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Monday, March 27, 2000, Ep. #3265

Thorne and Brooke continue their dance, as the operatic love song from Venice plays in the background. They look into each other's eyes as Brooke says this should have been their first dance, not their last. Thorne takes her hand and moves closer, saying that Brooke looks just the way he pictured her. He is about to kiss her when his beeper goes off and breaks the moment.

CJ starts looking through Becky's pictures of Paris, criticizing the fact that she has photos of a cemetery. Think of the history and tragedy behind those people, Becky says, and now they are at peace. Going there made her feel like she was with someone who had been there. CJ thinks that is cool and asks her to tell him more about Paris. When they look at a picture of a hotel, Becky starts telling him about a French poet named Beaudelaire who was connected with that hotel and whose work was banned, and she starts reading a piece from his work about solitary destiny. "Was that about you?" CJ asks. They keep reading as the poet talks about the awakening of the soul. That was written for his lover, Becky explains. She asks CJ if he has ever had a love that is so deep that is down to the soul. CJ proceeds to read some more poetry, and Becky kisses him. He drops the book of poetry to the floor, pointing out how it turns Becky on. Think about how the lovers defied everything to be together, Becky says. CJ says that is nothing; if you want an example of love, then try standing up to his mother some time.

Kimberly tells Rick how excited she is; it reminds her of their first date, when everything was simpler. That is what Rick wants for tonight, he says. He thanks the bus boy for the bread and then he and Kimberly are stunned to see Amber! Amber says she is working there, but Kimberly thinks this is a setup. She wants to leave, but Rick refuses to give her the satisfaction. It would serve Amber right to see them happy, Kimberly agrees. Meanwhile, Amber tries to get another bus girl to cover that table for her to no avail. Beck at the table, Kimberly orders more water. Despite Rick's objections, she says it is her turn to flaunt her relationship with Rick in front of Amber, just as Amber did to her. When Amber comes over, she tries to get away quickly, promising never to bother them again, but Kimberly taunts her and says her promises mean nothing. She keeps ordering things and ordering Amber around. Rick asks Kimberly to stop; he wants to spend the night with her, not Amber. When Amber returns with more butter, Kimberly starts asking Rick if they can make plans for a romantic night at the cabin. She really rubs it in as Amber gives them more butter, and then she knocks the bread on the floor. When Amber bends down to pick it up, Kim gives her a look and starts rubbing her leg against Rick. Amber fantasizes about throwing the bread in Kimberly's face, but she is brought back to reality as Kim asks for more bread. Rick is concerned as Amber throws the bread down in disgust and goes off crying.

Megan tells Giovanni about how deep Brooke's feelings for Thorne are. She hopes Thorne realizes that before it's too late... although that could be happening right now. They start looking at some photos. Just then, Thorne walks in and asks them to leave. Giovanni exits, but Megan asks about Brooke. "You'll just have to ask her," Thorne says. Megan leaves, and Thorne returns the page, which is from Henry in production. While he talks on the phone, ordering Henry to get some fabric shipped to Paris, Brooke walks in, the box with the wedding dress under her arm. Thorne tells her that what just happened, didn't. Brooke pleads with him to realize she did not plan this. She is the one who has to live with seeing Thorne all the time, but not being able to talk to him about anything but business. She is trying so hard to focus on her work, but then she saw that dress, and it brought everything flooding back. "How do I handle that, because I don't know?" she asks.

Thorne tells her that they have to be careful. If anyone ever saw them and word got back to Macy... He offers to leave Forrester if this is too difficult for Brooke. Brooke says no; this is his family's company. They will work it out, she promises. What happened today will not happen again, she vows, and she walks out the door, leaving Thorne with the box with the dress. Thorne picks up the dress in anger, as if he does not know what to do...

Tuesday, March 28, 2000, Ep. #3266

Amber cries as she watches Kimberly and Rick at the table that she and Rick had their first date. Meanwhile, Kimberly is preoccupied with Amber. Kimberly is sure that Amber is faking this job to ruin their evening. Rick says Amber can only ruin things if they let her, and right now, as far as he is concerned, Kimberly and he are the only two people in the room. Meanwhile, Jerry the Maitre D' notices Amber staring at Kimberly (who he recognizes as a Forrester model) and her date. When Amber says that the date is Rick Forrester, Jerry says that Rick is way out of Amber's league and tells her to get back to work. Amber goes back to clear the table, but Kim says to let the real busboy do it. Amber tries to defend herself, saying that it is her first night, but Kim is not buying it. She tells Amber to get out of here! As Amber leaves, Rick is obviously upset.

Brooke finds Taylor rifling through Ridge's office and jokes that Taylor is looking for hidden love notes. Taylor says that she is trying to find a number to reach Ridge so she can tell him about her plans to take the kids out of town. Brooke predicts that Ridge will be extra busy. Yes he will, Taylor says: he'll be working! She has no time for Brooke's games. Brooke asks what Taylor has planned, so Taylor says she is going to the mountains, but right now, she just wants the phone number of the hotel. She advises Brooke that these games will not work, but Brooke thinks she protests too much. She knows that if Ridge was HER husband, she would want to know what he was up to, especially with Ridge and Morgan in adjoining rooms. Taylor is shocked that Brooke would do that, but Brooke says the travel department did it, not her. Even so, Taylor is not worried, because Ridge didn't even want to go on this trip. Brooke says that is funny, because Morgan tried to get out of it as well; she didn't want to be anywhere near Ridge. Taylor wants to end this conversation now, but Brooke stops her to give her the number to the hotel. Taylor might as well use it now, Brooke says... and don't be surprised if Morgan answers the phone, she adds.

Ridge and Morgan check into their hotel, where Morgan is upset to find that they are sharing a suite. The bellhop explains that this was the only room available. Ridge tells Morgan it will have to do, but Morgan wants to find another hotel. Ridge shows her how they can turn this suite into a command center for their work: they have only a short time to help recreate a collection, so he suggests they start working around the clock and get down to it. Ridge looks into Morgan's room, but she tells him to be professional and leave so she can change.

Rick apologizes to Kimberly. Kimberly suggests to Rick that they start all over again. Amber comes back to the table, and Kimberly again tells her off. What will she do next, follow them around campus? The Maitre D' comes over and sees there is trouble. Kimberly accuses Amber of harassing them, and Rick asks for the check. When the Maitre D' offers to straighten things out, Rick says that will not be necessary. All they want is the check. As Rick goes to pay, he overhears Mr. Buchanan firing Amber for what she did tonight. Rick intervenes and says there has been a misunderstanding. He does not want anyone to lose their job over this, and is sure that the manager will cooperate given the amount of money the Forrester family spends there. Buchanan says he will take care of it, leaving a stunned Amber watching what has happened.

Taylor calls the suite and gets Ridge; she tells him about her plans to take the kids to the mountains with her dad. Maybe Ridge can join them when he gets back. Ridge is afraid he will not be back in time, since he has work to do. He suggests that Taylor call him over at Forester International later and ends the call. Taylor then tells Brooke that she is sorry to disappoint her, but Ridge answered and not Morgan. Morgan was in her room. "Oh, you must be very, very relieved," Brooke answers before heading back to her office. Taylor then decides that her husband needs a "private session" with her and calls Ridge back. Brooke is by the door, listening. This time, Morgan answers. Taylor says she thought she called Ridge's room, but Morgan explains that they have a suite. Morgan offers to get Ridge, but when she goes into his room, he isn't there. He's in the shower, so Morgan goes back to the phone and tells Taylor. Taylor is not happy as she hangs up. Meanwhile, Morgan goes over to the bathroom and opens the door. We can see Ridge behind the shower curtain, and Morgan has a hungry look in her eyes. When Ridge pulls back his shower curtain, he finds Morgan staring.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000, Ep. #3267

Morgan peeks into the bathroom, where Ridge is in the shower. She sees him behind the shower curtain and has a longing look in her eyes. Just then, Ridge pulls back the curtain and sees Morgan there. "Care to join me?" He asks. "And if not, give me a towel," he adds. Morgan is embarrassed and apologizes to Ridge. She explains that she only wanted to tell him about Taylor's call when... Ridge says not to worry, since they have to get to Forrester International. He jokes that Morgan can catch a peek later, and when she is not amused, he again says he is kidding and tells her to leave so he can dress.

Brooke comes to see Stephanie, allegedly with questions about work, but Stephanie says that she knows why Brooke is here. Taylor already told her about Morgan and Ridge being in Paris, Steph explains. Brooke tells Stephanie that when Taylor called Ridge's room, Morgan answered. "So what?" Stephanie asks. Brooke says that she wants to talk about the history between Morgan and Ridge, but Stephanie tries to deny that anything happened between them. Brooke says she knows Stephanie is lying because she already talked to Morgan. She knows there is more here and tries to get Stephanie to admit that she thought Morgan was wrong for Ridge. Steph says it was just a fling, but Brooke is not buying it: if that was true, then why did Morgan resist going to Paris? Stephanie tells her that she is wrong: anything between Ridge and Morgan is long over! Brooke leaves, and you can see by the look on her face that she is not convinced.

Clarke is trying to call Morgan, but Megan says that she is out of town. Sally tells him about the fire at Forrester International and guesses Morgan went with Ridge to handle that, but Clarke wonders why Morgan would be going there for damage control. Meanwhile, Sally says, they have a crisis of their own to handle: Becky! If she is anything like her cousin Amber, she could be trouble.

Becky puts the baby down to bed and wants to talk to CJ about the comment he made about his mother and about love. CJ wonders if he is moving too fast, and Becky says that's not it. In fact, she is surprised how well they know each other in such a short time. She thinks CJ can say anything to her. CJ moves close to her and they fall into a passionate kiss. CJ cannot believe this is happening: he had no idea this could happen between them. Becky feels the same way as she rests her head on his shoulder. They talk about how they thought it would be more complicated than this. Becky reminds him that his mother hates her, but CJ thinks she is special, and once Sally sees that... Just then, Amber comes home from work, all upset. CJ offers to leave so Becky can talk to her cousin.

Morgan and Ridge arrive at Forrester International where they meet Suzanne. Suzanne sets them up in a single office, the only space they have available. Morgan seems concerned about that, but Ridge says they cannot let that bother them and wants to get to work. Suzanne gives them the few things that survived the fire and explains that everything else was lost in what the investigators say was an electrical fire. Ridge wonders if it was arson, but Suzanne suspects it was an accident. She gives Ridge and Morgan a few details of what they have planned and then leaves them to their work. Ridge wonders if Morgan is all right.

CJ arrives at Spectra, where Sally guesses that he has been with "that Moore girl." CJ objects to calling Becky that and says that Sally doesn't even know Becky! Sally thinks she knows enough to look after CJ's best interests. Clarke intervenes and asks his son if things are serious: if they are, it is a mistake. CJ wants to prove them wrong and wants to invite Becky to dinner tomorrow night. Sally refuses, and CJ blows up at her. He can't believe that Sally, who was a single mom when he grew up, is judging Becky because of her child. "I care about her, Mom, and I won't let you or anyone else put her down!" CJ vows. Clarke tries to get his son to calm down and Sally says she only wants him to be careful. CJ thinks they will change their minds if they get to know Becky... and like it or not, Becky is coming to dinner tomorrow!

Amber tells Becky that even though Rick saved her job, he was totally cold towards her. Becky tries to comfort her when the phone rings: it's CJ, who invites her to dinner.

Suzanne brings Morgan and Ridge some refreshments as Ridge throws a few barbs at Morgan for her lack of a sense of humor. Suzanne notices that they bicker like a long time couple. They are old friends, Morgan says, but Ridge brings up how Morgan was his girlfriend until she ran off. He never figured out why, although he thinks it was another man. Morgan tells him to stop bringing that up, but Ridge will not quit! Morgan orders him to stop this and to never talk about their relationship this way again. Ridge is so quick to judge, she says, but it was difficult for her... although she sees know that Ridge will not understand that. Suzanne leaves, and Ridge apologizes to Morgan, and Morgan has a look on her face of concern about how to take it...

Thursday, March 30, 2000, Ep. #3268

Ridge and Morgan sit down at their respective drawing boards at Forrester International. Ridge notices Morgan is distracted and apologizes for teasing her about their past. Morgan says she is not upset about it, but she does want to stop talking about it. Ridge tries to understand why and brings the subject up again. Does she think he just shrugged her off after she dumped him, he wonders? He really loved her and thought she did too, but he was obviously wrong. Morgan says that is not true, but Ridge has trouble believing that. Morgan says she was confused but wants to drop it; it's in the past. Morgan starts trashing her designs, feeling they are boring and rehashed. Ridge says that is nonsense and tells her to relax. He sees that Morgan is frustrated and starts massaging her neck. He thinks maybe they both need a break and suggests going back to the hotel for a few hours. Maybe they should even go to bed early. He asks Morgan how that sounds, but she is silent. Then she gets up, says this was all a mistake and runs out. "What is going on?" Ridge wonders.

Becky comes home from the doctor's office, telling Amber that they gave her a barium test for some stomachaches she had. Becky also thinks she is so tired lately from taking care of the baby... and speaking of which, can Amber sit for Eric while she goes to dinner with CJ? Amber says sure; she's not working tonight, although she still has her job thanks to Rick. Becky comes down on Kimberly for her attitude at Cafe Russe, but Amber thinks that Rick will not speak to her again anyway. That night was a catastrophe and Rick hates her! Becky is not so sure, especially since Rick saved her job. Maybe he will forgive Amber in time. Amber wonders how a few dates with CJ have turned her cousin into an expert on love. Well, Becky says, CJ is so sweet and sensitive. Amber can't believe this is her friend CJ that Becky is talking about. Sensitive? CJ? Becky says it is true: CJ has even invited her to dinner with his family, even though his mother hates her. She thinks this is something real. Amber is happy for her cousin and hugs her. Becky hopes that someday, Amber can find the same thing with Rick. Not likely, Amber says. She hears the baby crying and goes to tend to him so Becky can get ready for her date.

At Insomnia, CJ asks Rick if he swept Kimberly off her feet. Not quite, Rick says, explaining what happened with Amber. He and Kim wound up going back to the dorm, but nothing happened. Why not? CJ asks. Rick says he is willing to go slow, since that is what Kimberly wants. He then asks CJ about Becky. CJ tells him about the night they spent reading poetry. Rick is shocked, as that does not sound like the Becky or CJ that he knows. CJ admits that he is amazed by Becky. Rick gets up from the table, and CJ gets a call from Becky. When CJ says he was talking to Rick, Becky tells him to ask Rick if he wants to visit the baby tonight while they go on their date. Isn't Amber watching the baby? CJ asks. Yes, Becky admits, but she asks him not to tell Rick that. CJ seems reluctant at first but agrees to go along with it. He looks at Rick standing by the coffee bar.

CJ comes home to find his mom working and his dad cooking. CJ is worried that they are not taking this seriously: he wants tonight to be special. Sally tells him that she and Clarke are both against this dinner, but CJ says that he just wants them to talk to Becky. Sally says she has no interest in talking to Becky. "What bothers you about her? Is it the baby?" CJ asks. Clarke admits that seems like a complication that CJ does not need to mix himself up with. CJ says he is not getting "mixed up" in anything. Sally tries to point out what happened with Rick and Amber, and she reminds CJ that Becky knew all about it. She does not want any part of this dinner and wants to call it off. CJ says no, he will not! He has never asked his parents for much, so all he wants is one dinner where they can be civil to Becky. Is that so much to ask for? The doorbell rings; CJ goes to answer it, and it's Becky. She is early because she couldn't wait to see him. CJ looks to his mom, and then back at Becky.

Amber is babysitting for little Eric and doing her nails when there is a knock at the door. Clad in a blue tank-top that says "Boy Toy," she goes to answer it and is shocked to see Rick. "What are you doing here? CJ said that Becky wanted me to visit the baby tonight," Rick asks his ex-wife. Amber tells him that Becky is having dinner with CJ tonight and she is baby-sitting... and if CJ or Becky didn't tell him that, then they've been set up!

Back at the hotel, Morgan desperately tries to arrange a flight home. "Why did I come here? What was I thinking?" she asks herself. Meanwhile, Ridge is outside the door, determined to find out what is going on. He lets himself into the suite and finds Morgan in the bedroom, packing. He tries to stop her, but Morgan tells him what a mistake this was. She can't do this, and she should never have come back to L.A. in the first place. She thought it was over and she was past it, but she was wrong. "What is going on?" Ridge demands to know. Morgan keeps packing and heads for the door, but Ridge stops her. He says they have to settle this and asks to know what is wrong. When Morgan refuses, Ridge grabs her and drops her to the floor. He tells her that she is not leaving until she tells him what is going on!

Friday, March 31, 2000, Ep. #3269

In the Paris hotel room, Morgan struggles to free herself from where Ridge has her pinned down. He again tells her that he will not let her go until she gives him some answers. She screams that she just wants to go home. Ridge asks her what he did to her to deserve to be kept in the dark this way. He demands that she tells him what is going on! Ridge lets up on her and she rises from the floor. Once they are both standing, Morgan says that she didn't know where to begin. Ridge suggests beginning with how they had been dating for a year... and then she suddenly left without a trace. No matter how hard he looked, he could not find her. Was it another man, as he has always suspected. "Am I right?" he asks. Morgan says that she didn't leave him for another man. She had truly loved Ridge. She never felt that way about anyone before or since. "Then why?" Ridge asks. Morgan says that she had no choice to leave because she was pregnant. Ridge was dumbstruck. What happened to the baby? he demands to know. She must have put it up for abortion, right? Crying, Morgan admits to Ridge that she had an abortion! Ridge is stunned by the revelation.

Amber goes to make some tea while Rick plays with little Eric and reads him a story. She tells him that she really did not know he was coming over tonight and Rick believes her, guessing that they have been set up by his buddy C.J. and her cousin Becky. Rick explains that he only came over to see his... he corrects himself, BECKY'S son. Even after what has happened, he still can't help but think of Little Eric as his son. Amber tells Rick that it's very cool that he still wants to be a part of the baby's life even after what she had put him through; she just had to say that. She goes over to get the tea, and Rick can't help but notice her scantily-clad body as she bends over to get the teapot. She then brings him over some tea and thanks him for saving her job at the Café Russe. Rick asks her about that job and she admits that was her first night. She tells him how she initially wanted to be a singer, but the job busing was all they had... and she has to admit that she's getting good at it. Rick then changes the subject back to the baby. He's grown so much, he says, and he wonders if Becky is a good mother. She is, Amber says... and moreover, life has been good to Becky, not only with the baby, but also in her budding romance with C.J. Rick notices the time and has to get going. As he leaves, he again catches a glimpse of Amber's scantily clad body. He asks if she often walked around the house in her underwear. She replies that he has seen her in less than this... but if he prefers, she laughs,she'll wear pants the next time he visits. She'll also lose the "Boy Toy" t-shirt before the baby can read, she adds. Rick leaves and stands in the hall, pondering what had just transpired, while Amber silently stands inside with a pensive and wondering look on her face.

Over at Sally's apartment, Becky senses that Sally is not eager to have dinner with her, as Clarke appears to be trying to talk Sally into it. C.J. invites her in, and she compliments Sally and Clarke on the lovely apartment. Sally wants to dispense with the chit-chat and cut to the chase: she wants her son to be a typical college freshman, into studying, parties, fraternities and football. Becky says she wants the same thing. Then Becky will understand that a baby does not fit in with that plan, Sally points out. C.J. tells his mother that she is being rude: he hates fraternities and football anyway, he points out. Becky tells him to calm down, because she and his parents both want the same thing: for C.J. to be a big success. For that to happen, nothing--not sports, or partying, or even Becky--should be more important than his school work. Sally is startled that Becky would agree with her. Just then, Darla arrives and announces that the party can begin. She gives C.J. and Becky a hug, rambling on about how great it is that C.J. has a girlfriend and that Becky and C.J. make a cute couple. Sally is still cold and suggests that they sit down to dinner. Before they do, she has something to say: while she understand's Sally's feelings, she wants to make it clear that she likes C.J. a lot, and the last thing she wants to do is to cause any strain on his family life. If Sally wants her to leave, she will, she offers. Sally tells Becky she admires that Becky had the guts and brains to stand up to her. She apologizes for being rude and asks Becky to stay. As Clarke and Darla get dinner out, Becky and C.J. stand off to the side. C.J. says that his family will love her almost as much as he does. Becky giggled at the mention of love.

Back at the apartment, Amber answers a phone call for "Miss Moore." It is Dr. Fetter, who Becky had seen earlier in the day. He mistakenly assumes Amber is Becky and tells her that he is concerned about some of the tests. He showed the results to Dr. Russell, an oncologist (a cancer specialist), he explains, and Dr. Russell wants to see Becky immediately. There is an opening tonight if she can come. Amber asks if they thought she (Becky) had a serious...or even fatal... cancer. Dr. Fetter says that it could be fatal. Amber said she (Becky) would come in that night. After hanging up, she stands alone in the apartment. Amber cried and prayed "Oh God, not Becky. Please, not Becky..."

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