just that. They go off to Mannequins, where they went on their last date. Becky is all excited, and Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants" plays in the background. While they wait for their food, the pair takes to the dance floor. They're really enjoying themselves. CJ spots their order arriving at their table, so they go to sit down. They remember the last date they had there, and Becky remembers how Amber freaked out when it looked like CJ was connecting with her. "Why? She was the one who set us up?" CJ reminds Becky. But she didn't expect it to work; Amber only did it to keep Becky from finding out about the baby so she could continue her charade with Rick. She asks CJ if he thinks Amber and Rick will ever make up, but CJ says it will never happen. Becky feels a little guilty because her life is going so well. She has her son back, a great job and a great date with CJ. CJ then asks Becky to dance again. He pulls her close as they slow dance to Monica's "Angel of Mine."

At Ridge and Taylor's Bel Air mansion, Morgan drops by with some papers for Ridge, who greets her at the door with a rubber ducky in hand. He explains to her that Taylor is upstairs putting the kids to bed and asks her if she can stay for a glass of wine. She agrees to stay, and Ridge uses the opportunity to try and pick her brain for answers. Has she been avoiding him? And why did she run off from him at Mannequins the other night? Morgan replies that she didn't want to rehash ancient history and changes the subject to Ridge and his life. He's changed a lot from the man she knew. He's settled down and is a family man now; in fact, while she is not surprised that he had gotten married, the fact that his wife is Taylor is a bit unexpected. She wouldn't think the playboy and the scientist would be so compatible. "We're right for each other," Ridge says. Maybe that's why things didn't work out for them, Morgan surmises: she and Ridge were too much alike.

Just then, Thomas (played by a new child actor) runs in to say good night to his dad. Ridge takes the time to introduce his son to his friend Morgan. As Ridge shows off his son, the phone interrupts them. It's Eric, who needs to talk to Ridge on some business. As Ridge goes to take the call, he asks Morgan if she can keep an eye on Thomas. Morgan protests, saying that she's not good with children, but Ridge still goes off to take the call. As she stays with Thomas, a weepy Morgan can't help but wonder... She holds him and says how lucky his parents are to have him. Her thoughts are interrupted when Ridge returns to take Thomas to bed. Morgan walks over to the mantle and looks at a picture of Ridge and Taylor. She says, "A perfect couple, a perfect little family." She is really upset and says, "DAMN YOU, STEPHANIE!"

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