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Monday, April 17, 2000, Ep. #3280

Becky thinks Stephanie and Amber making up is a reason to celebrate, but both Stephanie and Amber insist that Becky needs her rest. Becky says she has prayed for this day to come. She goes to put the baby back in the crib, but she senses something going on between Steph and Amber... and she wants to know what it is. Stephanie admits she does have something to say to Becky. Becky guesses that she jumped the gun in assuming that Steph and Amber had mended their relationship. However, she tells them that even though she is only 19, thanks to her son and CJ, she has learned to be forgiving, so she begs Stephanie to forgive Amber instead of holding a grudge. Yes, Amber did some horrible things, but she is not insecure any longer. She depends on her cousin like a sister, she says. Stephanie says she has forgiven Amber... but that is not what she wants to talk about. She wants Becky to take a paid leave of absence from Forrester until she is better. Becky thanks her, and she takes the baby and heads home.

Brooke receives a shipment from Forrester International with a note that it must be packed and shipped by tomorrow. Brooke says they all have to be sorted first, so there is no way they can be ready by then! She wonders where Thorne is, and Greg, the delivery man, says Thorne should be up soon.

At Thorne and Macy's beach house, Macy relives the conversation she and Kimberly had about what she overheard Ridge and Eric talking about. She tells herself that she has to get a grip. Thorne comes in and is surprised to see that Macy is making a special duck dinner for him, complete with a bottle of wine. Thorne tells his wife he has to get back to work to finish sorting the shipment from Paris, but he promises to be back in time for appetizers. He leaves, and shortly after, Kimberly stops by. As Kimberly helps with the salad, Macy asks her to forget the conversation about Brooke. Macy will NOT let Brooke become a problem.

Thorne arrives to work with Brooke. He wants to be home by 7, so he suggests that they get to work. They start sorting the dresses, but Brooke tells Thorne he should get home for his dinner appointment.

Taylor again says she will help Morgan and thinks they should start by signing Morgan up for the Country Club, so she can meet some eligible men. "I don't want a husband!" Morgan reminds her friend. "There hasn't been a man since..." Taylor is shocked that there has been no one since Ridge. She also points out that Morgan can't just pick up some stranger in a bar and get pregnant. She should meet a man and fall in love. Morgan has accepted that it is not so simple and asks Taylor to do the same. Taylor then comes up with an answer: artificial insemination. Taylor explains how sperm banks allow mothers to choose the type of father they want for their children, and the "donations" are checked for all kinds of diseases. Still, the down side is that Morgan will be raising a child without a father. She still wants to help Morgan find a man, but she realizes she has to go. Taylor leaves, and Morgan tells herself that the right man IS out there. However, he is married to Taylor!

Amber thanks Stephanie for not telling Becky. Stephanie suggests flying Becky to New York to see a specialist, but Amber says it is too late for that. Becky has stage 4 terminal cancer, so all they can do is make Becky happy in her final days. The question is, how? Steph says that Amber cannot hide this from Becky forever. Sadly, it is Becky's time to pass on. "It's too soon," Amber laments. "If she has to die, let it be the way she lived, with a smile and a positive attitude. I would do anything to give her that." Stephanie says Amber may not pull it off, but Becky is lucky to have someone who cares so much for her like Amber. She admires and respects what Amber wants to do.

Macy thanks her sister for her help but tells her to leave, while she will get ready for tonight. She thinks her bout with insecurity was good for her, as it made her appreciate what she has with Thorne. She bids Kimberly goodbye and goes to get dressed. After she changes, she puts a bottle of wine out for Thorne and lights a candle on the table. Just then, the phone rings: it is Thorne, who tells Macy that he is going to be late. Macy asks him if he is working alone. Thorne tells her that he is working with Brooke. Macy is obviously upset, but she tells Thorne she loves him. However, Thorne has already hung up. Macy blows out the candle and sits down... and as she sits, her eyes gaze on the bottle of wine.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000, Ep. #3281

Brooke and Thorne work with the models, admiring the designs that have signs of both Ridge and Morgan's work in them. One by one, they go through each design and decide what they want to order. Brooke looks at her watch and tells Thorne it is time for him to go home. Macy is expecting him and she can finish up on her own. Thorne worries about her being alone, but Brooke reminds him of their promise to respect the other's personal life. Go home to Macy, she urges him. Thorne leaves, and Brooke has a thoughtful look on her face.

"He's working, that's all it is. I just wish it wasn't with Brooke," Macy tells herself. She is torn: she knows Thorne loves her, but she cannot forget what Ridge and Eric said on the phone. "I have got to stop this!" she tells herself. She stares at the bottle of wine and goes over to the counter where it sits, a worried look on her face. She keeps trying to figure out what Ridge and Eric meant and relives their conversation. What did Ridge do? she wonders. Just then, the phone rings; it's Kimberly, looking for an envelope she might have left. When Macy says it's not there, Kimberly says to go back to her hubby, but Macy tells her that Thorne is working... with Brooke. Kimberly wants to come over to keep Macy from overreacting, but Macy says she is fine, albeit disappointed. Thorne will make it up to her, Kim assures her, but Macy does not sound convinced as she hangs up the phone.

Morgan drops by Ridge's office. He has Chinese food containers on the table as she brings him some revisions. He tells her to put them down, and they tell each other that they finally did it. Ridge tells Morgan to go home and celebrate, as she deserves it. She says he does too and wonders if he is going out with Taylor to celebrate. Ridge says no, he is too tired. On the subject of Taylor, she mentions her conversation with his wife about her decision to have a baby! Ridge is stunned when she says she decided after seeing how happy he was and tries to talk her out of it, but Morgan won't listen. He says she should fall in love, and Morgan says she did, but Stephanie took that away from her. There is no two ways about it: she will have a baby to end the misery that started when she aborted Ridge's child. It took years for her to see the answer that was in front of her the whole time. She owes this to their aborted child. Ridge advises that she can't replace the baby she aborted with another one. This is not the right reason to have a child. If she waits, she will find a man. "Someone like you?" she asks. Ridge says, no, someone better than him. Morgan tells Ridge there is only one man who can take away her loneliness and emptiness, and he is unavailable. She has suffered for years, and there is only one thing that can help her. She destroyed their baby, but now she has a chance to raise another child with the same love Ridge gives his family. This child will end her nightmare: she just knows it!

Giovanni stops by Brooke's office and worries that she spent the night working with Thorne, who is now home with his wife. He wishes he could ease her pain. Brooke wishes he could too, but he can't. Nobody can. "How long can you go on without reaching out to him?" Giovanni asks. Brooke agrees, but she reminds him of the promise she made to Thorne. Giovanni tells her that some promises should never be made. Brooke says that her word is the only integrity she has, and she must accept that Thorne belongs to Macy, not her.

Macy tries putting on some music and reading to bide her time, but it isn't working. She turns off the music and prays for Thorne to come home, so this day can end. As she goes to the bedroom, she again sees bottle of wine on the counter, but she resists and goes to bed. Shortly after, Thorne arrives home and finds a note from Macy that she has gone to bed and that there is food in the microwave. Instead, he goes straight into the bedroom. As he starts to undress, he looks at his sleeping wife... but once he goes in the bathroom, we see Macy is actually awake. She thinks to herself, wishing Thorne would climb into bed and make her forget all about Brooke. The phone rings and Thorne answers it. It is Brooke, looking for the shipping schedule. Thorne tells Brooke that he brought it home, but he will bring it in tomorrow. He asks if she is all right. She thinks she could have done it without him, but Thorne says he would not have had it any other way. Macy's ears perk up as he says, "It felt good, it's been a while." Brooke wonders if Macy was glad he made it home before dawn. Thorne says that she's asleep, so she will never know. Brooke apologizes for ruining their evening, but at least they got the job done. "Yeah, we did. It felt good. Thank you, Brooke," he says as he hangs up. Thorne goes back to getting ready for bed, not knowing that Macy heard just his side of the conversation and is worried...

Wednesday, April 19, 2000, Ep. #3282

Macy is in Thorne's office, looking at a picture of her and her husband. She is still haunted by what she thinks she heard Thorne say to Brooke last night, but she tells herself to get a grip. Thorne comes back from handling an emergency and is glad to see that his wife has brought him lunch. He apologizes for all the late hours and promises to take her out tomorrow night, but she says that is her AA meeting. Maybe they can go out for Italian after that, she suggests? As Thorne considers it, he gets paged and goes to tend to another emergency.

Stephanie visits Amber's place, where Amber tries to make her comfortable in her sparse accommodations. Amber gives Stephanie some books she found in the library on pancreatic cancer and shows her Becky's medication, explaining that she sneaks it to Becky in a smoothie every morning. She's just not sure how long she can keep it up. Becky has to be told eventually, Stephanie urges, and she reminds Amber that Becky could be gone in less than the 6 months the doctor gave Becky. Amber laments that Becky has everything going for her, so she only wants to give her a few weeks to enjoy that. She then realizes that they did not do anything for little Eric's birthday with all that was happening, so she wants to throw a party. Stephanie says that she will do it; she thinks it will please Becky, so she will invite the whole family. Also, Becky will want Amber there, so Stephanie tells her not to stay away. She then makes the guest list and even includes Brooke. Amber is surprised, but Steph wants Becky to know, once she learns the truth, to know that the whole family is there for her, and she thinks the party can do that.

Becky drops by Eric's office, where he is playing with little Eric. Suddenly, Becky has another twinge of pain. She tells Eric it is just cramps... and since the doctor said she is fine, it is nothing to worry about. She picks up her son and talks with Eric about how well things are going for the baby. Amber has helped, and she is glad that Rick wants to be part of the baby's life as well. Eric thanks her for not excluding Rick. Becky then asks if Eric wants her to change the baby's name, but Eric insists that she not do that. She thanks Eric for everything, and he helps her get ready so she can go home.

Brooke stops by to see Thorne. When she sees only Macy there, she is about to leave, but Macy asks her to wait. She asks Brooke how she is, and Brooke says she is fine. Brooke apologizes for keeping Thorne so late these days, and Macy wonders if she really means that. There IS a lot of work due to the fire, Brooke points out. Macy says she is not accusing Brooke; she just wants to know if Brooke meant it. Brooke says that she does not want to talk about her feelings with Macy, not now and not ever. Besides, she has accepted that Thorne is married, so she will live with it. Macy says they do not have to be enemies, but Brooke says she just wants to move on. Macy wonders if Brooke is uncomfortable around Thorne because of their past. She has been there: when she and Thorne broke up, there were things that reminded her of what they shared. As Macy talks, Brooke sees the box with the wedding dress in the office and starts having flashbacks of wearing it. Overwhelmed by the memories, she tells Macy her concern is not needed and rushes out.

Brooke runs into Thorne in the hall and asks if they can meet later to talk about the buyer's list. She then tells him that she saw Macy in his office, and she also saw the box with the wedding dress there. She urges him to get rid of that dress. Thorne admits that he did not know what to do with it but tells her he will take care of it. He thanks Brooke and heads off, leaving her with a thoughtful look.

Macy opens the box and sees the packing slip, realizing that the dress inside was ordered the day she saw Thorne in Venice. She then opens the box and sees that it is a wedding gown, and she tries to convince herself that it must be for a showing. Just as she puts the dress away, Thorne comes back in. He tells Macy he wants to spend some time with her, but first he has to do something... and she is confused when he takes the box with the wedding dress and leaves.

Becky comes home and finds Stephanie there. Amber tells her cousin that Steph came to see the baby, so Backy hands to baby to Steph. Amber asks how Becky is, and she says she is OK, although she did have a few cramps. She is sure it is just indigestion. As Stephanie notes how much little Eric has grown, Becky talks about her growing boy. She again tells Stephanie that she wants her to be part of Eric's life. Stephanie says she will always be there for the baby... and on that note, she tells Becky about the party. Everyone is invited, including Amber, Steph explains. Becky is thrilled and tells the baby about all the people that care about him, as Stephanie and Becky exchange knowing glances.

Thursday, April 20, 2000, Ep. #3283

At home, Stephanie thinks about Becky and little Eric. As she flashes back to times she spent with Becky and the baby, she has a sad look on her face and asks, "Why? Why does someone so young, with so much to live for, have to die in such a terrible way?" She then calls Thorne and invites him and Macy to the party. Thorne says that Macy has a prior commitment and he promised to be there, so they can't come. Stephanie asks him to please postpone their plans and come. Thorne agrees to talk to Macy and says he will get back to Stephanie later. Just then, Eric comes in and is surprised to see the preparations: what's the occasion? Steph tells her husband about the party. He guesses that Stephanie did this so they could celebrate without Amber, but she tells him that Amber is coming. "What's really going on?" Eric asks, reminding her, "Amber is not part of this family!" Stephanie tells Eric how Becky really wanted Amber to be there. And as this party is about showing their support to Becky, she can put aside animosities to do that. When Eric learns next that Brooke was invited, he says there is something more going on... a lot more!

Becky stops by to see CJ at Spectra. They start kissing as Sally comes in and breaks things up. She wonders why Becky is in such a good mood, and CJ tells his mom that they have been invited to little Eric's birthday party at Stephanie's. Sally has a meeting with Clarke and some buyers, so she can't come, but she is sure that this will be one of those famous Forrester soirees. She bets Amber will be sorry to miss it, though. Amber is invited, Becky explains. Sally can't believe it, and she is even more in disbelief when she hears that the Forresters have forgiven Amber. Becky says she has to run, so she and CJ leave, but Sally still can't stop wondering. She shares her suspicions with Clarke, who thinks she is making too much of this and says they should get back to work.

Kimberly is in her dorm room with a girlfriend when Amber stops by. Kim asks Amber to leave, but Amber says it is important. Kim's friend excuses herself so Amber and Kim can talk. Amber is about to close the door, but Kimberly says to leave it open and get to the point: why is she here? Amber says she needs a favor. Kimberly is ready to show her the door, but Amber explains that Rick will soon be calling to tell her that they have been invited to a party at Stephanie's, and she wants Kimberly to be there. Kim can't believe that Stephanie would invite Amber anywhere, but Amber explains that the party is a belated birthday bash for little Eric. "Late because you screwed things up," Kimberly accuses, and she has no intention of being there, and neither will Rick! Amber pleads with Kimberly not to exclude Rick from this. Kimberly accuses Amber of using the baby to hold onto Rick, just like she did the night Rick came over to the apartment. Amber says she had no idea Rick was coming... and besides, this is about Becky. "Then why will YOU be there? What happened to your promises to stay out of Rick's life? Rick and I will find another way to celebrate little Eric's birthday and that's that!" Kim insists.

They argue, and just then, Rick comes in. Rick says that Stephanie told him Amber was going to be at the party and insists that he and Kim WILL be there. He asks Amber to leave; once she is gone, he tells Kimberly this is no big deal. Amber is part of little Eric's family, and he does not want to cut himself off from the boy just to avoid Amber. Kimberly admits he is right: they can't let Amber cut them off from things like this. Rick thanks her. They sit down and start kissing, and Kimberly tells him that he is a great daddy. "I'm not his father," Rick reminds her. To little Eric, he is, Kim says: that is one of the things she loves about him. "Even if it means having Amber in their lives? Rick wonders. Yes, Kimberly says, and she suggests they get going so they will not be late.

Eric wants to know what is going on, and Stephanie asks him to trust her. "I wish I could," he says. Just then, Thorne arrives, explaining that he could not get a hold of Macy but left her a message. As Eric greets his son, Thorne is kind of cold towards him. Next, Rick and Kimberly arrive, followed by Amber. Amber thanks Rick and Kimberly for coming and tells Eric that she appreciates this. Finally, CJ, Becky and the baby come in, ready to party. Amber and Stephanie watch how happy Becky is. "She has never had anything like this... and she never will again," Becky cries. Stephanie gives her a hug... and then Eric turns and sees them hugging and wonders...

Friday, April 21, 2000, Ep. #3284

Becky thanks Eric again for the party as Amber and Stephanie look on. Stephanie tells Amber to get a hold of herself, but Becky asks how God could give Becky so much only to take it away with cancer. Stephanie tells Amber to go into the study and compose herself. Meanwhile, Becky is thrilled with all the arrangements and decorations and thanks Stephanie, who says she is happy to do it. Rick holds the baby as Stephanie puts hats on both Rick and little Eric. Kimberly starts taking pictures with a Polaroid instant camera as Eric comes up to Stephanie and says he wants to talk to her.

Amber is in the study crying, saying that she cannot let Becky down! She has to make this the best day of Becky's life! Wiping her tears, she rejoins the party. Becky tells her cousin how good it is to have not only little Eric, but also Amber, being treated like one of the family. This is a dream come true for her!

Stephanie tries to duck Eric's inquiries. She has a excuse as Brooke arrives; Brooke accepts Stephanie's invitation in and coldly greets Eric. Brooke then spots Amber in the living room. "How could you invite her? I'm not going to stand for this!" Brooke says, turning to leave. Stephanie points out that Brooke is not here for her, or even for Amber, but for the baby. With genuine sincerity, she pleads with Brooke to stay, and a moved Brooke agrees to. Eric then takes Stephanie aside and demands to know what is going on, especially after that hug with Amber. Stephanie tells Eric that Becky does not have much time left. Eric wants to know more, but they are interrupted by Helen, who needs Stephanie to check something. As Stephanie goes with Helen, Eric looks around the room at everyone, especially at Amber.

Darla tells Clarke and Sally that the buyers are running late. "I could have gone to the party!" Sally says. Darla asks what party, so Sally and Clarke tell her about the birthday party. Sally predicts that C.J. and Becky will be together for a long time. However, Sally still cannot get her mind off Amber being at the party, and she thinks Becky had a lot to do with that. Who else but an angel could melt the heart of ice queen Stephanie and convince her to warm up?

Brooke helps Rick with the baby and notices he needs to be changed. As Rick takes the baby off to change him, Thorne comes up to Brooke and tells her she is good with the baby. She reminds Thorne she was the boy's grandmother, but Thorne says he could never think of Brooke as a grandmother. As they talk, Kimberly can't help but notice them together.

C.J. comes up to Stephanie and apologizes for all the things he said about the Forresters last summer. He was angry at her then, but now Stephanie has supported both Macy and Becky, and he is grateful for that. Stephanie admits Becky is a special girl and asks if that is the reason C.J. is less angry. C.J. admits that he admires the way Becky has become stronger from everything life has dealt her. He has never met anyone like her.

Eric asks Becky if she is all right, and she says she is fine. Becky then sees the baby and goes back to hold her son. Getting everyone's attention, she thanks everyone, especially Stephanie, for their support today. Stephanie replies that Becky and the baby have brought a lot people who were not speaking to each other together. They are responsible for a change in all their lives, and Steph has to thank her for that. As everyone heads off to have some cake, Brooke asks Thorne what his mother could mean by that. Thorne is not sure. Meanwhile, Becky again tells her cousin how much this means to her. "You deserve it, and so much more," Amber says.

Eric and Stephanie go into the study, where she confirms Becky doesn't know about her condition. Stephanie explains everything, including how it is too late for treatment. Becky still has to be told, Eric says. Amber only wants to give Becky some time, Stephanie adds, but she will tell Becky in time. As Eric learns that Becky has at most 6 months, he hugs his wife, who lets her emotions show about what has happened.

Eric and Stephanie go back into the main room, where everyone is singing happy birthday to little Eric. Everyone applauds as, in slow motion, we see Becky help the baby blow out the candle. The camera moves to everyone's faces, and they are all smiles... but then Amber gets a sad look on her face and looks across the room towards Eric and Stephanie. C.J. gives Becky a kiss as a worried Stephanie and Eric watch. Finally, the camera moves to the Polaroid pictures Kimberly has taken, spread across the table. As it pans across the photos, it zooms in on one of little Eric and Rick, both wearing birthday hats, standing with Becky, and the camera zooms in on Becky's smiling face and fades to black...

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