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Monday, March 13, 2000, Ep. #3257

Morgan is working in her office at Forrester, but she is distracted by memories of being with Thomas. She is upset as Ridge walks in. She tries to talk business, but he wants to know where she went. "The famous Morgan DeWitt disappearing act?" he asks. Morgan is jumpy at the sound of that, but Ridge says not to worry. She can relax around him. She compliments him on his family, but he brings up the fact that she walked out on him without a word. She again is upset, but he says not to worry: she was 17 and he was in his 20's. Someday, she'll explain it to him, he bets. He goes to check on Thomas, and as he leaves, Morgan tells him again how lucky he is.

Ridge goes to his office and finds Thomas there with Stephanie and the baby sitter. The young girl takes Thomas back to day care. Stephanie tells Ridge how happy she is to see Ridge happy with his family; she has wanted that for years. Ridge then tells Stephanie about the new designer. Stephanie is upset that Brooke would pull rank on Eric, but she is even more upset when she hears the name of the designer: Morgan DeWitt. Ridge does not see the look on Stephanie's face as he explains that something--he will not say what--happened in Venice to prompt Brooke to do this. Ridge remembers his fling with Morgan and says she is still sexy and smart... although she does have a serious side. Stephanie reminds Ridge that Morgan was a minor and tells him that the relationship was not the romance he makes it out to be. Ridge tells his mother he has asked Morgan why she left, and Stephanie is concerned. It doesn't matter, Stephanie says. Ridge says it matters to him. He stops to take a call from Megan, and when he looks back, Stephanie is gone!

Clarke shows up at the photo studio and finds Giovanni getting ready for a date. Clarke hopes it isn't with Morgan, as he and Morgan really hit it off and there might be something there. Giovanni jokes with him at first, but then admits that he is not taking Morgan to lunch: he is taking her boss! Clarke is impressed that Giovanni could get a date with the CEO. Giovanni says that Brooke may be looking for more than just lunch: a woman like Brooke may be in need of a man. Clarke admits that now that Thorne has married Macy, Brooke is probably in the market for someone new. Giovanni says he would be glad to end that drought. Clarke advises him to take his vitamins, but Giovanni says he does not need it: he's Italian, and he will make it happen!

Brooke and Morgan talk about some of Morgan's designs. Morgan does not want to alienate Eric, but Brooke says that she will run Morgan's designs as is. What is it with Ridge and Eric? Morgan wonders. All Brooke will say is that they did something bad to them. She does not want to tell Morgan more because she does not want her to resent them as she does. Morgan wishes Brooke was not so miserable; she thinks Brooke should get out of the office and have some fun. Brooke then remembers her date with Giovanni. She wants to cancel, as she does not want to use Giovanni. "Why would you be using him? To forget someone else?" Morgan asks. Brooke says she is just not in a dating mood. Morgan encourages her to go on a date. "What about you?" Brooke asks. Morgan says she went out with Clarke. "Did he meet your expectations? Could any man?" Brooke asks. Morgan says there is one man. Brooke tries to press her for details, but Morgan brings the subject back to Brooke and Giovanni. "You might have some fun," she suggests. Just then, Giovanni arrives. Morgan gives Brooke a nod, and Brooke and Giovanni then head off for lunch.

Ridge spots Clarke in the hall. Clarke says he is there to see Giovanni, put Ridge points out he is on the wrong floor. Clarke then says he wanted to visit Morgan. Ridge warns him to get out of the building... and more importantly, stay away from Morgan!

Morgan is in her office and who walks in but Stephanie! Morgan says she thought Steph would been by before now. Steph admits that she didn't know until today that Morgan was working here. You can cut the tension with a knife. "What are you doing back here, Morgan?" Steph asks. Morgan answers that she got an offer that she couldn't resist from Brooke. Steph says that she has a good friend in Milan that would triple what Morgan is getting here. Any designer would jump at that, Stephanie guesses. "Not this one," Morgan replies. Stephanie asks why Morgan is rejecting this gesture of friendship. "Friendship? How dare you say that after what you did to me?" Morgan asks.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000, Ep. #3258

Thorne and Macy are at Cafe Russe having lunch. She says they have two things to celebrate. One is that they have received their marriage certificate from Amsterdam. Macy says she still can't believe that they got married; she expected to find him engaged to Brooke, but he convinced her that he would never hurt her again. He said all the right things, so she had to say yes... and she is glad she did. Thorne smiles, but is silent... and then he spots Brooke and Giovanni coming into the room.

As they are seated, Giovanni wants to order some champagne. Brooke objects, saying that she has to work this afternoon. Gio suggests that they don't go back to work after, but Brooke says to just think about lunch. Just then, she sees Thorne across the room. At their table, Thorne and Macy toast to their life together. Macy is still so amazed that Thorne told her in Amsterdam all the things she wanted to hear, but feared she never would. Now she feels free and secure. She knows Thorne works with Brooke, but that is not even an issue. "How is she at work? Does it feel weird?" she asks Thorne. Meanwhile, Giovanni realizes that Brooke is distracted by Thorne and Macy across the room. He has figured out that Thorne must have broken Brooke's heart and has a suggestion: since Thorne is watching, give him something to watch. Show him that she has moved on. Brooke agrees and asks Giovanni if he wants to have some fun.

Ridge gives Becky some papers to give to Brooke, but she says Brooke is at lunch with Giovanni. He then asks for Thorne, but she says he is out too. "Is anyone working?" he asks, and Becky points out she is. Ridge tells her she is doing a great job. As Becky leaves, Taylor comes in all dressed up. Ridge bets she is here to take him to lunch, but she says she is here to see Morgan. Ridge is surprised. He asks about the other lunch the other day and bets that they must have been talking about him: after all, what else do they have in common? Taylor says Ridge would be surprised. The fact is she likes Morgan's lack of inhibitions. "So what did you talk about?" he asks again. "It was me, wasn't it?" Taylor breaks the news to her husband that while she loves him, he is NOT the only man on the planet.

Thorne says he is not uncomfortable around Brooke, and Macy guesses that Brooke must have accepted their marriage. He then asks what the second thing Macy wants to celebrate is. Macy says she is happy for Roberta, the woman she is sponsoring at A.A. She remembers how vulnerable she was when she was drinking, so she has lent a lot of support to Roberta, and she thinks Roberta is starting to come around. Macy suggests that they order, and Thorne meanwhile still has his eye on Brooke. They order, and Thorne suggests that Macy take Roberta to lunch here. Macy says Roberta needs at least a month before she is ready for a place with an open bar like this. Thorne tells her how amazing she is... and meanhile, over by the bar, Roberta comes in and orders a drink.

Giovanni entertains Brooke with the story of how Clarke beat him out with Morgan... and while he likes Morgan, right now he is happy to be here with Brooke. Brooke thanks him for bringing her there. Once again, Thorne is looking her way.

Stephanie appears taken aback by Morgan's attitude and refuses to leave until Morgan tells her what is going on. Morgan says that she knows full well what's going on: she is the cause of the nightmare that Morgan has lived for years! Stephanie says she never realized Morgan felt that way: she thought she was being sensitive when she put Morgan on that plane years ago. She was concerned about Morgan. "Were you really?" Morgan asks. She accuses Stephanie of only being concerned about Ridge. "I was worried about both of you. The best thing was to send you home!" Stephanie argues. Maybe she should have thought about what she was doing to a 17 year old girl, Morgan suggests. She trusted Stephanie, and that was her big mistake! Stephanie points out that Ridge was a playboy chasing skirts all over town and was not ready for commitment. Morgan thinks she should have told Ridge the truth. "He has a wife and family now," Stephanie reminds her, "and meanwhile, you've done may things with your life." Only after years of therapy, Morgan confesses. She almost had a breakdown years ago from her memories of that time. She was sure that she had done something wrong. "But it didn't destroy you," Stephanie points out. Still, Morgan is constantly haunted by what she did, she tells Stephanie. She still has nightmares about a child crying... Ridge's child, the one that Stephanie made her destroy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2000, Ep. #3259

Brooke keeps watching Thorne at the Cafe Russe, and he too takes notice of her. Giovanni warns her that she is peeking, but she says she just let her eyes wander. She tells Giovanni that she can do this. He says of course she can, as she and Thorne were not THAT involved. The look on Brooke's face makes him reconsider that comment, but Brooke asks him not to ask her anything more. Meanwhile, Macy is still talking to Thorne about Roberta and notices how distracted he is. She asks if she can help. He reminds her that she already has a full plate with AA, Insomnia, Spectra and all the other things she does. Macy says she would drop it in a second for him.

Ridge tells Taylor that she barely knows Morgan; he never would have expected his wife to befriend someone like Morgan. He is still curious what they talk about. All Taylor will say is that Morgan makes her feel free-- not to mention sexy. Ridge is intrigued what that means. Taylor picks up a catalog and gets Ridge to admit he gets turned on by the sexy models in there. "What if it was me?" she asks. She starts posing for Ridge by his couch, and he starts laughing at her. Taylor is not amused, but Ridge says his wife is not a sex bunny. He asks her not to spend so much time with Morgan, who will fill her head with all these crazy ideas. "Maybe she already has," Taylor suggests.

Roberta orders the bartender to make her a gin and tonic. Meanwhile, Brooke decides Giovanni was right before and orders some champagne... and if Thorne happens to notice her having a good time... Meanwhile, Macy tells Thorne how important he is to her: she'll do filing or anything else he needs. Thorne thanks her but says that her cup runneth over with other things. Macy agrees... and just then, she sees Roberta by the bar. The bartender tries to convince Roberta not to have that drink, but she insists. She is about to drink it when Macy comes up and asks why. She says Macy wouldn't understand with her perfect marriage. "It's your husband, isn't it? And what about your kids?" Macy asks. Roberta says not to lay that on her. Macy tells Roberta she does not have the perfect marriage: she points out Brooke across the room as her husband's ex-lover. She says that shows how her life is not perfect; she then convinces Roberta to put the drink down. She tells Thorne she has to go take a walk and leaves. Thorne is alone as he asks for the check... and he keeps looking at Brooke.

Stephanie cannot believe Morgan is blaming her. Morgan says she has regretted "doing the right thing"--at least, the right thing as Stephanie saw it. "You made me abort Ridge's baby!" Morgan accuses. "I only pointed out you had alternatives," Stephanie says. She tells Morgan that what she had with Ridge was an infatuation, a fling. She can't believe Morgan has this romantic fantasy. "It's a nightmare! You can't imagine what it is like!" Morgan says. She was hoping that maybe she was wrong about Stephanie all these years, but now she knows she was right: Stephanie is a heartless woman who took advantage of a confused and vulnerable 17 year old girl who trusted her. Stephanie promised to protect her, but all she did was take her to a doctor and throw her on a plane home. Now she knows what Stephanie is really like, and she hates her for it! Stephanie tells her it would not have worked; she was thinking of what was best for all of them. "Not me, because it destroyed me!" Morgan says. She has not been able to think about children, or even a man, because of what Stephanie did to her!

Giovanni and Brooke wonder what happened with Macy and that woman. Brooke doesn't know, but Giovanni points out that Thorne is alone. "Let's dance," Brooke suggests. Thorne of course sees them on the dance floor. Brooke leans close to Giovanni... and as she rests her head on his shoulder, she gets a look at Thorne. Suddenly, the Italian love song that played while Brooke and Thorne walked the streets of Venice starts playing. Both of them are almost in tears as they are reminded (via flashback) what happened in Venice. We see Thorne proposing to Brooke, with the two of them so happy. As Brooke comes back to reality, she is crying. She breaks away from Giovanni, grabs her purse and runs out. The camera cuts to Thorne, who is obviously upset by the memories as well.

Stephanie asks Morgan why she came back to L.A. Morgan says she came for a job, but Stephanie wonders if that is all. Morgan admits that maybe she did come back because of the demons that haunted her. Kind of like returning to the scene of the crime--Stephanie's crime! Just then, Taylor comes in, and Stephanie is surprised to find out that Taylor knows Morgan... and she's even more surprised to learn that they are going to lunch for a second time. Taylor and Morgan leave, and a stunned Stephanie wonders to herself, "What's going on? What is she up to?"

Thursday, March 16, 2000

B&B did not air today due to coverage of NCAA Basketball.

Friday, March 17, 2000

B&B did not air today due to coverage of NCAA Basketball.

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