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Monday, April 10, 2000, Ep. #3275

Amber is at the doctor's office, still pretending to be Becky. She is in tears, crying that it is not fair! Dr. Russell tries to reassure her; he says that he wants her to talk to a support group for terminal cancer patients. Amber panics and asks, "What am I going to do?" The doctor offers to call her cousin for her, but Amber says she is fine. Dr. Russell gives her two prescriptions, one for pain, and one for digestion, and he tells her to let him know if she has any new symptoms. He then tells her one more thing: she has to make arrangements for her son and she has to be strong for him. "He doesn't need arrangements. He needs his mother! But he's going to lose her!" Amber shouts. She leaves in tears, slamming the door behind her.

Brooke is at home, where her sister Katie brings her up to speed on Bridget's school activities. Katie gets ready to leave, guessing that Brooke will be going to that barbecue that Rick told her about, but Brooke explains that the barbecue is being thrown by Thorne and Macy. "Oh, so you're not invited," Katie guesses. No, Brooke says: in fact, Macy invited her as a peace offering. Katie says that took guts. Not guts, but confidence, Brooke says, and she feels Macy's confidence killed the last little bit of hope that she had about getting back with Thorne. Brooke thinks their marriage will work because Thorne is committed to Macy. Katie thinks Brooke is reading too much into it: if Macy found out the truth, she predicts, that would change everything. Brooke doesn't think so, but Katie encourages her to tell Macy. Brooke says she can't, as she promised to respect Thorne's decision. "Even if it kills you? Even Bridget knows something is wrong," Katie says. Brooke remains firm; she must keep her word to Thorne.

At the barbecue, Clarke encourages Sally to go for a swim, but she doesn't think so. Clarke wants some more beer, but Thorne says Macy already went to get it. Meanwhile, Macy is still listening to Ridge and Eric talking about her marriage, and she is stunned when Ridge says, "Thorne would be married to Brooke if I hadn't done what I did." Eric assures Ridge that Macy has loved Thorne for years, more than Brooke ever could. Everything was done for the best, he thinks, and Thorne owes Ridge a debt of gratitude. Ridge wonders if his father is just saying this to make him feel better, but Eric says no. Thorne will get over his anger, Eric predicts, saying that Ridge did the right thing, even if he did it for the wrong reasons. Macy cannot believe what she is hearing!

Outside, Sally and Clarke again thank Thorne for doing this, especially since it gave them the chance to throw a reception they couldn't give Thorne and Macy when they married in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Macy stands inside with a shocked look on her face. Eric comes out of the bedroom and tells Macy that he is done with the phone and notices that Macy is out of sorts, but she insists she is fine. Eric goes outside, where Sally and Clarke are talking with Thorne about the fire in Paris. That must have upset Brooke, Clarke guesses. Thorne says she is managing, but Eric is quick to say that Brooke is nothing more than a chemist. She is a fighter, Thorne argues: she is amazing that way. Macy comes out, but no one seems to notice that she is not herself. When he realizes Macy forgot the beer, Thorne offers to get it for her. Sally suggests to Clarke that they should leave, giving him a wink that Thorne and Macy should be alone. They leave, as does Eric. When Thorne returns, Macy asks him if he is upset with his father. All Thorne says is that Eric gets on his nerves sometimes, but Macy has a confused look on her face.

Becky and CJ are still having dinner at Cafe Russe. Becky tries on the earrings and wonders what CJ's mother would say if she knew he bought them. CJ says his mother knows and approves, especially when he explained why he wanted to give them to her. She asks why he did. "You don't know?" he asks. Meanwhile, the waiter brings their real dinner. They are both enjoying themselves as CJ explains why he bought the earrings. He has dated a lot of girls, he says, but he never spent any money on the other girls. That upset some of the girls, and he dismissed them as selfish at first... but then he realized those girls knew he didn't have true feelings for them. He DOES, however, love Becky, and he would wipe out his bank account to make her happy. Becky says she feels the same way. They go out on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Amber arrives and watches them, remembering Becky telling her how much in love with CJ she is. Becky sees her cousin standing on the other side of the room. She approaches Amber and wonders what is wrong. She asks about the baby, and Amber says he is with Shannon; she had to come pick up her paycheck, which is why she left the baby with the sitter to come here. Becky is relieved, but she wonders why Amber is crying. Amber says that CJ and Becky look so right together, and that brought her to tears. Becky shows her the earrings and says that CJ loves her. She doesn't know what she did to deserve this. Amber hugs Becky and tells her that she definitely deserves this. Becky asks her to stay for dessert, but Amber leaves, still crying.

Macy is about to try talking to Thorne some more when Rick and Kimberly come back from a swim. They notice everyone else is gone and start to leave, too, but Macy asks Kimberly if she can help her in the kitchen. Macy starts crying and tells Kimberly about the call she overheard. "I didn't understand. They said Ridge did something in Venice... I don't know what it was, but they said if he hadn't done it, Thorne wouldn't have married me!" she laments to her stunned sister.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000, Ep. #3276

Macy cannot understand; why would Eric and Ridge say that they did something to break Brooke and Thorne up? Why would they say that it was lucky that Thorne proposed? Kimberly tries to convince Macy that Brooke was just a fling, but Macy says that Ridge and Eric were quite clear: Thorne never meant to marry her. Could Eric and Ridge have been talking about the suddenness of Thorne's proposal, Kim wonders? No, Macy says: they said they broke Thorne and Brooke up. Even though Eric was not there, he knew, Macy insists. And the way Thorne was standing alone in the rain, Macy remembers, only to then follow her to the airport and propose? Kimberly says that her sister is being ridiculous. The bottom line is Thorne married her. He loves her! Macy is unsure, but Kimberly tells her to stop. Forget about Ridge and Eric and ask herself if Thorne has done anything to make her question his feelings. Macy says he has not, and Kimberly says that should be all she needs to stop these thoughts.

Rick and Thorne talk by the pool. Rick says he feels like such a letch; Kimberly wants to wait, but all he can do is want to take things to the next level. Still, he intends to wait until Kimberly is ready. That's a wise decision, Thorne says, commenting that Brooke raised Rick well. And how is Brooke, he asks? Rick guesses that Brooke must feel like a third wheel; her best friend Thorne has not been around much, and everyone else is paired up with someone. Thorne feels a twang of guilt as Rick says that, and Rick says that his mom is lucky to have someone like Thorne as a friend.

Stephanie is at home, talking to Eric. She has something on her mind, he notes, and he tells her not to worry, as Ridge will be home tomorrow. He got the feeling that something was bothering Ridge, though. Stephanie admits that Ridge is mad at her because of Morgan. Eric says Ridge is happily married, but Stephanie says that she is worried about Morgan. What is it that bothers her about Morgan, Eric asks. What has she done? It is what she COULD do, Stephanie says. Eric admits that he has learned to accept Morgan, despite his initial reservations when Brooke hired her. Stephanie says it's strange that after all of these years, Morgan shows up and wants to work for their company. And then she makes friends with Taylor? Eric says that he isn't going to worry about one of Ridge's old girlfriends who left him, but Stephanie says that Morgan is cunning and unstable. They have no idea what Morgan is capable of, so Steph will not let her guard down.

Ridge still cannot believe the story that Morgan told him: it seems so unbelievable. Morgan admits that she trusted Stephanie, but then she realized that his mother didn't give a damn about her... or their baby. If only he didn't say he didn't want children years ago, Ridge laments. He wants to know what happened to her after she left. She is reluctant, but Ridge wants to know. She explains that she was suffering through this loss with no one to talk to. Then Stephanie sent her home, but she could not face her family, who came from a religious background. She almost lost it and had two nervous breakdowns, plus bouts of depression. In time, she learned how to live with it, but there are still questions. She is sure they would have had a strong, handsome son, the best of both of them. Ridge tries to console her. Morgan is sorry that she is bothering him with this, but she admits it is a relief to get it off her shoulders. Ridge is the most compassionate and understanding man she has met, she says, and he would have been a great father. Ridge wipes a tear from her cheek and kisses her forehead. He thanks her for being honest and then says he has to get to work.

Macy says Kimberly is right: Brooke isn't a problem for them anymore, and Macy will not even mention her name again. Thorne loves her, she tells herself. Kimberly says that Thorne must say that all the time, and Macy says he did... although he has not since they returned from Amsterdam. Thorne comes in with Rick and suggests to Macy that they take a walk on the beach. She grabs him and tells him that he loves him, and he says he loves her too. "Do you?" she asks. He says of course and wants to know what this is all about. It's nothing, Macy says.

Stephanie calls Ridge, but Morgan picks up the phone. Morgan tells Steph that he is out, and he doesn't think he wants to talk to Steph anymore. Stephanie accuses her of turning her son against him for revenge. Morgan says that she wanted to keep this a secret, but Ridge kept on insisting. Stephanie says that Ridge is happily married, so Morgan should forget him. She should forget this fantasy and not even think about returning to L.A. Morgan isn't listening to anything Stephanie has to say. She is calling the shots now, and she isn't a 17 year old anymore. "Morgan, you're making a big mistake," Stephanie warns. "No, you made a big mistake... and finally, you're going to pay," Morgan says as she hangs up.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000, Ep. #3277

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie has some tea and cookies for Taylor. Stephanie says she heard that Ridge is coming home, and Taylor says yes. In fact, the kids were doing backflips when they got Ridge's message. Message? Didn't he call? Steph wonders. Taylor knows where this is headed and again tells Stephanie that there is nothing to worry about with Morgan. Stephanie is not so sure. She tells Taylor that she knows so little about Morgan, and she thinks Morgan is unstable because of her past with Ridge. Taylor says that Stephanie sounds just like Brooke... and like she told Brooke, she is not worried. Morgan is not a threat to her marriage. Stephanie is glad that Taylor is secure in her marriage, but she doesn't know Morgan. "What is there about Morgan that is so dangerous?" Taylor asks. "Don't trust her... and Ridge shouldn't trust her either," Stephanie warns. Taylor points out that she is a psychiatrist and is trained to read people. Morgan is not a threat: while Taylor senses a deep sadness in her, she isn't sinister. Taylor turns to leave, and Stephanie warns her to be careful. Taylor says that Morgan might be a troubled woman, but she won't cause any trouble for her, and she leaves.

While the baby looks on, Amber mixes Becky's medication with some fruit into a blender. She hopes she is doing the right thing keeping this from Becky. When Becky comes in, Amber covers up the medicine bottles with a towel. Becky says hello to the baby as Amber hands her a smoothie: it's a vitamin-packed formula someone at work told her about, and she wants Becky to try it. She thinks it will help Becky, as she has been so tired. Becky takes a small sip, but Amber says she must drink it all. Becky says she doesn't think she needs it, but Amber says her friend told her to make sure to drink it all. Becky then says she has to call her doctor, so Amber says that doctor has called already and everything is fine. Becky is glad to hear that, and Amber tells her again to finish her drink. What's the deal with the drinks and all the attention? Becky wonders. "It's not like I'm dying," she says. Amber tells her not to talk that way. Becky then says she has to get off to work before Brooke kills her for taking so much time off. Amber offers to watch the baby, so Becky leaves.

Amber is talking to herself, worrying that she should have told Becky the truth. She tells herself that she needs to talk to someone, so she calls Stephanie. She tells Stephanie that it is an emergency and she needs to come over. "Is it the baby?" Steph asks. Amber says she can't get into it over the phone. Stephanie doesn't want to be rude, but she doesn't want to hear it. She asks Amber not to call again and hangs up, leaving Amber crying on the other end of the phone.

Ridge and Morgan are ready to fly home. As they take their seats on the private jet, Morgan tells him that Stephanie called for him yesterday. "I was not very civil," Morgan admits, and Ridge does not blame her: after all, his mother conned a 17 year old girl into having an abortion. Morgan says she can handle Stephanie; she is not weak anymore, and now that she has told him about their child and the abortion, she thinks she can handle it. She says she is anxious to get back to work, although she bets Ridge is anxious to get back to his family. Ridge brags about his family, but then stops for fear he will upset Morgan. Morgan tells him not to feel guilty, but to be proud of his family. There is something appealing about a man who shows off his family, she says. In that case, Ridge says, he has a whole briefcase full of photos. He asks Morgan if she is sure she wants to see these, and she does. Ridge shows off the twins, who are beautiful, just like their mother. He then moves on to one of Thomas, who Morgan says is as handsome as his father. It must be so wonderful to have a life full of love, she says. Ridge says Morgan can have that too, and she says that maybe someday, she will. While she was uncomfortable being near him at first, she realizes now that her mistake was trying to push him away and run away. She can't thank him enough, she says, calling him an amazing man. She feels like she can do anything now. Ridge jokes that she is dreaming now about mini vans and PTA meetings, but he thinks that she will get whatever she wants in life.

Becky is at work; she brings some files to Megan, who says Becky still looks a little tired. Megan gives Becky a folder to bring to Brooke, but Becky drops the papers on the floor. As she bends down to pick them up, she gets a pain in her back. Megan bends down to help her, asking if she is all right. "I'm fine," Becky insists, heading back to her work. Megan looks on in concern as Becky walks away.

Stephanie is at home and there is a knock at the door; it's Amber and little Eric. Amber pleads with her not to be mad. She knows Steph said not to come, but she hasn't anywhere else to go. Stephanie says that she would love to spend time with the baby, just not with Amber. Amber pleads with Stephanie to listen, saying that she needs advice. "Have you gotten into trouble again?" Stephanie asks. "It isn't me that is in trouble, it's Becky," Amber states. Stephanie says that Becky knows she is welcome to come to her for advice or help anytime: she just has no interest in seeing Amber. She goes to shut the door in Amber's face, but Amber yells out, "She has cancer!" "What?" Stephanie asks. Amber repeats it: Becky has cancer!

Thursday, April 13, 2000, Ep. #3278

Stephanie is stunned to hear that Becky has cancer! Amber pleads that she... no, Becky needs Stephanie's help. Stephanie invites her in, where Amber explains how Becky has only a few months to live and does not even know it yet. She tells Stephanie how she posed as Becky when she went to the doctor. "Why did you do it?" Stephanie asks. Amber says she wanted to spare Becky any pain, but Stephanie says that Becky MUST be told about something this serious. Amber explains how terrible Becky's condition is and how the disease is spreading. "Becky has to be told today," Stephanie insists, but Amber tells her how she is sneaking Becky her medicine. Stephanie says that is not enough: Becky needs treatment. It is too late, Amber cries. How is she supposed to tell her cousin that she is dying? She wants Becky to be able to enjoy her last few months. "What's wrong with that?" she asks.

Ridge arrives home with gifts for his family. He has a soccer ball for Thomas and pink berets for the girls. Taylor wonders when he found the time, but Ridge says he made time for his kids. They talk about how much they all missed Ridge, even during the trip to the cabin with her dad. Ridge wishes he could have been there, and Taylor bets he needs a vacation. Ridge says he and Morgan still have some work left, although they are now in synch with each other. Taylor tells Ridge about Stephanie's worries regarding Morgan. Ridge says Stephanie and Morgan have a history but asks Taylor not to pay that any heed. Morgan has some issues to work through, so he thinks they should just let her work them out. It doesn't concern them. Taylor is satisfied with that. She says she just got upset with Brooke and Stephanie warning her about Morgan, and he suggests talking to them. Taylor says there is no need. They kiss and he says he missed Taylor so much. He wishes he could stay home and show her, but he has to get back to work. Taylor says they can wait a few more hours, but Ridge still wishes he could stay. Taylor has an idea: she will get the kids and go to the office with Ridge, dropping the kids off in the day care center so she can be with him.

Becky is helping Thorne go through some fabric samples. When she reaches up to the file cabinet to get something, she winces in pain. Thorne asks if she is all right. She says she is fine and turns down Thorne's suggestion to go see the nurse. Thorne says they are all worried about Becky; they like her, and she excels at her job, so they don't want to see anything happen to her. Becky talks about how she has never been happier and promises Thorne she will tell him if something like this happens again.

Morgan and Brooke are looking over Morgan's designs, and Brooke is impressed at what Morgan and Ridge accomplished in Paris. She asks Morgan how she got past her reservations about being with Ridge, and Morgan says it was not a problem. Brooke wonders what changed Morgan's mind, but Morgan says that is personal. "Did things get personal over there?" Brooke asks. Morgan does not want to discuss it. Brooke says she knows how it feels to get Ridge out of her system from experience, but there are times when they are close that the past still comes back. "Did that happen to you, Morgan?" Brooke asks. Morgan says she is a professional and doesn't want to discuss it. She is friends with Ridge and Taylor, and... Brooke wonders what is going on here, but Morgan says this conversation is over and leaves.

As Brooke goes back to her desk, Ridge is standing in the doorway. Brooke tries to compliment him on the work he did with Morgan and thinks they are a great team. She is surprised given how Ridge was against hiring Morgan in the first place. Ridge says he was against the reason for hiring her, but not Morgan herself. "What is it about you two that you can't say anything nice about each other?" Brooke wonders. She points out that Morgan always gets upset when Brooke mentions Ridge's name... which means that either Morgan doesn't like Ridge, or she has a thing for him.

When she sees Taylor with the kids in Ridge's office, Morgan thinks to herself how it could have been her and Ridge with a happy family. That is the life that could have been hers.

Amber refuses to make Becky sad. She knows what it is like to lose everything, and she does not want to see that happen to Becky. Stephanie says this isn't the same thing. Amber points out the rough life she had growing up, and Becky grew up the same way. Now she is finally happy with a good job, a baby and a boyfriend. Everything is going Becky's way, and it is not fair that she has to die! "We are becoming best friends again, like we used to be when we were kids! She's all I have left!" Amber cries as she falls into Stephanie's arms...

Friday, April 14, 2000, Ep. #3279

"So what is thing Morgan has for me?" Ridge asks Brooke. Brooke is not buying his naivete: it is obvious he and Morgan have chemistry. "So do we," he points out. "Does that keep us from working together?" Brooke says that almost kept Morgan from going on the trip with him and asks about Paris: why didn't they finish the design work? "The project was bigger than we thought," Ridge says. Brooke wonders if there was another reason, one connected to his and Morgan's sharing a suite. Ridge says that was a matter of necessity and convenience, but nothing happened. "Why not just tell me what happened?" Brooke teases. He says this gossip is not becoming and tells her to quit, but Brooke thinks she is on to something. She will get the truth from Morgan if he will not tell her, she promises. Ridge says it is none of her business, which piques her curiosity even more. She wants to know if her top designers are involved, especially because of their past and the way he, Morgan and Stephanie have all danced around the subject. "It doesn't concern you or anyone else, and that's all I have to say," Ridge answers before he leaves.

Taylor stops by to see Morgan and is surprised that all she and Ridge did in Paris was work and talk. Morgan says she has something to share with Taylor. After her talking to Ridge about his life and the ways he has matured because of Taylor and the kids, Morgan has decided she wants a baby... now! She is not happy in her life so she needs a child. "You need a man," Taylor says, but Morgan is sure of what she wants... and she wants a child. "You need a man, unless you are thinking of adopting," Taylor points out. Morgan says she will make this happen somehow, and she intends to carry that child to term. That is all that will satisfy her. She sees Ridge's family and thinks that she has nothing... and she needs Taylor to help her with this. Taylor promises that she and Ridge will both help her.

Thorne finds some more fabric and asks Becky for some help. He asks about her stomach problems, but she changes the subject, showing how she has matched the fabrics to the designs Ridge and Morgan did in Paris. Thorne is pleased, as this puts them ahead of schedule. He guesses Becky must be better then and thanks her. Becky gets a faraway look in her eyes. Thorne then tells her that she is doing perfectly: she has not made one mistake. She thanks "Mr. Forrester" for the compliment, but Thorne says to call him by his first name, especially as they may be related soon. Becky thinks she and CJ are too young for that. Thorne then tells her that he likes having her around. He tells her to take some samples to his mother at the house and take the rest of the day off.

Stephanie tells Amber that she wishes she could help Becky. "You can't... and please don't tell anyone," Amber pleads. She is afraid that Becky will lose all love for her dream life if she learns the truth. Stephanie disagrees, but Amber refuses to take everything away from her cousin just yet. "And I'm begging you, please don't do it either." She knows she has burned her bridges with Stephanie, but she needs Stephanie to promise her this. Stephanie says this unselfishness is not the same as Amber's behavior with Rick and one has nothing to do with the other. However, hiding the truth is against her instincts. Amber fears that telling Becky now would not only hurt Becky, but also the baby, since it would take away his mother.

Stephanie says she always liked Becky, and she thinks Becky is a wonderful mother. Amber wishes she was half the mother Becky is, and Stephanie says she wasn't bad. But that's besides the point, Steph adds. Becky is dying, and she should be focusing on setting her house in order and making peace with herself about the future. "She has, with CJ," Amber explains. Becky is in pain and doesn't realize what's going on, so how will telling her change anything? Just then, Becky comes by with the samples Thorne sent. She asks how Stephanie is doing, since she wants Steph to be part of her son's life. Stephanie thanks her and invites her in, where she is surprised to see Amber. Becky guesses that Stephanie and Amber have mended fences, which makes Becky happy. She then sees the baby and picks him up. Becky tells Stephanie about CJ and how she now sees how great life is. That is why she is so happy to see Amber and Stephanie working things out. She gives Stephanie a hug and then looks at the baby, as Amber and Stephanie exchange knowing glances, with Amber having tears in her eyes.

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