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Monday, April 03, 2000, Ep. #3270

Amber, posing as Becky, arrives with little Eric to see Dr. Russell, the oncologist. She leaves the baby with the nurse as she and the doctor talk. The doctor sadly informs her that they found something on the tests Dr. Fetter sent him. "Is it cancer?" Amber asks. The doctor says there is something on the x-ray, but they will not know more until they do some tests, including a biopsy. He asks "Becky" to come by tomorrow for the tests, although he will not be there unless she wants him there. Amber says she is OK without him and breaks into tears as Dr. Russell warns her not to jump to conclusions. Even if it is cancer, it may not be malignant, and it may also be curable. The cancer in the pancreas is rare for someone's Becky's age, but he thinks they should wait for the biopsy. Amber asks if it is malignant, what are her chances? The doctor says it is very serious if that is the case, but they should wait until they know for sure. He advises a frantic "Becky" to get some rest before tomorrow. Amber asks how many pancreatic cancer victims there are and how many are treated. 27,000 are diagnosed with it each year, and only 1,000 survive, he sadly tells her.

Becky thanks Clarke for the wonderful steak and potatoes meal. Sally asks Becky about little Eric's father and is sorry to hear that things didn't work out with him, and that Becky has not even heard from him since the day she told him she was pregnant. "So he's out of the picture?" Sally asks. He never was IN the picture, Becky explains. Back then, she was wild and made a stupid mistake, but now she has changed. It took a tragedy for her to grow up; she never had a rich family, so she turned to all the wrong places. Sally empathizes with Becky, as she only wanted to be loved and wanted. "But I never was and got the ultimate wake-up call, and everything changed. Now, I will never let a man take advantage," Becky says. Now she has a job and will raise her child the right way... and who knows, maybe she'll even run Forrester someday. Sally appreciates her ambition and tells Becky to go for it; in that way, she and Becky are alike. They are also alike in one other way: they love their sons. Becky makes Sally a promise: if CJ does not make Sally proud, then Becky won't be around to see it. Clarke tells his son that Becky is a keeper, and CJ toasts to that.

"You had an abortion and you never said a word?" Ridge asks Morgan. She reminds him how he always said he wasn't ready for children, so she assumed he would not want the child. Ridge can't believe she could make a decision like that based on a casual conversation. "If I told you, what would you have done?" Morgan asks. Ridge tells her that they were so much in love; how could she make the decision without telling anyone? She did tell someone, she adds: Stephanie. She was the only one Morgan could turn to and promised to take care of everything. Morgan was so grateful for the help that she listened when Stephanie warned her never to tell Ridge. She was the one who told Morgan to ask Ridge how he felt about children, and he said then he was not ready. Once she told Stephanie his reaction, Stephanie took control of her destiny and made the appointment at a Hollywood abortion clinic. Steph went with her and paid for everything, and even when Morgan was having second thoughts, Stephanie was so forceful that a shocked Morgan could not fight. "I'll never forget that day... I loved you and I wanted that baby. It was amazing to have a part of you inside of me. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I paid for it when Stephanie put me on a plane and sent me home," she cries. After that, her life was a disaster. Ridge asks how she never felt she could tell him. Morgan can only apologize for destroying their child. As she sobs, he embraces her.

Eric tells Stephanie that he has not heard from Ridge, but Ridge had a lot of work to do. Stephanie worries that Brooke had an ulterior motive in sending Morgan with Ridge, but Eric says that Ridge and Morgan are ancient history.

Ridge calls Stephanie and tells her that he knows everything... all the gory details of what Stephanie did. That Stephanie could take advantage of a 17 year old like that and then hide it disgusts him. Stephanie tells him to come home so they can talk, but Ridge says he has a job to do... and he and Morgan will not come home until they finish that job. However, he promises that when he DOES return, they will not discuss it: in fact, Stephanie will be lucky if he ever speaks to her again! Ridge hangs up the phone, turns to Morgan and again embraces her.

Amber is standing in the dark crying as Becky comes home, and she hears Becky and CJ tell each other they love one another. They kiss, and they again tell each other that they love the other before CJ says goodnight and leaves. Becky goes inside and heads to her bedroom. The camera then goes to Amber, alone in the darkness and crying...

Tuesday, April 04, 2000, Ep. #3271

Brooke is working with some fabric in Thorne's office, and she again flashes back to when she wore the wedding dress and danced with Thorne. Brooke tries to duck out when Thorne comes in, but he says there is no need to do that. She reminds her of her promise not to interfere in his marriage, but Thorne tells her that Macy is coming to invite her to a family barbecue. Brooke asks him to show the same respect for her privacy that she is showing for his marriage, so she thinks that it is a bad idea to invite her. Brooke says to tell her no, but Macy arrives then and asks Thorne to leave. She tells Brooke that they have a problem and they need to resolve it. "WE do? If you mean Thorne..." Brooke replies. Macy says that it is about her and Brooke, not Thorne. She has realized that there is no way she and Brooke can totally avoid each other for Thorne's sake, so she wants to be friends. Brooke is skeptical that can happen, leading Macy to figure out that Brooke is not quite over Thorne yet. Macy thinks Brooke should just accept that she and Thorne have a solid marriage and work things out between them. "I have accepted it," Brooke says. If that's the case, then she will accept an invitation to the barbecue, Macy states. Brooke turns down Macy's invitation, saying Macy is expecting too much. Brooke just can't put things aside that way! Macy pleads with Brooke to move on. All the Forresters, including Rick, will be at the barbecue, and she hopes Brooke will be too.

At Spectra, Sally summons CJ and tells him that she has always been one to own up to her mistakes... and now she has to do just that. She apologize for the way she treated Becky prior to last night. She now appreciates this talented and beautiful young lady who has gone through so much in life and has remained positive about it. CJ says he knows someone else like that--Sally herself--which is probably why he feels that way about Becky. He thinks that he and Becky will be together forever. Sally tells him to keep feeling that way, because he and Becky are good for each other. She thinks her son may have met the love of his life.

Amber wonders how can she tell Becky that she might have cancer. "Please don't let it be true!" Amber cries. Becky comes in and pours herself some coffee, and she says how tired she feels. "We need to talk," Amber tells her. Becky thinks she knows what it is. She points out that Amber is the only family she speaks to other than the baby, so if something is wrong, they have to deal with it. Amber is surprised when Becky blames herself for the problem, which she thinks is that she has been taking advantage of Amber by making her babysit while she goes out with CJ. Amber says that's not it: in fact, she is happy for her cousin. Becky is glad to hear that, because she and CJ are in love! Becky goes on and on about her feelings for CJ, but she stops when she senses Amber is upset about something. She apologizes, thinking that it her making Amber feel bad listening to how happy Becky is with CJ. Amber says that is not it either.

Becky then asks if her doctor called. Amber tells Becky that the doctor did in fact call, and he wants her to come in for more tests, but Becky says that she has plans to meet CJ and his friends. She hopes that Amber did not commit her to anything. Amber says she made an appointment already, but Becky thinks they should reschedule. Amber remains adamant that it be today, as the doctor wants to do a CT scan and a biopsy. Becky is confused what those are, so Amber explains it in a non-chalant way. Still, she tells Becky again that she should do this today. When Becky sees that Amber really wants her to go, she agrees to see the doctor.

Macy leaves, and Thorne walks by the office. He sees Brooke with her head down and tries to comfort her. "She has no idea how much we mean to each other," Brooke says. She apologizes, because she knows that Thorne belongs to Macy now, not her. Brooke turns to leave, but Thorne tells her to wait and says he is sorry. He reaches out and embraces Brooke with a worried look on his face...

Wednesday, April 05, 2000, Ep. #3272

Amber and little Eric accompany Becky to the doctor. Becky worries about the tests; is Amber sure the doctor did not say what the tests are for? Amber assures her she will be fine as Becky goes in with the nurse. "She's OK, right?" Amber asks the baby. "She's got to be." Soon after, Becky comes out and says everything is fine. Amber worries that Becky doesn't look too good, but Becky says she just wants to leave. She asks Amber to hold the baby as they leave for home.

Rick finds Kimberly in a lacy outfit in the photo shoot room; she is startled when she sees him there. He jokes that he is stalking her and kisses her. Kimberly pulls back, so Rick suggests they go into the darkroom. Not there either, Kim says. Rick wonders how long he has to wait: he knows how she feels, but he's not some high school kid and wants to make love to her. Oh, she forgot he's used to Amber--so why doesn't he go find Amber then? Rick says he has seen Amber and that's not what he wants. "You've seen her? When?" she asks. Rick explains how Amber was babysitting while Becky was out with CJ, and he came over to see the baby. Kimberly guesses that Amber set this up, but Rick assures her that he can deal with Amber. As Amber lives with Becky, he is bound to see her... but the only one he thinks about is Kimberly. He tells her he wants her, and she has an idea what to do besides sex. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and caresses him just as Macy walks in. "I didn't interrupt, did I?" she asks a flushed Rick and Kimberly.

Megan prepares a surprise for Brooke. She goes into Brooke's office and brings her some figures, and while she's there, she thinks Brooke must be having a hard time being near Thorne. She has just the solution--she invites a quartet of models in to show off the latest part of the Brooke's Bedroom line, the men's line. Brooke smiles as one model after another shows off his stuff. Megan smiles as Brooke playfully flirts with the models. The last model says the new line brings out the tiger in him, but Brooke jokes that they should probably cage that tiger. Megan is pleased that she has brought a smile to Brooke's face. Brooke orders them all back to work, but before Megan can leave, Brooke thanks her.

Rick excuses himself and leaves. Macy then asks Kim if she and Rick would like to come to the barbecue Macy and Thorne have planned. Kim accepts, and Macy supposes that she doesn't have to ask how things are going with Rick. Things are fine, Kimberly says: she thinks Rick respects how she feels about sex. "You THINK?" Macy asks. She reminds Kimberly that this is her decision to make, and if Rick loves her, then he will wait for her. Kimberly worries that sometimes, she thinks she is ready, but there is something in her way. Macy says that is her hormones talking, but Kim should resist that. "You should use this," she says, pointing to her heart, "and this," pointing to her head. Kimberly thanks her big sister for the advice.

Rick stops by Brooke's office while looking for Becky: he had Giovanni take a picture of the baby and he wants to give it to Becky. Brooke says Becky isn't here, but she takes a look at the photo and thinks it is so cute. She asks how things are going with Becky and Rick says she is the best. She is a great mother, and he is grateful that she has been so supportive of his being part of little Eric's life. He was scared that Becky would take the boy back to Paris, but now he gets to see him often. He wants to be a big part of little Eric's life. Brooke is glad that her son gets along so well with Becky, and Rick predicts that Becky will be part of their lives for a long time to come.

Becky and Amber get home. Becky is exhausted and is glad Brooke told her she could come into work late. Amber guesses that her cousin hates doctors. Becky says it is not the doctors as much as it is the cold, sterile environment. She fears that someday, she may wind up in a place like that and does not want to die that way, hooked up to a machine. She wants to die in her own bed, on her own, embracing life. Amber wonders what brought that on, but Becky says that being a mother to little Eric has made her at least consider it. Amber orders Becky not to even think that way: they will NOT talk about death. She wants Becky to think about all the good things in her life--little Eric, CJ, her job, CJ... Becky feels so lucky to have CJ and to be able to raise her son. She wants to be there for her son, and CJ will be there with her. Life is so beautiful, Becky says, and she is so lucky! "You deserve it, Becky, all of it," Amber says. She offers to watch the baby so Becky can rest, so Becky tells the baby she loves him, thanks her cousin and goes to lie down.

The phone rings: it's Dr. Russell for Becky. Amber again pretends to be Becky and asks if there is any news. The doctor says that he needs to see her, tonight if possible. Amber says she will be there and hangs up. "Everything is fine," she tells herself as she walks over to the baby's crib. Then she starts crying, "Please don't let her have cancer..."

Thursday, April 06, 2000, Ep. #3273

In the apartment, Amber plays with the baby; she has a toy telephone and she pretends that the doctor is calling to say that Eric's mommy is not sick. "Your mommy's fine," Amber keeps saying. Just then, a tired Becky returns from work; they sent her home because she was so exhausted. She goes over to play with the baby. Amber is worried, but Becky says she was up late on the phone with CJ. Becky suddenly feels a jolt of pain trying to pick up the baby and asks Amber to take him. Amber offers to get her some tea, but Becky worries that she is letting the Forresters down at work. Amber goes to get the tea and asks what kind she wants... and she turns to see that Becky is fast asleep.

Sally and CJ talk about what a beautiful and talented young woman Becky is. Sally thinks that Becky is practically flawless and again apologizes to her son for misjudging Becky. CJ enjoys hearing his mom apologize over and over; she suggests taping it if he likes it so much, but he prefers hearing it in person. CJ then tells Sally about some surprises he has for Becky. He shows Sally some expensive diamond earrings that he bought for Becky. Clarke then arrives with a tuxedo for his son, and CJ proudly announces that he is taking Becky to the Cafe Russe. Sally questions CJ on the amount of money he is spending, but CJ says Becky is worth it. Sally points out that Becky may not have a dress to wear to someplace like that, but CJ says that his dad has helped him with that. Sally says that CJ has everything he needs but one thing--the girl, so she should call her now!

Thorne is getting the grill ready for the barbecue as Macy comes outside to join him. She starts coming on to him and he warns her that she will get dirty. "Maybe I want to get dirty," she laughs, pulling closer to her husband. Soon, they are both covered in charcoal as Thorne embraces his wife and kisses her. The camera fades to black, and when next we see them, the charcoal-covered couple is lying on the chaise lounge after making love. Thorne talks about how it feels when he is on vacation: he feels totally relaxed and unburdened when he gets away from it all. That is how Macy makes him feel, he says. Macy tells him what a sweet thing that is to say... but now she has to break the moment to go get dressed for the barbecue.

When CJ calls Becky to tell her about the date, Amber says Becky is resting and asks him to call back. Becky hears the conversation and gets on the phone, although Amber warns, "You are NOT going out tonight!" Becky tells CJ that she is tired and she promised Amber she would stay home, but CJ tells her to get ready to go out, and he will not take no for an answer. Just then, there is a knock at the door: there is a delivery man with a beautiful dress for Becky to wear tonight. CJ says he will pick her up at 7 and hangs up. CJ tells his parents that everything went perfectly, and "Cupid" Clarke and Sally are happy for their son.

Meanwhile, Becky asks Amber to watch the baby for her. Amber agrees, so Becky wonders where they are going and goes to get dressed. While Becky is in the other room, Dr. Russell's office calls to confirm "Becky's" appointment. Amber says she will be there as Becky comes out of the bedroom, all dressed up in her dress. She looks beautiful in a black dress with silver sequins on the bodice, and Amber tells her just that. A knock at the door signals the arrival of CJ. With stars in their eyes, CJ and Becky compliment each other on how great they look. After taking a moment to say hi to Amber and little Eric, CJ tells Becky that they are going to the Cafe Russe. He whisks CJ off as Amber tells them to have fun. Once their gone, Amber prepares to take the baby to Shannon the babysitter so she can go see Dr. Russell.

Sally and Clarke arrive for the barbecue. Macy asks where CJ is, so Sally tells her that CJ is on a special date with his new girlfriend. Clarke goes to help Thorne outside. Sally asks Macy if she arrived too early. "Why would you think that? Thorne and I were just cleaning the grill," Macy explains. That would explain the tiny bit of charcoal on Macy's chest, Sally guesses. An embarrassed Macy cleans the charcoal off as Sally says that she is happy that both her children are in love. She admits she was worried about Becky Moore at first, but now she is convinced that Becky could be the love of CJ's young life.

At the Cafe Russe, CJ and Becky are seated at their table. She thanks him for bringing her there, and CJ tells her how great she makes him feel. They kiss.

Amber arrives at Dr. Russell's office, where the nurse tells her to wait in the doctor's office. The nurse places Becky's file on the desk and leaves. Amber now anxiously awaits the doctor and his news and stares at the folder on the desk...

Friday, April 07, 2000, Ep. #3274

Amber picks up Becky's folder from the desk, praying that it is good news. She starts to read the biopsy report, but she hears Dr. Russell coming and puts it down. As the doctor greets "Becky", Amber stares at the folder. Dr. Russell asks Amber to sit down, but she wants to get to the point: does "she" have cancer? The doctor sadly informs her that Becky does have cancer. A crying Amber is in denial, but the doctor says they must discuss the next steps and sits her down. He shows her the X-Rays from the CT scan and points out the tumor, which is interfering with the pancreas' ability to digest. Moreover, it places pressure on her nerves and other organs, causing pain. Amber asks what can they do. Chemotherapy? The doctor says that is not recommended... and sadly, the disease is too far along to remove the tumor. Becky has Stage 4 cancer, the most advanced stage--so while they can ease the pain, there is not much hope. Amber is in tears as the doctor offers a comforting hug.

Rick and Kimberly arrive for the barbecue and are greeted by Thorne and Macy. Rick spots his dad, who is met by Clarke and Sally. When Clarke does not see Stephanie, Eric says that she is visiting a hospitalized friend who is having surgery. Too bad, Sally says, because she is sure Stephanie would enjoy seeing how happy Thorne and Macy are together. Eric agrees his son and Sally's daughter are good for each other. Macy then thanks everyone for coming and announces that dinner is served. Sally thanks Macy and proclaims that this should be the wedding reception the couple never had, so Thorne passionately kisses his bride.

At the Cafe Russe, Becky playfully translates the French on the menu for CJ, and some of the dishes have CJ losing his appetite. Seeing the look on his face, Becky giggles, admitting that she really has no idea what the dishes are. They both marvel at the place. CJ admits that even though his buddy Rick comes here a lot, the only times he has been here were when he was younger and his mom wanted to teach him manners. Becky teases that they should exchange their deep, dark secrets... but in her case, wanting to come to a place like this is not one of them. CJ says the restaurant is not that special, but Becky is. Shortly after, their meal arrives, and Becky is stunned to find a box with the diamond earrings on her plate! She says CJ should not have done it, but he says he wanted to. The diamonds sparkle like her eyes do, he says. Becky feels grateful for CJ and all he has done for her.

Eric tells Macy how much he loves the place by the beach. Macy makes sure to ask Eric to tell Stephanie she was missed. Eric says he will, and he will also tell Stephanie, their biggest fan, how well she and Thorne are doing. They have a lot of fans in the family, he says: Thorne has changed a lot thanks to Macy. The whole family was worried about him. "That's why I went to Venice," Macy says, and Eric thanks God that she did. Some things are just meant to be, Macy says, like her and Thorne.

While the party goes on, Rick and Kimberly sneak into Thorne and Macy's bedroom. They lie down on the bed and start making out as the phone rings. They ignore it. Macy answers the call and tells Eric that it's Ridge. Macy tells Eric he can take it in the bedroom. When Eric goes to the bedroom, he interrupts his son and Kimberly. At Eric's suggestion, they return to the barbecue.

Sally is outside, where Thorne approaches her. He asks if she has heard from Adam. She says no, but she does not expect to. Thorne assures her that Adam is watching over her and says he is sorry. Sally says she will be OK, because seeing Thorne and Macy together is the best medicine her broken heart can have.

Eric talks to Ridge, who needs to talk to Stephanie immediately. Eric informs Ridge that Stephanie is not there but asks what has upset Stephanie so much, since she was upset after Ridge's last call. Ridge will only tell him that he needs to talk with Stephanie on his return to L.A. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Macy picks up the phone, not realizing that Eric and Ridge are still on the phone. She listens as Eric explains that seeing Thorne and Macy reminds him of how delicate Stephanie's condition is. Ridge reminds his dad how far he went to make sure that Thorne and Macy got together and is glad they are doing so well. Eric points out that Ridge can take the credit for that. Ridge says he never knew Macy would come to Venice. None of them did, Eric says... but without what Ridge did, Thorne would never have proposed to Macy. A shocked Macy cannot believe what she is hearing.

Amber asks how much time "she" has. The doctor says that she has about 6 months, based on how far the disease has come. He offers to call someone for her, a friend or a family member. Amber cries that her cousin is her best friend, but she must be the one to tell her. She keeps crying as the doctor gives her another comforting hug.

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