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Monday, March 20, 2000, Ep. #3260

Thorne is back in his office looking at Brooke's engagement ring. He puts it down and tells himself that he has to get over this so he and Brooke can both move on... but how? He relives those same flashbacks of his time in Venice with Brooke. He says, "How can I just forget about what we shared."

Brooke is in her office having the same flashbacks. She says, "Thorne, I told you that you wouldn't be able to forget. You may love Macy, but you belong with me." She sits down on the couch in her office.

Stephanie walks into Brooke's office. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is glad to see her back to work. Stephanie thinks she should be congratulating Brooke on hiring Morgan DeWitt. Brooke admits it took some doing, but it was quite a coup. Then she starts asking her why, of all designers, would she hire Morgan. This stunt is really something, even for Brooke. Brooke is confused as to what Stephanie means, so she asks Brooke if it is because of Ridge. Brooke says, "Ridge? What does my hiring Morgan have to do with Ridge?" Stephanie says she is just upset that Brooke went over Eric's head, but Brooke wonders if that's true, then why did Stephanie bring up Ridge? She knows Morgan and Ridge worked together, but were they involved in the past? Stephanie admits that they had a relationship but said that there was nothing to it for either of them. Brooke demands to know what is going on, but they are interrupted by the intercom. When Brooke goes to answer it, Stephanie leaves. Alone, Brooke wonders why Stephanie is lying to her. What is Stephanie not telling her? And why didn't Morgan tell her about it? Just then, Brooke is told that she has an urgent call from Suzanne at Forrester International.

Morgan and Taylor are having lunch at Insomnia again. Taylor notices that Morgan seems preoccupied and asks if it has anything to do with Stephanie. She got the feeling she interrupted something. Morgan says she's wrong, but Taylor tells Morgan how much she loves her mother-in-law. However, she also knows how fiercely protective Stephanie is of her family. Taylor then changes the subject to Morgan's living arrangements, as she has found out that Morgan is living in a hotel. She asks Morgan what she has in mind and Morgan says she is looking for someplace close to work. Taylor thinks she has just the place: her beach house. She tells Morgan how she and Ridge lived there when they first married, but they have been out for months. At first, Morgan is excited about the offer, but she acts reluctant when Taylor tells her about all the wonderful times that she and Ridge shared in that house. A waiter comes to the table and tells Morgan that there was a call from her office about an accident and that she needs to get back right away.

Thorne drops some invoices by Ridge's office. Before he can leave, Ridge closes the door so he can talk to Thorne. Thorne tells Ridge he doesn't have anything to say to him. Ridge says they can't go on like that, but Thorne says he should have thought about that before he seduced Brooke. Ridge tells him that they did this for both Thorne's and their mother's benefit; he's sorry if Thorne got hurt, but they have to get past this. What will it take? Yet another apology? Thorne doesn't think it will happen, and when Ridge says he is tearing the family apart, Thorne reminds Ridge that he and Eric did that. "But look how everything turned out. Just face it, Brooke isn't good for you," Ridge replies. Thorne accuses Ridge of being jealous of him, but Ridge turns the subject back to Macy. Isn't she the kind of woman Thorne wants to be with? "You are married to Macy, who you love. Mother's happy, even the Spectras are happy." Thorne asks what about Brooke? Ridge says that doesn't matter. What matters is family, and he wants to bring that back together. "Are we OK?" he asks. Thorne says they will never be OK, since he can never trust Ridge. He doesn't want anything to do with Ridge ever again. Just then, Brooke comes on the intercom and asks them both to come to her office ASAP.

Stephanie finds Eric at home by the pool. He chides her when she says she was at the office; he is worried that she will have a run in with Brooke. "Is that why you didn't tell me that Brooke hired Morgan DeWitt?" she asks. Eric admits he did keep that from her, and Stephanie wonders if Brooke is giving Morgan too much authority. Brooke and Morgan are two of a kind, and she is afraid that a wild child like Morgan spells trouble. She tells Eric to talk to the lawyers to get Morgan out. Eric doesn't understand why Morgan could be a threat. He asks Stephanie, "Is there something about Morgan that you aren't telling me?" Stephanie says she would prefer not having Morgan near Ridge, but Eric tells her not to worry. Stephanie remains silent.

Thorne and Ridge go to Brooke's office. Brooke asks if Eric is around, but neither Thorne nor Ridge has seen him. Just then, Morgan and Taylor show up. Brooke looks right at Taylor and asks what she is doing there. Taylor says they were having lunch when they got the message about the emergency. Is everyone all right? Brooke explains that there was a fire at Forrester International in Paris and all the designs were destroyed. They all ask what they can do. Brooke says that Bernard, the European designer, needs help rebuilding his line. She wants Thorne to call Suzanne and arrange for fabric shipments, and she wants Ridge and Morgan to go to airport immediately. Ridge asks if they have time to pack, but Brooke says no. She will have a limo waiting and they will leave from her.

Ridge is back in his office with Taylor packing up his stuff. Ridge asks Taylor if it bothers her that he is going to Paris with an ex-girlfriend. Taylor says, no, because Morgan was the one who dumped him. Not only that, she is immune to Ridge's charms. Ridge says, "But I think I have more charms now than I did back then," Ridge says. Taylor hates to burst his bubble, but Morgan is over him... and now he has her to deal with.

Back at Brooke's office, Morgan tells Brooke that she has to get someone else to go: she can't go with Ridge to Paris!

Tuesday, March 21, 2000, Ep. #3261

Morgan is trying to explain to Brooke why she can't go to Paris with Ridge. Brooke reminds Morgan that this is the reason she hired her, and she expects Morgan to learn about the whole business, including Forrester International. Morgan again refuses, saying that there is something Brooke does not know about her and Ridge. Brooke cuts her off and says that she already found out from Stephanie that they had been involved in the past. She asks Morgan why she hadn't been told. Morgan says she didn't think it was important: it was so long ago. If that's the case, then why won't Morgan go to Paris with him? Morgan is afraid of jeopardizing her friendship with Taylor. Brooke reminds Morgan that this is why she hired her... and if Morgan can't go to Paris and handle this, then Brooke will have to hire someone else. Morgan starts to walk out and Brooke asks where she is going. Morgan tells Brooke that she has a plane to catch.

In Ridge's office, Taylor helps him pack. She offers to get some things from home and meet him at the airport, but Ridge says he will grab what he needs here. He laments having to go: not that Forrester International is not important, but he had plans with Taylor and the kids. Taylor says they will catch up when he gets back, and he has Morgan for company. "But how will I survive for a week without this?" he asks, pulling his wife into a passionate embrace. Ridge promises to be back soon, but Taylor says they will get by. She tells him that she wants to eat him up right now, and Ridge thinks that is a good idea. In fact, a better idea would be for her to come with him. Taylor is reluctant and will not give in, despite Ridge trying to convince her with kisses. He places Taylor on the desk and kisses her just as Morgan comes to the door. Taylor spots her there and breaks away from Ridge. Morgan says that the limo is waiting and they had best get going, as the pilot wants to leave before dark. Taylor kisses Ridge goodbye and asks Morgan to take care of Ridge.

C.J., Becky, and Amber are eating lunch in the apartment. Amber asks about Rick, but C.J. says that Rick has been busy. "With Kimberly?" she asks. C.J. wonders if she wants to hear this, but Amber insists on knowing. C.J. says that Rick is in love with Kim and moving on with his life. "And you are moving on with yours," Becky says. C.J. asks about her auditioning, but despite Becky's optimism, Amber is not hopeful. C.J. offers to talk to Macy about hiring her for Insomnia, but Amber says she must do this on her own. He tries to console her when the phone rings: it's the manager at Cafe Russe, asking Amber if she is still interested in a job there. He wants her to start today. Amber is excited and tells him she will be right there. She jumps for joy as Becky and C.J. congratulate her. Becky and Amber are laughing like a couple of schoolgirls as Amber goes to get dressed.

C.J. and Becky talk about how great this will be for Amber. Becky hopes so; she feels so guilty that her life is going so well while Amber's is not. C.J. asks if he is on the list of things that makes her life so great. She says he is at the top and kisses him. Meanwhile, Amber, all dressed up, arrives at the Cafe Russe. She is so thrilled to be singing at the hottest place in L.A. This will be her big break... and it starts tonight! She goes over to the piano, picks up the microphone and starts playing around with it, pretending that she is being introduced. She plays with variations on her name... Amber Moore, Ambrosia Moore, Ms. Ambrosia Moore...when Buchanan the manager walks up. He thanks her for coming in. She thanks him for remembering her, and he said the other girl didn't work out. Amber starts talking about what kinds of songs she can sing, but Buchanan has a puzzled look on his face.

Stephanie notices Taylor in Ridge's office and steps in. Taylor is surprised to see her, and Stephanie says that she came as soon as she heard about the fire. Another case of bad luck for the company, she says. Taylor says not to worry, as Ridge and Morgan just left for Paris. Stephanie can't believe this, and Taylor wonders why Stephanie is so upset. They have a history, Stephanie explains, but Taylor says she already knew. Steph asks Taylor, "Aren't you worried about the two of them going off to Paris?" Taylor says she appreciates Stephanie's protectiveness, but she trusts Ridge. Stephanie says, "It's Morgan I don't trust." Taylor says that Morgan is her friend, and it was over a long time ago. She knows she doesn't have anything to worry about. Taylor leaves, and Steph shakes her head in disbelief. She has a bad feeling about this.

Ridge and Morgan are on the plane waiting for take-off. Ridge introduces Morgan to their flight crew and asks what she thinks. She thinks it will be an interesting trip. Morgan tells herself to stay focused on work while Ridge gets up and starts fixing them martinis. Morgan thinks it is not a good idea, but Ridge is determined. This trip will be a lot of work, so they might as well have fun getting there. Morgan tells him to hurry up and get in his seat. Ridge starts walking toward Morgan with a martini in each hand... and as the plane shifts, Ridge falls in Morgan's lap with his face just inches away from hers.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000, Ep. #3262

We get to see Ridge fall into Morgan's lap again. Morgan asks what he is doing. He apologizes for being so clumsy, and Morgan remembers a time when Ridge tripped on the runway. The two laugh as they remember what a klutz he was. He says, I know why you left me, it was because I was such a klutz. Ridge pours another set of martinis and hands one to Morgan. He then again asks her why she left him; if there is no secret, then can't she tell him? Morgan warns he might get hurt, but Ridge says he can take it. She says she doesn't remember why they broke up. They didn't break up, Ridge points out: she is the one who left without a trace! He bets it was another guy, perhaps the guy with the yacht and the bad toupee. He pleads with Morgan to tell him. She finally tells Ridge she wants to focus on her work and she wishes he would do the same.

Becky tells C.J. how happy she is, not only for herself, but for Amber. She feared Amber could not handle another letdown, but now things are going her way. Meanwhile, at the Cafe Russe, Buchanan breaks the news to Amber that she is not going to sing. Amber guesses she is going to be a waitress then, but Buchanan explains that he needs someone to bus tables. He tells Amber to think about it for a few minutes. She goes to the phone and calls Becky. She asks Becky to come down right away. Becky thinks Amber is getting an attack of nerves and says she'll be right there.

Becky and C.J. show up and ask for the new singer, but the maitre d' says he does not know what they are talking about. As they wait, C.J. spots Amber in her bus girl uniform. They approach her and Becky asks what is going on. They both tell Amber not to give up on her dream, and Becky tries to get Amber to leave. Amber tells her that her dream was an impossible one, just like her dreams of having Rick. She has the same chance of singing as she did of being a Forrester: NONE! She's not good enough, and busing tables is all she is good for. She is interrupted by the maitre d', who tells her to clear table 6. As she goes over there, she remembers this was the table she and Rick sat at on their first time here. This gets her sad. Amber asks them to leave because she has work to do, and C.J. and Becky look on with concern.

Brooke sees Taylor walking by her office and asks her to come in for a minute. Brooke tells Taylor what Stephanie told her about Morgan and Ridge. Taylor tells Brooke she already knew, and she is skeptical when Brooke says that she had no idea about it when she hired Morgan. Brooke got the feeling that Stephanie is not too fond of Morgan and wonders why Stephanie is threatened by her. Morgan is NOT a threat, Taylor insists, and she tells Brooke to stop playing games to make her jealous. "So you trust her? Like I trusted you? Maybe you're playing Morgan for the fool," Brooke surmises. Taylor says Brooke does not know what she is talking about. Brooke says she knows how Morgan feels to have Ridge leave her, as she has been there. Taylor informs Brooke Morgan didn't just let him slip through her fingers, she threw him away. She tells Brooke it is not going to work! Taylor storms out, but Brooke is still suspicious.

Back on the plane, Ridge has fallen asleep. Morgan is talking to herself. She says, "Oh Ridge, if only I could tell you what happened. It was horrible." Then she has a flashback of the day of the abortion. Morgan is terrified and crying, and she is so scared that she is shaking. Stephanie is with her and is clearly in control. Morgan tries to tell the doctor she doesn't want to go through with it. When the doctor suggests that they wait, Stephanie says, no, it's all right, she's just nervous. Then Morgan tells Stephanie she can't do it and that she wants to talk to Ridge. She is starting to get hysterical. Stephanie shakes her and gets her under control. She tells her this is the right thing to do, for her and for Ridge. "Once this is over, you will never have to think about this again," Steph tells her. Morgan is frantic and in tears. As she comes back to reality, Morgan gets up from her seat and walks over beside Ridge. She starts touching his face and lays her head on his chest. She talks about the secret she has kept; she was so ashamed and could not tell him. Crying, she then says, "If only I hadn't done it, how different our lives would have been."

Thursday, March 23, 2000, Ep. #3263

Brooke is working with some shipments when Giovanni comes in looking for Thorne. He has some proofs of a model for their web site that Thorne wanted to see. He is about to drop them off and leave when Brooke asks him to stay for a moment. What does he know about Morgan? she asks. Giovanni says that Clarke may know more than he, and Brooke wonders if Clarke would know about anything between Ridge and Morgan in her past. For now, though, she has to get back to work. "With Thorne?" Giovanni wonders, reminding Brooke of their recent lunch date and how that turned out. Brooke assures her that she will not let any "personal issues" get in the way of her business. Such issues must be an American thing, the Italian shutterbug guesses, and he wonders if perhaps Brooke has a fiery Italian inside of her. "If I do, then maybe I should get rid of it," Brooke laughs as Giovanni takes his leave.

CJ sees Rick at Insomnia and wants details on Rick's date with Kimberly. Did they "knock it up?" CJ wonders. Rick accuses him of having no class and says CJ just wants to know since he isn't getting any himself. CJ says he is but wants to hear about Rick right now. Rick admits that Kimberly wants to wait until marriage. "Oh, man," CJ says, feeling sorry for his buddy, who has waited over a year for this. Rick says he will not force Kimberly and then asks CJ who the woman in his life is. CJ admits it is Becky. Rick is afraid that CJ has not been serious about a girl before, let alone a mother. "Do you really like her?" he asks. CJ admits he does. He then tells Rick not to worry. Kimberly will come around in time, and all Rick has to do is make her relax when that happens. Rick says he has to go, and CJ wishes his buddy luck.

Macy is passionately trying to get Thorne to not leave for the office, but he reminds his wife that they have to recreate a whole shipment. Brooke must be hating life these days, Macy guesses. Thorne gives his wife a look and says that Brooke is handling it. He goes to the door to leave and finds Kimberly there. Thorne asks Kimberly how her date with Rick went. She says it was fine. He leaves for work, so Macy sets out to ask Kimberly for the details. Kimberly explains how she and Rick went for a swim, and then they kissed when they returned... and then she realized that Rick expected this to be her first time, but she was not ready. She was totally confused and told Rick so, but it did not go over well. Rick wasn't happy, she adds. "Am I so out of touch? A girl at school thinks I'm making a big deal about it and that's so sad. Am I living in a fairy tale?" Kim asks. Macy points out how Kimberly waited for her first kiss and says that sex can be the same way. Kim will know when the time is right. Kimberly fears that she is asking Rick to give up a lot, but Macy says that KIMBERLY is the one being asked to give up a lot. Too many young people rush into sex without thinking of the consequences. Kimberly admits that there could be consequences by NOT having sex. "Do you think you'll lose him?" Macy asks. Kim knows Rick will not leave her over this, but she also feels bad that he is not happy. Macy says that Kimberly must do this for herself, not Rick, and should not hurry into this. Yes, sex seems like fun, but she cannot recapture that first time. Kimberly thanks her sister for the advice and goes to meet Rick.

At the apartment, Amber is afraid to come out in her bus girl outfit, even though Becky has already seen it. She thinks it makes her look dull and responsible. She then asks Becky what she's up to, and Becky says that CJ is coming over. Amber starts ribbing her cousin about CJ, but when Becky frets, Amber laughs that she won't screw things up. Becky then tells Amber that CJ has a friend that would probably be perfect for her. "Who?" Amber says, and Becky says his name is Vic. Amber tells Becky not to do this. She knows what Becky is trying to do, but she is still not over Rick. She still loves him, but she swore to stay out of his life. With that, Amber heads off to work.

Rick drops by to pick up Kimberly and presents her with a box. She is amazed when she opens it and sees a beautiful gown in there. Rick says that he wants her to wear it tonight. "Where are we going?" she inquires, and he tells her that they are going back to where it all began: The Cafe Russe.

Thorne comes into the room where Brooke is looking at the shipments. Brooke points out the proofs Giovanni left and Thorne looks them over. He senses Brooke is uncomfortable and offers to get someone else to do this, but Brooke says it is only a problem if Thorne thinks it is. If not, she is fine. Thorne leaves to go check on some of their other orders while a delivery man brings in a box. Brooke accepts the box and sees a label on it from Venice. "Venice?" she wonders. She looks at the packing slip and sees that it was ordered by Thorne the day he proposed to her. What could it be? Brooke wonders.

Friday, March 24, 2000, Ep. #3264

Brooke wonders about the mysterious box from Venice. She is about to try looking when Thorne comes back in. She points out to him different groups of boxes: some must go to Paris, while others she does not know about and still others have to be checked. Thorne says they should get to work. As they look through different boxes, each sees something that reminds him or her of Venice, and they both pause as they remember the good times they had there. Thorne breaks the silence and asks how Bridget is, and Brooke points out that Thorne has not spent much time with her lately. Brooke then wonders about Macy; Thorne says that she is fine. She still does not know, and has no reason to know either, everything about her and Thorne, Brooke points out. "After all, it is over," Brooke says. Brooke goes to open another box and gets a paper cut. As Thorne goes over to help her, they look into each other's eyes, but they are interrupted by Giovanni, who needs Thorne to come look at some proofs. Making sure Brooke is all right, Thorne leaves, leaving Brooke alone in the room.

CJ is visiting with Becky and little Eric at the apartment. Becky asks CJ what he thinks of Rick and Amber getting back together. CJ says that he doesn't think it will happen. He then helps Becky feed little Eric, getting laughs out of Becky as he "scores a goal" with the spoon in Eric's mouth. She then asks about Rick: she wonders if things are OK with Kimberly. When CJ seems reluctant to answer, Becky wonders what is going on. CJ admits that Rick and Kimberly have an issue, but he warns her not to tell Amber about it or get Amber's hopes up. Rick and Amber are finished! Still, Becky can't help but think about how much her cousin is hurting. They sit down, and CJ tells Becky that maybe Amber is better off with someone else. Becky worries about little Eric; both Amber and Rick love him, but they can't be in the same room with each other. And the feelings for Rick were real, she says. CJ says that he knows they were: he was there when Amber and Rick first met. Becky then asks CJ if he'll help her, since he knows that Amber did love Rick. CJ finally concedes that he will, but they have to wait for the time to be right.

Kimberly thanks Rick with a kiss for the dress and the date to Cafe Russe. She goes to change while Rick calls to confirm his reservation. "All set; this is going to be a great night," he tells himself as he hangs up. When Kimberly comes out, he helps her zip up her dress, and soon after, they arrive at the Cafe Russe, where Amber is busy busing tables. Amber does not see Rick and Kimberly yet, but taking care of one table causes her to flash back to a time when she and Rick came there. Rick ordered a banana split for dessert for them and she was embarrassed, because it was her favorite but felt out of place eating it in a place like this. Rick made her feel comfortable with it, however. Coming back to reality, she tells herself that was another time and gets back to work. The Maitre D' tells her to bring some bread to table 6, and she is stunned as she sees Rick and Kimberly sitting there!

Brooke tells herself that she has to know what is in that box. She cuts it open and finds a wedding gown. "Oh, Thorne," she cries, tears in her eyes. Shortly after, Thorne comes back in and does not see Brooke there... and when he looks over at a mirror on the wall, he sees a reflection of Brooke wearing the dress! "I couldn't help it," she cries, as Thorne pleads with her to take it off. He walks over to her, and once again they are looking into each other's eyes.

Giovanni is about to go inside the room where Thorne and Brooke are working, but Megan stops him. Brooke is in there with Thorne and left Megan strict instructions not to allow them to be disturbed. "He is married," Giovanni reminds Brooke's assistant. "But he shouldn't be... and maybe after tonight, he won't" Megan guesses.

"This is the closest I'll ever come," Brooke tells Thorne, tears in her eyes. Thorne says this will not let her move on. "Like you have?" she asks, still crying. Thorne says they can't do this, and Brooke says she knows. He is about to leave, but Brooke asks, "I'll never have the wedding, but can I at least have the dance?" Thorne agrees and takes Brooke in his arms as they slow dance to the operatic Italian love song that played in Venice. The two continue dancing as a tear rolls down Brooke's cheek.

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